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A boy looked at his completed homework and checked his watch. Only 4 minutes and 34 seconds have passed since he started. Math was a subject that he had a bit of trouble with, humanities were more of his forte. Multiplication in particular has given him trouble, in this young boy’s mind the simple equation of 7x4 was 2^3x7 and 10x8 was 2^4x5. He learned his time tables using prime factorizations due to his mother's home lessons, which has caused him some trouble lately with Miss Pingrey. He was a bit of a stickler when it comes to things taught to him by his mother, and had trouble unlearning things that he has grown comfortable with. 

Yet, fractions have proved to be a very easy thing for him to wrap his head around.

Perhaps a bit too easy.

He quickly withdrew a spare spiral notebook from his desk and double checked his work, this time utilizing a calculator. In most cases he was supposed to let one of his parents check his work, but the idea of getting something wrong and having to stare at the glare of his mother's glasses or the patient smirk of his father was too much of a threat to his 8 year old ego.

His work was sound. With a satisfied nod and a flourish of his mechanical pencil Hugh Jr. wrote his name down on his math homework and secured it in his lime green homework folder. Hugh then collected his various pens and agendas to sort them into his Sprocket Cat branded backpack. 

With a satisfied nod he got up from his desk and placed his backpack upon a hook placed to the left of his bedroom door.

His homework was now done and he has- he quickly checked his watch, 2 hours and 43 minutes of Leisure Time for the sake of Personal Enrichment before dinner. 

Hugh inspected his room.

It was the end of the school week. A Friday. This is the day in which Hugh spends his Leisure Time picking up after himself, sorting out the contents of his room, and cataloging the week’s events in his notebook. 

He quickly collected his dirty sheets off of his bed and replaced them with crisp new ones. These made from an almost velvety soft jersey material, his old sheets were adorned with a geometric purple and green pattern. These new sheets are leopard print. He recalled his parents sharing giggles behind his back as he picked these sheets out at the department store, he scratched his head at the memory. He wasn't entirely sure what was so humorous about the sheets. The leopard is a very serious animal that, according to his Aunt Lana, can reach top speeds of 36 miles per hour.

Despite Hugh’s propensity to keep a routine schedule, he very much enjoyed adding variety to his everyday life. Even something as simple as changing a bedsheet can make the monotony of suburban life into something magical.

After carefully making his bed he shoved his dirty sheets into his dirty clothes hamper and took a look at the waste bin that sat next to his burnished stainless steel drafting desk. Discarded papers from his notebooks and handouts filled the small wicker bin to the brim. With a smile he mused to himself that if he cleaned up his room too much he wouldn't want to mess it up by playing in it. 

What an absurd thought! 

Hugh Jr. let out a single silent chuckle through his nose.

After that moment of absurd observational humor, Hugh quickly tied the plastic liner up and tossed it above his laundry hamper and opened his door. 

Only to be met with the sight of his mother mid-knock. 

"Hello, Hugh." His mother adjusted her glasses and gave Hugh a short, but warm, smile.

Hugh slowly set the laundry bin on the floor and gave his mother a nod, adjusting his glasses in sync with his mother.

"I see that you have completed your homework and are working on cleaning your room. This is very good behavior." Lisa gave Hugh Jr. three measured pats on his head and carefully withdrew a small book of stickers from her lab coat pocket. 

After some debate she settled on a single golden star and placed it on his cheek, “Good behavior should be rewarded.” 

She bent down to give her son a quick peck on the cheek over the star, “Now, that one was for me.” 

While her son was distracted with wiping imaginary saliva off of his blushing cheek Lisa went to go pick up the laundry bin at her feet, “Allow me to take this off of your hands so that you may enjoy your Leisure Time to the fullest.” 

Hugh Jr. opened his mouth to protest, his mother had much more important things to do than wash her son’s dirty underwear. Also, he doesn’t really like the hypoallergenic dryer sheets his mom uses. They smell like Grandpa and Grandma’s house.

But before he could say anything, his mother turned around, “Ah yes, I forgot the nature of my visit.” She shot her son a warm smile and mumbled with blushing cheeks, “My apologies, Hughy. My mind is elsewhere…”

Lisa quickly set the bin to her feet and cleared her throat. Hugh Jr. straightened his spine at the sound- this usually meant that his mother had something important to say. Or that her allergies were acting up. 

