Smooshed (or, The Nine Wives of Marco Diaz)

BY : GeorgeGlass
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Smooshed (or, The Nine Wives of Marco Diaz)

by George Glass

Summary: As Star struggles to find her place in the world, a newly formed cult declares Marco king—and tells him that to save his kingdom, he must take nine wives and “get them with child.” 

Note: This story contains spoilers for the series finale of Star Vs. the Forces of Evil and pretty much the rest of the series, too.

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Chapter 1: Life on Mewth, or Earni, or Whatever

Dawn was approaching. The sky was growing light, yet Earth’s moon still hung low in the west, with the smallest of Mewni’s four moons right above it.

Star was sitting on a park bench, feeding goopy handfuls of acorn pudding to the squirrels, when she saw a tall, slim figure approach.

“Hey, Tom.”

“Hey, Star,” the young demon replied, strolling up to her in his tall black boots. “I just finished throwing pineapples into the endless void at the furniture store, and I thought I’d stop by.”

“Which is nice,” Star said. She glanced at a skeletal, single-horned figure that stood just behind Tom. “But why’d you bring your dead horse? Without your carriage?”

“That’s not my dead horse. That’s yours.”

Tom vanished, and then Star was looking directly at the skeletal steed.

“Hey, Star,” it said. “I’m Chad, from your Warnicorn Stampede spell. I guess you never knew my name.”

“Um, hi?” Star replied.

“I have some messages for you,” Chad said, taking a sheaf of index cards from nowhere and putting on a pair of reading glasses. “Let’s see…Narwhal Blast says, ‘Thanks for nothing,’ Cloudy says, ‘Get bent,’ and Spider With a Top Hat says, ‘Why, Star, why?’”

“But…” Star began, “But I-”

“You killed us, Star,” Chad said, the index cards disappearing from his hoofed hands. “When you destroyed the magic, you killed us all.”

The skeletal warnicorn’s eye sockets lit up with flame as he went on, “Did you even think about that? Did you think about how many magic spells and creatures and people you were killing? Did you?

“I’M SORRY!” Star screamed.

Suddenly, she was sitting upright in bed, looking at the bare-wood wall of her bedroom in her parents’ farm cottage. She immediately picked up her star-emblazoned flip phone and speed-dialed.

“H’llo?” a weary voice answered.

“Marco!” Star cried.

“Star!” Marco shouted, suddenly awake. “Are you okay?”

Star let out a huge breath. “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay. I just had a nightmare.”

“Another one?” Marco said. “You wanna talk about it?”

“I…maybe later. Right now, I just want to do something normal. With you.”

Marco, lying in his bed at the Diaz house, looked out the window and saw the brightening eastern sky. 

“Hey, you know what you need?” he asked.

“Please say breakfast tacos.”

“Breakfast tacos!”


“I’d rather be out of the house, anyway,” Marco said. “My mom’s got a bad cold, and I don’t wanna catch it. Just throw something on and we’ll meet at Britta’s.”

“Thanks, Marco.”


Thirty minutes later, Star and Marco were sitting on a park bench near the spot where Britta’s Taco Truck was parked.

“I keep forgetting that the restaurant isn’t around anymore,” Marco said.

“Yeah, me too,” Star said despondently.

Because it had been sitting atop a gateway to the dimension of magic, the brick-and-mortar version of Britta’s had been obliterated when the magic was destroyed. After much legal wrangling with the insurance company, which had been iffy on whether a magical explosion counted as a natural disaster, the owners of Britta’s had received a compromise settlement large enough to pay for a food truck.

“But the tacos are still yummy!” Star added, trying to lighten the mood.

“They sure are,” Marco agreed. “The chorizo and egg ones are my favorite.”

“I like the ones with brisket and nopalitos,” Star replied. “Although since nopalitos are cactuses, you’d think there’d be at least one needle in there that you could use as a toothpick.”

“There’s a bunch of reasons why they don’t put-”

“Star!” a voice shouted.

