The Gorgon

BY : WarrenConey
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Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with the series, The Amazing World Of Gumball (2011). The following is a non-commissioned work, created for entertainment purposes only.

Penny had just left her house, after an argument with her father. They had argued over whether or not she had the right to howl at the moon, if she took the form of a wolf when she felt lonely.

Now she felt angry and she was in a different form, the form of the red and orange gorgon that represented her anger. Her serpent like body glowed a fiery red in the night, lighting her path in the darkness as she slithered down the neighborhood sidewalk.

She quickly wound her way to her boyfriend’s house. Her day had been miserable and she figured ‘Gumball’ was the only person who could help her feel better. She arrived at his home, glided onto the porch and stabbed the doorbell with one of her hooked claws. The door opened and Penny saw a little pink rabbit in an orange dress looking up at her.

“Hello?” Gumball’s little sister Anais asked as she looked up from the floor. “Whaaah!” She let out a shocked yelp at the frightening appearance of her brother’s girlfriend.

“Where’s Gumball?” Penny hissed angrily.

“Hey, just because you’re in a bad mood, doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude to me.” Anais huffed from the floor.

Penny plucked the small girl off the floor and shook her by the shoulders. “Where is he!?” She growled.

“Up stairs! He’s up stairs!” Anais panted in fear. Penny dropped Anais on her butt and slithered past her. Anais took a few breaths to compose herself as she watched Penny go up stairs. Feeling a mix of fear and anger, she shouted to the kitchen as she got up off the floor. “Mom!”

Penny opened Gumball’s door and glided in. She saw her boyfriend and his little brother Darwin, watching videos on his computer. “Gumball...” She growled.

They both turned around, startled by her voice and then terrified by the look in her eyes. The sweet little gold fish Darwin, spoke first. “Hey Penny, how are-”

“Get out!” She hissed angrily, slithering to one side to clear the doorway.

“Okay.” He squeaked like a coward, then bolted through the open door.

The monstrous girl glided up to her boyfriend, looking down at him, seeming at least twice his size.

“Penny!” Gumball’s mother Nicole, shouted from the doorway. Penny turned to see the angry blue cat woman, standing there with a crowbar in her hand. “You don’t have a right to barge into this house and treat everyone poorly whenever you happen to be feeling upset!” Nicole said sternly and unafraid.

At this Penny’s anger reached a fever pitch and her body made a shapeless, wispy shift into a new form. She became so large that she barely fit the room, as she took the form of the blood red dragon that represented the pinnacle of her fury. Penny shouted in a deep monstrous voice that shook the walls. “I have the RIGHT, to see MY, BOYFRIEND!”

Nicole stood there with her angry face unchanging. Without speaking she slowly closed the door, unwilling to continue challenging the dangerous shapeshifting fairy.

Penny quickly shifted back into her fiery gorgon form. “HISSS!” She flashed one of her middle claws at the door, as an insult to Nicole.

“Babe? Is there anything I can do for you?” Gumball asked sweetly. He was afraid, but he knew Penny would never hurt him, no matter how angry she was.

He had seen her like this before. After a particularly aggravating day, she would sometimes end up stuck in her anger induced form and she would come to him to calm down. The two would always talk whenever this happened and she would eventually return to her regular, golden fairy self. But today was different, Gumball could see a frightening intensity in her eyes, a hungry intensity he had never seen before.

Penny turned back to him, glaring at him with her snake like eyes. “Sex!” She hissed. “Now!”

He trembled with a smile of fear and elation. “Yeah!” He gasped, grabbing at his clothes as fast as he could. He quickly plucked off his shoes, socks, shirt and pants. For a moment he hesitated and then slowly pulled down his underwear, knowing she’d be mad.

Penny looked at his adorable blue body and huffed when she noticed his penis wasn’t hard. “You said I look sexy when I’m mad!” She growled grabbing his shoulders. “If I’m sexy why aren’t you hard yet!? You liar!”

“You’re super sexy like this!” He whimpered. “But, we’ve never, um, loved each other like this, so, I’m nervous.”

She glared at him intensely. “Watch me.”

She slipped down and placed her fiery hands on his pelvis. Gumball shook nervously, feeling Penny’s razor sharp claws resting on him. He could feel the intense heat of her breath, as she brought her fangs frighteningly close to his blue sheathed boyhood. Her long and thin, forked tongue, flickered out of her mouth and slipped into the opening of his sheath. “Ohhh! Baby!” He trembled in a storm of mixed emotions, then he dared to reach out and caress her face with both hands.

