Love father like son

BY : Wendi.bnkywuv
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Wow! This brings back memories! I wrote this many years ago after seeing a drawing one of my friends made. It's pretty out of character too in so many ways.


Cornelius was in his office, hard at work on something, he even hadn't a clue what it was anymore. He grew tired, weak in the head, not just from sleep, but from stimulation of thought and concept. He had many diagrams written, but he couldn't find a stopping point as if someone else were in control of his mind, forcing him to think of new ideas! He hadn't even the chance to notice his tiring until sleep over shadowed him, swallowed him whole, and devoured his conscience and waking being, fast asleep at his work station unaware of the outside world around him, held by sleep and dreaming of new inventions for tomorrow and then the next day. His son, Wilbur came to ask him a question to stumble upon his sleeping father, glasses raised and resting upon his head, one hand limp at his side, the other on the desk where a pencil was to be seen at rest on the table a few inches away. He seemed too peaceful, content in sleep as a small amount of saliva coated his mouth. This drove Wilbur to an insane thought, he hadn't even the chance to think twice about it! Wrapping his arm around his neck, the other holding his limp arm, he was able to, somehow take Cornelius to his room.

Cornelius began to come to. He vividly felt lips touching his, a tongue to pierce through his teeth which he invited to pass, cool saliva of the other lover in his own mouth. Franny was quite good tonight! She had much enthusiasm, more so than usual! Her reflexes were wild inside of his mouth, he had never known her to be this good to him! His wife seemed to now know his every nerve, lightly tapping each one just right he tingled all about in ecstasy! He passionately ran his fingers through her hair, and a hand responded, returning the favor to him. From the kiss, he drew a faint smile and ran his fingers down her spine, to feel her body, smooth skin, lightly coated in sweat just to his liking, his heart rate went up by two percent, the hands holding to his neck grabbed to his central nervous system, for nails to dig into his skin, almost...painful!

He grimaced, eyes closing tight the claws to ease, and for him to engage in pursuit of embracing her. Wait. Something wasn't right! She was too small! Slowly, the male inventor opened his eyes to see Wilbur there in front, sweating and in his kiss with him! Cornelius pushed him away with a yell of fright, disgust and loath, for his own son he saw and felt...kissing him! "Wilbur!" The father cried, shocked and disgusted. "Surprise." Said his son, voice sinister with lust and desire. "You were thinking I was mom, weren't you?" All Cornelius, the stunned parent could do was stare at him. Wilbur came closer. "You're not bad" Wilbur sneered, crawling to his side, the sheets cascading off of his form as he made his withdrawal from his position. Cornelius went wide in the eyes seeing this. His shirt lay on the floor beyond the bed, his jeans too lay in a pile, socks and shoes cast a side as well. "S-s-son..." Stuttered the man in horror. "...why are you doing this?" He was all over trembling. "Remember that talk we had about the dinosaurs and the meteor?" Asked Wilbur in a sly voice. He knew exactly what he meant! Cornelius felt faint, everything fading, the colors in the room, to come colliding together and creating a wonderfully horrid rainbow of brown and black, for him to feel light headed and dizzy, then he fainted.

He woke in a stir, brutal and thrashing. His eyes wide, brow raised high, gasping for breath. The lights were dim, just as at his office. A sigh of relief came from him. "Whoa. That was...quite a nightmare!" He was grateful for waking! Catching his breath and gaining awareness for his surroundings, he noticed he didn't have his pencil. "Oh. Where's my pencil?" Coming to. "Where did my diagrams go?" Coming to, more so. "Where's my desk?" He suddenly felt breath on his neck.

"Franny! Honey! I just had the worst nightmare! I was working on some projects, and fell asleep, Wilbur came and took me to his bed and was kissing me!" He said, panicked from the dream. A voice spoke to him in his ear. "It wasn't a dream!" Said a male voice to hiss in his ear. Cornelius over turned and saw Wilbur, indeed was there with him, a bare chest, his face glowing with a leering expression, teeth exposed in a sly grin. Cornelius got a twitch in his left eye. Wilbur seemed to notice, and took response, getting ever so nearest him, and ran his fingers down the left side of his fathers face. He trembled for Wilbur found his every nerve. Now to the opposite side in which he started to become warm in the face as a pink shade came over his cheeks. "You're liking this...I can tell." Said Wilbur as the pink came over his face. That question, once again.

