Mr. Fix It

BY : Obstinatural
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Disclaimer: I don't own the properties discussed in this fictional story, they are all owned by the creators of the Loud house. This is written for entertainment purposes only and any actions done by the characters are NOT condoned by the author

Lincoln Loud sighed as YOU HAVE DIED flashed on his laptop screen. With a groan he double-checked his items and the print out he made ahead of time for the most optimal build of top-lane Deadopus. He thought for sure he had Stella's Ormm on the ropes but she managed to outpace him and dodge his skills with ease. 


"I hate this game." Lincoln sighed into his headset, "Can't we just go do some Crucible on Dest-" 


His complaint was cut short by a chortle from Stella as she popped in to their team's dischord call, "Nice try, Linc- but Deadopus was nerfed hardcore last week. I bet you're using a buy list from last year or something." Stella gave a teasing giggle and dropped out of the call. 


"Man, just bear with it, Pussy…" Rusty groaned into his mic, "Plus- Penelope is on the other team and I wanna impress her… I heard she takes it up the butt-" 


"Gosh darn it, Rusty! We're 11 for cryin' out loud!" Liam cut off Rusty before he could continue, "My Mee-Maw is in the room! Quit talkin' about takin' it up the hindquarter- Huh? Oh, no! I ain't gay- er…" Liam's mic chirped up once before cutting off, "Sorry folks…" 


Unfortunately for Lincoln, Liam didn't exit the game and just continued jungling with his mic cut off. The game was a total wash. Lincoln eyed the chocolate milk Leni left him, she should know that he's lactose intolerant by now. Maybe if he chugged the bottle he'd have the perfect excuse to drop from the match. The glimmerings of A Plan hatched in the folds of his brain and he reached for the milk. 


With squinted eyes he noticed the seal was broken, but shrugged his shoulders. He took a deep breath, steeling himself before making his stupidest decision so far this week. Just as he put the bottle to his lips he heard a gentle knock on the door. 


"Lincoln…" It was Leni, her voice sounded particularly deflated, "C- can I come in? I need someone to-" Lincoln heard Leni try to silently sniffle, but the noise didn't go unnoticed by the white haired gamer, "T- talk to…" 


"Perfect…." Lincoln caught himself gloating and covered his mic, he cleared his throat and tried that again, "Perfect…" Lincoln sighed and let his voice sag, "Hey guys, Leni needs to talk to me. I'll just be a sec-" 


"Dude, Leni is in trouble?" Zack asked with worry in his voice, "I hope she's okay… Take all the time you need." 


"Fuck!" Rusty sighed into his mic, "Fine. So long as it's Leni I don't-" He paused, "Wait, Leni is the nice one with the glasses, right?" 


"Yes, Rusty. Refer to the guide card we made you…" Clyde sighed, his voice perked up a bit over the mic, "Listen, we'll take a break, maybe get Richie to take your spot… Just: make sure Leni is okay." 


"You guys really like Leni, huh?" Lincoln blinked as he turned off his laptop. He took a quick look around his room and covered up any contraband before letting the eldest sibling of the house in. After kicking his collection of nunchucks and incredibly illegal fireworks underneath the bed he made sure he was presentable in his dresser mirror before opening his door. 


"What's wrong, Leni?" Lincoln's voice slowly grew more anxious as he noted the puffiness around her eye sockets, "Did you have a tough day at work again?" 


Leni gave a small nod. Lincoln can tell that she was putting on a brave face for her younger brother. Between picking up shifts at Lynn's Table, working as assistant manager at Reiningers, and maintaining a C average at Royal Woods High School Leni has been really put through the ringer. Lincoln almost felt bad for using her as an excuse to quit the game. 




"Come in," Lincoln took his eldest sister by the hand and brought her in his room, "Take a seat," Lincoln pointed at the bed and Leni took small measured steps and sat, "Let me close the door so we can have some privacy." Lincoln closed the door behind him and stuffed a towel underneath the crack of the door. 


After blinking a few times at Leni's deflated form he walked towards her and took off the name tag from her seafoam dress that hung upside down. She's usually more careful than that, Lincoln's worry deepened. "What happened?" Lincoln asked as he took a seat next to Leni on the bed. 


"I- I-" Leni's words deflated into a tiny pout and Lincoln pet her arm to let her know she could take her time. Leni shut her eyes tight and let out a fast pace of words "TODAYIMESSEDUPANDIRUNGUPASCARFTWICE!" 