“Hisss!” She hissed and stared in his eyes with an intense look of anger. Moving her hot little tongue around the sensitive flesh on and around his penis. Her frighteningly sexy display, coupled with her calculated teasing, quickly got a rise out of him. Almost instantly he started to swell and harden as her tongue played around the pointed tip of his sensitive member. She slipped her tongue out of his sheath and licked away at his now exposed, pink tip and shaft.

After a moment, she pulled her tongue away and slowly took him into her mouth. Gumball’s heart almost stopped, as he watched her fangs get near his delicate pink member. To his relief, his penis had plenty of room between her fangs. She sucked his member in gently with short movements of her head, coaxing him to be hard and full. The inside of her hot mouth, was invigorating, like a dip into a steaming bath. As his penis became more firm, she took him deeper into her mouth, with a slower and stronger suction.

She pushed his hands up, signaling to him to grab the top of her head. Again, Gumball was filled with fear. Each lock of her ‘hair’ was like a living snake, seeming to move on its own. Glowing a deep, gem like red, her snakes looked as if they were cut from live, flaming rubies. He could feel an intense heat as he dipped his trembling hands into her tangle of live snakes. It was as if he had placed his hands into a pile of flaming embers, it didn’t burn him, yet it still felt scorching to the touch. Two of the snakes seemed to place themselves willingly into his hands. As he gently grabbed onto them, two more snakes wrapped themselves tightly around his wrists.

“Mmm...” She groaned, keeping her mouth tight around his member. She seemed to enjoy his handling of her living hair, so he tried gripping a little more firmly and giving her a slight pull forward. “Mumhhh!” She growled with a savage approval.

Gumball started helping her along, his fear finally fading away. This is so fucking amazing! He thought to himself, as he enjoyed her mouth’s hot and slippery points of interest, playing themselves against and around his hardening boyhood. I’m about to have hot monster sex with my girlfriend!

Penny could finally feel her lover, full and hard. The pointed tip of his cat like penis, slipping easily in and out of the back of her uniquely elastic gorgon throat. She pulled herself away from him, slowly but firmly. Gumball let go of her hair and saw the look in her eyes, it was time.

Without warning, Penny rose up and firmly grabbed his upper arms. She easily lifted him off his feet and quickly slid over to his bed. She laid herself down, pulling his body over her’s like a living blanket.

“Ready?” She asked in a smoldering pout as she let go.

“Babe, I think your tail’s gonna get in the way.” Gumball said as he pushed himself up and straddled her thick and long, serpentine lower half.

She looked down and huffed. After a short moment of consideration, she pulled him close into a tight hug. “Relax.” She hissed.

As he looked up at her face, he felt her tail brush out from underneath him, then drape itself behind both of his legs. In a frighteningly powerful turn of her body, she twisted the both of them around quickly and deliberately. Gumball’s legs were now wrapped together by her lower snake like half. He was now pressed completely against her. Penny’s serpentine body was frighteningly strong and seemed to radiate a sweltering heat. Gumball felt his penis pressed against the luxurious snake skin of her lower half. Her scales were thick, smooth and supple, with the feel of a fine leather. She let him out of her arms and he pushed himself up again, looking down at their middle parts. Below her fiery orange waist, he couldn’t see any place for him to, enter her.

“Um, babe? Where do I...?”

“Right here.” She said placing her hand just below her waist. He saw what looked like a crease running side to side, separating her lower half from her midsection. With a single claw, she gently pulled the top of that crease up, revealing a pretty pink cloaca. “Put it in.” She huffed.

Balancing on one hand, he directed his pointed member at the center of her pretty pink slit. He squirmed trying to adjust himself, managing to only push his tip in.

“Tilt it up!” She sighed angrily.

Gumball struggled in her tail’s grasp as he tried to pull his body up against hers. Penny noticed and loosened her tail’s grip on his legs, then pushed him up quickly by tightening her tail’s grip again. “Hahhh!” He let out a sigh of pleasure, surprised by the sudden thrust into her broiling inner space. He lost his balance and fell flat onto her. Her hot, serpentine vagina, felt long, thin and very smooth. He felt a tug, from her small but powerful muscles, trying to pull his member deeper into her. She felt odd to him, her smooth inner lining was very mild, but her unique muscles griped him like a trap that refused to let go.

