Into the Third Dimension

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Into the Third Dimension

by George Glass

Summary: An accident with one of her brothers’ inventions sends Candace to another dimension—one where girls and women are nothing more than property. But is this place a living hell, or a strange kind of heaven?

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Chapter 1: A New Dimension

It was early afternoon. Candace had just finished lunch and was now outside, walking down the sidewalk with her phone to her ear as she attempted to find a spot with better reception than at her house.

“Why don’t you pick?” Jeremy was saying. “I’m happy to see whichever movie you want.”

“No, Jeremy,” Candace said into her phone, “you always let me pick. I want you to choose.”

“But how do I choose if I don’t know what you want?”

“But I don’t want anything!” Candace replied, frustrated. “I mean, I want you to- Whaaaa?!” 

Candace dropped her phone in surprise as the world around her suddenly seemed to fold in on itself. And then it rapidly unfolded, and there was Jeremy, right in front of her.

“Ha-ha, I found you!” he declared. 

Candace had no idea what was going on. A moment ago, she’d been talking to Jeremy on the phone, trying to get a decent signal because Phineas and Ferb’s latest project—she couldn’t remember what it was called, for lack of caring very much—was screwing up reception. And the next minute she had appeared in what looked like some kind of maze. And Jeremy was right in front of her.

But what was truly insane was the way everything looked. Things that had once been flat were now round—like Jeremy’s head. Why was his nose sticking out from his face like that? Why were his ears so complex and detailed instead of just flat semicircles with a number 3 inside? Not that they weren’t cute, but-

Hey, she thought, looking down at her chest, if flat things are round now, then do I have- Nope, still barely any boobs.

“You know,” Jeremy went on, “you don’t have to make it easy for me. I actually like it when you make the maze game a challenge.” He smiled at her. “It makes finding you all the sweeter.”

Candace blinked as hard as she was capable of blinking, and somehow, everything gradually came to look normal again. 

But what was this place, and how had she gotten here? And why was Jeremy acting like this wasn’t a completely bizarre occurrence?

“But where did you get that outfit?” he asked. “You haven’t dressed like that in years.”

Candace had no idea what Jeremy meant, given that she was wearing her usual red top and white skirt. Was he being ironic? No, that would be mean, and Jeremy didn’t have a mean bone in his body.

“Well,” Candace replied, “well, I, uh-”

“Oh, I get it,” Jeremy said with a smile. “You want to play ‘Little Candace’ tonight.”

“Um, sure, yeah, definitely,” Candace bluffed, even more puzzled.

Despite her deep confusion, Candace couldn’t resist giggling fondly at that smile of his. Not even when Jeremy, for some reason, took a leather choker-style collar out of his jacket pocket and gently fastened it around her long neck. Candace had never seen the collar before, or the little metal tag it bore with her name on it. But she had always liked it when Jeremy touched her neck.

“There you go,” he said. Gently cupping her chin in his hand, he added, “Wanna make sure everyone knows who you belong to.”

“Oooooh,” Candace replied. “So possessive. I like it.”

He smiled at her again, albeit with a touch of puzzlement. 

Then he led her to the exit, and they started walking down what turned out to be the street Candace lived on. Except she didn’t remember the building they had just emerged from, which had a lighted sign over the door that read “Phineas and Ferb’s Maze of Fun.”

Well, that figures, Candace thought. Whatever all this weirdness is, it must be the boys’ fault.

Seemingly oblivious to Candace’s confusion and irritation, Jeremy said, “Coltrane invited us along to the beach this afternoon.”

Candace forgot all about the strangeness of the situation. She loved going to the beach—especially with Jeremy, who always looked super-cute in his trunks.

“Oooh,” she replied, “I’ll wear my new swimsuit!”

“Um, no, Candace, this isn’t that kind of beach.”

“What kind of beach?”

“The kind where girls are allowed to wear clothes.”

Assuming that Jeremy was making some kind of odd joke, Candace responded with one of her standard laughs—the kind she made in response to any of Jeremy’s jokes, whether or not she actually understood them or found them funny. But Jeremy gave her only an odd look in response.

“Just wear your regular outfit and bring a beach bag to put it in,” he said.