Lincoln was used to this by now, Leni was a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her work. He just gently patted her back, a bit moist from her panic induced sweat. 


"I'm so stupid." Leni spoke sadly, "I can't even work a f-f-f-," Leni screamed, "FREAKIN' cash register correctly." 


Lincoln's pats grew in number during Leni's outburst and he quickly put his head on her shoulder, "Were they mean to you?" 


Leni shook her head and gave Lincoln a tight side hug, "No! That's totes the worst part! They just-" Leni broke down, tears started to pour again from her eyes, "LOOKED at me. And SMILED." Leni wailed while Lincoln made soft cooing noises, "It was the SAME look I give to CHARLES when he PEE-PEES the RUG! I'm- I'm so STUPID and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!" 


"I don't think you're stupid, Leni," He quickly continued and brought his hands to take off her sunglasses to keep her from having another outburst, "I think you just have too much on your plate- it's tough being the eldest! Not to mention that you're pulling 40 hours a week and going to school!" Lincoln quickly went behind his sisters back and gave her a hug, his arms wrapping around just below her chest, "And even if you aren't the smartest: I think you work the hardest." Lincoln has the unfortunate tendency to butter up Leni so he can get away with things, he quickly whispered in her ear, "Don't tell anyone, but you're my favorite." 


"L-L-L-L-Lincoln!" Leni shuddered as if she was hit by lightning, her cheeks reddened in embarrassment as shock waves went down from her brain to her core, "Y-you can't say that!" She whispered, "You can't have a favorite sist-" 


Lincoln gave a gentle chuckle into her ear and pressed himself tighter against Leni's sweat-soaked back, "Who said anything about sisters?" He went closer, his lips almost touching her ear, "You're my favorite person, Leni." 


Fear broke out in Leni's mind and clashed against the feeling of acceptance and love that blossomed in her chest. She took heavy breaths and tried to squirm free from his grasp. She was being Bad Leni again. But, in a moment of weakness she opened her mouth, "You're just saying that to make me feel better…"


She hoped the whining would goad Lincoln into hugging her tighter, maybe get him to press his lips against the back of her hair like he used to when he was younger. But to her dismay she felt his arms slowly slip away, she hung her head down- her hopes have been dashed. The knot of guilt in her stomach tightened as she realized just how much she relied on her little brother. 


But in a flash Leni felt Lincoln slide into her lap, with a tiny yelp Leni brought her head up and was face to face with Lincoln who had a mischievous smirk on his face. "Well," Lincoln's smirk curdled into a smile and he rose his eyebrows, "If you don't trust my words- I guess my actions will have to do the talking," He slowly wrapped his arms around her shoulders and let them rest loosely on her ramrod form, "What can I do to make you feel better?" His voice sounded playful and almost taunting, Leni felt her breath hike in her throat. 


"haa-" Leni let out a steaming breath, her face reddening, "Lincoln, I-" Lincoln tilted his head as he felt Leni try to position herself away and quickly pressed his body closer into hers, "I'm totes sweaty and gross from work!" Leni lied, her kitty was wet because Lincoln is making her Bad.


Lincoln chuckled and tilted his head, quickly tucking his head down into her pits and gave a quick sniff, "Nah, your antiperspirant is still working." Leni almost screamed as his face brushed against her exposed flesh. He gave a mocking smile and nodded as he returned back to face level, "48-hour protection, worth every penny." Leni couldn't take much more of this, with heaving breaths she tried to squirm free- only for Lincoln to wrestle with her. "You won't get rid of me that easy, Leni," Lincoln rolled his eyes and sighed, using one hand he brushed away sweaty strands of hair from his elder sisters eyes, "I can tell that there is something you want from me, just let it out. Even if it's stupid and small, I want to be there for you." 


"I…" Leni shut her eyes and tried again to position herself better, in the movement Lincoln lifted up her skirt and she could only focus on the pressure on her kitty. "I've been very bad." Leni shook her head, "No- I'm BEING bad… I-" Her voice quivered and a tear dripped from one of her shut eyes, "I need to be punished…" 


"I don't think that at all." Lincoln could only raise an eyebrow and shake his head. He's used to Leni trying to take everyone's burdens on her own, if she keeps going down this road she'll collapse and the house will descend to chaos. Resolve formed in his chest, he needed to get to the root of the problem. "I don't think punishing you will do anything but make you feel even worse-" 


"No! No! Nooo!" Leni shook her head, her voice was quivering even more, "I heard Lisa talking. She s-said that when people are TOO nice to me it reup-forces my negative behaviorment!" Leni had to focus on her self-loathing to keep herself from getting to Bad, "I need you to punish me!"


