Youth is A Not So Fleeting Thing

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The day after wrecking Chan's party and his house was much more relaxing than one would expect. The four teens spent most of the morning lounging in the beach house after eating breakfast and finally decided to hit the festival in the afternoon, Li and Lo having opted to stay behind. 

The conquest of Be Sing Sae was cause for much celebration across the Fire Nation, and Ember Island was no different. Always a resort town, the island had been transformed into a veritable bacchanal. Streamers hung from every building, alcohol flowed from every tap, and sales were had at every shop. So it was that the teens found themselves wandering the endless delights of the revelry.

"This is so great, I've never seen the island so full of people, and their auras are off the charts!" Ty Lee skipped happily from stall to stall, eyes pouring over everything. The pink gymnast already had bags of purchases, both hers and Azula's, in one hand, and a cone of fairy floss in the other.

Azula followed after her friend, her gait at a much more controlled pace, examining various goods for their quality, just because it was a special occasion doesn't mean she would settle for anything other than the best.

Zuko and Mai brought up the rear, strolling through the stands at a leisurely pace. After their dramatic flare-up the night before, they were doing much better. Clearing the air by the bonfire had helped all four of them get on the same page. With a cooler head, Zuko had even found a few gifts for Mai that she wouldn't obviously hate. 'What was I thinking, she would never want some stupid seashell. Mai has never been like other girls. That's why I love her.' 

In his bag, were a silver and polished black iron wolf-bat necklace, a burgundy sheer sleeveless wrap, and two tickets to the Endless Mourning Choir, not Zuko's favorite music, but Mai loved them. 'She'll love all this stuff for sure.'

The teens continued through the fairgrounds market, praising some goods and mocking others. Suddenly a barker caught their, i.e., Ty Lee's attention.

"Why hello My beautiful young lady, are you interested in the rarest goods of this world?" The bearded old man asked the acrobat, a glint in his eye. He knew a mark when he saw one. 

"Am I? Rare goods sound pretty nice!" The girl followed the old man back into his shop. The three other teens sighed and trailed in after her. To the man's credit, the out-of-the-way store did contain all manner of strange artifacts none of them could identify. Ancient sets of armor, fine jewelry, once beautiful now tarnished by centuries, archaic contraptions, the use of which has been lost to time. The grand centerpiece of the shop was an enormous Dragon skull, gilded and encrusted with gems. The only such a fine thing had never been stolen, was it likely weighed thousands of pounds. 

Ty Lee oohed and ahhed over every little thing, bouncing throughout the shop. Mai ran her fingers over a pair of vintage daggers, Zuko, a collection of classical plays, Azula inspected the Dragon head, she could, of course, afford it, but where would put it and how would she justify the expense to her father. Normally he wouldn't care what she did with her money, but this decoration is something he would surely have to see as well.

"Ooh, what's this? Ty lee asked, having made her way to the counter, where a large rock sat. It looked like a common piece of polished stone, but there was something about it that drew the eye.

"Ah yes, you have a discerning eye, my young friend. This is a one-of-a-kind wishing stone. They are remnants of the ancient world, cast off by powerful luck spirits. Any wish cast upon it will invariably come true." 
The old man rattled off more history of the stone, and where they come from, but three of the teens had already tuned him out. "A wishing stone? How stupid does he think we are? Who in the world would fall for something like this?" Zuko whispered to Azula.
"No one, of course, that's why it's still here." The siblings chuckled under their breath at the foolish old man. He would be getting any gold from them.

"INCREDIBLE! A stone that grants any wish?! Guys? We could wish for the war to be over, to end hunger, or for a bunch of money. I have to get this!" Ty Lee gushed loudly over the possibilities, as her friends groaned in embarrassment. 

"How much for it?!" Ty lee had her purse out and open.
"For you, my pretty friend, a small price, say 500 gold pieces.
"Ridiculous! 500 hundred gold for a rock?!" Azula exclaimed at the gouging the man was attempting on her friend/goon. Ty lee certainly had the funds, but without going home and making up with her family, she was on a budget.

 "Azula, it's a small price to pay for a free wish." Ty lee justified as she counted out the money and handed it to the grinning old man. He handed the heavy stone to Zuko, who dutifully carried the burden for the rest of the afternoon, only occasionally complaining.


