Wakfu Wedgie Story - New Life New Responsibilities

BY : Revenger
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The heroes and the Brotherhood of the Forgotten had returned from Inglorium after their long battle with Oropo. The Gods had sent them home before they had gotten a chance to talk to them, but that didn’t bother Yugo. He was simply happy to get some rest in his own bed. It amazed him how much had happened in the span of a few days. He had kissed Amalia, made new friends, fought a mirror copy of himself, and got his brother back.

           It’s been one heck of a week, Yugo thought to himself. He gently rested his head against his pillow as he wrapped his sheets over himself. A knock could be heard on Yugo’s door, prompting the Eliatrope to sit upward. “Who is it?” he asked.

           The door creaked open and Adamaï popped his head through. “Hey, bro.”

           “Hey, Ad,” Yugo greeted him cheerfully. “You doing okay?”

           His brother nodded slowly. “I should ask you the same question.”

           Yugo smiled. “I’m fine. I’m just happy to have you back.”

           “I’m sorry,” Adamaï said suddenly. “I shouldn’t have joined Oropo and Echo. They convinced me they could help me control the Dofus and it drove me crazy instead. They made me think we were going to save the world.”

           “It’s alright,” Yugo told him. “At least Echo turned out to be alright in the end. She saved us, after all.”

           “True,” Adamaï admitted. “I’m just glad it’s over.”

           “Me too,” Yugo agreed. “Wait... if the Dofus are gone, do we still reincarnate?”

           Adamaï shrugged. “I’m assuming we don’t, but we won’t know until we die.”

           Yugo sighed, unsure of what to think about this. While he was happy that he wouldn’t have to reincarnate over and over again, he was worried about who would take care of the World of Twelve in the future. If good people are still around to defend the planet, then things should be alright, he told himself.

           “So...” Adamaï began, “...how’s it going with you and Amalia?”

           “It’s complicated,” Yugo replied nervously.

           Adamaï grinned. “That figures. I know that Oropo had a bigger crush on Amalia than you did. And it seems he made a move on her before you did.”

           “No, he didn’t,” Yugo insisted. “I kissed her first.”

           Adamaï’s eyes widened. “Impressive. I’m surprised you had it in you. Where are you two now?”

           “We got into a fight,” Yugo explained. “I told her I didn’t feel ready to date her because of my appearance and she told me that it didn’t matter. I wish I had listened to her sooner.”

           “If she doesn’t care how you look, then you should just go for it,” Adamaï suggested.

           Yugo nodded. “I'll give it a shot.”

           “Good luck,” Adamaï said as he close the door.



The next day, Yugo teleported to the Sadida Kingdom. He was happy to learn that Amalia was available to talk. Amalia wrapped her arms around Yugo, tightly hugging him. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she told him. “I got some pretty big news today.”

           “What’s that?” Yugo asked.

           “I’m going to be the queen of the Sadida Kingdom,” Amalia stated. “My father wants me to take over before he’s gone.”

           “What about Armand?” Yugo questioned.

           “He’s pretty mad about it,” Amalia stated. “He stormed out on us. This is all so much to take in.”

           “Are you okay?” Yugo asked.

           Amalia nodded. “I feel better now that you’re here. I have a question for you, Yugo. When I become the queen, will you be my bodyguard?”

           Yugo blushed, flustered by the offer. “Are you sure?”

           Amalia nodded. “Eva’s busy being a mom and I trust you more than anyone else. What do you say?”

           Yugo grinned. “Yes.”

           Amalia smiled and hugged Yugo once more. “So... where do ‘we’ go from here?”

           Yugo paused, having trouble composing his thoughts. He took a deep breath and picked his words carefully. “I’m sorry I didn’t consider how you felt. I just wanted to feel ready and... I think I am.” 

           Amalia bent down as he pulled himself closer. “I’m sorry I pressured you and for trusting Oropo. I just wanted to be with you and he said he was future you,” she explained.

           “Didn’t you see his hair color?” Yugo asked. “His hair was brown and mine is blond.”

