Hundred Acre Flood

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Author's Note:  This story takes place in the universe of "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh", not sure about how the mechanics Pooh's friends work in the show as to whether or not they are real. In this story they are real and can interact with the world, but only Christopher can see and hear them, also he can visit the Hundred-Acre Wood just by imagining it. 

Author's Note 2: Had to delete a review from some loser who called this story and fetish "disgusting"(you do realize this is a website for adults right troll?) just a heads up for anyone else who wants to try to be clever and get all moralistic on here with your reviews for this story and any of my other stories-don't, your review will get deleted and nobody will give a shit about you or your pathetic pearl-clutching nonsense.  Fetishes exist, deal with it, there's plenty of stories on here with fetishes that aren't my thing at all but you don't see me going around and leaving negative reviews on those stories like a butthurt moron just because i'm not into them, so grow up, get a life and take your inane and incessant whining somewhere else.

Chapter 1

Christopher Robin was a fresh-faced 12-year old boy who often had many adventures with his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. He would often visit the world of his furry friends and they would visit his, they had a lot of fun together. Even as he was growing older and many of his human friends had left behind their toys in favor of video games and trading cards, he still held onto his furry friends, not really caring what other kids at his school or in the neighborhood thought of him. Fortunately his mom didn't judge him for it, so long as he did his chores and homework when he was supposed to and stayed out of trouble she didn't mind him still playing with his friends. Today however was going to be his most interesting adventure yet.

Today was the big day, opening day for the big new summer action blockbuster movie. All of Christopher's friends were excited to see it, even Piglett who used to be scared of movies had gotten into them, especially action ones. This one was based on a popular comic book that Christopher had gotten into since he hit puberty, lots of explosions and fistfights and plenty of eye-candy in terms of female sidekicks and villainesses, lately he'd realized how pretty the female form was and he'd found his penis getting stiff whenever he saw a pretty girl/lady, but he didn't yet know what it meant, he knew it had something to do with masturbation but he was much too shy to ask someone about that. At any rate he was looking forward to this event.

It was a hot day in June in Christopher's small midwest town, so he was dressed light in a lightweight white t-shirt and his favorite shorts-a pair of blue polyster gym shorts that he wore every chance he got as soon as it got warm enough. He just loved the feel of the fabric against his legs. It being a hot day Christopher made sure to get an extra-large soda at the theater, Rabbit being the responsible one of course pointed out to him that soda would only make him more thirsty so he'd made sure to bring large water bottles for everyone so they wouldn't get dehydrated.

Christopher also got a large popcorn, Pooh got his honey-crunch bars, Piglet got milk-duds, Rabbit got chocolate-covered raisins, Tigger got some hot dogs. As they all settled into their seats and the previews started up, Christopher Robin became aware of a twinge in his bladder, he'd been so excited for the film he'd forgotten to use the toilet before he left the house. Something his mom usually nagged him to do, but after finishing his large bowl of cereal and large glass of orange juice he'd left in such a rush she hadn't had a chance to remind him today. He debated getting up and using the toilet but the preview looked so cool that he couldn't resist watching it, besides it was only a mild urge and he was getting to be a big boy now, surely he could hold it right? That's what his teachers in class were usually telling him to do if he asked to go more then twice in one day, so he was trying to make less trips to the bathroom if he could help it. He'd had a few close calls but nothing he couldn't handle. Whenever he was watching cartoons he would only go during commercials breaks, though sometimes not even then if a particularly engaging commercial caught his eye. Today though he was determined not to miss a minute of the film or the preview, the 2 and a half hour run-time was a little intimidating to him but he was determined to be a big boy and hold it in even though he hadn't relieved himself since his morning pee.

