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Edd was sitting on the couch and focusing on his book when he felt someone rubbing his shoulders. “You should relax,” his wife suggested.

          Edd smiled as he looked behind him. “I am, Nazz,” he told her. “I enjoy reading.”

          Nazz raised an eyebrow. “That’s a manual for your new job,” she pointed out. “And you’ve been reading it all day. Why not take a break?” she suggested.

          Edd sighed. “I just want to make sure I’m ready for this job,” he replied. He looked to a nearby bedroom, where soft sounds of resting could be heard. “I just want Suzy to grow up okay,” he said, thinking about their five-year-old daughter.

          Nazz nodded. “Me too,” she agreed. “I just don’t want you overworking yourself, that’s all.”

          Edd nodded. “I guess I am taking things too seriously,” he conceded, standing up. He walked over to the kitchen and grabbed an apple from the fridge. While he was munching on his apple, Nazz followed him into the kitchen. There she noticed their difference in clothing styles: Edd wore a white shirt and khakis along with black loafers. He still wore the same cap he had since they were kids. While he had always been taller than her, he had gained several inches on her over the years.

          Nazz, on the other hand, wore a black t-shirt and purple jeans not unlike the clothing from her childhood. She had let her hair grow out, letting it reach down to her shoulders. “When was the last time we’ve seen the other Eds?” Nazz asked her husband.

          Edd shrugged. “A few months ago, why?”

          Nazz shrugged. “We’ve been so busy the past few months with the baby,” she admitted. “I guess we haven’t had much time to relax, huh?”

          Edd nodded as he continued to bite down on his apple. Nazz noticed a white fabric sticking out of his pants, making her snicker to herself. She snuck behind him and gripped the fabric slowly. She reached into the air, yanking the fabric up Edd’s back. “Ack!” Edd shouted, dropping his apple.

          “Wedgie,” Nazz said with a smirk, observing his white boxers.

          “Really?” Edd said, chuckling. “I haven’t gotten one of those since I was a kid.”

          “Sorry Edd, but with those undies sticking out, you were asking for one,” Nazz replied with a giggle. She wrenched his underwear up even higher, making Edd let out a squeak. “Hey Edd, have you ever gotten an atomic?” she asked sweetly.

          “You do that and you’re getting a wedgie right back,” Edd threatened, although his tone was completely jovial. If he was being honest with himself, he had gotten a few atomic wedgies over the years.

          Nazz chuckled, pulling his head back. “I like those odds,” she replied, yanking his boxers up to his neck. “Here it comes,” she whispered into his ear. The waistband slowly crept its way over Edd’s head before attaching it to his eyebrows. His neck strained back due to the lack of elasticity in his undergarments.

          “Not funny,” Edd claimed as he struggled to move.

          Nazz laughed at her husband’s predicament. “It’s kind of funny,” she replied. Even at twenty-five-years old, Edd was still the nerd she grew up with. Granted, he was her nerd now, so that made it all the sweeter.

          Edd pulled the waistband off his head and let his undergarments sag from his pants. “You’re next,” he warned Nazz with a grin.

          “You’ll have to catch me first,” Nazz replied, sidestepping him. He slowly chased her around the house, barely missing her every time she changed direction. Eventually, Nazz found herself back in the kitchen. She slammed into Edd, who had appeared in front of her. “Guess you caught me,” she murmured. She had not even seen him before crashing into him.

          Edd sighed. “I’m not going to give you a wedgie,” he stated calmly.

          Nazz chuckled. “You are such a nerd, Edd.”

          “Don’t tempt me,” Edd warned with a grin. Nazz kissed him on the cheek, making him blush. “Eep!” She was yanking on the front of his underwear, giving him a melvin wedgie. Edd chuckled through the pain. “Okay, that’s it.” He gripped the fabric sticking out of her pants and reached for the sky. While he had never given a wedgie before, he was familiar enough with the concept that he knew what to do.