"Son...why are you doing this?" Inquired the father, too fearful to remove himself from the bed. "You just looked so lonely out there in your lab, and I thought we could get together for some, bonding." Bonding was certainly right! Perhaps, more than right! "Now..." Wilbur came very close to his father and placed a hand on his chest, taking the time to feel his fiercely beating heart, beating too hard he could see his own resting hand pulsating. "We're going to have a little fun!" The young boy sneered as he began to caress the chest of Cornelius and coming face to face with his wide eyed father. Cornelius just stared into Wilbur's love struck eyes and felt his chest get heavy, his breathing becoming hard.

It felt as if his lungs were being constricted by his fright! He focused so hard on that gaze in his sons eyes, he hadn't even the awareness of his surroundings to find Wilbur had unbuttoned the first three buttons on his shirt with no signals of stopping! His ears went red, his face too as he anticipated what it was to have coming soon there after removal of his shirt. The fact his son would even do this to him, his father! Half of his own flesh and blood! But, to his luck, Wilbur stopped. A sorrowful look filled his brown eyes. "Wait. What am I doing? This isn't right." Sighed Wilbur as he came away from Cornelius and move himself from his position. "No wonder you don't like this. I'm sorry." With that, the son sat up and discontinued his attention of his horrified father. A sigh of sickeningly sweet relief came from out of Cornelius. Finally, it was over.

"Frankie." Called Wilbur. The well dressed frog hopped over from the door way. "You rang boss?" Asked the slimy green creature. "You're on. Bring in the others. Tell em that Frankie the frog is in the building." "Sure thing boss." Said Frankie as he left. Soon, all of the frogs were to arrive at the door, their instruments ready. "Now remember, slow and steady guys." Said Wilbur to the green creatures. "You got it boss." The slow jazz music began, and the father got a horrid chill up his spine, he had finally gotten the feeling back into his legs, the circulation starting to trickle back in synch, but as soon as he attempted for escape, Wilbur was there in a flash, faster than even Cornelius could detect, let alone respond to!

"You're not going anywhere!" Sneered Wilbur to him positioning himself in such a manner the circulation to his legs were cut off. "We've still got a lot of chores to do tonight!" He snickered, not even bothering to release the final button, more for Wilbur to place a strong hold upon the fabric, to grip hard and lash in a whipping motion of his arms, and for his shirt to fall away from his chest, trailing to the floor, the sleeve seeming to reach up for him, exposing it in full.

The son grinned and began to caress the bare hot flesh, his breathing heavy and full of a sick passion for his own father, to love. The slow music he felt coursing throughout his veins, only making him more eager for him, just the feeling he wanted! He now noted Cornelius had been quiet for quite some time. That needed to change! He needed to hear his voice! "You're rather quiet tonight." Said Wilbur in a sly voice. Those eyes of his father seemed not to respond, for he just stared off to no where, not noticing anything around him, or at least, not showing it. Glancing toward his hands on the bare flesh Wilbur was struck with an idea! He began to rub his chest, the tips of his fingers digging in, Cornelius winced.

His nails grazed over his top layer of his skin, causing waves of pleasure to flood his being, something that caused him pain. No noise but the music and breathing. Harder this time, the face of his father contorting to even more pain, but still, no sound from his traumatized father! Wilbur grinned and more force was to be applied. Finally a cry of pain! He continued the forced rubbing and scratching upon his bosom, to the point of leaving marks! Cornelius made no sign of resistance other than shrill shrieks of brief agony and pleadings for him to stop as the nails cut away at him, but not once did he raise a finger to him.