“Oh, I always bring a bag,” Candace replied blithely. “I mean, I can’t go to the beach without my sunblock, my sunglasses, my MP3 player…”

“That’s my Candace,” Jeremy replied. Candace smiled.


Candace retrieved her beach bag, although she was a bit surprised that it was at Jeremy’s house, up in his room. Had she left it there and forgotten about it? Also, when had Jeremy’s bed been upgraded from a twin to a queen? And why did he have a second dresser in his room? These questions only led to more questions.

Did Phineas and Ferb’s crazy invention put me in some kind of VR simulation? Or a reality show? Or a bizarre theme park? The list of bustable ways in which the boys could have screwed up her day went on and on. 

The foremost question in Candace’s mind was about her strange choice of jewelry. A leather choker didn’t seem like something she’d choose for herself. The only girl Candace could think of who might wear something like it was Vanessa, and then maybe only to one of her goth parties.

As Jeremy put together his beach gear, Candace surreptitiously looked at her collar’s tag in the mirror above one of the dressers. The front had CANDACE printed at the bottom of it, but the space above her name was blank. Turning the tag around, she saw what looked like a QR code, and below that, the name “Jeremy Johnson” and his cell number.

Candace definitely didn’t remember ever owning something like this. As Jeremy turned toward her to grab something out of his dresser, Candace ran a hand through her hair with seeming casualness. She didn’t feel any lumps or sore spots, which suggested that she hadn’t taken a blow to the head. So why was there so much that she apparently couldn’t recall?

Candace considered telling Jeremy about her memory loss—if indeed that was what this was, and if this was in fact the real Jeremy—but she immediately decided against it. In the months since they’d started dating, she’d already given him enough reasons to think she was crazy. Adding one more to the pile might finally tip the balance in Jeremy’s mind from dating her to breaking up with her. And that was NOT an option.


Jeremy drove them to the beach in his dad’s car. When they arrived, they met Stacy and Coltrane at the wooden steps that descended from the parking lot to the sand. Stacy was wearing a leather collar like Candace’s, complete with a metal tag with Stacy’s name on it. But where the blank space was on Candace’s tag, Stacy’s had an icon resembling the head of a long-eared rabbit.

More attention-grabbing than Stacy’s collar tag, though, was her outfit. It had the same color scheme as her normal one—a turquoise top, vertically flanked by a skirt and hairbow of matching blue, plus light-blue socks and black strappy shoes—but the cut of the garments was completely different. In place of the V-neck blouse was a tube top that left Stacy’s entire midriff exposed, and her flaring skirt had given way to a tight mini that clung revealingly to Stacy’s narrow hips. Her normal blue knee socks were replaced by sheer blue stockings held up by black garters that came down from under the miniskirt, and her black shoes now featured two-inch heels.

Stacy’s body-baring outfit revealed another difference between this version of her and the one that Candace knew. In Candace’s world, Stacy basically had the same roughly stick-like physique that Candace herself did. But this Stacy’s legs were a little shapelier, her tummy was a bit more toned, and it was much more obvious that there was something in the way of breasts under her top. 

The biggest difference became apparent when Candace saw Stacy from behind. Whereas the Stacy in Candace’s dimension had more or less a flat butt, this Stacy’s booty was rounder. And the way her tight miniskirt clung to her bottom seemed to emphasize that roundness in the most flattering way possible.

Wow, Candace thought. If somebody asked me to picture what Stacy would look like as a total slut, this is what I would have imagined. Why don’t I remember her ever dressing like this?

Trying to remember did start to bring something back: what the boys had called their invention. 

A dental bridge! Candace thought. No, wait, that’s not right—a dimensional bridge.

Candace now realized why everything had looked so strange when she got here: She had been seeing everything in three dimensions.

OMG, she thought. That “bridge” must have skipped right over the Second Dimension, if there is one, and sent me to the Third Dimension.

“Hey, glad you made it,” Coltrane said, giving Jeremy a bro-hug. “Let’s get the girls naked and go find a good spot for our beach chairs.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jeremy replied.

Naked? Candace thought. Then she remembered what Jeremy had said about this being a beach where girls weren’t allowed to wear clothes. Was it possible that he hadn’t been joking?

