Dreams Come True

BY : TheEvilFaery
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New Year’s Eve, 10:00 pm

On New Year’s Eve the Mystery Shack sat alone in the woods, the parking lot lost in a blanket of fresh-fallen snow. The clouds from earlier in the day had moved off, and all that fresh whiteness glittered in the starlight. Wendy Corduroy marched up the road and paused to take in the sight. The old Shack actually looked kinda pretty like this. The redheaded teenager was wearing her usual blue jeans and a thick green parka with several other layers underneath it. Between her ever-present hat and the orange scarf wrapped around her face, only her eyes and a bit of her freckled cheeks were visible.

On her shoulder she was carrying a small ice cooler, and with a little grunt she let it down, crunching it into the snow. She pulled down her scarf, a pensive expression on her face as she looked at the Shack, then back in the woods. Not for the first time, she considered bailing. She had enough survival training, she could just hide out in the woods until things blew over...if they ever blew over.

Then Wendy smirked and shook her head. “Nah. Not my style,” she muttered to herself, hefting the cooler back up and making her way to the ramshackle building. She’d made this bed, and now she was gonna sleep in it.

Besides...a little flutter of excitement blossomed in the pit of her stomach. If this all actually worked out, tonight could be a lot of fun! Feeling resolute, she marched through the powdery snow and up to the porch, giving the door a firm knock. To her surprise, a few moments later it was opened by Pacifica Northwest.

The young girl was dressed to the nines. Her long blonde hair was swept up behind her in a gentle cascade that fell down over her bare shoulders. Her dress was a deep, royal blue that shimmered as she moved, with a slit that showed her legs up just past her knees. She had on a pair of darker blue pumps with one-inch heels. Her face was done up with just a touch of blush, ruby-red lipstick and smokey gray eyeshadow. Wendy couldn’t help but lick her lips when she laid eyes on this particular little snack.

And that was despite the stressed and irritated expression that Pacifica was wearing. “It’s about time,” she snapped in a hissing whisper.

Wendy lifted an eyebrow. “Pretty sure I’m actually early,” she said flatly. “What’s got your panties in a wad?”

“Mabel!” Pacifica replied. “I thought she’d be busy with her loser...I mean her weirdo...” Wendy could see the little blonde tense up, clench her fists and her jaw, only to relax with a long breath a moment later. “I thought she’d be with her friends tonight,” she said in a much calmer voice. “But they never showed. I don’t know how we’re gonna...you know...”

Wendy just chuckled as she set the cooler on the floor. She pulled off her gloves and shoved them in her parka’s pockets before hanging it, the sweater beneath it, her scarf, and her hat next to the door, leaving her in her usual flannel shirt. “Don’t worry about it Princess,” Wendy said, giving Pacifica a little pat on the cheek that made the blonde girl scowl. “I got it covered.”

At least I think I do…


New Year’s Eve, 2:00 pm

The interior of the Mystery Shack gift shop was wrapped in gloom. The lights were out, since there were no tours that day, and outside the sky was slate gray and overcast, sending gentle flurries of snow down over the forest. The snow and cold outside actually made Wendy feel even more warm and cozy as she snuggled Mabel Pines in her lap, the young girl’s coltish legs straddling her hips as they kissed each other gently.

“So you’re coming, right?” Mabel asked eagerly between kisses.

Wendy smirked. “I mean...yeah, dude. Of course. You’re sure it’s just gonna be you here?”

The little brunette nodded emphatically. “Mom and Dad, Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford and Soos and Melody, they’re all going to some party in town. So Dipper’s gonna be here, but I think Pacifica’s sneaking over, so they’re gonna be...busy...” Mabel giggled naughtily.

“And you’re sure you don’t wanna hang with your friends?” Wendy asked pointedly. “I’m not complaining about the attention, but I can’t hog you all the time.” She lifted a hand and stroked it over Mabel’s cheek, making the other girl’s eyes flutter close as she leaned into the caress.

“I’m sure,” Mabel said. “We’ve been hanging out a lot, and they’re both doing stuff with their families tonight. Besides,” she giggled, her cheeks turning pink as she looked up at Wendy with a rather devilish expression, her braces shining in the dim light.

Wendy chuckled and nodded. “You’ve got a surprise for me, I know. But really? No hints?”

“Nuh-uh!” Mabel closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Not even if I...” Wendy’s hand slipped up Mabel’s bare thigh and her fingertips slid under her panties, stroking over Mabel’s rear.

“Wendy!” Mabel gasped. Wendy snickered and lowered her head to kiss Mabel deeply, her tongue twining wetly with the younger girl’s.

“Still not tellin’,” Mabel said, her voice muffled against Wendy’s mouth.

“That’s okay,” Wendy breathed, using both hands to inch Mabel’s skirt up to her waist. “I like surprises...”

Just as if to prove her wrong, a familiar voice suddenly called out from the living room. “Hey Mabel, Wendy!” It was Pacifica. “Wendy, where are you?” The door to the living room began to open.

Mabel leapt from Wendy’s lap and yanked her skirt back down, desperately trying to smooth it out. Wendy wiped her mouth and ran her fingers through her hair just as the little blonde entered the darkened gift shop. “So what, you girls just hanging out in the dark? Not creepy at all,” Pacifica said, peering at the two of them.

“Hey Paz,” Mabel said brightly, though maybe a little breathlessly. “What’s up? Where’s Dipper?”

“Out on the porch,” Pacifica said idly. “But hey, I need to borrow your girlfriend for a second. Wendy, can I...huh?” It was obvious that Pacifica was joking from the way she said the word, but both Wendy and Mabel jerked and tensed at that ‘girlfriend.’ Wendy was just glad the room was so dim...she was sure her face just went red.

“Yeah!” Wendy said, a little too quickly. “Sure, let’s talk,” she said, moving towards the other girl. “Catch you later, Mabes!”

“You bet!” Mabel said, her voice more than a little tight. Wendy clenched her teeth as she forced herself not to wince. All three girls entered the living room, but Mabel continued on up the steps without a word or a glance backwards. Wendy watched her go upstairs nervously, then took a deep breath and forced herself to relax as she looked down at Pacifica, who was looking up at her with an expression part confused and part suspicious. “So…what’s up?” Wendy finally asked after a moment.

“Maybe I should be asking you,” Pacifica replied sharply. Wendy felt her guts clench.

She knows.

Something on Wendy’s face must have been the final confirmation Pacifica needed, because her own face hardened, and she drew herself up, her small hands curled into fists. “You better be treating her nicer than you treated me,” she grated.

Wendy did wince at that, her own hands curling up tight as guilt stabbed into her. Assaulting...okay, pretty much raping Pacifica the way she did, after the big Northwest Ball last summer, was without a doubt the single worst thing Wendy had ever done in her life. Never mind that she’d been drunk, and that she’d been so sure that the rich little blonde was hurting Dipper, and that she really just wanted to scare her off for good. She’d let herself go completely out of control, and Pacifica had paid the price.

And it was all for nothing, anyway. Paz had proved her wrong that very night, and had continued to do so for the rest of the summer and beyond. The two of them were so sweet together and, if anything, it seemed to Wendy that Pacifica was much more dependent on Dipper than the other way around.

“I am,” Wendy said, letting out a breath. “It’s...different with her,” she continued. And it was. Wendy had...indulged herself before Pacifica, with the occasional little dalliance with some young girl or another, frequently under the influence of alcohol. Mabel was...something else though. Wendy wasn’t sure what to make of it. It’s one of the reasons Pacifica’s offhand use of the word ‘girlfriend’ caught her off-guard so badly. She’d never, ever looked at any of her previous little conquests in anything but a purely physical light...but…?

But now the little blonde was still glaring at her, though a little of the suspicious anger had faded from her expression. Wendy was surprised, in a good way, at how protective Paz was being about her boyfriend’s sister. She really wasn’t the kind of girl Wendy always assumed she was. Wendy rubbed the back of her head awkwardly. “We’ve uh, been kinda fooling around since Christmas Eve,” she said.

Pacifica’s eyes widened. “When you two got trapped out in the storm,” she breathed.

