Pampered like a Baby

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Chapter 1: Pampered.
Note: Alright my doods! Here is another erotica for you and this one is rather strange then what you’d expert for an erotica.

This idea came to me from another erotica called ‘Sexual Privilege’ which is just an erotica that follows through with numerous scenarios of sexual ideas and this particular idea is one i liked.

This erotica idea will follow through a Jaune who has awakened his semblance which will be named ‘Pampered’ to which every girl will do what they can to ensure the blonde boy is as happy as possible through sexual relief of every kind, they will take care of his every need and desire while the men will think it’s normal for Jaune to experience this.

This sort of idea will follow through with Passive Semblance just to have an excuse for this story.

So this idea is Porn without plot but with several ounces of plot in the story to progress smoothly from point A to point B.

Now, the first chapter despite having little erotica in it, it’s to introduce the sexuality of the story and proceed from their since I want to start the sexual form of the story fresh on a new day, but I want to spend this story Jaune realistically trying to find a cause for his lucky plight while slowly not caring and settling into this new reality.

Ok doods, before I start this story, if you guys have any ideas you want added into the story regarding Jaune’s semblance then don’t hesitate to tell me because I’ll take any and all ideas you guys got.

This idea is made by me alone since my co author and my beta reader are both uncomfortable in doing erotica with me, so updates will be slow.

It’s been a month since the start of the school year in Beacon Academy and it’s becoming abundantly clear that one blonde Knight by the name of Jaune Arc is severely over his head when he decided to follow through his family's honor of being warriors.

The poor blonde bastard was the worst possible fighter to grace the halls of the prestigious huntsman school, so the blonde boy was constantly wounded up along with being slightly depressed that he constantly impaired himself to his closest friends, especially his partner ‘Pyrrha Nikos’ who was a four time combat champion in mistral.

Pyrrha was a very beautiful, athletic young woman who’s also incredibly slender body and bountiful tits, Jaune took subtle glimpses of them when Pyrrha wasn’t looking even felt guilty after but the boy was still a hot blooded man.

Nora Valkarie was a short stack girl with large breasts, almost as large as Pyrrha and the largest set of tits of Yang Xio Long, she also has a firm and fat ass with some of the thickest thighs that the blonde Knight has ever seen and his mother was an active huntress.

Now Sakura Ren(Fem Ren) was an enigma to Jaune as he couldn’t figure her out, she was thinner than the silent woman’s childhood friend yet her chest being almost exactly as large as Pyrrhas but her silence is a contributing factor to her cute mysterious facade and doesn’t take part in Yangs universal teasing of Jaune.

But it’s all going to change because Jaune unknowingly awakened his semblance after the end of school.

Jaune Arc was in the locker rooms after ten minutes of the end of the final class of the day, which was Combat Class by Glynda Goodwitch, and got his ass handed to him by Cardin Winchester so the blonde boy wasn’t all that well.

Jaune was currently shirtless and only in his boxers since he planned to take a quick shower before going back to his dorm of blue balls, the blonde boy lived in a co-ed dorm with three very beautiful girls so it was difficult for the boy to get any sort of relief from masterbation.

So using alternative methods of longer showers and using the private stall showers in the locker rooms to get off.



The scroll on the bench starts ringing so the blonde man picks up to open it to see who’s calling him which was Pyrrha, Jaune smiled lightly as he was happy to have a partner as patient and caring like the red headed fighter so he answers the call with the visual on “Hey Pyrrha” The blonde man greeted with a slight smile.

“Are you ok Jaune? You don’t seem yourself” Pyrrha said with a gentle voice like she was trying to help the blonde huntsman.

Jaune seemed to sigh as his smile dropped “Sorry, just been feeling a little down” The blonde boy responded to her question as he preferred to keep this to himself but the red headed huntress was there for him after the forever falls event.

“Ohhh Jaune, I’m sorry to hear that… I don’t want you to be upset so do you want me to show you my breasts?” Pyrrha offered which caused Jaune to nearly fumble his scroll onto the ground but managed to get a good grip then stared at the red headed woman’s caring green eyes.

“What!? Pyrrha, why would you offer that?!” Jaune yelled as he wasn’t expecting to be offered a chance to be flashed by his obviously hot teammate.

Pyrrha seemed to clock her head slightly as if the question wasn’t what she expected then smiled gently to Jaune “Because you're my partner Jaune! I want you to be happy and cared for, it breaks my heart to see you down like this so do you want me to show you my tits? Or if you haven’t taken a shower yet, I could use my body to wash you. Does that sound nice?” Pyrrha asked as if offering her body to him because she wanted to make the blonde boy happy.

Jaune was deeply surprised and unsure of what is happening though the blonde boys teenage hormones are on fire at the prospect of looking at the Amazon woman’s highly developed chest even at her request, the Knight needed to figure what out what was happening because this seemed unnatural “Actually Pyrrha, I was gonna go to the cafeteria to get dinner before I come back.” And to see what was wrong with his mind.

