The Inexplicable Reality - Timmy Turner Part 1

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The Fairy OddParents and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story

2. Starting Over - In the Jungle Day 1

Disclaimer: The Fairy OddParents and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.


She stood in an ankle-deep pool beneath the spectacular waterfall and let the water cascade down her naked sweaty body. The water should have been icy cold, but had come from a sun baked stream high above. It was cool, just what she needed on this scorching day.

She clasped her arms overhead and let the water stream down her armpits, sides, thighs and legs. Then she lowered them as the water now crashed on her head, tickling tits, belly and pubes.

She wished she had a bar of soap… there was no better feeling than rubbing her pussy into a good lather… then wondered what exactly soap was. She shrugged and turned, rinsing the sweat of the day off her ass. Rubbing her butt, shaking it.

She had spotted him a while ago. She knew he was there, hiding in the thick forest growth… watching her. “Dirty pervert! Rapist!” she thought to herself. Her spear was sitting on a flat rock to her side. She carefully ignored it, but could find it in a second even with her eyes closed.

She waited for him to approach. He was smaller than she had hoped.

She just needed him to come a few steps closer.

“Ahhh, excuse me?” he said, finally breaking cover and silence. “I’d… errr… like to ahh…?”

The falling water and sunlight did amazing things to her naked body. Her breasts were pointy, firm and sat high on her chest. The nipples, a pale pink, hard as little stones. Her pubic hair was darker than the coarse red hair on her head but flashed with coppery highlights as she shifted sinuously in the sun dappled shade.

He could barely control his erection. But all he could think about was the driving need he felt. He had peered at her from the woods for uncounted minutes, barely able to contain himself… the overpowering need.

“If it’s OK? I just want…need to.”

She nodded invitingly.

Unable to contain himself any longer, he burst from the forest into the clearing, she swept up the spear poised to strike the rapist.

She could see he had big funny front teeth. “Will make a nice necklace,” she thought.

Heedless, the threw himself face down at her feet and began to slurp up the water in great thirst driven gulps. He vomited back a little water, coughed and drank again. He had been hours in the jungle heat with only the sound of the waterfall driving him on, teasing him. Taunting. Promising. Water.

The hell with his lust for the naked girl. Thirst was all.

She fumbled the spear when instead on trying to jump her, he threw himself face down into the pond. She asked, “Aren’t you going to try to rape me?” almost sounding disappointed… then she hefted the spear two handed as he turned on his back and stared straight up her naked body, her furry drenched pussy and protruding tits and nipples.

He smiled up at her as his hard cock seemed to jiggle and dance for her. He blew some bubbles and smiled. “Maybe later, I just need to lie here for a few minutes and soak up the water. And enjoy the view.”

“It would be so easy to finish him off now,” she thought, but the spear fell from her grasp. She stared down at his naked body for a moment. He had chosen the water instead of trying to jump her. She should have been insulted. But she saw the way his dick seemed to burst from the water and unconsciously she licked her lips.

She had never seen one before but knew instantly what it was for and what it could do. She didn’t approve of dicks. Didn’t like boys, especially this one with the stupid face and big tooth grin.

“Shit, looks like I’m not gonna’ get that necklace, after all,” to herself, disappointed. Then, “Well… maybe later!” hopefully.

But she couldn’t take her eyes off his dick.

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