“Yeah.” Wendy grimaced a little. “Look, to be honest, she passed out once she finally got warm and I did kinda...diddle myself to her while she was asleep.”

“Of course you did,” Paz said, rolling her eyes.

Wendy’s face flushed, but there was nothing she could really say. “I thought that would be it, but then this Christmas ghost thing shows up,”

“Wait what?” Pacifica exclaimed incredulously, cutting her off. “Christmas ghost?!”

“I know right?” Wendy lifted her hands in a helpless shrug. “This fucking town. But yeah, it showed Mabel what I did, and she...didn’t freak out.” Wendy felt a little smile appear on her face that she just couldn’t hide. “She was actually...kinda into it.”

“Huh.” Pacifica lifted a lock of hair to her lips and chewed it thoughtfully for a moment, then shrugged. “Well, if she’s into it, I guess that’s up to her.” She looked back up into Wendy’s eyes, her expression hardening once again, but this time with sheer determination. “But you still owe me, Corduroy, and tonight I’m going to collect.”

“To...tonight?” Wendy’s insides froze up. Pacifica had been planning a threesome with the two of them and Dipper to make up for Wendy’s attack ever since that night. But with Weirdmageddon and everything, it just didn’t end up happening that summer. Wendy had sort of hoped that Pacifica had decided to let it go…

“A Northwest always collects,” Paz said smugly. “And from what Dipper was saying we’ve got a golden opportunity tonight. So get your butt over here around ten, and be ready to have a good time.” Without waiting for an answer, Pacifica swept out of the room, her blonde hair flying out behind her.

“Oh man,” Wendy groaned, flopping heavily into Stan’s easy chair. “This is gonna suuuuuck!”


While Pacifica and Wendy were talking, some rather strange things were going on upstairs. Waddles, Mabel’s pet pig, was rushing around the room, oinking and grunting in a way that almost seemed worried. Then there was a click, a low humming sound, and, as a pale green light faded around her, Mabel pulled herself up to her feet, grinning at the little object in her hand.

“Whoa-ho ho! Okay, that kinda went bad, huh?” She asked the pig, who threw himself at his mistress and began rubbing his head against her chin, squealing in pleasure. “Hey, hey! I’m okay, seriously! It’s fine!”

She toyed with the object, it’s sleek, metallic exterior still warm from being used. “So yeah, I think I went a little far that time, but that’s alright. I got the hang of it now. It should be all ready for tonight!” With a happy little chirp, she tossed it in the air, caught it and stashed it under her pillow.

Then Mabel flopped onto the bed, her arms crossed behind her head as Waddles curled up at her feet. “You just wait, Wendy,” she promised. “I’m gonna make your dreams come true!”


Pacifica was...troubled...as she left Wendy alone and went out to find her boyfriend. She thought finally pinning Wendy down to the long-promised three-way would feel better than this. Pacifica did want a little payback...and she knew Dipper would just love it...and if she was being honest with herself, she really wouldn’t mind a little more sexytimes with the redheaded teen herself.

So why did this feel kinda...gross? Like the stuff she did before she met the Pines? Mean. It felt kinda mean. And every time she thought about the way Wendy had talked about what had happened with Mabel, it just felt meaner.

“Hey Paz!” Dipper called out, his voice wavering a little nervously like it did sometimes. Pacifica smiled. He was so adorable. “Everything okay? You look a little down.”

The blonde girl shivered. And he was so sweet. She walked over to the porch bench where Dipper was sitting and took his mittened hands into her own. He squeezed, and Pacifica squeezed back. “I’ve got a surprise for you tonight,” she said in a soft tone, lowering her eyes shyly. “But...well, I was really excited about it at first, but I’m not sure it’s gonna work out now.”

Dipper just smiled in that self-effacing way that Pacifica never grew tired of looking at. “Hey, I’m just glad you’ll be here with me,” he said easily. “I don’t need any surprises.” He paused. “I mean, I’m sure whatever surprise you have planned is gonna be great, and I’m really looking forward to it.” He paused again, and a bead of sweat trickled down the side of his head. “I mean, unless it isn’t great, which is fine,” he continued, talking faster and faster, “but if it is great, that’s great, but if it isn’t, I’m 100% okay without it but...” he stopped as Pacifica held a finger against his lips, her shoulders shaking with laughter.

“Dipper, calm down,” she said, forcing the words out through her giggles. “I know what you mean, it’s okay!” Her heart felt much lighter as she turned to look at the snow falling through the woods. Weirdly, Dipper’s little spiral had helped. She didn’t have to decide right now. She’d just...see what happened tonight, and see how she felt about it then. It was gonna be fine.

“Dipper, I’m cold,” she said, putting a sad little pout into her voice.

“Oh! Um...you wanna come inside then?”

Pacifica rolled her eyes and shook her head fondly, turning to the young boy with an arch expression. “I want you to come over here and warm me up, silly!”

Dipper’s cheeks darkened and he hopped off of the bench with a bashful smile. “Oh, right!” He slid his arms around his girlfriend, and as her lips found his he muttered, “This is a much better idea...”

Pacifica just chuckled against his mouth and held him tighter.


Back in the present…

Wendy watched as Pacifica went upstairs towards the attic bedroom where, presumably, Mabel and Dipper were waiting. She didn’t know whether the little blonde had told Dipper she was coming yet, but she kind of figured not. Pacifica would probably want to keep that a surprise. Wendy hoisted the little cooler back on her shoulder and closed her eyes. “I really hope this works out,” she muttered as she started up the steps.

Wacky sitcom style shenanigans weren’t Wendy’s thing. And she didn’t want to lie to Mabel, even by omission. And, of course, she did really owe Pacifica. If this is what she wanted, this is what she’d get. So her ‘plan,’ such as it was, really was just to put everything out there and see what happened. She chuckled a little as she patted the cooler on her shoulder. Well, even if she was just rolling the dice, that didn’t mean she couldn’t give them a little nudge towards her desired outcome.

EDM was thrumming through the air as Wendy approached the bedroom door. Obviously, Mabel was picking the tunes. The redhead didn’t hesitate. She threw the door open with a grin. “Happy New Years, losers!” she called out loudly.



Both Pines twins shouted her name as she came in. Dipper bounced up from his bed where he’d been sitting next to Pacifica, his eyes widening. Wendy had to admit, he cleaned up nice with the blonde girl’s influence. His hat was still in place, of course, but he was wearing a deep blue button-up shirt that brought out the rich brown of his eyes, and a pair of dark gray pants. He wasn’t nearly as dressed up as his girlfriend, but it was definitely a better look than the one (one, singular) outfit he’d been rocking last summer.

Mabel had been dancing next to the boombox they’d brought up to the bedroom, but now she was grinning gleefully at the redheaded teen. She was pretty dressed up too, even if it wasn’t exactly...formal. Mabel had always had a thing for the 80’s look, and she was leaning into it, hard. She had on a powder blue top with a geometric purple design on it that left one shoulder bare, showing the strap of the neon pink sleeveless shirt she wore underneath. Around her hips she had on a frilly tutu skirt with diaphanous layers of pink and purple fabric, and on her legs a pair of leggings, the same blue as her top, glittered with sequins.

It was a very...loud...outfit, but Wendy could kind of get into it...particularly the way it hugged Mabel’s body so close in certain places. But Wendy could sort that out later. Right now she… “Ooof!” She staggered back, barely able to keep a hold on the cooler as Mabel threw herself at her, wrapping her arms tight around Wendy’s middle.

“I’m so glad you’re here!” Mabel squeed. “This is gonna be so awesome!”

“Heh...yeah...” Wendy kind of forced a smile as she patted Mabel’s bare shoulder with her free hand. She glanced up at Pacifica and saw the blonde girl watching them from Dipper’s bed with an unreadable expression. “But hey, check it out, I brought party favors!” Wendy swung the cooler down onto Mabel’s bed and popped it open, revealing a cluster of dark brown bottles sitting in ice.

Mabel blinked as she saw them. “Um...I don’t think I like beer...” she started hesitantly.