Wilbur drew his fingers slowly downward, red marks of five to follow them, as if he were leading the erosion of flesh to his lower torso, as if those red painful marks were to be playing in his skin, following their leader and obeying the commands of his finger tips. Wilbur's grin became wider. His breathing heavier. He used his weight to rub his torso, firm and long, fingers to grab and pinch nerve endings, driving the parent to shout in pain in which his son to smile and smuggle laughter, yet to still be capable of being heard by Cornelius! Lower, to his thighs. Grazing upon more sensitive sensors he could feel him trembling in fear and reaction his nerves being stroked. He couldn't believe it! His son knew him better than he knew himself! He knew his every nerve! It was a pleasant torture!

Lower still, and this time, Wilbur wedged his fingers in such a way the red pants of his father loosened and seemed to give in to Wilbur's demands, to slip off gracefully from his now bare feet. His breathing became faster, his face getting bleached white at the fact his son had just began to violate him! Now, he began to come to. "Wilbur...please." Said Cornelius finally. Wilbur peeked to his face as soon as he was to speak his name.

"'re finally speaking to me now?" Snarled the teen, tossing his red clothing to the floor. "Please, please Wilbur! Don't...don't do this!" The father begged, now finding it in him to speak. "I have to do this! I've waited far too long!" Sneered the young boy in a hideous whisper, his voice rumbling in his chest as he spoke to him cold. "What's...gotten into you?" Asked the terrified father, trembling and sweating. He crawled to lay upon his nearly bare body, placing both hands upon his sweaty shoulders and piercing the top layer of flesh with nails, resting his weight upon him, touching noses. "Even I don't know...but I do know...I'm really going to enjoy it!" Leering, he spoke, gazing into his fathers blue eyes that appeared to be watering, Wilbur speaking words of wisdom that subconsciously made too much sense for both of them, he pausing to take breathes of the hot air surrounding them, taking in the smell of sweat, affection, passion, lust and romance that made little, maybe no sense! "I may be crazy for what I'm going to do tonight, but, I'm sure...going to love it!" The son spoke, running his fingers through his blonde hair.

He regained his lowered position, claws to grab hold his last bit of fabric, stroking so soft and pleasantly, it was painful...agonizing! "Wilbur!" Shouted Cornelius, voice deep, hoarse and tremmorous, his eyes filling with tears. Wilbur gave him such a perverted smile he shrank in dread. His fingers even were sent quivering! "If there's any sympathy and love in' this to me!" He started to hyperventilate. "Please, I beg of you son! Please...stop!" His eyes were to the brim in tears. "Well...if you insist...I suppose..." He climbed over his bare body to set his mouth over his throat, lips puckering, tongue lapping away his salty sweat, for teeth to settle in for a pinch and bite. Both of the arms wrapped over his neck, for all nails to scratch the hindquarters of his neck in an assault most pleasurable, for biting to occur at the side of his throat. Those teeth, seeming to sink in deep and draw blood, for suction to be forced and markings from the Wilbur's biting. He could clearly hear Wilbur's passionate breathing, feel his heart beats upon his own breast, sweat to trickle into those markings upon his torso, chest and throat, burning as if he were to be receiving some sort of branding for some unknown punishment, all from his own son.

The biting continued repeatedly, assault on his tender neck unbearable, the teeth to cause him much suffering, to the point of removing small bits of his flesh, for a tongue he felt to be scraping along his new skin underneath, the fresh taste of skin was almost too much for Wilbur! The most painful part of it all was...he, Wilbur's own father...was enjoying it! He drew in a deep breath and a moan of pleasure to follow at the taste, Cornelius responding with a groan of agony as a strong wave of pleasure ran to his now hardening region.

Hearing this the young male became highly aroused and leaned into him, motioning his almost bare legs in such a way, his last bit of clothing was to come cascading away to the floor as he backed down, fingers still to pull down upon his arms, his bite increasing, for Wilbur found it to be highly intoxicating, releasing a groan of ecstasy and for Cornelius to respond with grave pain and a long shrill cry as he felt teeth impaling his throat, pinching with a harsh clamp, the young male running his own throbbing member over the one beneath him. Cornelius groaned in pleasure and fear as his own began to engorge, becoming highly sensitive. 'More!' The inventor thought. That was the most painful thing yet, wanting more! As if his son could read his mind, Wilbur went lower on his father's body, his face turning pink the lower he crawled.

