Turning Pink

BY : TheEvilFaery
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Disclaimer: I do not own Turning Red or any associated characters. I make no money from this fiction.

Author's Note: For posterity's sake I suppose I should mention here that this story was actually published a week before the movie came out, using the trailers for reference. So if while reading you feel like the characterization doesn't *quite* ring true to the movie, that would be why. I guess you could just think of it as an AU.


It was Valentine’s Day, and Ming Lee was looking out the window feeling...sulky. She would hate for anyone to know she was thinking of herself that way, but if she was being honest with herself she could definitely tell a good, long sulk was incoming. The snowstorm stubbornly blowing away outside wasn’t really helping her mood, either, just reminding her that she was stuck inside with…

Well, not with her husband. Jin was out of town for a week on business. Ming had already made it clear how unhappy she’d been with that development, but there hadn’t been any help for it. Over the last few years their love life had definitely cooled somewhat and Ming had been looking forward to using the holiday as an excuse to rekindle it, at least a little. So much for that. Ming had a drawer full of...personal aides...to sate that particular urge, but she was really craving the touch of another person, as far as that went.

Besides, she couldn’t even dip into that particular drawer, not with… Ming focused on the snow again and let out a long, huffing sigh. Honestly, under the circumstances, she just wished she could go to her own office, but the storm had basically shut everything down…including...

A sudden blast of poppy music from down the hall made Ming wince. Including the schools. The schools were closed, so Ming and her daughter were stuck in the house together all day and that was a recipe for tension. Ming sighed as she turned away from the window and flopped onto the couch. She was wearing a long, soft, dark green sweater and a pair of warm black woolen leggings, along with her suede, fleece-lined slippers.

She ran her fingers through her hair as the sounds of a boy band continued to assault her senses. Things weren’t going well between Ming and her daughter, Mei. And Ming couldn’t exactly pinpoint when it had started. All her life, Mei had been such a good, obedient, dutiful little girl. It sometimes felt like the two of them were inseparable, and even though Ming wanted her daughter to grow up strong and independent she couldn’t help but enjoy the way her daughter always leaned on her for support and guidance. But lately Ming almost felt like a stranger had taken her daughter’s place. Mei had become so brash and loud and...almost explosive. She chafed at Ming’s presence, always wanting to prove that she didn’t need her mother helping her or hovering over her.

And this sudden bellicose streak couldn’t have come at a worse time. Ming had a bad feeling that the family...peculiarity...was about to erupt once again in her daughter, and it would be so much easier to handle if Mei was a little more...docile.

Suddenly the volume of the music emanating from Mei’s bedroom increased to the point that the generic chorus seemed to rattle the windows, and with a small grunt of frustration Ming stood and strode down the hallway to her daughter’s bedroom. She tried the knob, only to find the door locked. Ming’s mouth hardened into a thin line and she rapped on the door. After several seconds without a response, she pounded on it three times. “Mei!” she snapped loudly.

Finally the music faded down to a more or less tolerable level. “What?” came the peevish response.

“Open this door!”

“Ugggghhh...” with a long suffering, very teenaged groan, Ming heard her daughter walk across the room and turn the latch. She opened the door to find her daughter glaring at her on the other side. “What?” Mei asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Ming drew herself up. “Mei, if we’re going to be stuck in the house all day together, we need to at least try to get along, okay? Please keep the music down.

“Whatever. Can we turn the heat up? It’s freezing in here!”

Ming cast a critical eye over her daughter. The twelve year old was still dressed in her sleeping clothes, a long Maple Leafs t-shirt and a small pair of pink shorts. “You could wear something warmer,” she pointed out, trying hard not to sound too critical.

Apparently she hadn’t tried hard enough, as Mei’s round face hardened and she grumpily pushed her glasses up her nose. “I’m. Comfortable.” she said shortly.

“You’re not comfortable, you’re cold,” Ming replied, eyeing her daughter’s thick, bare thighs. Suddenly, Ming slumped in place a little. She didn’t want to get into a fight. She really didn’t. It was too much, and she was too tired. “Never mind,” she sighed. “I’ll turn the heat up.”

Mei blinked, obviously not expecting the sudden capitulation. “Oh, uh….good. I mean...thanks.” Mei rubbed one arm with her hand awkwardly for a moment. “I’ll um...I won’t play my music so loud,” she said in a much softer tone.