           “I only saw his eyes,” Amalia admitted. “He looked so much like you and he seemed to know you like you did that I believed he was you. I’m sorry I sided with him after our fight,” she apologized. “I should have just talked to you.”“It’s fine,” Yugo replied. “The only thing that matters now is that I love you.” Their lips briefly, but passionately, connected.

           “I love you too, Yugo,” Amalia whispered. Yugo smiled, running his fingers through her green hair.

           Amalia placed her hand over Yugo’s hat. “Can I see what’s under your hat?” Yugo hesitated. His wings embarrassed him, but this was Amalia. He knew she would still love him no matter what. He gave her a quick nod, allowing her to pull off his hat. His blue wings appeared, much to Amalia’s amusement. They were similar to Oropo’s after absorbing Yugo, but far more innocent. She had a feeling that Yugo had wings under his hat like Oropo did, but she wanted to make sure. “They’re so... cute!”

           Yugo let out a sigh of relief. He took his hat from Amalia and placed it on top of her head. “I could say the same for you.”

           Amalia grinned. She could get used to this.


A few weeks had passed since Yugo and Amalia had begun dating. Today, they were at Alibert’s restaurant, relaxing inside Yugo’s bedroom. Alibert had been trying, and failing, to bake bread throughout the entire morning.

           “Has your dad ever been able to make bread?” Amalia asked her boyfriend as the couple sat on top of Yugo’s old bed.

           Yugo shook his head. “It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been in this room.” During the past months, Yugo had been living with Amalia in the Sadida Kingdom. He popped into his father’s home on occasion to say hello, but that had been it for the most part. Adamaï had returned to helping Alibert serve the food, although some of the customers were unnerved by the Dragon’s new appearance. Alibert did not know the entire story behind Adamaï’s disappearance, but he was happy to have his son back.

           “Yeah, we’ve grown so much over the years,” Amalia stated serenely. “Some more than others,” she added, prompting Yugo to chuckle. The Eliatrope stood up to stretch, but froze when he heard Amalia snickering.

           “Nice undies, Yugo,” she said, pointing at his waist. Yugo blushed, attempting to cover his waistband with his hands. “You still wear those Tofu undies?” Amalia asked, observing the prints. She had only seen his underwear once before, several years ago. It was back when they had been trapped in a prison with their friends. The prison had used a device in the air to cancel out their powers, forcing the heroes to find a way to disable the machine.

           Yugo, Tristepin, and Ruel threw all of their clothes at the machine to block its signal to no avail. Finally, Yugo had thrown his hat over the machine, thus restoring their powers. He had made the others close their eyes so they wouldn’t see his wings. He had still been hesitant to reveal his secret to his friends. It was only in recent times that he showed his friends his wings. Eva was surprised while Tristepin and the rest of his family were amazed. Ruel, Arpagone, and Alibert were confused as to how the wings fit under his hat. Adamaï was indifferent, as he had already known what was hidden under the Eliatrope’s hat.

           “They’re the only pattern I’ve got,” Yugo finally said, blushing even more than he had in his entire life. In present day, he had been very careful to not let Amalia his underwear. He didn’t know of any places to buy new undergarments and he didn’t want Amalia to see the underwear he had been wearing since they were kids. He felt Amalia tug on his undies, much to her horror. “Amalia!” he shouted in surprise.

           “Wedgie!” Amalia said with a giggle. She lifted him into the air, his feet parting with the ground.

           “Please stop,” Yugo asked her, growing more and more uncomfortable with each passing second. “It’s not funny.”

           Amalia released her grip on her boyfriend’s undies. “Sorry, Yugo,” she apologized while suppressing a laugh. “I couldn’t help it. You look too cute in a wedgie.”

           “Thanks...” Yugo murmured, rubbing his sore bottom. He released an energy beam from his fingertips, blasting a hole into the back of Amalia’s pants. “Nice panties, Amalia,” Yugo said mockingly, although he did actually find them cute.

           “Yugo!” Amalia cried, covering the hole in her pants with her hands. “I said I was sorry...”

           “Then let me give you a wedgie,” Yugo replied smugly. “After that, we’re even.”