"This weekend your father and I are going on a vacation for our 9th anniversary. As you are well aware, this is a very important moment in any relationship." 

Hugh blinked. He was not actually aware that the 9th anniversary of a relationship was so important. He decided to nod anyway and file this information for future study. 

His mother flashed him a smile and knelt down to speak at him at eye-level. 

"Under normal circumstances we would bring you with us, but-" Hugh watched as his mother's cheeks turned even more rosy and her smile turned a bit tight, "your father and I both agree that you are old enough to watch after your younger sister-" 

Hugh Jr. gave a quick nod and opened his mouth, only for his mother to cut him off.

"While under supervision of course…" Lisa couldn't help but smile as she saw the faint flash of resolve grace her only son's face. 

"I understand that you may think you are old enough to supervise yourself, but Lulu is still a toddler. And with that comes the added element of responsibility-" 

Lisa quickly took off Hugh's glasses and smiled as she cleaned them with a handkerchief she withdrew from her labcoat, "Responsibility that I know you do possess, if necessary. But not a… burden that I would place upon your shoulders alone, if I can help it."

Hugh's mother placed his glasses back over his eyes and she continued, "Your eyes are just like your father's, I understand that this is the nature of genetics- but even the most logical things can turn out beautiful." 

Lisa gave her son a short hug and let out a single laugh.

Hugh wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that last comment, but before he could sort out his emotions his Mother got back up and started to crack her back. 

"Oof- excuse me. Do not get old, Junior." Lisa grumbled before picking up the laundry bin with a wink.

"Your cousin Lupa will be arriving in about 20 minutes. I suggest you shower and make yourself presentable. She will be watching you and your sister this weekend, you can reach us via telephone. Feel free to send a text if you are lonely.” Lisa droned on, “Do you have any questions or comments?” 

Hugh blinked. 

“Er, yes…” His voice was a bit hoarse, talking to his mother kind of puts him on edge sometimes, he quickly cleared his throat. 

“Cousin Lupa?” He raised an eyebrow, “This is not a complaint, as I greatly enjoy Cousin Lupa’s company, but wouldn’t Marcy be the more logical choice as she already has prior experience with Lulu’s various…” 

Hugh frowned, “Idiosyncrasies?” 

“Greatly enjoy, huh?” Lisa hummed to herself with a smile, she let out a small chuckle to the confused boy before answering, “Little Marcy is out this weekend, a Turtle Scout retreat at Dubai.” Lisa smiled as Hugh’s other eyebrow raised to match his already raised eyebrow, “So,

“With Marcy out of commission your father and I had to be a bit enterprising with choosing a babysitter. Your father suggested Lupa as a possible sitter, I had my doubts initially,” Lisa gave Hugh a knowing smile, “In fact, Aunt Lucy thought that she would turn us down without missing a nanosecond. But as soon as Lupa heard that it was you she would be babysitting I heard that she literally jumped up in the air a good 2 feet and yelped that she would take the job.” 

Hugh tilted his head and blushed, “I- I see.” He broke eye contact with his mother to take a deep breath and stare at his shoes, “I suppose I have an agreeable disposition, and probably wouldn’t prove to be that much of a hindrance. Yet, I can’t help but worry that she might grow tired of me. I’m not much of an entertainer, you see…” 

Lisa pat Hugh’s head once, “She’s being paid to ensure you do not burn the house down and go to sleep at an appropriate time. You don’t need to worry about entertaining her in the slightest, but I suppose I can understand your weariness. You are getting at that age…” 

Hugh brought his head up to shoot his mother a confused look, only for Lisa to laugh and turn around to head towards the stairs after giving him another peck on the cheek.

“Now, I suppose you should go get ready for her arrival, Hugh. I will be contacting you after I arrive at the resort via teleporter, and once more before your bedtime.” Lisa spoke over her shoulder and gave her son a final wave, “Remember! You are to default to Lupa’s commands while under her guardianship!” 

Hugh let his mother’s voice ring in his ears a bit before coming to a conclusion over the most likely outcome of having Lupa babysit him and his sister this weekend.

His conclusion was that at the very least his mother has a very expensive house insurance policy.

Hugh Jr. used his ten minute shower as a chance to try and figure out possible contingency plans to counteract anything Lupa might have in mind. 

