Family Bonding

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When Azula expressed interest in training Izumi, Zuko thought nothing of it. Though she wasn't a firebender, it was the tradition that children of the Firelord master the 64 forms of flame. Azula's own mentors, the long-gone Lo and Li, were the non-bending cousins on Firelord Azulon, and they train one of the greatest firebenders of all time. Zuko himself didn't put much stock in tradition and hardly felt Izumi should be forced to learn the art, but his daughter was adamant that she master it so he gave Azula the go-ahead. 


The days of their sibling rivalry were long gone, the old bitterness reconciled through understanding and mutual respect. Azula had become as close a friend and confidant as he ever had. Acting as his lead administrator, she put her mind to the service of the nation, and he even trusted her as Acting Firelord on occasions he left Caldera City. He felt no qualms leaving Izumi's tutelage to her, but now gagged and bound to a chair in his royal bedroom, he watched helplessly as Izumi's head bobbed up and down on his cock, he knew he'd made a mistake. Azula never intended to teach her firebending at all.


"Stop struggling so much, Zuzu. You wouldn't want to hurt dear Izumi would you?" Azula sat crosslegged on the arm of his chair, one hand draped over Zuko's shoulder, the other playing with his topknot. Her voice in his ear carried that same silky tone she had mastered at age 7. 


"I've trained her well, but we haven't quite gotten to deepthroating yet. If you try to get up you could shove your thick, hard cock right down her tiny, wet throat." Azula spoke innocently as if she wasn't enabling the most depraved act Zuko had ever heard of. Izumi's mouth popped loudly from his cock as she looked up.


 "Don't worry Dad, I'll get the hang of it." The teen's hands were stroking up and down the massive shaft of her father's length. Her fingers were slick with saliva and hardly able to wrap around his girth.


 "I always knew you big Daddy, but this is ridiculous, how does Mom take this?" She looked him in the eye as she leaned down and planted another kiss on the purple head of his cock. 


"Oh, Zuzu broke Mai hard and without mercy the night we conquered Ba Sing Se. He took her maidenhead in the bed of the Earth King, the whole palace was filled with her moans of pleasure. I'd never heard my dour friend so excited. Your father didn't care that my room was right next to his, or that I had to listen to them all night long." Azula was smiling at the memory and massaging Zuko's tensed shoulder. 


He remembered that night all too well. So conflicted with himself over his betrayal of Iroh, he didn't consider that it was Mai's first time. He fucked her that same as he had Jin, hard and without mercy. It was a good thing Mai turned out to be such a masochist or she wouldn't have enjoyed it at all.


" I never told you this Zuzu, but the Earth Kingdom palace had a secret room for guards to watch the King sleep, ready to protect him at a moment's notice. I watched you fuck Mai from there. I touched myself that night and every night on the ship home, imagining myself in Mai's place. You on top of me, splitting me in half with your thick rod." Azula's voice was wistful as she reminisced her brother's railing her gloomy friend, who could barely take it.


"Hey, Aunt Azula, I've watched Mom and Dad have sex loads of times too!" Izumi spoke up suddenly. A fresh wave of horror washed over Zuko at this new revelation. 


"Ah, do you really, dear?" Azula asked, looking down with pride at her niece. 


"Yeah, I'm normally over there in the closet. This first time I was just hiding to see if they would catch me, then Daddy threw Mom on the bed and started ravishing her. I'd never seen him like that, and Mom moaned so loud." Izumi was still stroking Zuko's rock solid pole, her tempo rising to match her excitement.


"Ha, I'm sure you're regretting teaching Izumi your "Blue Spirit" stealth right about now, Eh Zuzu?" His sister snickered beside him, running her hands across his broad chest. "Or maybe you like that idea, your young daughter watching you take her mother over and over. Perhaps that gets you fired up" A rivulet of pre spilled from the head of Zuko's cock, running over the princess's fingers.


"Oh, I think your right, Auntie! Dad's throbbing sooo hard!" Izumi drug her tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip, slurping up the preview of what she had coming. A groan of pleasure escaped from Zuko's gagged mouth against his will. Horror mixed rapture at the sight of his dick back in his daughter's mouth. Izumi went back to work, taking the length to the edge of her throat before backing off. Saliva coated his shaft and her face, as her wet tongue swirled around the head.