Ming was taken a little aback as well, and felt a little rush of pleasure and relief. This was more like the daughter she remembered! “Thank you, Mei,” Ming smiled. Mei’s lips quirked up a little in response, and she turned to go back to her bed. Ming once again felt her eyes drawn to her daughter’s curvy legs, up to where she could see the thin shorts clinging to the young girl’s generous rear end. She’s outgrowing those, Ming thought to herself as she closed the door and went to turn the thermostat up. I wonder if she’s noticed that.

In short order the increased warmth drove Ming to change clothes. She ran a little hot in general, so the sweater was abandoned in favor of a light blue tank top and a pair of form-fitting, knee-length white shorts. After she finished changing she opened that particular drawer and eyed her favorite toy, a thick, ribbed, dark blue dildo, rather longingly. She really did feel a little touch starved, and using the toy certainly wouldn’t completely solve that problem, but it would definitely take the edge off.

But then she heard Mei’s door open. Ming slammed the drawer shut quickly, her face growing hot, even though her own bedroom door was closed. What was she thinking, with her daughter in the house? She was a grown woman, and she liked to think she had a little more self-control than that. With a little sigh she left her bedroom and headed to the kitchen, where she found Mei rummaging through the refrigerator.

“I can cook you something,” Ming offered.

“I’m kinda in the mood for something sweet,” Mei replied dismissively, and Ming felt herself tensing again. The last thing in the world she wanted to do was hurt her daughter’s feelings...but the fact was that she had gained some weight. And even though it didn’t make her look unattractive...Ming actually thought the added...softness...was rather cute...still, as her mother, Ming needed to set some boundaries and...and…

Ming felt her shoulder slump again as another wave of exhaustion hit her. She was tired, she was frustrated, it was Valentine’s Day and she was all alone...was she really so dead-set on having a screaming fight with her daughter when neither of them could leave the house? She remembered the pleasure and relief she felt when she just agreed to turn up the heat for Mei. Maybe...maybe playing it a little loose with the whole ‘parent’ thing is actually okay, under the circumstances. Just for today, she thought.

“Wait here for a second,” she said out loud, prompting Mei to straighten up slightly and look at her curiously. Ming went back to her bedroom, and as she went she was unable to forget the image of her daughter bent over to explore the fridge, her shirt riding up a bit to reveal a little of her soft, pale belly and her shorts absolutely straining to conceal her plump… “She’s growing up so fast,” Ming murmured to herself. “Outgrowing her clothes so fast.

Jin had left her a very large, heart-shaped box of decadent chocolates, but Ming had been too out of sorts to touch it. She grabbed it from where it sat on her dresser, tossed away the little card, and brought it out to the kitchen. Mei’s eyes widened at the sight of the obviously expensive Valentine’s gift. “Uh, Mom?” she said, her mouth quirking up in a nervous smirk.

“What?” Ming smiled and shrugged. “I know you’re growing up, Mei, but you’ll always be my Valentine.”

Mei blushed prettily, but took the box of candy when Ming pushed it towards her. “That’s kinda lame, Mom,” she said with a teasing laugh in her voice, looking down at the box. Then she tilted her head up slightly, looking at her mother over the top of her glasses with a little smile that went right to Ming’s heart. “But...thanks.”

Ming felt another happy little rush at that. “Try one,” she urged. Mei nodded and set the large heart box on the table. She pulled off the lid and scanned over all the decadent-looking chocolates before picking up a white chocolate truffle and popping it into her mouth.

Immediately the young girl’s eyes rolled back and she let out a soft moan of pure pleasure. A sudden, electric tingle went up Ming’s spine at that sound, and she couldn’t quite figure out why. Well, it’s just nice to see her so happy, she reasoned. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mei Mei,” she said with another smile before she moved to go to the living room.

“Hey, Mom, wait,” Mei said with an odd little note in her voice that Ming couldn’t quite place. The older woman turned to see her daughter looking at her with an even odder expression. She almost looked nervous? But not just that… “You, um, you should have one too,” she said, pushing the box across the table towards Ming.

“Oh, no, Honey, it’s fine. They’re all yours!” Ming laughed softly, shaking her head.

“Really, take one,” Mei insisted, pushing the chocolates a little further. “You’re...” Mei swallowed suddenly and her cheeks turned the most adorable shade of pink. “You’re my Valentine, too, you know?” An almost frantic little chuckle burst out of her throat and she shrugged. “I mean, it’s just you and me today, right?”

