Neat on the Streets, Freak in the Sheets

BY : AlphaWhatever
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Amanda Lopez is a perfectionist. She was always meticulous when she was a little kid, kept being meticulous as a young teen, and even remained so as a fully developed, 23-year old Latina woman.

Over the years, Amanda has grown well-endowed compared to back when she was 13: her breasts have naturally grown to the size of an F-cup whilst remaining firm, perfectly round and soft, her hips grew wide as her ass got larger, and she got shapely legs to boot. Her waist remained small, giving her body the perfect hourglass shape. This fact was only accentuated by her tightly packed business outfit: a deep pink suit jacket, crimson tie, red-violet pencil skirt and rose high heels.

Combine that with her thick, juicy lips, applied with her signature cerise lipstick, as well as her olive skin complexion and her dark purple straight hair, and it doesn't come off as a surprise that she occasionally got ogled at by men who were attracted by such a bod.

But despite her body being ideal for a sex worker, her actual occupation is freelance event planner. Amanda's business at Lopez Planning is all about orchestrating the finest events and ceremonies: grand openings, birthday parties, graduations, conventions, you name it. And as one of the most meticulous people in Danville, Amanda is among the best event planners in the Tri-State Area.

In order to keep her schedule from overflowing, Amanda usually accepts one or two requests per week. She plans out the design of the event in her head, then realizes it to the finest detail by giving clear instructions to the people she drummed up, which are usually professionals in their respective fields as well.

Such as today. Amanda had been planning out a special birthday party for a little 8-year old boy who was fascinated by airplanes. His parents had discussed and negotiated with her how they wanted to surprise the little boy throughout the week, and had come to the agreement to rent an outdoors space and model a life-size plane where many activities for the kids would take place. So, within the set budget, Amanda hired airplane mechanics and specialists to build the thing throughout the week. And today, one day before the boy's birthday party, the giant plane's finally finished.

"It's all done, toots", one of the mechanics announced, approaching the overseeing Amanda.

Amanda groaned. "I would prefer it if you didn't call me 'toots'."

"Sheesh, I'm just sayin' yer pretty", the mechanic griped.

"Just keep it professional, please", Amanda stated. "Now, you said the plane's finished, right? Let me take a check-up."

Amanda approached the giant model plane and inspected every tiny little detail narrowly.

Even with the most professional specialists hired, Amanda can't help but to execute a final inspection on the finished product. She had to make absolutely sure the customer is satisfied, after all, and had to make sure everything is perfect for them. She doesn't hire an expensive team of professionals just let them deliver a bit of shoddy work, after all.

After what had to be at least half an hour, Amanda exited the plane and approached the hired team with a satisfied smile.

"Sturdy design, no holes, no dents, no rattling, comfy interior... you did an excellent job, gentlemen", Amanda praised.

"Thank you, ma'am", a second mechanic grinned.

"All in a day's work", another specialist said. "Well, a week's work, but still."

Amanda whipped out a checkbook and wrote out a few checks of $1000 to give to each of the experts she hired. "Here's the payment we've agreed to."

"One thousand dollars", the second mechanic marveled. "Quite a fat sum of money, if I do say so myself."

"Almost as fat as her ass", the first mechanic whispered. "I'd pay a thousand to plow that."

"What was that?!" Amanda growled, almost not believing what she had heard.

"Uh, n-nothing, misses!"

"It better be nothing", Amanda remarked. "I didn't pay you a grand to gawk at and catcall my derriere."

Amanda cleared her throat. "Anyway, good work, gentlemen. You're dismissed."

The entourage of plane experts left Amanda's presence.

"Man, she needs to be less of a prude", the first mechanic complained.

"Well, maybe you need to be a bit more respectful", the second one chided. "Calling her ass fat in her presence right after getting paid for our work isn't cool, man."

"I was only playin' around, man", the first mechanic defended himself. "You'd think she'd loosen up a bit when her husband's a Murphy!"

"...You still need to be respectful even if her husband wasn't a Murphy..."

During her early years of adulthood, Amanda Lopez had been engaged and married to a man named Milo Murphy. Any male in the Murphy family had a bit of a reputation, as in they genetically inherited Murphy's Law: anything that can go wrong, does go wrong around them. As a child, Amanda avoided Milo like the plague... not because she disliked Milo per se, but because she feared Murphy's Law. As a perfectionist, Murphy's Law was a detriment that could only cause more problems and ruin absolutely anything.