Sure enough, just beyond the wooden steps was a cordoned section of beach with several wooden benches and a bank of lockers. A wooden sign at the entrance read “Girls’ Undressing Area.” 

Candace could scarcely believe it; almost as soon as they walked through the entrance, Stacy grabbed the hem of her tube top and pulled the garment up and off. She gave Coltrane a naughty look as she momentarily pulled the top between her thighs and rubbed it slowly back and forth a few times before dropping it into her beach bag. Then she reached back and undid her bra—a turquoise number made of lace so translucent that her dark-brown nipples were readily visible through it.

“What…?” Candace blurted. “What the…?”

Candace’s astonishment grew as Stacy pulled off her bra, revealing her chest and very small but perky breasts in full.

Candace looked around and noticed that while some of the men and boys in the vicinity were watching Stacy with a certain amount of interest, others were acting like nothing odd was happening. And some weren’t looking at Stacy at all, but at Candace. The expressions on their faces suggested disapproval.

Candace felt Jeremy move up close beside her.

“Candace,” he whispered urgently, “hurry up and undress. People are staring.”

“C’mon, Candy, what are you waiting for?” Stacy called cheerfully as she twirled her bra above her head like a stripper, then tossed it skillfully into her beach bag. “Let’s get naked! It’s so nice to feel the sun on your skin and the ocean breeze in your hair.” She winked and added, “And all the boys checking you out!”

“I…I don’t…I…” Candace stammered. 

“Please, Candace, you’re making a scene,” Jeremy whispered.

Candace was paralyzed with confusion. “I…I…”

Sighing, and with a look of disappointment, Jeremy pulled out his keychain. Among the keys was a black plastic fob. With his thumb, Jeremy flicked open a cover on the fob to reveal a small cluster of buttons of various colors. Jeremy pushed the green button.

Candace felt a flush go through her body, and a kind of haze filled her head. Her anxiety seemed to vanish, replaced by a warm, pleasant glow inside her chest.

Suddenly, nothing bothered her. Not even the thought of taking off her clothes in public. After all, if Stacy and every other girl on the beach was doing it, what was there to worry about?

She gave Jeremy a silly grin and pulled her red top up and off. Then she reached back and undid her training bra, letting it fall to the sand and revealing her very small, pink-nippled breasts. Finally, she simultaneously slid her skirt and panties down and stepped out of them, baring her slender hips and ass. Now, she wore nothing but her collar.

“That’s my girl,” Jeremy said. The warmth in Candace’s chest expanded, suffusing her whole torso.

A bit clumsily, the naked Candace put her clothes in her beach bag. The sensation of the warm sun and the cool ocean breeze on her bare skin was just lovely.

Stacy was right, Candace thought hazily. This feels good.

Even the cries of distant seagulls—which Candace tended to think of as aerial rats—seemed soothing and beach-y. And, indeed, it was kind of fun to be the center of attention for a moment as the various men and boys nearby looked at her body. She didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious about her flat-ish chest or her narrow hips; in fact, it seemed that some of the guys who were looking at her were rather enjoying her adolescent physique.

Imitating Stacy, Candace turned her gaze back to Jeremy and struck a sexy pose for him, thrusting her hip out to one side with her opposite arm up and bent, her hand in her hair. Jeremy looked at her, all the way down and then all the way up, and her nude body felt warm from more than just the summer sun.

“How about we set up right there?” Coltrane said to Jeremy as he pointed to an empty spot on the beach.

“C’mon, Candace,” Stacy said, following the boys and taking a bottle of sunblock out of her beach bag. “We can do each other’s backs.”

The boys set up their spot in the way that others around them had: The boys sat on low beach chairs, while the girls lay on towels in front of them.

“Here,” Stacy said, opening the bottle of sunblock, “I’ll do you first.”

“Okay,” Candace replied a bit dreamily.

Candace lay down on her stomach, and Stacy began putting the sunblock on her, starting with her shoulders and working her way down. Candace was a bit surprised when Stacy didn’t stop with Candace’s lower back and instead liberally massaged the sunblock into Candace’s pale backside.

“Wouldn’t want this sweet little ass to get all red,” Stacy said.