Suddenly it felt like there was something heavy hanging in the air around Ming and her daughter, and Ming didn’t quite understand what to make of it. She felt herself breathing heavier as Ming stepped around the table and plucked out a dark chocolate salted caramel, maybe Ming’s favorite. Mei stepped in front of Ming and held up the little square of candy until it was right in front of Ming’s lips, and the heavy aroma of the dark chocolate conversely seemed to make Ming’s head feel a little light. “Open,” Mei ordered.

And it was an order, Ming could hear the steel in her daughter’s voice. Part of her blanched at the idea of taking a command from her daughter. But another part, a little voice that was getting louder and louder, reminded her of how nice it felt when Mei thanked her for doing what Mei wanted her to. And so, Ming opened her mouth and let her daughter push the little candy inside with two fingers that seemed to linger in Ming’s mouth for just slightly longer than seemed absolutely necessary.

And then she couldn’t help it...Ming moaned in pleasure as the bittersweet, salty flavor erupted over her tongue, even louder than Mei had. Her eyes fluttered, then opened wide as she felt a small, warm hand on her cheek. She looked down to see Mei staring up at her with a look of fascination, her hazel eyes seeming to glow warmly. Then her young daughter smiled widely, gently patting Ming’s cheek. “Good,” she whispered softly.

“Mmmh...” Ming’s eyes closed again and she leaned into Mei’s touch with a soft shudder.

Mei’s hand caressed her mother’s face gently. “Good…” she repeated, her whisper quavering slightly.

Another moan tore itself from Ming’s throat, and her knees buckled slightly. Suddenly her eyes popped open and she backed away from her little girl, her breath coming harsh and shallow as she reached behind herself. Her hand found the edge of the kitchen counter and she leaned hard on it to support her suddenly shaking legs. Mei’s eyes were still shining with an amber light, and it might have been Ming’s imagination, but her daughter’s black hair seemed to have a slight reddish sheen to it as she continued to stare intently up at Ming. Her hand was still cupped in the air, but after a moment she lowered it and looked down at it, a little smile appearing on her expressive lips.

Ming opened her mouth, trying to find something to say, but words failed her and she just panted. The little, wicked smile on her daughter’s face widened slightly, and she took a step towards Ming, her bare foot slapping firmly on the tiled kitchen floor. A shuddering thrill swept through Ming’s body and she...she…

She ran away. With a strangled little gasp she twisted around and swept out of the kitchen, fleeing from her own daughter, running into her bedroom and closing and locking the door behind her. Ming slumped with her back against the door, her chest heaving and her entire body trembling. “No,” she whimpered pleadingly, to who she didn’t know. “No, please...”

Shame was bubbling up in the pit of her stomach like tar as she slid her hand down the front of her white shorts and felt the wetness staining the front of her panties. Ming’s other hand covered her mouth to muffle a sob as she sank down to the floor. “I don’t...I don’t...I can’t,” she whispered tearfully. But she did. The tell-tale wetness, the burning need she felt between her legs...how could she feel this way about her twelve year old daughter?

She remembered the way she kept staring at Mei’s bare legs, her ass, and it made her stomach twist with shame when she remembered the way she kept trying to rationalize it. But at the same time...at the same time her hand was still stuffed down her shorts, and her fingertips were pressing against her mound through the thin cotton of her panties. She remembered the warm, smoldering look in Mei’s eyes, and she pressed down a little harder, spreading her legs open slightly.

Good,” the way Mei said that, that note of praise for doing what she was told...hearing that from her little girl just…

Good.” Ming bit her lip to push back another shameful sob as her fingers pushed her panties aside and her questing fingers slid between her soaking nether lips.

“Mom?” Mei knocked firmly on the door and Ming shrieked in surprise, pulling her hand from her shorts and scrambling forward on her hands and knees until she reached her dresser and was able to pull herself to her feet.

“Mom, I’m taking a shower,” Mei called from the other side of the door.

“Oh...okay!” Ming replied breathlessly.

“Don’t do anything until I’m done,” Mei said firmly. “Be good.”

Another command. But the part of Ming that knew that, as a mother, she shouldn’t take orders like that was nothing but a whisper now. Instead she felt a sick, squirmy thrill in the pit of her stomach at another chance to please Mei, to do as she was told.

To be good.

“I...I will,” she promised, her voice shaking.

Behind the door, she heard her daughter let out a very throaty little chuckle. “Good,” she said, and Ming couldn’t keep back a soft whine that she desperately hoped Mei couldn’t hear.

It wasn’t until she heard the bathroom door close and the water start up that an icy sliver of fear stabbed right into Ming’s heart. That knowing tone when Mei told her not to do anything, the wicked smile on her face as she started to approach her mother in the kitchen...Mei...Mei didn’t know, did she?