But when she became 13, Amanda finally learned that Milo is perfectly capable of handling Murphy's Law: being able to prevent any mishap, fix and improve anything that couldn't be prevented, and improvise something better when not even fixing is possible. Amanda had learned to accept and embrace Murphy's Law, and now sees Murphy's Law as a challenge rather than a nuisance. And since Milo had always been such a sweet boy to her, it didn't take long before the two of them entered a courtship.

So, unsurprisingly, Milo proposed to Amanda when the two had turned 21 years old, and married after their collage years at age 22. It's still a surprise for some people, however, as Amanda remained a strict perfectionist to this day.

Right after the mechanics left, Amanda spotted the car of her clients just arriving. They stepped out as Amanda approached them.

"Ah, Mr and Mrs Johnson, just in time", Amanda greeted. "The team I hired just finished with the plane! Would you care to take a look?"

The couple agreed and explored the plane interior.

"Well, I must say, your team did a fine job on this giant plane", Mr Johnson stated.

"Sturdy design, no holes, no dents, no rattling, comfy interior... this ought to make our little Fred so excited", Mrs Johnson complimented.

"Thank you very much, Mrs Johnson", Amanda smiled.

"Now all that's needed is the cake..."

"Way ahead of you, Mrs Johnson!"

Amanda was also talented in other fields. She is an excellent pastry chef, so when the event required a cake, Amanda usually baked one herself of perfect moisture. It definitely saves a few pennies from hiring expensive patisserie bakers.

So, while her clients were reviewing the plane, Amanda went to her car and pulled a self-made cake out of her trunk's cool box.

She presented the cake to her clients, as it was glazed sky blue with whipped cream, and a giant marzipan airplane to decorate the top.

"This is a special, sky-soaring airplane birthday cake of my design, with cookie-crumble bottom and strawberry and cream filling", Amanda described, "just like you described."

"Oh, it looks lovely", Mrs Johnson praised. "I'm sure Fred will love this!"

"I hope it tastes as good as it looks", Mr Johnson said.

"I can assure you it will", Amanda promised.

"Well, in any case, we shall give you the agreed payment right away", Mr Johnson stated, as he gave Amanda a check of $6500. "So far, it's worth every penny, at least."

"Gracias, you won't regret it", Amanda smiled. "I hope your kid will have an excellent birthday."

"Thank you, Mrs Lopez", Mr and Mrs Johnson smiled, as they shook hands with her.

The couple parted ways with Amanda, as the latter decided it was finally time to head back home.

"What a nice lady", Mr Johnson told his wife, as they got in their car. "Friendly, professional and clean!"

"No wonder she's so often recommended", Mrs Johnson replied. "Now if Fred's birthday goes well, I'd post a 5-star review on Welp in an instant."

Little do her peers know, that Amanda has a hidden wild side.

No, it's not the fact that she occasionally doesn't take any notes.

Amanda finally arrived home after a successful job. She is usually the first to arrive home, with Milo arriving about an hour later.

Normally, the first thing she does at home is to check for any emails that inform her of any new appointments for her job. However, the weekend just arrived, and Amanda only responds to emails during weekdays.

So, instead, she did something she usually does afterwards.

Amanda headed towards the couch in front of the TV in the living room (which is not visible through the windows), lied down on it, reached for a drawer from the cabinet next to the couch, then opened a secret cabinet, out of which she withdrew something that seems to go completely against her public, prudish persona.

A dildo, shaped like a human penis.

Yes, Amanda may present herself as a perfectionist prude in public, but while a lot of her public image is real, it's the "prude" part that is an act, and the truth about it only comes to light when she's in private.

Amanda is, in fact, a nymphomaniac.

But only for Milo.

Amanda is a nymphomaniac that wants to please her husband, loves his cock, and desires to get fucked, deepthroated, cum-showered, creampied, impregnated, absolutely getting ruined in every single possible way by her husband, and no one else.

She's the perfect nymphomaniac.

Amanda has basically two sides that are both the real her. One side is an ambitious woman with a respectable job and a persistent aim for perfection, the other is a kinky, affectionate slut that craves dick, cum, and mind-numbing pleasure, and both sides are loyal to Milo.

In other words, Amanda is neat on the streets, but a freak in the sheets.

When Milo is not around, and Amanda needs something, anything, to satisfy her needs, booty calls and prostitution are out of the question. She may be a slut, but she's also a loving, married woman, so she's above cheating, and definitely not ready for open relationships.

A dildo, however, would suffice.

The penis-shaped dildo Amanda just pulled out of her drawer's secret compartment measures 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth. It was one of the larger dildos she owned.

Milo's penis is at least double that size... when flaccid.

But, the dildo was still good enough for her.