           Amalia’s eyes widened in terror. She knew she deserved this, but that didn’t mean she wanted it to happen. She let out a sigh and conceded defeat. It was only fair that Yugo got his turn. “Okay, but no more wedgies after this. And we never talk about this again.” Yugo nodded and walked behind Amalia and gripped her leafy green panties. Their height difference had no effect on the strength of the wedgie applied. “Eeep!” Amalia shrieked, being lifted off the ground. She had forgotten just how strong Yugo had become over the years.

           “Not so funny now, is it?” Yugo taunted. He opened a portal beneath her and let her fall through. He opened another portal, allowing Amalia to appear floating right in front of him.

           “No,” Amalia admitted, staring into his eyes. She was thankful that she had become used to entering Yugo’s portals. Otherwise, she would have become nauseous. “Can we stop now?”

           Yugo nodded, releasing his grip on her underwear. He caught her before she hit the ground and closed the portals at the same time. “You okay?” he asked.

           “I will be,” Amalia replied, rubbing her posterior. “You are a lot stronger than you look.” While she knew Yugo was powerful, she had no idea how physically strong he was.

           Yugo smiled. “Thanks,” he said as he let her down.

           Amalia sighed and returned the smile. She bent down kissed him on the lips and let out a chuckle. “I can’t stay mad at you,” she whispered.

           “You two are so cute,” a voice suddenly spoke.

           “Adamaï!” Yugo and Amalia yelled simultaneously.

           Yugo’s Dragon brother had been watching through the door. “You left the door open,” Adamaï stated.

           “How long have you been watching us?” Amalia asked worriedly.

           “Less than a minute,” Adamaï assured her. “My shift just ended and I felt like saying hi.”

           “Please don’t tell anyone about this, Ad,” Yugo begged his brother.

           Adamaï smiled. “Relax. Your secret’s safe with me.”

           “This was just a one-time thing,” Amalia added nervously. “We’re not doing this again.”

           “Sure,” Adamaï said sarcastically.

           “I’m serious!” Amalia roared.

           Adamaï grinned. “I know. You’re just fun to irritate.”

           “He’s not wrong,” Yugo agreed. “You are pretty cute when you’re mad.”

           “You’re not helping,” Amalia complained.

           “Sorry,” Yugo apologized.

           “I’ll let you two lovebirds figure things out,” Adamaï replied. “I’ve got my own things to do.”

           “What do you mean?” Yugo asked.

           “I’m babysitting Elely tomorrow,” Adamaï stated solemnly.

           Yugo and Amalia’s jaws dropped. “Isn’t there still some tension between you two?” Amalia asked.

           Adamaï nodded with embarrassment. “I’m trying to make amends for what I did to her family.” He was worried that Eva and the others still hated him. He knew that Goultard had promised him that a beating was coming sooner or later. The Dofus had manipulated him into hurting Eva and her family and he was certain they had not forgiven him yet. He had explained the circumstances to them, and while they understood, they were still hesitant to be around him.

           “I can go with you tomorrow,” Amalia suggested. “Maybe I can help you out.”

           Adamaï smiled. “Thank you, Amalia. I can see why Yugo cares about you so much.” Yugo and Amalia blushed at the same time, making Adamaï laugh. “You two really are made for each other.”


The next day, Amalia and Adamaï stood in front of Eva’s home. The house had been rebuilt after it had blown up in Eva and Tristepin’s fight against Poo and Toxine. Amalia was wearing a pair of pants identical to the ones she wore yesterday. She was thankful her kingdom always had identical copies of her favorite clothes prepared for her. Adamaï, on the other hand, was worried. He was afraid of how Eva was going to react. “I hope this goes well,” he told Amalia.

           Amalia smiled. “The best way for her to forgive you is to help her out,” she pointed out. “Plus, she needs an extra babysitter while she and Pinpin go on their date.”

           Adamaï nodded. “Thanks, Amalia.”

           “I have a question for you. How long has Yugo been in love with me?” If Oropo was telling her the truth, then she already had her answer. However, she wanted to make sure.

           Adamaï shrugged. “Hard to tell,” he admitted. “I’m guessing since you two were kids. He just never had the courage to tell you.”