Ming left her bedroom in a rush, standing in front of the bathroom door, her breath ragged as she silently panicked. It was impossible...Mei was growing up, but she was still just a little girl! There was just no way her daughter could understand the effect she was having on Ming, let alone be...be leaning into it like that!

Ming closed her eyes and took several deep, calming breaths, listening to the water run and her daughter humming some pop song through the bathroom door. Obviously, obviously Mei didn’t really understand what she was doing. She just noticed that she was doing something that was getting under her mom’s skin, and she was going with it. Nothing more than immature, adolescent teasing.

But what about the way Ming herself was feeling towards her daughter? Well...obviously Ming had gotten things all twisted up for herself. Ming loved her husband, but she’d never made any secret of the fact that she was bi. And, frankly, she always had a thing for short, thick girls with a bossy streak, which, if she was being totally honest with herself, did kind of fit Mei’s description lately. Put that together with how lonely and frustrated she felt and, well, it still wasn’t a good thing, but it’s not surprising that she ended up reacting the way she did.

But Ming was a grown woman, and she had self-control. A small, determined smile appeared on her face. She’d get through today, and all of this...this weirdness would soon be forgotten by both her and Mei. It was fine.

She remained standing there, in front of the bathroom door, for several more minutes, running over her arguments in her head over and over again to reassure herself, not realizing at all that she was basically standing at attention. She only snapped out of it when she heard the shower turn off.

“Mooooooom!” Ming started when she heard Mei calling for her. She looked up and down the hall for a moment, then quickly crept back to her bedroom and swung the door as if she’d opened it from inside.

“Mei? Do you need something?” she called back, hating that her voice was still quavering slightly.

“Yeah, I do! Come in here!” Ming felt herself wavering at that command. Her rationale was still firmly in place, and she knew that she shouldn’t just blithely obey Mei’s orders anymore...it wasn’t good for either of them. On the other hand...it was possible Mei really needed help, and given that she was calling out right after a shower, it might be that she needed something of a...sensitive nature. Ming really shouldn’t force her daughter to potentially embarrass herself if that were the case.

“Okay, Sweetie, I’m coming!” Ming called back. She took a deep, steadying breath as she took hold of the knob and turned it, only sparing a moment’s thought for the fact that Mei had evidently forgotten to lock it. She stepped inside the steamy bathroom, noting with relief that the opaque pink shower curtain was drawn.

Then Mei’s bare arm slid out from one side, palm up, her fingers beckoning expectantly. “Towel,” she said brusquely.

Ming blinked. There was a towel on the rack above the toilet, less than a foot away from Mei’s outstretched hand. “Mei Mei...” she began, but closed her mouth when her daughter snapped her fingers.

“Towel,” Mei repeated.

I mean, I’m already in here, Ming reasoned, letting out a little sigh of surrender. What’s the harm? She grabbed the soft, faded rose towel and put it in her daughter’s hand. Mei took it inside and the soft sound of the girl briskly drying herself off filled the bathroom.

“So,” Mei said in a low voice that sent a tingle up Ming’s spine that she desperately tried to fight back. “Were you good while I was in here?”

Ming swallowed. “I, um, I’m not sure what you mean by that, Mei,” she said in an even voice.

“I told you not to do anything,” Mei said in that same low tone. “You didn’t, did you?”

“No...no I didn’t. I just...” Ming swallowed again as she realized the truth of what she was about to say. “I just waited for you to finish.”

“Mmm,” A little grunt was Mei’s only acknowledgment. A moment later Mei’s hand snaked out again to grab her glasses from where they rested on the back of the toilet.

Then Mei pulled the curtain open and all thought died in Ming’s brain. The twelve year old girl stepped out of the tub completely naked, without the smallest trace of modesty or hesitance about exposing herself to her own mother. The towel she’d used to try herself was hanging around her shoulders, as if to emphasize that she could have used it to cover herself, but she chose not to.

“Oh, Mei Mei...” Ming breathed. She was perfect. Her little girl was perfect. Her pale, smooth skin looked so soft, from her creamy, rounded thighs, to the gentle swell of her belly, up to the two tiny mounds on her chest that jiggled so enticingly with Mei’s every little movement. Mei walked past her as if she wasn’t even there, and Ming was able to ogle her daughter’s rear...her ass...finally, without the tantalizingly clingy little shorts obscuring her view. Two flawless, pillowy half moons that jiggled with her steps just like her nascent breasts. Ming’s fingers clenched and relaxed longingly, and she couldn’t help but stare at the deliberately tantalizing display her own flesh and blood daughter was treating her to.

