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The morning air was cool and crisp, passing gently through the open windows of the castle and bringing with it the smell of early morning dew. As the sun rose above the horizon, an orange ball against a backdrop of purples, reds and oranges melting together in the sky like a painting, the calm and the quiet was broken by the furious screams of a woman and the sound of shattering glass.

In the laboratory, Fritz Huhnmörder stood frozen in shock as his wife charged him like a raging bull, a carving knife in her hand. With a piercing cry, Katherine toppled him like a domino, knocking him to the cold stone floor and pinning him there.

Almost on reflex, his left hand shot out and stopped her right hand mid-strike, starting a struggle for the blade until it was wrenched out of her hand and set aside.

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND, WOMAN?!” he yelled, spittle spraying from his lip as he emphasized the expletive. A look of pure horror was plastered on the human side of his face, his chest rising and falling rapidly as his heart pounded as if he were on the world’s most powerful cocaine.

Katherine’s sapphire-blue eyes were pinpricks, but the unadulterated rage in them was palpable. Drool dripped from her painted lips as she gritted her off-white teeth. Her massive breasts heaved with each ragged breath, her large body quaking as she hung her head. Brown curls framed her heart-shaped face as tears of anger and frustration stung her eyes. She freed her hands from his grip, only to wrap them around his neck.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” she screamed, the first coherent words to leave her mouth that morning. “YOU TORTURED MY NEPHEW FOR A JOKE?!”

Fritz gasped and struggled, slowly peeling her fingers from his neck and gurgling, “It was research.”

This response only seemed to enrage his wife further, earning him a low blow as she reached behind and drove her fist between his legs as hard as she could. Tears of pain filled his good eye as a high-pitched cry of agony tore through his throat.

She glared at him and growled under her breath like a vicious starving dog, baring her teeth as her husband finally managed to squirm out from under her 275-pound frame and skittered backwards. As he took in much-needed breaths of oxygen, she looked at him differently, approaching him slowly.

“Is this how I die?” he whimpered, only to be met with Katherine’s tearful expression as she got ever closer. He found himself being pulled to his feet and smothered in a tight embrace, flailing and struggling to breathe as he realized just where his head was.

She pulled his head free from her cleavage and pressed her lips to his, tears still streaming down her face. Time seemed to stand still in that moment, nothing and no one else mattering except the two of them. When she pulled away for air, her face was crimson as she felt her husband’s cold metal hand brushing at the tear tracks on her heated cheeks.

Distruggimi,” she said, her voice husky as she stared into his very being. Almost immediately, she found herself being hoisted and carried bridal-style back to their bedroom, her husband kicking the door closed and throwing her on the king-sized bed like a toy.

The cyborg crawled on top of her and pinned her arms to the bed, kissing her roughly and reveling in the sweet taste of her cotton candy Chapstick. “You planned on this happening, didn’t you?” he purred into her ear, nipping it lightly. Upon hearing her whimper in response, he growled, “I’m gonna destroy you, just like you want me to. You crazy bitch, picking a fight with me just so I can make you scream.”

Katherine mewled like a kitten as Fritz tore off her clothes and sucked on the sensitive skin of her neck. Her core throbbed with need, her natural scent growing thick in the air. Her husband took notice and kept teasing her, thoroughly enjoying the sounds she made. “Oh, fuck,” she whispered as his tongue found her left nipple, the warm wet muscle flicking against the fleshy cone topping her breast.

He could smell her getting more and more excited, feel her body heating up. It brought out something primal from within him, eliciting a low animalistic growl as he slowly kissed his way down her pudgy body. His wife started quivering and whining as his lower lip grazed the dark brown heart-shaped patch of fur just above her slit. The musky-sweet scent of desire saturated the air like smoke, almost making him light-headed.

He spread her open with his thumbs, gazing at her throbbing pink insides. With another growl, he teased her further, sucking on her lower lips slowly and avoiding her pearl.

“OH, FUCK!” Katherine cried out, her hips bucking as she felt him sucking and nibbling on her dripping snatch. She couldn’t wait any longer, begging and pleading for him to give her what she needed. White-hot pleasure coursed through her veins as her insides throbbed in time with her heartbeat.