“It’s cider dude,” Wendy said, giving her a playful cuff on the shoulder. “Tastes way better, I promise. But don’t just take my word for it...I think your bro and his girl can confirm.” She grinned over at the couple, who walked up to take a look.

“Dipper!” Pacifica gasped as she grabbed one of the bottles. “It’s our cider!” Wendy grinned at that. It wasn’t cheap, but she’d gone out of her way to get the exact same hard cider that they’d served up at the Northwest Ball last summer. She’d always kind of suspected that a little alcohol had helped along whatever had happened between Dipper and Paz, and the blonde’s reaction was pretty good confirmation.

Mabel still looked a little doubtful as she took one of the bottles for herself and started trying to work the cork free, her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she yanked at it. Pacifica wasn’t doing too much better, her brow furrowed as her delicate fingers tried to find a good hold. After a moment, with a frustrated little grunt of surrender, she pushed it towards Dipper, looking away as he took it and pulled the cork out with relative ease.

“Show off,” Pacifica said as she took the bottle back, a little smile dancing on her lips as she stuck her tongue out at him.

Mabel, meanwhile, was just about to grab the cork with her teeth when Wendy took it from her. “Whoa Mabes,” she said. “That can’t be good for your braces.” With a quick twist she popped the cork out and handed it back then grabbed two more bottles for herself and Dipper. She sat down on Mabel’s bed, the three younger kids standing around her.

“Well,” she said, smiling at all of them. “I know none of us are old enough to drink, but after a year like this I kinda figure we earned it, right?” Mabel giggled a little, Dipper grinned and Pacifica gave a very firm nod. Wendy lifted her bottle. “This one’s to us, guys.” A smirk crossed her lips. “Whatever next year throws at us, we’ll be ready. Together.”

“Together!” Everyone said, tapping their bottles together with a ringing clink. Dipper and Pacifica both took a long pull. Mabel looked hesitant as she took the first little sip, but then her eyes widened and she took a longer drink.

“Oh, that is good!” she exclaimed, quickly taking another pull. She burped a little. “Oh, excuse me!” Mabel sat down next to Wendy and leaned against her, nursing her cider. Wendy herself polished off her first bottle in no time, then quickly opened a second. She went a bit slower with this one, just enjoying the feeling of Mabel resting against her side. Across the room, Dipper and Pacifica were talking in soft voices, laughing every once in awhile. They were a pretty adorable couple, Wendy had to admit.

She finished off the second bottle, enjoying the pleasant warmth the hard cider was spreading through her belly. Dipper and Paz had both just about finished their first bottles, and they both had mild flushes on their cheeks and seemed a bit looser than before. Mabel...Wendy paused as she looked down at Mabel. The brunette had less than half the bottle left to drink, but there was a rosy blush on both her cheeks and she was humming happily to herself. That...could be a problem. Wendy hadn’t fully appreciated the fact that this was likely the first time Mabel had ever drank, period.

No time like the present then, huh? She thought to herself as she cleared her throat. “Hey guys, I’m gonna borrow Mabel for a second, okay?” Both Dipper and Pacifica blinked in surprise, as if they’d forgotten there was anyone else in the room with them. Wendy just chuckled as she stood, grabbing Mabel’s hand and yanking her to her feet. Mabel squealed a little, but she got her feet under her with no real issues and looked up at Wendy questioningly.

“We need to talk,” Wendy said, keeping an easy smile on her face. “Let’s head downstairs.”

Still looking rather perplexed (and a little drunk) Mabel nodded and let Wendy lead her back down to the living room. Wendy loved how Mabel’s small hand felt in her own...it was so warm, and soft...she sighed as she had to let it go and sat Mabel down on the couch, sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of her.

The redhead put her hands on her knees and studied Mabel carefully. Mabel looked back at her, maybe a little unsteadily, but alertly. She was actually starting to look a little worried, her brow wrinkled in a cute way that made Wendy want to lean up and kiss it. “Okay,” she started, satisfied that Mabel wasn’t too far gone yet. “Look, Mabel...I know you’ve got your surprise for me and everything, and I can’t wait to see what it is...but...well, there’s something I gotta do first tonight.”

Mabel blinked and tilted her head quizzically. “Huh? What’s that?”

Wendy sucked in a deep breath. “Okay, so, truth time. Last summer, the night of the Northwest Ball? I showed up late...and kinda drunk...and started putting the moves on Pacifica.” Mabel’s eyes widened at that, but Wendy pushed on, not wanting to stop there. “But then I found she’d put the moves on Dipper earlier.” Mabel giggled at that, and Wendy felt her lips twist into a grimace.

“I...went a little nuts,” she admitted. “Remember, that wasn’t too long after I turned Dipper down, right? He’d already had his heart broken once. And I thought Paz was just a rich bitch. I figured she was just playing with Dipper and she’d just toss him once she got bored with him.”

“She wouldn’t do that!” Mabel exclaimed. Then she paused. “But...yeah...from the way she used to act...I know why you’d think that she would.”

“Still no excuse for what I did,” Wendy said bitterly.

“What did you do?” Mabel asked softly. Wendy paused without answering, remembering Pacifica sobbing as she’d twisted her fingers inside the young girl. She shook her head a little bit. It wasn’t her place to go into details without Pacifica’s permission.

“I treated her real bad, okay?” She finally said. “I was drunk, and horny, and super pissed off. I don’t think I can really make up for that. But she wants me to do something tonight, and I owe it to her to do it before you can show me...whatever it was you wanted to show me.”

Mabel chewed on her bottom lip. “I mean, okay, I guess,” she finally said, sounding disappointed. “But what does she want you to do?”

“Ahhh...” Wendy felt her freckled face go red as she rubbed the back of her head awkwardly. No lies, she told herself firmly. Not to her. “Three way,” she finally said, turning her head and only giving Mabel a sidelong look.

Mabel blinked several times, then her face paled, only to turn dark red a moment later. “Three...with...and...you?!”

Wendy was able to suss out Mabel’s meaning clearly enough. “Yeaaaahhhhh...” she said slowly, leaning forward with her hands clasped together. “I know, it’s kinda weird.”

“Does she know how Dipper felt about you?!” Mabel exclaimed in a strangled voice.

Wendy straightened up sharply at that. It wasn’t what she’d expected Mabel to say, but it was a very good question. Did Paz know about Dipper’s old crush on her? Had Dipper told her? Wendy couldn’t imagine it would have come up any other way.

I should definitely ask Paz about that, Wendy decided. But first she had to settle things down here.

“So...you okay, Mabes?” She asked in a soft tone.

Mabel’s face flushed red again and she shrugged wordlessly.

Wendy sighed a bit. She reached out and put a hand on Mabel’s knee, running her fingers over the smooth, shiny sequins. “So like, I know we’ve been...y’know, playing...almost every day since Christmas...but um...” Wendy trailed off, drumming her fingers thoughtfully over Mabel’s knee. “I know this is gonna sound dumb, and kinda crazy, but before this thing with Pacifica came up, I was actually thinking of asking if you wanted to try being, like, girlfriends? Instead of just fuck-buddiEEES!?” Wendy squealed in surprise as Mabel launched herself forward and tackled the older girl to the ground, laying kisses all over her face.

She finished with a long, deep kiss, pushing her small tongue into Wendy’s mouth and savoring the apple-tinged taste of the older girl. When Mabel finally had to break the kiss to surface for air, Wendy gave her a lopsided grin. “Well, I guess that’s a yes, huh?”

Mabel grinned back, running her tongue over her braces. “I wanted to ask you that too,” she exclaimed, hugging Wendy tight around the chest. “But I thought it was too weird...and I didn’t really think...I mean, you told me there were other girls.”

“Well, yeah,” Wendy said with a little shrug. “There were...but not like you. You’re pretty awesome, Mabel.” She ran her hands up and down Mabel’s back. And it’s kinda weird and crazy...but we’re kinda weird and crazy too, y’know? It’s pretty much on brand for us. Besides...when you think about it, we’re not even three years apart.”

Mabel nodded, then cuddled happily up to Wendy’s chest and sighed. “But Pacifica...”