Star barely had time to turn her head before Starfan13—wearing her waffle-cone version of Star’s horned hairband, as usual—ran up to her and seized her tightly. Star squeaked as the air was forced from her lungs; the bespectacled brunette was surprisingly strong.

“Hey…” Star gasped, “Starfan13…great to see you…”

Thankfully, the girl let go of Star as abruptly as she’d grabbed hold of her. 

“So where do you live now?” the girl half-shouted. “Did you make Earth and Mewni smoosh together? Are you coming back to school?”

Barely following Starfan13’s rapid-fire questions, Star decided to answer the last one.

“Yeah, I guess I’m gonna come back to school,” she sighed. “I…don’t really have much else going on, anymore.”

Starfan13 seemed horrified by Star’s despondency. “But you’re a magical princess from another dimension!”

“There’s no magic anymore,” Star replied dully. “I killed it. Killed it dead.”

“But you’re still a prin-”

“Nope, not a princess. Turns out I never was.”

“But you’re from-”

“The same dimension you are, now.”

A man eating a taco on a nearby bench cut in, “We’re calling it Earni.”

A woman in a pink tracksuit who was power-walking by replied, “No, it’s called Mewth!”

“Earni!” the man shouted.

“Mewth!” the woman retorted as she power-walked away.

“Point is,” Star continued, “there’s absolutely zilch that’s special about me. So maybe you oughta dress up like somebody else.”

“Oh,” Starfan13 said, her face falling. “I…I guess I…See you.” She walked away.

“I’m sorry, Star,” Marco said. “I brought you to Britta’s to cheer you up, not bum you out.”

“It’s not your fault, Marco,” Star sighed. “I just have to get used to being…whatever I am now.”

Just then, Star’s phone rang. The girl’s face brightened when she saw who was calling.


“Hello, dearie. The mayor and I are having a little breakfast meeting, and we’d like to speak with you and Marco, if the two of you are available.”

“I’m with Marco right now. We’ll be right over!”

She snapped her phone shut and stood up. “C’mon, Marco, duty calls!”

“But I haven’t finished my-”

“Duty!” Star cried, yanking Marco away from the bench and his half-eaten breakfast tacos.


A minute later, as they walked rapidly toward City Hall, Marco said, “Look, I know you feel like you have some kind of responsibility to Eclipsa, but you really don’t. She’s not your great-great-however many greats-grandma. And even if she’s still your queen, she’s a lot of other people’s queen, too. You don’t have to be her personal errand-girl.”

“Marco, ever since the Smoosh, doing important royal stuff for Eclipsa is the only thing I’ve had to be excited about.”

“Really? Because I was pretty excited about getting to be with you.”

Star stopped walking. “Oh, Marco, I didn’t mean it like that. I love that we’re together. But I mean, for us, being together has always meant doing stuff together. Right?”

“I guess.”

They resumed walking, and soon they were climbing the steps of City Hall. Once they passed through the double doors, a security guard pointed the way to the mayor’s office. A pasty-looking secretary in a shirt and tie got up from his desk and showed them in.

“Ah, Star, Marco,” Eclipsa said, putting down her teacup. “Thank you for coming so promptly. Have you met Mayor Miggs?”

Mayor Miggs was a pudgy, balding Black man who, when he stood up from his chair, was scarcely any taller than he had been sitting down. Eclipsa sat across from him at a small table that bore a basket of mini-muffins, a bowl of fruit, and a couple of cups of coffee.

“Welcome, young citizens!” Mayor Miggs said, shaking Star and Marco’s hands quickly but vigorously. “It’s a great boon to have your assistance in this uncertain time.”

“So, um,” Marco said, “what did you need us for, your highness? And, uh, your mayorness?”

“Mayor Miggs and I,” Eclipsa said, “have been discussing how our newly fused society should work. And we’ve discovered that there is a sort of commune just outside of town that could provide useful insight.”

“Humans, Mewmans, and monsters, all living and working together,” the mayor added. “It could be the perfect model for the new Echo Creek.”

“Oooh, interesting!” Star replied.