Cornelius broke into an immediate sweat. He felt something enter and sink into his lower abdomen. It was uncomfortably familiar, perverse, so personal, so private! His jaw dropped in shock and a slight squeak escaped his throat when he felt Wilbur pressing, eventually, passing through him. He could tell even from his angle Wilbur's heart was beating furious, for he could see his chest raising and falling in rhythmic spasms. There was a small grunt from Wilbur as the arousal rose, the young boy beginning to sweat as he pushed himself further. The young teen clamped down at the lower thighs of his scarred father, Cornelius, and, to his utter horror, he could vividly feel motions and strain inside of him, penetrations and pulses as Wilbur began to satisfy himself, finding his pleasure center deep within his narrow canal, his subway beginning to enter the underground railroad.

Wilbur's breathing increased, sweat rolling down his hot face, cheeks pressed upward and almost appearing to be painful, two blue veins began to throb in his throat as convulsions and a firm erosion took place. The hands squeezed into the tender skin of Cornelius, to the point of blood! Cornelius couldn't feel the pain anymore. Even now those red bloody marks he didn't seem to feel. All he could feel was Wilbur and his perverted actions, not his blood, nor even the sweat trickling into the wounds, just the erosion, force and rhythmic movement well within his hindquarters, deep, smooth, lubricated with sweat, and the worst was the pleasure he was getting out of it.

Without even realizing, Cornelius was gripping at his own member, to run his fingers over it instinctively. He had no control over his actions. His arousal was too great to withstand! No pain in the world was worse than finding pleasure out of such a sickening act of incestul lust! As Wilbur gained speed with his action, the walls became tighter, the passion became more intense and erotic, Cornelius finally sensing just how much he was to be enjoying himself inside of him, their moment, some sort of sounds buzzing through the air, loud, pulsing, joyous, passionate and cruel. Cornelius heard these voices, they sounded so familiar, yet, so far and distant he had to strain to remember them. Who were those screaming?

Wilbur now gave to him his all, all of his strength, might, energy, lust and pleasure, to break free of the straight jacket that constricted him so! Cornelius now could hear those voices, screams, screams of pain, defeat, conquer, shame, humiliation, pleasure, lust, romance, excitement, joy, agony and ecstasy. Those screams, so loud, it felt as if he were the one screaming! Who ever was screaming, he knew what they were going through. Two voices echoing, spiraling, dancing in the room around them. The dazed father could no longer feel Wilbur's claws tearing and ripping through his lower portions, nothing. He was numb to everything. Finally, those voices, he recognized. Those horrified cries, those erotic squeals...himself and Wilbur!

Suddenly, there was something else to be felt, Cornelius was so surprised, shocked and disgusted, he flinched at the feeling, a hot fluid, thick and creamy now flowing in his lower digestive tract, and he finally heard one last squeal from his son, the loudest thing he had ever heard of him! That sound, that feeling forced a huge load to shoot from the inventor's inventory, coating his chest and face with his own cream. Then, nothing but heavy breathing, panting, pounding heart beats, the aroma of love, blood, salt, arousal, fear, dread, horror and utter intimacy filled their breathing space, for Wilbur to finally withdraw and remove himself from his father.

Cornelius, white faced and coated in a slime of sweat, his own son! Gaining all of his senses back, Wilbur came to agreement. "Fair'll deal...for...punishment! I did me!" Hissed the son, pausing to breathe, smiling maniacally at his still shocked father while lapping away the left over white wash upon his face, giving him a taste when he kissed him once again. The inventor thought this over the rest of the night...did he really want more? He tried to pass it off as a side effect of working too hard on inventions and the strange sex act he had to endure...but something in his instincts told him to seek out his son for another round...though for now, he needed sleep...

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