Knowing his mother, her personal lab in the basement has been locked up. But there is a good chance where Lupa might know the code, since it’s just Lulu’s birthday. Not that there was anything particularly dangerous in there, Hugh doubted that his mother would just leave anything lying about. Especially after that thing last month when Lulu crawled up on the console of the cloning machine and accidentally generated about a dozen copies of Auntie Lily, the cleanup on that particular mess kind of hit his mother hard.

Hugh Jr. quickly put on a fresh change of clothes, a breathable long sleeved green mock turtleneck and soft dark orange corduroy jeans, and threw on his glasses to inspect his reflection in the mirror. After some deliberation he opted to splash on some Broot aftershave on to mask the scent of his floral antiperspirant that he had to use because of his sensitive skin. He wouldn’t want Lupa to make fun of him, or at least tease him for something he can easily rectify. 

The boy then decided to go find Lulu and let her know about Lupa’s arrival, if she wasn’t made aware already. 

Luckily he found her in the downstairs living room, usually Lulu was harder to sniff out whenever Hugh was present. He supposed she likened it to a game, but kind of wished she would at least keep it to a one mile radius from the household. 

Lulu sat atop her plastic booster seat on the large L shaped velvet green couch, idly scribbling in a coloring book while the exceptionally large holographic television set silently played cartoons with the subtitles on. Hugh opted to sit in front of her on the glass coffee table. 

He decided to make small talk before breaking the news, “Would you mind if I took a look at your drawing?” 

Lulu didn’t break eye contact with her paper and gave her pacifier a single suckle. 

Hugh gave a tight smile and leaned over to take a look.

“Ah. I see.” 

The coloring book page detailed an outline of a princess atop a tower and a brave knight at the base holding a ladder. Lulu has opted to give the princess a green dress, glasses, and short brown hair. The knight had white hair and his armor was s black and was adorned with what looked like golden yellow filigree. 

Hugh nodded at his sister as she lazily filled in the sky with light blue crayon, “I see Mother has told you the news. Lupa is to be watching us this weekend.” 

Lulu blinked and set her utensil to the side and slowly looked up at her brother. 

“I am not going to ask you to act on your best behavior or anything untoward like that.” Hugh gave a soft smile as Lulu tilted her head in response, “You are only a baby, Lulu. It’s okay for you to act up every once in a while. I just want you to know that if you miss mother I can always help you with the phone if you would like to talk to her. I can only imagine how scary it must be without her.”

Lulu slowly reached her hand out in a listless motion, Hugh softly wrapped his hand over hers and gave it a gentle pat. 

“Worry not, little sis,” Hugh flashed his sister an uneasy smile, “I know you’re much used to Marcy, but I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with cousin Lupa!”

Lulu rocked in her seat and spat out her pacifier onto the plastic tray in front of her. 

Hugh got up from the table and gave Lulu a quick nod, “Right- I’ll go get you a bottle…” 

Hugh could have sworn that he heard a tiny giggle as he went out to the kitchen, but when he peeked back into the living room he saw Lulu staring blankly at the now loud television set. He took off his glasses and scratched the back of his head with them as he opened up the fridge. 

To his surprise there was a weekend’s supply of milk already packaged in bottles in the top shelf of the fridge. Unfortunately the top shelf is just a tad too high for Hugh Jr. to reach, so he had to drag over a kitchen chair to snag a bottle. He made sure to maintain three points of contact with the chair as per OSHA guidelines, but his concentration faltered as he spotted a lone bottle in the back corner of the fridge with a sticky note affixed to the front. Adjusting his glasses, Hugh Jr. read the cursive handwriting: 

“For Daddy <3” 

Hugh Jr. quickly grabbed any bottle other than that one and closed the fridge. 

His movements were almost robotic and when he regained his senses he found himself handing the nippled bottle off to his sister who greedily took it off of his hands. 

He watched her for a moment and idly checked his watch, “Hmm. I suppose Lupa must have some trouble with her commute. I hope she’s saf-“ 

Lulu set her bottle down on her Lil Froggy tablet and the channel on the television changed to an array of security camera feeds.

Hugh took a closer look at the topographic satellite map of the house and noticed three pips on the premises, 2 of them in the living room and one outside in the backyard. A white haired middle school girl sat crouched behind the stainless steel backyard grill in the gazebo. She seemed to be having trouble with something, or at least that’s what the muffled curses indicated.

