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Disclaimer: I do not own the ghost and Molly McGee. I do not nor will I ever make money off this fan fiction. All characters used are fictional and may be as low as 12 in age. This is a work of pure fiction.


My phone does not like this site, so I'll just cut to the chase. I've been gone due to my iPad finally dying on me. As some of you might know, since 2016 I have used my iPad to write and edit these stories, and over time it got worse and worse, randomly freezing and kicking me to my apple doc and multiple other errors. Around mid-July, it finally died on me.

Today, I was looking through pixiv and found a picture of "Molly touching herself." and it inspired me, let's say. I've always written first chapters like this, but this is the first story to come from a recent "plot-heavy show," so I'll give you this warning right now if you have not watched season 1 episode 20 

You might want to read about the ghost and Molly McGee before reading this. This chapter mentions one small aspect of that episode that I don't want to ruin for people. Also, to kill the cat in the room, I will run this chapter I'll run it through a grammar checker and re-format the paragraphs, but for now, you're just going to have to deal with my lazy American ass.




While Scratch was out with Libby, her parents were at work, and Darryl was in detention yet again.


Molly has her bedroom to herself. She never had any privacy with Scratch in her room or on what seemed like weekly ghost adventures. She had the opportunity to do what a lot of kids her age do. She joyfully touches herself in her empty home.


without knowing when her family would return Molly quickly stripped off and stood naked in her attic bedroom. Molly lay down on her bed and clutched her fingers against the entrance of her vagina. As she touched her body and her nipples, she felt so good it didn't even feel like she was touching herself.

She let go of her small breasts, feeling the need to fill her pussy. She didn't know if it was the lack of a man or some other reason, but she knew in her heart she was horny as hell.

She gradually pushed a few of her fingers into her pussy. She had gone in but could only reach so far. She began to touch herself with more force. She started fingering herself more and more.As she fingered herself, she felt better and better.


The feeling started in her chest and then spread throughout her body. She felt the warmth start around her clit. She couldn't help herself but moan. as Molly's fingers started stretching her pussy and were almost at her ass. She stopped pointing at he looked down at her pussy.

It was red. So he could see all the folds and furrows of her pussy, and she felt really good about herself. She felt her body starting to get tense again and a little wet again, and she was having a hard time keeping herself together.

Her hand went back down to her pussy. She began unfolding her pussy lips apart and sliding her middle finger up and down the edge of her labia.

It felt really good. Her left hand went down to her pussy again and she started spreading it open. She looked down at her fingers going up and down her pussy and watched it open up more and more.

She then stuck her index finger into her pussy. This was making her feel really good. She could hear her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

Molly lustfully thrust her fingers deep into her pussy. She was masturbating furiously, her fingers moving around the insides of her pussy. She was now lying on her bed completely nude and her fingers were deep inside her as she kept on pumping them in and out of her pussy Molly could no longer resist the urge. She was so hot and horny that she was panting with her fingers deep inside her.

She kept her fingers moving around inside her. Molly let out a moan and her hips started to move faster with her fingers fucking her. She could feel her pussy getting wetter. Molly started to move her pussy up and downwards against herself.

Her fingers were deep in the vagina of her masturbating pussy. She couldn't feel how deep she could fit up inside. All she knew was that at that moment it fit deep inside with the rhythm Her legs and arms were thrust into different positions, and she never felt anything like that felt in this pasty, and with each hard thrust came that wonderful feeling. She never felt it could get any better.

Then this, As her hands and fingers start feeling deep at last, as her pussy gets hot all round, as the pleasure is taking hold, the walls are clamped and her lips press into soft fleshy skin. They slip and slide along her and as her pussy is pulsated with this heat 

It felt great. She was moaning. She went up to the other hand and started sliding it in and out of her pussy. She was watching it in her mirror. She was doing it faster and faster, and her body was having a hard time staying where she was at.

The mirror told her she was just about to cough. She continued to finger herself, but this time she didn't feel the urge to come yet.

molly enjoyed the feeling of her fingers entering her tight young body. her hands moved up and down her naked body as she fingered herself alone in her bedroom.

Her voice echoed in her empty home while she fingered herself alone by herself with no one else around her.


She loved the feeling of her soft skin moving over her finger as she fingered herself. The young girl moaned softly as she continued the acts of self-pleasure while she reached behind her and brought her fingers to her waiting wet lips.


Her fingers pulled in and out of her vagina as she fingered hers herself. Her warm wetness allowed her to rub her slit faster and faster as her pussy became wetter and wetter as her fingers moved in and out of her.She began to rub her clit with her fingers Her hips began to move faster and faster as her moans got louder and louder as she fingered herself by herself in her small bedroom alone.


She fingered herself so wet that her whole pussy was dripping wet as her eyes closed. She lay back with her knees pulled up to her chest and she rode her hand up and down on the bed as she fingered herself with the help of her pussy lips as they played with her clit.

She pulled out one of her fingers from her pussy and used the tip on herself while still fingering herself. This caused her to become wetter and she moaned loudly.

