All Aboard the Bang Bus!

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It was just another day, another job, in Middletown, USA. And what kept things from becoming humdrum and routine was that Dr. Drakken was out on the loose for another nefarious plan, and Kim Possible was on the job to put a stop to him. With her trusty sidekick Ron Stoppable and his pet rat Rufus at her side, she'd save the world, every time. It never got boring, it was always dangerous, but she knew she could always handle it.

What she hadn't gotten used to was how Drakken's schemes would unfold. Always something new and just downright weird. Either he had a base inside a giant block of cheese or she'd learn her nana used to train with Shaolin monks when she was younger, and then there was the time that the janitor who mentored her was a secret agent who regularly made a fool out of Ron. But she'd always win in the end.

This time though, things would go a little differently. She had just gotten done with a cheerleading routine when she got a call from Wade. No time to waste, she quietly excused herself from the locker room, still in her cheerleading uniform and got into the hallways only to bump into Ron. 

“Sup KP?” he said.

“No time!” she said, holding up her communicator. She quickly turned it on to see Wade. “Hey Wade, what's the sitch?”

“It's about Dr. Drakken.”

“Tell me something I don't know. What's he up to this time?”

“He somehow got framework for SADI and developed a device allowing him to remotely control all the cars registered in the state of Wisconsin! He's not going to stop until the state makes him governor and changes it's name to Drakkensin!”

“I was going to say that just sounds like another day for him but that actually is pretty bad.”

“And that's not even the worst part. He's found a way to turn them into...”

“Robots in diguise?”

“Yeah!” He cocked an eyebrow. “How'd you know?”

“Something just tells me he's the guy to be into that kind of thing.”

“So when you look around right now and see a car, you can't be sure if it's safe,” Wade said. “Some have been implanted with sensors and I can't tell which ones are safe to get in. If you try to get into any vehicle right now, you could be mega compromised!”


“I said mega compromised.”

“Funny way of putting it but okay. You got a location?”

“Yeah. He's at an old factory out of town at these coordinates.”

“But that's several miles away.”

“In that case we go stealth right KP?” Ron said. Rufus chirped in agreement. 

“Kim goes stealth. Dr. Drakken won't be paying attention to you Ron. Because you're just a...”

“Sidekick?” Ron said.

“Yeah, that's it,” Kim said. Rufus started giggling a bit.

“Not funny.”

“And if Dr. Drakken cares enough to notice you Ron, then at least you'll serve as a distraction. Kim, you'll have to find a more secretive way there.”

“Don't I have bigger things in my future? Being a distraction or a sidekick already sucks, but now I have to be both?”

“Kim tells me that's all you are most of the time.”

“Hey, look on the bright side,” Kim said, patting Ron on the shoulder. “You're my distraction and sidekick.”

“I guess that makes it a little better.”

“But I can take a bike and find an off the beaten path away from the streets. That way Drakken won't see me coming.”

“That's a good idea Kim,” Wade said. 

“Oh yeah, pedal to the metal!” Ron said.

“But you'll have to be really careful. If anyone one of those cars senses you nearby, you could be in trouble. The only thing that can cloak your presence is something heavy, like a building or another car.”

“Why's that?” Ron said.

“Well Drakken's newest device sends out this radar and...”

“Forget I asked,” Ron said. 

“That sounds like a major bummer,” Kim said.

“You've handled worse. I know you can do it.”

“Just let me change back into my regular clothes...”

“There's no time!” Wade said. “These aren't just any of Drakken's normal robots, they're automatic robots!” 

“Or you could just call them autobots,” Ron said.

“That's ridiculous,” Kim said. “They're going to be a convoy on the streets, and they're trying to deceive me. So you should call them...”

“Forget about the names and focus on what's important or you're prime for failure!” said Wade. “At any moment, they could roll out! You gotta get to Drakken's base pronto or they might start to rock out!”

“Alright, alright,” she said. 

“See you there KP!” Ron said, hailing a cab. “Gonna be bumbling over to Drakken's base like a bee.” He got in and already it was gone. She sure hoped that Wade was right about Drakken not caring about Ron. Her sidekick might be taking a one way trip to being in her archenemy's clutches. 