           “Well, he did when he kissed me,” Amalia replied.

           “Where was that?” Adamaï asked, genuinely curious.

           “In... Black Bump’s room,” Amalia murmured. While that had been one of the greatest days of her life, it had also been one of the worst. After their first kiss Yugo had rejected her due to his immortality and slow aging. It had infuriated her that she let herself fall into the arms of Oropo. She naively believed that he had good in his heart like Yugo did. His face looked exactly like Yugo’s, only older. It was only when Oropo betrayed his demigod family did she learn the truth about him. He wasn’t Yugo; rather, he was a mirror copy who envied Yugo’s life. It became even more confusing for her when Oropo referred to Yugo as “Father.” She was horrified by Oropo’s actions and in the end she realized Yugo was the one for her.

           Adamaï laughed. “That must’ve been a romantic place to kiss,” he joked.

           “We had a fight after that,” Amalia continued. “He said he wasn’t ready and I wanted to be with him so badly. And then Oropo happened... I don’t like talking about that guy.”

           “I understand how you feel,” Adamaï agreed.

           The door opened and Elely appeared before them. “Hi, Amalia,” the little girl greeted. She looked over to Adamaï and winced. “Hi... Adamaï.”

           Adamaï nervously waved. “It's good to see you again,” he said awkwardly. “I'm the babysitter, remember?”

           Elely let out a sigh of disappointment. “I was hoping it'd be Aunt Cleophee or Yugo. Or Black Ink and Elaine. They're fun!”

           “Hey, I'm fun too,” Adamaï said, stung by the child's words. He was starting to regret letting Yugo take over his work shift.

           “When you're not kidnapping children for Oropo...” Elely replied. She herself didn’t understand who or what Oropo was. Yugo had explained to her that Oropo was a mirror copy of himself that had been created from him powering up with the Dofus. He also told her that he had traveled back in time and caused a time loop, which only furthered her confusion. She responded by doing what Iops did best: not think about it.

           “Elely, that’s enough,” Amalia scolded her. “Adamaï told you all what happened and he’s apologized. Can you please give him a second chance?”

           “He nearly killed my dad,” Elely spoke angrily. “Even if he ended up being controlled, he still chose to join that group in the first place.”

           “I know,” Adamaï spoke regretfully. “And I can’t change that. I’m just asking you to give me another chance.”

           Elely sighed. “Just one. Don’t screw it up.” She opened the door fully, allowing the two to enter.

           “Where are your parents?” Amalia asked, looking around.

           “They left already,” Elely explained. “And Flopin and Tristegnon are out playing with Ogrest at Otomaï’s house.”

           “You guys named him Tristegnon?” Amalia asked, surprised.

           Elely nodded. “Dad kept asking Mom until she agreed.”

           “That name’s hardly any different from his own,” Adamaï said, perplexed.

           “I know,” Elely replied. “Goultard and the baby are the only other ones who like it.” She remembered that her father kept calling the child that until it eventually started to like it.

           “Is there anybody else here?” Adamaï asked, looking around.

           Something tapped on his leg, prompting him to look down. “Long time no see, Adamaï,” Coqueline greeted him cheerfully.

           Adamaï’s eyes widened in surprise. He had not seen Coqueline in months, making him wonder what had happened to her. “I didn’t expect to see you again,” he admitted.

           “Glad to see you’re less crazy now,” Coqueline replied, accidently making Adamaï feel worse about the situation. Even when the Dofus had been removed from his body his mind was still warped. It was only when Oropo betrayed him did he return to his senses.

           “She’s been hanging out with me the past few months,” Elely interjected.

           “Dathura and the others found us a home not too far from here,” Coqueline explained. “It’s all nice and cozy there. Everyone’s there: Dathura, Black Bump, Ush, Sipho, and Kali. The only one missing is Arpagone. She left to go live with her husband.”

           “What happened to Poo?” Adamaï asked.

           “Who?” Coqueline questioned. Her eyes widened as she realized the answer. “Oh! I think we forgot about him. Also, I think Toxine’s dead. I don’t really miss her.”

