Asajj Ventress’ Sub-Dom Adventures.

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Star Wars – The Clone Wars.

Asajj Ventress’ Sub-Dom Adventures.


Their ‘temporary hiding place’ was a literal packing crate, in amongst a pile of trash at the far end of a dark, filthy alleyway. Whatever meagre lighting that should have been available in the alley appeared to have been diverted elsewhere by obviously illegal jerry-rigged wiring. And the only illumination that pooled its way to their end of the alley came from high above. But this was level 1312, and that was no kind of surprise.

Ahsoka curled her lip and sneered at the rank smells of mould, filth and rot. However, Ventress leading her down the alley, wasn’t taking her for a ride, there was no way they would be found there, not by the Clones or by the droid security forces currently pursuing the renegade Padawan not all the way down here. Not if they remained quiet. Still the crate, a thin plastoid rectangular box with some mouldy old blankets inside and a folded sheet of half rotten tarpaulin over its open front end was pretty exposed.

  “It used to be the home of a Rodian who has since ceased to exist. Not by my hand, before you make any more unwarranted accusations.”

  “I wasn’t going to.” Ahsoka said, a little disgruntled at the implication, however fair it might be.

They crawled in together. Ahsoka having entered first, tried to make a more comfortable nest out of some of the less mouldy blankets. It was a tight squeeze for the both of them together. Two women with essentially similar body types, slender, taut and rangy with lissom limbs that belied their power. Ventress ‘sat’ in the entrance, bent almost double, her back against one side, knees up at her shoulders, feet pressed against the opposite side.

Looking to her left, she flipped the tarpaulin up and then reached out with both hands. There was a blackened wreck of an old airspeeder blocking half of the alley’s opposite side. No doubt anything useful or salvageable long been stripped from it, leaving behind a freakish sculpture of fire-twisted plasteel and blackened engine parts. Ahsoka, looking past the assassin turned bounty hunter, had seen artistic pieces not a long way from it on Toydaria’s second city a couple of years earlier, back when she had still been Anakin’s Padawan. Ventress closed her eyes and Ahsoka felt the familiar subterranean vibration inside her and in the alleyway beyond. It was the only sign of the Force being touched by a Force user. The speeder wreck rose into the air with a minimal sound of crunching and squealing of metals and polymers, put under pressure by its levitation. The ex-Nightsister was very precise and careful in her placement and rotation of the ruin of the speeder as she repositioned it up against the entrance of their temporary hiding place. Now no one would even know of the crate’s existence. Though, of course their egress was now blocked. Ventress appeared to read Ahsoka’s concern and nodded her smooth bald head toward the rear of the crate.

  “There’s a gap at the back big enough to crawl out of should we somehow be discovered here. You’ll have to kick out the bottom of the box but even one such as you should manage that.”

  “Thanks for the vote of confidence.” Ahsoka sneered.

  “You’re welcome.” Ventress replied with a cynical degree of amusement.

There was a split in the upper corner of the crate, probably big enough for Ahsoka to shove a couple of fingers through. It was enough for a shaft of that meagre alleyway light to lance into their hideaway. It proved just about enough to see each other in the gloom. The Togruta also noted that the rank smells the alley had first attacked her with seemed to have dissipated to little more than a hint of rank nastiness. Which was a relief. Another relief was that in fact Ventress herself smelled surprisingly nice. She had a natural fresh scent, clean and healthy, and beneath it was a hint of a floral aroma, perhaps her clothing had been freshly laundered in a fabric fresher. Or perhaps she wore perfume. Stranger things had happened.

It was actually quite a relief, Ahsoka had memories being stuck in close proximity to people who, not necessarily at fault, smelled a little on the rank side. That had, more than once, included her former master and any number of clones. Of course, opportunities for bathing while in open war tended to be few and far between.

She said as much to Ventress before she even considered how it might be taken. Ventress took it with a lopsided smile of bemusement. And Ahsoka realised it could not have been the kind of compliment the Zabrak would have come across very often.

  “Thank you, Ahsoka. You smell nice too.” She said, obviously mocking, though for once, good naturedly.

Ahsoka felt herself blush. Ventress smiled, she hadn’t entertained the idea that Togruta could actually blush, but she had seen it momentarily, a definite deepening of the colouring on the youngster’s face.

  “We need to get more comfortable if we’re to hide out here until the rendezvous.” Ventress said. “Not even force wielders can remain scrunched up like this, bent double for hours on end.”

  “I take your point. Well, we’re similar in height. I think we can maybe lay out straight in here side by side, just about… You wanna go head to tail?”

  “Face to face, your breath smells better than your feet.”