Amanda unbuttoned her suit jacket and her shirt, and undid her bra, letting her puppies hang out free, long, stiff nipples and all. She then raised her pencil skirt and lowered her panties, leaving her vulva bare. She played with her clit for a bit, sometimes fingering her vagina as well, gasping as she built up pleasure, until her slit got wet.

Now it was time to use the dildo. She held the silicone dick in her left hand, guiding it to her pussy, and inserted it whole.

"Ohhhh", Amanda gasped.

She slowly removed the dildo from her snatch until only the tip was still inside, then rammed the fake penis back in.

"Ahhhh", Amanda moaned loudly.

Amanda didn't worry about making too much noise. After she and Milo bought this particular house, the married couple secured and padded every single wall, floor and ceiling as meticulously as possible, in order for the house to remain sturdy even after particularly harsh disasters, given that the husband is a Murphy. However, this also added another benefit: heavy soundproofing... as in, the entire house is made soundproof. Which is very favorable for Amanda's libido.

Continuing the same motions while gradually building up speed, she used her free hand to play with her big tits. She fondled her right boob, squeezed it, pinched and played with her nipple. Milk began dripping from the teased nipple, reminding Amanda that she had actually induced lactation quite some time ago. She held the tit towards her mouth, latching her luscious lips around the areola. She began sucking on her own boob, teasing the nipple with her tongue and gulping any drip of milk that spurted out of her mammaries. All the while she moved her dildo up and down inside her cunt, her moaning muffled with her mouth occupied.

Amanda closed her eyes as she played with herself, imagining Milo pleasuring her.

She removed her lips from her boob with a PLOP, this time letting her right hand play with her left boob. A fat, cherry-colored imprint of her juicy, lipstick-coated lips was left around her right areola, and milk squirted out as her free tit shook wildly up and down.

"Yes, Milo", Amanda sighed, licking her lips, "play with my titties. Fuck me raw! It's all yours. Only yours!"

With her perfectionism senses tingling, Amanda felt the urge to suckle a little on her left breast as well, leaving an equally fat lipstick imprint around her left areola as well. She then proceeded to alternate playing with her right tit and left tit as she continued to fuck herself.

Eventually, Amanda was fucking herself with her dildo at such an immense speed. She feels her vagina clamping down, indicating an orgasm is coming soon. Amanda doubled down with the dildo, as she gasped and moaned louder by the second.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oh! Milo! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Amanda swore, building up her orgasm. "AH! YES! YES! OH! YES! MILO! YES! YES!"

She pushed the dildo in her snatch one final time, before she came.


Pussy juice squirted around her dildo, as Amanda's tongue lulled out of her mouth, barely able to comprehend all the pleasure being released. She then slumped, removing the dildo from her twat as her arms and legs dangled limply from over the couch in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhh..." she moaned in satisfaction, as vaginal fluids still squirted out of her snatch.

Suddenly, the legs of the couch broke off, dropping the entire thing to the ground along with Amanda.

The couch was made sturdy enough so at least fifteen people could sit on it at once, even though there was only room for three. The legs were not on the verge of breaking off at all last time Amanda checked (which actually was only minutes before her masturbation session. Amanda followed a balanced diet with a self-made cake only every now and then, and in fact regularly followed Kegel exercises to keep her vagina tight as a drum, so it's not like she had gotten fatter and heavier either.

And yet the legs still broke off, which meant there was only one logical conclusion left:

Milo is home.

Amanda slid her panties back up and buttoned up her suit jacket (although not entirely), and headed back to the hall to greet her husband.

And indeed, she encountered Milo as he hung his own jacket over the coat rack.

Milo is a tall, lanky man that wore a magenta and gray sweater vest over a cream-colored turtleneck shirt, as well as gray pants and brown, laceless loafers. Milo has worn striped sweater vests throughout his entire life, so the look became iconic for him, as did that pointy quiff in his brown hair. All male Murphys have a pointed quiff in their haircut.

"Welcome home, dear!" Amanda greeted.

"Hi, honey", Milo greeted back.

He looked at his wife with a friendly smile. To the normal, untrained eye, Amanda looked quite decent, but Milo noticed a few things that betrayed her, things that a meticulous someone like Amanda would've cleaned up for public circumstances. He recognized that her suit jacket had been buttoned up hastily and not entirely, and it appears that she hadn't done the same with her shirt underneath or her bra, presenting a deep cleavage to him. Moreover, he detected clear fluids running down her legs.

Milo grinned. Amanda had been masturbating before he arrived home, didn't she?