Her pussy was starting to get wet and her fingers were going in and out of her pussy and she started having an orgasm. Her pussy was gushing out the juice and she was cumming all over her fingers and the floor. She grabbed her clit and started rubbing her clit as she was cumming.

She rubbed it hard and fast, and it was getting wet and juicy. After she came, she just lay there moaning. "I've never been wet this much before," she thought. She looked around her messy room, trying to find something that would be better than what she had.


She found one of scratch's discarded long candy cylinders. After cleaning it out and sterilising it in the sink, Molly sat on her bed and placed the long tube into her vagina.

She started pumping the thing inside of her ass while moving her fingers through her pussy. She was becoming enthralled by herself, by this new sensation that was consuming her life.

She started feeling pressure and wanted to feel it more. So, she began pounding hard on her pussy. She pumped faster and faster. Molly felt like she was about to burst, and when the feeling came, she orgasmed all over the place.


She slowly removed the cylinder, washed it out, and threw it away. Molly still felt like she needed more. "I wish my friend Jeff was here." A magical portal appeared in front of her and out came Geoff the ghost.

Geoff covered his eyes at the sight of Molly naked. "Molly, why are you naked? "The green ghost?" "Because I've been touching myself," Geoff Molly replied, putting her hand on her hip.

"Why do you need help with that?" answered the ghost. Well, I normally use scratch as a dildo when he's here, but since he's helping Libby with ghost world stuff, I figured you could take that role. "Molly," I said, walking towards him.


"I, ahh, I don't know." Without waiting for him to fully respond, Molly compacted Geoff's ghost from the way scratch taught him how to into a long intangible dildo. She sat on her bed and placed it inside her young body, like she had done multiple times.


She made Geoff choke a little bit, causing Molly to remove him. Geoff's voice came from the head of the dildo. "I'll let you use me just today, but as long as you don't scratch," he said, still struggling to breathe.


Molly returned Geoff to her pussy He took that as a deal. Molly moved the dildo in and out of her pussy. Once again, she couldn't wait for it to get deeper, and she couldn't feel herself getting closer to climaxing.

She began to move her hips up and down the dildo, not realising the effect her motions were having on her. She enjoyed the feeling of the intangible green dildo in her body.

She continued to move her hips until she felt another orgasm hit her. Instead of stopping, she continued to move her hips against the dildo. She could feel it moving further in and deeper inside her.

This one, on the other hand, felt different. There was a sense of comfort as she continued to ride on her imaginary dildo. Molly kept going, and soon enough she felt that she couldn't hold back anymore.


The feelings began pouring out of her as her pussy muscles clenched tightly around the dildo. As her muscles relaxed, her vagina released the dildo. She felt the warm liquid drip down her thighs, the same colour as the rest of her pussy.

She looked down and saw that her legs were wet and glistening. She could feel a strange vibration coming from Geoff, who was floating beside her. Molly giggled.

He then floated above her. "You can touch me now." Molly nodded, smiled at Geoff, and put her hands on Geoff's ghostly arms. With concentration, Geoff floated over her, and a ghostly dick popped out of his lower half with concentration.

"Molly looked at him and smiled," taking the ghost cat into her mouth. Molly's tongue swirled around the penis and sucked it.

She licked it every which way while bobbing her head up and down on the cock. She swallowed the whole thing.

She felt it completely in her throat. The ghost cock felt wonderful in her mouth Molly sucked on it like a lollipop. "That's it, honey!" Geoff encouraged Molly. "Keep going, baby!" Molly responded by continuing to swallow and suck.

Soon she couldn't swallow anymore, so she put her mouth around the base and slurped. It was quite satisfying to suckle the cock of a ghost.

Molly went deeper on Geoff's dick and started to deep throat him. She felt more powerful, and she enjoyed the power that the cock provided. She also loved how tight and wet she felt.

She loved how her lips and tongue worked and her pussy felt so good. She began sucking Geoff's ghost cock deeper in and deeper down her throat.

Molly sucked the ghost of Dick into her mouth. Geoff's dick started to feel hot and heavy. He tried to pull his dick out of her mouth, but she wouldn't let him. She kept dangling the dick in her mouth.

It seemed as if the longer she continued sucking, the bigger it got.

It was very big and she wanted more. But she had to wait; she wasn't ready. She continued to swallow, continue to bite the ghost dick, lick it, suck it, and swallow it again.


The more Geoff's dick grew, the hotter he became. It started to boil, and it felt very heavy against her cheeks. She started to pull harder and harder, trying to make the ghost of Dick grow even bigger. Molly moved Geoff's dick in and out of her mouth, and she

sucked him just right. She seemed to do it a little at a time.

She pumped it in and out, working him up. She licked the tip of his dick 

moving her tongue up and down its shaft. She then placed it in between her breasts and gave it a little rub. Molly then took it between her titts and moved it around and around. She then grabbed

She licked his balls and squeezed them as she moved her small titters around. Geoff's nuts were all she could think of as she kept running her tongue around his dick.