Then Mei turned back to look at her, a knowing grin on her face, and Ming felt her own cheeks burning, knowing she’d been caught looking. As if I had a choice, Ming thought, a little sullenly.

“Come on,” Mei said, jerking her head down the hall. Ming still couldn’t scrape two coherent thoughts together, so she obeyed without question, following her daughter to Ming’s own bedroom.

Then she let out a little cry of surprise as Mei spun around and grabbed her wrist. “Mei, wha...ooohhhhhh...” her little cry turned into a loud, long moan as her daughter sucked her first two fingers into her mouth.

“Hmm,” Mei said as she released Ming’s hand, licking her lips and ignoring her mother’s moan. Instead, she looked up into Ming’s eyes with a hard expression on her face. “It sure tastes like you were doing something while I was in the shower,” she accused.

Her senses were still reeling from the sensation of her daughter sucking on her fingers, and the sudden, humiliating accusation coming right after completely shattered Ming’s thoughts all over again. “N-no!” she protested in a panic, cradling her hand against her chest. “I didn’t...it...it was after I ran away! And I only did a little, until you knocked.” Ming desperately wanted to stop the absolutely mortifying confession spilling out of her lips, but for some reason she just could not stop herself! In fact, she felt her eyes well with tears at the thought that Mei believed she’d been disobedient. “I promise, that was all! I was good!”

She jerked in surprise as she felt Mei’s hand on her cheek again, with her daughter staring intently into her eyes. “I...I was good...” Ming whimpered pitifully, leaning her head into her daughter’s caress.

Mei’s eyes were alight with that soft, almost golden glow again, and the tips of her hair seemed almost to be on fire, flickering with hints of bright red. But she smiled then, and it was a wry little smirk that seemed to be tinged with confusion and pity. “Jeez Mom...you’re kind of a mess, huh?”

Ming’s legs gave out and dropped to her knees, covering her face. How had she let things get to this point? She felt so powerless, so completely helpless to stop what was happening. Even if she admitted that she felt a perverse attraction to her own daughter...an attraction that, honestly, she’d felt for some time without admitting it to herself...even so...she was the grown up! She was the parent! How could she just...just…

Then she felt Mei’s hand on the top of her head and she looked up, peeking between her fingers to see her naked daughter smiling gently down at her. “Hey,” Mei said, stroking her mother’s head. “It’s okay. Everything’s okay. You’re doing good.”

Those words coursed through Ming like warm sunlight suddenly breaking out on the coldest day of the year. She lowered her hands to rest on her thighs and smiled blissfully as Mei ran her fingers through her hair. “So, Mom,” Mei said, and Ming cracked her eyes open to look up at her still-smiling daughter. “I’ve uh, been meaning to tell you this for awhile, but...I think I kinda like girls.”

A soft giggle bubbled its way out of Ming’s throat, and she lifted a hand to take Mei’s wrist and bring her daughter’s small, soft hand to her mouth to kiss her palm. “That’s wonderful, Meilin,” Ming whispered. Mei blushed then, that same lovely pink color from before that spread down from her cheeks to the top of her chest.

Mei licked her lips and nodded, blushing more deeply as she continued. “And uh, so, um...I’ve noticed you...looking at me. A lot.” Mei bit her lip and pushed up her glasses, glancing away for a second. “So I guess I’m wondering...do you like girls, too?” She looked back down at Ming, and now there was no question, her eyes were glowing. And long streaks of vivid red were appearing in her black hair. “Do you like…me?”

“That...that would be so wrong, Sweetie,” Ming forced out through a suddenly dry mouth. “I’m your mother, and you’re so young…!” Ming cut herself off as Mei knelt in front of her. She grabbed Ming’s right wrist with both of her small, shaking hands and the older woman didn’t resist as Mei brought her hand to rest on the little girl’s chest.

A soft hiss escaped Ming’s lips as her delicate fingers closed so, so gently around the tiny mound there. “Soft,” she whispered. “Mei Mei, you’re so soft...” And suddenly Mei was pressing forward, her lips finding Ming’s and her arms slipping around her mother’s arms. Like her tiny breast, Mei’s lips were so soft and yielding, smelling and tasting faintly of cherries.