Amanda stared at Milo's crotch for a few moments. She blushed excitedly when seeing a 13-inch outlining drawn from the pelvis to the right leg, recognizing it as the large member she's so fond of. She also recognized another thick bulge from his crotch: the scrotum that contains Milo's big jewels. Amanda's mouth practically watered as she mentally undressed Milo.

They embraced and kissed each other on the lips. Amanda pushed her tongue inside Milo's mouth as it danced and circled alongside Milo's tongue. As they were still smooching, Milo snuck his hands in Amanda's cleavage window and grabbed her breasts, earning him a muffled moan. The moans continued as he played with her boobs and her nipples.

After a full two minutes of making out, Milo and Amanda let go of their kiss, a string of saliva still connected to their lulling tongues for a brief few seconds. They were blushing like mad, and Milo's mouth was a mess of lipstick smudges from Amanda. He removed his hands from her boobs, noticing some vague cerise smudges on his thumbs, smirking at the implication his wife had been sucking her own tits.

"...How's my little minx doing?" Milo asked Amanda as he embraced her again.

"...Great!" Amanda replied. "Mr and Mrs Johnson's task has been completed and the two are left entirely satisfied. How about you, stud?"

"Eh, the usual stuff", Milo said nonchalantly. "The factory down the road needs their cogs to be replaced... again."

Just like his father, Milo works as a safety inspector. As a safety inspector, something like Murphy's Law is useful to detect any damaged or worn parts, as well as some of the low-quality stuff. The factory Milo kept inspecting monthly seems to always buy cheaper material, as this had been consistently the 17th time their machines needed their cogs to be replaced.

"Aww", Amanda cooed. "Well, I definitely know where your 'cog' needs to be 'replaced'..." She then fondled Milo's crotch through his pants.

Milo snickered. "You know that one isn't even spelled with a G!" He then playfully slapped Amanda's bum cheeks.

"Eep!" Amanda yelped out of surprise, though she did enjoy the feeling of her ass getting smacked.

"Well then, what shall we cook for dinner?"

After preparing and eating a lasagna, Milo and Amanda decided to spend the evening by catching a movie on TV. They went to see Stumbleberry Finkbat, the 2024 remake of the classic fantasy series' very first movie, which clocks in at three hours.

Three hours later, and the couple was dissatisfied with what they just saw.

"Man, we should've just watch the old film", Milo complained, tiredly. "This one's just a three-hour snorefest! Just the same old 'main character is prophesied to be the savior against all evil' bullcrap, with no interesting plot points at all."

"The visual effect weren't even good", Amanda added. "Nearly every creature has been made with CGI effects that don't blend in at all with the set or the human actors, and the few that were made with practical effects looked so cheap that they could've been used in movies from 100 years ago!

Milo picked up the remote control, but before he could zap to another channel, the TV monitor bursted all of a sudden. He then looked at the time: 10:30 PM.

"Well, even if Murphy's Law didn't bust the TV, it's already getting late", Milo surmised. "I guess we'll hit the hay."

"Going to bed, hmm?" Amanda pondered, as she smirked seductively.

Milo knew that smirk. Amanda wanted to do something, and considering Milo's suggestion and Amanda's libido, it was most likely something related to sex, and not in the most usual way.

Milo didn't complain. He always liked having sex with Amanda, and the things she had come up with to make it a tad more enticing were something Milo looked out for.

Such as that one night during Lunar New Year's, in which Amanda wore a skimpy cowkini, and mooed as Milo pounded her snatch. Or their wedding anniversary, when Amanda wore lingerie based on her wedding dress. Or that one night in which Amanda was Milo's sex slave, wore nothing but a spiked collar and leather straps, had several humiliating texts written all over her body in black lipstick, and lapped up Milo's cum in a feeding bowl for dogs.

That smirk Amanda made has always led to a fuck session that was more romantic or kinky than usual.

Amanda stood up and commanded: "Wait here. I'll call you to the bedroom in... let's see... 47 minutes."

"Okay, got it", Milo replied.

As Amanda left the living room, Milo spent the next half hour watching the social accounts of his best friends, Melissa and Zack. They were happily married to each other just like Milo and Amanda, but they appear to be much more open about their sex life, as they post porn videos of their sexual activities on PornClub, and share an OnlyStans account to post dirty pictures of themselves for subscribers.

Though sometimes, Milo wondered if Zack and Melissa also hid an even wilder side like he and Amanda do.

The clock struck 11:17 PM, and in that exact moment, Milo heard the angelic voice of his wife calling.

"Ohhhhh, Milooooo~!"

"I'm coming, Amanda!"

