Centre of attention

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Centre of attention

Abbey sighed and moaned as she stretched her aching muscles, the petite girl standing in the middle of Ulrich and Yumi’s living room having asked to use it for her yoga session, her body clad in a set of ocean blue sports bra and spats shorts that clung to her like a second skin

Bending over at the waist to touch her toes the redhead became aware that she was being watched, looking back through her legs to see Ulrich checking her out from the living room entrance, the look of lust in his eyes making her cunt clench in her skin tight shorts, the outline of it visible through the thin material along with her arousal as a damp patch quickly formed

Acting like she hadn’t noticed him Abbey placed herself in the downward dog position, raising her hips high and spreading her legs wide in the perfect ‘mount and rut me’ position, the redhead wiggling her hips as she heard him approach, letting out a shameless moan as she then felt one of his strong hands run up her back whilst his other pulled down her shorts to reveal her tight fuck holes

Planting her hands firmly to the floor to secure herself Abbey then let out a sharp keen of utter bliss as she then felt Ulrich’s cock pushing deep into her snug cunt, making her toes curl as he took hold of her hips to hold her in place as he then started to thrust slow and deep into her

“Ooooh fuck, that’s it, stretch my insides” she moaned as she opened herself completely for him, trying her best to wiggle her hips for him only to gasp when he suddenly gripped her waist tighter and effortlessly lifted her, his arms looping under her legs to hold her up by them before starting to bounce her on his cock like she was weightless “FUCK!!! Fuck you’re so deep!!!”

Gripping her thighs tighter as she clasped at his arms for support Ulrich began thrusting up into her, making her bounce in his grasp as each thrust had his cock slamming against her cervix making her see stars over and over again, her tongue hanging out as her toes curled every time he brought her down on his dick

“Oh god! Oh god yes I’m cumming!!!” she cried out as Ulrich’s cock constantly hammering her sweet spots, her body shaking and spasming in his grasp as her back arched as far as it could go

As Abbey clenched like a vice around him Ulrich stopped at the sound of the front door opening “hey Ulrich you coming or what? We’ve been waiting for like twenty minutes!” Odd called out as he walked in with William and Jeremie, the three walking into the living room and stopping as they discovered what Ulrich was doing, all four guys staring at each other for a few moments as Abbey slowly came down from her orgasm high

(Ten minutes later)

Sitting on Ulrich and Yumi’s bed the guys waited impatiently for Abbey to emerge from the bathroom, the four of them not needing to wait for long as the petite girl soon emerged with a sultry smile on her lips as she showed off what she had changed into, a deep navy blue bikini that clung to her body like a second skin, a sheer blue nightie, a pair of stockings with one of the legs being a dark blue whilst the other was a sheer light blue, upon her wrist was a friendship bracelet that contained the names of each member of the pact and a pair of flat ballerina shoes

“So what do you think boys?” she purred sultrily as she then sauntered towards the bed, the sight of their bulges being all she needed for an answer “one rule though, no ripping my bikini or stockings, I just bought them” she added as the guys got up and started to get undressed “that’s it, come get me”

With seconds all four men were naked and standing over Abbey as she knelt before them, her hands stroking Odd and William whilst her mouth took turns in sucking both Ulrich and Jeremie, her moans and wet sucking echoing throughout the bedroom as she then alternated between them, making sure each one of them got an equal amount of love from her mouth and hands

Suddenly feeling Jeremie’s cock pull out of her grasp Abbey was about to remove her mouth from Odd’s cock to ask what he was doing when he felt his skilled hands cup her breasts from behind making her moan even louder, the sudden vibrations of her moan nearly making Odd cum early as she tasted his precum shooting out onto her tongue

As Jeremie worked her breasts through her bikini top Ulrich took hold of her hips to lift her up, holding her so that she was ‘lying down’ mid-air as he proceeded to finish what he had started earlier, pulling her bikini bottoms to a side to reveal her dripping cunt before thrusting balls deep into it