"Oh." Lincoln blinked, "I heard about that- Negative Reinforcement, when I was helping Lana and Sam at the pound-" 


Leni let her jealousy get the better of herself, "Do. Not. Talk. ABout other girls right now." 


"Right." Lincoln took a deep breath and scratched her behind her ears, "Well, it doesn't really work on dogs- you're supposed to use Positive Reinforcement. So I don't think-" 


"Are you calling me-" Leni's mood dropped, "A d-dog… like how they looked at me like I was Charl-" 


"What? No!" Lincoln lied, he slipped up and stammered, "Alright- let's just try that out then. Er…" He tilted his head, being mean to Leni is probably the last thing he should do if he wanted to get into her good graces- but some compromises needed to be made if the house was to maintain harmony. "What exactly did you have mind for punishment?" 


Leni's chest started to heave up and down, her eyes slowly opened as her adrenaline spiked up, "Spank me." Leni's breath was now burning hot on Lincoln's face, "I'm being bad." Leni pressed Lincoln closer into her core and quickly stopped herself, "I'm being VERY bad." Her voice was shaky.


"Huh," Lincoln bobbed his head left and right, "Mom and Dad never spanked us, they said they were afraid we would turn into serial killers…" But Leni's desperate eyes convinced Lincoln that he should at least humor her, "Alright, so long as you PROMISE not to be a serial killer." 


"I- I promise." Leni smiled and nodded, "I'll promise anything- j-j-just," She shut her eyes again and took a deep breath, she opened them and wiped her tears, "Spank me." 


Lincoln left off of Leni's lap and Leni immediately got up and placed her hands on Lincoln's bed. "Lift up my dress," Leni demanded, "Please…" She whined, catching herself- she was supposed to be the one punished. 


"Er…" Lincoln has pretty much no experience spanking girls butts- or anyone's butts for that manner, "Okay, just- don't get mad at me if I develop a complex about all this, I'm a growing boy and, well," He's read through some of the brochures in Dr. Lopez's office while waiting on Clyde, "You're a very pretty girl, Leni." He isn't entirely sure what a "complex" is, probably something bad- but there were a couple of brochures about something called a "sister-complex" and Lincoln has A LOT of sisters so he figures he at least has that one.


"I won't. I TOTES promise I won't EVER be mad at you- ABOUT ANYTHING. But-" Leni looked back with tears in her eyes, she croaked, "Please don't be too weirded out by me after this- I… I'm bad and I'm stupid and I have problems…" She had to break eye contact and stared ahead at the wall, "Just spank me, please…" 


Lincoln nodded at Leni's butt as it shook in the air. He felt his own butt and felt a little bit jealous. It's a pretty nice butt. He slowly took two clothes pins from a string he had to display photos and took the ones attached to a photo of him and Ronnie Anne at Dairy Land and held them in two hands, his eyes never breaking contact with her butt. 


For some odd reason he found himself transfixed with Leni's rump. He stepped closer to take a good look, his soft footsteps causing Leni to quiver- half in self-loathing and half in anticipation. He slowly lifted up her dress to reveal a perfect peach sculpted bottom, using the clothespins he attached the hem to the dress to ensure it stays in position. He was careful not to touch her bare skin in that moment, not wanting to freak Leni out. Her hot core radiated heat that almost baked Lincoln's face and he found himself pulled towards Leni's butt. He wondered how a butt could be so hypnotizing. 


"You really weren't lying about the swea-" He whispered before he realized. That wasn't sweat that clung Leni's Hiya Puppy panties to her kitty! That was Pussy Juices. He knows about this from Rusty- girls wet their panties when they want to HAVE SEX. This means that Leni wants to have sex! Lincoln paused- wait, he can't have sex with Leni because he is her brother and they don't even have a joint savings account yet. "Leni," Lincoln sighed and shook his head, "I know what the problem is," Leni slowly turned around with horror in her eyes, Lincoln pointed a fingergun at her pussy, "It's your kitty! Your hormones!" 


