The Incredibles: Vi-sexual

BY : Redfields
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There was a knock on the door. Dash raced to open it.

“Hey Tony!” The 10-year old held out his fist.

“Hey buddy” Tony responded, bumping fists with his girlfriend’s younger brother. Dash wasn’t bad, far less annoying than other 10-year-olds. Tony liked hanging out with Dash, but he was really looking forward to spending time with his girlfriend while her parents were out. “How’s it going?” He asked as he shrugged out of his coat and tossed it on a shelf.

“Oh, you know, not bad.” Dash responded as he followed Tony down the hall to Violet’s room.

“Hey babe.” Tony called as he stepped into the brunette’s room.

Violet was in her underwear, just a pair of panties and a training bra, typing on her computer. She tossed a “hi” over her shoulder in a sultry voice. “Oh, hey Dash.” She added as she spied her brother.

“Whoa, you gonna put on some clothes?” The blonde asked.

“Nah” his sister responded after she’d frenched kissed her boyfriend. Tony took the hint and stripped down as well, discarding his clothes until only his boxers remained. His underwear had a rather large bulge in them that Violet playfully squeezed.

“Hey Dash, wanna watch a special movie with us?” Violet asked. Tony shot a questioning look at her.

“Uh, sure.”

“Okay, but you gotta be in your underwear too.” Violet commanded.

“Isn’t that weird? Like, with Tony and you here?” Dash asked, apprehensive.

“So? Weird is fine. You wanna watch the movie or not?” Violet shot back.

“Yeah, yeah” Dash did as her was told, nervously pulling off his shirt and pants.

Violet pressed play on her laptop, then sat on her bed beside Tony. Dash sat on the floor in front of the bed. He gulped when he saw the screen. Naked people were on it, having sex.

“Do Mom and Dad know about this?” He asked, scared he’d get in trouble.

“Not unless you tell them.” Violet responded. She had a hand in Tony’s underwear, slowly rubbing his penis. He was returning the favor, slipping two fingers into Violet’s slit.

Dash was transfixed, staring at the screen, new feelings coursing through him. He’d only just discovered being horny recently, when a girl in his class had bent over a bit too far and he’d caught a glimpse of her nipple. This, this was so much better. His dick was so stiff his hips were almost gyrating themselves, trying to hump something that wasn’t there.

One of the guys on screen started sucking another guy’s penis. Dash gasped, and Violet panted. “Hey, Dash. You’d look really sexy with a dick in your mouth.” She told him, unable to hide her desire.

“What?” Dash was momentarily shaken out of his lust-induced stupor.

“How ‘bout it, buddy? Feel like sucking cock?” Tony asked. His cock was pointing straight up through the fly in his boxers. Dash, nervous but eager to please Tony, nodded his head.

“Wha – what do I do?” he asked.

“Just kneel there and open your mouth.” Tony responded, getting off the bed. “Though maybe take your underwear off too.” Violet watched the scene unfold, fingers flying on her young clit.

Dash shimmied out of his briefs before kneeling on the floor. His dick was rock hard, bobbing slightly with every move. He opened his mouth wide, and Tony did not leave it empty for long.

“Try not to gag” he told Dash as he pushed his cock into the blonde’s mouth. Dash had no idea what he meant until Tony’s cock kept going, farther and farther in, finally hitting his throat. He tried to pull away, but the older boy held his head in place. Dash squealed, protesting as his gag reflex heaved his body.

“Relax your throat, Dash. It’s easier that way.” Violet encouraged him. “Deep breaths through your nose. You’ll get it in no time.” She was kneeling down beside him to get a better view of her brother sucking her boyfriend.

Dash did as instructed, but it was still hard, trying to overcome his own body’s reaction. It got easier every time, though. Violet was stroking his back, gently rubbing it, and that seemed to ease his throat, getting used to Tony’s fleshy intrusion. 5 or 6 thrusts later, Dash was taking Tony’s cock all the way down his throat.

“Look babe, he got it as quick as you.” The older boy commented.

“Mmhmm” Violet responded. By now, she wanted in on the action. She got down on the floor between Dash’s knees and started sucking his cock. Having never played with his dick before, Dash groaned in pleasure, entranced by the new feelings coursing through his body.. He never imagined anything could feel so good. No wonder Tony was humping his mouth so hard if this is what it feels like. Then Violet slid a finger into his butt and he squealed again.

“Vi!” He exclaimed, his voice muffled by Tony’s dick.

“You’d look so sexy with a cock in your ass.” She replied.

“I … would?” he wondered aloud, pulling his mouth free of the older boy’s manhood.

“Oh yeah.” Tony chimed in.

“Just get on your hands and knees.” Violet told him. “Tony, get the lube.”

Dash obeyed again, just as nervous as last time. He just hoped Violet would go back to sucking his penis. Instead, she knelt behind him and stuck her tongue into his tight butt hole while rubbing his cock with a free hand. He gulped, eyes fluttering in pleasure.

“Okay babe, I’m ready.” Tony announced, his cock slimy with lube. Violet rolled over and scooted under Dash, returning his cock to her mouth. Tony drizzled lube on the Dash’s tight opening as Violet held his butt cheeks open. Tony slid one, then two fingers inside the younger boy’s ass, letting him get used to the intrusion while his sister distracted him with a blowjob. Tony pumped his fingers in and out, as deep as he could get them, as Dash squirmed at the good feelings. Tony pulled his fingers out, then lined up his cock with the younger boy’s hole and pushed in.

“Ah!” Dash shouted. Not in pain, it just felt weird. Then Tony’s cock hit his prostate. “Guh” He lost control of his legs, his cock driving into Violet’s mouth. His sister just swallowed, squeezing his cock in her throat. Tony pushed deeper into his ass; he was now trapped between his sister and her boyfriend, pleasured on both sides.