As the previews rolled on Christopher was munching on his popcorn and taking long sips from his delicious soda, Rabbit handed him a bottle of water and Christopher took a drink from that as well. Finally after 20 minutes of previews and movie trivia and whatnot the film had started and Christopher was so engaged he'd forgotten all about his urge to pee. About an hour though Christopher Robin's bladder made it's presence known when he saw a scene of the hero in a secret waterfall lair, all of that water rushing down made his bladder throb and made him squirm uncomfortably, the urge was definitely stronger now, not at critical levels yet but getting there. By this point Christopher had drained his soda and was working his way through his water bottle, he knew he shouln't drink so much but he was still incredibly thirsty from all of that salty popcorn and soda and he was pretty sure he could handle his bladder and he was in no mood to get up and miss even a second of this thrilling movie. His friends were likewise too engrossed themselves to notice his squirming, even if they did they wouldn't have picked up what was going on as they weren't like animals in the real world in that they did not have normal bodily functions. They could eat and drink as much as they wanted without consequence, something Christopher was somewhat jealous of. Anyways none of them knew about bodily-waste functions and Christopher wasn't really in a hurry to tell them about it, figuring it was something they didn't need to know about the real world and probably wouldn't want to know anyways.

By the 2 hour mark Christopher Robin's bladder was screaming for attention, he was really crossing his legs tightly now and sweating from the exertion of holding in his urine, which had only made him more thristy, his popcorn and water bottle were gone by now and even in his desperate state he'd still finished off Piglet's soda and water bottle after the little guy had offered it to him, he was always so kind and giving. The film was too good for Christopher to even think about getting up now, just another half and hour and he could take a nice relieving piss in the bathroom.

Finally the film had ended and Christopher Robin's poor stretched bladder was absolutely bursting by this point, more desperate then he'd ever been in his entire young life, normally he would've raced out of there as soon as the credits started rolling, but he'd heard there were bonus scenes in this film in the mid-credits and after the credits, so he stuck around against his better judgement. After it was over he finally walked outside into the lobby heading towards the bathroom hoping to relieve his poor aching bladder, but to his horror he saw a long line towards both bathrooms, it would take ages for him to get to the front at this rate, no way he would last that long and going to another building and trying to use their bathroom was too much of a wildcard. No there was only one option if Christopher Robin wanted to relieve himself without soaking his shorts-the Hundred Acre Wood.

This was going to be awkward as Christopher Robin had always made it a point to never go the bathroom in his friends world as he didn't want to weird them out with his human bodily functions, they were too innocent for that. But they were going to find out if he soaked his shorts in front of them, even if they would be understanding of him, it would still be embarassing and he wasn't eager for them to find out like that. So he really had no choice in the matter, he would have to relieve himself somewhere in the woods without his friends seeing him do so. They tended to stick close to him whenever he visited though so that would be far easier said then done. Christopher closed his eyes and imagined their world and soon found himself and his friends back in their home-world, they were all talking about the film with enthusiasm, though Tigger and Rabbit were curious about where Christopher had been in a such a hurry to get into "where were ya in such a rush to get to buddy boy" Tigger asked inquisitively, "yes you looked like you were in quite a frantic state" Rabbit remarked in agreement. "Oh nothing important" Christopher responded quickly, "so who's up for a swim?" he asked eager to deflect this conversation away from them finding out about his bodily functions and his dying need to urinate. A swim would be the easiest way for him to relieve himself without anyone finding out and in this heat it sounded nice, unfortunately Rabbit rained on his parade by asking Christopher to help him out with some chores first, to which he agreed, hoping it wouldn't taking too long.

Uunfortunately luck was not on his side, as Rabbit wanted Christopher to water all of his plants outside, the water sloshing around in the watering can reminded him of the liters of urine sloshing around in his own bladder and threatening to explode out at any moment, he was far beyond his limits now, every step was like a struggle, he'd thought about going into Rabbit's garden and urinating when Rabbit wasn't looking, but he was worried about ruining Rabbit's vegetables and he'd seen how little tolerance Rabbit had for people messing around with his garden and he wasn't eager to risk that. Finally he finished and rushed inside Rabbit's house into the bathroom only to find no toilet, "of couse he didn't have one, he has no bodily fuctions" Christopher mentally slapped himself, normally he would've gone in the tub or the sink, but the tub was filled with vegetables and the sink was all-clogged up, there would be no relief for him here. By now he was holding his crotch like his life depended on it, he could barely move, it looked like this would be it for him when Rabbit asked him what was wrong, as much as he didn't want to bring Rabbit into this he had no choice. So Christopher Robin told Rabbit as quickly as he could about the human bodily function of urinating, to which Rabbit quickly produced on empty wash-basin and moved it into his bathroom, not even bothering to close the door Christopher Robin hurriedly yanked down his shorts and underwear just as a massive jet of piss exploded out of the tip of his penis, to say it was the greatest feeling of relief he'd ever felt in his life was a huge understatement, his long pee seemed to go on for ages, minutes at a time, he'd definitely felt like he was breaking a world record for sure, he moaned inhmanely at how good it felt to finally expel his urine, on and on it went until his stream finally trickled off. He almost collapsed to the floor in relief and shivered with how good it felt to finally be empty at last, he then felt his penis twitch and get hard all of a sudden, usually this only happened when he saw pretty girls but now it was happening without them.