He used his hands to try to lift himself up, but she pulled him right back down on her. She gabbed his head and held his face in front of hers. Gumball half expected a kiss, but was completely surprised when he only felt her long, thin tongue, jump into his mouth. Her tongue darted around, bouncing up and down between his teeth. He felt it wiggle against his tongue and pulled his head back, squirming in surprise at the strange feeling. She put her hands behind his head and held him in a clinch, bringing him back to her. She played and wiggled her long thin tongue behind his lips, cheeks and teeth. He shook and fidgeted now and then, feeling more than uncomfortable each time her odd tongue tickled a new place. He pulled away for a moment, unnerved by the experience.

“Open up.” She commanded sternly. He did what he was told, knowing he wasn’t going to enjoy it. She brought him close and slipped her tongue back in his mouth. Her tongue wiggled and writhed against his own, then twirled around it teasingly. Gumball fidgeted with the alien movement she made in his mouth. She slowed the twirl to a halt and kept her tongue wrapped around his, using it to pull his tongue deep into her hot mouth. Her tongue quickly unraveled as she wrapped her lips around his tongue and slowly pulled away with a firm suck. ‘Chup!’

“Gah! Huh!” Gumball gasped for air, arms quivering as he struggled to stay upright, the odd sensations overwhelming him.

She breathed heavily, looking even more angry than before. She pulled him back again, firmly. “Open!” She growled.

He trembled as he obeyed immediately. Her long thin tongue reached deep into his mouth and tickled the very beginning of his throat. “Hmm! Ughh!” Gumball flinched and tried to pull away as his gag reflex kicked in. She held him tightly, keeping him locked in place as she began to bounce her tongue against his uvula. “Guak!” Gumball had his mouth wide open as he struggled to hold his gag reflex in check. She stopped for a moment to let him breath. “Penny, please don’t do that.” He gasped and trembled. “You’re gonna make me throw up.”

“Now you know how I feel, when we fuck and I tell you to slow down, and you don’t listen!” She growled, pulling him back to her.

“Huh-guh!” Gumball gagged sporadically as she forced his reflex again and again for her own twisted amusement. Her malicious forked tongue, knocked his uvula back and forth like a little red punching bag. “Ughf!” He gagged over and over, trying not to completely loose control. His spittle dripped down onto her mouth and cheeks, as she continued to torment her helpless lover.

“When we fuck I always do what YOU want!” She huffed as she let him breath. “Tonight you’re MY fuck toy!” She wiped her boyfriend’s spittle from her mouth, then straightened out as she laid back and relaxed, resting her claws by her head. “Suck my tits.” She ordered in an lazy unimpressed huff.

Gumball wiped his mouth, looking down at her glowing ruby red breasts, trembling as he caught his breath. He had always wondered about how his girlfriend’s body worked. She seemed to only have the parts she needed, when she needed them. Normally she had the molded body of a doll, plain and undefined. For that reason she never even wore clothes. However, when his fairy was ready for love, she had everything she could need or want, seemingly appear out of nowhere. In her red gorgon form, her youthful breasts were absolutely perfect for a girl her age. He reached down with one hand and enjoyed feeling her supple chest, rubbing her hardening nipple with his thumb. Her ruby breasts were bigger than normal, the one barely fitting into his small hand. They were firmer than her golden fairy bits, but they were baby smooth and invigoratingly hot.

“Suck them!” She growled, pulling him down impatiently.

He pulled his hand away and tried to balance himself on the bed, as he took one of her nipples between his lips. ‘Plick, plick’. In the quiet of his room, the sound of his wet lips gently sucking her sensitive nipples could easily be heard.

“UGHHH!” She groaned, loud and monstrously. “Just like that you, bitch!”

Penny sounded abusive, but gumball knew it was just her anger talking. He found, no matter what form his lover took, it seemed she always had sensitive nipples. He traced around the very tip of her nipple and then began flicking it up and down, with only the very tip of his tongue.

“Ruhhh! Hahhh!” She growled and contorted in beastly pleasure.

Gumball struggled to keep himself from falling to one side or another as she moved. When her nipple became rock hard, he tugged it between his lips with a final strong sucking kiss. ‘Plick!’