Putting his phone in his pocket, Milo climbed up the stairs and made a beeline to the bedroom, where Amanda awaited.

"I'm here", Milo called as he opened the bedroom door. "So what's- oh, damn..."

The bedroom had been lit dimly only with what appeared to be thick, red candles. They are actually flameless candles, as actual flames would set the house on fire with a Murphy around, but given the fact that their LED lights flickered, the candles emanated warmth, and the candlesticks were made of actual wax, they give off the illusion of real candles pretty well. The candles were also scented, smelling like roses and vanilla. There were approximately 28 candles decorating the bedroom, with several on the floor, and some on the nightstands on each side of the bed.

However, when Milo entered the bedroom, his attention was immediately drawn to the person on the bed.

Milo blushed as he saw Amanda lying down on the bed on her side, wearing wat might be some of the most erotic, most enticing lingerie out there, completely in pink. She wore a lacy, sheer bra that would've left her long, erect nipples completely visible, if it weren't for the heart-shaped holes that already left them bare. Her string thong was just as sheer and lacy, but had a similar heart-shaped hole that completely uncovered her hairless pussy. She wore a garter belt that held up lacy, sheer stockings with heart shapes sewn into it, and she wore shiny pink pumps with stiletto heels.

Amanda's face had also been applied with make-up: there was the cerise lipstick she usually wore, but her eyelids had also been applied with blue eyeshadow. Mascara had been applied to make her eyelashes thicker. Even her nails have been colored red with nail polish.

"What do you think of my new lingerie set?" Amanda asked huskily. "Came yesterday with the mail."

"...So sexy", Milo breathed.

Amanda smirked seductively, liking the answer, and noticing a bulge rising from Milo's crotch.

"Hmmm... why don't you undress yourself and join me in the bed?"

Needless to say, Milo undressed immediately and jumped right into the bed, as he and Amanda hugged and kissed each other. Milo immediately groped Amanda's boobs while Amanda peppered his face until it was entirely coated with cherry-colored lipstick marks, gasping along the was as her boobs and nipples were being played with.

As Milo and Amanda were French kissing, Amanda slid her hands across Milo's chest and midriff, feeling up his pectoral and abdominal muscles. Milo was not the most athletic person in the world, but he kept in shape as some instances of Murphy's Law had running and agility as the only options. Such activity resulted in pronounced pecs and abs that looked attractive on his gaunt body, turning Amanda on.

"Suh... suhi... sit up straight...", Amanda breathed. "I... wanna see it..."

Milo did as he was asked to, and sat on the edge of the bed, as Amanda rolled off and sat in front of him on the floor.

She marveled at the dick in front of him. She may have seen it so many times already, but this erect, 15-inch beaut was still beyond impressive, and thus a marvel to behold.

Her attention then drew to Milo's testicles. These balls were huge! Bigger than tangerines! Bigger than her own fists, even! Full of thick, delicious baby batter.

Amanda couldn't take it anymore: she immediately latched her lips around one testicle and sucked on it. She released it and then latched he lips on the other ball, releasing it soon after as well. Two round, cherry-colored lipstick marks were left on the balls. She then peppered the entire scrotum with lipstick marks, then did the same to Milo's cock.

Next, she suckled and licked on the glans of Milo's dick, earning some gasps from Milo along the way. She then gradually took more of Milo's length into her mouth, bit by bit. Bobbing her head up and down as more and more of Milo's prick entered Amanda's mouth, and more and more lipstick coated the 15-inch behemoth.

Amanda had given Milo plenty of blowjobs since they were married. Actually, even earlier than that: they were still in high school when Amanda gave Milo her first ever blowjob. Needless to say, she was extremely experienced at this point.

Milo moaned as Amanda gulped down more and more of his cock. He has always enjoyed the soft, velvety feeling of her thick, plush lips and her warm, wet mouth.

Eventually, her lips reached the base of Milo's cock, leaving a big, fat lipstick imprint on his pelvis. She still continued bopping her head up and down the cock, taking in the whole length with ease.

Due to her experience, she also learned how to deepthroat without gagging even once. In her first few years of sex, Amanda had to use a spray that numbed her uvula, in order to take in Milo's cock without her gag reflexion triggering, but as the years passed by and she sucked Murphy dick regularly, she was able to suppress it naturally.

She was deepthroating the cock faster and faster, as well as harder and harder. Her nose was constantly pressed into Milo'a pubic hair, taking in the pungent smell of crotch and loving every sniff of it. She fondled Milo's balls, feeling how they were churning faster and faster.

"A-Amanda!" Milo gasped. "I-I gotta c-cum!"