“So we would like the two of you to visit the commune and find out more,” Eclipsa said. “Their governance, their economy, their daily life, that sort of thing.”

“Sure,” Marco replied. “But, um, why us? We’re just middle-school kids.” Star shot him a look.

Mayor Miggs slapped Marco on the back. “This assignment calls for sharp young eyes and open young minds! So when the Queen told me she had a couple of teenagers helping her out, I naturally suggested sending you.”

“This will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about our new world,” Eclipsa added. “For you, and for us.”

“My assistant, Stillwell, will provide you with directions,” the mayor said, pointing out the door at his assistant’s desk. “Now, go get ‘em!”

Star and Marco walked out the doors to the secretary’s desk. The pallid Stillwell held out a piece of paper.

“Here you go,” he said. “I printed you a map. GPS is kind of wonky, since a lot of the roads are different now. Or they go through swamps, or canyons, or something called the Forest of Certain Death.”

Lowering his voice, Stillwell added, “You know, people are saying this new commune is some kind of cult. Be careful you don’t get brainwashed or something.”

“Uh, okay,” Marco replied.

“Thanks for the tip!” Star added as she snatched the map from Stillwell’s hands. As she flounced away with Marco right behind her, she looked back at Stillwell and added, “We’ll keep our brains good and dirty.”


It took some time to walk to the commune, which was a couple of miles outside of Echo Creek proper. The road seemed to alternate between concrete and cut stone, and there was a small arroyo where a bridge only reached halfway across. Which, Marco thought as they climbed down and then up the other side of the arroyo, probably explained the paucity of cars on this road.

Finally, they saw an expanse of farm fields surrounding a motley cluster of buildings: Earth-style houses, Mewnian cottages and barns, and some new, wooden structures that appeared to represent a combination of both styles. A dirt road that branched off the stone one led through the fields and up to a wooden archway in front of the buildings.

“Remember,” Marco said as they approached the archway, “we need to play it cool. We can’t let them know the queen and the mayor sent us, or they might not tell us everything.”

“Right,” Star agreed. “We’ll keep that stuff on the down-low ‘til we find out whether this is a utopian society, or some kind of creepy cult.”

Just then, a chubby, middle-aged woman who was working in a field by the archway straightened up and waved to them.

“Hello!” she called cheerfully, trotting up to them with her basket of turnips. “Welcome to our cult!”

Marco’s eyebrows rose. “Um, really?” he said. “You’re just…owning that?”

“Of course,” the woman replied. Gesturing at the crops around them, she added, “We like to say that we put the ‘cult’ in ‘cultivation.’ Now, let’s go inside; everyone’s been expecting you.”

Star’s eyes narrowed. “Expecting who, exactly?”

“Both of you. Brigid wants us to give you a tour.”

“Wait, Brigid?” Star asked. “That lady who lives down by the river and steals hair?”

“Yes. Except now she lives here and doesn’t steal hair.”

Before Star could ask any more questions, the woman said, “Follow me!” and went through the gates into the compound. Star and Marco looked at each other, shrugged, and followed her.

Inside the walls was what appeared to be a village with a large central courtyard. The older-looking Mewnian and Earth buildings, Star guessed, had simply ended up clustered here after the Smoosh. She was more interested in the new, fusion-style buildings, like a cottage with a thatched roof and an air conditioning unit in the window. Marco, looking at his phone, noted that there was a wifi signal.

“Hey, guys!” a voice called. 

Star looked across the courtyard and saw Princess Spiderbite and Slime waving at them. Star immediately raised her arm and waved back, shouting “Hi!”

“What are they doing here?” Marco whispered.

“Why don’t we go ask them?” Star replied.

But before Star could even start in her friends’ direction, another voice called to her—this one with a familiar Slavic accent.

“Star Girl! Karate Boy! Hello!”

“Buff Frog?” Star said as the portly amphibian strode toward them. “Did you join this cult?”

Buff Frog stopped in front of Star and Marco and shrugged as he replied, “Is in good school district.”

