Jetson's Anniversary

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own the Jetsons, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Inspiration for this story came from artwork by Alex Hiro.

George Jetson whistled happily to himself as he flew home in his car. He had managed to get through the week without getting fired. And his boss, Cosmo Spacely, had actually asked George to help him test a new product the company was developing. It was called a Personal Robot Optimized to Be Ever Ready or PROBER for short. This robot was designed to be a personal assistant around the house, programmed with the latest artificial intelligence to anticipate and provide the users with whatever they wanted or needed. The prototype was going to be delivered this evening. George couldn’t wait to see the looks on his family’s faces when they saw this latest technological marvel. The sliding sidewalk carried him into his home.

“Hey everyone, I’m home!” he called out.

No one answered. The apartment was strangely quiet for a Friday evening. No music blaring from Judy's room, no sounds of video games from Elroy's, no Astro running up to lick him.

"Hello?" he called out again.

"Hello, big boy," a throaty voice replied.

George turned and his jaw dropped when he saw Jane standing seductively at the door to their bedroom. She was wearing a sheer long sleeved purple gown that was open down the front, barely covering her nipples and leaving her cleavage bare. The tiniest panties of the same material formed a triangle over her crotch and stockings covered her legs. Pearl necklace and earrings and high heels completed the outfit.

"Hubba, hubba, Jane, you look wonderful. What's the occasion?"

"Don't you remember what special day today is, dear?"

George suddenly felt like he was standing at the edge of a cliff and his answer was going to determine his fate tonight. He wracked his brain but the blood filling his manhood made it tent painfully against his pants distracting him. All he wanted to do was jump his beautiful wife. The only thing he could remember was hearing on the radio that today was the anniversary of the first lunar colony.

"The anniversary of..." he lamely began.

"I knew you'd remember our anniversary!" Jane squealed with delight as she ran up and hugged him. "I sent the kids and Astro to my mother's house for the weekend so we could celebrate. And I can see you're ready to start celebrating now."

She squeezed his erection in her tiny hand as she kissed him. George slid his hand under the gown and massaged her soft round breast, pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He was ecstatic. Normally he forgot their anniversary and Jane would give him the cold shoulder (and no sex) until he crawled back with a very expensive gift in hand and she was ready to forgive him. But now, it was Jane who was kneeling down in front of him, pulling his pants down to his ankles. It was going to be a fantastic weekend of non-stop sex. When Jane was in the mood, she was insatiable. And now she was in the mood! His huge penis sprung forward, veins bulging. His petite wife could only get her fingers halfway around the shaft. She lowered her head and licked the tip of the purplish mushroom head.

"Looks like someone is excited tonight. I think I know just what to do about it."

George closed his eyes and groaned as her warm wet mouth engulfed the head of his raging erection. As she drew him as much as she could into her mouth and sucked, her hands rubbed up and down his shaft stimulating him further. He held onto the back of her head and thrust forward, pushing himself further into her mouth.

"Slow down, big boy," she gasped. "We've got the whole weekend."

Jane led George into their bedroom and pushed a button on the wall. A green chair rose up out of the floor with two large dildos attached to two mechanical arms. A small rectangular pad with buttons extended from the side of the chair. They had purchased the DP-3000 several years back to try to spice up their sex life. Initially, Jane wasn't so sure about it - it looked too sterile and mechanical for her taste. But when they first used it, she loved it. She remembered how George sat on the chair and she straddled his lap and lowered herself onto his erect pole. He then programmed the dildos to enter whatever openings were free. She felt she was in a 4 way with three guys. She had had the most incredible orgasm that night.

Since then, when the house was empty in the morning after George had gone to work and the kids were in school, the DP-3000 became her go to toy. Being the prim and proper housewife, she had never considered sex with anyone but her husband. In fact, she had only had sex with two men in her life - Flash Flotsam and George. They both dated her in college. Flash had looks, an athletic body and tons of money but George's penis was huge and after sex with George, she didn't want to do it with anyone else. But after the experience with the DP-3000 she began to fantasize about being the center of attention for two or more men. When she was alone, she would turn out the lights and sit on the DP-3000 and would imagine that two men were thrusting into her, enjoying her body as she enjoyed theirs. The dildos were made out of artificial skin and muscles, heated to body temperature. They looked and felt just like real penises and could be programmed to shoot out any amount of semen. Jane loved having large loads of semen deposited on her as she had her orgasm. Then the slender redhead would take her morning shower and clean up all the evidence. 

"Boy oh boy, the DP-3000!" George exclaimed as he quickly shucked his shirt. He sat down on the chair and watched eagerly as his beautiful wife let her gown fall to the ground then turn her back to him. She reached behind to steady his shaft and guide him as she lowered herself onto his rigid pole. He could feel the slippery tight warmth of her vaginal opening stretch over the thick head.