“What!? Oh no no!” Pyrrha said as she looked deeply surprised and a hint of offensive look. “If you're hungry, I’ll get you some food from the top restaurant in vale.” 

This rang deep alarm bells within the blonde knights head as he was often told by Pyrrha that she didn’t like spending the money she earns from her sponsorships since she preferred sending that money to her family and preferred to not spend much so the offer of buying food, Pyrrha was indeed generous though this went too far for her, from one of the top restaurants in Vale which was obviously going to be VERY expensive had sent Jaune into a spiral.

Jaune gulped at this as his heart started beating fast, far faster than before because this was something he never thought would happen.

First Pyrrha offered her breasts for Jaunes viewing pleasure, then offered to use her body like a sponge then now she wanted to pamper the young knight with some of the high class food that Jaune would never get to taste on his life time “P-Pyrrha, are you o-ok?” Jaune asked which made the green eyed woman clock her head again.

“What do you mean Jaune?” She asked, obviously unsure of what he meant because she wanted to ensure that her partner was happy, healthy and completely cared for even if it meant to use her status as a celebrity to do so.

“You are…more generous than usual and that’s a bit concerning” Jaune said as he was unsure of what made her like this, maybe Nora dared Pyrrha to do this or maybe she’s being blackmailed by Cardin and she’s doing her best to ensure she was fine, the last bit was highly improbable as the aforementioned bully was threatened in return by the blonde swordsman to keep away from his friends.

Pyrrha simply smiled at him as if it was the most normal thing “Of course not! I’ve always been like this towards you, so don’t worry about anything! I’ll take care of it all for you! So how does Sushi sound?” 

Jaune had sushi once and it was heavenly, the sort of treat one gets once in a long while, a sort of taste of the good life which was infinitely great especially when born in a frontier town like Ansel “S-Sure…Sounds…Great” Jaune said after each pause because he couldn’t believe Pyrrha Nikos was doing all this just because.

“Oh! Are you getting Sushi for us all Pyrrha?” A voice spoke off the scroll on the scroll which Pyrrha looked up and nodded at the unseen voice.

“Of course, think of this as a treat for you but this is mainly for Jaune” Pyrrha informed before she eeped, it was cute, and a slightly long Orange Haired Woman with Cyan Eyes entered the view of the scroll which made Jaune smile at her.

Nora was a very active woman which was known due to her squatting in the middle of the room a couple times a week, under the pretense of keeping her ‘glutes firm.
She may have winked at the blonde Knight when she caught him staring at her ass but it was just harmless fun for her “Hey Fearless Stud!” 

‘Fearless Stud?’ Jaune thought, because he was unsure why she called him a stud instead of her usual nickname ‘Fearless Leader’ so whatever happened, could it affect Nora too and if so, who else is affected by what was happening to please and pamper him.

“Hey listen Fearless Stud, when you get back, I know you want to relax after that ass whooping Cardin gave you during your match” The hyperactive woman said which caused Jaune to flinch at that, not the blonde boys proudest moment because it was painfully clear that he wasn’t the strongest, possibly the weakest in the school though his mind stopped when Nora continued “So if you want to relax in a better way, You can stuff your big cock between my Asscheeks or rub a load out with my thighs, I know you like my cheeks because you stare at my ass when I workout”

Jaune nearly choked in a gasp of air after his hyperactive short stack of a teammate offered to sandwich his well endowed manhood between her asscheeks because she wanted him to relax, whatever was happening, it affected Nora to offer this to him but apparently she wasn’t done “Also Fearless Stud When you get back, give your homework to Ren so she can do it for you”

“S-shouldn’t I do my own homework?” Jaune said as he nearly felt like he was having a heart attack because of everything happening so fast.

Nora laughed gently at his response “Hell no! Homework will stress you out and that will make us all feel down, so don’t worry about it, let us handle EVERYTHING for you”

The blonde Knight gulped as if he was someone curious if everything was literally and wondered how far he was going to go “O-Ok Nora, I’ll see you soon” Jaune said then quickly hung up, looking to the showers then getting dressed as what was happening was more important.

Jaune spent the next 15 Minutes in a near jog back to his dorm room to see if this was all a joke because while he was an easy going guy, he will tell his team off for doing this completely hurtful to him, while also secretly sad as he really liked being pampered like a king.

After reaching the brown door to Team JNPR in the dorm room, Jaune seems a familiar untamed mane of blonde hair leave the door across from them then turned to face the Knight “Hey Lover Boy, how’s it going” Yang called out to Jaune who turned smiled at her.

“Doing fine Yang, Pyrrha was kind enough to buy dinner today so I’m a bit excited since she has the best taste in food” The blonde knight said.

