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Disclaimer: I do not own Star vs. The Forces of Evil, and I make no profit from this story. Warning- Wedgie fetish and Star and Janna are 18+

A woman with fair skin, light blue eyes and long blonde hair sorted through the paperwork on her desk. She wore a black suit, light blue undershirt, black pants, and white sneakers. A small pair of glasses rested on her nose that made her, at least in her mind, look cooler. She let out a sigh as she smacked the stack of papers off her desk. She lay back in the chair, using her hands as a pillow. This is boring, she thought, struggling to stay awake. Her name was Star Butterfly and she was the mayor of Echo Creek.


Her eyes took notice of a photo frame on the desk that made her smile. She pulled herself up and stared at the photo jovially. It was herself and a Latino-American man with a muscular build, tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a mole on his right cheek. In the photo she was smiling as she wore a white dress while she held a bouquet of flowers in her. The man wore a class tuxedo and held his left arm around the woman’s shoulders. Star grinned as she looked at the golden ring on her left index finger. She and Marco had been married for a couple of months now and things had been going smoothly.


She put down the photo and got out of her seat. She was surprised she managed to win the race, although she supposed there were not many opponents to face her at the time. She had been Mayor for a few weeks and she had no idea what she was doing. She had been asked to sign paperwork constantly and she had grown tired of it, hence her reasoning for slapping the papers away. A knock came on the door, alerting her to a friendly face. “Janna!” Star exclaimed, cupping her hands together excitedly.


A woman with short dark-blue hair, brown skin and brown eyes entered the room casually. She wore a dark teal and white striped shirt, a turquoise jacket, a blue skirt with a brown belt, green sneakers, and an olive green beanie hat. “Good to see you, Star,” she greeted as she chewed on a piece of gum. She spat the gum out into a nearby trash can, chuckling as the substance made it across the room in a single jump. “Still got it,” she said confidently. Her gaze returned to Star’s eager face. “How’s it going?”


“Much better now,” Star said, wrapping her arms around Janna. “It’s so good to see you,” she stated, breaking free of the hug. “What have you been up to?”


“Just finding some work,” Janna stated with a shrug. “Tom and I moved in together,” she said with a small smirk, thinking about her demon boyfriend.


Star placed her hands together in delight. “I’m so happy to hear that! How’s Tom doing?” She had once dated Tom and although she no longer held any feelings for him, she still cared about his well being.


“Eh, pretty good,” Janna replied. “What are you up to?”


“Just mayor stuff,” Star stated happily, readjusting her glasses.


Janna placed her hands on her hips. “Now how did you of all people become mayor?” she asked with a sly grin. “You are the opposite of responsibility.”


“Well, I figured I should do something to make up for all the messes I’ve made,” Star said with a chuckle. “Being mayor can help do that.”


“Good point,” Janna admitted with a smirk. “But that still doesn’t answer my question. How did you become mayor?”


“There wasn’t really anybody serious running,” Star stated confidently, placing her hands to her hips.


Janna raised an eyebrow. “Did Marco help you out?”


Star chuckled nervously. “Yeah,” she said, rubbing her head awkwardly. “He’s a great campaign manager.” She looked at her watch on her left wrist, checking how much time she had left.


“You waiting for something?” Janna asked, noticing Star’s sudden attention to her watch.


“Yeah, Mari and Meteora are supposed to show up after school so I can drive them home,” Star explained, referring to the younger sister of Marco and the only daughter of Eclipsa, a woman she considered family despite the lack of a bloodline connection. “They’re supposed to be here in about five minutes.”


“It’ll be nice to see them again,” Janna stated with a smile. Her eyes caught onto the various papers spread across the floor. She pointed her left index finger towards the mess. “Uh... do you need to take care of that?”


Star turned her head, snapping her eyes open in realization. “Whoops,” she murmured, remembering her previous actions. “I should probably pick those up,” she stated, walking towards the papers. She bent over to pick up her mess, revealing a white material that caught Janna’s interest.


A devious grin popped onto Janna’s lips as an idea formed in her head. She tiptoed over to Star, who had become distracted by the mess. Janna’s cold fingers wrapped around the material sticking out of Star’s pants, being careful not to be detected. Without any warning, she reached for the sky and lifted Star off the ground. “Ack!” Star shrieked realizing what was going on as a sudden jolt of pain zapped her bottom. She dangled in the air, rocking back and forth by her underwear while Janna was chuckling at her expense. She craned her neck to see the culprit, her face turning red as she realized who it was. “Janna? What are you doing?”


“Just having some fun,” Janna joked. “You kind of left yourself open there.”


“Ow,” Star murmured, being lifted even higher by another tug. She had never expected Janna to be so strong. “What is this?” she asked weakly, struggling to ignore the pain.


Janna raised an eyebrow. “You’ve... never gotten a wedgie before?”


Star quickly shook her head. “Is that what it’s called?” she whimpered, finding the name of the prank extremely fitting due to how her posterior currently felt.


Janna released her grip on Star’s waistband, letting the blonde woman fall back on her feet. “You’ve really never heard of this stuff?” Janna questioned as she watched Star stuff her undergarments back into her pants.


“No, it never came up,” Star murmured, trying to regain her sense of composure. “Is that why they call it a wedgie? Because it gets wedged up your butt?”


Janna nodded. “Yeah,” she replied with a shrug. “It’s meant to be a prank.”


“It’s not very funny,” Star murmured, still feeling the prank’s discomforting effects.