Then Mei’s tongue slipped into Ming’s mouth, and Ming moaned against her daughter, both hands coming up to rest on her baby girl’s chest and ever so gently squeeze and caress her angelic flesh. Mother and daughter knelt there for what seemed like hours, caught in a warm rush of incestuous bliss. Until finally Mei broke the kiss, a thin thread of saliva connecting their lips for a second before snapping.

Ming’s eyes widened as she saw how Mei had...changed. Her hair was a bright, vibrant red from the roots to the tips, and her eyes were pulsing with that warm amber glow. “You’re so beautiful, Meilin,” Ming said, tears coming to her eyes. She knew she should be afraid, that the time was so, so close now, but somehow she just couldn’t find it in her to feel anything but love...and lust.

Mei’s mouth quirked up in a lopsided smile and she giggled, a little breathlessly. “I guess you do like me, huh?” Ming nodded dumbly. Trying to hide it now...it was so pointless. “Good girl,” Mei cooed, and Ming felt that warm rush again, only now it was clear it was radiating out from between her legs. “Such a good girl,” Mei repeated, her hands reaching up to caress Ming’s breasts through her thin tank top. Ming shook and whined with pleasure at that forbidden touch, but even more for her daughter’s gentle praise.

Then Mei broke free and stood up, climbing into the wide bed. Ming rose on shaky legs and looked down at where Mei was looking up at her expectantly, laying on her back, hands resting on her tummy, her legs slightly spread. She gave her mother a dusky smile and lifted her eyebrows. Ming just nodded and began frantically pulling her clothes off, yanking her little top and her bra off quickly and then running her fingers through her jet black hair until it was hanging loosely over her shoulders. She pulled her white shorts and her panties down and impatiently kicked her ankle free of them. She displayed her naked body to her barely pubescent daughter, running her hands over her full breasts, down her flat, toned stomach to her shaved pussy. She felt a rush of satisfaction at the way Mei’s eyes widened at the sight, and she quickly clambered into bed with her baby girl.

“I love you,” Ming almost sobbed as her mouth went to Mei’s neck, kissing and licking and making the girl gasp loudly. “I love you so much, Mei!” Her hands stroked down Mei’s sides, making her hiss as Ming kissed her way over her daughter’s body. She found one of Mei’s small nipples, already hard and erect with excitement, and closed her lips around it. Mei let out a sharp groan, arching her back and grabbing a handful of her mother’s hair. Ming squeaked softly, but with pleasure rather than pain. Mei taking hold of her like that...it just felt right.

“Oh, that’s good, Momma,” Mei moaned. Ming could feel the heat and wetness between her daughter’s thighs as their bodies pressed together. “So good!”

Ming kissed her way down Mei’s chubby belly, loving the feel and the taste of the yielding flesh. Her hand slipped under Mei’s body to squeeze her round little ass and hold her tight. And finally, Ming found her way between her daughter’s legs. Her pussy was mouth-watering, and so, so cute. A puffy little mound, perfectly smooth and hairless, colored a delicious shade of pearl pink with the tiny button of her hood peeking out from between her glistening lips.

She began gently, stroking her tongue up and down the slit, kissing her daughter’s inner thighs, making the little girl squirm and moan. “Ohhhhh, fuck!” Mei cried out when Ming kissed her little button for the first time. Ming shuddered at the sound of her daughter using such a bad word. “Don’t stop, Mom!” Mei ordered, holding onto her mother’s head tight. “Don’t stop!”

Ming didn’t stop, but she did slow down, looking up at her daughter’s face over her rounded belly with an eager grin. “Let’s see if you take after Mommy,” she panted, rolling her index finger between Ming’s soaking lips and coating it in her juices. Mei moaned again in pleasure, but looked confused as Ming pulled her hand back, and slipped it down, until…

Mei’s eyes rolled back in her head and she fell back against the pillows, a porn star groan tearing its way from her throat as Ming slipped a finger into her daughter’s ass. Ming chuckled and laid little kisses all around Mei’s pussy. “I guess you do take after Mommy,” she murmured, pushing her finger in a little deeper and wiggling it slightly.

“Mmmmm!” Mei was biting her lip, clearly trying to keep back her moans as she rolled her hips up towards her mom’s mouth.

“Let go, Sweetie,” Ming urged as she slowly pushed her finger in and out of her daughter’s ass. Her tongue slid into the little girl’s hot, twitching core and Mei pulled up on Ming’s hair.