With their haul, the teens returned to the beach house for dinner. Li and Lo were lounging at the low table, playing paisho and smoking opium. 
"Welcome home, children." They said in unison. "Did you bring us anything?" They asked, with smirks, having guessed the answer. The teens looked at one another.

"Sorry, but we didn't think to." Zuko apologized to their elderly guardians. "How rude, back in our day, young people still respected the older generation. " Lo complained in good humor.

"Such a shame, we would never think to return from a trip without bringing something to Uncle Sozin." Li shook her head at them.

"Alright alright, you old biddies, let's eat." Azula ended the conversation, tired of being chastised.

They sat down to have dinner,  a meal of smoked fish, rice, and steamed vegetables. Zuko also brought out three bottles of Ember Island wine he'd purchased. They ate and conversed about their purchases. Mai did, in fact, appreciate the gifts Zuko had gotten her. She almost gushed at the tickets for the choir. 

"I bought a magic rock that grants any wish!" Ty lee spoke excitedly. The moment those words left her mouth she frowned slightly. "You think it'll work right?" She asked with a concerned look. She sat the large stone on the table in front of her.

"Of course, it's not going to work!" Azula exclaimed, angry at her stupidity. "You wasted so much of your vacation funds. Don't think you can freeload off me, either."

"What were you going to wish for anyway?" Mai asked her. Ty lee was the poorest of them, but it was only relative, she was still a noble by birth, and in the personal entourage of the royal family. Money wasn't that much of a concern for her, even without her mother's backing.

"I was gonna wish to be slightly taller than my sisters, so no one would mistake me for them." Everyone in the room looked at her blandly.
"Well, it's good this thing doesn't work because that's stupid." Azula sipped her wine, ignoring Ty Lee's hurt feelings.

"Well. it's quite a lovely rock, Ty Lee, so don't feel too bad." I tried to assuage the depressed girl. The twins eyed the rock warily, feeling its strange pull.

"Oh I know, you two can have it! I felt bad about not getting you something, anyway." Ty Lee's mood brightened at the idea.
"Are you sure? We were just joking about you kids not getting us anything." Lo explained

"No, it's fine. It could be a nice decorative piece for your manse back home." The old women looked at each other and shrugged. "Well, thank you very much, young one. We appreciate it." Lo held the stone in her hands examining it. Li's fingers ran along its edge.
"What would you two wish for?" Zuko asked on his fourth glass of wine. He was sure to be hungover in the morning.
"That's easy, we wish to be young, beautiful teenagers again!!" The old women cackled, both of them touching the stone.

"I still can't believe you two ever looked like that picture." Mai swirled her glass, looking bored. "Are you sure that artist's rendition wasn't just flattery?

"Hey! I'll have you know, we were regular heartbreakers. The two of us stole many noble ladies' boyfriends right out from under them. You should count your lucky stars we aren't younger, or we'd snatch the young Prince from you with no effort." As the two laughed loudly, the teenagers all blanched.

"Well, that's enough of THAT for one night. Everyone go to bed, we have the other half of the shops to explore tomorrow." Azula commanded her friends and brother. She turned and left the room without waiting for a response.
"Uh, how much shopping do you intend to do?" Zuko complained after her, still drinking. "You have enough stuff already."

"You can never have enough stuff, Zuko. I missed having a bunch of stuff when I was with the circus. Night, everyone!" Ty Lee got up and went to washup for the evening.
"You and I can get away from them and find something better to do." Mai kissed Zuko goodnight and joined Azula and Ty Lee.

"Rest well, Prince Zuko. It sounds like you'll have another busy day, come morning. Try not to get too whiffled." The elders laughed again as they left Zuko alone in the den, drinking by himself.


"GET UP, DumDum!" Azula pushed against  Zuko's unresponsive body, sprawled across his bed, appearing dead if not for his snoring.

"He finished the last bottle by himself. He's not going anywhere." Mai was a little annoyed at being stuck without him for the morning. Azula gave up and flipped his covers back onto him.
"Maybe we should wake Li and Lo, so they can come with us for breakfast." Ty Lee suggested, her stomach rumbling.