“HMMMM!” She hummed loudly as she arched her back. “Hahhh!” The moment she relaxed again, he started giving the same loving attention to her other nipple. “Ohhh! Just like that! Do it you, bitch!” She yelled, not caring if they were heard by his family downstairs. She reached down and raked her razor claws into his bed, leaving a trail of white fluff turned up through clean cuts left in the bedding.

Gumball couldn’t see what was happening by his sides, but he could hear each cutting pull, piercing the bedding and zipping along. Oh hell, mom’s gonna be, pissed, after all this. He thought, trying to stay focused on pleasing the tortuous love of his life.

After a moment more of her favorite foreplay, she pushed him up slightly. “Fuck me!” She commanded wildly, with a flaming passion in her eyes. “Fuck me!”

Grabbing her shoulders, he tried to pull himself forward along her serpentine belly, but he couldn’t budge even the slightest bit. “Penny, I can’t move.” He said meekly, knowing she’d be angry.

“Ruhhh!” She threw her head back and growled in fury. She clawed into his bed again, this time using it as an outlet for her anger. After a short fit, she regained what little sense she still had and looked down at their problem. Luckily for Gumball, Penny was a very smart girl. She thought about how a snake would move if it was mating. She looked up at Gumball with a dead serious look. “Hold my shoulders tight.”

At this a nervous Gumball took a better grip of her shoulders, with no idea of what to expect. He felt his bound legs, pulled back as they moved with her tail. With this, a gorgeous sensation slid all along his pointed penis as it was pulled outward. Her silky inner lining practically clung to his member and her unique inner muscles tugged tightly, from every point around him, all at once. “Ohhh!” He sighed in pleasure, as Penny forcefully pulled his member almost all the way out of her pinching cloaca.

“Ummm.” She hummed, enjoying herself for a moment. “Hmph!” She wound her tail upward in a quick movement, pushing him all the way back in, all at once.

“Hah!” Gumball let out a sound, surprised by the push. He was even more surprised by how gentle, Penny’s hot inner space felt, on the way back in. She pulled him back again. “Huhaaa!” He shivered at the intense, succulent sensation of the lustful chamber that fought to hold him in.

“Hmmm.” She growled happily, enjoying the sensations within herself, almost as much as Gumball enjoyed himself. “Gumball.” She hissed with a frightening snarl on her face. “Kiss me.”

He nervously lowered himself closer to his monstrous girlfriend, until his lips could touch hers. He kissed her full on the lips, hoping in vain that she wouldn’t use her tongue again. “Hmm!” He whimpered as her writhing tongue slipped back into his mouth. This time however she kept her tongue play simple, focusing on rolling it around his tongue as she kissed. Gumball actually enjoyed the way she kneaded, squeezed and tugged his tongue, with her thin, long and hot counter part.

“Ahh, luhh, nuh.” Gumball made odd noises, as Penny began pushing and pulling him back and forth with just her tail. With each push in, he felt like he was gliding into a warm loving cloud. But with every pull out, he felt like his penis was being caught by a hot and hungry, fleshy snare. “Ughhh.” He moaned oddly, with his tongue still bound by hers. Her pussy’s like a Chinese finger trap, for my dick. He thought. “Huhh.” He continued to moan, as the pleasure he felt was quickly bringing him to his limit.

Penny’s tongue slipped out of his mouth. “Don’t you dare finish without me.” She threatened with a piercing glare.

In that moment Gumball knew he had to try to take some control from her. He figured if things kept going the way they were, she would not get what she needed and she would probably be even harder to calm down afterwards. “Penny, lie down for me.” He said trying to sound confident.

“You think you can tell me what to do!?” She growled, practically shaking with fury from Gumball’s command.

“I wanna suck you nipples the way you like, I wanna do this right for you.” He said looking at her sweetly. “I’ll make love to you all night long if tell me to, I just want you to be happy.”

For a moment, the burning gorgon looked at him, wide eyed with love and desperation. She threw herself back so hard, the wooden bed frame made a cracking sound. “Gumball, I hate everything!” She growled with a flaming fury. “I hate everything so much! Fuck me! Fuck me ‘til I can’t think!” She shouted as she clawed into his bed again.

“I’m here for you Penny.” Gumball assured gently.