“Careful, Stacy,” Coltrane said, smiling. “You keep being such a little slut, you might be the one with a red ass.”

“Oh, Coltrane,” Stacy sighed, “I’m such a naughty girl.” Then she bent forward, drawing Coltrane’s eyes to her ass. “Maybe I need to be punished.”

Grinning wolfishly, Coltrane got up from his chair as he replied, “Oh, you definitely do. Assume the position.”

“Yes, master,” Stacy said with mock penitence.

She stood up, then bent over in front of Coltrane, putting her hands on her ankles. Coltrane gave her a good swat on her naked ass.

“Ooooooooh!” Stacy squealed. “That stings my little bottom!”

Coltrane gave her ass a few more smacks, eliciting more squeals interspersed with giggling. Candace rolled over to watch, and to put sunblock on her front. As she did this, she noticed that Jeremy’s gaze moved from Stacy’s spanking to Candace, watching her as she smoothed the sunblock over her small breasts. Some part of Candace felt deeply self-conscious at being watched like that, but her anxieties were cloaked by the pleasant haze that Jeremy had put in her mind with his remote. In fact, as Jeremy watched her touch herself so intimately, Candace again felt a warmth in her skin that had nothing to do with the sun.

By the time Candace finished lotioning her body, Stacy was done with her play-spanking. Coltrane told her—didn’t just suggest, but told her—to go lie down on her towel for a while and enjoy the sun. So now, Stacy was lying on her stomach on her towel, her eyes half-closed as she soaked up the sunlight.

“Candace,” Jeremy said, “put some sunblock on Stacy. Then you can relax.”

It felt strange for Jeremy to be ordering her around, but in a way, Candace didn’t mind. Not just because of the haze in her head, but because it was kind of nice to see him being decisive instead of just falling all over himself trying to please her.

Candace dutifully rubbed the sunblock on Stacy’s back and legs. Then, because Stacy had done it for her, Candace applied the sunblock to her ass, as well. Stacy’s butt felt as well toned as it looked; clearly, this world’s Stacy was doing her workouts.

“Mmm,” Stacy hummed softly, “that’s nice, Candy…”

Candace couldn’t help but perceive something a bit erotic in Stacy’s tone. That surprised her, but even more surprising was that Candace felt a twinge between her thighs at the sound of Stacy’s voice.

Before Candace could contemplate this further, she was distracted by the sound of a familiar voice from just down the beach.

“Hey, Django,” Phineas was saying. “Your girl is looking good today.”

Candace looked over and saw Django Brown, Jenny’s little brother, talking with Phineas, who had apparently just arrived. At Django’s side was a girl about his age who wore a blue hair ribbon and a leather collar but was otherwise nude. Candace vaguely recalled seeing this girl—or her dimension’s version of her—at some of her brothers’ backyard events.

“Thanks,” Django replied. “Yours looks great, too. Does she actually need that leash?”

Phineas was indeed holding a leash, and Candace was astounded to see that at the end of it was not a dog, but Isabella. Like Django’s girl, she wore nothing but her hairbow and her collar, to which the leash was attached. But whereas the other girl was standing, Isabella was squatting on the sand in a dog-like position, with her hands in front of her feet. And she was looking up at Phineas like a dog looking at its master.

“Nah,” Phineas replied. “She’s a good girl. She just likes wearing it. Don’t you, Isabella?” he added, reaching back to scratch the girl’s head affectionately. Isabella nodded vigorously, her face beaming, then leaned her head against Phineas’ outer thigh.

Ferb, who had been standing next to Phineas, was carrying what looked like a cube of tan burlap. After taking a moment to survey his surroundings, he chose an unoccupied area of sand and placed the cube in the middle of it. Then he stepped back and pulled a string that was attached to the cube. With a thump, the cube instantly unfolded into a ten-by-ten pavilion tent furnished with four folding chairs and, somehow, a small wet bar. Phineas and Ferb stepped under the tent’s canvas roof.

“Care for a soda?” Phineas asked Django, holding up the back of the wet bar’s nozzle to show Django what flavors were available.

“Grape, please,” Django replied.

As Phineas filled a glass with fizzy purple liquid, he asked, “Anything for your girl?”

“She’ll have grape, too.”