Wendy puffed out her cheeks and blew out her breath. “Yeah. Still gotta go through with it. I owe her big time, and if this...well, it isn’t really gonna make us even, but if it makes her feel better...I just can’t say no. M’sorry.”

Mabel chewed on that for a few moments, then nodded. “If it’s just this once...I get it. I guess I’ll just...hang out down here...” Her face started turning red, and Wendy’s started doing the same. “Till you guys are done?”

“So, just tossing this out there, just a thought...” Wendy said diffidently, and Mabel looked up at her. “I could see if Pacifica would be okay with a foursome instead?”

Mabel’s face went almost purple at that, and she sat up, straddling Wendy’s waist, her hands held at her sides, palms forward, almost like she was pushing something away. “Uhhhhhh….!” she said, the corner of her lip curling up.

Wendy laughed. “Okay, okay! Got it, loud and clear! Just asking!” Huh, she thought to herself. You know I always kinda thought her and Dipper...but based on that, I guess not. Go figure. She sat up, scooping Mabel into her arms as she rose to her feet. She plopped the smaller girl back down on the couch, making her squeak a little in surprise.

Then Mabel sucked in a breath as Wendy loomed over her, placing a hand on Mabel’s chest and pushing her lightly, but insistently, back against the cushions. She brought their faces close together, so close that Mabel could feel her air as she whispered, “This thing I’m doing upstairs, Mabes? That’s just gonna prime the pump. When I’m done, I’m coming back down here, you’re showing me my surprise and then...” She brought her lips to Mabel’s ear. “I am going to wreck you.” She gave Mabel’s earlobe a soft nip, and the other girl let out a soft moan of assent. Wendy laughed a throaty little laugh and kissed Mabel’s cheek. “See you soon, babe.”

Wendy’s face fell almost the instant she turned away from her...girlfriend. Well, thinking about Mabel in those terms did make Wendy smile, at least a little. She headed back up the steps towards the bedroom, trying to get her nerves settled. This was a fucking mess, the whole thing, but Wendy kinda felt like her first instinct was right in this instance. Just bull right through, get it done, and don’t look back!

So she went back up to the attic and pushed open the bedroom door with no warning, startling both Dipper and Pacifica badly. Paz was sitting on Dipper’s lap, and from their flushed faces and Pacifica’s slightly mussed makeup it was pretty clear what they’d been up to. “Having fun?” Wendy asked dryly. Pacifica just smiled impudently back at her, while Dipper let out an awkward little laugh, blushing. “Hey Dip, mind if I borrow your gf for just a sec? I just need to get something straightened out with her.”

Dipper glanced at Pacifica, who was now looking at Wendy curiously. She turned to smile and nod at Dipper. “It’ll just take a second,” the blonde assured him.

“Oh...okay...” Dipper said slowly. His mouth quirked up. “I gotta say, you girls are making me a little nervous with all these secrets...”

Paz giggled and reached out to caress his cheek. “Don’t worry, the payoff will be worth it,” she said before sliding off the bed and letting Wendy lead her outside.

“Is Mabel okay?” Pacifica asked soberly as the door closed behind her. Wendy looked at her sharply. The little blonde had a serious, concerned expression on her face.

“Yeah...” Wendy said. She shrugged a little. “I told her what was up. I told her what I did to you...no details,” she quickly added, as Pacifica’s eyes hardened and she opened her mouth to say something. “Just that I hurt you, bad, and needed to make up for it. She’s uh...not super thrilled,” Wendy said frankly, glancing downstairs. “But I’ll make it up to her later.”

The redhead turned her gaze back to Pacifica with a smirk. “So, we gonna do this thing or what?”

Pacifica’s shoulders sagged a little. “I don’t know...” she murmured softly. “It seemed like such a good idea at the time...but I don’t want to hurt Mabel. And...” her face twisted. “And I don’t wanna make you do something you don’t wanna do.”

Wendy’s chest hitched a little at that. All of a sudden, she had a way out. But really…

“I want to,” she said, and Paz looked up at her with surprise clear on her face. Wendy smirked again and shrugged. “I do. I mean, I do still owe you, big time, for what I did to you, so there’s that. But honestly? I’d want to anyway.” She let her eyes wander over Pacifica’s body lasciviously, making the little blonde blush. “I mean, that’s a really nice dress.”

“But Mabel...”

“Mabel’s a big girl,” Wendy said. “I got her to understand why I gotta go through with it.” Wendy chuckled and her voice dropped a little lower. “I even offered to let her join in, but apparently that isn’t a thing.”

Pacifica’s face turned a deep shade of red, and her eyes widened. “It’s not? I always kinda figured...them in the same bedroom and everything?”

Wendy laughed out loud at that. “You and me both! It’s too bad, too. That would’ve been kinda...hot. In a super messed up way.”

Super messed up,” Pacifica nodded, her blush now traveling down her neck to her chest. “But uh...yeah, it would.”

The two of them laughed together about that for a few moments, but then Wendy’s face turned a little more serious. “Just one other thing before we go back in there. You know how Dipper used to feel about me, right? I don’t want that popping up in the middle and making things weird.”

Paz smirked a bit at that. “His little crush on you? I know all about it. He really is over it though. I mean, we both think you’re pretty hot. But he told me that being with me showed him the difference between having a crush and actually...loving someone.” Her voice dropped to a near whisper on the last two words, and Wendy could suddenly barely stand from the level of cuteness the little blonde was displaying.

“Well, okay,” Wendy said, suddenly feeling breathless and eager. “Why don’t we get in there and show your boy a good time?”

Pacifica smiled nervously, showing just a little of her teeth as she held out a trembling hand. “Why don’t we?”

Dipper looked up as the two reentered. “Hey uh...huh?” He blinked as he took in the fact that Paz and Wendy were holding hands.

“So, Dipper, that surprise I wanted to give you? She’s right here,” Pacifica said with a sultry smile.

“Wendy…? Wendy!” Dipper’s voice was quizzical, but then it ramped up to a sharp, shocked note that cracked with adolescence as the redhead began unbuttoning her shirt. Pacifica joined Dipper on the bed, nuzzling his neck as they both watched Wendy slide the flannel shirt off and pull off her tank top underneath, leaving her in just a bra. With a grin and a wink, she turned around, reached back and unclasped the undergarment and let it fall to the ground.

“What’s happening? Is this a curse thing or a spell or...” Dipper’s voice was rising in panic, and Wendy’s bare shoulders shook with laughter as she heard Paz seal off his mouth with a series of kisses.

“No curse, dude, promise,” Wendy said, still not turning around.

“Me and Wendy had a little, um, encounter, last summer,” Pacifica said, her voice light and teasing. “We worked out this little surprise back then, but we never got a chance.” Well, if that’s all Paz wanted Dipper to know about it, Wendy wasn’t gonna complain.

“I get it’s kinda weird,” Wendy said, glancing back over her shoulder. “And if it’s too weird, well, me and Paz ain’t gonna make you do anything you don’t want to do. But seriously Dip, this is just no strings attached fun. So if you’re up for it...” Wendy left the statement hanging.

“But, um,” Dipper’s voice wavered a little. “Mabel’s downstairs. What if she comes up and...”

“OM effing G, Dipper!” Exasperated, Pacifica threw herself back against the bed and covered her eyes with her hands. “Wendy took care of it, okay? Mable’s not coming upstairs, promise.” The blond girl rose up from the bed and gently took both of Dipper’s hands in her own. “It’s really cute that you’re so nervous, but there’s nothing to be scared of,” she said intently. “Please, let me just do this for you, okay? Don’t worry about doing this perfectly, or disappointing me or Wendy. I’m doing this for you, babe,” Pacifica said with a loving smile. She stepped back to where Wendy stood and lifted her arms expectantly.

Wendy didn’t hesitate any further and turned, grinning as Dipper’s eyes bugged out a little on seeing her bare, freckled chest come into view. Her nipples were dark pink and swollen stiff in anticipation. She unzipped the back of Pacifica’s elegant little dress and slid it up and off her body, leaving her standing there in her dark blue heels and a pair of lacy black panties and a matching little bra. Wendy set her slightly trembling hands on Paz’s bare shoulders while the blonde girl cocked out her hip with a sassy smile. “Maybe I actually should have said we’re going to do this to you,” she practically purred. “So, what do you say?”