Amanda did not stop deepthroating when hearing the warning. In fact, she actually sucked the dick even faster, until thick, chewy sperm started to explode inside Amanda's mouth and throat.

The rich, salty taste of cum was addicting to Amanda, as she kept gulping and swallowing and drinking the jizz that sprayed out of Milo's cock, until his balls stopped churning and his dick stopped cumming.

Amanda removed the dick from her mouth, which was coated with dozens of lipstick rings and smudges. She then presented her mouth gaping wide open to Milo, still full of cum even after she had swallowed like a whole gallon of Milo's cum. She swirled her tongue through the cum, taking in the deliciously salty taste, before gulping the remaining cum down entirely.

"Ahh..." Milo sighed. "Your sloppy blowjobs are the best."

"Got the DSLs for it", Amanda grinned. "Now, are you ready to fuck my titties?"

Milo nodded fervently, as Amanda removed her bra, revealing the two lipstick marks around her areolae from earlier, and let her F-cup tits surround Milo's dick. Even with boobs as big as hers, Milo's glans still sticks out of the two warm bosoms.

Amanda bit her lip out of lust, as she rubbed her breasts around the penis. "Fuck... your dick is so great!"

"As in 'large', or as in 'sublime'?"


"Oh yeah..." Milo sighed, heavily pleasured. "I think your boobs are pretty great too... also as in both."

"Yeah? You like my big titties?"

"Like? I love 'em!" Milo gushed. "They're firm, soft and warm! Plus, breasts naturally secrete milk, making them incredibly useful for nursing!"

"Oh, Milo", Amanda sighed lovingly, as she rubbed faster and faster. She already knew Milo liked her boobs, but his praises still got her off to this day regardless.

Eventually, Milo came yet again, coating her entire face, chin, throat, and even her boobs with thick, yummy cum repeatedly. Amanda tried catching some of it with her tongue.

Amanda scooped up some of the semen off her face with her tongue, and then off her tits with her fingers, inserting it in her mouth, circling it with her tongue and swallowing it. It's so gooey. So sticky. So tasty! Amanda couldn't get enough of it!

She was scooping every single drop of cum off her face and body, and licked it off her fingers, leaving not a single trace behind. When she was done, it was as if Milo hadn't ejaculated on her before at all.

Amanda joined Milo back on the bed, lying down on her back as she pulled Milo on top of her, his face landing in her bosoms.

"You said you love my big titties, yes?" Amanda asked.

"Mm-hmm", Milo hummed in agreement.

"Would you like to suck on them?"

Milo responded by latching his mouth immediately onto Amanda's left areola, suckling onto her nipple and teasing it with his tongue, earning some gasps from his wife. He groped the other boob with his right hand, teasing the right nipple with his thumb.

Milo continued sucking the teat and licking her nipple, when all of a sudden, something wet, warm, and deliciously creamy entered his mouth, catching Milo by surprise, removing his mouth from her boob and swallowing the remaining liquid.

"That was milk", Milo gushed. "Amanda, you're lactating!"

"I know", Amanda simpered. "How does it taste?"

"Sweet and delicious, just like you", Milo praised, earning a chuckle from Amanda.

"Well then, why don't you have more?" she asked, grabbing her tits. "There's plenty more where that came from, and it's all just for you!"

Milo didn't hesitate for a millisecond as he immediately latched his lips down on Amanda's right boob and continued sucking, gulping down every drop of milk that sprayed out of her rock hard nipple. His left hand made a beeline to her previously occupied left boob and groped it, pinching and teasing the nipple, spraying milk everywhere from there as well.

"Oh yeah", Amanda gasped. "Suck on these big, fat titties, Milo! Play and grope them! Milk me!"

Milo kept doing exactly what Amanda asked and continued drinking Amanda's milk from the source. Soon enough, he then realized his right hand was still free, and he knew exactly what he could still do to please his wife.

Milo shifted a tiny bit to the left as he guided his free hand to Amanda's pelvis, and pulled her thong aside... then inserted three fingers in her pussy.

Amanda gasped loudly.

Milo kept gulping down creamy milk from her right teat and playing with her left bosom, as he simultaneously fingered Amanda's cunt with his three fingers, and teased her clit with his thumb.

As his fingers fucked Amanda's twat faster and faster, Amanda gasped harder and harder... and that's not even counting the gasps she already made when Milo was using her boobs!

Then, Milo decided to be extra cheeky, and inserted both of her nipples inside his mouth, sipping down milk from both of her tits, while still fingering her!