That just meant she had to get there that much faster. She was about to get on a bike when she saw a van nearby. It was coming in slow. But what caught her attention was the license plate. It was out of state. That meant Drakken hadn't gotten access to it.

She was thankful Wade had rushed her when he did. A minute later and she might have never noticed that vehicle. She quickly ran up to it. Even before she could hail it, it stopped.

“Hey there.” A deep male voice coming out from one of the open windows. “You wanna hitch a ride with us?”

“Yeah, I need you to take me somewhere.”

“We can take you somewhere special alright.” She thought she heard snickering. She didn't know what they were on about, but she didn't have the time or patience for it.

“I'm not here to play games! I need you to take me to this location!” she said, holding up her communicator, displaying a GPS map.

“Okay, okay, fine. Don't get all mad. We'll do as you say.” The door opened. “Come on in.” 

This is shady, she thought to herself. Who knows, maybe it's a trick by Dr. Drakken. But she had no choice. If this thing really was manned by Drakken's goons, she'd take them out.

She got inside. On the seat next was another man. He was grinning. Even sitting down, she could tell he was a bit taller than her. He looked to be in his early thirties, not old, but old enough. Short dark hair, a muscular build, and wearing a leather jacket. A tattoo edging out on his neck too. Not the kind of guy she ever saw herself being around, she usually couldn't stand guys like this. 

Though he was kinda cute in a rugged sort of way. 

He locked eyes longer with her than she expected before she looked away. She suddenly felt a little more exposed than usual, still in her cheerleading outfit with these strange men. 

“Hey wait, wait, wait,” he said. He was the same voice that called to her from outside.

“Yeah?” Kim said looking at him again. “Do I know you?”

“Aren't you Kim Possible?”

“Y-yeah?” Maybe these were Drakken's goons after all. She tensed up a bit, ready for a fight. “How'd you know?”

“Relax, we're big fans!” the driver said. He was around the same age as the guy next to her, but he was completely bald, and wearing a hoodie. “Always saving the world and junk. Never thought we'd be driving with a celebrity.”

“Right,” Kim said. She was used to people praising her, and right now it was taking her mind off the urgency of the mission. But she couldn't let it go to her head. “Can you take me to this location already?” she said, holding up her communicator, so the driver could see it.

“Sure thing toots,” he said, looking in the rear view mirror. Her eyes were flitting about, looking between her new friends and the outside of the window. So far, so good. They were taking her exactly where she needed to go. To an outside observer, it was just another day of traffic. Wade was right, thanks to her being safe in a vehicle from out of state, none of these cars were turning into decepticons. That wasn't just for her safety though, it was good that other people were being kept out of danger too. And the two guys with her right now hadn't tried anything either. Coast was clear, for now anyway.

She was still mad Ron and Wade cut her off before she had a chance to say decepticons though. That was a way cooler name than autobots. Then again, she didn't want to give any credit to Drakken's plan either. Still, this idea was unusually sneaky for Dr. Drakken. It was quieter than usual. That meant it had to be Shego who was the genius behind this idea.

Wouldn't want to give her any credit either.

The one next to her hadn't failed to notice how alert she was. “Can you relax already?” he said. “We've been so nice to you.”

Kim shrugged her shoulders. “Alright.” She did just that. “Sorry, it's just that I thought you were some of Dr. Drakken's minions trying to pull something, and I'm already trying to foil one of his evil plans! I really should be grateful.”

“Hey it's alright,” the driver said. “I know guys like us can be kind of intimidating.”

“You don't need to worry one bit,” said the guy next to her, patting her on the shoulder. “You're in good hands.”

“Besides if you tried anything, I could kick your butts!” she said. They all smiled and laughed. “Thanks for the ride.”

“No problem,” said the driver.

“You know, you're really pretty,” said the guy next to her. “Surprised you're not more banged up after saving the world on the regular.” 

The driver chuckled to himself. Hope this girl will be plenty banged up by the time we're done with her, he thought.