"I kn-know, Lincoln." Leni nodded and despair welled in her chest, "I'm being Bad Leni right now…" 


"Ah! So "Bad Leni" must mean you're," Lincoln tried to find the right word, "Horny!" He had to dial in to every conversation he half-way listened to with Rusty on the bus whenever Stella was absent, "You're horny because of hormones! I think you just need to take care-" 


"Lincoln! We can't!" Leni almost screamed in horror as she caught herself moving to move her panties, "We aren't allowed to!" 


"Right." Lincoln nodded, "I'm just saying that's probably our Long Term solution," He placed his fingers on his chin and studied Leni's pearly white skin, "We'll have to settle for something short turn, maybe the spanking will scare your kitty into acting correctly." He also wanted to touch her butt. 


"Just… hurry." Leni's back arched with every panting breath.


"Okay, right." Lincoln took one last look at Leni's unsundered butt and took a deep breath. Using one hand he struck his palm against Leni's rump, the slap echoing in the room. "Ding-dang, that was loud!" Lincoln's hand stung and he looked down at his ruby red hand-print, he quickly took his folded up blanket and draped it over the two of them, "Maybe this will dampen the sound." 


Leni almost drew blood as she bit down on her hand from Lincoln's powerful blow, "I'm stupid. Call me stupid." Her voice was deep and Lincoln's eyes widened, she was serious. 


"Stop making simple mistakes!" Lincoln slapped Leni's ass in the twilight of under the blanket, "Focus on your tasks!" Again, his palm struck Leni and she quivered, "Take your time and live in the moment!" Lincoln switched it up and slapped her other cheek, the sensation causing her to moan in pain and ecstacy, "Quit mistaking experience with hubris!" Lincoln was starting to get into it and soon the slaps came faster along with Leni's moans and yelps, "Don't let your mind wander!" Leni slowly arched her back up and panted as the tempo increased, "If you need to take a brake, TAKE ONE!" A strand of drool dripped from Leni's mouth as she writhed in ecstacy, "You HAVE to rely on your coworkers to back you up!" Leni nodded and opened her eyes, she felt Bad but very very good, she also felt she was learning something, "Overwork is the leading cause of work related injuries!" Lincoln blinked, "Okay." He was panting, "Alright," He slipped out of the blanket and raised his eyebrow at his now red hand, "Whew, who knew it worked both ways." 


He then noticed that he was fully erect, "Oh no." Lincoln raised his other eyebrow to meet his already raised eyebrow, "This is troubling." He sighed and remembered the brochure, he turned to look at the now collapsed form of Leni underneath the blanket, "Alright, don't freak out of anything but doing that gave me a boner… you only get those if your horny." Leni doesn't have a penis so she might not know that, "I think I have a complex now and my hormones are making me want to kiss you and marry you and stuff." He scratched his head and sighed, Lincoln thinks this kind of sucks, "Did the spanking work? Is your kitty settled down now? You might have to do me next to settle down my little friend-" 


"No…" Leni mumbled from underneath the covers, "My kitty is angry now and it's even MORE wet… I'm disgusting…" 


"Okay," Lincoln sighed a bit defeated, "Crud, this sucks… Oh-" He put his hands on his hips, "And don't call yourself disgusting because now I'm having the SAME problem! We're in this together, Leni." 


"O-okay, Lincoln. I- I trust you," Leni gulped, the guilt almost causing her to puke, "We totes CAN NOT tell anyone about this… brother and sister aren't supposed to-" 


"Oh, yeah." Lincoln chuckled and let out a low whistle, "We would get in BIG TIME trouble for sure, but luckily I know how to keep a secret," Lincoln internally smiled, the shared secret will surely have its benefits in the form of Leni allowing him better privileges around the house, "And- sure, we aren't supposed to touch each other below the belt but: who cares? You have a problem and I want to fix it, wouldn't be the first time I broke a rule to help a sister." 


"I love you, Lincoln." Leni started crying, "I'm s-so sorry I made you do this-" 


Lincoln sat next to Leni still underneath the blanket, "Settle down, Leni. I basically manipulated you into this, if anything goes wrong I'll take the blame," He slowly undid the blanket to reveal her sniffling face and kissed her sweaty forhead, "I- hehe," He shyly looked away, "Really wanted to touch your butt, I'm kinda jealous. I hope my butt looks that good when I grow up." 