Star looked past Buff Frog at the small building from which he had just emerged. It was small and cottage-like but with an outsized chimney from which black smoke was wafting.

“That looks like a smithy,” Star observed. “Neat, you guys make your own farm tools!”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy them at Loam Depot?” Marco added.

“Is smithy, yes,” Buff Frog replied. “But not for making farm tools. Has special purpose. I let Brigid explain.”

“Well, hello there!” Brigid said, appearing as though on cue in the doorway of a white-stucco building right behind Star and Marco.

She looked much as Star remembered her: short and stout, with copious dreadlocks and green eyes that contrasted sharply with her dark skin. She still wore large red disc-earrings, two necklaces, and a green hairband, but instead of her raggedy blue-and-green coat, she had on an earth-toned, homespun robe.

“Star,” Brigid said, “it’s so nice to see you again.” 

She walked up to Marco and shook his hand with both of hers. “And this handsome young man must be Marco.”

“Um, hi,” Marco said.

“I’m so glad the two of you decided to come visit our cult,” Brigid went on. “Now come on inside. I’ve got lots to tell you.”

Following Brigid inside behind Star, Marco said, “It’s, um, it’s kind of weird that you guys actually call this a cult.”

“Of course we do,” Brigid replied. “What’s a cult but a religion that just hasn’t hit it big yet?”

“Well,” Marco replied, “isn’t there brainwashing, and giving all your worldly goods to some guy with a gold-plated sedan?”

“Oh, no, we’re not that kind of cult. We just believe in being kind to one another and tending our crops as best we can. And, of course, awaiting the end of the world.”

“Actually,” Marco replied, “end-of-the-world prophecies were the next thing I was going to mention.”

“I don’t mean that we want it to happen,” Brigid explained quickly. “In fact, we want to prevent it from happening. But our only hope of doing that will be if our great king appears.”


“Our Oracle says that there is one who will deliver us from the coming horrors. A king who will save this new world from destruction.”

Star sensed that those last few words were not Brigid’s own. “And who or what,” she asked, “is this Oracle, exactly?”

“Oh, she’s very wise,” Brigid explained. “She has a special connection to the Spirit, and it gives her knowledge nobody else has. Sometimes it even speaks through her. If you’ll follow me, I’ll take you to meet her.”

Brigid led Star and Marco into the white-stucco building from which she had emerged. The hall they walked down had a wooden floor and an arched ceiling that looked Mewnian, but there were electric lights along the wall.

She opened a door to an interior room and showed Star and Marco in. The room was large, and there was more than a hint of incense in the air. 

In the center of the room, on a sort of throne-like easy chair, sat a familiar woman with a trio of freckles on each cheek and huge mass of long gray-and-black hair. Next to her, an equally familiar dog curled up on a circular cushion raised its head.

“Hey,” Star whispered to Marco. “Isn’t that Lydia?”

“You mean the weird lady who adopted the weird talking dog?” Marco whispered back.

“Um,” said the dog—Willoughby, Star recalled—“I can hear everything you’re saying.” She pointed with her paw at her tall, triangular ears.

“Oh,” Marco said. “Uh, sorry.”

Star leaned over to Marco and asked, “So, uh, which one is the Oracle?”

Suddenly, Lydia stood up from her chair and spoke in what sounded like two voices at once. “Approach me, children.”

“I think that answers that,” Marco murmured.

Star and Marco walked up to Lydia. She looked them both over carefully, her dark eyes magnified by her big, round glasses. After peering closely at Marco for a moment, she suddenly pulled back with a start.

“It is he!” Lydia shouted, almost making Marco jump out of his skin. “He has come, appeared, arrived!”

Brigid, standing several steps behind Marco, replied, “Really?”

“Yes!” Lydia shouted. “I am certain, positive, sure! This is our King!”

Marco, puzzled, turned to Star for a reality check. But she was suddenly looking at him with enormous blue eyes.

“He totally is, isn’t he?” she said. “Wow, Marco, you’re the king of Mewth! Or Earni, or whatever!”