The scientist didn’t need any more persuasion, pushing her tree-trunk legs up and back, spreading her wide open. He stared at the glistening flower for a moment before diving in, giving her a long lick from her ass to the tip of her clitoris. As he did, he noted that she tasted a lot like lightly-salted pineapple and sriracha. Almost immediately, he felt her shudder violently and heard her grunt before her pussy released a spurt of hot sweet feminine fluids. He stuck his tongue inside her, his nose constantly bumping her love button as he fucked her with his oral appendage. Unable to control himself, he let out a low moan of pleasure before withdrawing after a long while and hopping off the bed.

“Suck,” he commanded, whipping out his fat cock and prodding her pout until she opened her mouth.

His eye rolled back in his head as he let out a loud roar of passion, grabbing a fistful of his wife’s long hair and ruthlessly fucking her face, getting off on the gagging and gurgling noises she made as her esophagus was invaded by his girth.

Drool, snot and tears ran down her face and her eyes crossed as she choked on her husband’s shaft, the tip seeming to swell even more in her throat. She let out a strained gurgling moan as he watched the bulge in her neck move. Suddenly, he pulled out, making her gasp and cough as he smacked her face with it.

He stripped completely and crawled back on the bed, straddling her chest and titty-fucking her. “You like this, don’t you?” he purred, squeezing her breasts extra hard.

“Uh-huh,” she breathed, unable to think. She let out a loud whine and begged for him to fill her up.

“You want this big dick in your slutty little pussy?”

Katherine squealed and nodded as her husband crawled back down and slowly stretched her pink entrance with the tip of his dick. She cried out in ecstasy as she felt him go deeper and deeper.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so fucking tight,” he hissed through gritted teeth, his trademark smile stretching across his face as he started to get into a rhythm. “Yeah, that’s it, sing for me.” His wife let out a symphony of moans and whimpers as her breasts bounced.

Her cunt hugged his member like a warm, wet velvet-lined vice, nearly driving him over the edge a few times. He could tell at one point she was deliberately doing Kegels around him, so he put a stop to it by piledriving her.

DIO MIO!” she screamed as she was put into the new position, her eyes rolling back in her head. She could hear and smell just how wet she was, and it was driving her insane.

“Not so smug now, huh?” he chuckled, pulling her back into missionary.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Katherine managed between gasps, pulling him in and passionately kissing him, exploring his mouth with her tongue and tasting herself on his. Between kisses, she moaned out, “Fottimi più forte!”

Her husband gave her what she wanted, pounding her pussy mercilessly and relishing the squelching and schlicking noises it made as his cock slammed in and out. He felt himself go over the edge, letting out another stentorian roar like a raging animal as he painted his wife’s insides white, his seed overflowing and escaping her overflowing hole.

“Holy shit,” he wheezed, withdrawing from her vagina and making her gape. “You… you’re fucking crazy, you know that?”

Unable to think or speak properly, Katherine gave a weak moan of acknowledgement.

“There’s still one more hole I gotta fill,” Fritz purred, his cock still hard as he lifted her legs over her head and prodded at the rosy-beige ring of her anus.

With one slow movement, he entered her rear entrance, eliciting a scream from his pleasure-drunk wife as she tried to adjust to the fullness. She was in nirvana, unable to form coherent thoughts or sentences.

“My God, look at that asshole stretch,” he moaned out, thrusting slowly and gently. He looked her in her glazed-over eyes and stopped, tilting her chin up a little. “You good?”

She nodded and hoarsely replied, “More.”

“If you insist,” he laughed, picking up the pace and beginning to really fuck her ass, coaxing raspy screams from her as she felt him hit her pussy spots through her back door. Her anal canal squeezed him even tighter than her pussy, driving him wild with pleasure. “FUUUUUCK, YOU’RE EVEN TIGHTER BACK HERE!” he roared, pounding her asshole mercilessly.

“Drain those balls,” she purred as best she could with a hoarse voice. “Come on, fill me up!”

Unable to control himself any longer, he screamed her name at the top of his iron lungs and filled her bowels with another load of hot cum.

