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Winters in the South Pole were the harshest in the world. Zuko had known that when this diplomatic visit had been scheduled. His timetable for later in the year was simply too full to put it off and failing to travel there would be a grave insult to the Southern Water Tribe. With the relationship between the Fire Nation and her Southern neighbors easily the most fraught, Zuko couldn't afford such a step backward. 

His royal procession had never made it to the tribe capital of Tapessa, an early snow had stopped their progress almost immediately upon arrival to the south. Despite only being 10 miles away, the trek there would be deadly in a storm. 

The fishing village they had landed at was happy to make accommodations for the Fire Nation visitors, surprising since the last time Zuko was here he had threatened these very people. It was much bigger than a year ago, with the war over many refugees and warriors had returned. His men were safe in converted stables and more friendly villagers took so into their homes. Water Tribe hospitality ensured his people wouldn't freeze tonight.

And so, here he was in the village of Katovik, Sakka and Katara's hometown, packed into their modest qarmaq. The sisters' childhood home was a small one-room structure made of wood, whalebone, and packed ice. Carved bone decorated the walls and animals made for a soft carpet. In the center was a fire pit with a grill and chimney, for cooking and heating. A small bookcase and table were off to one side, clearly where the children had practiced math and rhetoric and, small old toys sat in the corner. The place was quite modest indeed, yet Zuko feel the love and happy memories shared here. It was obviously more of a home than the Royal Palace could ever be.

"Alrighty, Sparky, make yourself at home. " Sakka exclaimed as she shucked her heavy parka and threw it onto a wooden chair. She then busied here self looking for something in a chest across the room. She put out a couple of sparking stones and went to try and start a fire in the pit. 
"Damnit...come on! Ughh it's not going. Maybe these have gone bad or something." The frustration in her voice was evident. She kept trying to light the wood to no avail.

"Sakka, how on earth could rocks go bad?" Katara asked from across the room, as she picked up her sister's discarded parka and hung it from a hook on the wall. "I don't KNOW Katara, but these stupid things aren't working!"

Finally, Zuko took pity on his overzealous friend and lit the firepit himself. "As funny as that was, it's really cold in here." He spoke with good humor but, in truth, Zuko hadn't been this freezing since diving into the waters of the North Pole. 'How can anyone stand this? I knew the tribals were tough but, this is ridiculous.'

"If you think it's cold now just wait until nightfall, you'll be begging for it to be as warm as right now. " Sakka smirked at the Fire Lord as his face filled with dread.

Zuko turned to Katara, hoping the more reasonable sister would reveal the mean prank, unfortunately, his hopes were dashed by the serious look on her face. "She's right, tonights gonna be rough but, we'll make do." The younger girl started laying out the utensils for their meal from a small cabinet. Sakka reached into an ice box and pulled free what Zuko recognized was a large turtle-seal's fin, the other things she grabbed he couldn't identify.

"Get comfortable Zuko, dinner will be ready in just a bit. " Katara spoke over her shoulder busy preparing the food. The firebender began to remove his cloak, and his decorative armor, which he placed neatly in a corner. He sat beside a low table just as they were placing the meal out. 'That really was fast'

The dinner was all fare Zuko had never tried. Sakka had split the turtle-seal fin into three even pieces and was warming a loaf of bannock on the grill, a bowl of plump kiri berries sat on the table, and Katara brought over a plate with muktuk, boiled snow goose eggs, and raw walrus-bear ribs. To drink they had a large jug of red cherry wine they had brought home with them from Ba Sing Se.

While the young made was used to eating various sushi dishes uncooked, eating animal flesh raw was only common among the Bhanti islanders in the Fire Nation, but he wouldn't be ungrateful. The three teens dug into the meal, conversing on the waylaid delegation Zuko had meant to attend. 

After they finished eating they decided to play a few rounds of cards. They talked and laughed as they slowly emptied the jug of wine, their faces blushing red with intoxication. As the night wore on the conversation drifted into a more suggestive tone.

"Man, I really wish Suki were here, I'm so lonely. I haven't gotten off in forever." Sakka was leaning heavily against Zuko now, exposing her cards and a fair bit of cleavage.

"Sakka, I don't wanna think about you having sex, you're my sister!" Katara nagged her face turning even redder. 'She and Suki do look pretty hot making out, though' Almost reading her sister's mind Sakka continued on.

"Come on, Suki and me, we're sexy babes! All the guys come flirt with us when we're out. Zuko, we're hot, right?" Sakka threw an arm over her fiery friend's shoulder.

"Uh, yeah, super hot." Zuko almost facepalmed at his awkward reply.