Marco had plenty of weird times in his rearview mirror. But maybe none so weird as now, when he found himself turning to a talking dog to get a sane perspective on things.

“Um, do you know what they’re talking about?” Marco asked.

“They’ve been going on about this ‘king’ thing ever since the cult started,” Willoughby replied. “Apparently, he—meaning you, I guess—is supposed to save the world.”

“With the help of your wives,” Brigid added.

“Wives?” Marco replied, stunned.

Calmly but forcefully, Lydia said, “You must take nine queens, and you must get each of them with child.”

Marco blinked. “I’m sorry, take who and get what?”

“There is but one way, one path, one means by which anyone other than yourself can remain incorruptible in the face of the coming evil,” Lydia said, “and that is to carry your child. You must select nine young women to be your queens and impregnate them so that they may fight by your side when the great army of the Possessed arrives.”

Marco glanced at Star, hoping to see on her face even a little of the skepticism that he was feeling. Instead, she was staring at Marco as though she had just realized that he was a celebrity.

“Marco, this is amazing!” Star exclaimed. Then she turned to Lydia and said soberly, “I promise to help him any way I can.”

“What’s this ‘Possessed’ they’re talking about?” Marco asked Willoughby.

“The prophecy’s kind of vague on that,” the dog replied.

“They will come from another land, another plane, another dimension,” Lydia replied. “Pouring into this world like locusts to ravage and enslave. None will have the power to resist them save for you and your queens.”

“Um, I thought people couldn’t travel to other dimensions anymore, now that magic is gone,” Marco said.

“They will find another way,” Lydia said. “It is only a matter of time. You must go and seek out your brides, your wives, your mates, and get each of them with child before the threat arrives.”

Star finally asked a question of her own. “Who is this enemy, anyway? I mean, what dimension are they going to come from?”

“That is unclear,” Lydia replied. “We know only that they will come in great numbers, and that they shall be under the control of a powerful evil.”

“Which means,” Brigid added, “we’d better let you get started. We’ll help you any way we can, of course, but right now King Marco should start finding his wives.”

“Um, right, sure,” Marco replied, mostly because he was now quite anxious to get out of this inmate-built looney bin.

“Of course!” Star replied. “We’ll get right on it!” Then she bowed to Lydia and said, “Thank you, O great Oracle” before grabbing Marco’s hand and rushing away.


“You’re seriously just buying all that?” Marco said the moment they left the compound’s gate. “If this dimension is actually in danger of being invaded by an army of anything, I’ll give you my next royalty payment for Princess Turdina fan merch.”

“Deal,” Star replied.

They returned to City Hall and gave Eclipsa and Mayor Miggs their report. By the time they were done, it was late afternoon.

“I can’t believe we spent the whole day on this,” Marco said as they descended the building’s wide front steps. “Guess I’d better be getting home. See you tomorrow?”

“Oh, definitely,” Star replied. There was an odd note in her voice as she added, “If not sooner.”

“Wait, what?” Marco called after Star as she walked away.

“Byeeeeee!” she shouted back, then vanished around the corner.


Dinner ended up being by far the most normal part of Marco’s day—even though it was just him and his dad, because his mom was sick with a cold. Marco put on a mask and gloves before bringing her a bowl of the chicken tortilla soup his father had made for dinner.

Even though it was a Saturday night, when he and Star usually went out on a date or hung out with friends, Marco was happy to just watch some TV and hit the hay early. That way, he could wake up refreshed and tackle the homework he hadn’t had time or energy for today.


It had been a long day for Rafael Diaz. Taking care of both his sick wife and their infant daughter, Mariposa, while still trying to get some work done hadn’t been easy. But now, both Angie and the baby were asleep, so Rafael could finally get some shuteye himself, albeit on the living room sofa.

He had just dozed off when he was jerked back to consciousness by the sound of someone knocking on the front door. Raphael couldn’t imagine who would be coming by the house this close to midnight, but he figured he’d better answer in case it was an emergency.

“Hi, Mr. Diaz!”