The ghost of Dick began to swell inside of her mouth. She kept sucking it up and swallowing it. The ghost Dick was burning her entire mouth with hot air, and she was enjoying it too. It was almost too spicy for her mouth, so she opened her jaw slightly so it would slide out easier.

She pulled it free slowly and the hot air from the ghost Dick left her mouth. But Molly's mouth was so good, he was getting ready to cough, but not yet.

She looked up at him and saw he was getting ready to blow. Then she looked down at Geoff's dick in her mouth. Then she looked down at what was approaching her. Then she looked back up at him. What was about to shoot from his penis? There was a look of pure lust and pure terror.

mixed with pure enjoyment on his face. Geoff was about to blow his load into the girl's mouth. Molly had an instant and almost impossible task. How was she going to swallow the cum that was about to shoot out? But Molly didn't hesitate. It was almost like magic. Her mouth did it.

She opened her lips and swallowed his cum. Down her throat, it slipped, and down her throat it went. It was the greatest feeling he had ever had in his entire life. No words were needed. Molly just kept sucking.

She cleaned his dick, her face, and all around his crotch. Then she sucked the whole of his cock until every last drop was gone. Instantly, Geoff felt like he could go back out and finish the night.

It was one of the most incredible sex experiences he had ever had in his life. When Molly opened her eyes, he was still there, panting. But she didn't say anything. She just kept sucking his dick.

And she looked up at him and smiled. Geoff's dick started to grow, and she started to suck even harder. The look on her face was one of sheer bliss and utter bliss.

She looked up at him with a look of sheer delight. And as she was sucking his dick, he looked at her in amazement.

Her eyes were all red, and her nose was running, as she continued to moan. She had one of those smiles and eyes that were just simply beautiful.

Molly wrapped Geoff's dick around her mouth, moving it in and out of her mouth. He laid her on her bed so that she could lick her pussy. If pure pleasure escaped her lungs as the two sixty-nine

His tongue licking her pussy.He used two fingers to pull her pussy lips apart. He blew on her clit as he licked it. He inserted his tongue into her cheek.


She moaned and bucked her ass in his face. He sucked on her clit as he shoved his fingers into her. He pulled her ass closer to him as he licked her cunt. Her body bucked and she moaned. She then began to moan louder as she shook all over.


There was no way that they were getting any more room on her bed. He pushed himself onto his hands and knees with her on his face. She molly lathered her spit onto his cock to use as lube so she could deep throat him even deeper. She was still moaning like a whore as she sucked and sucked on his dick.


He began to fuck her throat as she tried to breathe. She wanted to gag but couldn't. While he was still bobbing in her throat, she fucked his cock to the back of her throat.


She reached her hand behind him and jacked his balls as she sucked him off. She stuck her finger in his asshole to stimulate him. His balls began to tighten up as her throat began to tighten up. Notching that she was close to her climax, Geoff went faster with his tongue and fingers in her pussy as he fucked her throat.


Her neck began to ache as he pushed his cock into her throat. He knew she was close as her jaw shook. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as juice began to spill from her pussy. She couldn't hold back and shot her juices into his mouth.

Molly continued to pump Geoff's dick into her mouth. It was so tight, so full of him. Her left hand came around and started playing with his balls, which had gotten even bigger, hanging low under his dick. He moved into the middle of the bed and started fucking her mouth while she sucked his cock.


And from the outside, it looked like it was going up inside the bubble. It was getting messy. Molly sucked and pumped Geoff's dick. His balls were in her hand, and her mouth was surrounded by Geoff's jizz, dripping down her chin and running down her throat. And as she was sucking and licking him, he was turning his head from side to side, making her gag and swallow cum.


Molly didn't understand why, but she enjoyed the taste of his cum. She liked how it felt when it came out of her mouth, and she could see that he enjoyed the feeling of her teeth grinding and chipping his cock. She sucked him for about two more minutes, and he let out a couple of loud moans and squeezed her head tight against his dick.


Molly felt his jizz oozing out of her throat and she started gagging. She reached up and caught it in her hands. It was so salty, and it was warm. She didn't think anything of it until she realised she could see that Geoff was cumming again!


He grabbed her hair and he pulled her mouth back onto his cock. His jizz shot out of her mouth and down onto her tits, running over her whole body. It wasn't just in her mouth. It was everywhere. She could feel it running down her chest, all over her chin and onto her stomach, down her naked body She could even taste the sweet, bitter taste of it on her tongue.




Molly heard the door to her house open and the voice. Molly, what are you doing? A male voice echoed. Geoff disappeared through a ghost portal, and there stood the young girl with ghost cum covering her body.


I'll let y'all decide who that male voice is.

I will write the next chapter eventually. It takes me twice as long now, maybe a few days or so. If I get a new iPad in September, then I can easily write a lot more.

Bye for now.


Edit: So I chose to use my  laptop. I do not like using my laptop for various reasons, but it's a lot easier than using my phone.

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