The Monster of Gravity Falls

BY : TheEvilFaery
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Wendy Corduroy knew that when her shift at the Mystery Shack was over she was supposed to sweep the gift shop floor, wipe down the counter, and clean the women’s restroom. So when the time came, she got up, grabbed a bag of beef jerky, and left. She was halfway through the parking lot when a faint sound stopped her...someone nearby was crying softly. Wendy turned into the trees for a look. It actually sounded like…


Sure enough, Mabel Pines was hiding behind a tree near the Shack, crying softly. As always, the sight of her made Wendy’s mouth start to water. Nobody but Tambry knew, but Wendy had always loved little girls. Loved to play with them, loved to hurt them, loved to own them. And Mabel had been on Wendy’s list ever since they’d first met.

But now the little brunette started and quickly smiled, braces shining, as she sniffled and wiped her eyes. “Oh, hey Wendy!” she said, trying to sound like her usual cheerful self.

Wendy knew an opportunity when she saw one. She stepped forward and gathered Mabel into her arms in a warm, friendly hug. “Hey Mabes...what’s wrong?” she said in a soft, concerned tone.

Mabel’s face seemed to collapse, and she started crying again, pressing her face into Wendy’s flannel shirt. “I screwed up with another boy,” she said sadly through the tears, “and Pacifica saw, and she said no boy’s gonna want a desperate loser weirdo like me...and I think she’s right!”

“Hey, hey hey...forget her!” Wendy said, patting her shoulder. “Why don’t you come with me? I’ve got kind of a secret place we can go and talk this out.” It was a little storage shack on her family’s land. Her dad didn’t need it anymore, and Wendy had made a little bedroom out of it, with a couple of cots pushed together into a nice, big bed, a dresser with some spare clothes...and a lot of very special toys.

About a year ago Wendy had come dangerously close to getting caught while playing with the cutest little first-grader in a park restroom. Only the utter incompetence of Gravity Falls’ sheriffs had let her get away. Ever since then, she’d lured her victims to this secluded little spot in the woods.

Just like she was doing to Mabel now.


Mabel sat at the edge of the bed, clasping her hands between her knees, still sniffling.

Wendy sat down next to her, putting a comforting hand on her knee. “Mabel, seriously, you can’t keep letting a cunt like Pacifica get to you like this!”

Mabel’s mouth dropped open in shock. “Wendy!”

Wendy just laughed. “Well, isn’t she?”

With a nervous little giggle, Mabel shrugged. “I...guess so...” Then she sighed. “But it’s not just her...I just don’t know why I’m like this. Every time I see a boy I tell myself over and over to just be cool this time, but then I always end up all stupid.”

“It’s not too hard to figure out,” Wendy said, lightly rubbing Mabel’s bare leg, sliding her palm up over her knee. “You just get ahead of yourself. You start imagining what you want from that boy, and you try to skip to the end.”

“What, like, getting married? Or moving into a giant tree house castle with a...” Mabel paused and glanced down at Wendy’s hand as it slipped up a little higher. “With a waterslide? I do think about that stuff a lot...”

“Not exactly,” Wendy said with a sly little laugh, looking sidelong at Mabel. “I think you’re thinking of all the stuff the two of you could do together...or do to each other. And I’m not just talking about kissing.” Her hand had slowly drifted up to the point that her fingertips were toying with the hem of Mabel’s skirt.

Mabel blushed and used both hands to smooth her skirt over her thighs, shifting in place just slightly, but definitely moving away from Wendy. “I don’t know about that,” she said with a nervous giggle. Wendy scooted even closer than before, close enough to smell the bubblegum-scented shampoo Mabel liked to use. She turned slightly towards Mabel, leaning on one arm while the other started inching its fingertips underneath Mabel’s clothes. Mabel bit her lip and curled her hands into the comforter that lay across the bed.