Yang seemed to nod at this like she understands “That’s good, P-Money certainly lives up to her name, I’d offer to buy you dinner but even with the student stipends, I couldn’t afford most of these high end places” 

Jaune nearly croaked again as once more, a girl he knows was willing to feed him which meant whatever was happening was affecting Yang, maybe even the rest of team Rwby “T-That’s not necessary Yang, I’m happy you’d offer but you shouldn’t”

The long blonde brawler narrowed her eyes at Jaune before sighing at him “You right, but I WANT to do it Lover Boy, i want to ensure you completely happy and content”

“A-and how would you do that?” The blonde knight asked as he turned around looking deeply worried but also curious to see what Yang meant but also took a look at her school uniform which fitted her perfectly.

Yang held an amused glint in her eye as she thought up something “As basic as I can make the explanation, We have decided to ensure you will be happy and content with your life so we will be tending to your every need, desire, wish and request for you and make sure you are as stress free as possible”

Jaune nearly had his eyeballs roll out of his head as he wasn’t expecting Yang to be so gung ho on ensuring he was happy and content, essentially pampered like some king on a throne “A-Are you absolutely sure?” The blonde boy said as he nearly fell backwards onto his team's door, along with nearly choking on his spit as he watched the blonde brawler hiked up her skirt exposing her yellow panties and pushing them down along with the skirt recovering the skin then fully taking off the woman’s undergarment.

“Here you go lover boy, my panties, I know it may not be much then my pussy but I have homework to do so enjoy these as much as you like” Yang said then extended the garment to Jaune who gingerly grabbed it like he wasn’t sure if he should then Yang winked at him as she turned around to go back into the room “Oh Btw, just wanting to let you know…We of team Rwby sleep naked so if you wanted to have a midnight romp just pick one of our beds and start fucking” Yang then returned into her room leaving a deeply shocked Jaune.

The young blonde man quickly stuffed the worn panties into his jeans pocket while trying to calm his beating heart so Jaune turned and entered the room that is claimed by his team to see what his team was doing.

Ren was located on her bed reading as if it was a normal thing which was something she does from time to time, usually reads a book after a long day of school and while Nora wasn’t dragging the silent woman all over the place for whatever thought dominated her mind or constantly asking for pancakes.

Ren was wearing short shorts which hugged her hips perfectly and a basic black t-shirt.

Nora was located on the other side of the room doing something extremely odd even for the blonde man, the red haired short woman was making his bed like it was the most normal thing.

Jaune was a messy sleeper and usually doesn’t make his own bed because he always seemed to have someone to do it for him, his mother being one but she did that for all of her children “N-Nora? W-what are you doing?” The blonde asked Nora why she was making his bed.

“Making your bed Silly Fearless Stud! Should be obvious” Nora said as she continued to do her work on the bed.

Jaune grunted lightly at this though looking around trying to find the specific member of the team, his partner, yet Pyrrha doesn’t look like she was in the room “Hey, Where’s Pyrrha?” Jaune asked either of his team as he walked over to sit down at his desk which he has next to his bed.

Ren was the one who spoke up on this subject while getting off her own bed “She’s heading towards the bull docks to get dinner, she’s quite generous getting it for us though it’s expected that you deserve only the best” The silent girl responded before walking over to blonde “I have a limited set of skills I can give to ensure your happiness Jaune, but I can express deep pride on my intelligence so give me your homework and I’ll do it for you”

Jaune gulped down a lump of air though giving the girl his book bag, which is given to all students to carry their school supplies, Ren gave a nod at him with a beautiful smile “I’ll ensure it’s done Jaune, just relax”

“O-ok” Jaune said as he watched as the ninja girl moved towards her own sanctioned desk to start working on his own work, The blonde man turned slightly to start thinking about what had been happening and reviewed.

‘Ok, let’s think, I got done getting my ass kicked by Cardin sometime ago and was ready to take a shower until I got a call from Pyrrha, she offered to flash her tits to me then offered to feed me the best sushi in vale while making it clear that it was a treat to Nora and Ren but believed was expected to me to eat only the finest food.

‘Now, Nora offered to let me feel her up as well as use her ass or thighs for my pleasure just so I can relax and now she’s making my bed so I don’t have too.

‘Yang said she WANTED me to be happy and content, giving her used panties right in front of me and said I could fuck her or her team when I wanted. Lastly Ren is doing my homework for me but I’m afraid what else she can offer to me because while I’m indeed happy, I’m highly concerned about this’ Jaune fully thinks to himself of exactly what happened for the past hour and became worried if whatever is happening is going to further increase as time progresses or thinks this could end by tomorrow.

The door opens and Pyrrha has a plastic bag filled with heavenly smells that waft into the blonde man’s nostrils, it made Jaune salivate as this was something he would savor “I have the sushi everyone! Let me set up Jaune’s plate then we can start eating”

“Awesome! Thanks Pyrrha!” Nora shouted as she completed her task of the bed and grinned at the notion of dinner, even if it wasn’t pancakes, that wasn’t what she ate every day, most of the time anyway.

Alright my doods! Here is the story's first chapter! Sure not enough erotica but I prefer to ease into these things, as you doods know my style by now.

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