"No, they're ancient, let them sleep in. Besides, someone will have to take care of Zuzu when he wakes. Now let's go." The three girls left the sleeping boy's room and headed out into town.

Light crept through the window of Li and Lo's boudoir, and though not firebenders, the sunrise normally wakes the people of the Fire Nation.

Li opened her eyes and stretched, feeling more rejuvenated than she had in years. She stood and didn't feel the aching in her knees or the crick in her back. With a dramatic sigh of satisfaction, she walked toward the washroom. She looked into the mirror and...

"AAahhh!!" Lo bolted upright quickly, perhaps faster than she ought to at her age, she thought. She rushed to the washroom to see what was wrong and saw something she could never have expected.

Before her was herself, which she expected, being a twin and all. What she didn't expect was seeing a version of herself that was long gone. Li stood staring in the mirror appearing the same as they had at 16, which was 70 years ago. 

"By the spirits, what happened to you, Li?" She realized her own voice sounded different. Her twin turned to face her and then covered her mouth in shock. 
"What happened to you, too?" Lo's eyes widened at her words and she looked into the mirror as well seeing a matching face. Her hands reached up to caress her skin, as soft and taut as she remembered. Their hair long since gone gray had returned to the silky black of their youth. Their full firm breasts bounced with every movement. Their wrinkled, bent bodies, were once again curvy and young. They're nightclothes no longer fit, and were practically falling off of them.

"We're young again! How did this..." Both realized at once, what had happened. "Ty Lee's wishing stone, it actually worked!! We touched it as we wished to be young again." They could hardly believe it. Ty Lee had given them a gift unlike any other.

"We are so sexy, this is wonderful! Imagine the fun we'll have this time around!" Li was always the one quicker to process. And how right she was. In their youth, the two had been goddesses of the court and the capital's bawdy nightlife. So few remain that remember that, though, the two having outlived most of their peers.

"Imagine the looks on the girls' faces when they get back."Lo couldn't wait to flaunt their stunning bodies in front of them, for their beauty outstrip even Azula's. Their figures, while much younger, were much more developed than any of the three.

"Ha, and what does Lady Mai know? We look better than that old painting could ever capture!" Li laughed sharply at the younger girl's expense. At that, the pair's eyes widened, as they each came up with the same idea.

"Perhaps we should teach her a lesson about underestimating us. Young Zuko is still here, isn't he?" Devious smiles split their lovely faces, as they walked toward the sleeping Prince's bedroom. Inside Zuko was dead to the world, the wine he'd finished alone overcoming the teen. But not for long.

Never ones to waste time, they pull back the blanket over him. Lo slides up beside him on the bed, and the bolder Li takes residence right on his lap. No longer ancient, the two look upon him with new eyes. 

Zuko is handsome of course, but they never noticed just how good-looking he's become. The dangerous young man's hunky form lit a fire in the young women. Lo runs her hands over his abs in his open shirt, feeling the muscle beneath. Li clutches his arm and presses her face against his neck. All this brings Zuko out of his slumber.

"W-what's going on? WHO ARE YOU?" Zuko demands, attempting to buck Li off, and instead grinding hard against her. Li moaned softly, becoming wet at his struggles.

"Calm yourself, Prince Zuko. It's us, Lo and Li" Lo answers from his side, still kissing up his neck. The smell of a virile man filled her nose. She missed this more than she realized.

"What are you talking about? Lo and Li are old enough to be my grandmothers. How could you be them? Confusion painted Zuko's face, but he made no move to escape their grasp. He might have a girlfriend, but he was only human and two beauties throwing themselves at him is hard to reject.

"It would seem Lady Ty Lee's wishing stone was real. We wished on it, do you remember?"  Li stared down at the Prince, her dark eyes clouded with lust.  Zuko could feel the heat of her wet pussy through his thin night pants. He became painfully erect at the feeling.

"You wished to be young again. " Zuko spoke with wonder. "I can't believe it, things like this aren't possible." But he did believe it,  they looked just the same as the picture hanging in the other room. 
"And that doesn't explain what you're doing in here!" He added, all the while the twins writhed against him. He placed his feel hand on Li waist, hoping to steady her, instead his touch spurred her to hump harder against his hard cock. He groaned in pleasure.