“Well when you're as good as I am, you can do it all like it's nothing,” Kim said, confidently flicking her hair back. The driver laughed a little louder this time.

“There anything you haven't done yet?” asked the guy next to her. He laughed a bit. She knew exactly what he was getting at.

“That's kinda hush-hush,” Kim said, turning away.

“I'll take that as a yes, there are some things you haven't done yet.”

“So what if it is? Can you just get me to where I need to go?”

“No problem there my fair lady!” said the driver.

“Learning something new everyday,” said the guy next to her. “Ever kissed anyone?”

“Like it's any of your business,” she said. The driver whistled.

“If it's not that big a deal, then kiss me,” he said.


“I said...”

“Oh I heard you alright. But what makes you think I'd want to kiss you?”

“Well we've given you a ride. I'm not asking for anything, but yeah, it'd be nice to feel appreciated.”

Kim had a feeling he wasn't going to let this one go. And if he tried anything, he'd find out how bad an idea it would be to mess with her. “Is that a challenge? Fine.” The man grinned. He leaned in, but she ignored his puckering lips and kissed him on the cheek.

He laughed in disbelief. “What was that?”

“Oh man,” the driver said. “You getting shut down was what it was.”

“You got a kiss, you're good,” Kim said.

“Your fare just went up,” the man said. “You gotta kiss me like you mean it.”

“Well I've...never done that before.” 

“First time for everything. Or you trying to say you're too good for me?”

“I think she is,” the driver said.

“My feelings are hurt!”

“Fine, whatever, I'll kiss you,” she said, folding her arms. “Just to get you to shut up.” The driver whistled at that one. The man next to her grinned. He leaned in again. She reluctantly turned her head to face him. 

Josh Mankey was still fresh on her mind. He was the last guy she let kiss her, the only guy who ever kissed her, and it was amazing back then. She still felt weird over how that relationship had petered out into nothing. And now this older guy wanted to kiss her on those same lips? A guy who would never in a million years be her type?

If that's how it had to be. She couldn't take the risk of being out on the road with Dr. Drakken's transformers. Guys like these were nothing by comparison. At the very least, she'd close her eyes so she didn't have to see his face.

She slowly puckered up. The man's lips met hers. She wanted that to be it, done and done. But to her surprise, his lips continued rubbing up against hers. He wasn't being clumsy with his technique either. Instead he was being gentle and measured, yet it couldn't mask the wanton desire she felt inside of him. Not a surprise when he came onto her so hard before. But to her surprise, she found she didn't mind it so much. Despite all his braggacio earlier, she couldn't believe a guy like this of all people was being very slow and intimate with her. 

She responded as best she could. But despite her best efforts, she knew she was being awkward. He knew it too, and that increased the speed of his lips on hers. Young girls were good for kissing, and fifteen year old girls who didn't have a clue on how to do it were the best.

After awhile, she stopped kissing back, both out of embarassment as well as how she refused to give this total stranger the satisfaction of her time. And she might start to like it more than she wanted to. He on the other hand hadn't slowed down one bit. He was having too much fun to stop, and he wanted to be her first in so many things. Some of the girls he and his buddy picked up on his ride said they were virgins, but he couldn't be sure. 

This girl was definitely a virgin. For all her big talk and reputation of kicking ass on the regular, this aspect was her one weak spot. And if he wanted her to do a little something else with him, he had to overwhelm her right now. Give it to her so bad that she wouldn't be able to think of anything else.

He gently bit into her lower lip when she least expected it. He could taste the peach flavored lip balm on her mouth. He gently grazed the wet membrane of her inner lip with his teeth while using the rest of his mouth to suck on her full lower lip. She realized her mouth was technically free so to speak, which explained the small moan that escaped her. He heard that and decided to speed things up a bit. 

He could sense she was a little bit on edge. He rubbed his hand on her shoulder to ease her nerves. Kim knew exactly what he was trying, the effect he was going for. But between that mix of enthusiasm and eagerness in her mind, and still letting this total stranger kiss her, it was working. 