Fuck!” Mei nearly screamed. She let out another moan that echoed in the bedroom and her thick legs came up to hook around Ming’s back, holding her tightly. Her young, inexperienced body couldn’t last long, and with another loud cry, Ming felt a gush of salty-sweet honey flood against her mouth, and she eagerly lapped up every drop she could.

Mei went limp, and Ming quickly slithered up her daughter’s body to snuggle her, her hand resting between Mei’s legs to gently guide her through the aftershocks. She felt Mei tugging at her shoulder, and let herself be moved until her chest was level with Mei’s face. Ming let out a blissful little moan at the sensation of her little girl suckling at her nipple again.

After several long, wonderful minutes, Mei sat up, wiping her mouth with the back of her arm. Ming was slightly relieved to see her hair was fading back to black, though her eyes seemed to be keeping their golden cast. “So,” Mei said with a mischievous smile. “What do you like?”

“Oh, Mei Mei,” Ming smiled and shook her head. “That’s okay...we can just...” She blinked as she felt Mei’s fingers under her chin, tilting her head up to meet Mei’s gaze. The little girl just lifted an eyebrow.

“What. Do you. Like?” Ming shivered as she realized she wasn’t getting out of this. Suddenly she fully realized she was dealing with a twelve year old, with all that boundless energy.

This...could be trouble.

But Ming couldn’t say no...she couldn’t. Instead she swallowed and looked away, embarrassed, as she pointed to her dresser. “The...the um...left middle drawer,” she murmured. Then she closed her eyes. “The blue one.”

Mei looked genuinely perplexed, but slid off the bed and went to the dresser. Ming couldn’t help but flinch at Mei’s sudden gasp when she slid the indicated drawer open. “O.M.G.!” Mei exclaimed. Then she giggled naughtily. “The blue one, huh? It looks...big.”

Then she felt Mei’s hands on her again, gently guiding her with little pushes and pulls that she gave into immediately, until she was on her hands and knees on her bed, naked, as her daughter ran her hands all over Ming’s naked body. “You’re so pretty, Mom,” Mei sighed, caressing Ming’s thin waist and hips.

Blushing like a pink rose, Mind glanced back over her shoulder and her heart ached in the sweetest way to see her little girl looking at her with the same kind of adoration she once did. Well...maybe not exactly the same. There was certainly a sort of hunger burning in her daughter’s hazel eyes that was very new.

Still though, seeing that look on Mei’s face filled every empty spot in Ming’s heart. Suddenly, she realized why the idea of letting her little girl go hurt so bad. Awful as it was, it wasn’t for Mei...it was for her. Ming needed Meilin, needed her love, needed her approval, needed her praise, her adoration. In one fevered split second Ming swore to herself she’d be anything her daughter wanted her to be, if only to keep that look in Mei’s eyes when she looked at her.

Then Mei climbed back on the bed, behind Ming, and the older woman felt her daughter’s hands running up and down her inner thighs. “You’re so wet,” Mei whispered, glee in her voice. “Is that for me?”

“Yes,” Ming replied in a shaky breath. “It’s for you, Mei. It’s all for you.”

“Mmm...” Ming’s hands tightened in the sheets as she felt Mei’s small tongue lapping up the wetness that had dripped down her skin. “I love it, Momma. You taste good.”

“You can taste me whenever you want, Meilin,” Ming promised. “And I’ll taste you whenever you want, too. I’ll...” Ming closed her eyes and deliberately tore down that last, feeble bit of parental responsibility that stood in her way. “I’ll do whatever you want, Mei. Anything. For you.”

She heard Mei’s breath catch in her throat, and then Mei was kissing her thighs, her hips, her ass all over. “Ohhh, Momma...you’re being so good. You’re such a good, good girl. My good girl...”

Ming fell forward onto her elbows, presenting herself to her daughter shamelessly. “Yours,” she agreed in a breathless little voice. “All yours!” Her body and her mind were both on fire, and she didn’t want to do anything to stop it. Then, she felt two things. The first was her daughter’s hand, gently toying with her shaven sex, her small, soft fingers probing at her dripping flesh. The second was her daughter’s mouth, as her daughter’s wide, expressive lips pressed to her rear entrance and began to lick and kiss.

A strangled cry of pure, animal pleasure forced itself out of Ming and she dropped her forehead to the bed, her hips twitching with every move her daughter made. Only a couple of her lovers had ever done what Mei was currently doing for her, and her husband was not one of them, which meant it had been well over a decade since she’d felt a tongue probing her ass the way her own daughter was currently pleasuring her. The pure, sinful depravity of the act was driving Ming crazy.