Eventually, Amanda's snatch tightened around Milo's fingers, as she let out a loud moan while orgasming. Pussy juice squirted all over Milo's hand, and lots of milk squirted into his mouth.

As Amanda's pussy finally loosened up enough to let his fingers go, Milo released his lips from her boobs and gulped down the remaining milk in his mouth. He then sucked on the fingers of his right hand to take in the taste of her girlcum.

As Amanda caught her breath, Milo moved down towards the foot of the bed until his face was inbetween Amanda's thighs, right in front of her musky twat. He carefully slid the thong down Amanda's legs and removed it, leaving Amanda completely nude aside from her garter belt, stockings and pumps.

"Hmmm... you're very wet down there", Milo assessed.

"Haaaah... Milo... what are you doing?" Amanda panted.

"Wow Amanda, you made quite a mess here", Milo said, ignoring the question. "I know you hate messes; every bit of unorganized disorder freaks you out!"

"...Wh... What are you getting at?" Amanda repeated.

"Oh, I've just been thinking to... clean it up for you."

Amanda's eyes widened as realization hit her... followed soon after with bedroom eyes and a lip-biting smirk.

"Yes, please do clean up my mess, Milo", Amanda requested coyly.

With that, Milo proceeded by sticking his tongue out and lapping up the cunt juice from Amanda's thighs until they're completely clean.

"Hmm, kinda sweet and salty", Milo reveled as he tasted the girlcum.

He then moved on to Amanda's slit, lapping up the remaining ejaculate from around her vulva. Amanda shivered of excitement in the process.

"Lick my pussy", she whispered.

"What was that?"

"Put your tongue in my cunt and lick it from the inside", Amanda said, loud and clear this time.

"Sure thing, sweetheart!"

Milo spread Amanda's snatch wide open using his thumbs, and inserted his tongue there.

"AHH!" Amanda moaned.

Milo lapped up Amanda's pussy from the inside, earning him some delicious moans from his wife. Amanda's back arched from the sensation, holding her massive tits up in the air while she gripped the bedsheets with her fists, as Milo continued eating her out.

Eventually, Amanda came yet again, spraying her pussy juice right into Milo's mouth, who drank up all of it.

Right as Milo lapped up some leftover cunt juice spills, he was pulled back onto the bed, lying on his back as Amanda sat upright in his lap, straddling against his erect member. The two were blushing mad.

"I'm ready, Milo", Amanda said. "Put your dick in my pussy, and fuck me raw!"

Milo didn't need to be told twice, as he grabbed Amanda by the hips and guided her slit to his cock's glans, slowly dragging her down his cock.

Amanda let out a long, throaty moan as Milo's cock filled her twat more and more, until it hit her cervix.

Amanda had been using contraceptive pills ever since she became a nympho, so she did not fear getting pregnant. She honestly preferred using the pill over condoms, as she enjoyed the warm, sloshy feeling of cum in her womb. The last time Milo had put on a condom over his member was about an hour before they got married, as Amanda got so horny that Milo had to sneak out to give her a quickie.

Milo continued dragging Amanda up, as Amanda continued pushing herself down at a gradual pace, having placed her hands on his chest. Amanda loved the feeling of Milo's dick in her cunt. His massive dong always hit the right spots, and due to her tightness, always felt so snug and hard. Milo loved the feeling of Amanda's cunt around his dick for the same reasons.

Eventually, the two fucked on a moderately fast pace. Amanda had forgone her hands' previous position, as she now used her own weight to push herself down. Milo, meanwhile, thrusted his pelvis up when the penis went inside, to match Amanda's movements, his hands still on her hips. Her boobs were jiggling more wildly as the pace continued, and Amanda moaned louder and louder.

"Ah! Ah! AH! AHH!!"

Milo fucked Amanda faster, and harder, and their bodies got sweatier per thrust. Eventually, though, something unexpected happened when Milo heard a POP, accompanied with a loud moan.

Milo noticed that Amanda sat on his lap with his rock hard dick fully inside of her. Hell, he could see his dick's outline protruding through her stomach.

"Uh, Amanda?" Milo asked. "I think my cock hit the back of your womb-"

But right as Milo finished his sentence, he noticed Amanda's face.

Aside from mascara tears having formed on her cheeks, Amanda had her mouth agape in a wide smile, as her tongue drooped out and her eyeballs screwed up.

Milo realized that he was about to fuck Amanda silly... well, actually, that he technically already did fuck her silly with that one push.

"F-fuck meeeee...", Amanda uttered. "F-fuck meeeeee!"

Milo hesitated for a moment, before shrugging it off. He lifted Amanda up, then rammed his dick right back into her pussy, earning a delicious moan from her.


