Korra Bending

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Korra's tongue ached down to its root as her chin pruned. She liked thinking she could spend hours between Suyin's legs, so beautiful and lovely to touch, but it was getting late. She lifted her eyes over the pan of Su's body, marveling at its splendor, dismayed by the bored expression on the woman's face as she stared at the ceiling. No, it wasn't boredom, it was worry. What else could it be? Korra reasoned, given the circumstances.

Sighing to remind Suyin she was there, Korra redoubled her efforts, rolling the woman around in her mouth the same way that always seemed to work with others. She felt Suyin's fingers in her hair, opened her eyes to see the woman's sad smile, rising like a wet sun between the mounds of her breasts.

“It's alright, Korra, you can stop. I think I'm just too preoccupied tonight. Thank you, though,” she said.

Like a panther at a watering hole, Korra lifted her head slowly and fixed Suyin with a sultry look.

“If you say so. I just hate leaving a job undone.”

Suyin's gentle laugh made her body ripple like a pond, one Korra wanted to dive into and lounge for the rest of the night.

“It's not a job, Korra. You'll make it up to me later, I'm sure.”

Korra relished the thought, mostly because it squashed any doubts she had about the here and now. This had been her first time with Suyin, a woman who'd lived in her fantasies for years, ever since they first met. She'd known Suyin would be good, but hadn't been prepared for just how good. She'd been touched in ways she'd never considered, in ways she was still trying to process. She'd given just as good in return, she was sure of it, but she still hadn't been able to make the woman cum.

“I definitely will,” said Korra. “After this is all over with.”

“Get some rest,” said Suyin, pulling the thin, gossamer sheet over her nude, cooling body. Korra was tempted to dive in again, to feel those soft, strong dancer's legs around her ears and neck while she tasted the softest skin, but the woman was right. There would be time for this stuff later. Quietly, she gathered up her clothes and put them on while walking down the hall outside. There was still a slight hitch in her step from where Su's tongue had unmade her. She'd be fine in the morning and would savor the ache as she fell asleep, pleasantly unfocused on the enormous task in front of her.


Korra awoke drenched in the unfiltered sunlight from the window she had left open. She'd fallen asleep nude, had at some point discarded all the bed coverings and splayed herself out in unconscious anticipation of the sun's touch. She wanted to lie there forever, or at least until the sun rose higher and left her in shadow, but she had work to do.

She went through the light portion of her morning workout in her room. The only bending she did was to bathe. A born waterbender, Korra could easily pull a warm orb of soap-laden liquid from a washbasin and use it to scout her body like a sponge. She let the orb linger between her legs, infusing it with positive energy to put a little zip in her step. She felt her groin muscles tighten, felt the right sort of tension build. The moment she got herself going, the water ball fell apart, soaking her inner thighs and leaving her on edge. Like always. She reminded herself that it wouldn't be long before she was with Suyin again, celebrating after everyone else had gone to bed. With no worries hanging over her lovely head, Suyin would cum so loud it would wake half the city.

She finished her bath and used her bending to clean up the bathroom a bit. Her outfit for today had been laid out already, a simple Earth Kingdom style tunic and trousers, just snug enough to let others know what she had underneath without restricting her movements. It also went well with the short look of her new haircut.
Outside the steel-walled bungalow she found Zaofu at a low boil, with metalbenders in full armor going about their duties while a few civilians all but ran between last-minute errands. Korra grabbed the nearest metalbender and demanded to know what was happening.

“It's Kuvira, her army is here!”

The new Earth Empire's army was among the most technologically advanced in the world, a fact everyone had slowly been realizing over the past several months as it gobbled up lesser dominions. Its speed should not have been surprising to Korra, but it was. It was another hour before she found Suyin, dressed in combat armor high atop Zaofu's largest observation tower.

“Su! How come nobody called me? What's happening?”

Su pointed a long finger out the window, towards the valley east of the city. The vanguard of Kuvira's army was stopped several miles out. Divisions of metalbenders backing up mecha-suits, the suits backing up rock-tanks. The rest of the army was throwing up a cloud of dust from many miles back, obscuring the airships accompanying it.

“The vanguard isn't moving,” said Baatar, who surveyed the scene below through a long telescope. “I can see Kuvira's personal standard... it looks like that's where they're staking things, for now.”