Dipper’s face had the strangest expression on it, and it was all Wendy could do not to break out laughing as the young boy swallowed heavily and finally nodded. “Yeah?” he said, his voice cracking. He swallowed again. “Yeah, okay!”

Pacifica let out a tiny, high-pitched squeal of excitement that made Wendy snicker before she launched herself at her boy, bringing their lips together in an almost frantic kiss. Wendy couldn’t help but notice that, no matter how awkward or embarrassed Dipper might have seemed a moment ago, one hand slipped around Pacifica’s slender waist with no hesitation while the other went down to give her lace-clad ass a very confident squeeze.

Wendy sauntered over and sat next to the kissing couple, idly toying with her nipples as she watched the two of them drink each other in. Then with a teasing grin she reached out and flicked open the clasp to Pacifica’s bra. Slipping behind the smaller girl, she eased the undergarment down her arms and away, and then slid her fingers into the waistband of the lacy black panties.

Pacifica had barely noticed when she became bare-chested, but she definitely felt it as Wendy began slipping her panties off. She pushed down hard on Dipper, laying him on his back on the mattress and laying flat against him to let Wendy slide the wispy little bit of fabric off. Kicking her pumps off left her naked, laying on top of Dipper.

Unsure of what her place in this little configuration was, Wendy began laying soft kisses down Pacifica’s bare back. At the same time, her hand drifted down to the cheek Dipper wasn’t squeezing, and then a bit lower, until she felt a bit of wetness on her fingertips. Paz squirmed and groaned at that, rolling her hips down against Dipper’s. Pacifica came up on her knees, straddling Dipper’s waist as she began undoing the buttons of his shirt. “Get his pants,” she almost snarled as she pulled the shirt down her shoulders. From the easy way he rolled his arms to let his girlfriend slide the garment off, it was pretty clear he was used to being stripped like this, leaving him in a plain white undershirt that Pacifica was already yanking up and off.

Wendy reached under Paz’s bare thighs, feeling the heat radiating from between her legs, as her hands fumbled at the zipper and buttons of the smoky gray slacks. She pulled down, the pants slipping easily down Dipper’s skinny hips along with his blue boxer briefs. Her eyebrows bounced up as his hard, hairless cock bounced into view. Not the biggest she’d ever seen, but for a boy his age it was...impressive. “Wow Paz...congrats,” Wendy chuckled.

“Aren’t I a lucky girl?” Pacifica agreed in a teasing little sing-song, curling her hips down to brush her wet slit against the head of Dipper’s member with every word. Dipper gasped and gripped the covers tight as his own hip rolled up to meet the movement.

“Mmmm, not just yet, babe,” Pacifica breathed. Now that they were both naked, Pacifica slithered down Dipper’s body until she was kneeling on the floor in front of the bed. The took his twitching member in her hand and ran her tongue from the base to the tip, ending with a long, licking suck on the head. She grinned sidelong at Wendy, who was kneeling next to her, and gave a little tilt of her head to bring her closer.

“Wendy!” Dipper gasped as the redhead shrugged and lunged forward, her mouth open. In a second she’d slid Dipper’s entire cock into her throat, until her lips closed around the base. Dipper’s hands curled into her hair as she teased him by making a swallowing motion in her throat, massaging and squeezing him. Wendy had dated the occasional boy here and there, and she’d definitely learned some tricks.

Pacifica leaned over and whispered something in Wendy’s ear, and the teen chuckled, the additional vibration making Dipper arch his back up in pleasure. She let his cock slide from her mouth and licked her lips. “Whatever you say, Princess,” she purred. She raised herself up and cupped her modest tits in each hand, leaning forward until Dipper’s glistening, spit-coated cock was sandwiched between them.

Dipper was propped up on his elbows, looking down at Wendy, his mouth open and panting slightly. “Heya Dip,” Wendy said in an exaggeratedly casual tone. “How’s it hangin’?”

Dipper let out a little, hiccuping laugh. “Hey Wendy,” he replied in a shaky voice.

“So, your girl says you’re into...this...” Wendy said silkily, as she leaned forward, keeping her breasts held tightly together and running up the length of Dipper’s cock. The boy’s eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a long, pornographic groan. “Wow, guess so!” Wendy smirked. She worked her body up and down, fucking Dipper’s cock in the warm, pillowy softness of her freckled tits, drawing moan after moan out of him until Pacifica saw his toes start to curl, a sure sign he was ready to pop.

The blonde girl put a hand on Wendy’s shoulder. “I think he’s had enough,” she said in a gently teasing voice, and Wendy leaned back on her hands, watching Dipper’s throbbing member bob desperately up and down as the young boy moaned in disappointment.

Moans that cut off a moment later as Pacifica mounted her boyfriend in reverse cowgirl. Her pussy was plump, juicy and dripping wet in a way that made Wendy’s mouth water as she set the tip of Dipper’s cock against her slit and began to lower herself down on it with a sweet, high cry. As Paz looked down at Wendy, she grinned and licked her lips, running her hands over her own small, pubescent titties. And suddenly Wendy realized that the little blonde’s choice of position was very deliberate. Eagerly, the redhead crawled forward and began licking and sucking her way along Dipper’s shaft as it slid into Pacifica’s cunt, then she licked up Paz’s hairless little slit and lashed her tongue over the button of her clit, making both kids cry out in pleasure.

Wendy hadn’t had a chance to taste Pacifica before she’d gone nuts last summer, and the rich little blonde was honey sweet on Wendy’s eager tongue. She rocked herself up and down on Dipper’s cock and Wendy kept worshiping both her and Dipper with her mouth. Wendy’s denim-clad ass wiggled gleefully as she soaked herself in the perverse pleasure.

Dipper had already been brought to the brink once, so it wasn’t long until both Paz and Wendy felt his cock swell as, with a cry, he came deep inside his girlfriend's cunt. A flood of wetness mixed with boys cum soon came dripping from Pacifica’s sex as she came as well. Boy cum wasn’t Wendy’s favorite flavor, but mixed with the blonde’s sweet juices, it was a taste she could get to love as she lapped it up eagerly.

Paz shuddered and fell back against Dipper, who hugged her around the waist and kissed her cheek and neck and shoulder. “That was...” he started, but Pacifica giggled and turned just enough to touch his lips with a fingertip.

“Round one,” she said, her eyes dancing mischievously. “That was round one. Catch your breath and get ready for round two, Dipper, ‘cause we’re just getting started!”

Still kneeling by the bed, Wendy shifted uneasily at that, casting her eyes back towards the door. I didn’t sign up for that, I don’t think, she fretted. Mabel’s got that surprise and...uh… to her surprise, the bedroom door began to creak open.


Five Minutes Ago…

Mabel Pines was not okay. She paced around the living room in a frantic little circle. She’d actually grabbed one of her sweaters from the dirty laundry for the express purpose of putting it on and yanking it up over her head, but there was no peace to be found in Sweater Town on this night. With a frustrated growl she snatched the sweater off and threw it on the couch.

Honestly, she was seething. Her twin brother and his stupid-pretty girlfriend were fucking her girlfriend! “I know I said I got it, but...” Mabel growled again and gnawed on one of her knuckles. She wasn’t dumb. Wendy must’ve done something pretty awful to Pacifica, the way she’d talked about it. “I don’t want her to, though!” she exclaimed, ignoring the fact that she was alone in the room, talking to nobody.

But, she’d promised she would, even before Mabel and Wendy had done anything together. “But it’s so weird!” Mabel countered, kicking at the ground. There was a tale-tell creak of furniture upstairs that made Mabel wince and blush all at the same time. “See? Like that! What even was that?!”

One thought kept circling around like a shark, diving in to bite her whenever she dropped her guard. You could be up there. Wendy had offered, bold as brass. And as just...no...as the thought of doing it with Dipper was, If she was up there, she wouldn’t be freaking out down here. And really, with four people? Mabel felt all weird and tingly even thinking about it, but really, with all of them, she and Dipper could both do...stuff...and never actually even have to touch each other.