Leni couldn't help but giggle, "You're so silly, Lincoln…" Her eyes welled with tears, but this time of joy, "Thank you for-" 


"Don't thank me just yet, Leni." Lincoln sighed, "Your kitty still has problems…" He shook his head and positioned himself over Leni's hind quarters and slowly lifted up the blanket with his knees on the bed. "Yeowch! That's red!" Lincoln winced at the blood red prints on Leni's butt, "Uh, I'm sorry Leni, this has got to hurt." 


"I deserve it for being bad." Leni pouted, "My kitty… it got even more wet!" At this point Leni was dialing up the Leni-Factor to 11 and was intentionally trying to seem more innocent in case anyone walks in. She felt a little bit more guilty, but not that much.


"Yeah, and my boner just keeps on going up whenever I hear your voice for some weird reason…" Lincoln scratched his head while Leni blushed, he cleared his throat, "Do you mind if I take a closer look at your kitty?" 


"Please!" Leni yelped, but fear overtook her again, "But we can't do anything… adult-y…" 


"That wasn't my intention," Lincoln gave a clinical nod to Leni and got off of his bed, he quickly opened up his model tool kit and withdrew a pair of fresh blue nitrile gloves, "I'm going to use gloves so we aren't breaking any rules." 


"Wow!" Leni nodded her head, "That's totes smart! But- wait…" Leni did the mental math and came to a conclusion, "I don't know, Lincoln. That's still third-base… I haven't even KISSED a boy yet- and I TOTES am not allowed to let my brother touch my kitty!" 


"Allow this-" Lincoln hissed, "Allow that!" Lincoln threw his hands in the air, his mouth snarled, "It's always rules, rules, rules…" He gave a frustrated sigh, "Well RULES don't apply to me. Not when my sister's livelihood is at stake." He placed his gloved hands on his hips and announced to Leni: "I'm Bad now." 


"Noooo!" Leni screeched, "You can't be BAD, Lincoln!" Leni curled up in a ball and hugged the blanket, "If you are Bad I'll- I'll-" Leni shut her eyes, "CRY! MY BABY BROTHER CAN'T BE BAD! HE CAN'T BE!" Leni realized she messed up big time, Lincoln was already mischievous- this is, in Leni's mind, him crossing his Moral Event Whore-Raisin. 


"Relax, Leni," Lincoln smiled at Leni and Leni stopped freaking out, "I'm only being Bad to do Good things, like help you with your problems." His serene smile hypnotized Leni and she found herself thinking she was the dumbest girl on the planet for believing for one second that her precious baby brother could EVER be Bad. Lincoln tried his hardest not to smile once he saw Leni nod in understandment, getting extra fruit snacks in his lunch is going to be easier than her thought. "Show me your kitty." Lincoln orchestrated his demand by slapping a nitrile glove taught against his wrist. 


With a silent nod Leni winced as she positioned herself closer to the foot of the bed, she placed her bare feet against Lincoln sheets and slowly slid the blanket up her form to reveal her creamy legs and completely soaked Hiya Puppy panties. 


"I am going to remove your panties, Leni." Lincoln found his hair standing up as he reached to slowly slid Leni's panties off, she gave a tiny moan as trails of slime-like goo connected the soaked panties to her lady parts. Lincoln thought the goo was cool as heck, sort of like the ectoplasm from ARRRGH! With blushed cheeks Leni reached over Lincoln to slip the panties free from her legs, accidentally applying pressure to Lincoln's now ruby-red cheeks. "I think you look very pretty today, Leni." Leni giggled and Lincoln shook his head, "No, this is bad," Leni's face ran cold when she saw Lincoln's serious eyes, "I'm not supposed to think you look this pretty." His voice was almost a whisper, but he collected himself and cleared his throat. 


He was now face to face with Leni's private parts. Lincoln blinked as one of the greatest, most profound mysteries that has eluded him his entire life stared at him right in his face. This was a girl's most private area, you'd think by living with ten of them he'd get a glimpse of one- but he usually just shut his eyes whenever he was on diaper duty. 


Leni's was exceptionally healthy looking, Lincoln didn't note any odd discoloration. This is pretty much exactly what he saw in his health text book, but he did note that her clitorus was pretty swollen, it kinda looked like a really bad pimple. But he also knew that the clitorus was a girl's "fun button" according to Rusty, so he figured he should steer clear of it- he's not here for pleasure: just business. 