“Maybe all you really need is to blow off a little steam,” Wendy suggested in a low voice. “Maybe if you get a little taste of some of that stuff for real, you won’t obsess over it so much.” Her hand was dangerously high on Mabel’s thigh, pushing her skirt up high enough that glancing down, Wendy was able to catch just a peek of white panties with a tiny pink trim.

Mabel forced a smile and said, in a voice that shook slightly, “Oh yeah, real funny.” She reached down and tried to push Wendy’s hand away lightly. The teen completely ignored that little bit of resistance and slid her hand up until her fingertips were slipping under the fabric of Mabel’s underwear. “Wendy, seriously, cut it out,” Mabel said in an alarmed tone. She began to scoot away.

Wendy grabbed Mabel around the waist with her free arm and held her fast. Mabel froze with a shocked expression on her face and her mouth half-open. That was enough of an opening for Wendy, who leaned forward, bearing the younger girl down to her back on the mattress. She cradled Mabel’s panty-clad ass in her hand, and pressed their lips together. Mabel had her mouth shut tight at first, but Wendy forced her tongue between the little girl’s lips. Mabel kept fighting, but Wendy loved the sensation of sliding her tongue across the other girl’s felt like she was ruining something so innocent. She could feel Mabel’s surprised gasp suck the air from her mouth, and she used that opening to force her way deep inside, violating Mabel’s virgin mouth with her eager, hungry tongue

Mabel’s mouth tasted like candy, and Wendy just wanted to eat her up. At first, the little brunette just lay there limply, too stunned and afraid to do anything. Wendy gave her slender rear a gentle squeeze and moaned softly into her mouth. Something about that seemed to shock Mabel back to reality. She came to her senses and began struggling under Wendy, trying to push her back. She tore her mouth from Wendy’s and cried out, “STOP!”

Wendy backed off just enough to shift her grip and pin Mabel’s shoulders to the bed. Her blood was pounding in her ears. Seeing the small girl fighting under her with such a frightened, confused expression on her face made her realize she was already way past the point of no return. “Mabel!” she snapped, giving her a quick shake. “Chill!”

NO!” Mabel said, clearly on the verge of tears again. “Lemme go! Get off me!”

Wendy felt her lip curl into a sneer. “Get off you? Get off you? Wow, fine, whatever.” Wendy lifted Mabel up slightly and then shoved her back against the mattress. “Thanks a lot, Mabel,” Wendy said, voice dripping with venom as she stood. “I was just trying to make you feel better. I figured you’d be happy to know somebody wants to kiss you,” Mabel cringed as Wendy’s voice rose to a shout, “since it’s pretty fucking obvious nobody else does!”

The look on Mabel’s face was so full of hurt and betrayal that Wendy nearly came on the spot. “I’m sick of this, Mabel. You never think about anyone but you,” Wendy said, turning her back. “Just get out. And don’t waste your time coming to me the next time you screw it up with a boy or Pacifica says something mean. I’m done with you.”

Wendy heard Mabel sniffling pathetically for a short time. Then it came, just two words in a soft, tearful croak that told Wendy she had won. “I’m sorry...” Wendy allowed a smirk to cross her lips just for a second before she turned around, her face an angry mask once again.

Mabel looked completely lost. She was sitting up, staring down at her hands in her lap with big, slow tears leaking down her face. “I shouldn’t have freaked out like that,” she said in a tiny voice. “I just got scared. I’ve never thought about that. Please don’t hate me.”

“Ah, jeez...I could never hate you Mabel,” Wendy said, coming to sit down next to her again. She slipped her arm around Mabel’s waist again, and while the little girl tensed, she didn’t make any move to resist as Wendy pulled her close. “I’m sorry too...maybe I did come on a little strong.” She used her other hand to tilt Mabel’s face up towards hers with a sultry smile. “I promise...we’ll take this slow.” She leaned in and caught Mabel’s mouth with her own once again.