  “Okay then.” Ahsoka said with a disgruntled sigh, ignoring Ventress’ responding smirk.

They tried to give each other room but there wasn’t enough room for either woman to lie on their back, so they had to remain on their sides. And with Ahsoka’s montrals and Lekku needing room above and behind her head, their faces were inexorably shoved closer together than they would have preferred.

Again, Ahsoka was reminded of another time stuck in a confined space. This time it was when she had been stuck inside a Separatist tank back on Geonosis, with fellow Padawan Barriss Offee, a little less than two years ago. That had been snug. This was closer to… intimate.      

It was a strange feeling for Ahsoka. This had been the first time she had felt safe enough to relax even a little, since this whole framed-for-treason thing had started. She had a minor flash of awareness in that moment. The Jedi doctrine, or possibly dogma, had been pumped into her from a very young age. Though now, as she was and would forever onward, no longer be part of the Order of the Knights of the Jedi, she was starting to consider what prior restrictions in her life might be relaxed.

She knew the lessons well, knew what dangers to look out for to keep herself clear of the Darkside. And she wondered about her physical attraction to other people. That had always been one of the most confusing things that the Order had such strict and perhaps not-entirely natural rules about. She herself had witnessed that even Master’s Skywalker and Kenobi had struggled with physical attraction. Skywalker and Senator Amidala of Naboo obviously shared feelings for each other. Neither of them was even remotely good at concealing that fact. And even Master Kenobi had once had some form of relationship with the Duchess Satine of Mandalore. Ahsoka again wasn’t sure about the extent of that relationship but it was plain to her that there was a connection that went deeper than simple mutual attraction. So, avoidance of that particular ingredient of social living wasn’t something that appeared to be an easy thing to avoid or to control. Which Ahsoka found encouraging, even though all she herself had found it to be was confusing. And for the Togrutan herself having so little understanding of it all, not only didn’t she understand what these feelings meant, she didn’t really know how to deal with them.


Take Ventress. Ahsoka recognised that the woman beneath the violent Sith-trained assassin and long-time enemy to the Republic was a physically attractive woman. Her baldness didn’t bother Ahsoka. Though Humans had hair on their heads, there were probably more species who didn’t, including her own, that who did. Her eyes, nose and mouth were as familiar as her own, the nose small and narrow, the eyes large intense and attentively blue, such that they had an almost hypnotic quality. And the lips were somehow enticing even though having a natural downturn which, when matched with her almost perpetual frown gave her a severe even angry expression. And yet both the Zabrak’s upper and lower lips were shapely, plump and possessed a sensual kind of pout. Surreptitiously looking down Ventress’ body, though she was slender and lissom like Ahsoka was, she had a breadth to her shoulders and hips and a tone to her limbs that showed off the physicality she possessed that was without doubt superior to Ahsoka’s, almost certainly due to her species. Her mammary glands were heavier and fuller than Ahsoka’s, and though she was aware that these parts of the female anatomy were instinctively attractive to the males of most species, they meant nothing to the Togruta, other than they got in the way. They could be either strapped down so they weren’t in the way but felt uncomfortable, or they could be left unrestricted, and got in the way and still felt uncomfortable. She remembered overhearing conversations between older female Padawans in the temple on the subject, and at the time she had silently scoffed over such pointless and inane chatter when there were much more important Force-related subjects that could be tackled. Of course, she had not reached puberty at the time and hadn’t understood the importance.

She had also noticed that the Ventress’ hips were wider than Ahsoka’s. And it gave the older woman’s buttocks, of course high, firm and athletic demi-spheres of muscle, a larger and fuller shape than Ahsoka’s. Which were objectively flatter, almost masculine blocks of muscle.


Plus, she had seen both Anakin and Master Kenobi automatically taking admiring glances as Ventress’ figure from both in front and behind. The two humans were, of course, oblivious or denied their own attraction to the Zabrak’s physicality. Just as Master Kenobi did his best to mask the physical admiration to the body shape of senator Amidala.

In the past it had led her to wonder if this aversion to sexual attraction was all in name only. Almost everyone she had met had shown signs of having feelings, no matter how superficial, and yet of course no one did anything about it. At least as far as she knew.

Though why would they? The Jedi doctrine was clear and the reasons for it were straight forward and plain - a sure-fire path to the Darkside. Which was the biggest singular risk to the Jedi. To the Order as a whole as well as to the individual Master, Knight or Padawan. And not merely a risk to themselves but also to the galaxy at large. There could be little worse for the Republic, little that could be more dangerous, than a Jedi who had fallen.     