As Ulrich took Abbey’s pussy Odd moved to the other ‘end’ of her, cupping her head as she hung it back to allow him to fuck her now upside down mouth leaving both her hands free to stroke and caress William’s cock whilst Jeremie’s hands now worked both her breasts and clit

With three of the four guys working her Abbey was soon overwhelmed with sheer ecstasy, screaming around Odd’s cock as she orgasmed hard, the vibrations of her pleasured scream dragging Odd over the edge making him grip her head tighter as he unloaded down her throat

Gasping as Odd then pulled out of her throat Abbey then gagged as William pulled away from her hands to replace Odd in her mouth, making her throat bulge around his girth as Ulrich began to cum in her pussy, filling her tight wet fuck hole with his thick seed making her toes curl in her tight shoes

Moments after Ulrich pulled out of her Jeremie took his place, thrusting in deep before he and William carried her to the bed so that she was fully supported, William kneeling by the side of her head before reclaiming her mouth and pulling it along his cock whilst Jeremie steadily fucked her still spasming pussy

Happily sucking on William’s cock Abbey then squeaked around it as she felt herself get lifted slightly as Odd took his place beneath her, the blond man further pulling her bikini bottoms to a side to expose her tightest hole

Gripping her hips Odd then pushed deep into her ass to fill Abbey up completely, her pupils turning into hearts as she started to orgasm again, her entire body shaking as her bikini top as pulled down to expose her perky tits, leaving the little slut near completely exposed ‘where it counted’ as Ulrich knelt over her, groping her tits as he jerked off to the side of her being used like a little fuck doll, each cumming inside of her again and again bringing her to ecstasy time and time again whilst constant orgasms crashed through her small frame

When it finally came to an end Abbey had taken at least five loads inside of each hole from each of them, her skin glistening with sweat, stray cum and orgasm afterglow as her legs felt like they no longer existed, a blissed out smile on her lips as her brain swam with sheer pleasure, completely unaware of Ulrich and the others taking their leave to let her rest or hearing the bedroom door opening again about twenty minutes later, only barely aware when she was then picked up and carried to the bathroom

It was only when she was stripped naked, placed into the shower and the water was turned on that she was able to focus enough to realise what was going on, smiling when she realised that it was Josh in the shower with her “hey babe, you have fun with the girls?” she sighed as Josh had been spending the day with Yumi and the other girls, most likely doing what she had been up to with the guys

“Yeah I did, they said next time you should come too” he replied with a warm chuckle as his strong hands ran along her body, helping to bathe her as she cooed and simpered at his touch, her own hand sliding down his body to wrap a soft hand around his cock “still want more? You’re insatiable”

“Don’t act like you don’t love it” she moaned back as she lifted one of her legs, stroking his cock to full erection before guiding it to her core, both of them letting out a low moan of pleasure as his manhood sank inside of her with ease

Turning her around Josh picked Abbey up by her ass letting her cling to him for support as he then pressed her to the wall, taking slow deliberate thrusts into her, both of them still sore from their previous escapades but it did nothing to stop their enjoyment of each other, Abbey clinging to her fiance with almost desperation as her eyes rolled in utter ecstasy, her heels digging into his lower back encouraging him to take her even deeper, her toes curling tight as orgams soon started rolling through her once again

Josh didn’t last much longer himself, his cock still overly sensitive from the constant attention the girls had given it and before long he was filling his lowers womb to the brim making her sigh in utter bliss

Holding her tight against the wall as the water ran down their bodies Josh waited for their climax aftershocks to wear off before slowly pulling out of her “satisfied now?” he chuckled to which Abbey just cheekily stuck her tongue out at him “you think we’re still gonna be doing this after our wedding?”

“I’m sure we will, just wait until you see how many of the girls I’ve invited to join us on our wedding night” Abbey purred back, biting her lip as she felt Josh’s cock harden near immediately poking her in the clit

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