A couple more of Phineas’ same-age friends arrived. Candace didn’t remember either boy’s name, but she dimly recognized them both from various events her brothers had put on in the back yard. Candace was more familiar with one of the girls who followed behind them: a Black girl with poofy pigtails and a gap between her front teeth. Candace recognized her as one of Isabella’s friends from the Fireside Girls, but Candace didn’t remember the girl’s name until she saw it on the metal tag on the girl’s red plastic collar: HOLLY. She was with a Latino boy in blue Hawaiian-print swim trunks.

But the surprising part—to the extent that Candace was still capable of surprise after all she’d seen so far today—was that the other boy was accompanied, not by a girl his own age, but by a grown woman. She was about thirty, blonde, probably a foot taller than the boy, and buxom; her large, bare breasts bobbed as she stopped next to the boy.

“Hey, guys!” the boy said.

“Hey, Balthazar!” Phineas replied.

“Check it out,” Balthazar said. “My dad decided that I was old enough for my first girl, so he bought me this one. Isn’t she hot?”

“Wow,” Django said. “She’s got great boobs!”

“And a great ass, too!” Phineas chimed in.

“You guys can touch her if you want to,” Balthazar said proudly.

In moments, the boys’ hands were all over the woman’s broad, tanned ass and big tits. The woman giggled and shifted her position slightly to give the boys better access to her body.

“Nice,” Django said, squeezing a handful of one of the woman’s big asscheeks. “She must be really fun to do doggystyle.”

“Does she like it up the ass?” asked Pedro, the boy in the Hawaiian-print trunks.

“Oh, yeah,” Balthazar replied. “I’ve been giving it to her from behind one way or the other, like, five times a day since I got her. She gives a great tittyfuck, too.”

“Gosh,” said the Latino boy, “you guys are so lucky. My dad just bought me Holly, here”—he pointed to her—“but he won’t let me fuck her until she comes back from obedience school. She starts tomorrow.”

“Look on the bright side,” Phineas said. “She’ll be able to satisfy you much better when she’s trained than she could now. Isabella here just finished obedience training a couple months ago, and now she’s amazing.” Isabella beamed.

Still holding Isabella’s leash, Phineas used his free hand to toss a beach towel on the sand in front of his feet. Then he pointed to the towel and commanded, “Isabella, beg.”

The naked young girl dropped to her knees in front of Phineas, raising her hands pleadingly. 

“Please, Master,” Isabella begged in her adorably high voice, “may I suck your cock for you? I promise I’ll do a good job and swallow every drop of your cum.”

“That’s my girl,” Phineas replied, patting Isabella on the flat top of her head. 

He dropped his swim trunks, and his erect penis sprang out, its tip no more than an inch from Isabella’s face. Candace wanted to cover her eyes so as not to see her own brother’s genitals, but she couldn’t look away; she had to know what was about to happen.

With the eagerness of a hungry dog offered a treat, Isabella took hold of Phineas’ member and licked it all over, using the full breadth of her tongue to pleasure every inch of it. Then she took it into her mouth and began to suck, gazing up at Phineas as she bobbed her head on his shaft. The look in her eyes was nothing short of worshipful.

“Ahhhhh,” Phineas sighed, closing his eyes. “Good girl.” Isabella’s face flushed with pleasure at the praise.

Candace stared at this scene through her mental haze. She could barely believe that she was watching her little brother, barely of double-digit age, receive oral sex—in public, no less—from an equally young girl. A girl who seemed to be his slave, if not his pet.

Yet Candace still couldn’t look away. The drugs in her system made it easier to admit to herself that she was excited by the forbidden-ness of two children engaging in a sexual act on a public beach. The exhibitionistic aspect of it was intensified by the fact that Phineas seemed to be doing this to show off Isabella’s talents to his friends, who were standing right there watching.

But even more intriguing than all of that was the look on Isabella’s face. It suggested utter pleasure and contentment, even though Isabella was the one doing all the pleasuring. Candace wondered: Was it real, or was Isabella just showing Phineas what he wanted to see? And if it was real, then if it were Candace on her knees, serving Jeremy in that way, would she feel that same kind of bliss?

Phineas, opening his eyes again, pointed to the towel and said, “Now, roll over.”