           Adamaï grinned. “That we can agree on. So, have you given up on your plan to become the new god?” Adamaï asked her, folding his arms.

           “After what Oropo did to us, yes,” she conceded as tears dripped from her eyes. “I just wanted to help the animals... and Oropo just ended up killing them. He said we were going to be heroes...”

           Adamaï placed a hand on her shoulder. “I know how you feel,” he told her. “He tricked all of us, but now we have the chance to be better on our own.”

           Coqueline wiped away her tears. “Yeah. You’re right.” Elely pulled a tissue from a nearby box and offered it to her friend. Coqueline took it and dried any remaining wet spots in her eyes. “Thank you.”

           “You’re welcome,” Elely replied.

           “So, what do you guys do for fun?” Adamaï asked.

           Coqueline pointed to the nearby window. “I usually try to play with the animals I can find outside. They’re always fun to be around.”

           “That’s it?” Adamaï asked, unimpressed by the answer.

           “Sometimes Elely and I play cards, too,” Coqueline added. “Ush taught us a few games we can play. Have you ever played cards with him?”

           Adamaï shook his head. When he was infused the Dofus, he had dismissed Ush as a mere gambler and wanted nothing to do with the Ecaflip. This applied to almost all of the other demigods. The only one he liked, besides Oropo and Echo, was the Osamodas girl. “Maybe I can learn a few things from him...”

           Coqueline walked over to Amalia, who had been warming her hands by the fire. “Eek!” the Sadida queen shrieked. She had been hiding from the girl as unpleasant memories began to resurface. “You’d better not turn me into a Tofu again...” She warned, backing away from Coqueline.

           “I won’t,” Coqueline assured her. Amalia couldn’t stop in time as the back of her pants made contact with the fire. Her posterior was set ablaze, making her scream in terror. Coqueline panicked and rushed to the kitchen to retrieve a bucket of water. She tossed the water onto Amalia, dousing the flames and the queen herself. “Are you okay?”

           “Ooooh,” Amalia muttered, massaging her posterior. Fortunately, her undergarments her still intact. Unfortunately, everyone could now see her underwear.

           “Nice panties, Amalia,” Elely taunted, making the queen blush profusely. “Do you like showing them off to Yugo?”

           “What?!” Amalia shouted.

           “I may be a kid, but I know how much you love Yugo,” Elely replied.

           Coqueline pointed at Amalia and giggled. “It’s not funny!” Amalia yelled.

           Elely walked over to her friend and whispered into her ear. “Let’s give her a wedgie,” she suggested.

           While Coqueline didn’t like violence, this action wouldn’t be particularly violent. It just sounded funny. She nodded eagerly in agreement. “Let’s do it!” she whispered back.

           “What are you two whispering about?!” Amalia demanded. Before she knew it, she felt her panties being yanked up her back.

           “Wedgie!” Elely and Coqueline exclaimed together. Elely sat atop Coqueline’s shoulder while the former gave Amalia a wedgie.

           Adamaï let out a small chuckle. “Help me!” Amalia yelled out. Coqueline stretched her arm and tapped Adamaï’s forehead with her index finger, instantly transforming him into a Tofu. “Craaaaaaap!”

           Adamaï chirped as he became less than half the size he normally was. He despised Coqueline’s talent. It was an absurdly useful ability and could be lethal if the girl had the killer instinct. He also hated how it made him relive the day he became stuck as a Tofu when he and Yugo fought Nox’s pet, Igôle. I hate this, he thought to himself.

           “Ready for the atomic?” Elely whispered into Amalia’s ear, sending a chill down her spine. Amalia had now realized that unlike Yugo, Elely had been using all of her demigoddess strength in applying the wedgie.

           “Please don’t,” Amalia begged. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just stop.”

           “Tempting,” Coqueline admitted. “What do we get if we stop?”

           “I won’t tell Elely’s parents about this and I’ll give myself the atomic wedgie for you,” Amalia proposed.

           “Nah,” Elely replied, leaping over Amalia’s forehead. She hooked the waistband over Amalia’s nose, forcing her to take in the stench of her undergarments. She regretted not changing her underwear from yesterday.