At first, Mabel didn’t move at all, just sitting there as Wendy probed her mouth much more tenderly than before. Then, hesitantly, she began kissing back. Wendy couldn’t keep a soft little moan of satisfaction from her throat as she turned, pushing Mabel back down on the bed. She used one hand to prop herself up, while the other began pulling Mabel’s skirt back up.

“Oh!” Mabel gasped as she felt that, breaking the kiss, looking frightened once again. “Wendy...I don’t...” Wendy’s hand left Mabel’s skirt and went to cover her mouth instead.

“Shut up,” she said, very softly, but in a tone that didn’t brook any dissent. Mabel’s eyes went wide and glimmered with tears. “Be good, Mabel. Just be a good girl, and I promise you’ll like this.” The threat of what might happen if she wasn’t good went unstated, but Mabel seemed to get the idea. After a moment, she closed her eyes and nodded.

Wendy smiled and went for Mabel’s neck, kissing and licking. Mabel gasped and then let out a giggly, ticklish moan. She barely noticed as Wendy’s hand slipped down and pulled her skirt up around her waist. But she definitely noticed when Wendy cupped her hand over Mabel’s pussy through her panties, freezing up instantly. “Please don’t...” she whimpered. Wendy bared her teeth and gave Mabel’s neck a quick bite, making the young girl squeal.

Mabel’s mound felt so soft, and so very warm through the thin, sheer fabric. Wendy’s experienced fingers found Mabel’s little slit and began stroking up and down gently. Mabel reached up and grabbed Wendy’s shoulders, but didn’t try to push her away. Instead Wendy could feel her shivering. Wendy slid off to the side, still caressing Mabel’s sex, her arm slipping under Mabel’s back to cuddle her close. “Good girl,” Wendy whispered. “Doesn’t that feel nice?”

Mabel gave the older teen a very shaky, uncertain smile in return, and Wendy kissed her forehead. Still gently playing with Mabel’s most private place, Wendy slid her arm out from behind Mabel’s back and deftly undid the buttons on her flannel shirt, shrugging the garment open. Underneath, she was wearing a simple, light green bra. While Mabel watched, wide-eyed, Wendy casually pulled the undergarment up, letting her small, pale, freckled breasts bounce free. Smiling slyly at Mabel, she licked her finger tips and played with her own nipples, teasing and rolling them until they were fully erect.

Then she cupped her hand under one of her tits and shifted positions slightly, bringing it to Mabel’s face. “Suck,” she whispered eagerly. “Suck on my titty while I touch your pussy Mabel. Do it.” For just a second Wendy thought the tiny girl might refuse, but then she looked down and nodded, closing her eyes as she put her lips around the hard little nub.

“Mmmm...fuck yes...” Wendy moaned, cradling Mabel’s head as Mabel’s gently sucking mouth sent wicked tingles all through Wendy’s body. “That’s a good girl,” she muttered, sliding her hand down the front of Mabel’s panties, “such a good girl!”

Mabel closed her eyes tight and sucked harder as Wendy ran her fingers over the smooth, bare skin of Mabel’s sex for the very first time. It was almost hot to the touch, and Wendy could feel a sheen of moisture on the hairless flesh. “You like what I’m doing, don’t you Mabel? You little fucking slut,” Wendy said in a gentle, soft tone that didn’t go at all with her words. Mabel began shaking again, and Wendy could see new tears on her cheeks. “You love me touching your little can’t live without it. Well don’t worry...I’m gonna be touching it all the fucking time from now on, I promise!”

Wendy couldn’t wait anymore...without warning, she slid her index finger right into Mabel’s hot, slick tunnel. It went in very easily, and Wendy moaned, “Mmmm, fuck, you do love it!” She pumped her finger in and out of the juicy little hole several times before she noticed Mabel wasn’t sucking anymore. Her little lover’s head was pressed into Wendy’s cleavage and she was making muffled noises with each thrust of Wendy’s finger that sounded like tiny little sobs.