"We were hoping you could help us, dear Prince. Our young bodies are so hungry for something we haven't had in years. Please won't you give it to us?" Lo nibbled on Zuko's ear as she begged for his cock. He couldn't help thrusting up against Li making her gasp, wetness seeped into his pants.

"I...shouldn't...uh...Mai." the young prince could hardly finish a sentence with the twins leaving hot, wet kisses over his neck and torso. Li hand reached down to free his pulsing shaft and press him to her pussy, only her thin, loose underwear separating him from her hot slit.

"You are CROWN PRINCE, in our day, royals could take as many lovers as they pleased. Show Lady Mai her place, I'm sure she'll fall in line." Li's voice reminded Zuko that they were the ones that taught Azula what she knows about manipulation. He also found thinking of his sister in this situation only made him harder.

Lo moved Li's panties aside and grasped Zuko's hard cock. A sizzling drop of pre rolled down her fingers, as she placed him at her sister's entrance. Zuko hissed at Li sunk down on his shaft, and impaled herself on him. 

The elder twin moaned in ecstasy, being fucked for the first time in decades. She was tight and slippery, everything he missed since his time in Ba Sing Sae with Jin. Zuko and Mai hadn't gotten to this stage yet. He hadn't wanted to rush her, but he would be lying if he said he wasn't backed up. Now, Mai's squeamishness was to Li and Lo's advantage. Without her knowledge, her boyfriend was plowing another woman.

"OOOohh GODS, YES!! I"VE MISSED THIS!" Li wailed as Zuko pulled her up and down hard on his throbbing member. Her loose robe came open and her bouncing tits came into view. Zuko pressed his face between them, kissing and licking her cleavage as he railed her.

 Beside them, Lo had one hand between her legs, fingers thrusting in and out, and the other against her sister's abdomen, feeling Zuko's long cock form a bulge in her stomach.

Heavy moans filled the beach house, and Zuko's inner fire filled the room with steam. After only a few minutes of harsh treatment at Zuko's mercy, Li came hard on his cock. Her tight walls rippled and clenched on his shaft, and syruplike cum dripped from her pussy. Zuko fought off his own orgasm, not even close to done with the two.

Before she'd even come down from her high, Zuko placed Li on her knees and began to take her from behind. CRACK Li howled in pleasure, as he brought a heated hand down on her ass, leaving a red handprint on her pale flesh. He smacked her again and again until her ass was a bright shade of red.

"You wicked sluts! Convincing me to cheat on my girlfriend! Some advisors you are. All you can do is think with these cunts of yours!" Zuko pulled Lo up against him and shoved three fingers into her sopping pussy. The younger twin sobbed in rapture and clutched his broad shoulders.

As he continued to fuck them both, three familiar figures were walking toward the beach house. Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee returned from breakfast, to see if Zuko was up yet. 

"Ahh, that was so good!" The girls had stopped in a cute little restaurant by the sea and had grilled fish, miso soup, and tamagoyaki. They chatted and sipped coffee for a while and bought some to go for Zuko and their guardians. 

Approaching the house, they could hear noise from the windows. The three girls frowned as they reached the entrance, the moans of women unmistakable. A bolt of dread shot through Mai's heart, and even Azula hesitated to open the door. Finally, she did and a wave of steam poured out, they were struck by the smell of heavy sex, not that any of them were familiar with it.

They crept through the house toward Zuko's room, and there he was, his cock ramming into one young woman, his tongue down the throat of another. A quiet gasp tore from Mai's mouth, as she dropped the food she had brought home to her boyfriend.

A surprising wave of sympathy came to Azula, as she glanced at her betrayed friend. And then, anger at her faithless brother. How dare he! And how dare these stupid, nameless, trollops! Who are they to touch HER brother and cuckold HER friend! They would pay. And where on earth were Li and Lo?!

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Azula demanded loudly, the three on the bed looking up in her direction. One of the worthless whores, the one Zuko wasn't fucking, had the audacity to smile as she disentangled herself from him and got off the bed, disheveled nightclothes hanging from her body.

