Rhonda Gets Broke 2: The Dirty Diaries

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In a medium sized hole in the wall fifties styled diner, Rhonda sat with planted elbows on a bar top, feet unable to reach the ground from her high perch, her exposed shoulders filled with goosebumps, as her high heeled foot bounced with energy; a nearly empty coffee cup and a half eaten doughnut on a napkin being the culprit. She hated coffee, it was bad for her teeth, but right now, she needed the energy.

It had been another long night for her, and she just needed a break.

"Rhonda." Duty calls...

She didn't give him the time of day. "Another lover of my work?"

"Your work? I've been your client twice before." He didn't seem to take offense, but more was surprised she didn't remember.

She took a disinterested tone, checking out her nails. "Sorry, so many men, so little time."

"Of course, of course..." He shifted, trying to change subjects. "So I've got a long commute coming up, and I need anything to take the edge off." He pulled out his wallet, opening it partially. "Your usual fee?"

"And not a dollar less." She tapped the side of his face. "Meet me out back, I gotta freshen up first, darling."

Any reluctance over his choice of her faded, as he got all goofy, doing as she commanded, as Rhonda listened to him rushing out of the joint.

Rhonda heard the door swing again, and she checked just in case it was another one of her regulars - she almost scoffed instead, seeing at what the cat dragged in now.

Olga and Lila.

Her supposed, what some ignorant prole might call her, 'competition'. They took a seat at a booth, happy to be inside somewhere for once, their bare and hairless legs looking dry and chapped, bags ran heavy under their eyes, like they had been out as long as she had, but with nothing to show for it. "What are we ordering, big sis?"

"The breakfast platter for two, lil sis, but let me see if we even have enough first..." Coins landed in a smatter, rolling about like ballerinas before coming to a flat stop on their sides. "Oh no... oh no oh no oh no!" Rhonda could hear Olga's frantic fast counting, as she slid pennies and dimes about.

"It seems with our rent and bus rides, we don't even have enough for breakfast."

Lila sounded so defeated. "You mean I licked that old guys ass and I don't even get to eat?"

"I'm afraid so - and I'm so... so... sorry!" Olga's voice broke into a squeal as she sobbed heartily.

Rhonda turned her head to see Lila sulking, and Olga's face in her hands. Rhonda tried to ignore them, thinking of her customer as she got up.

Rhonda couldn't believe she still had some amount of humanity left after everything she had done and seen. As she approached, Rhonda noticed their once pristine black and white schoolgirl outfits were tattered, dirty. They were a real wreck.

"Oh-" Olga sniffed. "Rhonda." She wiped her drizzling mascara.

Before Olga could offer her inane shpiel about how they were just fine, Rhonda had already reached into her expensive looking purse, procuring some money for them. "Here's twenty five - that should cover a meal and then some."

Olga's hands fluttered together in silent and giddy clapping. "Oh thank you dearest Rhonda. We won't forget this." The dead glassy green eyes of Lila got bright again, her expression now uplifted, though she still slumped in her seat.

Rhonda smiled, but forced it off her lips - as she didn't want to make this a habit, cinching up her purse over her shoulder, she walked with practiced grace, a super model shoulder sashay, before pushing against the brass handle of the front of the store, making her way towards the alleyway.

Like an assault, he surprised her, pushing her up against a dumpster, nibbling her neck and face. "You're so fuckin' hot..." His words left in a humid breath on her cheek. Rhonda could only allow herself be smooshed by this adult man, agreeing with whatever he said in murmurs, the erection in his trousers prodding harshly at her. His stubby thick fingers jammed their way down her tight fitting underwear, before one digit jabbed itself into her hairlessly smooth slit, a squishy moistness of a convulsion following.

"Goddamn I can't believe this fits you little slut." Oh boy, the insults - she kinda liked them, but that didn't give him the right to-

"Ngh-" She restrained herself from moaning further.


She was starting to enjoy this.

She hated those moments, as they were the moments that made her feel like she was cheating on Frankie.

She was hot and ready. With one hand, he brought her to the ground by her shoulder, while in his other, he took a strong helping handful of his stiffness, to the point where veins were visible on his fist as well as his prick. Red lips painted crimson, the sight alone of them made him want to rape her mouth. Rhonda was careful and experienced, her knees nowhere near asphalt as she steadied herself on her constrained feet.