“Shh,” Wendy soothed, stroking Mabel’s hair as she continued violating her body, “just be good, Mabel. Just let it happen. Spread your legs wider for me.” A huge shudder shook Mabel’s body, but she obeyed, spreading her skinny thighs and even pushing her hips up to meet Wendy’s touch. “Good little slut,” Wendy praised, shifting slightly to better take advantage of Mabel’s more open posture. Her finger pushed in deeper and deeper, and she could feel Mabel’s juices coating her hand.

Mabel’s body was responding well to Wendy’s attention, her hips moving without Mabel’s conscious control. To Wendy’s experienced eye, this showed a girl who was no stranger to playing with herself. She found a good rhythm, deep and not too fast. Mabel let out a long, torn-sounding moan, blushing deeply when she realized what she’d done. She spread her legs even wider, and Wendy rewarded her by pushing her finger in as deep as she could with each thrust.

Finally Mabel twisted against Wendy, clinging tightly to the older teen with both arms. Her breath froze in her throat, then she gasped and sucked in a deep breath only for it to freeze again. All while Wendy’s invading finger kept thrusting in and out of the poor girl’s soaked, twitching love canal. Finally, Mabel went totally rigid and let out a little, strangled cry as her hips humped frantically against Wendy’s hand. Only then did Wendy slip her finger from Mabel’s pussy and her hand from her panties. Mabel groaned softly and hid her face between Wendy’s breasts, going limp.

Wendy rubbed her thumb and fingertip together, chuckling to see the thread of wetness between them when they separated. “You sure did get wet, babe,” she said admiringly. “I almost wonder if you might be a squirter.” Mabel didn’t respond, just tried to hide herself away even harder against Wendy. “Hey, Mabel, pay attention!” Wendy said in a slightly raised voice.

Warily, Mabel lifted her mussed, sweaty and tear-stained face from Wendy’s chest. Wendy showed her her hand, glistening with the proof of Mabel’s orgasm. “Look at this mess you made,” Wendy said teasingly. “Don’t you think you oughta clean it up?” Blankly, Mabel looked back, obviously not getting Wendy’s point and making the redhead smirk. “With your tongue,” she said. “Now.

Mabel’s already reddened face turned an even deeper shade. She looked utterly humiliated, but mutely opened her mouth and began lapping her own pussy juice from Wendy’s hand. She made a face at the taste and stopped for a moment, looking pleadingly at Wendy, but Wendy just lifted an eyebrow and waited. With a quavering sigh of defeat, Mabel continued, her tiny pink tongue sliding over Wendy’s finger. Wendy felt her own pussy gush at the sight.

Finally Wendy just inserted her finger into Mabel’s mouth. “Suck it clean,” she ordered. Mabel complied, sucking the digit and running her tongue all over it. When Wendy decided she was done, she took her finger from Mabel’s mouth and held the little girl by the chin. She positioned her face over Mabel’s and used her fingers to squeeze the other girl’s mouth open. “Let me give you something to wash that down,” she said cruelly before extending her tongue and letting a huge drop of saliva run down it and right into Mabel’s mouth. With a sick expression, Mabel clenched her eyes shut and swallowed.

“Good girl,” Wendy said, rising up into a sitting position with Mabel in her lap. The little girl was still trembling slightly. Her arms were draped loosely around Wendy’s chest, but her eyes were just staring blankly. “So we’re gonna have to be careful,” Wendy murmured, rocking her back and forth. “Dipper can’t find out about this. You know how he feels about me. Who knows what he’d do if he found out you got me to fuck you.”

Mabel blinked, eyes returning to the present as a horrified little gasp escaped her lips. “Oh...he’d hate me!” she said brokenly. She clung tight to Wendy. “Oh god, he’d hate me!”

“Shhhh….shhhh...don’t worry. He’s never gonna find out. Like I said, we just gotta be careful.” Wendy said, holding her close. Inside, she was almost drunk with satisfaction. Any worries she had about Mabel telling anyone what she’d done had just disappeared. She’s mine, she thought gleefully, one hundred percent mine!