“Fuuuuuck,” he panted, slowly pulling out and leaving her gaping holes empty. “Hold on a minute, I need a smoke.” He crawled out of bed and opened his nightstand drawer, procuring a pack and a lighter. With a flick of his thumb, he lit himself a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

Sei incredibile,” Katherine croaked, her eyes finally starting to clear up. She smiled weakly, her body still trembling. “I love you, you magnificent bastard.”

Fritz looked over at her with a smirk, blowing a toxic cloud out the side of his mouth. “I love you too, you crazy bitch,” he quipped back, getting back into bed and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I’d kill for you, you know that, baby?”

She nodded as he put out his cigarette into a black marble ashtray, popped a stick of gum in his mouth and blew a bubble, making her laugh. “Same here,” she cooed, pecking her husband on the lips, “and I’d enjoy every bloody moment.”

The cyborg saw the sadistic joy in his wife’s eyes and found himself falling in love all over again, his heart overflowing with emotion as visions of her covered in blood flitted across his mind’s eye. An idea crossed his fractured mind, and a devilish grin spread across his face, exposing a sharpened canine among his grotesquely large white teeth.

“Do you have anyone in particular who’s giving you trouble?” he purred deviously, taking her hand in his. “A certain foul-mouthed blonde, perhaps?”

“Your snaggletooth is showing,” Katherine commented, “but yes. Yes, I do.”

“What say we pay her a visit, hm?” he asked her, kissing her hand. His wife looked at him with an almost predatory look in her eyes as she nodded.

After a quick shower, the couple, garbed in pure black, prepared a special kit for the occasion. Katherine opted for more traditional weapons, including brass knuckles and a knife, while her husband armed himself with a chainsaw. Unable to help himself, the six-foot-six cyborg threw his head back and burst out laughing psychotically, his cackles echoing off the stone walls of the castle and frightening the hired help.

“Honey? Should we get going?” Katherine asked gently, placing a hand on his metal shoulder and gently shaking him back to reality.

“Oh. Right,” Fritz said sheepishly, blushing slightly as he regained his composure. “Let’s go.” He let his wife lead the way, a polite gesture but also an excuse to look at her mountainous ass jiggling in black yoga pants.

The trip to Pastryville was taken by foot, an eight-hour trek through the woods if breaks were left out of the total. Bitch Pudding never locked her door, and she was going to regret that if was the last thing the lovers ever did.

An evil grin on her face, Katherine donned her brass knuckles and charged the door, kicking it off the hinges. Bitch Pudding turned around and opened her mouth to berate the invaders, only to receive two powerful blows to the face. Her nose shattered in a spray of blood, the force of the blows knocking her to the living room floor. Her husband snuck in as she continued to deliver punch after agonizing punch, forcing the screaming blonde’s mouth open by what teeth she had left.

“Hold it open for me, hon,” Katherine said sweetly before taking a knife in one hand and Bitch Pudding’s tongue in the other. She glared daggers at her victim and taunted, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then you shouldn’t say anything at all!”

BP let out a cacophony of tortured screams and gurgles as her tongue was literally cut out of her mouth. Hot red blood filled it and overflowed like a clogged toilet as tears streamed down her face, her gaudy makeup running in purple tracks. Her golden curls were stained crimson as her struggles slowed down ever so slightly, starting to weaken from blood loss.

The scientist, remembering the thousand injuries he bore until she ventured upon insult, began to kick her as she wailed and choked on her own blood. It almost sounded like she was begging for mercy.

Sta 'zitto!” Katherine screamed over the younger woman’s cries, slapping her hard across the face before taking that same six-inch blade and repeatedly driving it through her chest cavity, splattering herself with blood as it gushed from severed vessels and stained Bitch Pudding’s frock. “I HATE YOU, BITCH PUDDING! BURN IN HELL, YOU LITTLE PARIAH!”

Fritz stared at the cathartic display as Put Your Head On My Shoulder started to play in his head, his heart racing as he felt himself fall for his wife of over thirty years yet again. Snapping back to reality, he began to kick and stomp BP’s head until one particularly powerful blow from his cybernetic foot caved her skull in like a hammer smashing a watermelon. Blood, bone fragments and brain tissue splattered on the floor and everything within range. With a wicked grin, he fired up his chainsaw and gently moved his wife out of the way, methodically severing the dead woman’s limbs from her torso.