           “You little brat!” Amalia screamed, her neck pulling her head back. She attempted to remove the atomic wedgie, but Elely grabbed a roll of duct tape from the kitchen table and leapt into the air. She landed on Coqueline’s shoulders and wrapped the tape around Amalia’s face and tied her arms together, ensuring that the wedgie would remain in locked in place.

           “There. A permanent atomic wedgie,” she said proudly, jumping down to the ground. She gave Coqueline a high-five as the two laughed.

           This cannot get any worse, Amalia told herself. She then heard a portal open. Oh no.

           “Hey, Amalia. My shift ended early and...” Yugo froze, stunned by the sight of his girlfriend. “What happened to you?”

           “They gave me an atomic wedgie!” Amalia screamed. “Get me out of this!” She knew that before having her hands tied together, she could have summoned her plants from the ground to break herself free, but she didn’t want to damage Eva’s floorboard in the process.

           Before Yugo could react, he felt his Tofu-themed undies be yanked up his back. “Nice undies, Yugo,” Elely taunted, gripping his underwear. The troublesome duo were pulling the same trick on the Eliatrope. “I bet you love showing them off to Amalia.” Yugo blushed, becoming reticent upon hearing Elely’s statement. He had no idea why Elely was doing this, nor why Coqueline was here. “You two make for the perfect wedgie couple!” She proceeded to rip Yugo’s hat off his head.

           “So that’s what’s under his hat,” Coqueline murmured, observing Yugo’s wings with amazement. “Those wings are so cool!”

           “Here’s something cooler,” Elely said as she finished the job, hooking the waistband onto Yugo’s wings. Unlike Amalia, Yugo was short enough that Elely didn’t have to jump over his head to give him an atomic wedgie.

           “The atomic wedgie couple!” Coqueline exclaimed as the duo erupted into laughter.

           “It’s not funny!” Yugo and Amalia yelled at the same time.

           “I’ve got an idea,” Elely stated. She gripped Yugo’s waistband once more and ripped his underwear through his wings until it hooked onto his nose. “One last thing and it’ll be perfect.” She and Coqueline moved behind Amalia and pushed her into Yugo. Their lips connected forcibly, much to both of their horror. Elely grabbed the tape once more and wrapped their heads together.

           This is not how I wanted us to make out, Yugo said in his thoughts.

           This would be so much better without the wedgies, Amalia thought to herself. While she loved kissing Yugo, she despised the fact that their first make out happened with their underwear covering their eyes.

           The front door swung open as Eva and Tristepin walked in. “What the hell is that?” Rubilax asked, staring at the wedgie make out session. He looked up to Pinpin and Eva. “That’s weirder than your private exercises.”

           “Rubi!” Eva yelled at the Shushu.

           “What? I’m just telling the truth,” Rubilax replied.

           “I’m confused,” Tristepin said aloud. “What happened to them?”

           Eva noticed Coqueline and Elely attempting to sneak away. “Girls!” she screamed, making them freeze in place. “Did you do this?”

           “Uhhhhhh...” the two spoke simultaneously.

           Adamaï returned to his normal form, much to his relief and the irritation of the children. “Yes,” he spoke calmly before looking at Coqueline. “She also turned me into Tofu.”

           “When did you get here?” Tristepin asked, getting into a fighting position. He knew that Adamaï wasn’t crazy anymore, but that didn’t mean he trusted the Dragon again.

           “I’ve been here the whole time,” Adamaï replied. “I told Eva I was going to babysit Elely. Didn’t she tell you this?”

           “Maybe, but I probably forgot,” Tristepin admitted.

           Adamaï sighed. “Never change, Pinpin.” He walked over and tore the tape off his brother and Amalia. “There.”

           The couple quickly removed their wedgies and let out a deep breath. “Thanks, bro,” Yugo panted.

           “Thanks, Adamaï,” Amalia spoke while struggling to breathe. Yugo opened a portal to the Sadida Kingdom and tucked his undies back into his shorts before putting his hat back on. Amalia did the same with her undergarments and took Yugo’s hand in her own. The couple left and the portal shut behind them.