“Ah, Star,” Rafael managed, his sleepy eyes only half-seeing the blonde girl, who was wearing what looked like a fuzzy overcoat. “How nice to…” He yawned. “…see you.”

“Sorry, I know it’s late,” she said. “But I really need to see Marco.”

“Marco is asleep right now,” Rafael replied. Glancing back at the sofa with his blanket and pillow on it, he added mournfully, “Like I was.”

“I know, but if you could just let me pop up to his room, I really need to seduce him.”

Rafael wasn’t sure he’d heard her right. But he wasn’t sure he’d heard her wrong, either. And what was especially confusing about that was that it didn’t seem to bother him either way.

“Oh, well, go on then,” he found himself saying.

“Thanks! See you in the morning!” Star replied. Then she bounded up the stairs.

Rafael lay back down on the couch, and within seconds, he was asleep again.


“Hey. Marco.”

The voice wasn’t very loud, but it awakened Marco nonetheless.


“Yeah, it’s me.” The voice was coming from his bedroom doorway.

He sat up to look at her. Star was standing sideways to him, leaning back against the doorframe, backlit by the hallway light. She was wearing a long coat that Marco didn’t remember her owning, but given that it reached all the way to the floor and that it had a sort of fur fringe along the lapels, Marco guessed that the coat actually belonged to Star’s mom.

“Star?” Marco said. “What are you doing here? How did you even get into the house? It’s almost midnight.”

“Your dad let me in,” Star replied casually.

Star made eye contact with Marco. Then, with an exaggerated shrug, she let the long coat drop to the floor.

Marco’s eyes nearly fell out of his head. Beneath the coat, Star was wearing something like a nightgown, but the blue material was so thin that it seemed less like fabric and more like a light mist that had gathered around Star’s body. The gown was translucent, making it readily obvious that Star was wearing nothing at all underneath. With the hallway light behind her, Marco could see her entire body in detailed silhouette: her long legs, her flat stomach, her small, perky breasts, and her tiny mewberty wings. He slapped his hand over his eyes.

“Uh, can- can we get back to the question of what you’re doing here?” Marco stammered. 

“I was thinking about what you said,” Star replied. “About being excited about us being together. And you’re right—that’s definitely something to be excited about.” Marco heard her move a step closer as she added, “Something we should celebrate.”

“And, and that’s great,” Marco said. “But, um, I’m not totally clear on what you have in mind.”

“Well,” Star said, closing the bedroom door behind her, “if you’re going to be the king, and I’m going to be your queen, I thought we should have a little dress rehearsal for our wedding night.” She chuckled and added, “Or maybe we should call it an un-dress rehearsal.”

Marco heard Star step closer until she was right in front of him.

“Oh,” she said, “and have you noticed that I finally started getting my boobs?” She leaned forward and put her lips to his ear. “You did notice that, right?”

“Um, yeah, I’ve noticed,” Marco managed, his hand still tight over his eyes.

He heard and felt the edge of the mattress compress as Star sat down on it. Then her fingers wrapped around the wrist of the hand Marco was holding over his eyes and gently pulled it away, so that Marco was now looking into Star’s face.

“Marco,” she said, “we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now. Don’t tell me you don’t want to be…intimate, with me.”

“No, no, I’d never tell you that,” Marco managed. “But this is kind of…fast, isn’t it? I mean, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff we haven’t done yet that comes before…bed stuff.”

Star put a finger on his chest and gently pushed him down onto his back as she replied, “Why fill up on the bread when we can go right to the main course?”

Marco knew he could be doing a lot more to resist. More to the point, he knew he should be doing more, because Star didn’t seem to be in her right mind. He knew it even as Star climbed onto him and straddled his hips, then lay down on him, chest to chest, and kissed him.

“Wait, Star…” Marco managed, rolling himself and Star onto their sides. “I’m not…not sure we…we should…”

“C’mon, Marco,” Star said sexily. “I promise it’ll be great.”