And to drive that point home, she cupped Mabel’s cheek and turned her face up. She had a stricken expression on her face that showed she was still thinking about her brother, but Wendy didn’t care. She rested her forehead against Mabel’s, looking into her eyes intently. “I guess you found summer romance after all, huh Mabes?” she said with a wicked smile. “You’re the cutest little girlfriend I could have asked for. And you’re gonna be good, right? No more boys. And whenever I want you, you’re mine.”

Mabel looked more and more shocked as Wendy spoke, and she actually started shaking her head no. But before she could say anything she’d regret, Wendy covered her mouth again. “Don’t make this hard, Mabel,” she said in a low, dangerous voice just above a whisper. “I want this to be good for us both. I really, really do. But if you make me, I can be mean. Don’t do it.” She took her hand from Mabel’s mouth. “Now, are you gonna be good?”

“Yes,” Mabel replied in a sad little whisper. She looked so ashamed.

“And you’re gonna be my girlfriend? Say it.”

“I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“No more boys?”

“No more boys.”

Wendy smiled. “I can do anything I want to you, whenever I want to?”

Mabel was crying again, silently this time. Her small body shook as tears ran freely down her face. “Yes,” she whimpered. “Anything you want...whenever you want.”

“That’s my good girl,” Wendy murmured. She kissed Mabel, sweetly, lovingly, and Mabel couldn’t stop herself from responding, hugging her abuser back tightly as she meekly accepted the kiss.

“Now,” Wendy said, sliding Mabel off her lap and rising to her feet. “I’ve got something to take care of. You can stay here for as long as you want...just clean yourself up and make sure you can keep it together before you head back to the Shack.” She turned to the small dresser and opened the top drawer, looking over all the toys she had in there. With a smirk, she grabbed the only one she thought she’d need and slipped it into her pocket.

Mabel nodded softly. “Where’re you going?” she asked in a tiny voice, looking at the floor.

Wendy chuckled evilly, and Mabel looked up, afraid that Wendy was going to come at her again. But instead the redhead just winked. “Nobody makes my girlfriend cry but me,” she said.


Wendy left her new little girlfriend still softly crying in their love nest and walked through town, headed towards Northwest Manor. Wendy’s whole body ached with need, and she could actually feel a little trickle of wetness on her thighs under her jeans. Her panties were probably ruined at this point.

She had really wanted to stay and force Mabel to return the favor, but that probably wasn’t a great idea...she’d pushed the cute little brunette probably just about as far as she could anyway. Besides, Wendy thought as she approached the mansion gates, this oughta be even better.

Looking around, Wendy could see that there was some kind of renovation going on. There were a couple of spots on the ground floor where the walls were open and covered in sheets of plastic, and workers in hard hats and bright orange mesh vests were all over the grounds. That might just work out perfectly. Wendy crept over to where the construction workers had parked their trucks and grabbed a spare hard hat and vest, tying her hair back into a ponytail.

Then she walked boldly across the huge green lawn. Wendy knew the best way to sneak into someplace she didn’t belong was to act like she did. So she walked with purpose, like she had something to do, but she didn’t hurry too much. Sure enough, nobody acknowledged her at all as she crossed the grounds and stepped behind one of the thick plastic curtains.

“Alright, little rich bitch...where are you?” Wendy muttered, looking up and down the grand corridor she found herself in. She figured the bedrooms were probably upstairs, so she headed that way. As Wendy explored the mansion, she was struck by how quiet it was, like everyone, Northwests and servants alike, were out of the house while the construction was going on. She started to get worried. Maybe she’s at a hotel or something, she thought.

But then she heard the sound of running water. Following it, she stepped into a huge, lavish bedroom suite. And from the frilly, pastel décor, the posters on the walls and the clothes piled untidily by the canopied bed, it was obviously the room of a young girl. The sound of running water seemed to be a sink, running behind a nearby closed door.