           Adamaï looked at the troublesome children before him. “Those two are a handful,” he pointed out to Eva.

           Eva nodded. “You get used it when you’re a parent,” she replied. “Thanks for the help, Adamaï. There might be hope for you yet.”

           Adamaï smiled and waved goodbye as he walked toward the door. “Maybe I can babysit Elely again,” he suggested.

           “That would be appreciated,” Eva admitted. “Have a good night, Adamaï.”

           The Dragon shut the door behind, allowing Tristepin to express his thoughts. “I still don’t trust him,” he muttered.

           “Give him time,” Eva suggested. “He’s better off now than when he had the Dofus in him.”

           “True,” Tristepin admitted. “But maybe I can get Goultard to have that talk he promised Adamaï.”

           Eva sighed. “You Iops always think with your fists.”

           Tristepin smiled. “That’s what we do best.”

           Eva returned the smile and faced the girls. “Elely, you’re grounded.”

           “Oh,” the Iop girl groaned. I should have just let Amalia give herself an atomic wedgie, she realized. However, she had wanted to be the one to do it and that came at a price. “For how long?”

           “A month,” Eva stated, prompting to Elely to whine even further. “You can’t just give people wedgies without consequences.”

           “It that what it’s called?” Tristepin asked, scratching his head. “I’ve never heard of that before.” It confused him how everyone knew about a wedgie except for him.

           Eva turned to the Osamodas demigoddess. “And Coqueline, you’re banned from playing with Elely for a month.”

           “I figured,” Coqueline said with a sigh. She gave Elely a hug and walked out of the house. “See you in a month,” she said, closing the door behind her.

           “Young lady,” Eva said sternly. “You need to be taught some manners.”

           “Please don’t give me a wedgie,” Elely begged, expecting the worst possible outcome.

           “We won’t,” Eva assured her. “But your chores are going to increase by a lot. You can start by doing all of your Flopin’s chores. After that, you can make dinner for yourself.”

           “But I don’t know how to cook,” Elely complained.

           “You’ll learn,” Eva replied.

           “Doesn’t that seem a bit harsh?” Tristepin asked his wife.

           Elely nodded in agreement with her father. “Listen to papa,” she suggested.

           Eva whispered into her husband’s ear, reassuring him. “Oh, never mind. You’ll be fine,” Tristepin said confidently.

           “Oh, come on,” Elely whined. Unbeknownst to her, Eva had some food in the pantry that didn’t need to be cooked. However, she would let her daughter figure that out on her own...



Yugo guarded Amalia’s bedroom door as she changed. Armand walked by, grumbling to himself. “Oh, it’s you,” he muttered. “Are you here to romance my sister again? I don’t know how she takes you seriously.”

           Yugo frowned. With each passing day, his hatred for Armand grew more persistent. “She does because she loves me,” Yugo replied. “And someday I’m going to be the king of both the Eliatropes and the Sadida people.”

           Armand gritted his teeth. “I hate how annoying you two are,” he muttered, walking away.

           Amalia opened her door and waved for Yugo to come in. “I’m feeling much better,” she said, laying down on her bed. “It’s been a long day.”

           Yugo joined her, letting out a yawn. “Agreed,” he replied. He placed his hat on top of Amalia’s head once more, making her giggle.

           “You need to guard me against wedgies,” Amalia suggested, resting her head against Yugo’s shoulder. “I’ve gotten more of them than I’ve ever wanted to,” she commented. “And our first make out session was ruined by Elely and Coqueline.”

           “Maybe, but they won’t ruin the second,” Yugo replied.

           Amalia chuckled as she pulled Yugo closer to her face. Their lips connected once more, albeit of their own volition, for a fervent kiss. Throughout all of their adventures, Yugo and Amalia always felt more reassured in each other’s presence than anyone else’s. Their kiss briefly stopped as Yugo snucked his way under Amalia’s covers. Amalia followed him under, smiling all the way. “I love you, Yugo,” she whispered, wrapping the sheets around them.

           Yugo flashed the grin that always put her at ease. “I love you too, Amalia.” The couple continued their kissing, reassured by each other’s lips.

                                                                      The End

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