Asami is a Daddy's Girl

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Disclaimer: No money is made from this work. I do not own Avatar the Legend of Korra or it's characters. This work also involves incest, if you do not like then do not read.

*No money is made from this work! It is simply written for pleasure. 

               “Join me Asami and we can help people like us everywhere” stated Hiroshi as he offered her an equalist glove.

                Asami looked at the glove her father was offering her as serval emotions and thoughts were running through her head. She was shocked to learn that her father was helping Amon and the equalist. At first, she was hurt that her father would do such a thing, seeing a side of him that she didn’t know existed. How could her father do such a thing? He was actively helping a terrorist organization that was trying to take over Republic City and take away everyone’s bending.

                Taking another moment however to process her father’s reasoning for his actions Asami surprised herself. She was surprised to discover that somewhere within herself she agreed with her father’s words. A firebender was the one that took away her mother from them. If she thought about for a moment, she supposed that those that were benders did have an unfair advantage over non benders. She had trained herself in self defense for years now but no matter how hard she tried, she would never be able to do the amazing things that a bender could do.

                Was it really fair that so many people were disadvantaged in society simply because they were not born with the ability to bend the element? The entire government of Republic City was comprised of benders. With the entire council being benders, of course the interest of benders would be prioritized over that of non benders. Would it really be a bad thing if bending was removed so all would be equal?

                Asami being wealthy was given an extensive education and learning history, it was true that every major conflict or war was in part caused by bending. The 100-year war was started by the Fire Nation and crazy Firebenders. An entire race of people were almost wiped out because of firebenders. If firebenders never existed, then the air nomads would still have a thriving culture instead of being reduced to just a handful of survivors. If bending was never a thing, then her mother would still be alive.

                Then there was Korra. Annoying Korra who thought she was so special because she was the avatar. Why should one person have so much power? It didn’t seem right to Asami when she gave it some thought. Korra was a loud, abusive, and foolhardy person who shouldn’t have as much power and influence as she has. The only reason someone like Korra is given any sort of attention is because she was born as the avatar and can bend all four elements. It was because of bending that a terrible person like Korra was able to walk around and not pay for her actions like everyone else.

                As Asami was thinking these thoughts she again looked at the equalist glove her father was offering to her. She glanced in the direction of Mako and knew that if she choose to join her father that it would be easy to overpower them. Both Korra and Tenzin were out for the count, and she could easily take out Mako and Bolin with her father’s help. For a moment she didn’t like the idea of joining her father and betraying Mako but that thought soon faded.

Why should she feel bad for betraying Mako? He was a terrible boyfriend who clearly was into Korra even though she was supposed to be his girlfriend. Mako must be a terrible boyfriend because he is a bender that doesn’t really care about the feelings of a non bender, he thinks is beneath him. Asami once again looked at the equalist glove and thought, that her father was right. Bending should be eradicated, and she now knew what she had to do. Asami stepped forward and put on the equalist glove before she glared at Mako’s direction.

                “No” muttered Mako in disbelief at what he was seeing. He could not believe that the Asami he knew would do such a thing. Perhaps he didn’t really know her at all. Asami looked at her father for a moment before she started to speak.

                “I’m sorry dad” Asami started to say. These words caused Hiroshi to frown and Mako to smile. They both thought that Asami was choosing to reject her father’s offer, they were both quickly proven wrong.

                “For ever doubting you. You are right Dad; bending is evil and has to be eradicated. I will gladly join you Dad” stated Asami with conviction in her voice.

                With Asami joining her father, it didn’t take long at all to deal with Mako and Bolin. With the help of her father’s mechs and her own skills it was over in a flash. Soon Maki and Bolin were collapsed on the ground, knocked out from the strong electric shocks she delivered with the equalist glove. Once Mako and Bolin were defeated, Hiroshi made sure to put all of them in chains. Asami now stood victorious with her father and the other equalist.

                “We did it Asami, we won. With the avatar in chains soon the rest of the city will be ours” stated Hiroshi with pride in his voice. He was so proud that he had raised his daughter right. In the moment of truth, Asami had chosen the right side and his chest swelled with pride at the thought. Asami spared a glance at her once boyfriend and friends, and she felt no guilt at all for turning against them. They stood for everything that was wrong in the world, they were benders and they all got what they deserved. After she was finished looking down at the defeated Korra and crew, Asami embraced her father in a tight hug.

                “I’m sorry Dad for ever thinking you were wrong” stated Asami again with tears in her eyes. She wasn’t feeling guilt at betraying her supposed friends. Asami truly felt guilt for ever doubting that her father was in the right. Hiroshi returned his daughter’s hug, wrapping his hands around Asami before he responded.

                “It’s okay Asami, you made the right decision when it mattered most. I am so proud of you. I love you Asami” responded Hiroshi as he hugged his daughter.