“I suppose I should go check on her,” Hugh turned back to Lulu, “Are you comfortable here, or would you like me to bring you along?” 

Lulu simply turned the page of her coloring book and started doodling again.

“Understood,” he gave her a curt nod before exiting towards the back door, “I’ll leave you to it then.”

Hugh quietly made his way outside the house and took a breath of fresh air, in all honesty having a break from Marcy was probably a good thing. She had a tendency to be a bit much whenever she had to babysit the two of them, forcing the two of them to rewatch Princess Pony movies and other classic hits from her childhood. In all honesty, Hugh wasn’t really that big of a fan of Marcy’s taste in cinematography. But she agreed to let him choose the next movie, so hopefully she’s a fan of Westley Snopes and Urban American crime dramas. 

He froze in front of the pool on his way to the gazebo. His mother installed it a month ago as a part of the whole “cloning debacle” thing, and no member of his household has taken a dip besides his father and Lulu. Probably because of what was mixed in with the concrete.

“God damn fucking cocksucking lighter…”

Hugh calmly made his way to Lupa as she tried in vain to get a plastic lighter to draw a flame. She held a dog-eared cigarette that drooped sadly in between her index and middle finger and cursed with the filter in her lips. 

“FUCKING LIGHT ALREADY!” Lupa’s voice caused Hugh’s ears to ring.

He knew that she probably shouldn’t be smoking, but the package of cigarettes between her legs read “Healthy Henry’s Herbal Cigarellos”. So he figured that she probably wasn’t going to cause any undue problems with her ongoing brain development, just maybe irreversible damage to her lungs. 

Which is way more easy to fix, so long as you don’t ask where the lungs come from. 

Hugh made his way to the gazebo and reached to the side cabinet underneath the granite topped cooking countertop that flanked the grill to retrieve a long charcoal lighter. 

“Whoa, shit!” Lupa jumped up in the air and hid the cigarette in her hoodie pocket when she finally noticed Hugh standing in front of her, “God damn it, Hugh! Don’t fucking sneak up on me like that!” She gripped her heart and took a deep breath, “I coulda fucking KILLED you! What if I had my knife on me or something?” 

“I promise to be more careful going forward,” Hugh Jr. gave her a tight smile, “I apologize.” 

“Yeah, what the fuck ever.” Lupa rolled her eyes and growled in an attempt to sound threatening, “You didn’t fucking see anything, by the way.” 

“See what?” Hugh tilted his head. 

Lupa opened her mouth only to realize that he was handing off a lighter to him, “Oh, shit! Does that thing work?” 

Hugh isn’t really supposed to be messing with any open flames unless his mom was around to oversee things, but since Lupa was in charge he supposed everything should be fine. With a click he pulled down the trigger and an orange flame erupted from the tip of the lighter. 

“It seems to be in working order.” Hugh adjusted his glasses with his free hand and his eyes lingered on the flame. 

“Ah, what a little gentleman…” Lupa gave a little scoff as she withdrew the cigarette from her pocket and puffed on it with the end of Hugh’s spout. 

Hugh's concentration went from the orange flame to Lupa's lips, but he realized what he was doing. Using all the willpower he could muster he wrenched his eyes away and stared at his shoes.

“That’s the fuckin’ shiiiii-“ Lupa started coughing up a storm as started hammering her chest as she wheezed out little breaths. 

Hugh took the moment to read the cigarettes packaging while Lupa was doubled over, no tobacco or any mind altering substances. Just an assortment of dried tea leaves and lavender. Hugh nodded to himself as he opened up the package and took a sniff, it was quite pleasant. 

“Whew, this stuff is pretty ding damn good…” 

Hugh looked over to find Lupa sitting on top of one of the rattan chairs and took a seat beside her, still holding the package in his hands.

“You wanna hit?” Lupa shot Hugh Jr. a sly smirk as she held the cigarette in front of Hugh’s face, her voice dropped to a whisper, “It’s, like, fucking HERB, so don’t be a narc or whatever.” 

“Er, I think you might be misunderstanding something.” Hugh shook his head and gave a tight smile to Lupa’s arched eyebrow, “But I suppose that’s the nature of the deceptive packaging, you see, that cigarette doesn’t actually hav-“ 

“Listen, poindexter,” Lupa sighed and rolled her eyes as she reclined back into her seat as she puffed her cigarette, “You wanna be a chicken, go ahead. But don’t go on with all those big fucking words and make up a bunch of excuses, chicks will just think you’re even more of a pussy…” 

Hugh felt as though there has been a misunderstanding somewhere down the line. But instead of trying to better explain himself he opted to make a joke of his own.