Milo fucked Amanda harder and harder, as his penis hit the back of her womb at each thrust, earning a moan from her every single time. Her big tits were swinging so wildly that they started lactating again in big spurts, spilling milk all over the place.

All while Amanda was wearing her ahegao face in pure, stupid bliss.


Amanda was in such pure bliss that she started lapsing into Spanish as she was being fucked silly. It turned Milo on, so he started thrusting even harder.


Eventually, it began to become too much for Milo. He felt his balls churning hard.

"A-AMANDA!" Milo shouted. "I'M G-GONNA CUM!"

Even when being fucked so stupid that her brain can barely comprehend any words, Amanda had recognized the word 'cum'. She panted excitedly. Her dear husband was gonna cum soon! Her cunt was about to be filled with deliciously salty baby batter! Hearts practically forming in her eyes, Amanda doubled her efforts as she howled more and more.


The constant pleasure became too much for Amanda. She came hard as her pussy clamped down on Milo's thick cock, squirting pussy juice all over the place and even squirting an extra big load of milk out of her tits. The additional tightness of her twat was the catalyst for Milo's own endurance to collapse. As he still fucked Amanda roughly, thick ropes of cum blasted inside of Amanda's womb at a constant.

So much cum was blasted inside Amanda that her womb started to expand further, appearing as a bump in her belly. So much cum spilled out of Amanda's pussy that one could fill an entire gallon to the brim with it.

Eventually, both Milo and Amanda's respective orgasms slowed down, and ended. Milo's cock became flaccid and slipped out of Amanda's snatch, causing even more semen to spill out of it. At the same time, Amanda's legs gave in as she dropped down, landing against Milo as the two embraced and panted heavily.

"I... love... you...", Amanda panted.

"Love... you... too...", Milo replied. The two engaged in another French kiss as they basked in the afterglow.

Milo lied down for a bit. He was extremely satisfied with this erotic sex session, but he felt a bit tired. He knew that he and Amanda had yet to clean themselves. His face and cock were still covered in Amanda's lipstick, there's milk and cum everywhere, and they were both sweaty as fuck. But he was too tired for a shower session, and he imagined Amanda was, too.

However, not even five minutes later, and he felt Amanda shuffling herself out of Milo's embrace. Curious, he looked up, wondering what's Amanda up to, when he sees her on all fours, face down and ass up, shaking it left and right.

"Ready for Round 2, mi amor?" Amanda asked, following it up by slapping her own ass as it jiggled upon impact.

Any tiredness Milo had felt dissipated in an instant, as his dick was rock hard again. He made a beeline to Amanda's ass and lined his dick with her pussy, before ramming it back inside, fucking her doggystyle and smacking her ass occasionally.


That shower session could wait.

Milo and Amanda continued their sex session until 5 AM, before they fell and slept like bricks.

Milo was still sleeping soundly in the late morning. He was sleeping with a very blissful feeling, as if something warm and wet enveloped his cock...

Milo woke up at the realization that something warm and wet enveloped his cock.

Before he inspected what enveloped his cock, he first noticed that a tree had fallen down against the window, but due to the triple layering of the glass, the window was unharmed.

Milo then noticed his wife was missing. Or, more precisely, not sleeping next to him, which led Milo to the logical conclusion.

He carefully removed the bedsheets, finding out the cause of his blissful feeling was of course Amanda, sucking on his cock again.

"Oh, sorry, didn't mean to wake you up", Amanda apologized. "I noticed you had some massive morning wood again, and I just couldn't help myself."

"Dammit, now I'm all horny again", Milo groaned, pulling Amanda to his eye level. "I can't go to work with an erection like this, I need to fuck you for another hour if I want it gone."

"But Milo", Amanda reminded her husband, "it's Saturday. We have the entire day to ourselves!"

Milo's eyes widened. "You're completely right! Oh gosh, I feel so stupid, now!"

"Oh poor Milo", Amanda cooed. "Well then, instead of feelings stupid about yourself..."

With a single pull, Amanda flipped Milo on top of her, penis lining up with pussy.

" about you just fuck me stupid?"

"...Yeah, I can do that", Milo decided, ramming his entire length in Amanda's cunt.

"AAAAAH", Amanda screeched, her tongue lolling out and her eyes rolling up, as she closed her legs around Milo.

Milo continued fucking Amanda, as the married couple embraced each other.


And so, Milo and Amanda fucked throughout the whole day. Guess they'll have to shower in the late evening. Although with a libido like this, they would most likely fuck in the shower cabinet as they clean themselves.

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