“This is perfect...” Wendy breathed. Her heart was pounding, and she felt light-headed and dizzy with anticipation. She kept clenching and unclenching her fists reflexively, and her poor, neglected pussy was almost throbbing with lust. We’ll fix that soon, she silently promised it.

Then the door opened and Pacifica Northwest stepped out of her private bathroom. She looked as beautiful and fashionable as always, even though she was all alone in her own house. She stopped, staring incredulously at what she assumed was one of the construction workers standing right in her bedroom. “Wha...what do you think you’re doing in here?!” she demanded. “Get out right now! You’re fired!”

There were a whole bunch of different ways Wendy could have begun. But in a split second she decided that in this case, the simplest way was best. She took four long strides towards Pacifica, relishing the way her eyes widened at being approached. And before the little blonde had any chance to react, Wendy lashed out with a solid punch just below her ribs.

The tiny girl flew back, hitting the wall beside her bathroom door, and falling to the ground in a limp heap. The air was driven from her lungs with an audible ‘whoosh!’ Wendy didn’t hesitate. She grabbed Pacifica, her arm in one hand and a bunch of her hair in the other, and half dragged her over to the bed. Wendy guessed that the spoiled little girl had never been hit in her life, let alone got the wind knocked out of her.

And from the panicked expression on her chalk-white face and the way Pacifica kept trying to gasp, “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” it seemed she was right. Well, the little bitch could sort that out on her own. Wendy had work to do. With casual, brutal efficiency she started to strip Pacifica before she had a chance to start fighting back. Her trendy purple jacket was off her shoulders and on the floor in an instant. Wendy paused at the expensive-looking lavender dress she had on under that, then grinned as she grabbed it by the neckline and tore it cleanly down the middle. It took several hard yanks, but the light pink training bra she had underneath that quickly ripped off in Wendy’s grip as well, revealing her tiny, puffy, nascent breasts. Her black leggings Wendy left intact for the time being, though she noted that she didn’t seem to be wearing panties underneath them. That was interesting.

By this time Pacifica had gotten her breath back, and she was sobbing in pain and fear. But Wendy could see that she was working herself up to a scream. In a way, that was fine...nobody would hear her, and Wendy had definitely planned on making her scream. But the redhead wanted to set some ground rules. With little effort, she picked Pacifica up under her arms and brought their faces level. “Listen you little cunt,” she snarled, startling the blonde girl silent, “You’re not gonna like what’s coming, but I promise I’ll make it a hundred times worse if you fight me. Got it?” She shook the smaller girl for emphasis, making her head roll back and forth, then dropped her on the ground, where she lay sprawled like a rag doll.

“You...can’t do this!” Pacifica wailed, covering her head. “My Daddy will...he’ll...” Wendy prodded her naked torso sharply with her booted toes, and Pacifica fell silent.

“We’ll worry about that later,” Wendy said with an almost friendly smile, reaching into her pocket. “For right now...” The item she’d brought from her lair was a collar and leash. Wendy stooped down, pushed Pacifica’s mass of shining blonde hair out of the way, and snapped the collar, thin and made from rigid black leather, around her neck. The catch was easy to snap on, but pretty complicated to release, especially if you couldn’t see what you were doing. Wendy was confident Pacifica wouldn’t figure out how to do it, at least not before Wendy caught her at it. The leash it was attached to was about eight feet long, and Wendy skillfully tied it around one of the posts on Pacifica’s canopied princess bed. Again, no chance Pacifica could undo that knot without Wendy noticing.

Wendy grabbed the leash halfway down it’s length and wrapped it around her hand several times before using it to yank Pacifica to her feet. “NO!” Pacifica cried, using both hands to try and pull back, twisting from side to side. Wendy pulled her closer and gave her a sharp slap to the face, sending her down to the bed’s surface.