"Dad, you taught me so much about this stuff. I'd never heard a girl being taken on all four like a lizard-dog, I'd never heard of a girl choking on cock before, I'd never even considered a big hard cock going up a girl's ass, not until I watched you and mom. Now I want all of that too. I want you to fuck me hard, just like you do her. I've saved myself for only you, no other could compare to my Daddy." Izumi's face was bright red, her eyes wild with lust behind fogged glasses. "I've done hiding in your closet now."


"You taste so good, Dad. I could've been doing this for years." Izumi continued to slobber and swallow the monster, her bound father still trying to resist giving in to the ecstasy of the teen's tiny mouth. Below her hands cradle his swollen balls, filled with the cum she desired.


A strangled moan is pulled from Zuko's blocked mouth, his resistance to his daughter's efforts failing fast. "I can't do this, I can't let it happen." Zuko's body tensed in the chair, trying with all his might to maintain composure. The movement caught the eye of Azula, still caressing his shoulders and whispering filth into his ear.


"Oh Zuzu, are you about to cum? How disgusting of you. I can't believe the Firelord himself is about to shoot his filthy load down his own daughter's tight, wet, throat." Azula's left hand was inside her nightrobe, fingers working in and out of her drenched pussy. "How could you do this to poor, little Izumi, fill her cheeks with hot cum?" His sister's taunting was only making his restraint harder.


"What would Mai think if she knew you were about coat your daughter's tongue his jizz?" Zuko's eyes widen at his wife's name. "She'll probably kill you." Azula put a finger to her chin in thought. "Or perhaps, she'd just be jealous someone else would get a load of cum instead of her." The devious look in Azula's eyes made Zuko's cock pulse even harder.


"Cum for me, Daddy. I want it so bad" Izumi's wide eyes looked up at her father full of worship, hands pumping up and down his shaft. His cock was deep into her mouth once more as saliva dripped from her lips and onto her pants. His heavy balls slapped against Izumi's chin with each involuntary thrust of Zuko's hips. 


"Do it, you freak! Cum in your daughter's mouth." Azula's voice was manic now, her eyes aflame with lust. "CUM IN IZUMI'S THROAT!! Zuko groaned loudly, his swollen balls rising, preparing to release a massive load. 'I can't stop it!' Zuko's mind was alight with pleasure. With one final thrust, his cock went off like a bomb.


Jet after jet of thick molten cum went racing out of his dick and directly into his daughter's mouth. The slab of Firelord cock spewed sticky cream which quickly filled the teen's cheeks. In only moments the jizz backed-up out of the girl's lips and his cock escaped her mouth to rain huge gouts of jizz across her face. Zuko's hips continued to thrust into Izumi's hands as a cascade of his virile sperm coated her glasses, her hair, and her extended tongue. Between Izumi's legs, her drenched cunny could take no more and without a touch, squirt a flood of girlcum which soaked her pants.


Azula was no better off. Her swollen pussy clenched around her fingers as she watched her niece get splattered with seed. Her body shook on the arm of the chair, her forehead pressed into the crook of Zuko's neck. 


Finally, the geyser of jizz subsided. Zuko's still erect cock rested heavily on the girl's freshly painted face. Azula joined her on the floor, and the bound Firelord watched as lips collided with his daughter's. Two tongues battled over the huge load, cum and spit dripping from the corners of their mouths. All the while Izumi continued to stroke her father, drawing late gushes of fresh jizz over their faces.


"Well brother, that was quite a load, don't tell me Mai's been holding out on you." Azula chuckled as she retook her spot on the arm of the chair.


"Nope, they had sex just this morning. Dad always cums like that." Izumi spoke before licking her glasses clean. "How prolific you are, Zuzu. Now, what do you have to say for yourself?" Azula removed the gag from Zuko's mouth


"Izumi, are you alright?" The still bound man had been worried his daughter would drown on his cum when he saw it drip from her nostrils.


"I'm as good as gold, Dad. You taste even better than I imagined.


"Azula, please free me. We can pretend this never happened, just forget all about it and move on as a family." Zuko's voice was desperate, all but begging his sister to free him from his bonds.


"No can do, Zuzu. Look at yourself." She took hold of his still throbbing erect cock and have it back and forth, Izumi's eyes followed it like a rabbit-kitten follows a light. "We're just getting started." The glint in her eye spelled further disaster.

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