Isabella fell backward onto the towel, then turned over onto all fours and eagerly looked back at Phineas over her shoulder. Her bald, pink pussy was wet and seemed to open of its own accord as the girl presented it to her master.

“That’s my girl,” Phineas said. Isabella again flushed, this time over her whole naked body.

Phineas knelt behind her and mounted her like he’d done it a hundred times before. Then he took hold of his hard cock and pushed it inside Isabella’s wet pussy, making her moan.

Candace tried again to tear her eyes away from the sight, but still she could not, even as Phineas began pumping Isabella. It couldn’t have been clearer to Candace that Phineas was the master here, and that Isabella had no choice but to obey him, to serve him, even with the most private parts of her body. Yet Candace couldn’t remember ever seeing her own dimension’s Isabella as full of joy as this one was right now, even as Phineas used her for his own pleasure.

“Hey, Candace,” Jeremy said, snapping her out of her trance. “Come dance with Stacy.”

Only now did Candace hear music emanating from Jeremy’s music player. The nude Stacy was already standing in front of the boys, bouncing subtly to the beat of the music.

“Um, okay,” Candace managed.

She stood up, which was a bit tricky given the lingering haze in her head and the shifting sand beneath her feet. She also didn’t know what kind of dancing Jeremy wanted her to do. But at least she could watch Stacy and copy her.

Stacy gave Candace a sexy look as the redhead walked toward her. Then, when Candace was an arm’s length away, Stacy began to dance, her body twisting and bending to the beat in a decidedly erotic fashion. Her hands briefly teased her own nipples, then moved down and around her torso to slide up and down her slender ass. All the while, she looked at Candace invitingly.

Candace did her best to copy Stacy’s moves, although her drug-induced haze and, beneath that, her awareness that she was dancing naked in front of a beach full of people made it difficult to focus.

Stacy pulled Candace close and kissed her on the lips, making the redhead’s eyes widen. Then Stacy turned Candace to face the boys and went around behind her to slide her hands suggestively up and down Candace’s body. 

It struck Candace that here, in this public place and in front of Jeremy, Stacy was touching her in more intimate places than even Jeremy had yet. But another thought occurred, too.

She’s trying to help me, Candace thought. She knows I can’t do this, so she’s doing it for me.

“Damn, Stace,” Coltrane said appreciatively, “you know how to turn a guy on. Come over here and blow me.”

“You got it, stud,” the girl replied.

Continuing her sexy dance, Stacy maneuvered around Candace and over to Coltrane. Then she dropped to her knees in front of him.

“Hey, there’s an idea,” Jeremy said. “Candace, come blow me, too.”

Despite Candace’s opiate-like haze, a bolt of anxiety shot through her. She had no idea how to do what Jeremy was asking her to do. And although she’d given a certain amount of thought to what it would be like to have Jeremy’s penis in her mouth, the various scenarios she’d imagined—usually as she rubbed herself at night—had not included doing it on command, or in public, let alone right next to her best friend.

But obviously, this was a normal thing for girls in this world to do. And even though blind obedience went against Candace’s sensibilities, she knew she needed to play along, at least until she could find her way back to her own universe. Making a fuss would just result in Jeremy giving her another dose of brain-fuzz—and Candace again seeing that look of disappointment on his face.

The one thing working in Candace’s favor was that even though it was super-weird having Stacy next to her, bobbing her head up and down with Coltrane’s penis in her mouth, it also gave Candace an idea about how to proceed: She could just watch Stacy out of the corner of her eye and imitate her as best she could.

But Candace couldn’t do that right away, because whereas Stacy was working with a fully erect penis, Jeremy’s was mostly limp. (At least Candace already knew what Jeremy’s limp penis looked like. Having spent quite a lot of time surveilling Jeremy before and even after they’d started dating, Candace had caught a few glimpses of Jeremy in full monty thanks to a telephoto lens and Jeremy occasionally leaving the blinds open when he showered. On each of those occasions, Candace had rushed right home and fingered herself to a mighty orgasm as she reviewed her digital photos.)