Star was experiencing a clarity of purpose that she hadn’t felt in a long time. Although the Oracle’s pronouncements had sounded borderline insane when Star first heard them, they all made perfect sense now. Something terrible was coming; she could feel that in every cell of her body. But she also knew that she and Marco were the key to stopping it, and that what she was doing right now was essential to that—in addition to being something she’d fantasized about since well before she met the Oracle. This was win-win-win, for herself, for Marco, and for the world.

She turned onto her stomach and then rose up onto all fours, showing Marco her sweet little booty in profile, and added, “We can do it however you want to.”

Perhaps if Marco had stood up from the bed any time before that moment and given Star a reason—or even a lame excuse—why this couldn’t or shouldn’t happen, maybe he could have thwarted Star’s efforts to seduce him. But now, it was too late. The sight of Star’s nearly nude form in profile sent a wave of hormones washing over and through his teenage brain and body, drowning all intelligent thought and replacing it with unadulterated, burning, primal lust.

“Oh, God,” Marco gasped, and literally threw himself at Star. 

She flipped over and let him land on top of her, then seized his head in her hands and kissed him passionately. Marco kissed her back with equal intensity. He didn’t even stop when he felt Star unbutton his pajama top.

“Marco,” she whispered in his ear. “Undress me.”

All of his will to resist gone, Marco rolled off of Star and helped her pull her gossamer blue negligee up and off. Now, for the first time, he saw his girlfriend fully nude.

She was magnificent. Her breasts were small but just full enough to draw attention to their perfect roundness and the lovely light pink of her nipples. Her waist was as slim as ever, and her navel was a tiny oval that Marco found sexily adorable. Her hips, though, had acquired a hint of womanly curvature whose width matched that of Star’s chest.

“You look…” Marco breathed, “…amazing.”

Star blushed deeply. 

“Thanks, Marco,” she whispered. “But…don’t make me be nude all by myself.”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” Marco managed. Then, quick as a wink, he threw off his pajamas, letting his erection spring free.

“Niiiice,” Star said, grinning at Marco’s cock.

“Hang on,” Marco said. “I just need to get him dressed.”

He reached into his nightstand drawer and pulled out a foil-wrapped condom. He hadn’t expected to actually need one this soon, but he’d always felt that he should be ready for whenever The Big One happened. (The sexual Big One, not the earthquake Big One, although he was prepared for that, too.)

But the moment Star saw the little foil square, she smacked it out of Marco’s hand, sending it flying across the room.

“Don’t you dare!” she said. “We are doing this au naturel.”

Stunned, Marco said, “But, but what about-”

“What about nuthin’!” Star interrupted. “There’s not gonna be anything between your body and mine!”

She grabbed hold of his erect cock and dropped her head down into Marco’s lap. Then she thrust his member into her mouth and began tonguing it madly.

Star didn’t actually know anything about how to give a blowjob. She was basically just doing the same things with Marco’s cockhead that she did with his tongue when they French-kissed. But she knew that trying to argue her way into bareback sex with him was pointless; actions would be much more effective than words.

Regardless of Star’s skill level, as far as Marco was concerned, this was the most amazing sexual experience of his lifetime to date. He completely forgot about his concerns as pleasure overwhelmed him.

“Oh wow,” the boy gasped, falling backwards against his pillow. “Oh wow, wow, wow…”

Just as suddenly as she had started, Star stopped tonguing Marco’s penis, sat up straight, then leaped forward onto Marco’s lap, straddling it. Then she leaned forward until her soft cheek was against his.

“Put it in me, Marco,” Star whispered, her delicate lips like a butterfly’s wings against his ear.

Marco could do nothing else. His whole body ached for Star, and her sex radiated heat like it was calling to him, to his cock. These twin invitations—the spoken one from her lips, and the unspoken one from her body—were more than Marco could possibly resist.

He reached down and held his cock upright. Star, panting with excitement, rose up a little on her knees and put her hand on Marco’s to guide him to her entrance. 