“Maybe we can still talk her out of this,” said Korra, who despite her new insecurities felt she had some experience in situations like these.

The acid in Suyin's green eyes made her flinch. “She won't be talked out of anything until the entire continent belongs to her, and we all know it,” said Suyin. “We'll wait until she offers her ultimatum before we give her the answer she came here for. Is that understood?”

Korra felt everything below her waist turn to jelly, but kept herself upright and nodded in affirmation. Kuvira was nothing compared to what she'd already faced. Defeating world leaders with mad political and spiritual ideologies was what the Avatar was all about. She could do this, even if she might be a bit rusty.

Or so she thought. None of her previous enemies had ever used boredom to defeat her, which is what Kuvira looked to be attempting as the day wore on and no word from her camp arrived. Twice Korra asked Suyin for permission to attack, or at least fly out on her glider and parlay with the so-called Great Uniter, and twice she was rebuked.

“Let her make the first overture,” said Suyin.

Night came with no action taken by either side. Korra was ordered to get some rest and was assured that if Kuvira tried anything under the cover of darkness that she'd be sent for, but the Avatar had her doubts. Alone in her room Korra did everything she could to turn her mind off and sleep without tiring her body. She even tried masturbating to a small photo of Asami she'd kept at the South Pole for just such a purpose, to no avail.

It was in times like these that she became water, something that flowed around obstacles as often as it crashed through them. Without thinking she got dressed and took up her glider staff. The city was under curfew, and even though she was the Avatar she didn't wish to be seen stepping out, and so it took her several minutes to reach a high place she could leap from and catch an air current. She was not a particularly gifted airbender, and so it was with some effort that she gained the altitude she needed and set off over the valley to where Kuvira's army squatted. A dark speck against the stars, no one below saw her circling, though there were plenty of electric lights and campfires to show her where Kuvira had pitched her tent.

Her dive was sudden and fast. She pulled up fifty feet from the ground and was able to bend enough air to float gently to the ground, landing in the shadows next to the largest tent in the camp. At least one metalbender heard her, but she'd slipped in before she was spotted.

The Great Uniter had been expecting her. Kuvira sat at a tea table beside Baatar Jr. Steam rose from the green teapot's thick spout. An empty third cup was sitting out along with a modest canvass-backed chair.

“Greetings, Avatar. I was getting worried you wouldn't come. You didn't have to sneak in here, you know. I'd have welcomed you with open arms.”

She wore a simple, stately tunic colored bright green with gold trim, a slight but significant contrast to the earthier tones favored in the Old Earth Kingdom. Korra could scarcely believe this was the same Kuvira who'd saved her father's life three years before. She'd always been a background figure, as reliable as she was unremarkable, yet in the years since she'd accumulated success like a magnet drawn through a pile of iron filings, adding to her now considerable gravitas.

“Sorry, it's just that I've never met an invasion force that seemed particularly welcoming,” said Korra. “You're not really going to attack Zaofu, are you?”

“That depends. Is Su going to make me attack Zaofu?”

Korra was no truth seer, but could read people fairly well and what she saw and heard from Kuvira disturbed her. Not only was she not bluffing, her tone and countenance more than hinted that not only would she attack Zaofu but would relish doing so.

“No one will make you do anything,” said Korra. “Everything that's happened has been because of choices you've made.”

“That's not entirely true,” said Kuvira, her words like sparks from the striking of a flint against steel. “I chose to act when others who could, wouldn't. All of my actions flow from their inaction, especially Suyin's.”

No longer feeling like water and instead feeling like a block of dirty sea ice, Korra looked to Baatar Jr. He'd been biting his tongue the entire time, eager to let something spill from his pursed lips.


“Isn't the one in charge here,” said Kuvira, before the man could speak. “In fact, he was just leaving.”

Baatar Jr. stood up, bowed to Kuvira and left without saying a word. He didn't even drag his eyes across Korra as he left. An actor exiting a scene, Korra thought, wondering what the private show had in store for her.

“Have some tea,” said Kuvira. “Unless you think I'd poison you.”

The honest hurt in her voice prompted Korra to sit and let Kuvira pour her a cup. She took a sip. Jasmine, with a hint of something else she couldn't quite place. She'd have asked what it was, but wasn't in the mood for tea-talk.