“I have been told that you are what you eat.” Hugh gave Lupa a sly smile of his own as he slipped the package of cigarettes into Lupa’s hand.

“I-is that so?” Lupa stuttered out as her cheeks grew red. 

“Yes.” Hugh’s smile grew wider, “We had chicken parmesan for dinner last night! Haha!”

“Hahaha… ha…” Lupa’s face grew even more red, “Ch-chicken. R-right.” 

Hugh smiled, it wasn’t very often that he got a laugh from one of his jokes! He was feeling very confident at the moment, and decided to bounce off of Lupa’s lead. 

“Ah, yes, chicken! Not feline!” Hugh gave a small chuckle through his nose and whimsically reclined on the chair with his hands tucked behind his hair, “Though I suppose I may have to change my dietary choices if you decide to put cat on the menu, or as you call it: Pussy!” 

“Haha. Ha.” Lupa laughed through gritted teeth as she shifted her skirt uncomfortably. 

Hugh was a bit too enthused to notice Lupa’s discomfort, “Though I suppose it might be a bit hard for you to procure such a culturally taboo ingredient!” A jovial Hugh gave Lupa a bump on her arm with his elbow and shot her a wink, “But you always were the enterprising sort, Lupa! I’m sure it would be quite delicious!” 

“A-are you um…” Lupa turned her face to the side and took an exceptionally long pull from her cigarette, her voice sounded oddly vulnerable to Hugh, “Being serious?” 

Hugh’s laughter stopped. It seems as though he let his humor get the better of him and has possibly pushed Lupa into a corner. 

“Er, not precisely, Lupa. I was not expecting you to serve me a dish like that, and just assumed that you were joking-“ Hugh quickly caught himself and backpedaled, “But I am assuredly not joking when I say that I would appreciate any dish, poultry or feline! I stand by my admission that either would be scrumptious! I don’t really have a place to choose, beggars can’t be choosers and all that.” 

After an awkward silence Hugh saw Lupa’s head give a tiny nod. 

“Let’s just take it slow, Hugh. I like you and all but, um…” Lupa turned over to reveal a ruby red face, “Jesus, I haven’t even gone to second base with a boy yet…” 

Hugh adjusted his glasses and wasn’t entirely sure how the conversation got to the current topic, he didn’t really peg Lupa as the sporting type, “Er, gym class was never really my forte. I’m not exactly keen with the ins and outs of baseball. But I suppose you can teach me some pointers over the weekend.” 

Lupa closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them, “Right. Uh, I guess we have the whole weekend to figure shit out… Like rules and stuff…”

Hugh Jr. stared into Lupa's eyes and felt his own face warm up. 

"Er, of course. I-" Hugh gripped the knees of his pants and it was his turn to look away, "I don't really have a whole lot of experience with… exercise. But if this is something you feel passionate about then I would like to learn anything you have to teach about the subject. I very much do enjoy your company, Lupa…" 

Hugh Jr. cringed at the admission and shut his eyes tight, but continued giving her ammo to use against his ego anyways, "I want to learn more about you, and spend time with you. I don't really mind what activity you had in mind, I just think you are very… neato."

"Neato?" Lupa let out a snort through her nose and found herself letting out an almost silent sigh of relief, "Holy hell, you're a fucking dork. Just like dad…" 

The boy could only wordlessly nod in response. Lupa slowly reached over and gave his brown hair a stroke, her fingertips ran across his scalp and caused his neurons to fire out in waves of endorphins. 

"I like-like you too, Hugh." Her voice rang out in his head like a bell and he heard her slip from the chair and walk off, "I'm gonna check on Lulu. Make sure that little brat isn't downing draino or something." 

When Hugh Jr. opened his eyes he saw Lupa casually toss the still lit cigarette into the pool, the sizzling of the butt faintly heard underneath the rustling of trees and the distant tinging of windchimes. The gentle rolling breeze unsettled her white locks and made her skirt ripple with the breeze. He saw her stop for a moment and fix her hair in the reflection of the sliding glass door that led into the kitchen. 

She entered the house, but the image of her back was still burned into his memory. 