"Oooh," Jane sighed as she slowly sank down and impaled herself on his rod. "That feels so good."

"Mmm, hmm," George agreed as he felt that exquisite feeling when he first entered his wife.

She slowly raised then lowered herself, each time sinking lower and lower. Up and down she slowly rode his shaft, now slick with her juices, moaning quietly. George enjoyed the view of his erection going deeper into his slender wife but finally, impatient with the slow pace, grasped her hips and thrust up hard, burying himself to the hilt.

"Oh!" his wife exclaimed.

George thrust up and down while pushing a couple buttons on the pad next to him. One of the dildos positioned itself in front of Jane's face but she had her eyes closed as she relished the feeling of her husband inside of her. The dildo moved forward and touched her lips. Her eyes opened and she caressed it in both hands as she sucked on the tip. Again she closed her eyes. George pushed another button on the pad and a holo-video camera came out and hovered in front of them and began to film him thrusting into her as she took more and more of the fake penis into her mouth.

George was always trying to get pictures and videos of Jane naked or them having sex but until recently, Jane had always been very reluctant. Now she would occasionally let him use the camera, but she would have to be in the mood. And from the way she was acting, he knew that this was a good time. When George saw the DP-3000, he knew he was in for a treat. Sex had always been great with Jane, but when they used the DP-3000, she became a different woman - wild and unrestrained. George always enjoyed watching the holo-vids because he could see things from a different point of view - almost like a voyeur. And when he watched them having sex on the DP-3000, his demur wife became a insatiable sex fiend. It was like she was possessed and couldn't get enough penises inside of her. Watching that really aroused him because it fueled his own fantasies - his secret desire to watch his wife have sex with other men. He knew his modest wife would never do anything like that but he still fantasized about it constantly and using the DP-3000 seemed to partially satisfy his fantasy.

George lifted his petite wife up by her waist until his member was completely free, then moved her forward slightly and lowered her back onto his shaft. Jane knew what he wanted and kept one hand on the artificial penis she was sucking and reached under with her other hand to hold him steady as he slowly entered her anal canal. George loved to take her this way - it was so incredibly tight and he loved to watch his huge rod disappear between her two luscious cheeks. Jane's moans at the anal invasion were muffled by the prosthetic penis that was pushing in and out of her mouth.

Once he was completely inside, George pushed another button and the other lifelike dildo moved forward and nestled against her vaginal lips and rested just inside the opening. After a moment of hesitation, the dildo slid suddenly forward, spearing her just beneath the neatly trimmed triangle of red hair. The young mother now had penises in every orifice. He pushed another button then grabbed her hips and started to push in and out of her. Simultaneously and in tempo with his thrusts, the fake penises also moved in and out of his beautiful wife. George didn't know why, but this always triggered something in his usually demur wife. She kept her eyes closed during these sessions and it was like he wasn't there, like she was in her own world, writhing, feeling, moaning, in response to those three logs of flesh inside of her body. He reached up with one hand and fondled her breast, tweaking her nipple. It grew even more erect under his ministrations. He knew it wasn't going to take long with this much stimulation to bring her to a climax. This was going to be a great video. Her breathing became more labored as she began moan louder and louder as she approached her orgasm.

Just then, an alarm went off and a computerized voice started to call his name. The alarm and voice came closer and closer and into their room flew the Facer. The Facer was something his diabolical boss had required George to carry with him at all times. Whenever Mr. Spacely wanted him, all he had to do was to activate it and the Facer would home in on him and fly up and hover in front of his face. The camera would then activate allowing Mr. Spacely to see only his face. For privacy reasons, the camera only activated when right in front of the recipient's face to keep everything else out of view. And now the Facer was right in front of him and a little red light started to blink indicating the camera was on. A very realistic holoprojection of Mr. Spacely's round bald head was projected right in front of George's face.

"Jetson!" the floating head screamed. "There's an emergency at the office and you need to be here now!"

"But, but I need to finish something..." George lamely replied.

"I'll be kicking your butt into the streets onto the unemployment line if you don't get here right away!" his boss's head screamed. "I know it only takes 7 minutes and 37 seconds for you to get here. Thirty-six, thirty-five...

George's erection wilted under this verbal assault and slipped out of his wife. Spacely's angry red face continued to yell at George as he quickly grabbed his clothes and ran for the door. Jane stayed quiet - it felt strange to have her husband's boss's head with them in the middle of having sex. She knew that Mr. Spacely couldn't see her or what they were doing because of the way the Facer was programmed, but there were times that the disconnected head seemed to leer at her.

"There's a package coming..." George called out as he ran out the door with Mr. Spacely's head in front of him continuing the countdown, Then the door slid shut and it was quiet.

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