Lincoln channeled his inner Lisa.


"Now, let me walk you through my reasoning," Lincoln spoke into Leni's pussy and shockwaves erupted up her spine, "During my 300 hours of community service I helped with S-" Lincoln caught himself and cleared his throat, "Some animals, at the pound. Sometimes female cats undergo something called Being In Heat," He slowly felt the wet folds of Leni's kitty and she gripped the sheets, "I was trained by a fellow worker," Sam, it was Sam, "How to take care of cats when they get to like this," Sam was extra thorough in teaching Lincoln how to deal with cats in heat, he can feel the ghost of her hands around his- guiding his fingers, "You're supposed to use a q-tip and insert it in and out of the cat's lady-hole until the cat is better," He slowly found her entrance and dipped a finger in, Leni moaned, "But since you are bigger than a cat I am going to use my fingers to help you." 


"Oh, oh, my…" Leni moaned, "Ah…" Leni felt very good but also kind of awkward, like she was visiting the dentist. She decided to try and make some conversation, "I used to try and pet my kitty like this when I was little, er, your age…" She bit her lip to stop from moaning, Lincoln was a bit relieved that Leni was making conversation- he felt like he works better with something to concentrate on. Leni let out a moan before continuing, "Please use two fing-" Lincoln nodded and slid two in, "Th- thank you…" She cleared her throat, "Anyways, I would try to pet my kitty at night but Lori would wake up and scream at me and sometimes she would… hit me…" 


"Well, Lori isn't here anymore so you can pet your kitty as much as you'd like now," Lincoln gave a sad smile to his elder sister, "I'm sorry she hit you, if she does it again let me know so I can call the police." 


"Whatever you want." Leni answered automatically, she really didn't want Lori to go to jail but if that's what Lincoln wants she'll do it. "But, it… it feels better when you pet my kitty." 


Lincoln blushed and cleared his throat, "Thank you for the compliment." He made the mistake of looking down and gave a gasp at Leni's pussy as he finger fucked it, "S- sorry, Leni. I- I am being very unprofessional now." 


"No! You're doing so good, Lincoln!" Leni moaned as Lincoln pressed his fingers up against her special spot, "That must be my special spot," Leni almost doubled over as Lincoln started to repeat the motion, "Faster, p-please. I'm almost there…" 


Lincoln wondered where There was exactly. He soon got his answer as Leni let out a cute yelp and her core pushed in on his fingers, tremors overtook her body and panic struck Lincoln's mind. He must have done something wrong. He quickly shot out his fingers, "Sorry, Leni! D- did I hurt you?" 


"No!" Leni answered back in a falsetto, "I'm- done… I finished…" She felt absolutely electric, her sinuses cleared, the colors in the room shone brighter, she was absolutely euphoric. "That was amazing… I- I've never felt this good in my life!" 


"Wow!" Lincoln cheered as he disposed of the gloves in his wastebin, "I'm glad, Leni!" Leni gave a blissful sigh and Lincoln chuckled and helped her get into position on the bed. He hummed as he placed her head on the pillow, "Alright, you take a nap- you seem really tired!" Leni nodded, her cheeks reddened and she hid her face and giggled, "I'm going to go say you'll eat dinner later, I'll save you a plate- and don't worry," He whispered, "Our little secret." 


"Totes." Leni peeked her head out of the cover and smiled, "Thanks for always being there for me, Lincoln." 


"Yup," Lincoln smiled and whispered in her ear, "Even if the whole wide world was against you I'd still be on your side." He was laying it on a little thick, but he has a tendency to have to double down on his Master of Convincing act with Leni. 


Leni blushed again and hid beneath the covers. 


With a satisfied smile Lincoln turned around and stepped out into the hallway. It was thankfully loud as hell. His smirk grew as he descended the stairs, there is nothing Lincoln likes more than getting away scott-free.


"Hey, Stinkcoln." Lynn Jr. gave him a tight lipped smile, "We need to talk." Lincoln's smirk was still there, but his eyes slit slightly- he wasn't afraid, just excited at the chance to explain his way out of this one. "In private." Lynn's skin got goosebumps when she saw his face twist, his eyes sharpening. She took his arm and brought him to the basement. 

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