“It’s funny when it’s not you,” Janna pointed out. “If you want, you can get me back.”


“Wait, you’d be okay with me doing the same thing to you?” Star questioned, wondering what was Janna’s logic. “Won’t it hurt?”


“We’ll see,” Janna replied with indifference. “You can make it an atomic. I don’t really care.”


“What’s an atomic?” Star asked, becoming curious about this process.


“You pull it over their head,” Janna said nonchalantly.


“That doesn’t sound possible,” Star stated, flabbergasted at such an idea.


“You of all people are saying something isn’t possible?” Janna asked with a smile.


“Touché,” Star conceded. “It has been years since anything bizarre has really happened. I guess I’m just used to normal life now.” She walked behind Janna as a devious smirk appeared on her face. She gripped a pink waistband peeking out of Janna’s skirt and jovially lifted the fabric up against Janna’s back. She chuckled, watching the bright pink fabric stretch to a ridiculous degree. “This is pretty funny!” Star exclaimed, giggling while watching the fabric stretch past Janna’s neck easily. The leg holes had become stretched to the point that the holes were larger than basketball hoops. The fabric easily crawled past her head, knocking her beanie off her head before loudly snapping her waistband against her forehead. To finish it off, Star reapplying Janna’s beanie, completing the fashion choice that was the atomic wedgie. “Looks like I win!” Star bragged, waiting to see Janna’s reaction.


Janna turned around and had a smirk on her face as she crossed her arms. “I guess you do,” she said nonchalantly.


Star raised an eyebrow. “Wait... doesn’t that hurt?” she questioned, hoping for anything but the answer she most expected.


“Not at all,” Janna replied, using her hands as a pillow in the air. She began whistling a tune, not at all displeased about her current predicament. “I’ve got a pretty good pain tolerance, plus this pair is pretty stretchy.”


Star’s eyes widened in surprise, realizing that she had been punked. “That’s not fair. It’s not funny if you’re okay with it,” she stated, becoming vexed at Janna’s calmness.


“Sorry, Star,” Janna said with a shrug. “When I prank, I prank to win.” She quickly zoomed past Star and lifted her back into the air, smirking as Star let out a groan. “You are pretty light,” Janna observed, finding humor in how much stronger she was than Star.


“You don’t have to remind me!” Star yelled, craning her neck in Janna’s direction. “You better put me down!”


“Okay,” Janna said apathetically, looking around for something in particular. She noticed a coat hook in the corner of the office that gave her an idea. She walked over to the hook and latched Star’s waistband onto it, tearing a hole through the fabric and leaving Star dangling. “Have fun,” she said, waving while walking away.


“Janna, wait!” Star shouted, hoping her friend would take pity on her. She kicked around in the air, hoping the constant struggles would help her break free.


Janna turned around and smirked. “Come on, Star. You’ll be fine,” she assured her friend. She took notice of a mirror on her right and decided to gaze upon her reflection. “I think I look pretty good like this,” she said with a grin, having too much fun with this. “What do you think, Star?”


“I think you should get me down before Mariposa and Meteora show up!” Star yelled, shaking her left fist at Janna. “I can’t let them see me like this. They won’t let me live it down.”


“That’s too bad,” Janna said indifferently, still staring at herself in the mirror. “Don’t get in a prank war with me if you can’t win,” she advised, removing her beanie in one hand and pulling her panties off her head with the other. She admired her work, staring at the stretched out undergarments. “Wow. New record,” she murmured, looking at how long the fabric had become, which was now touching the floor. She picked up the mound of underwear off the floor and unsuccessfully attempted to stuff the material back into her skirt. The fabric continued to protrude from her clothing, but she did not particularly care. She hid the pink material by pulling her jacket down a bit, concealing the evidence she had let herself be pranked. In the end, it did not matter for she was the victor. “Adios, Star,” she said, walking out of the office and leaving Star to her fate.


“Janna, get back here!” Star screamed, rocking back and forth angrily. She let out a sigh, conceding defeat. She waited a few minutes, hoping anybody other than Mariposa and Meteora would save her.


“Star!” a worried voice shouted from the door.


“Oh no,” Star whimpered, realizing who it was.


“Oh my gosh!” an incredulous voice exclaimed, barely able to contain her giggles. “Did you seriously get a wedgie? That’s hilarious!”


“Ugh,” Star groaned. A Latina-American girl of medium height, slightly stocky build with tan skin, hazel eyes, and long brown hair ran over to her in concern. She wore a purple and black jacket, blue shirt, denim shorts, and a pink butterfly bow. Her friend possessed an undercut hairstyle, pale white skin, small black horns, a thin dark-purple tail, and pale red stripes on her reddish forearms and legs. Her attire consisted of a brown leather tunic, and purple boots.


“What happened to you?” Mariposa, the concerned teenager questioned, covering her mouth with her hands.


“She got pranked, that’s what!” Meteora, the pale teenager, shouted before she bursted into laughter.


“It’s not funny,” Star murmured, hiding her red face behind her arms.


“Hey Star, how’s it hanging?” Meteora joked from the door, unable to contain her laughter.


“Meteora!” Mariposa snapped, causing her friend to silence herself.


“Sorry,” Meteora murmured, trying not to chuckle at Star’s expense.


Mariposa returned her focus to Star’s predicament. “How did this happen to you?” she asked, looking at the hole torn through the hook.


Dang it, Janna, Star desperately wanted to say. Instead, she did what all good politicians do: make an excuse. “It’s a long story...”

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