          “Oooooh!” Nazz exclaimed, releasing her grip on Edd’s underwear. “You’re stronger than you look,” she muttered. She had never gotten a wedgie before; she had only given them and those occurrences were rare.

          Edd shrugged as he yanked her nylon underwear up to her chin. “You shouldn’t have tempted me,” he pointed out, letting her waistband snap against her stomach.

          Nazz smiled. “I just pushing your buttons,” she replied. “And by the way, I could totally beat you in a wedgie war.”

          “No you couldn’t,” Edd replied.

          “Bet I can,” Nazz stated with a smirk.

          “What happens if you lose that bet?” Edd questioned.

          “Then I’ll sleep in an atomic wedgie whenever you want,” she offered. “And I win, I get to give you an atomic wedgie whenever I want.”

          “How do I win the bet?” Edd asked.

          Nazz smiled. “You’re pretty confident, aren’t you?” she replied. “To win, you have to rip the other person’s underwear.”

          “Seems simple enough,” Edd replied. “You ready?” he asked.

          Nazz nodded. The couple gripped the front of each other’s underwear and yanked to their heart’s content. Both of their faces contorted in pain from the melvin wedgie they were receiving. “I’m going to win,” Nazz said through gritted teeth.

          Edd chuckled. “Nope,” he replied, gripping the back side of her undergarments. He wrenched the waistband up her back, making her squeak.

          “Nice try,” Nazz taunted, attempting to reach over to his backside. Edd responded by tugging even harder than previously, making Nazz release her grip on his undergarments. An idea formed in his head as he carried her into their backyard. Their neighbors had left on their yearly vacation, so nobody would be intruding on their battle. “What are you doing?” Nazz questioned worriedly.

          “You’ll see,” Edd replied with a smile. He walked up to the treehouse in the backyard. Edd had created the treehouse for Suzy and her friends to play in, although he always made sure to be with her for her safety. In present time, Edd hooked Nazz’s waistband onto a tree branch, leaving her to dangle in the air.

          “Oooooooh,” Nazz murmured as she swung around like a pendulum. She was surprised that her underwear had not ripped yet.

          Edd chuckled as he gripped her feet and bounced her up and down. “Give up yet?” he asked.

          Nazz shook her head. The wedgie hurt like nothing she had ever felt before, but she wouldn’t let that stop her. “You know the rules,” she replied.

          Edd sighed. “Okay,” he stated, continuing to bounce her. After enough bounces, Nazz’s waistband tore off, sending her falling. Edd caught her before she hit the ground. “Looks like I win,” he said, much to Nazz’s disappointment.

          Nazz sighed, hoping her underwear would have lasted longer than that. She and Edd returned to their home where Nazz plopped down onto the couch. “Atomic wedgies for me I guess,” she murmured. After the couple had dinner, Nazz briefly left to go shopping. By the time she had returned, Edd was resting in bed, once again reading his manual.

          “What you’d buy?” Edd asked, looking up from his book.

          Nazz, now wearing purple pajamas with stars, plopped down onto the bed. She pulled her waistband out of her pants and pulled it up her back, surprising Edd. The underwear slowly slithered its way up her back, exposing the leg holes of the fabric. The waistband stretched until it reached Nazz’s head. From there, the waistband latched onto her eyebrows and remained there comfortably. “Take a guess,” she told him as she blew him a kiss.

          Edd blushed as he observed her atomic wedgie. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

          “A little,” Nazz admitted, feeling a sharp pain in her posterior. “I bought the stretchiest pairs I could find, so these ain’t ripping anytime soon.” Due to the elasticity of her undergarments, her neck felt no pain nor was it constrained in the least.

          Edd chuckled as he patted Nazz’s head. “You’re an even bigger nerd than I am,” he joked.

          Nazz smiled as she snuck her way underneath the covers. “Yeah, but I’m your nerd.”

                                                                     The End

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