"I bet you just love having my girlfriend all to yourself, don't you? Ordering her around, making her do whatever you want. I'm sure you're taking advantage of my Suki, aren't you?" Sakka was laying across Zuko's lap now looking up at him, a bemused smile betraying her accusation.

Before he could answer, Katara spoke up. "Zuko wouldn't do that...would you? She looked up at the young man with wide blue eyes. "No, I woul-" Sakka quickly cut him off. 

"Oh, yes he would! The sexy Fire Lord and bodyguard babe? It's just too good to pass up. I bet Zuko has poor Suki on her knees whenever he wants. Pulling her into empty rooms to fuck her, just out of sight from the other Kyoshi warriors, making her beg to serve as your cocksleeve." Zuko was fully erect now, his hard cock pressed against Sakka's back. 'I really hope she can't feel that.'

"Zuko how could you?" Katara seemed scandalized to hear he would abuse his power over a girl. "I guess you haven't changed that much after all, just taking whatever you want." She turned her nose up at him. Zuko was about to protest his innocence but, the smile on her face showed she was just playing along. She had moved closer to Zuko as well, under the guise of fixing herself another drink. Sakka had pulled herself further into Zuko's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. With nowhere else to go, he placed his hands on her hips.

"You like fucking my girlfriend, don't you, stealing her away from me? I bet the next time I see her she's addicted to your dick." Sakka's lips were close to his now, her scent fogging his brain. Katara leaned her head on Zuko's shoulder and was looking up at him with lust-filled eyes. Her hand was between her legs rubbing softly as she quietly whimpered. 'I need to put an end to this, how am I gonna speak with Chief Hakoda tomorrow otherwise.'

"Hey, it's really cold in here. " Zuko interjected suddenly, deftly changing the subject. The firepit was nothing but embers, if it weren't for a few lit candles it'd be pitch black in the room.  The teens realized they'd neglected the fire and it was bone-cold in the small qarmaq.

"Damnit, we weren't paying attention. G-good job, Katara!" Sakka hiccuped as she blamed the younger teen. She stood up and went to add wood to the pit, ending the erotic moment.

"Howzit my fault?" Katara slurred slightly, having drunk the least but, having the lowest tolerance by far. "If you hadn't been so busy flirting with Zuko, maybe you could have been watching the fire."  The waterbender hated when her sister bucked responsibility.

"It's getting late, maybe we should go to sleep?" Zuko suggested hoping to stop an argument before it started. He used firebending to intensify the flame. It was late and they would likely have a long day digging the village out in the bitter cold.

"Yeah, good idea. Get naked" Sakka stated simply as she began to disrobe. 

"Excuse me?" Zuko was completely caught off guard. Beside him, Katara was also stripping out of her blue tunic. Right before his eyes tanned, lithe figures were being exposed.

"As cold as it is, we'll have to share body heat. It's really no big deal" Katara explained to the dumbfounded Fire Lord. Sakka removed her chest bindings and her breasts bounce free. They were far larger than Zuko had ever realized and capped with brown nipples. Katara's more modest chest was still quite nice though, Zuko thought before mentally kicking himself.

Sakka was down to her white fundoshi, which Zuko had seen plenty during their beach party. She removed that as well, revealing an unshaven but, not unkempt pussy. Clearly, Sakka had abandoned shaving in her separation from her girlfriend. Her thighs shone with moisture in the light of the fire, the dirty talk from earlier having gotten her very excited. Zuko licked his lips imagining her taste.

Katara was next, her tiny pussy was free of hair, her lips slightly swollen from her earlier kneading. The two teenage sisters were utterly gorgeous, Sakka was curvy and buxom, and Katara was lithe and petite. They were the perfect picture of young Water Tribe beauty. Zuko couldn't help but stare.

"Come on, Zuko, we don't have all day." The two girls came to either side of the young man and started to disrobe him. As Sakka unbuttoned his undershirt, she ran he hands over his firm chest, admiring his muscles. Katara undid his belt and lower his pants and underclothes. With that, his semi-hard cock bobbed into view, slinging a strand of precum across her thighs. 

"Woah!" "Dang" Both girls exclaimed at the sight of his huge dick. 'There's no way there're supposed to be this big!' Katara thought, seeing a man's cock for the first time. 'I figured Zuko was packing, but this is nuts, he's way bigger than any of Suki's straps' Sakka had been with a few boys before but, none came close to the Fire Lord.

"Well, we should get some sleep." Katara broke the silence and headed toward the bed. It was a large wood and whalebone frame covered in a mountain of furs, blankets, and pillows. Katara slipped in first, Zuko behind her and Sakka bringing up the rear.