By the time they were through, a crowd had heard the commotion and gathered outside of the house. To the citizens’ mixed delight and disgust, the couple danced in the growing puddle of blood, not noticing at all. When they emerged, they realized that they had attracted attention. Katherine grabbed her husband and kissed him passionately, throwing her arms around his neck and shoulders as his hands found her back.

He grunted in surprise, but his eye fluttered shut as he noticed the sweet aroma of her perfume under the metallic stench of blood and gore. Focusing of the scent of jasmine and sandalwood, he sank deeper into the moment, time stopping in his mind, the growing chorus of cheers and awws fading along with the world around him. All he knew in that moment was Katherine. Nothing else and no one else. His heart raced as he pulled her closer, feeling the warmth of her body against his.

The moment ended too soon as she slowly pulled away for air, and he regained his composure. “So, uh,” he offered, “enjoy the party.” He took his wife’s hand and they ran off, leaving bloody footprints.

Another eight-hour trip later, they found themselves back at the castle. They decided to wash all the gore off in the shower, heading upstairs and peeling off their clothes in a bloody pile.

“Ladies first,” Fritz chuckled, opening the shower door and allowing his wife to step inside. The first thing Katherine did was turn on the water, waiting for it to get to just the right temperature before letting her husband in. “Even when you’re covered in gore, you’re still stunning.”

Katherine blushed and handed her husband a bottle of shampoo, turning around and allowing herself to relax under the cascading water. Unable to help himself, he playfully smacked her ass, watching it ripple. “FRIEDRICH!” she gasped, turning around, her breasts swinging pendulously. He gave her a faux-innocent look, only to be smothered by those same massive tits.

She smirked as he freed himself and took in some much-needed air. Pulling him close again, she instructed him to sit. He obeyed, knowing what was coming as she turned around, backed up and reached back to give him a few strokes. She smiled as she felt him stiffen in her hand, lowering herself slowly with a whimper of pleasure. “Oh, fuck,” they hissed in unison, the cybernetic scientist groping her breasts as he began to pump into her from below.

“So tight,” he moaned, his eye rolling back as pleasure coursed through his veins. “That’s it, baby, keep squeezing me.”

Katherine was too busy moaning and squealing as her cunt squelched lewdly. When she felt his left hand leave her breast and travel south, she practically vibrated with excitement. “OH, MY GOD!” she screamed as her clitoris was assaulted by cold metal fingers, making her spasm violently around his shaft.

“Fuck yes, cum all over that big dick,” Fritz purred, gritting his teeth and continuing to furiously rub her pearl. “Soak that cock, bitch!” With that, he smacked her clit a few times until the dam broke and his manhood was thoroughly sauced in pussy juice, eliciting a deep growl from his throat as he kept fucking the holy hell out of his wife.

She cried out in pure ecstasy, screaming her husband’s name again and again as he brought her to one orgasm right after the other. Her walls kept contracting and the juices kept flowing as she kept cumming. “DON’T STOP!” she squealed as she was thoroughly pumped and pounded. She heard her husband scream her name as he pulled her down, the heat of his seed flooding her tight channel.

“God DAMN,” he wheezed as he felt his orgasm subside. “Good thing we’re in the shower, huh?” He shuddered as his wife slowly dismounted him, his shaft pulling free with a wet pop.

“Mhmm,” she purred, not caring as pearly white semen ran down her legs and swirled down the drain with the slightly red-tinged water. When her husband found the strength to stand, she helped him to his feet and continued with the actual shower.

Not long after, the couple retired to their bedroom and continued to fuck like wild animals until one o’clock in the morning. Katherine’s pussy and ass were full as she curled up with her back to her husband’s chest, his cock pressed between her cheeks and his hand on her breast.

“Good night,” she cooed, her eyes fluttering closed. “I love you.”

Fritz inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of lavender and sex as he began to fall asleep. “I love you, too.”

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