“But what about my surprise?” Mabel asked nobody plaintively, sitting in the big armchair and clasping her hands between her knees.

“I guess...Wendy did say she’d...um...heh heh...wreck me after I showed it to her,” she supplied herself a moment later. “And really, that was kinda the plan the whole time, wasn’t it?” The idea kept running through her head more and more and more, winding her up to a fever pitch as she sat there. Finally, she heard another creak, this time joined by a faintly heard cry of ecstasy.

“Okay, that’s it!” Thinking time was over. Mabel dashed up the stairs and, taking a moment to suck in a deep breath, slowly opened the bedroom door.


The Present…

Wendy couldn’t do anything but stare as the door opened, revealing an extremely frazzled looking Mabel Pines. The little girl took in the sight of her brother and his girlfriend slumped together post-coitus, Wendy kneeling on the floor topless next to their naked bodies. Her face turned painfully red, but before Wendy could even open her mouth, Mabel was running towards her own bed.

She fished under her pillow for a moment and with a cry of triumph that startled both Dipper and Paz, neither of whom had seen Mabel yet, pulled out an object that looked for all the world like a chrome flip phone. “Hey Wendy!” Mabel shouted, a manic grin on her face. “SURPRISE!” The object hummed for a moment then spat out a pulse of white light, right at the redheaded teenager.

Everyone shielded their eyes from the reaction, and when the light faded an instant later, something had...changed. As Paz and Dipper stared at her in utter shock, Wendy ran her hands over her rounder cheeks, then down her flat chest. Unable to breathe, she ran towards the full-length mirror set on one of the walls, tripping as she stumbled out of blue jeans that were suddenly far too large.

Staring back at her from the mirror was a girl of maybe ten years old. Naked, or at least mostly, as her now oversized panties were slipping down past her knees. She was a few inches shorter than Dipper and Mabel. Her belly and thighs, pale and dusted with freckles, were softly rounded with baby fat, and her red hair was much shorter, hanging in a ragged way that immediately made Wendy want to pull it up in a familiar pair of pigtails.

Tense, shocked silence reigned as Wendy touched her face, then once again ran her fingers over her torso, then touched her tiny, hairless pussy. Then all three of the other kids in the room jumped as she threw her head back, dropped to her knees and began bawling her eyes out.

MABEL!” Dipper shouted, grabbing his clothes in a rough bundle to hold in front of himself as he climbed out from under Paz and then off the bed. “What did you do?

How did you do that?!” Pacifica added, still staring at Wendy with her mouth open in shock.

“I...I just...” Mabel inched towards Wendy, looking devastated, tears of her own beginning to trickle down her cheeks. “I thought she’d...she’d like it...” Mabel hesitantly reached out to put a hand on Wendy’s shoulder. “Wendy...it’s okay...I can fix it, I promise...”

Then Mabel let out a high-pitched ‘yeep!’ sound and lifted her arms above her head as the tiny girl spun in place, wrapping her arms around Mabel’s waist and burying her face in her belly.

Thank youuuuuu!” Wendy sobbed. “Th...th...ughh...” she wiped her snotty face all over the front of Mabel’s top. “Thank you,” she said again, looking up at Mabel with a shaky, desperate, tear-stained grin.

Mabel sagged with relief as she slid her arms around Wendy’s shoulders and held her gently. “I knew you’d like it,” she murmured happily.

By this time Dipper and Paz had managed to dress...a little. Dipper had yanked on his boxer briefs, and Pacifica had pulled on her panties, but she wasn’t looking all that keen on dressing any further. “Okay, I’m sorry, time out,” Dipper said. “Can we talk about what just happened because I am starting to freak out just a little bit!”

“Um, yeah...right,” Mabel said in a soft, tender voice as she knelt down to cuddle Wendy closer. The redhead was still crying softly as she burrowed her face into the crook of Mabel’s shoulder, her own shoulders shaking almost silently.

Mabel looked up at her brother, a wondering expression on her face. “So um..you remember when the time travel guys were after, um, Blendo? Blar-Blar? Whatever his name is? Well, one of them dropped that,” Mabel nodded her head towards the little chrome flip phone, “out of his belt and I just kinda...kept it. It can make things younger, then turn them back. I don’t think it can make things any older, though.”

Dipper bent down and picked up the little device, looking over the little dials on it, and the spot on the top that was clearly a depression for a thumb. The trigger. “You’ve had this thing since summer?” he exclaimed.

“I’ve mostly been using it to turn raisins into grapes,” Mabel admitted. Everyone stared at her. “Raisins are gross!” she said defensively, and Wendy laughed wetly against her.

“But then Wendy told me how much she missed being a kid and I thought...worth a shot. I had to play around with it a little before I got it right.” She chuckled self-effacingly. “Kinda turned myself into a toddler this afternoon. I’m just glad it landed on the floor next to me.”

“Mabel, that was so dangerous!” Dipper said, appalled. “You had no idea what this thing would do to you, really!”

“I pretty much did!” Mabel responded indignantly. “And...and Wendy sounded so sad when she said how much she missed...” Mabel sniffled a little and she wiped her face on her arm. She glared at Dipper for a moment, then a sweet smile appeared on her face as she looked down at the girl in her arms. She reached under Wendy’s chin and tilted her head up. Wendy’s face was red, puffy and tear-stained, but all Mabel could see was how adorable she was. “I’d do anything for you,” she said simply.

Wendy’s face crumpled, and she pushed up and forward, catching Mabel’s mouth in a fevered kiss. The age-changing device clattered to the ground as Dipper leapt backwards, his hands held up defensively at the shocking sight.

After a moment, they broke the kiss, still smiling at each other. Then Mabel turned to Dipper, her face falling as she saw how nonplussed he was. “Dipper...I’m sorry...” she said, but at the same time she held Wendy closer. “I...I know this is weird, but...”

“Weird?” Dipper said breathlessly, rubbing the back of his head. “Yeah...you could call it weird.”

“I’m sorry too,” Wendy said, looking up past Mabel’s shoulder. It was the first time she’d spoken without crying since she’d changed. Her voice was much lighter and softer than it was when she was a teenager.

“Too old for me?” Dipper said with a little, mocking laugh. Then he winced. “Sorry,” he quickly said. But Wendy winced too.

“Yeah,” she said weakly. “I should have been more honest. But...well, it just seemed like the wrong time to tell you I was into younger girls, not younger guys. That was a whole different conversation.”

Then Pacifica was there, still wearing nothing but her panties. She didn’t say anything, but she slipped her arms around Dipper, kissing him lovingly on the lips, his cheeks, his neck. Then she kissed his mouth again and when that kiss broke there was a rueful, lopsided little smile on his lips. He stared into Pacifica’s gorgeous blue eyes for a moment, then looked up past her to his sister and his former crush. “It’s fine,” he said softly, holding his girlfriend close. “I think it worked out way better this way.”

Wendy leaned heavily against Mabel, relieved. She was also savoring the fact that she was so much smaller than her girlfriend. The redhead was desperately afraid that any second this was going to turn out to be a dream. For the first time in years she finally felt right in her own body. She’d never been able to explain it fully, not even to herself, but something deep inside her, some bubbling little whisper that kept telling her that this, the way she was now, this was the way she was supposed to be.

She latched her arms around Mabel’s neck, making her girlfriend ‘eep’ slightly as Wendy hung from her. “Thank you Mabel,” she whispered, tears leaking from her eyes again. “Thank you so, so much. I can’t believe you did this...it’s...it’s a miracle!”

Mabel’s eyes grew a little liquid at that as well as she cuddled Wendy to herself tightly. “I just...when you said, back in the cave, you always hoped we’d find something that could make you a kid again, suddenly I remembered, ‘Hey! I’ve got a crazy future time police...thing.” The two of them kissed again, deeply, and Wendy felt a hot rush flow through her, one more intense than she ever remembered feeling.

“That’s really sweet,” Pacifica said softly. At some point the blonde had gotten Dipper to sit back on the bed and was currently watching them from her vantage point on his lap. Still wearing nothing but her little black panties, Dipper’s hands were around her waist in a comfortable way, and she was leaning against his slender bare chest. “Weird,” she added in a teasing tone. “Super weird. But really sweet.”