“Is destroying your home town worth uniting the Earth Kingdom?” Korra blurted.

“Suyin made it clear to me and Baatar Jr. when we left for Ba Sing Se that Zaofu was no longer my home and never really had been. If damaging it is the price we have to pay for lasting world peace, I consider it a bargain.”

Human diplomacy had never been Korra's strong suit, but even she could see that Suyin had been right, that, there was no talking the Great Uniter off her chosen track.

“So that's it, then,” Korra said. “There's nothing left to say.”

“Nothing at all. Which leaves...”

Kuvira glanced sideways at the partly open tent flap leading to her private chamber. Korra's toes curled, she'd been hoping it would come down to this, especially since seeing her opponent in the flesh, feeling her magnetic pull.

“After you,” said Korra, hiding her eagerness with a long sip of hot tea.

Kuvira ran her finger around the rim of her cup, her dark eyes glittering in the lamplight as a sly smile crept into her face. She finished her tea and stood, leading the way into her bedroom. Korra followed, stupidly excited over the curves of the other woman's hips.

The room was sparsely furnished, the only thing resembling a luxury being the double-wide cot in the center, fitted with a thick mattress and soft, green coverings. Kuvira stood beside an oil lamp, unbuttoning her tunic with her back still towards Korra. Watching her undress was like seeing a blade being unsheathed. The ridges formed by her knotted muscles cast deep shadows on her pale skin, peaks and valleys Korra desperately wanted to touch with her fingers and lips.

When she saw the very tops of Kuvira's buttocks she was reminded that her own clothes should be coming off. She pulled her tunic up over her head, disheveling her hair. There was a small vanity mirror in the corner of the room, which Korra caught sight of herself in. Her normally light brown skin had taken on an olive pallor, and she couldn't help but notice that she was round where she'd rather be flat and bony where she'd prefer to be thick. Damn the Red Lotus and their poison, she thought, not for the first time.

As she turned away from the woman in the mirror, the reflection flickered, becoming someone more familiar, someone healthier, with three glorious ponytails and a crimson-eyed stare...

“Everything alright, Avatar?” said Kuvira. “Don't tell me you're backing down?”

Korra tore her eyes from the mirror and was hit by the full force of the marvel that was Kuvira's bare figure. That she was both warrior and graceful dancer remained obvious to the eye, but there were other qualities the Avatar was finding hard to place, a kind of softness between hard lines that made the woman seem both powerful and vulnerable, steel wrapped in soft velvet.

“I'm doing just fine,” said Korra, inwardly scolding herself for never having noticed how sexy Kuvira truly was. “What are the terms?”

“Simple,” said Kuvira, lying out on the cot, propping herself up on her elbows to display the charms of her small breasts, namely their nipples. Korra couldn't remember someone's body ever having made her mouth literally water, and wondered if she'd made a mistake coming here. “If I win, you leave here and don't interfere with my plans for Zaofu. If you win, I'll withdraw my army and vow to leave the city alone.”

“Agreed,” said Korra, awkwardly stepping out of her pants and tossing them atop her shed tunic. While she was used to people lusting over her, even while she stood in her birthday suit, the look Kuvira was giving her made her uneasy. The woman clearly wanted to snack on her, but there was something extra there Korra hadn't seen before.

“Since we're on my turf, I'll let you take the lead,” said Kuvira, throwing the Avatar into a small panic. Relief came with the slight parting of Kuvira's legs, offering her a starting point. She skimmed her opponent's flat stomach and naval with her lips and nose, her destination the light patch of dark hair between pale, almost cream-colored legs.

Korra's tongue teased apart Kuvira's slit and immediately plunged into the tangy, pink center. No nonsense, Korra thought, letting her saliva moisten her opponent's worryingly dry clitoris. No matter. Being known as the Great Uniter had clearly gone to the woman's head and left her unable to appreciate having her pussy eaten by the Avatar. She'd soon have Kuvira howling loud enough to wake the entire camp and put this whole stupid business behind them.  

As always, she started strong, letting the pussy in her mouth know what it was in for by bullying the soft center with her tongue, moving to deep, powerful upward strokes. From there, she wagged her tongue sideways, stretching the pussy out, letting it know all the ways she could bend and push it. She raised her eyes and saw the smug look of boredom Kuvira was affecting. It was all she could do not to laugh straight into the woman's slit. So Kuvira was a long-timer, that was fine. Korra was a patient lover.