Slowly, Star sank down, and she and Marco moaned in unison. Star had experimented with putting things up inside her during masturbation—a candle, a carrot, the handle of her most rust-resistant mace—but none of them could begin to compare to Marco’s hot, ardent, soft-yet-hard member. Not merely because it was a real cock, but because it was Marco’s cock. And as it filled her, and her smooth thighs settled on Marco’s hips, she felt…complete. Right now, this was where Marco belonged, inside her body, joined with her.

Marco looked up at Star—at her beautiful nude body, and at her sweet, smiling face. Her sucking his cock might have been the greatest sensation Marco had experienced up to that moment, but when Star began moving slowly up and down on top of him, the way it felt blew even that amazing sensation away.

“Ohhhh, Star…” he moaned.

Without conscious thought, he put his hands on Star’s slim hips to help her move. Star’s own hands, warm and soft, went to Marco’s chest. Her big blue eyes looked down at him with utter adoration.

Even more than before, Star knew with certainty that making love with Marco, right here, right now, was both the realization of her deepest wish and the beginning of the fulfillment of her destiny. Never had the needs of the world coincided so perfectly with the needs of her heart…or her body. Making the world a better place by fucking her handsome boyfriend—soon to be her husband—was the ultimate win-win-win scenario.

She gazed down into those big brown eyes and started to move a little faster. Each time her thighs landed on his hips, pushing him up into her, a small shudder of pleasure went through her body. It was like a procession of tiny orgasms that were preparing the way for the big one to come.

With his hands and his hips, Marco matched Star’s slightly greater speed while helping her maintain it. In the many sexual fantasies he’d had since puberty first struck, Marco had envisioned this very act, with the girl on top of him and moving up and down with the help of Marco’s hands on her hips. And he’d wondered, when and if it ever actually happened, whether it would feel more like having sex with the girl, or more like just using the girl’s body to jerk himself off.

But it didn’t feel at all like he was using Star. It was more like they were creating something together, creating pleasure. It vibrated between them like the strings of an instrument—an instrument that they both played, and that they were both a part of.

It was a beautiful melody, but in Marco’s mind, it needed more tempo. So he murmured to Star, “Faster. Please.”

“Oh, yes,” Star breathed. “Definitely faster.”

She stopped merely raising her body up and down and started bouncing on Marco’s hips like she was riding a warnicorn at a gallop. Her lips parted as she panted with effort and pleasure, and her body felt hot all over.

Since she first realized that she had a thing for Marco, Star had periodically fantasized about what it would be like to have sex with him. But now it was clear to her that none of her various fantasies had come close to the real thing—not individually, at any rate. This was more like all of those fantasies rolled into one. It was making love, it was having sex, and it was fucking, all at the same time.

She kept riding him hard, feeling her climax coming ever closer. It was amazing to feel that while looking down at Marco’s flushed face, his big brown eyes locked on hers, instead of just being in her own bedroom with only her fantasies for company. And as she gazed down at him, as she felt his hands holding her hips and his cock moving inside her, she knew there was only one more thing she needed to achieve total ecstasy. So she leaned down until her bare chest was on his.

“Shoot it in me, Marco,” Star gasped in his ear. “Shoot it all inside me…Every single drop…”

“Star,” Marco moaned weakly, “I…I shouldn’t…I…”

“Please, Marco, please, I need it, I need it!”

Hearing Star beg him to shoot his seed inside her was too much for Marco. He shouted “AAAAH!” and shot gout after gout of cum up into her welcoming body. Star cried out “YES!” and convulsed on top of Marco as her pussy squeezed his shaft again and again as though it were milking Marco of every last drop of his seed.

Star fell on top of Marco, panting. She could feel his hot cum deep inside her and imagined his millions of tiny sperm swimming up her, probing ever deeper in search of her egg. In her mind, she cheered them on: Go, little guys, go! Make me a Marco-baby!

Of course, she knew that she couldn’t count on Marco’s first shot to be the winning one. Besides, she was nowhere near ready for this special night to be over. So the moment she got her breath back, she rolled over, taking Marco with her until he was on top of her, his slim hips between her open thighs. Then she put her lips to his ear.

“More,” she whispered.

He gave her more.

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