He shook his head in an attempt to regain his composure, but to his dismay he could only think of one thing. His body moved, purely by instinct, and he went over to grip a blue pool cleaning net. 

His phone rang and he fished it out from his pocket.

"Hello, mother. I hope your trip was without issue." 

"Heya, Hughy! Ha! Sorry for not being your mom! But I can put her on the cell if you'd like!" His father's voice rang out through the receiver. 

Hugh's face burned at the social faux pas and concentrated harder as he fished out the cigarette butt from the pool, "Er, I apologize, Father. No, just send my regards to her." 

"No problamo, kiddo!" Hugh heard his father cover up the receiver, but despite the muffled speech he could distinctly hear the decibel spiking voice of his father shake the phone in his hands, "HEY, LIS'. HUGH SAYS THAT HE LOVES YOU A BUNCH AND THAT HE HOPES WE HAVE A FUN TRIP!"

Hugh Jr. brought the dripping net over to the trash can that sat next to the gate that led to the front lawn, he disposed of the butt while he waited for his dad to return to the conversation. 

"She says that she loves you a whole lot too and hopes that you three all have a fun weekend together." There was an unmistakable warmth to his father's voice, "And I sure hope you three do too! Just, uh, haha…" 

"Yes, Father?" Hugh asked. 

"Er, just be a bit patient with Lupa. I know the two of you get along pretty ding dang well, but sometimes Loud girls get a bit…" Hugh heard a short exhale of air through the speakers, "Squirrelly when you get them in certain… situations. Just, um. If you feel uncomfortable with something you can always say no…" 

Hugh closed the trash cans lid and thought a bit before replying, "Right. Well, you can rest assured that I trust Cousin Lupa not to make me feel uncomfortable. It takes a bit for things to rattle me, and I'm quite used to her teasing as of late." 

"Yup, that sounds about right…" His father sighed, "Just. Be careful and don't treat her like she's always joking around, you might get yourself in trouble." 

"I see, she did mention something about me being serious earlier…" Hugh moved his jaw around in contemplation and decided to ask a question, "What does it mean to like-like someone? Cousin Lupa said she like-liked me. She likes me to the second power, perhaps? Does it have to do with exponents or powers of a degree?" 

"Oh, shi- huh… Well first off, drop the Cousin Lupa thing. Just call her Lupa. And, uh-" His father took a long pause before continuing, "Well, like-liking someone means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. You can always ask her, but- do you like-like Lupa?" 

"How can I feel something towards someone if I do not know what that feeling is?"

"Do you- uh. Does your heart race when she looks at you?" 

"Affirmative. It's quite troubling…" 

"Okay, so you probably do like-like Lupa. But your definition of that might differ from hers. It's probably best for you to find out your own meaning for Ike-liking someone, and then ask Lupa for her definition. And see if those two feelings are compatible- or something." 

"I see…" Hugh hummed to himself and anxiously tapped his foot on the ground. 

"You really are your mother's son… And mine too! Just, uh-" A warm chuckle was heard, "Make sure that you man up and take the actions to back up your words! Constructing plans, figuring out the angles, all that stuff doesn't mean anything if you just sit on your hands." 

"Right," Hugh Jr. nodded to himself, "I've always enjoyed a chance to undertake practical applications of theory." 

"Ha! That's the spirit!" Lincoln Loud let out another speaker-rattling laugh, "You know, at first I was halfway worried about you. But now I feel almost bad for Lupa. Ha! Go get er, Tiger! Love you lots! Oh! And tell Lulu that daddy loves her!" 

"I." Hugh gulped, "I feel as though I understand the context of the situation a bit more. Thank you, Father, and I'll be sure to pass that on to Lulu. I love you too, and hope you have a fun 9 year anniversary." 

"Yup! Nine more months till your birthday! Your mother doesn't really like waiting- er speaking of which I should get back to her…" Lincoln let his voice drop to a solemn timbre, "And a word of advice Hughy?" 


"Make sure you do some stretches beforehand…" 

"Er…" Hugh Jr. scratched his head in confusion, "Will do."

"Good boy! Alright, bye-bye! Love you!" 

The cell phone went silent and Hugh Jr. decided it would be within his best interest to withdraw the heating blanket from the downstairs bathroom. He wasn't entirely sure why he would need it, but figured that he should probably listen to his father's advice.

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