Can I crash here?

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Can I crash here?

Hearing a knock at his apartment door Ryan checked the clock finding it to be half nine at night “who could be knocking at this time? I didn’t order anything” he pondered as he headed to the door, looking through the peephole to see who was outside quickly recognizing the long raven hair and dull ruby eyes of the woman waiting outside “Rebecca?”

Opening his door to find his boss standing outside of his apartment he was about to ask if something had happened at work when he noticed the bags at her feet “....what happened?”

“My building is getting fumigated so I was wondering if I could crash here for a few days, I tried calling ahead but my phone was dead” Rebecca replied as Ryan stepped back to let her inside “I’ve got the rest of my stuff in the car but it can stay there”

“I see, well I’ve got some sleeping bags if you want to use one of them to sleep on the couch, we’ll take turns on who sleeps on the couch so you’re not on it every night until you can go home” Ryan responded turning to head towards the closet that held the sleeping bags when he heard the rustling of clothing behind him, turning around just in time to see Rebecca pulling down her panties rendering herself completely naked “ok, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to be honest, I didn’t expect you to say yes so quickly so I had planned to convince you with...well, you know”

“Well I’ve already said said so you don’t have to…”

“Ryan shut up and let me suck your dick”

As it finally clicked in his head that Rebecca had intended to do this whether he said yes or not, quickly stripping down until he was as naked as Rebecca before they both headed into his living room, Rebecca coaxing Ryan to relax on the couch as she squatted between his legs to get to work on his cock, her lips sealing tight around him as she slowly bobbed her head along his length humming and moaning as she sucked him

“Fuck” Ryan groaned as Rebecca effortlessly throated him, her nose rubbing against his groin as she nuzzled him, poking her tongue out to tease his balls as her hands massaged his thighs

Holding his cock down her throat for a few moments she then pulled away slightly to begin bobbing her head again, her cheeks hollowing and her lips sealing tight as she put her all into the blowjob, seemingly intent on making sure he wouldn’t be able to hold back for a second when he came

Panting with pleasure Ryan reached down to weave his fingers into her hair as his cock throbbed harder, precum coating Rebecca’s tongue making her moan louder which in turn only stimulated him further, Ryan only lasting roughly a minute longer before he hit his climax, shuddering and groaning as he came hard in Rebecca’s mouth

Eagerly gulping down his seed Rebecca continued to suck throughout his climax and even for a few moments after it had ended before finally pulling away, sultrily licking her lips as she stood up Rebecca then coaxed Ryan to stand as she moved to bend over the arm of the couch wiggling her hips in invitation to him, an invitation he eagerly accepted as he took his place behind her

Gripping the couch armrest Rebecca let out a long low moan as Ryan pushed into her nice and deep, her toes curling into his carpet as he took hold of her hips and set his thrusting pace, making her ass clap against his groin as soon her moans and pants echoed throughout the living room “mmmppph fuck yes, make me earn my stay here” she moaned bucking her hips back

“I already could stay here” Ryan panted back as Rebecca clenched tighter around him

“Shut up and let me dirty talk damn it!” she snapped back as she worked her hips harder, his cock having sank in at just the right angle to be constantly pressing against her sweet spot, feeling her climax building up hard and fast before gasping as Ryan got unnaturally brave and grabbed hold of her hair, arching her head back as he pulled it making her squeak in both surprise and delight, her toes curling tight as her body began to shudder in orgasm

(Two days later)

Over the next couple of days each day boiled down to the same thing, Ryan quickly learning that Rebecca lived a nudist lifestyle at home whilst she immediately put into effect in his own home, not that he had any complaints about it though as Rebecca also stated that since she was ‘imposing’ on his home he had rights of free use to her whenever he wanted, something she made sure he ‘took advantage of’ every morning by waking him up with a blowjob and a cock ride

Panting with pleasure as she bounced hard reverse cowgirl on Ryan’s cock Rebecca gyrated and rolled her hips as best she could without slowing her pace, her skin glistening with sweat having been riding him for a near solid twenty minutes as another orgasm crashed through her, feeling his cock throb inside of her only coaxing him to keep riding faster and harder

“Rebecca...I…” Ryan tried to warn her as she slammed her ass down harder before his climax cut him off, his hands grabbing at her waist to pull her all the way down making her keen with bliss, her eyes crossing as she was filled with his hot load

Moaning in ecstasy Rebecca fell back against him to rest against his front “damn, you’re getting better by the day” she purred as she squeezed tight around his cock to prevent it from slipping out of her

“Well you keep me in practice” Ryan chuckled back “it’s a shame you need to go back so soon”

“Yeah...about that…you know how I said my place was getting fumigated? Yeah it was less that and more I got kicked out, turns out the wall were thinner than I thought and my neighbours didn’t appreciate porn being blasted at two in the morning”

“Damn that sucks, you got anywhere else lined up?”

“About that, I was kinda hoping I could stay here, you know, move in?”

“Hold on, did you set the last two days up to try to soften me up to let you live here?”

“Kinda, come on, some extra income for the rent and daily blowjobs is a pretty sweet offer”

“I dunno...wouldn’t it get weird after a while?”

“Let me move in or you’re fired”

“Yes ma’am!”

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