So Candace simply opened her mouth, took Jeremy’s penis inside, and suckled it like a baby with a bottle. She saw that Stacy was looking up at Coltrane’s face as she sucked him, so Candace looked up at Jeremy and found him looking back at her. Candace recognized his expression; it was like he was watching the beginning of a movie that he wanted to see, but he was waiting for it to start to get good.

Candace didn’t know what else to do besides keep sucking. Then she remembered the desire she had seen in Jeremy’s eyes when he watched her putting sunblock on her bare breasts. So Candace put her hands on them again, fondling herself in the way she sometimes fantasized that Jeremy would fondle her in the back of some fancy sports car.

Now, Jeremy’s penis was getting harder. Once, in the locker room at her high school, Candace had heard a girl describe some boy as “a grower, not a shower,” and Candace was beginning to understand what that meant as Jeremy’s cock grew longer and girthier than she ever would have guessed.

Jeremy’s increasing tumescence now made it possible for Candace to do what Stacy was doing: close her lips around the top of Jeremy’s shaft and then move her head up and down. Candace kept looking up at Jeremy’s face as she did this, and it was clear from the blonde boy’s expression that the “movie” had gotten to the good part.

She kept this up for minutes. Then, just as her lips and neck were starting to get tired, Jeremy spoke.

“Candace,” Jeremy breathed, “swallow it down, now.”

Swallow it? Candace thought. Like, make it go down my throat?

She glanced over at Stacy, hoping to see something that would give Candace a clue as to how to proceed. But Stacy was still bobbing her head as before, albeit faster now.

Well, Candace thought, here goes.

She closed her eyes and swallowed. Then the tip of Jeremy’s cock touched the back of her throat, and the next thing Candace knew, she was on her hands and knees, coughing and gasping.

“Candace!” Jeremy cried. “Are you okay? What happened?”

Barely able to speak, Candace gasped, “I- I don’t- I couldn’t-”

“It’s all right,” Jeremy said, his cock softening. “Just, just sit on your towel and get your breath back.”

Candace, still panting for air, sat down on her towel. She felt a mix of powerful emotions: confusion about what Jeremy had asked her to do and why, resentment at having been reduced to what was apparently little more than a slave, and shame: shame at being naked in public, and shame at having to do something sexual—something she’d never even tried before—in front of everyone. And, to her surprise, shame at having failed to do what Jeremy wanted.

Now that Candace was no longer gasping for air, Jeremy had stopped looking at her with concern and was instead watching Stacy suck Coltrane’s cock. She was bobbing her head like mad, now, and Coltrane was making low moans with his eyes shut tight.

Candace used this time to look around. Although this beach seemed to be especially popular with young males, virtually all of whom had a naked girl with them, there were families there, too. But even among them, the men and boys all wore swim trunks of some kind, while the women and girls, down to toddler age, were all naked. That was when it really sank in for Candace that on this beach, female nudity wasn’t just expected, but required.

Candace noticed something else, too: Every female on the beach was wearing a collar with a metal tag. The adult women, teenage girls, and older preteens mostly wore leather collars like Candace’s, while the younger girls wore collars of colorful plastic, like Holly’s. But this wasn’t completely consistent; Candace spotted one girl of five or six who was wearing a leather collar, whose tag bore the image of a hairbow. Candace also saw a girl of about twelve who still wore a plastic collar—although she appeared a self-conscious about it, judging from the way she seemed to try and hide her neck with her towel as she followed her family down the beach. It struck Candace as crazy that a girl would rather cover up her one piece of clothing—if you could call a collar clothing—than her otherwise naked body. 

What was especially strange to Candace was that Stacy, who was still energetically blowing Coltrane, didn’t seem to be bothered by any of this. She was effectively a slave, yet she appeared to be enjoying herself. And it wasn’t because she was high on whatever drug (or something) the collars seemed to be able to produce on demand; she seemed too energetic and with it to be under the influence. Rather, she actually appeared to like doing whatever Coltrane told her to do.

Candace was struck by the irony: She’d been angry at Jeremy for not being decisive and taking charge, and now she was in a world where, it seemed, Jeremy was in charge of her at all times. Shouldn’t she be happy now? The way Stacy and so many of the other girls on the beach seemed to be happy?