He let go of her lip, only for him to inch his tongue out to touch her lips. Kim felt it, and she froze up. It wasn't the first time guys had been forward with her like this, but it was the first time it had ever escalated to such a physical level. Her face was beet red. She wasn't surprised he was doing this to her after how cocky he had been, but she had still never tasted another guy's tongue before.

Her man friend was enjoying this little tryst to his heart's content. A girl like this was beautiful, anybody would be lucky to have her. But to be the guy to pop all her cherries was a dream come true. Very slowly, he licked her lips in between the small kisses he had been giving her before, before pushing his tongue forward. She opened her mouth a little bit to accommodate him, both out of curiosity and just because he had taken the lead.

The instant his tongue tasted hers, he closed the distance. His lips clamped onto hers and his tongue went deeper into her mouth. His hand, still resting on her shoulder in a gentle touch to try and calm her down, became a little more aggressive and fondled her whole arm as he continued tonguing her. He could feel her lean muscles, proof of her career of crimefighting. She was still tensing up during this makeout session, but when he reached down to her hand, he held onto it gently. He teased her fingers with his, prompting her to unconsiously return that touch.

Then he pulled back. The kiss was broken with a loud pop, and there were several small strands of spit between their lips. Her tongue was hanging out a little limply, but she was so spellbound she didn't even realize it. He smiled at her, licking his lips to savor her sweet taste. When she didn't respond, he immediately turned back around without a word. 

The driver was smirking at him through the rear view mirror. The passenger returned his grin and nodded in satisfaction. He was amused at Kim's face too, could see her expression in his peripheral vision. Usually the ladies they picked up were a lot more slutty and promiscuous than this one, but they knew how to unwind girls like these too. But what really got them smiling was knowing that unbeknownst to her, there was a hidden camera installed just below the rear view mirror, designed to capture every racy moment in the back seat.

Normally they were more out and open with their intentions with the female passengers who got on board, but then there were those times you had to reel in the prey slowly.

She caught how ridiculous her face looked, and looked away from him, again adopting her normal face. She slowly looked down out of embarrassment, but she was still making small glances back at him. She had crossed her legs and was fidgeting a bit. Both men noticed this change in her behavior, and in particular were paying attention to the several inches of thigh she had exposed after adopting that position. She started nervously shaking her legs. 

Her paramour sitting right next to her thought she looked too adorable doing that, he was a leg man through and through, and the boner growing in his pants was getting so big that he had to hide it under his own legs. Finally when she fully looked back up at him, he immediately said, “You want more?”

She immediately looked down again, but she had a bashful smile. “I-I don't know,” she said, her voice shaky. He grabbed her by the back pulled her in for another kiss. Not wasting time, he plunged his tongue in her mouth from the get go. His aggressive hands were running all over her naked arms and shoulders, feeling her up as much as he wanted. She kissed back as best as she could, but to her credit, she was no longer hesitant. Her tongue reached out to massage his.  

He pushed her down on the seat so that she was lying on her back. He shoved his tongue completely inside her, tasting every corner of her fresh mouth. She felt a pleasant heat almost like liquid bubbling in her stomach. He wasn't displeased either when he felt her hold his shoulder. She felt how big and muscular it was under his clothes.

“You're not too bad,” he said, his lips parting from hers. The predatory gleam in his eyes was unmasked for her to see as he gazed right into her.

“Really?” she said, sounding a little more confident. “You think so?” He just started kissing her again. She didn't back away, and was already kissing him back. He shamelessly ran his hands over her lovely legs, and she extended them a little towards him. That response was all the signal he needed. He increased the rate of his caresses, her soft skin feeling so nice.

As he fondled and squeezed her thick thighs, he touched her crotch. Her cotton white panties barely protected from his fingers, sending a strong lustful shiver through her whole body. Encouraged, he started massaging it. She had to break the kiss to let out a moan.

It was exactly the reaction he was hoping for. Slowly, he pushed her down on the seat until she was lying down with him on top of her. He moved his mouth to her cheek, planting a long trail of wet kisses across the one side of her face, and down her neck. 

“You two having fun there?” the driver said. 

“How about it?” the man said in between sucking on her neck. “We having fun?”