She settled into the routine she usually reserved for hard cases like Asami, using her tongue to write her name, then whatever words and phrases popped into her head. Kuvira's hips rocked gently at a glacial pace, an attempt to hide how good it felt. Korra looked up to see the Great Uniter's eyes were shut, her lips lightly parted to allow for a slow, steady breathing routine.

Time was fuzzy between a woman's legs. Korra wasn't sure if she'd been there for a few minutes or a few hours. Her tongue was getting sore, her saliva was so heavy on her chin it ran down her neck. Only dimly was she aware that it was her doing most of the work when it came to lubrication. She felt like she should use her fingers, but wasn't sure where or exactly how. Best stick to what she knew, given the stakes. She was making progress. Kuvira's breathing was heavier, her leg muscles were flexing. Korra watched grimly as the Great Uniter's face tightened while she rode out a small orgasm that might've been a fleeting stomach cramp.

Kuvira slid her hand under the Avatar's jawline and lifted her head. “My turn,” she said.

Korra crawled up her opponent's body and let herself be turned over onto her back. Kuvira's opening salvo was to lock lips with the Avatar and drink up every trace of her own flavor there was to be had. The sudden, intense intimacy of the act paralyzed the Avatar who could only let her tongue be pulled into the Great Uniter's mouth to be stripped bare.

The deepest kiss Korra had ever experienced was prelude to a sexual mauling, one she was rendered powerless to slow or redirect by its sheer intensity. Kuvira first savaged her neck, seizing sensitive nerve bundles between her lips and lashing them with her tongue. Korra was left gasping like a tiger seal in a polar bear dog's jaws, able to do little more than shudder and writhe as her body was thoroughly devoured.

The real tension began to build when Kuvira cupped the Avatar's breasts, held them together and savored each nipple like candy on a cupcake, her tongue lovingly making making the rounds. Korra would never have believed her breasts were this sensitive. Her opponent played them like musical instruments, tuning them with her fingers, strumming the with her tongue, building up a powerful, twisting tension, the kind Korra had only ever felt between her legs. Too tight. Something inside her was going to snap soon. Her eyes popped open, she struggled to breath. This wasn't happening, this couldn't be happening...


The plea caught in her throat as the tension inside her broke and washed over her body.

“What's wrong, Avatar? No one's ever made you cum through your tits before? You didn't think that could happen?” Korra could only gape into those dark, jade eyes, mere inches from her own. “That was a gentle one. Let's see how you handle something more substantial.”

Kuvira slithered down Korra's body like a serpent retreating, her tongue out and eager. She found Korra's pussy shamefully wet and savory, taking her time to lap everything up before applying direct pressure. It was here Korra realized how doomed she was. She couldn't control her breathing, nor how her body tensed and shook under Kuvira's tongue. There was little need to build her up any further, but Kuvira did so all the same, making her squirm and moan like a worm on a hook.  

Desperate to keep from cumming, Korra filled her mind with awful thoughts and imagines, of that masked lunatic sealing her bending, her father up for execution, that bastard Zaheer and his poison... no use. She opened her eyes and raised her head, saw herself between her legs, her hair grown out and her eyes glowing red. Slowly, one of her hands snaked up her body, slid softly over her left breast, seized the pert nipple and pinched it.

It was like someone had set off a barrel of blasting jelly inside Korra. The explosion lifted her brain off its stem and sent her rocketing into a golden realm of peace and calm. She didn't remember Kuvira moving up the length of her, to lie by her side with her head propped up as if they were lovers.

“I have to say, Avatar, I'm a little disappointed. You understand what this means?”

Korra's body shuddered, not from ecstasy or the sudden chill in the room. The Great Uniter rolled off the cot, picked up her clothes and stood beautiful in the dim lamplight, her body glistening from the thin sweat she'd worked up. “You can have a few minutes to catch your breath, but don't be here all night. I'm going to go find Baatar Jr.”

It was a few minutes before Korra could walk without her legs wobbling, but once she was able to bend again she was airborne, riding the warm currents generated by the massive camp upward, far from where anyone could see her. She needed the cold, needed the air, needed to think about what to tell Suyin.

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