He laid himself on her and started kissing her burning ruby breasts. As Gumball kissed and sucked her sensitive nipples, Penny started to push him back and forth again. His hands barely reached the bed, as he again tried to keep himself from falling to one side. He tightened the muscles around his stomach when he could, he tried to ignore the strong suction on his penis and he kept his mind focused on the feeling of her supple breasts on his lips. This was every little trick he had learned, to keep himself from breaking into an orgasm. Trying to resist the ecstasy of his lover’s phenomenal form, was the strangest kind of torture. Every pull from her inner lining, was a tight velvety drag, every push, a dive into a welcoming sauna. His legs were uncomfortably bound, by the luxuriously smooth and supple scales of her powerful tail. His arms were getting tired fast and his back, was long past the point of being sore. The heat he felt from her, was unnatural, she radiated an impossible heat. Somehow at that moment he noticed the bed was barely warm. It was then he realized the ‘heat’ he felt, was actually Penny’s anger. A blistering inferno, scalding to the whole of his being, yet safe to the touch.

He felt his self control beginning to fail him, he tried desperately to resist giving into his building orgasm. Even as a gorgon, Penny was as sensitive as ever and in all the same ways. Gumball knew his sensually delicate fairy, couldn’t hold out for long. Just a little bit more. He thought, gnawing gently on her sensitive nipples, trying to ignore the building tension in his penis.

“Ughhh!” Penny contorted salaciously, as she pumped her lover like a cheep toy for her pleasure. Every move she made, fed her body’s carnal hunger. She loved the feeling of his smooth member, slip through her inner lining. She enjoyed the strange feeling of her narrow, tender tunnel, pinching in on itself with each flex of her strong, unique muscles. And the tug she felt from the deep, natural suction of her uniquely long, inner space, was addicting to her. Penny had never felt anything as physically satisfying, as sex in her gorgon form.

As she kept pulling and pushing, the feeling within her became more and more enticing with every move. Soon her whole body was rigid, with the rising tension of a unique orgasm, that only her gorgon body could have. She pumped Gumball back and forth, her inner muscles gripping him tightly and moving less with every push and pull. She could feel his penis, rubbing every single part of her silky snare, as it seized into a supple, vice grip. “Hah, humm, hah!” She pushed and pulled her boyfriend as hard and as fast as she could, every single movement sending a slight shiver through her rigid form.

“Mmm! Hmm!” Gumball moaned in tortuous ecstasy, muffled by her breasts.

“HUHHH!” Penny let out a rolling roar, as the tension in her whole body, seemingly exploded inward into her intimate space.

“Hah!” Gumball yelped as her tail rammed him in, pinning him against her with a dangerously tight grip.

“Gahh! Ughhh! Fuhh!” Penny wailed in tumultuous pleasure, her whole body dead stiff, as her inner muscles rippled violently against her lover’s shaft, milking him forcefully.

“Ohh, Penny, DAMN!” Gumball panted in fear, worried about the intense pull he was feeling on his member.

“Ohhh! Hooo! Nmmm!” Penny panted desperately as the her orgasm began to slow and change. As the pulsing of her muscles slowed, the spasmodic sensation started to ripple quickly outward, through the rest of her body. “Wahh! Huhhh! Guhhh!” She began to tremble uncontrollably as the sensation spread through her, like ripples spreading through a pound. “Hmm! Hmmm! Mhhh!” She huffed heavily as the sensations began to fade. “Oooh, oooh, whooo...” She cooed, sounding weak. Just like a pond, the ripples faded away, along with her body’s tremor like movements. Finally she was quiet and at rest.

Oh, thank God! Gumball thought, as her tail released his sore legs. I thought she was gonna kill me... He sighed a deep breath and pushed himself upright, straddling her tail. He was exhausted, his member felt sore and his back and arms were painfully stiff. At that moment, he didn’t even care if he hadn’t finished yet. All he wanted to do was pull out and lie down. He looked down and put his hands on her waist, but just then, Penny’s burning red hand grabbed his wrist with frightening strength. He looked up at her, frozen with fear.

Penny looked exhausted as she lay there, looking at him with a dull glare. “Cum in me.” She issued a lazy command, the anger still in her eyes, the fire still raging within her.

He puffed himself up, gathering what was left of his strength. “Yeah.” He huffed in defiance of his own fatigue. He was willing to go on until he passed out, if it meant Penny would be okay. Now that his short legs were free and he was straddling her tail, his feet were barely touching the bed. He held on to her smooth waist as best as he could and raised himself onto his toes, into an uncomfortable but workable position. He began moving his hips back and forth, thrusting fairly deep with every move.

“Aughh, mumm...” Penny huffed and squirmed uncomfortably with every move, her body too sensitive to enjoy his deep probing, of her now overly delicate lining.