Candace looked over at the “Girls’ Undressing Area” and saw some more familiar faces. Buford and Baljeet were approaching, each with a girl in tow. Ginger, following behind Buford, had on what looked like one of those French maid outfits that Candace’s mom had expressly forbidden her from buying last Halloween. The dress was black with a lacy white apron sewn to the front, and the hemline was so high that Candace could see a glimpse of Ginger’s upper thighs every time the girl took a step. The freckled, curly-haired Milly, who was walking behind Baljeet, wore what appeared to be wildly inappropriate business attire: a white blouse that was unbuttoned halfway down, a suit-skirt so tight that it revealed every detail of the young girl’s bottom, and black heels high enough to force Milly’s body into a chest-forward, ass-back posture that made her bottom wiggle when she walked.

It seems like, for every person in my dimension, there’s another version of them here, Candace thought. But if that’s true, then where’s the other version of me?

Before the four kids reached the gate, Buford stopped and pulled Ginger to the side, in front of the wooden fence that surrounded the Undressing Area.

“You ain’t allowed to wear panties, are ya, babe?” he said with a leer.

Demurely, Ginger replied, “No, sir.”

“And why is that?”

“So you can fuck my little ass whenever you want, sir.”

“That’s right. Bend over the fence.”

Ginger bent forward and put her hands on the fence. In this position, her short dress didn’t even fully cover her small, tight little ass, instead revealing the first two or three inches of curve above the backs of her thighs. 

Buford pulled the hem of the dress up to fully bare Ginger’s ass. He looked down at it and chuckled as he unzipped his shorts. 

Candace could see him take his erect cock in his hand and put it high against Ginger’s backside. Then he pushed, and Ginger’s face broke out in a silly smile.

Omigosh, is he putting his thing in Ginger’s butt? Candace thought. I thought people only did that on the internet!

Buford snugged his hips against Ginger’s ass, then began pumping her slowly, grunting with pleasure. It occurred to Candace that Ginger must have had some kind of lube on her anus already; maybe she kept it lubed all the time.

Buford slowly increased his pace. Ginger’s smile became open-mouthed as she began to pant with what appeared to be excitement. 

She actually likes that? Candace thought.

Baljeet, having apparently just spotted Candace’s brothers on the beach said, “Milly, take a note that I wish to speak with Phineas and Ferb about my proposed modifications to their project for the ReGirl Corporation.”

“You got it, boss,” the girl replied. She had some sort of tablet with her, and with great quickness, she took a stylus from behind her ear and made a note on the tablet.

“Excellent,” Baljeet said. “And now, while we wait for Buford, I wish you to fellate me.”

With a smile, Milly replied, “Yes, sir!” and dropped to her knees in front of him. In moments, she had fished his cock out through his fly and was avidly sucking him off.

Candace was so stunned by all of this that only now did she begin to overhear what Jeremy and Coltrane were saying—and to realize that they were talking about her.

“I’m not sure what I should do,” Jeremy said. “My dad says I go too easy on her. And he might be right. But being strict with her doesn’t seem to work very well, either.”

“Seems to me,” Coltrane was saying, “at this point, if she’s not behaving right, she might be- Well, you know…”

“No,” Jeremy interrupted. “Please don’t say the I-word. She’s not like that.”

“Hey, it’s not that big a deal if she is,” Coltrane said. “Plenty of girls are Intractable. They get reconditioned, and then they’re fine. Most of them, anyway.”

“Reconditioning is pretty extreme,” Jeremy replied. Then he sighed, “But…my dad’s been saying for a while that I ought to send her back to school. Maybe he’s right.”

“He might be, yeah.”

“And…maybe I made a mistake not picking a model for her the first time. I should make her a Bunny, like Stacy. That would be fun.”

“Good idea,” Coltrane said. “She and Stacy could be really good for each other. And if the retraining doesn’t stick, then reconditioning is still an option.”

Jeremy exhaled. “Okay. My dad’s connected; I can probably get her into an obedience school soon. Maybe even tomorrow.”

Candace tried not to look shocked at what she’d just overheard. 

Did he say “obedience school”? For me?

She thought she must have misheard. But then she remembered Isabella responding to Phineas’ commands like a dog, and realized that maybe she hadn’t misheard at all.

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