Mabel blushed, but Wendy barely heard her. All of a sudden, her blood was pounding in her ears. Without even thinking about it, she slipped her hand over her rounded belly and began playing with herself. In less than a second, her eyes rolled back into her head and she would have fallen to her knees if Mabel wasn’t there to hold her up. Just the sensation of her tiny fingers stroking along her flat, hairless slit had sent her over the edge into a delicious orgasm.

“Oh...oh man,” she whimpered, clinging tightly to Mabel’s body. “That was...mmm, oh god, Mabel...”

“Whoa-ho-ho!” Mabel said, laughing a little bashfully. She helped Wendy find her balance on shaky legs once again. “That, um, looked intense.” She gently brushed back Wendy’s bangs and kissed her forehead. “Maybe we should, um, go downstairs?”

“Oh, I dunno about that,” Pacifica said archly. She slid from Dipper’s lap and sauntered to the middle of the room, swaying her hips and pushing her chest with its tiny mounds out boldly. “I wasn’t really finished with Wendy yet,” she purred, glancing at her boyfriend and then the two embracing girls. “But, um, maybe we can work something out,” she said, eyeing everyone in the room hungrily.

Dipper and Mabel’s faces went red as they glanced at each other, accidentally caught one another’s eyes and then quickly looked away. Exactly as Mabel had before, the twins drew up their hands like they were pushing something away and said, “Uhhhhhh….!”

Wendy and Paz both started laughing. “OMG, you two are adorable!” Pacifica gasped, one arm wrapped around her stomach. “Okay, okay...seriously. I don’t wanna make anyone do anything they don’t want to. Buuuuut...” Pacifica swayed back to Dipper and ran a hand along his bare shoulder and up his neck. “It um, might be fun to see both Pines Twins getting it at the same time. Wendy knows what I mean.”

The little girl Wendy now was blushed prettily and grinned up at Mabel. “She’s not wrong,” she said in her piping voice. “You two...” Wendy fought back an eager giggle. “You two wouldn’t have to even touch each other or even do anything.” She glanced at Pacifica, who nodded eagerly in agreement. “You could just lie back and let us do the work.”

Dipper and Mabel bit the corners of their lips in an identical gesture and studiously looked around at everything but each other. Finally, at almost the exact same time, they nodded wordlessly. Pacifica squealed eagerly and fell on top of Dipper, pushing him back against the mattress and smothering him with long, wet kisses as they shimmied out of their underwear once again.

Mabel on the other hand suddenly found herself under attack by a tiny little tornado. She laughed helplessly and tried to fend off the little redheaded dervish, but Wendy was relentless. Her tutu skirt flew off, followed by the blue top and pink sleeveless shirt underneath, both whipped over her head so quickly Mabel actually spun around twice. Finally, Wendy slowed as she stood behind Mabel and began sliding the leggings and Mabel’s panties down her legs.

“Mmm, this feels so good...you feel so good...” Wendy moaned, as she rubbed herself against Mabel’s back. “We’re both so...soft...” Wendy breathed.

“You were pretty soft to start with,” Mabel murmured, leaning back a little to press herself against Wendy’s small form. She could feel Wendy’s stiff little nipples poking into her back.

“This is different,” Wendy murmured wetly. “This is perfect...” Mabel’s leggings and panties were bunched up down around her ankles now, so she let Wendy continue to nuzzle and caress her as she quickly yanked the whole mass of fabric from her legs, shoes and all.

“C’mon,” Mabel said with a little grin as she turned around to take Wendy’s hands. She still wasn’t totally sure about doing this next to Dipper...but Wendy and Pacifica both seemed pretty excited about the idea. The two of them went to the bed where Dipper and Pacifica were still kissing, sliding their naked bodies against one another without...Mabel blushed and studiously looked away as she laid back against Dipper’s bed next to them.

Feeling the other girl settle onto the mattress, Pacifica came up for air, her face more than a little sweaty and her makeup smeared. “Finally!” she said testily, but then her mouth quirked up in a teasing smile. “Okay let’s...” she was standing up in front of Dipper but then paused and looked down at Wendy. Wendy looked back up at her quizzically but then gasped as the blonde girl swept her up in a tight hug. “Omigod omigod you are too precious!” Pacifica squealed. “I could just eat you up!

Wendy giggled and hugged her back. “Sorry,” she said in a bratty tone she hadn’t been able to pull off right for so long, “but I’ve got someone else to eat me up.” Pacifcia snorted a little as she let the little redhead go.

“That sounds so wrong coming out of that little face,” she chuckled.

“Wait’ll you hear the kinda sounds I’m gonna be making,” Wendy said, looking at her naked girlfriend where she lay, a smile on her face as she looked up at her.

“Mmm...I bet I can make my Pines moan louder than yours,” Pacifica said, grinning down at Dipper as she climbed on top of him, spreading her legs open to take him inside of her once again.

“I’ll take that bet,” Wendy chirped, clambering up on the bed. She pulled up one of Mabel’s legs and let it dangle over her shoulder, sliding her legs out on either side of Mabel and inching forward until…

AH!” Mabel cried out softly as Wendy’s hot, swollen sex pressed against her own.

“Fuck me, yes!” Wendy groaned, wrapping one arm around Mabel’s leg and pressing the other back onto the mattress behind her. That sensation, two bare, hairless pussies, soaking wet with lust, rubbing together, it made Wendy shudder all over with pleasure. She rolled her hips, and her eyes rolled back. She almost came again. But this was for Mabel’s pleasure, not just hers. The tiny girl found a good rhythm that made Mabel let out that adorable little squeak of hers with every movement of her hips.

Pacifica meanwhile was teasing Dipper unmercifully, taking the head of his cock into her cunt and lowering herself until she felt just the tiniest twitch of his hips, which is when she pulled back up with a cruel little giggle. “Be patient baby,” she cooed. “No moving till I’m all the way around you,”

“You know I suck at this game Paz,” Dipper laughed breathlessly, vainly thrusting his hips up to try and at least touch his needy cock against Pacifica’s pussy.

“I know,” Pacifica gloated, taking his cock once again. “That’s why I love playing it with you.” She slid down. “Mmm, halfway there...you’re doing so good...ah!” Without warning Dipper grabbed Paz by the hips and pulled her down at the same time he thrust back up. A high, musical little cry left Pacifica’s lips as she felt Dipper’s full length filling her cunt. “Cheater!” she gasped with a shaky grin.

“Should we start over?” Dipper asked with a little smirk.

“Mmmm, it’s so not fair to ask when you feel so good inside me,” Paz moaned, grinding down and then pulling up just a little. Pacifica reached back to put her hands on Dipper’s thighs, just above his knees and Dipper kept his hands on Paz’s hips, both of them moving in perfect sync as Pacifica rode her boyfriend hard.

Soft wet sounds, gasps, moans and little bits of laughter filled the room. Even though the twins wouldn’t look at each other, they both blushed every time they made a noise, as if embarrassed by being heard by their sibling. Even so, their respective girlfriends were relentless, expertly pleasing the twins and sending them spiraling up and up to the peak of pleasure over and over again without letting them go all the way over.

But finally, as they approached the edge, both Dipper and Mabel’s faces tightened and they let out simultaneous little strangled cries. Their hands flew down to grab at the sheets, tightly, but the hands between them ended up colliding instead. Without even thinking about it, Mabel and Dipper’s fingers intertwined and they clasped hands tightly, their hips straining against Wendy and Pacifica as the redhead and the blonde finally let the twins teeter on the brink and then…

Both Dipper and Mabel’s mouths fell open and their eyelids snapped open, revealing blank white eyes that shone with unearthly light. A low, bass thrum seemed to come from everywhere at once that made the entire Shack vibrate.


Dipper cried out and fell forward, gasping as he went down up to his elbows in a mixture of frozen slush and thick mud. Underneath the icy muck, he could feel gnarled, twisted strands of wood.

Wait...forward? Wasn’t he just laying on his back? What...where…?