Then Mei pulled back, though her hand lingered on Ming’s cunt for several delicious seconds. Ming whined and wiggled her hips pleadingly, but let out a high-pitched little squeak when Mei gave her a quick, firm slap across her bottom. “Be good,” the little girl warned her mother, and Ming quickly nodded and went still. She hissed as she felt a cold, familiar wetness dripping over her asshole and down her thighs. Obviously, Mei had found a bottle of lube in her drawer as well.

An instant later, the significance of that hit her and started to push herself up again, her eyes wide and dread sinking into her chest. “Mei, Baby, no, I don’t use that one to...ah!” Mei spanked her again, harder than before. A second later, she slapped the other cheek as well, just as hard, drawing another plaintive cry from her mother.

“Don’t act up!” Mei snapped sharply. Ming felt herself shaking all over as she meekly complied with her daughter’s command, feeling the humiliation of a grown woman handing complete control to her little girl. The stinging slaps had given her as much pleasure as pain, but as good as that had felt, Ming felt a deeper desire to obey. To be good.

So she braced herself and tried to relax as she felt Mei press the tip of the dildo to her ass. She groaned as the slick, smooth toy began to invade her body. It was quite a bit larger than anything she’d used for ass play before, and her fingers scrabbled at the sheets as she grit her teeth and took it. Her breath came in gasps, and every exhale was a high-pitched little cry.

Fortunately, her little spitfire of a daughter had seemed to realize that this was hard for Ming to take, and Mei was going slowly. This particular dildo was smooth and ribbed, with each rib going into a thicker segment, and Ming whined as she felt the next one coming.

Then Mei’s free hand was rubbing her pussy again, her fingers stroking over her slit and gently probing her entrance. “Shhh, you can do it,” Mei cooed. “You’re doing so good! I know you can take it!”

Those gentle words set Ming on fire again, and she let out the breath she’d been holding in an explosive cry. “Do it, Mei!” She pressed her face to the mattress and rolled her as back against the thick sex toy, groaning, “Fucking wreck Momma, baby girl!”

Mei let out an eager little gasp, and Ming sucked in a breath as she felt the dildo pull out of her ass almost to the tip, and then she screamed into her sheets as she felt it plunge back in, going not one but two segments deeper than before. Mei chuckled wickedly above her, and Ming felt her small, questing fingertips find her button and begin gently rubbing it in a circle as the little girl pulled the dildo out and thrust it home again.

Ming was helpless, completely, utterly helpless to do anything but feel as her daughter continued her relentless assault. With the sex toy invading deeper and deeper with every thrust, and her daughter’s tiny fingers alternating between teasing her clit and thrusting into her dripping, twitching cunt, she couldn’t hold out long.

With two of her daughter’s fingers inside her, and the dildo hitting home one last time, hilting itself to the point Ming could feel Mei’s fist against her ass, Ming went over the edge, soaking her daughter’s hand with a flood of nectar and cumming over and over again, crying out her love for her daughter until her voice devolved into incoherent sobs of frantic pleasure.

Ming thought she might have honestly blacked out after that, at least for a few seconds. When she came to, she was soaked...her thighs were soaked with her own pussy juice, her body was soaked with sweat and her face was soaked with tears. And Mei was kneeling beside her, gently stroking her hair.

“Mom, that was amazing,” Mei said warmly when she saw Ming stir. “You did so good. I’m so proud of you!” Ming shuddered with pleasure and reached up to grab Mei’s hand and lay kisses all over her palm.

Mei shimmied around so that the two of them were laying on their sides, facing each other. Mei’s face was a bright shade of pink as she caressed her mother’s face and neck and breasts. Ming slid a gentle hand over Mei’s tummy, then down her hip.

“We should get into the shower,” Mei said with a little smirk, leaning in to give her mother a soft kiss on the lips. “You’re still kind of a mess.”

Ming felt herself blush pink as well. “B-but Sweetie, you just took a shower,” she whispered.

Mei just shrugged and grinned impishly. “I kinda need one too, now. Besides, washing each other could be fun.” She nuzzled her nose gently against her mother’s and kissed her again. “And then we’ll be ready for round three.”

Ming blinked. “Round three?”

Her daughter grinned and cupped Ming’s breasts, stroking her thumb over her nipples and making her moan. “Oh, we’re just getting started. Happy Valentine’s Day, Momma.”

Feeling equal parts anticipation and dread, Ming nonetheless reached around and gave her daughter’s ample rear a firm squeeze, making her squeak. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mei Mei.”

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