“Yeah...m-maybe,” Kim said. “But when you get to that spot, you gotta let me off!” She instantly regretted saying that, knowing how that phrase might have a double meaning to it.

“Got a deadline for saving the world. In that case, let's make this count.” He hiked up her skirt.

“Hey, what's the big idea? What...” He put a finger to her lips to shut her up. 

“Relax, you'll like this.” He got back to work. Seeing her luscious legs like this, he took the opportunity to start feeling them up. “Damn you are fine, you know that?”

Kim looked away from him, but at the same time couldn't hide the smile on her face at that compliment. She looked down at him, and he started worshipping her muscular thighs, licking and sucking all over them. She had been surprised when this guy was so tender kissing her, but he been slowly changing that act to the point that now he was letting his true nature out with her completely. 

Yet she didn't mind his ravenous affections. It felt so good to be appreciated like this. After he had fondled her pussy with his hands, she was incredibly turned on, and him worshipping her legs like he was right now was getting her tingly all over even though he wasn't directly touching her snatch.

When he put his head under her skirt, she looked up, ready to say something. But her voice caught in her throat as she felt her cotton panties slip off her crotch, and down her legs. She realized he was looking at her nakedness down there, the first guy who had ever seen her bare vagina.

He was getting an eyeful of it. Her pubic bush had been trimmed just right, and there was a little bit of moisture around her labia. He slipped a finger inside her and she moaned slightly. He heard it, and pressed his finger deeper inside of her. She was so wet and her pussy in addition to being naturally tight, was clamping down on his finger in her state of arousal. He moved it against her vaginal walls back and forth while she threw her head back and cried out.

But he didn't want to just finger her wet pussy. He wanted to eat this juicy cunt. And a virgin twat this good looking was a feast he didn't intend to pass up on.

He dipped his tongue into her honey pot. Kim couldn't hold in the loud gasp of pleasure as her whole body contorted from his big licker being inside of her. This close, he could smell her sweet scent in addition to getting a mouthful of her delicious nectar. She was tight and wet as before, and he skillfully moved his tongue inside of her. He knew she was liking it plenty and reached up a hand hand under her shirt to fondle her breasts.

Even though her tits were covered by her bra, his hands there were driving her crazy, no small thanks in part to the tongue that was thrashing inside her pussy. Her body contorted in pleasure from the new sensations of bliss he was hitting her with. She sounded more helpless with every twist and turn from the tongue inside of her, and he could sense she was on the verge of an orgasm.

Not that he had a problem with that either. With his other hand, he pressed his thumb down on her clit. She couldn't contain the high pitched squeak of pleasure that hit her in that moment. Coupled with how he was still eating her out and fondling one of her breasts, it was unbelievable how good he was making her feel. She completely forgot about the mission about every other guy in her life, all he could do was let herself melt as her waves of delight filled her whole body.

Though he was plenty excited himself. He had wanted this little girl since he laid eyes on her outside in her cheerleading outfit, and throughout all their kissing and munching on her juicy twat, his dick was aching to get inside her right now.  

The pleasure she felt was sublime, like nothing she ever felt before, but that was nothing compared to the orgasm that was building up inside of her. Just as she was about to climax, he stopped eating her delicious pussy and looked her right in the eyes. She looked at him longingly.

“Why did you stop?” She was so wet and hot with lust that it was almost agonizing. He sensed the lingering anger in her voice.

“I got something a lot better than that,” he said with a grin and unzipped his fly. The instant he pulled his pants down, she was transfixed at the long and hard meat that sprang forth. He propped himself on his knees on the seat so that he was over her. He gave her another long passionate kiss, and she moaned with happiness. While she was distracted from making out with him, he lowered his throbbing meat down to her wet snatch. She had to break the kiss the moment he felt him enter her.

“Oh my god...” she said, as she felt his fully engorged dick head entered her wet vulva. He slowly pressed the head inside of her, all the to whole of his shaft, until he was completely inside of her.

She just realized that she was no longer a virgin. But she couldn't think too long about that because her new lover started pumping into her with reckless abandon. Whatever small doubts she had were gone as her whole body was rocked with pure bliss, his big dick completely filling up her cunt with every thrust. The moans of excitement that she cried out before when he was eating her out were nothing compared to the loud wails of ecstasy that filled the entire van.

