Amity's fun night

BY : pendagyn
Category: +M through R > Owl House, The
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amity and luz were in bed and spent the hole night doing sex amity made luz comed like 100 times in 1 night omg amity u r sooooo good wit ur tong on my wet princess parts o i no luz said amity i luv 2 lick ur princess parts luz went red and sat in amitys face screming lick my wet parts amity put ur tung inside my bits amity gasp and put her tung in luz hole and ate her out like she was eating her favourite meal lasgna omg u taste sooooo good luz i luv to eat u luz moned and came again all over amitys face suddenly the door opend and king walked in with his 100 inch titan pp hanging out u girls wana see what titan pp feels like i can grow 2 of them and then suddenly a 2nd 1 poped out like bigger than the other which 1 u want luz ur my favorte u want the big 1 or the biger 1 luz stared n said i want teh bigest 1 plz baby amity powted she wanted the bigest 1 and she new that luz cudnt handel it but she let her have it sinse she was her gf after all king shoved his pp into luz princess parts and she yelped with plesure she loved amity but sumtimes she wanted some pp inside her all she could use was owlbert the owl ladys staff but she cudnt always get it since the owl lady was always away from home but she secretly liked pp even tho she was lezbeans wit amity amity also secret liked pp as well she slept with gus once and liked it even though she always touht she was lezbeans anyway king put his other pp inside amity and they did sex for another six hours then filed them both up with his comes until they got pergrent wit his titan babies the end

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