"Good morning, Princess Azula. How was your breakfast? My sister and I are merely keeping your brother company since you left him all alone." The half-dressed teenager greeted Azula as if greeting a child. 'This fool wishes to die, clearly. She knows who I am and she dares to speak to me with such familiarity.' Azula sneered in her mind.

AHH! FUCK!! YEESSS!!Z-ZUKOO!!" All the while, Zuko continued to fuck the other twin, no shame resided on his face. Azula looked on at her brother plowing the girl and felt a blush spread on her face at watching this. She knew no small amount of women desired Zuko, but she never expected he would give in or that he could find such beauties in the hour they were gone.

"Don't be upset with Prince Zuko, Lady Mai. We told you already that we have a way with boys. Noble girls like you don't put out until it's too late, and they catch their boyfriends and betrothed in bed with us." The standing girl spoke to the younger goth, a smirk on her face.

"Who are you?!" Ty Lee had had enough of watching her closest friend be humiliated and she wanted answers. The girl walked forward and grasped Ty Lee's hands gently. "We owe you a great debt, Ty Lee. Your gift gave us our dream come true. Thank you so much!" The beauty shook Ty Lee's hand fiercely.

"'re welcome?" Ty Lee wasn't sure how to react to the girl's sudden gratitude and didn't understand where it was coming from.

Azula recognized her meaning now. "You expect us to believe you're Li and Lo? That's ridiculous!" The princess scowled harshly at the teen, trying hard to keep her gaze fixed on her and not drifting back toward her brother...and his huge cock. Azula could never deny Zuko's looks, but she worked to stop thinking about him in "inappropriate" ways. With him back home and making out with Mai, it was hard. With him balls deep in some girl while she watched, it was impossible.

"It's true, Your Highness. Ty Lee's wishing stone worked last night and returned to us our youth." Behind her, Li let out another obscene moan. "And our sexual appetites." Lo winked cutely at them. "Your brother was merely sating us since we missed out on breakfast too."

Mai stepped toward the rutting pair, arms holding herself. Zuko had the decency to look a little contrite, but Li merely moaned mockingly toward her.

"I would have been ready soon, Zuko. Y-you couldn't wait a little?" Mai puffed her cheeks a little as she watched him screw the other woman.

"So sorry, little girl, but men of Prince Zuko's caliber have to be satiated. If you won't do it some other girl will! This could have been you if only you took his needs into consideration." The older teen beckoned Mai closer, and she dropped to her knees at the edge of the bed.
"See how a man takes a woman, he won't be satisfied with just me, you know. He'll have Lo next, and perhaps you if you're  a good girl!" The goth nodded slightly, leaning in to watch Zuko fuck her new mentor. 

Mai had never seen Zuko's cock before, and now she sees it plunging hard and fast into the older teen, dripping in her hot arousal. She sat like a good little girl as her prince cheated on her. Sweat dripped from his torso, and she had the sudden urge to lick it, to worship him as he had his way with Li.

"Look at how hard he's hammering her, he's even more ferocious than Lord Azulon ever was." Lo wrapped her arms around Azula and Ty Lee, her hands massaging up their arms. She pressed against Azula, whose eyes widened, caught off-guard.

"All that doubt about our looks has turned to dust, hasn't it my Princess?" She leaned in and captured Azula's lips with her own. The young firebender kissed her back before suddenly parting and stumbling away.

"W-we shouldn't...can''s against the law for girls..." Azula, for once speechless, couldn't catch her breath, eyes darting around as if someone who would report this had seen.

"Oh, My Princess, it wasn't so long ago that young people knew how to have fun, but I won't force you." Lo grasped Ty Lee by the hand and pulled her onto her lap, on the bed next to Zuko and Li. She began to lick and nip at the acrobat's neck, who was all too eager to receive. 

Azula looked back and forth between Zuko, still fucking Li, Mai watching him and touching herself, and Lo, her tongue wrestling with Ty Lee's. Suddenly the Princess felt very alone, so she joined Mai at the edge of the bed, watching her brother fuck.

Zuko shifted Li onto her back, her thin body folded in the middle, legs over head. Li's eyes were mad with desire. She reached out and grasped both kneeling girls by locks of hair, drawing them closer.