“Loving this new music single,” the driver said. “Top of the charts!”

“How about you, superhero?” he said, still thrusting inside of her. “This dick just what you were looking for?” That taunt coupled with how excited she was from the clamdiving he gave her earlier pushed her to her first orgasm with this man. It felt like something she she needed for what felt like so long after the way he teased her despite the abrupt end to him eating her out being only minutes ago, but cumming on top of such a big dick was a completely experience, and she screamed in a fit of ecstasy and helplessness. The driver's ears were ringing a bit, but the man fucking her wasn't bothered one bit. He grunted from her walls crushing his cock lodged deep inside her, yet he held his cool. He intended to enjoy this newly deflowered virgin pussy as long as he could.

Nor did his stamina diminish in the slightest. The pace in which he was ramming her increased, and she was already feeling it stronger than ever. He hit her with such speed and power that it quickly snapped her out of her momentary light-headedness, sweetly savoring her climax. The fat cock righteously stuffing her moist spongy embrace was hitting her just right, and she found herself yelping in pleasure once again. His hands pushed her bra up and started mauling her sensitive tits. His large hands squished the whole area of her breasts under his fingers while his palms roughly pushed down hard on them. All the while, he kept pounding her wet cunt with his full strength.

She was already plenty excited though, and especially after not only her first orgasm at the hands of another man but also from the first time from a dick being inside of her, she was raring to go for more. And she wasn't put off at all by the slightest at this rougher sex either. Kim's pelvic muscles were fine tuned from the day to day exercise she put in as well as her life of fighting, and she had no problem thrusting right back into him. Her tight vagina already plenty turned on both from their foreplay and her recent orgasm, easily accommodated the giant prick slamming inside her as her tight walls clamped down on it harder each time he hit her. 

In between one of her moans of delight, she bit her lip and shot him a wicked smile. He felt her squeeze down on him harder than usual, and he couldn't be sure if she clamping down on him deliberately or if she just had another orgasm. For an instant he was unable to move back, before her inexperience showed and she had to release him with a loud sigh of contentment. And even though he had fucked plenty of women before her on this same back seat, he was closer to nutting with this girl than he was used to. 

Feeling his limit, he pulled out. His dick tensed in an instant before shooting his goo all over her gorgeous face and raining down in her long red hair. It was so sudden that her earlier confidence vanished in seconds. She didn't know how to react at all.

But she looked at his dick. It wasn't softening at all like she expected, instead it was still standing upright. She rose up to get a better look at it. It was so big and shining with her love juices. Taking initiative herself this time, she grabbed it with her hand.

She felt how hard it was. More than that, it was quickly getting bigger as she was holding it. She stroked it to test his staying power, though whether it was his own stamina or simply because of how horny he was, he didn't make a peep. But it was the smell of the dick that was driving something in her. The masculine heat of lust inside him and the scent of her own fresh pussy juice still on the head and shaft tingled in her nostrils. Coupled with the memories of how it had brought to climax twice, she needed this dick inside her again.

She got off her back and rising up, took it in her mouth. Her paramour quickly gasped in pleasure. After he had fucked this little girl raw, he was equal parts surprised and ecstatic to feel her lips and tongue on his quickly stiffening dick, still sensitive after his recent orgasm. 

It had been the first time she blew someone. She'd read about it in magazines that gave tips on how to please a man, but she thought she'd know what to do when she'd find the right guy. But now that she was doing it herself, her mind went blank. Kim was so talented in most things she applied herself to that she was disappointed in herself for feeling inadequate on something so simple by comparison.

She closed her eyes as she was finding an awkward pace to sucking him off. He already realized he'd had better blowjobs before, and since this was her first time, she probably wouldn't be improving anytime soon when it came to how she was using that mouth of hers. But he was so happy to have nailed a girl this hot and pure, and he had absolutely no complaints as to what was going down right now.