“Damn, you can’t take a hit,” she said mockingly. Pacifica was just staring in frozen shock, rubbing her reddened cheek. “I told you what would happen if you fought me,” Wendy reminded her. She let go of the leash and pulled off the hard hat and vest, then unbuttoned her shirt. While Pacifica watched with an increasingly frightened and disgusted expression, Wendy stripped entirely, kicking off her boots and pulling down her jeans and the sodden panties beneath them.

Those gave her an idea. When she naked except for her white calf socks, she picked up the sweat and pussy soaked little undergarment and walked over to where Pacifica was sitting on her mattress, her arms crossed over her bare chest. “Okay bitch,” Wendy said. “Let’s see if you can do what you’re told. Open your mouth.”

Pacifica’s lip curled in disgust when she realized what Wendy was telling her to do. She stared at the filthy pair of panties for a moment, then set her mouth in a hard, angry line. Her chest started heaving as she stared up at the older teen, tears of anger standing in her eyes. “FUCK OFF!” she shrieked, as loudly and piercingly as she could.

“Oh, wrong fucking answer, you little cunt,” Wendy said, grinning cruelly. She threw herself on top of the much smaller girl, wrestling her back against the deep, soft mattress. Pacifica fought back, but Wendy was bigger, heavier, stronger and had a lot of experience physically dominating little girls.

In seconds Pacifica was pinned down, Wendy’s knees bearing painfully down on her arms. Wendy’s bare pussy was just inches from Pacifica’s face, and it was absolutely dripping, the lips red and puffy and her swollen clit sticking out eagerly. Pacifica was desperately trying to free herself, twisting her head and her shoulders from side to side as much as she could, but it was completely pointless.

“You could have made this easier,” Wendy reminded her, right before she bore down with her hips, smothering Pacifica’s crying face between her legs. Wendy’s eyes rolled back in bliss as she felt her pussy rubbing over her little victim’s flawless features. Looking down, she could see her clit rubbing against Pacifica’s nose each time Wendy rolled her hips, and it sent waves of pleasure rolling through Wendy’s already keyed-up body every time.

Wendy kept grinding her pussy down on Pacifica’s face until she felt Pacifica’s struggles get more panicked, then she let up just a little. The little blonde coughed and gagged and sucked in a huge breath...and then Wendy was smothering her again. Wendy repeated the process several more times, and each time Pacifica seemed a little weaker, her gasps a little more desperate.

With everything that had happened today, it didn’t take long for Wendy to reach her breaking point. She grabbed two handfuls of golden hair and pulled up hard. Pacifica screamed into Wendy’s sex, and the vibrations sent the redhead over the edge into a crashing orgasm. “You fucking whore!” she screamed, riding Pacifica’s face as hard as she could, drawing out the absolutely depraved pleasure she felt from using this little girl as a living sex toy.

Legs shaking, Wendy climbed off of Pacifica and got up to her feet, holding onto the same post Pacifica was tied to. “Fuck me, that was good,” she panted. Pacifica seemed to have a different opinion, though. Anyone who knew the smug, snotty little rich girl probably wouldn’t have recognized her as she cried like a baby, with long, tearing wails of pure misery. Her make-up was smeared all across her face, wet and shiny from spit and Wendy’s nectar. Her tears and mascara were running in dark trails down the sides of her head, and her long blonde hair was wild and tangled.

“Why...*hic!* Why did you do that to meeeeee?” Pacifica sobbed, turning on her side and curling into a ball.

Wendy still didn’t completely trust her legs, so she sat heavily on the mattress next to the crying girl. She reached out and stroked her hand gently along Pacifica’s bare arm, which just made the little girl shudder and cry even harder. “I warned you,” Wendy said, keeping her voice gentle. “I told you it would be so much worse if you tried to fight.”

“I didn’t do anything to you!” Pacifica cried out in a strangled voice, hiding her face with her hands.