Gumball focused on how nice it felt to rub his balls on her luxuriously smooth and supple scales. Since she had finished, Penny’s inner space felt mild and as gentle as a cloud, her muscles barely moving at all. He relaxed as best as he could and focused on every sensation on and around his groin, felling the tension in his pointed penis growing with every thrust.

“Cum for me!” Penny huffed, as she dug her claws into his bedding one more time. The command was perfect timing on her part.

“Ohhh... Haaa...” Gumball panted lightly, as a deep yet mild orgasm, finally reached him. It wasn’t very intense, but it was full and long lasting. “Haaa...” He felt each deep pulse, releasing strand after thick strand of his hot semen. He enjoyed feeling the thickening coat of semen, that he was spreading along Penny’s hot inner tunnel, with every thrust.

“Yesss!” Penny hissed with a sigh of relief, as she finally received what she was waiting for.

“Hahhh. Ummm.” Gumball groaned gently as he continued to push with every pulse. “Hahh, umm.” He pushed himself as deep as he could with his final thrusts, wanting to leave her with everything he had. “Hahhh...” He sighed, at the complete limit of his body’s strength.

Penny looked equally tired, staring blankly at the bunk above with an arm draped over her forehead. “Ohhh...” She moaned dully.

“Penny.” He called for her attention gently. “I love you.” He said with a tired smile, gazing into her eyes.

She huffed, looking at him desperately, her wild flaming passion, finally tamed down to a loving burn. “...I love you.” In that moment her head fell back as if she was passing out. The dull red glow of her body, shifting from red to gold as she shifted from large to small, in a quick, wispy transformation.

Gumball caught a glimpse of his precious fairy, as he dropped down onto the now smaller Penny. He ended up falling face first onto her golden belly. “Hmmm...” He sighed in relief, knowing the worst was behind them. He hugged her waist and gave her belly a dozen little kisses.

“Oh gumball...” Penny sighed after a moment, feeling guilty for everything she had put him through. “I’m, so, sorry...” She huffed sweetly. “Every time I come over, I make a scene.”

“No you don’t...” Gumball assured her gently, as he cuddled with her belly.

“I don’t even know why I did this!” She whined. “Ohhh! What was I thinking?! I ripped up your bed!”

“I wanted a new bed anyway, now I have a good excuse.”

“And all those filthy things I said! Gumball, I didn’t mean to say any of those horrible things! I don’t know why I was talking like that, it just came out of me!”

“I know you don’t talk like that.” He said, wishing she would talk dirty once in a while.

“Ohhh! Your family probably heard everything!” She huffed in embarrassment.

“They didn’t hear a thing.” He assured calmly.

“I yelled at your mom and your brother and your sister, they probably hate me now!”

“They love you, almost as much as I do. They know you’re a special girl and you’ll never hear them complain about you.” He said honestly, knowing any complaint they had, would be launched at him, the moment she was gone. He crawled over and laid down right beside her.

“Oh Gumball, don’t make excuses for me...” His sweet golden fairy huffed with puppy eyes.

He put his arm around her and pulled her close, she rested on his chest looking up at him. “Penny.” He said looking down at her with loving eyes. “Tell me about your day.”

“Oh, Gumball!” She whined with guilt ridden love. Even after all her torment, he was still worried about her.

He held her tightly. “I wanna know.”

She took a moment to compose herself. “It all seems so petty now.” She told him calmly. “I don’t know. Today I felt so alone. I know I have you, I have my friends and my family, but sometimes I just feel like I’m alone. So today I came home as a wolf, then I ended up arguing with my dad about not controlling how I felt. Then later, when I was in my room, I saw the moon out and I just wanted to howl at it.” She said lost in reflection.

“I mean, some nights you just feel like howling at the moon, you know?” Penny told him, just before she realized how stupid it sounded.

“I feel that way all the time.” He said casually.

She pushed herself up, looking at him unimpressed, feeling like he was mocking her. “And just when do, you, feel like that?”

He caressed her cheek with a smile. “Whenever I spend a day without you.”

She pouted lovingly at his sappy reply, wearing an annoyed smile. For a brief moment, she had a ruby glow on her cheeks and a hungry look in her eyes. “Hmm-hmm-hmm!” She giggled sweetly, gave him a kiss and laid back down on him. “Hmmm... I love you so much...”

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