And yet, this physical attraction thing was super-confusing for her. And Ahsoka found it much harder to decipher its complexities in herself than in others. It was all so bewildering. For example was her current intrigue in Ventress’ physical form merely observation or was it something deeper? Also, she even struggled to recognise if she was attracted only to males or females or both? And what about sexless lifeforms? She did feel like she wasn’t only physically attracted to her own species. Indeed, she certainly found herself attracted to Master Kenobi on some level, though if it was physical attraction or merely hero-worship, she could not figure out. She felt very attracted to that calm, confident-leader quality of him, and to his sense of humour. Anakin was much more like a big brother. He was inspirational. And he certainly brimmed with self-confidence, even drowning in self-confidence, which was certainly a very attractive feature. And he made for an attractive enough Human, physically, but she had always enjoyed teasing him, and their bickering banter as much as watching him and listening to him and learning from him.

It was certainly a different dimension to her relationship with Master Kenobi or Master Plo Koon. Perhaps because she and Anakin were so close that she couldn’t look at him as a physically attractive person. Unlike Master Kenobi who, though they were close, always remained a degree apart from each other.


Could she like females as well as males? She really wasn’t sure. Looking up and down the slender yet shapely form of Asajj Ventress, she wondered what the feelings inside her meant. Simple appreciation for a physically attractive and impressive form? Or actual desire? Perhaps the answer would come in the fullness of time?


Asajj relaxed back on her left side, using a mixture of meditations to relax the throbbing muscles in her neck and shoulder. She had a number of techniques to choose from, from three exclusive methods of Force use. Jedi, Sith and Nightsister, in that order. And though she still had problems with the Jedi way, parts of it she had found useful and accepted into her personal skillset. The same applied to the Sith way. Though she had liked how quick and easy it had come and how much power it offered, she had learned since Dooku’s betrayal, that stepping away from all that anger, hatred and fear had allowed her a new vantage point she had found that the power was still equal, but she had a clearer mind, more focus and in many ways more success.

Of course, she found it a constant struggle to keep clear of the Darkside, but she had been through the light into the dark and then back out again, at least toward the light if not in its direct glimmer. And these days she could often recognise the dark before it took her and most of the time could steer clear of it. Though it felt like it would always be there, a constant threat. A creature sitting on her shoulders, something she always carried around with her but was mostly able to keep it from controlling her.

It felt good to simply lie there with nothing to do and, concealed behind and partially below all that trash outside and the speeder wreck, she actually felt somewhat safe. It was a restful, peaceful feeling. She even felt able to trust this Togruta, at least to a degree. She could trust that Ahsoka wasn’t about to attack her all of a sudden and without provocation, or betray her to those who might want her harmed or dead.

She could have taken Ahsoka to her apartment which, at 12th and G, was not far away. It might be a small place with only sleeping room, kitchen and refresher but it was hers, her inner sanctum. It was the closest thing to an actual physical ‘safe place’ she had. And Asajj had no intention of showing anyone who knew her where she slept. Not even an on the run ex-Jedi Padawan she almost trusted. She hadn’t survived this long by being too trusting or overly familiar with others. That perspective had held her in good standing so far and there was no reason to change that now.


Ahsoka thought back over her past teachings of the threat of continual domination by the Darkside. Once it had taken root inside a force wielder, it always had an influence and posed any Force user an ever-greater risk of being drawn fully into the Darkside. And yet she could almost sense the exact reverse of that in Ventress. The veil of the Darkside was no longer as strong around her as it had been in previous years. It seemed now more gauze-like, whereas the last time the two had met it had been as heavy and all-encompassing as every occasion before. Ahsoka imagined it to feel much like a heavy Sith robe, layer upon heavy black layer, weighting the wearer down.

  “Can I ask you something?” She said, breaking the easy silence.

  “Go on…” Ventress’ reply was suspicious, as was her facial expression.

  “I sense less of the Darkside in you than when we last met. And you’re definitely different. Yet my masters warn of the Darkside forever dominating the destiny of those who allow it into them.”

  “Your masters are not wrong. I feel the Darkside in me constantly. And it is indeed a constant struggle to maintain control. And yet, without Dooku’s influence, his corruption, I find I am so far at least, able to keep myself in a more positive frame of mind.”

  “And that’s how you keep the Darkside at bay? By staying positive?”

  “The Darkside thrives on anger and fear, rage and pain. Keep those at arms-length and it’s easier to avoid letting the Darkside in. Of course, the challenge is to recognise those traits. They can be subtle. The fear of losing a loved one or a valued item. When we are children, acolytes, there is the fear of pain and suffering. It is a quick and easy way of opening the door. We are often tortured as children, it is the easiest way of having us give ourselves over to the Darkside. Fear leads to anger, anger offers us power to fight back against whatever inflicts the pain. Of course, what is inflicting the pain is far too powerful for us, as children, and we are ineffective against it. We feel weak and hopeless. Which is another path to the Darkside.”