“Ohhh...” Wendy smirked. “You wanna know why I’m here in the first place. No, you didn’t do anything to me. But you’re a real bitch to a friend of mine.”

Pacifica’s crying faded into quiet sniffling as she peeked through her hands and really looked at Wendy for the first time. “I..I know you! You work at that Shack place Mabel’s uncle owns!” Her voice quavered weakly, and Wendy could see her arm shaking as she tried to prop herself up into a sitting position, only to fall back on her side.

“That’s right,” Wendy agreed.

“ can’t...”

“Honey,” Wendy said, ruffling Pacifica’s hair in an affectionate, proprietary way. “Don’t even bother. You’re not gonna tell anyone. Let me show you why....”

It didn’t take long to set up. Wendy had noticed a little desk-sized phone tripod on Pacifica’s desk, probably for selfies. After giving Pacifica some instructions, Wendy put her own phone in the tripod and started recording video. She returned to the bed and sat on the edge, Pacifica in her lap, legs spread. She tore a hole in the black leggings, putting the blonde girl’s perfect little pussy on display.

“Now you’re gonna say what I tell you to say,” Wendy whispered, gently kneading Pacifica’s little mound with her fingertips, “or I’m going to stop playing around and hurt you for real. Got it?”

That threat was enough to get Pacifica crying again. “Please please please don’t,” she pleaded desperately, “please just leave me alone…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry...don’t...please...”

Wendy loved comforting her victims. Just like she did with Mabel, she cuddled Pacifica close. The blonde girl actually seemed to lean into the embrace, and Wendy wondered how much physical affection Pacifica ever actually got. “Shhh, Paz, honey...shhhh...I keep telling you, it’s so much easier if you don’t fight. Just be a good girl and it’ll be over, okay? I promise.”

Pacifica nodded, sniffling. “Okay...yeah. Okay.” Laying out the situation in terms of a deal was the right call. Pacifica found it easier to wrap her head around that.

Wendy gave her a little kiss on the cheek. “That’s better. Now, look at the camera.” Wendy gently molested Pacifica, fingertips probing her pussy while her other hand lightly toyed with the tiny, soft bumps on her chest.

She whispered into Pacifica’s ear. Pacifica cleared her throat, took a deep breath and said, “Hi Gravity Falls. I’m Pacifica Northwest and...” Wendy’s next whisper made her wince. “And...I...just got...” A choked sob escaped her. “I just got...raped. By another girl,” she said in a soft, shamed tone.

The next whisper brought a stricken look to her face, but she obediently repeated the words. “I loved it!” she cried, her naked body shaking against Wendy’s. “I loved being a dumb...oh god...blonde f...fucktoy!”

Wendy couldn’t help herself. She started playing with Pacifica more seriously, lightly pinching her tiny, puffy nipples, rubbing her fingers up and down her slit. She could feel wetness starting to spread there and knew Pacifica was starting to feel it, despite herself. She whispered into Pacifica’s ear again.

Now Pacifica was really weeping again, making the words almost impossible to make out, but she pushed ahead, obviously desperate for it to be over. “If...if you like...what you see...please...please come and rape me, too! I can’t waiiiiiit!” With a last wail she covered her face with her hands again, her small body wracked with anguish.

Wendy gave Pacifica one last squeeze before pushing her off her lap. She stood, pulled her jeans on, and put her phone in her pocket. She pulled her bra and shirt back on, but before buttoning it back up, went back to the bed where Pacifica still lay crying softly. “See, not so bad, right?” she said with a triumphant smile. “So there you go. If you try and get back at me or Mabel for this, I swear every person in Gravity Falls will see your little speech. Every. Single. One.”

Pacifica nodded, not looking up, her haunted eyes a million miles away. “I get it. I won’t tell.”

Wendy smirked. “I know.” The redhead buttoned her shirt back up and left Pacifica alone, just like she promised.

Not that she wouldn’t come back.

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