"We'll have to keep close to stay warm." Sakka's voice was right in Zuko's ear as she pressed her large tits firmly to his back. Katara then, wiggled backward so her ass was in Zuko's lap. "Goodnight, guys." No sooner than the words had left her mouth, Sakka was out like a light, snoring loudly, dead to the world.

"Night, Zuko" Katara whispered him front of him, her back to his chest. Zuko had never been both more and also less comfortable. He wasn't sure he'd get any sleep like this at all.


It turns out he was correct, two hours later, Zuko was very much awake. The water tribe siblings were happily slumbering, but his blood was pumping a mile a minute. Both sisters were active sleepers, writhing against him in their sleep. His fully erect cock was now sandwiched between Katara's cheeks, every shift she made buried him deeper. Sakka's arm was over his side, squeezing him tight like a plush doll, adding to his arousal.

'This is torture, I have to be strong and calm down. Be a leaf, like Uncle always said.' Thinking of Iroh did help bring him down somewhat, but being wedged between two squirming teens was more than any man could resist, no matter how noble. 'I'm losing my mind.'

Katara shifted again and his cock moved away from her ass, granting Zuko some relief. Unfortunately, it was short-lived, for when she settled his cock was engulfed by her thighs, the heat of her pussy exquisite on his raging erection. 'Worse, this is worse'

Wetness coated his cock and he gave an involuntary buck of the hips, his member seeking the warmth of her mound of its own accord. Katara sleepily responded by wiggling back against him, running her pussy back and forth over the topside of his cock. 'I'm surely going to the deepest of the Eighteen Hells for this, I know it' Zuko was mad with lust, he couldn't stop himself from grinding against his sleeping friend. His hands grasped Katara's round hips and when he looked beneath the furs to see her soft ass pressed hard against his pelvis, he pumped into the space between her thighs.

Katara let out a soft moan of pleasure in her sleep and began grinding harder against the firebender. Zuko groaned at her actions and continued to thrust against her soaked pussy. As he was giving in to the forbidden pleasure, a soft hand began to massage his chest. Zuko realized at once he could no longer hear Sakka's snoring. 'She's awake! She's awake and I'm dead.'

Sakka's hand ran small circles over Zuko's chest and then descended toward his cock. Once she reached it, she grasped and began to stroke the mighty shaft. That it was utterly coated in Katara's juice didn't seem to bother her. Up and down, she slowly caressed his hard manhood. Then she placed the head of cock right at Katara's unsuspecting pussy, and hot girlcum oozed over him, preparing his dick for the inevitable.

"Do it" A voice whispered in the dark, whether it was Sakka or Katara, Zuko didn't know but, either way, he couldn't deny the order. Guided by Sakka's firm grip he thrust gently into Katara's heat. 

"Oooh" Katara moaned shamelessly, if she had been still asleep, the feeling of being impaled on Zuko's rock-hard cock was more than enough to wake her. She was unbelievably tight but, her slickness eased his passage into her depths. He bottomed out in her tiny pussy with several inches of cock to spare, but he didn't wish to hurt her. Her cunt was almost painfully stretched around his rod.

Zuko pulled back leaving only the knob of his cock inside, then gradually pumped back in, prompting a louder moan from the waterbender. He repeated the action again and again until he was pumping quickly into the teen. His hands clutched her hips hard, as he cut loose on his friend.

"My girlfriend wasn't enough for you, jerkbender. You've got to fuck my sister? What kind of bro are you?" Sakka spoke into his ear, her hands stroking up and down his sides. 

"You're next, so get ready. " Zuko growled like a beast as he rut into the young girl. "You two have been teasing me all night and it's time you pay the price for tempting the Fire Lord!" He pushed Katara over onto her back and hooked her legs over his shoulders, cock never once leaving her. "AAahhh OH SPIRITS!!" Katara moaned like a whore as Zuko took her harder and faster. His golden eyes stared down relentlessly into her blue, tolerating nothing but full surrender to his cock.

Sakka laid down next to her sister, fingers working into her drenched muff. She reached over with her other hand and grasped Katara's entwining fingers as the younger teen got plowed by their older friend.  "This is how a man takes a woman, Katara! THIS IS WHAT WE"RE FOR!" Sakka's old yielding to Water Tribe custom normally frustrated her sister but, now it was what she needed to push her over the edge. 

"YYYEEESSS!! FUCK YES, I'M YOURS, ZUKO!!" Katara cried as her pussy clenched hard on his pistoning cock. Her twitching cunt shot a jet of clear girl-cum over his dick, drenching his abs and balls. 