"Look girls, the Prince is going to BREED ME!! Have you ever seen that?! Watch closely!" Their lecherous caretaker whined with passion. The two girls stared, wide-eyed, as Zuko hammered her even harder.

"I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM!" The Prince warned hips a blur, smacking hard against Li's ass. "PLEASE, PRINCE ZUKO, INSIDE ME!! I NEED IT!" Li's voice cracked from wailing. 

ARRGHH! With a roar and a small burst of flame from his mouth, Zuko buried himself into Li and let loose. His heavy balls contracted, and his cock fired scorching streams of cum, deep into the girl. Li wailed, as her pussy clenched hard around him, drawing every rope deeper into herself, toes curled and eyes rolled. After a few seconds, Zuko pulled out to coat the fuck-crazed girl in jets of his cum.

Azula and Mai licked their lips as Zuko plastered Li, fingers rubbing against their clothed cunts. Watching their mentor be seeded, by their brother/boyfriend ignited something in them that would never be put out. Ty Lee and Lo stopped their passionate necking to watch the spectacle.

After covering the older twin in his seed, Zuko moved away to lean back on his knees, still fully erect. Li swiped a rivulet of jizz from her breast and slurped it down, savoring the flavor of royal cum. She grasped Zuko's hard, dripping cock and waved it in front of the kneeling girls.

"See, I told you one girl could never be enough for a royal man. Come here, you two, and clean him for the next round." Li commanded the younger girls. Mai rushed to Zuko's lap, her tongue running up his length to capture his cum mixed with Li's, any shame completely abandoned. Azula leaned in close, face mere centimeters away, but hesitated. Then, the smell of man reached her poor teenage brain, and she could no longer control herself. Her tongue joined Mai's, licking Zuko's cock from base to head.

"Good girls, that's just where you belong, serving a worthy master." Li pressed her tits to Zuko's back and held the teens' heads to his cock.

Zuko was uncertain before about letting his little sister suck him off, but the feeling of her tongue was too good to pass up. Azula fit her mouth over his broad head and took him between her lips, Zuko groaned and thrust deeper. Azula's eyes fluttered as the world around faded, and her world became Zuko's cock in her mouth.

"That's right, Azula, a princess' place is at her older brother's feet, mouth open, tongue out. It's strange it took you so long to figure that out." Li stroked Azula's hair as she slobbered over Zuko, her praise ringing in the royal girl's ears. 'She's right, Zuzu is Crown Prince, I need to serve him.'

Mai slurped on his pulsing balls, Azula's saliva sliding into her mouth. 'I'm so stupid, I should have been taking care of Zuko all this time, I need to make it up to him.' The cock-addled goth was convinced of her place at Zuko's feet. Li stroked his shoulders and whispered, "Feed your little sister your hot cum, My Prince."

"Get ready, here it comes." Zuko tensed as he prepared to gift them their reward. Azula and Mai worked double-time to coax his fresh load out and into their waiting mouths.
Zuko grunted, the saliva-slick walls of Azula's mouth bringing him over the edge. His shaft pulsed as a milkshake thick load of semen shot into the fire teen's mouth, filling it quickly. When she could no longer keep up with the flood, she released the spewing dick, and heavy jets of cum splattered over the girls' faces. Mai extended her tongue to catch her lover's cum, her eyelashes dripping in wayward shots of the essence. 
Li's hand wrapped around the blasting rod, stroking it to feed the girls the prodigious load, the last of it she deposited right onto Azula's forehead. Both of their mouths were full and overflowing with Zuko's steaming love. Their black hair was plastered white.

Zuko sighed and turned to Ty Lee and Lo, still intertwined but now watching him "Wow, Zuko, you really did a number on them!" Ty Lee lauded her friend for his masterpiece of two cum-soaked girls. Lo muttered in agreement, still biting and licking Ty Lee's neck.

Azula and Mai tettered on their knees, before catching sight of one another. They locked eyes and started making out, swapping thick cum between their lips. The sight of his sister and girlfriend sharing his load helped keep Zuko nice and hard. After swallowing mouthfuls of jizz, they looked up to their master, waiting for who he'll choose.

"Alright, My Prince, who's next?" Li gave the decision to him. Zuko hmmed in thought.

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