More than that, after nutting so hard on her, he was still horny. He knew they were probably near her destination right now and intended to have his fill of her as much as he could. He grabbed the back of her head to push her down on his shaft a little more. She followed his lead, positioning her head down just a little more onto his shaft.

Despite that, she wasn't bobbing her head back and forth on his hard cock like he preferred. Instead she simply used her lips and tongue to suck on the meat lodged inside her mouth. But after the powerful climax he just had, and looking at her devote herself to the task of sucking him off while she was covered in his cum, that he was able to melt in the moment and surrender himself to her completely.

“More,” he said, hoping to get her to speed up. “Don't stop, it's so good!” And she did exactly that, speeding up the rate of her lips and tongue wrapping around his penis. She still wasn't doing it exactly like he wanted, but it was her enthusiasm that was driving him right now. He had more experienced women before her, ladies who knew how to blow a dick better than she could, but after awhile, they all felt the same, it felt purely mechanical. Someone like Kim on the other hand, in this shared intimate moment of learning, was rare and exciting by comparison.

She took him by surprise when she started to bob her head a bit. But he was that close to an orgasm that he felt it that much stronger. Already intrigued with this development, her lover had to grab onto the back of her head for support as his hips bucked, pushing his penis into her mouth another few inches. His dick spasmed, releasing a blast of hot goo down her throat, then another, then another. She didn't show any reaction, simply nursing his stiff member with her tongue and lips as it gradually grew limp in her mouth. 

When he was done, she sensed it and pulled his dick out of her mouth. He let out a loud grunt of pleasure before he collapsed, lying down on his back. 

“You gonna be okay man?” asked the driver.

“Fuck yeah,” he said. “Just give me a little bit.

Seeing him like that, she got a little haughty. She pulled out her makeup mirror and calmly took the bits of semen still clinging to her face and hair onto her fingers and licked them off one by one. Finally seeing her face completely clean, she put the mirror away.

“We're here,” the driver said. Kim looked outside and then at the GPS on her communicator. This location was indeed where Wade said Drakken's newest lair was. She looked at the man under her. Her lover was staring off into space with a big starstruck smile on his face. 

“Thanks for the ride boys,” she said with a naughty grin on her face before getting out and shutting the door behind her. 

“Wow,” said the driver with a deviant smile on his face.

But the man lying down suddenly came to his senses and said, “Shit!” 

The driver ignored him, still watching her through the windows, her fine self walking away in her skirt, until she was gone.

“What's the problem bro?” the driver said finally. “You fucked a hot babe.”

“I didn't get her number!”

“That does suck.”

Then he smiled. Her white cottton panties were still on the floor of the back seat. He picked them up and took a long whiff of them. “But I did get some of these! Jackpot!” He stopped then said, “But maybe I should go tell her...”

“Give me those,” said the driver, snatching the panties and taking a sniff himself. “These are mine. You got all of that pretty pussy so I'm keeping these as a souvenir.”


Elsewhere, Kim had found Drakken's base. The minute she saw his goons hanging around, she knew she was in the right spot. She was so happy after such an awesome session of unprotected sex that she barely noticed Ron coming up to her.

“Looks like being a sidekick paid off!” he said.

“Oh...oh yeah,” she said, suddenly remembering what he was talking about.

“You should change your clothes before heading into Drakken's lair.

“Right...” she said, looking herself over. “Right! Of course!” Wade had rushed her, what with getting to this robot factory on time, but now she was here, and she needed to change into her standard outfit. She could deliver the beatdown in a skirt just as good as when she was wearing anything else, but in an evil villain's lair, it would definitely stand out.

She did not however realize that she wasn't wearing any panties at the time. When a stray gust blew her skirt up and she felt the wind on her nether regions, Ron's attention immediately zapped to her bare behind.  

“Uh, did something happen while I was away?” Ron said, suddenly feeling jealous.

“I uh, I don't know,” she said, turning away from him. But then she heard a familiar woman's cackling from afar.

“Hey Possible, nice ass!”

Kim looked in Shego's direction, virtually shooting knives from her eyes at Drakken's nefarious cohort, before she cracked her knuckles. She was definitely gonna wipe that smile off her face this time.

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