Tony pulled out, then started thrusting deep into him, rubbing his prostate each time. With his sister giving a nice, warm blowjob, he felt something build in him, a rising pleasure. Awesome but unfamiliar, it built into something uncontrollable.

“Vi – Vi, I have to pee!” He called out, but neither of his partners gave him any reprieve. Tony kept pounding his butt, and he barely had time to wonder what would happen to Vi if he peed in her mouth before his first orgasm overwhelmed him. His whole body jerked, his ass clenching around Tony’s rod, his balls bouncing as they tried to ejaculate sperm they weren’t old enough to produce yet. Violet kept up the pressure on his sensitive dick, pushing his first orgasm onwards.

His tight ass was too much for Tony to take. The older boy held off as long as he could, but even his slight edge in experience was not enough. One last thrust into Dash’s bowels and he unloaded a jet of cum inside the younger boy’s ass with a loud groan.

The jizz filling his intestines just added to Dash’s ongoing, astounding pleasure. His mind was simply a haze of pure bliss, unable to comprehend anything but the incredible sensations pouring through his body.

When it was all over, Dash collapsed. Violet tried to push his quivering body off her, finally managing it with Tony’s shaky help. The older boy was quite used to orgasms, but cumming in Dash’s butt was probably the best one he’d ever had. It was all he could do to avoid falling on top of the sibling pair once his balls had been drained. He managed to collapse to the side, his limp penis slipping out of the young boy’s rear end. Then he helped Vi pull Dash into the space between them and sighed. His orgasm and the physical effort had really worn him out.

Violet let the pair recover, slowly masturbating her slit. She was willing to wait a bit before her own satisfaction. Her fingers slipped inside her wet quim, while her thumb rubbed her clit. She licked her lips, anticipating their next moves.

Then she was unwilling to wait any longer. “Okay, boys, now it’s my turn. Tony, sit against the wall.” Her boyfriend did as asked, expecting what came next. He was not disappointed. Vi bent her legs slightly, then stuck her ass right in his face. He quickly got to licking out her butt hole. She grunted in delight.

“Okay Dash, this is my pussy.” She pointed to her slit. “Stick your tongue inside and start licking.” Dash obeyed, sitting opposite Tony and tentatively sticking out his tongue. Violet gently guided his head to her slit. Dash nervously licked at her hole, finding he didn’t mind the taste. He sped up, driving his tongue into his sister. making up for his inexperience with enthusiasm. He could sometimes feel Tony’s tongue flicking around in Violet’s other hole.

Then he felt Tony’s hand on his penis, grasping it and rubbing up and down. He reciprocated, taking hold of the older boy’s cock and mimicking his movements, learning to jerk off.

“Now that you’re both warmed up again, I want the real thing.” Violet stated, pushing Dash away from her groin and straightening up. “Dash, lie on the floor, face-up. I’m gonna ride you so hard.” Her sibling eagerly obeyed, his cock rock hard. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but everything that had happened tonight had felt so good.

Violet knelt astride him, grabbing his cock and aiming it at her pussy. She slid down onto it, sighing in satisfaction while Dash moaned in approval. She bent low, wrapping her arms around his neck. His head was right at her chest; he instinctively started sucking her breasts, getting another sigh from his sister. “Mmm, that’s good Dash.” She told him as she started grinding on his cock.

Tony was not idle. He re-lubed his cock, then knelt behind his girlfriend. One hand on his dick, one hand on Vi’s lower back to tell her to slow down. When her butt became stationary, he quickly drove into her unoccupied hole. Vi cried out in delight. She’d been double-stuffed before, with a Tony and a dildo, but never with two real cocks.

While Violet worked Dash’s cock with her pussy, Tony rocked them both back and forth with his speedy thrusts. He pounded his girlfriend’s ass, relishing the feel of her tight hole, rubbing against her brother’s cock through the thin membrane separating them. Normally, having cum only a few minutes ago, he would have lasted much longer. But tonight was not about taking things slow, and he could feel his second orgasm of the night approach, ready to pump his seed into another Parr. He briefly wondered if he could make it a trifecta with their mother. The thought of Mrs. Parr’s thick ass taking his cock while her kids joined in pushed him over the edge. He thrust deep into Vi’s ass and unloaded a torrent of cum into her bowels.

Violet had been holding back on a massive orgasm all evening long, trying as best she could to stave it off, but Tony’s jizz filling her backside was the last straw. She came hard with loud groans of satisfaction, shaking and quivering. Her own girl-cum sprayed out of her, soaking her brother.

Vi’s clenching cooch was enough to pull Dash over the edge as well. For the second time that night, his balls jumped and his cock jerked, shooting a mammoth non-existent load into his sister’s welcoming hole.

The trio stayed in bliss for what seemed like forever, Tony and Violet barely hanging on to the thread of consciousness not to collapse atop anyone. Dash was in an orgasmic daze, his hips thrusting of their own accord into Violet’s cumming pussy.

Tony’s balls drained themselves, and he eventually fell backwards from the climaxing siblings. His cock left Vi’s ass with a wet pop, followed by a trail of semen leaking into the pool of Vi’s cum on the floor. Her orgasm lasted the longest, grunting and groaning the whole time, receiving as much pleasure in her one climax as her partners had had with two. Dash’s orgasm wasn’t nearly as long, his penis soon getting too sensitive from his sister’s pussy. He squirmed a little, just enough to free himself as Vi continued to soak them both.

Finally, Violet’s volcanic orgasm faded slowly, her body wracked with diminishing quivers as her senses came back to her. As she lay in a pool of her own cum, her bowels filled with her boyfriend’s jizz, she could only look forward to doing this all again.

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