Out of curiosity Christopher Robin stroked his penis gently and it felt like a bolt of lightning had hit him, he used some honey as lubricant and he felt the pleasure grow more and more until he finally had his first ever orgasm and shot loads of white stuff out of his penis into the trash can. So this was what masturbation was He quickly washed his hands to hide the evidence, Rabbit knowing about him going to the bathroom was one thing, but masturbating was quite another and he wasn't eager to open up that can of worms if he could help it. He pulled his underwear and shorts back on and shivered with delight at how good his shorts felt against his skin. Rabbit asked him if he was feeling better and then said that next time Christopher should tell the group if he needs to pee, but agreed to keep this incident between themselves. Christopher couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous his own predicament had been, but at the same time he also couldn't help but admit to himself that he'd secretly liked the feeling of a bursting bladder and was thinking about filling himself up again and this time wetting his shorts on purpose to see how it felt.


Chapter 2

It was a lazy sunny day on sunday with not much to do, Christopher Robin couldn't stop thinking about that time a couple of days ago that he'd nearly pissed his shorts and how good holding his pee had felt. Since today was a pretty boring day he saw it was a perfect chance to finally give into his urges and try holding his pee for as long as he could until he soaked his favorite pair of gym shorts. He got a large pitcher of lemonade and several glasses of water in his room and started drinking while reading his comics, soon his bladder started filling up and he shivered at how good the feeling was combined with his polyster shorts caressing his skin.

Soon he'd finished all of his liquids and he was really desperate, he then got a crazy idea and decided to go to the Hundred-Acre Wood while desperate, normally he would never consider it but he was feeling daring today. Once he arrived there he headed over to Rabbits house for some tea and cookies, trying his best to conceal his growing desperation, Christopher Robin downed several cups of tea squirming as he felt the liquid rushing into his bladder, oh it hurt so good. He left before Rabbit could ask him if he'd relieved himself yet and went to hang out with the others, he swung with Piglet feeling his bursting bladder whimper for relief, bounced with Tigger on his pogo stick with very jolt making him wince. He also went up to Owl's House for more tea, stretching his already exploding bladder, then went to Kanga's house for still more tea, his bladder was swelling up like a balloon now. Even at the movie theater he'd never pushed himself this hard before, he could barely move at this point and was starting to feel pee leaking into his boxer shorts. But he had one last friend to visit- Eeyore, he slowly walked over to Eeyore's place with his hands firmly jammed in his crotch, he knew he was about to explode and his heart was pounding furiously with excitement. He talked with Eeyore and did some cloud painting, though he ended up painting a gigantic toilet that made a loud flushing sound, he then had to rush off behind the bushes as he felt his last ounce of control slip with pee shooting out of his penis like a firehose and drenching his shorts and boxers as he lost control of his bladder he stroked his shaft through his sodden shorts and boxers and suddenly felt an even more explosive orgasm emanate from him, it felt like his brain was fried as his orgasm and his expulsion of urine became one and both went on for several minutes until he was finaly completely drained, he collapsed into his own massive puddle moaning with relief at how good it felt, he then jumped in the lake for a swim to cover up his massive wetting. This was by far the most fun experience he'd ever had in his life, he was definitely going to be doing this again.

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