A Heated Experience.

BY : lilo1013
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“Are you sure about these guys Kim?  I mean we’ve never met these guys before and I’m a little worried about 'em.”  Ron inquires among the backseat of a light green car belonging to Britina.  She was driving the car in a pink short sleeve top, white jeans and a pair of white shoes on her feet; holding onto the steering wheel with a smile on her face.  Her focus remains on the road with Kim looking back at Ron from her left with a kind smile on her face.

“Come on Ron, you can trust me.  We’re gonna have fun with this couple and try are best to get along with them okay?”  Kim replies in a green grape colored short sleeve top, her usual onyx jeans and purple shoes.  She remained in the front passenger’s seat with a smile on her face as she turn forward; taking in the road just like Britina was.

“Yeah…but why is Britina here?  I thought she was still doing something back home?”  Ron continues as he leaned back a bit disappointed with his arms crossed against his chest.  He was wearing a saggy brown heavy red shirt with long sleeves, a pair of light blue jeans and white blue sneakers on his feet.  The two young women look back at him with smiles on their faces then turn back to the streets in the distance.

“Come on Ron…you know that it isn’t much fun back home.  I want to do more with you guys and this was my best chance.  If you think it was gonna be a double date you should have thought better.”  Britina explains with a light chime at the end of her tone.  The two young women laughs out together with Ron shifting his gaze between the two.

Ron hearing their laughter looks back and forth between the two of them with curiosity and concern.  Okay something about this doesn’t seem right…they are acting way too friendly and laughing too much…  He thought in concern as he continued to move his eyes among the two of them.  Still…as long as I can do something I won’t have to worry too much.  He thought further then leaned back into the cushion of the seats; then shut his eyes slowly.

The drive among the road went on quickly with the trio arriving at a large ice rink that seemed custom made and ready for anyone.  The vast parking lot spanned from one side to another with a handful of cars present among the space.  Ron, now having his eyes opened, looked among the space seeing a few cars in particular that made him raise his right eyebrow.

Kim and Britina however stepped out from their seats, shut their doors and move to the trunk of the car.  “I can’t wait to get inside.”  Britina expresses with Kim nodding in agreement.  Both of them hold smiles on their faces as Ron stepped out of the car from the right side. 

“So…not many people here today…”  Ron announced though Kim and Britina offer no words to him.

They were busy inside of the opened trunk, grabbing three large duffel bags in their grasp.  “You coming, Ron?”  Kim calls to him after shutting the trunk down gently.  He turns to Kim seeing her holding his brown duffel bag over her right shoulder and her crimson one on her left shoulder. Britina had a pink duffel bag over her left shoulder and was looking back at Ron who nods to her slightly.

The trio went inside quickly as Ron took in his surroundings though Kim and Britina stepped among the smooth floors towards a locker room.  Ron snaps out of observation and rushed towards the same area.  The trio sits down among the benches and takes everything in calmly.  Kim turns to Ron and asks, “Could you go out to the rink and see how many people are out there Ron?”

“Sure Kim.”  Ron replies as he moves away from both of them towards a large door in the distance.  Kim and Britina turned to one another and smirked together when he was far away from them then turn back to watch him depart.  Quietly, he opens the door, venture through the hall and into the upper area of the ice rink.  The cool atmosphere made him shake a little, but it didn’t bother him too much.

He looked at his surroundings, nothing seem out of the ordinary to him as he look about.  “Well, it doesn’t seem all that bad.”  He stated to himself while continuing to look about the unique reclining seats surrounding them.  There were a few people skating among the grounds together, but no children were present from what he could see.  His eyes widen when hearing something unique towards his right.

He turns his head towards his right with the unique sound still filling his ears.  He made his way among the space between one row among the middle, side stepping to not fall or hurt himself. The sound became louder, more understandable to his ears as his eyes widened in disbelief.  “No way…there isn’t someone who would do something like that here!”  He thought.

He stopped among a set of stairs and turned forward as the sound seemed to echo into his ears from being so close.  His eyes widen to the sight of a female’s tempting asscheeks sticking up in the air, the pair of pink panties on her cheeks pulled inward to resemble a thong and how she shook her asscheeks back and forth in a needy, happy manner.  He blinks at the sight of this, completely taken by the sight of the female as he steps forward to get a better view.

Slowly, his cock begins to harden from the sight and now the smells coming from the female before him.  He didn’t know what to do, but the sounds, sights and smells grasping his person made it clear that any rational thoughts in his mind left him instantly.  He continues to take in the female’s features, noticing the brown top on the female’s person pulled up over her back and most of her chest.

“Um…excuse me…”  Ron let out without thinking, unable to stop himself from speaking.  The female stops and turns around slightly towards her right exposing her front which made Ron swallow a great deal of saliva in the process.  His eyes widened from the sight of the female’s exposed large breasts and her pink nipples hard before his gaze.  The lewd expression on this female’s face said it all to Ron who swallowed more of his saliva in the process.

She blinks her blue eyes at him, not caring that he was watching her.  In her mouth was a man’s cock who was wearing a red jumpsuit and laying on the floor in a casual manner.  “Oh hey.  You must be Ron.  Nice to meet ya.”  Tyler exclaimed; snapping Ron out of his mental funk and turning his attention to the laying man under the large breasted female.

“Kim told us about you before we came down here for our vacation.  I’m Tyler and this is my girlfriend Lindsay.  We couldn’t wait for either of you guys so we got started without you.  Sorry.”  Tyler continues with a shrug of his shoulders and a wink of his left eye. 

“Wait?”  Ron exclaims in shock.  “Kim told you about me!?”  Ron exclaims with Tyler laughing at Ron’s reaction.

As Tyler shut his eyes from this, Lindsay stare back at him without a care, still having Tyler’s stiff cock inside of her mouth.


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