  “I feel like what you’re managing to do, to pull yourself away from the Darkside is pretty rare and I’d even say impressive.”

  “I do what I must.”

  “Still. I’m glad you seem to be managing.”

  “So far.”

They had a few hours to pass before the rendezvous with Barriss at the old munitions factory on level 1312.

They shared an instant meal and chemically heated drinks that Ventress provided from a thin pouch at the small of her back. They both attempted to sleep but were too wired. So, they stayed awake and conversed in subdued tones. Having sat up to eat and drink they had been forced to sit face to face, their crossed legs interlocked, Ahsoka’s hooked over Ventress’ her heels hooked behind the Zabrak’s pert buttocks.

In other circumstances it would have been both embarrassing and potentially highly sexualised, as their groins were almost touching. Their thighs certainly were, and their chests had barely a palm’s with apart. Ahsoka felt herself flushing, tingles darted through her chest glands and her loins and she was suddenly uncomfortable in such close proximity with this older woman.

However, the effect of their closeness and the undeniably sapphic suggestion of their interlocked, nipple to nipple position, appeared to be playing on both of them. Hoping her blushing wasn’t visible against the red and white of her skin, Ahsoka having finished her meal, hurried to disentangle herself from this increasingly enticing Zabrak and through mutual though silent ascent, they both laid out again, face to face on their sides.

Unfortunately for Ahsoka, they were still very much nose to nose and nipple to nipple. And those pleasant tingles didn’t appear to be going away any time soon. She tried to relax back and close her eyes, allowing Jedi meditation to help her relax and sleep. However, all it managed to do was to focus her mind on those delightful tingles and the sense of close proximity, the damp heat of her breath and the alluring scent of her perfumed flesh. Soon enough she gave up the meditation and her attempts to doze off.


  “I can't sleep.” Ahsoka moaned.

  “Neither can I.” Ventress admitted. "Though I sleep little anyway. The Sith must watch their backs at all times. We have many enemies… Every Jedi in the galaxy for one...”

  “Your own Masters for two...”

  “A fair point.” Again, that little half-smile.

It certainly did a lot to alleviate the usual sour expression that Ahsoka was so used to seeing on Ventress’ face.  

  "It must be very lonely, having no one you can trust."

Ventress actually scoffed.

  “You must be lonely, all that having no attachments. Nothing you can call your own.”

  “I have to admit. Sometimes it is lonely. I think most Jedi go through stages when they struggle with attachments, to masters, to their past, their family, heritage... Their desires.”

The Zabrak suddenly smiled. It was a coy smile though with more than a hint of the predatory. She had seen Ahsoka blush again.

  “Oh? I sense desire is something you have struggled with yourself...?”

  “I guess... Desire... Jealousy.” Ahsoka said, giving a shrug.

  “…Lust?” The smile was still there.

  “...I guess...” She looked down, blushed deeper still. “It's pretty embarrassing, but it’s something I've been feeling more and more… interested in... Feelings of desire for others.”

  “Lust.” Ventress asserted.

  “Curiosity about sex....”

  “It makes sense, I suppose. I don’t know very much about your race, but by the looks of you, you're a young woman now. I suppose it’s natural for you to be curious.”

  “Right.” Ahsoka exclaimed, as though grateful for the vindication.

  “Personally, it always struck me as a rather dangerous thing for the Jedi to deny themselves. The act of procreation is the most natural of activities for every lifeform, and to deny that is to deny one’s nature. If you ask me, denying your nature can only lead to harmful consequences. And lust exemplifies the innate need to procreate, which is among the most basic of any lifeform’s needs.”

  “I take it, it isn't something the Sith follow...”

  “Not for one second.”

  “No, of course not. You Sith are far too selfish to refuse yourself such base practices.”

  “That's your stuffy, blind, Jedi doctrine to a T.” Ventress spat. “But you are right, the Sith do embrace the pleasures of the flesh, though all too often for nefarious purposes...”

  “What do you mean?”

  “We are taught to use sex as a weapon, both for obtaining power, and for the subjugation and manipulation of those weaker than you.”

  “How?” Ahsoka blurted suddenly. “I mean, I’m not sure I understand.”

  “I suppose you want an example... there's little else to do down here...” Ventress sighed. “But this is just between the two of us... I don't want this spread about your infernal temple....”

  “I wouldn’t worry about that happening anytime soon.” Ahsoka scowled.

  “Very well then…”

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