                “I love you too Dad” responded Asami as she tightened her embrace. She felt so safe in her father’s arms. She was always at her core a Daddy’s girl, she resolved to never doubt her father again. He knew what was right and Asami was lucky to have such a great man as her father.

                Soon after Asami said these words, the two of them withdrew from the other. The equalist lieutenant that was with them took the time to congratulate the two of them. With the avatar and her friends taken care off, the city will soon fall. The lieutenant assured Asami that her deeds today will be reported to Amon, and she will be rightfully rewarded. Asami was told she would be given a seat at the table of the new world order, this caused Asami to smile. There was still some work to be done so without any further delay Asami helped her father and the other equalist drag the prisoners away so Amon could take their bending away.

                Asami was currently laying in her bed late at night. A whole week has passed since she joined the equalist defeat the avatar. With Korra captured, she was quickly brought to Amon who removed her bending. Now Korra was sitting somewhere in a prison cell with no bending at all. Asami paid her a visit and loved the sight of the once proud and strong Korra reduced to a weak mess. In Asami’s opinion Korra got exactly what she deserved. Mako and others also had their bending removed and posing no threat to the equalist movement were released back onto the streets. Mako looked so betrayed as he was released, knowing that his bending was gone forever. She still remembered what Mako said to her before he was released.

                “Asami how could you do this” asked Mako weakly. Since his bending was removed Mako like all the others was reduced to a weak mess. She supposed that is who Mako always was, a weak man who was only made strong by an unfair gift. Once his bending was taken away, the true Mako was revealed. A weak man that wasn’t worth her time.

                “Shut up Mako. You and the rest of your kind deserves this. You benders cause all sorts of evil in the world. What I did, I did gladly” responded Asami with glee.

                “What about us? Did we mean anything to you” asked Mako in the same weak tone.

                “Us?! Ha! I was a fool for ever giving you any attention. Your nothing Mako, worthless. My father was right about you. Get out of my sight Mako” responded Asami with venom in her voice. It was true, Asami was ashamed she ever considered being with such a pathetic excuse for a man. At her words, Mako hung his head in shame and walked away.

                Asami replayed this scene in her head as she laid in her bed with a smile spreading across her face. In the week since then the city had all but fallen under the control of the equalist. The United Republic Forces were quickly dealt with thanks to Asami helping her father. With Korra having her bending taken away, it served as a huge blow to the moral of the opposition. Now the only resistance that remained in Republic City were small, scattered groups that would soon be crushed. Deciding to think about other things Asami’s thought turned to her father.

                Since she joined the equalist her father was like another man. Hiroshi was so filled with pride at his daughter that he had a hard time not smiling at all times. Asami was filled with happiness, glad that she was able to be the reason why her father was so happy. When her father told her that he was so proud of her, Asami was filled with warmth. At the time Asami thought she merely felt pride and affection at her father’s words but after some reflection she discovered those words gave her another feeling. Hiroshi’s words and the knowledge that he was proud of her filled Asami with arousal.

                At first when Asami released she felt arousal at her father’s words of praise she was scared. She was scared because she should not be feeling such things about her father. Asami felt shame for a moment when she realized this but soon a voice in the back of her head began to speak to her. That voice was questioning why she should feel shame or worry for her feelings. Why shouldn’t Asami feel arousal for her father?

                Unlike that weak and worthless Mako, her father was a fine man. Hiroshi was a man of ideals and perseverance. He wasn’t given an unfair advantage with being a bender and yet he rose to extreme wealth all on his own. Her father was also handsome and easy on the eyes if Asami was honest with herself. She knew that her father would always be there for her and keep her safe, so why shouldn’t she feel this way? Her father was also so lonely since his wife was killed, and Asami thought she could make sure all of her father’s needs were satisfied.

                As Asami continued to have these thoughts about her father as she laid in her bed, she discovered that her body was beginning to heat up. Deciding to have some fun with herself, Asami reached one of her hands down toward her dampening panties. Her hand found it’s way inside her wet panties and began to play with her dripping pussy. With her other hand, Asami started to grope her breast as she started to moan. While Asami was touching herself she started to imagine a fantasy that was becoming a favorite of hers since she discovered these new feelings for her father.

                In Asami’s fantasy she imagined that Mako was trying to rape her. Mako was such a disgusting and vile man that she knew the only way he could enjoy Asami’s sexy body was to take it by force. Asami was held down by Mako, he already stripped her bare and was trying to hold her still. In her fantasy she was squirming beneath Mako, trying to get away as Mako lined up his pathetic cock to the entrance to her pussy. Mako threatened her that if she didn’t stop moving, her was going to burn her with his bending. Fantasy Asami resigned herself to her fate, she could not escape.