"FUCKING TAKE IT!! Zuko roared like a tigerdillo, as he erupted in her hole. Thick cords of jizz filled her tight passage, overflowing her abused cunny and spilling over her thighs. Load after load shot into the girl, who was currently screaming herself hoarse. If it weren't for the raging storm outside, the how village would be aware of what was happening in this home. The young man's orgasm finally finished, he pulled out of Katara slowly, her quivering cunt not wanting to give him up.

When his cock was free, Sakka quickly took his place between Katara's legs, mouth poised to prevent the deluge to ruin their bed's furs.  Katara moaned in pleasure as her sister's tongue pierce her freshly fucked pussy, slurping Zuko's load from every inch. Time with the Kyoshi warriors had clearly served her well, as soon Katara was sobbing her sister's name. The sight of the sapphic act had Zuko's cock, slick with pussy juice, aching.

Sakka looked over her shoulder at the Fire Lord and wiggled her upturned ass in his direction. With that being more than enough invitation, Zuko took his place behind the kneeling warrior. Once he spread her cheeks though, a sudden impulse struck him, and instead of placing the head of his cock at her waiting pussy, he aimed for her puckered asshole.

"Wait, what are you...DOOOING?!" Sakka yelped as Zuko thrust hard into her ass, the combined mixture of Katara and his cum allowing for surprisingly effortless time. He gripped her curved hips and began to pump hard into the stunned teen. *CLAP CLAP CLAP* His hips met her ass with such force, that the bed creaked and shook, threatening to fall apart.

"THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU TEMPT A DRAGON!" He smacked Sakka's ass hard, as she moaned into her sister's pussy. He reached down and pulled on her wolf's tail, forcing her to face him. Her blue eyes were rolled back, and drool and Zuko's cum dripped from her hanging tongue, but her hips push back to meet his every thrust as if they had a mind of their own. He pushed her face back into Katara's pussy.

"YOU WERE RIGHT, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I DO TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND. EVERY SINGLE DAY I FUCK SUKI IN FRONT OF HER SUBORDINATES AND SHE BEGS ME FOR MORE. SHE BELONGS TO ME, AND NOW SO DO BOTH OF YOU!!!" Zuko bellowed as he buried himself as deep as he could into Sakka's guts and let loose the largest load she'd ever taken. Jet after jet surged into her. The Water Tribe warrior screamed into her sister's cunt, her untouched pussy squirt a flood of girlcum, as her toes curled and her body went rigid. Her moans brought Katara back over the top and she filled her sister's mouth with cum.

Zuko pump his hips until every ounce of his load was deposited safely into the girl. Once he pulled free, her once tight hole struggle to close from the vicious plundering it suffered. Sakka crawled forward and collapsed on top of Katara, both girls panting like sled hounds. Zuko fell next to them, thoroughly out of breath.

"Are you two okay?" Zuko glanced over at them slightly worried.

"I-I'm doing great, buddy. " Sakka answered her voice unsteady, but quite pleased. From beneath her, buried in her sister's tits Katara gave an okay sign with her hand, slowing she was a least among the living.

"Good, good." Exhausted Zuko closed his eyes and sleep took him.

The next morning, the three teens awoke naked, intertwined, and two of them with wicked hangovers. A short glance out the qarmaq's window showed the village was utterly buried in snow. Outside the villagers and Fire Nation troops set to work clearing the town square. The three dragged themselves out of bed and into clothes.

"Well, that was one hell of a night." Sakka stretched at immediately began eating some seal jerky to had stocked away. She tried to ignore her throbbing head and vowed to stay away from any more cherry wine.

"With the Northern Water Tribe benders, we'll be on our way to Tapessa in no time." Katara was practically glowing, having drank less that night, and had a good night's rest after vigorous fucking, she couldn't be in a better mood. 

Zuko's head was pounding, but more than that he was lost in thought. "Zuko, you okay?" Katara asked him wearily, fearing maybe he regretted what they did last night.

"Yeah, it's just I'm a few hours away from meeting with your Father, the CHIEF OF THE SOUTHERN WATER TRIBE, and I just fucked both of his daughters. How am I gonna look him in the eye? What if he can tell? He could have me thrown in an Ice cell!" Zuko looked panicked. 

Sakka and Katara laughed at him. "Sorry, can't really help you there, buddy. You're just gonna have to own it. Maybe Dad will respect it." Sakka offered.

"Really?" Zuko wondered, not sure of the Water tribe's customs regarding unmarried intimacy.

"Nah you're screwed." Sakka laughed again, pulling her parka on over her head. 

"Come on, guys. We've got work to do." Katara lead them towards the door.

"Hey, Zuko, you were just kidding about having sex with Suki, right?" Zuko looked up at Sakka 
and smirked before heading out the door.

"R-right? Hey! I'm asking you a question!" The three friends joined the village in clearing the snow.



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