Looking around he seemed to be in some kind of crevice. Rock walls stretched up on either side of him until they were lost in gloom, covered in old, twisted roots and pallid fungus. There was a greenish, pestilential light faintly illuminating everything, but he couldn’t find its source.

A light clank got his attention. Looking up, he could see a rusted and pitted metal catwalk had been built high up into the rock wall. Coming out from an opening was…


The blonde girl was wearing something Dipper had never seen her in. It was like some kind of scout uniform, with a beret and a matching shirt, a flared skirt and a sash around her chest. The colors were all washed out and faint in the sickly green light. Even though Dipper was far below, he could see how sad his girlfriend looked as she stood and stared out at the end of the catwalk. After a moment, she folded her hands on the railing and hid her head in them, her shoulders shaking silently.

Dipper wanted to call out to her, but he didn’t seem to be able to control his body at all. All he could do was watch as she cried. After several agonizing minutes, her head snapped up and she looked back into the opening she’d come from. The sadness drained out of her face, leaving it unsettlingly devoid of emotion as she walked into the darkness.

A hand clasped Dipper’s shoulder from behind, and a voice whispered directly into his ear, “Dipper, we have to go.”


Mabel gasped and lifted her hands to shield herself from a sudden blast of icy wind. The air was bitter with the smell of rust and saltwater. She looked wildly around. Wasn’t she just…? What was she doing?

Where was she?

Thick fog seemed to be everywhere. There were other people around, she was sure of it, but she couldn’t seem to make out who they were, or even exactly where they were. She looked from one side to the other, but then a loud snap, like a burst of electricity, drew her eyes forward.

There was a raised platform there, and for some reason the fog didn’t seem to touch it. There was a fire burning on it, but the flames were a bright, vibrant violet. And as she watched, streaks of black began to appear in the fire, seeming to twist around the flames and push them this way and that. Mabel squinted. It almost looked like there was someone standing in the middle of all of that…

Then someone stepped out of the fog up onto the platform. It was Wendy! The redhead was a teen again, and she looked like she’d been through hell. All she was wearing was a pair of panties and a torn and dirty tank top. Her face was bruised and a streak of blood ran down from her forehead. Her hair was wild and tangled as it fell down her back.

But what shocked Mabel most was how angry her girlfriend looked. She was staring at the violet bonfire with a look of naked hatred and all-consuming rage that shook Mabel to her bones.

All of a sudden, Mabel realized she was moving. She was running...right towards the fire! She tried to stop, but she had no control over her body at all as she leapt onto the platform and lunged forward…


“You want to call someone?!” Wendy was shouting. “Are you crazy? Who do you even call about something like this?”

“We’ve got to do something!” Pacifica cried out in a panic. “What about Dipper’s uncle, the smart one? What party were they all going to?!”

“Oh yeah! Hey, Ford, we were just plowing your niece and nephew and...” Wendy stopped and gestured towards herself. “And how do we even explain this?!

“Well that sure as hell wasn’t my idea!” Paz snapped. “Where’s that future thing? Change yourself back.”

“I’m not touching that thing. Did you hear Mabel say she turned herself into a toddler? I’ll probably end up a fetus if I screw around with it! Look, I know how to get down to Ford’s lab. He left a bunch of books and crap down there. I bet there’s something down there that can help!”

Please stop shouting,” Dipper groaned. Immediately both girls cried out and rushed to the bed.

“Yeah...I feel like...ouch! I feel like I ate a bunch of Smile Dip and chased it with a pitcher of Mabel Juice.” Mabel rolled over onto her belly and covered her head with a pillow. “No talking. No lights. Just let me lie here and die.”

Dipper on the other hand forced himself to sit up, cradling his head. “What...what happened?”

Wendy and Pacifica looked at each other. “No idea, dude,” Wendy finally said, quietly. “It looked like you guys were about to cum and then your eyes went all white and glowy and there was this sound like the world’s biggest subwoofer.”

“Then you both passed out and you wouldn’t wake up!” Pacifica said in a tearful voice. She hiccuped. “You were out for like ever!”

“More like ten minutes,” Wendy added, shooting an exasperated look at Paz.

“Too much talking,” Mabel croaked.

Wendy looked the two of them over. “Are you guys okay? Do you remember anything?”

“I...had a dream?” Dipper said. “Or maybe not. It’s a lot clearer than a dream. I was in some kind of cave and...I saw you, Pacifica. You looked...sad.”

“Hey yeah,” Mabel added, not moving in the slightest, her voice still muffled by the mattress she was pressing her face into. “I saw something too...there was a lot of fog, and a weird fire, and Wendy...you looked like you got into a fight, and you looked crazy mad.”

She rolled over and sat up, blinking. “Huh...I’m starting to feel better. Dip?”

Dipper lifted his head and rolled his shoulders. “Hey, you’re right...I feel pretty...ack!” He looked over at Mabel at the same time she looked over at him, both twins realizing that they were still very naked indeed. They blushed down to their chests and darted their heads up to stare at the ceiling.

Everyone pulled at least a few clothes on, and then Dipper and Mabel each explained what they’d seen in detail. “That’s so weird,” Wendy said, nestled in Mabel’s lap. She didn’t really have any clothes that fit so she’d settled for just kind of draping her flannel shirt around herself.

“Yeah...nothing like that ever happened any other time me and you did it,” Pacifica said, leaning on Dipper’s shoulder and lightly touching his face.

Dipper’s cheeks colored and he pulled his hat down further over his head as he cleared his throat a few times. “Well, um...there’s a lot of magic rituals that require an..um uh...an orgasm,” he said, his voice dropping to a whisper. “A lot of them are divination stuff. Seeing the future, that kind of thing.”

Mabel folded her arms around Wendy’s chest and rested her chin on top of her head. “So, what, the stuff we saw is actually gonna happen? And still, how come it only happened now?

Dipper shrugged. “Beats me.”

“Maybe it’s you two,” Wendy said, looking at Dipper and then up at Mabel. “I mean...I’m guessing you two have never been holding hands when you got off before, am I right?”

Dipper and Mabel both flushed and shook their heads firmly. Mabel heaved a big sigh. “I was kinda hoping that we were pretty much done with the bad kind of weird magic, but both of the things we saw seem pretty bad.” That made everyone fall into a kind of a gloomy silence.

Then Wendy caught sight of the clock. It was 11:56. “Hey guys, check it out,” she said, pulling herself free from Mabel’s lap. “It’s almost time.”

“Aww, you were warm!” Mabel whined.

Wendy went to the cooler and rather awkwardly grabbed four fresh bottles of cider with hands and arms much smaller than they were the first time she’d done it. Once again Paz and Mabel struggled with their corks, but this time Wendy was having quite a bit of trouble too. With a certain amount of grumbling, all three girls handed their bottles to Dipper to be opened.

“Not gonna lie, feeling prett-y manly right now,” he said with a teasing grin.

“Shut up dude,” Wendy said good-naturedly. “Or I’ll make you arm-wrestle me when Mabel changes me back.” A brief, worried look flickered over her face and she looked at her girlfriend. “You can change me back, right? I mean, I wouldn’t if I didn’t have to, but I’d have a real hard time explaining this to my dad, my teachers...”

“Yeah,” Mabel said, pulling Wendy close and snuggling her. “But not right now. I like you like this, too.” Wendy blushed and smiled shyly, cuddling up to the other girl.

Everyone watched as the clock hanging from the wall continued its march to midnight. “This is all giving me a pretty bad feeling about next year,” Dipper said sourly, slipping his hand around Pacifica’s waist.

“We can handle it,” Pacifica said confidently, leaning over to brush her lips over Dipper’s jaw.

“Hell yeah we can,” Wendy said, her brusque tone weirdly at odds with her sweet, piping little voice. “We took out a Chaos God last summer, what’s this year gonna throw at us that we can’t take? We just gotta stick together.” She lifted up her bottle just as the clock ticked to the next year.

“Together!” Everyone called out. And then Wendy and Mabel and Dipper and Pacifica turned to each other with a combined, murmured, “Happy New Year.” Their lips found one another’s, and any worry about what was coming was lost for a little precious time. Together. 


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