Hands on his pelvis for leverage, she lined herself up with the throbbing knob, as she gave it tentative kisses that left hints of red stains; she could hear the way it drove him wild, and wondered if he'd cum just from this. The smell was inoffensive, possibly because he knew he was gonna visit her today. She gaped, letting it slip past her teeth, as her tongue slid up the shaft, and his hand fell with a casual limpness onto her scalp, securing her. Rhonda's head bobbed with an attentive quality - but that was just the face of it, as some might call it practiced or even robotic, but really, she'd call it 'seasoned' - as she had learned how to make do with the bare minimum effort, as her black hair waved in and out with her like fins; she sometimes checked her progress with big eyes looking up to her current suitor, who went through stages of disturbing grimaces; certainly not a looker like her Frankie. "Ungh - don't make me cum just yet you little whore." As Rhonda sucked, she undid some bindings on her back, not out of some need to appear sexy, but just so this animal wouldn't rip it apart later. If she had it her way, she'd finish him by jerking him off into a glove covered hand.

He struggled to pry it from her, but he managed, with a noisy pop from her smeared lip, as the man picked her up by her bare armpits, loving the smoothness he found, but kept his focus on his penis being up for what was to come next.

Rhonda hiked her dress up and let her panties fall, but not completely to the ground, her legs and knees expertly holding them so she could slip them back on in case anybody came by. Rhonda held the dumpster by its handle, white knuckling it, as she presented herself, bent over - she wagged her ass for him, inviting. He gave them each a squeeze, though they didn't have a lot of meat, they were perfectly sized for her age and still were fun to pinch. Spread down the middle, her grade school girl cheeks were split apart - he could see her pink asshole winking, and her young pussy quivering, both just as appealing as one another. The innie looking labia had probably seen a hundred different cocks, and didn't look worse for wear.

He slid in with ease that even surprised him, but Rhonda had her tricks, as the feel of her youthful snatch became like a vice around his rod. "Oh god... oh god...!" She did her best to fake it - she was good at it, of course - but ever since she met Frankie, the average cock did little for her. Still, Rhonda always wanted to make each customer feel special - even the ones with the laughable three inchers. Her technique comprised mainly of hurrying him along. If she were the butch type and wore a watch, she'd be looking at it, reminding him he was on the clock.

His arm hooked her leg up by the back of her knee. The older man pulled her from her bored look by the nape of her neck into a sloppy, pornographic kiss - one that ultimately meant nothing but the power he had over her for those brief minutes. He applied a light slap, turning her pale cheek a reddish pink. Rhonda tried her best not to bite into her lower lip, y'know, the lipstick and all - but she could hardly help herself as her fingers started swirling around her clitty, rotating each hand off.

Her now slickened fingers couldn't hold on, and Rhonda lost her grip; her stringy arms and legs flailed about as if she could only keep herself propped up with him inside her, yet he never stopped, pushing her towards the harsh ground, as his animal humping drew to a close, as she tried her best not to get her face scraped, hands planted firmly, as she watched the wet ground lunge towards her vision, then fall back again, as he then sent her closer again with another thrust, as she braced herself from his further brutish thumps against her.

He plumbed her cunt with all he was worth, enjoying the feeling of her loins gripping to him. "I'm gonna cum!"

Her voice got icy and serious. "Don't you dare do it on my dress." Which if he had any wherewithal in the heat of the moment (or even cared), he'd notice she wasn't into it.

He pulled out, finishing off on her pale glistening crack, making it shine with his spunk as he spritzed her behind with splatterings of hot cum. Before any regret could set in, wiping the tip of his limpening dick against her soft and creamy feeling ass cheeks reminded him that she was worth it. Reaching into his pocket, he started by counting, flipping through tens to twenties, trying to get exact change, but finally thought screw it, she earned it, then started fluttering the money out onto her like falling snowflakes.

Rhonda could feel the dollar bills land on her ass, sticking like glue thanks to his gunk. The man must have been holding off for a couple weeks. It was thick and globby and huge in volume. She pried them off, one by one, each stickier than the last. Rhonda felt raw as some cold wind hit her drenched skin.

Rhonda darted out her arm, as she pulled over and reached into her purse, her wrist creasing the material as she searched for some much needed wipes for her money.

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