                Just before Mako was about to violate her body with his disgusting and small cock, her father burst though the door. Hiroshi looked so heroic as he easily took out Mako with an equalist shock glove. Once Mako was collapsed on the floor, Asami embraced her father in a tight hug despite still being naked. Hiroshi hugged her back, and in her fantasy Asami was delighted to feel her father’s erection poking her as they embraced.

                In the real world Asami moaned loudly as she sped up her hands. The thought of her father seeing her naked and getting hard because of her filled Asami with lust. She plunged a finger inside her pussy at this point and started to finger herself to her fantasy. Her pussy was dripping wet, having soaked her panties at this point. Going back into Asami’s fantasy, the two of them removed themselves form their embrace.

                “Asami are you okay” asked fantasy Hiroshi, trying not to stare at his daughter’s naked body. Asami smiled to herself as she noticed her father’s eyes failing to look away at her breast for long.

                “I am now because of you, daddy” responded Asami as she stared at her father’s erection in his pants. Her father was too distracted from not trying to ogle his daughter’s naked body to notice Asami lick her lips.

                “Well, he can’t hurt you anymore” stated Hiroshi. It was true, in her fantasy the shock Hiroshi gave Mako stopped his heart. Fantasy Mako was now dead and Asami couldn’t be happier that such a weak and vile man was gone.

                “I’ll leave so you can get dressed” stated Hiroshi as he turned around and began to head out of Asami’s bedroom. Fantasy Hiroshi wasn’t able to make it far before fantasy Asami reached out and grabbed his arm. Hiroshi turned around and looked at his daughter with curiosity and a hint of lust in his eyes to Asami’s extreme delight.

                “Wait Daddy. I need to reward you for saving me” stated Asami in a sultry tone. In her fantasy, Asami knelt in front of her father while naked, showing no shame at all. Fantasy Hiroshi was too stunned to move or talk as his daughter quickly removed his pants, freeing his cock.

                “Asami what are you doing” asked Hiroshi in Asami’s fantasy. In the real world Asami was driving herself crazy at the thought of the sight of her father’s cock. She just knew her father would have an amazing and huge cock.

                “Isn’t it obvious daddy. I’m going to reward you for being such a good dad. Just relax daddy and enjoy it, you’ll love it I promise” responded Asami as she reached out in her fantasy and grabbed a hold of her father’s cock.

                “A-asami you don’t have too do this” responded fantasy Hiroshi between moans as his daughter started to jerk his cock.

                “I want to do this daddy. Your so sexy and deserve to be taken care off” responded Asami as she sped up her movements.

                Fantasy Hiroshi moaned as his daughter sped up her hand jerking him off. Soon fantasy Asami was moving her hand at a quick pace, clearly wanting to bring her father to an explosive orgasm. In the real world Asami was close to her own orgasm, the thought of giving her sexy daddy a hand job was driving her insane. Her hand was pumping in and out of her soaking wet pussy at a fast pace as she continued to fingerfuck herself while fantasizing about her father. Her moans filled the bedroom as she continued to play with herself.

                “Oh my god daddy your cock is so amazing” moaned Asami in the real world, being so lost in her fantasy that she could not contain her moans.

                Going back into Asami’s fantasy, she was quickly moving her hand along the length of her father’s massive ten-inch cock. Fantasy Hiroshi was moaning her name as he clearly enjoyed the feeling of his daughter’s hand. Both fantasy Asami and real world Asami grew wet at the thought of her father moaning her name in ecstasy. In her fantasy Asami leaned into her father’s cock and took it into her mouth.

                “Oh my god, Asami that feels amazing” stated fantasy Hiroshi as his daughter started to eagerly suck his cock. Fantasy Asami moaned happily around her father’s cock as she quickly moved her head along his entire length. With the amount of suction, she was applying, fantasy Hiroshi didn’t last long and soon started to cum down her throat.

                It was at this moment in her fantasy that real world Asami experienced a massive orgasm. The thought of sucking her father’s cock until he came down her throat pushed her over the edge. Asami desperately fingerbanged herself as her body was attacked with wave after wave of ecstasy. Her body jerked and writhed with pleasure as she experienced her powerful orgasm to the thought of sucking her father’s cock.

                “Daddy! Your cum taste so good! Keep cumming down my whore throat Daddy” yelled Asami as she imagined her father dumping his load straight down her throat. Asami soon collapsed on her bed, exhausted after her powerful orgasm. Her body was still on fire despite just having a powerful orgasm. Thinking for a moment Asami concluded that she would not be satisfied with just mere fantasy for long. As Asami started to play with herself again, she began to think of how she could seduce her father for real. Soon Asami thought, soon she would be feeling her father’s cock deep inside her for real. The thought alone soon brought Asami to another explosive orgasm. It wasn’t that shocking that Asami was thinking these thoughts about her father, she was after all always a daddy’s girl.

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