Time With Mother

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“Alright girls, bath time!”  Iduna calls out while moving down the corridor leading towards her bedroom. 

“Coming mommy!”  Elsa calls out from her room as she dashes out in a tight white towel around her person.  Anna followed right behind her as well in a white towel behind her older sister; looking at her family with a wide smile on her face behind her sister.


The two moved up towards their mother moving to the outer sides of her person with Anna walking beside Iduna’s right; moving her arms back and forth during her advance.  At the same time, Elsa walked beside her mother’s left; looking up at her with her arms at her side.  “Where’s daddy?”  Elsa asks curiously at the sight of her mother holding onto a small blue bucket in her hands.


The sisters look closely at their mother and the see-thru dark blue nightgown that exposed much of her frame.  She had her hair down for them to see as the mother move further among the corridor.  “He’s currently handling a few things and we’ll see him tomorrow morning.  For now it’s just us sweeties.”  She answers.  She looks back and forth between the two; taking in their warm, welcoming smiles on their faces.

“Are we going to be bathing in the large bath again!?”  Anna asks playfully though Iduna shook her head back and forth while still smiling towards her child. 

“We’ll be bathing inside of the private bath that I use some times.  I hope that’s okay girls.”  Iduna replies which the sisters turn to one another eagerly.  Together, they giggle happily and run ahead which Iduna giggles cheerfully; following at them at the same pace.

It didn’t take long for the trio of women to venture into a large stone room with a welcoming warm atmosphere.  Anna gasps out at the sight of the beautiful room, the candles lit among their surroundings and a large amount of space before them.  There was a bench towards their lefts that span a great deal against the wall.  Before their rights rest a bathtub that flowed with continuous water filling a tub that gives off minor amounts of steam. 

Iduna approached the bench with her daughters continuing to take in the walls surrounding them.  “I always like coming in here to take a bath.”  Elsa praised while taking in more of the walls surrounding them.  Anna nods in agreement, further taking in the slightly open window above their heads, the many shelves hosting a few incenses as well as the curtains of dark purple pulled back to expose much of the tub.

As the young girls continue to take in their surroundings happily, Iduna began to remove her nightgown from her person.  Her body fully exposed to the air made her inhale deeply happily with the bucket she held before resting on the bench before her.  She turns around slowly towards her daughters who turn their attentions towards her when feeling her gaze on their bodies.

Almost at the same time, the two young girls grasp the fronts of their towels among the front then force them open.  Their smaller naked bodies were exposed to their mother who watches them closely as they drop them onto the floor.  Their small developing bodies remain in view of her as she smiled and slowly approached the tub; shifting in her posture before them.

Both of the sisters turn towards their mother and follow after her.  Rather than get into the tub first; they watch Iduna getting into the tub as both were taking in their mother’s features.  Iduna moaned happily from the warm feel of the water among her feet.  Slowly, she stepped down into the tub and turn towards her daughters; spreading her arms out and pulling her legs together up to her being; sporting a smile of motherly delight towards the two young girls.

“Come on girls…it's time we get clean.”  Iduna proclaims and without hesitation, Elsa and Anna rush to get into the tub.  They laugh happily upon splashing into the water; moving closer towards the older woman who continued to watch them.  Upon reaching her, Elsa rested up against Iduna’s right with Anna cuddling up to her mother against her left.  The younger Anna further cuddled up to her mother while feeling her breast on top of her head.

“My girls…”  Iduna expressed kindly.  She shifts her attention back and forth among the two seeing Elsa staring up at her and Anna cuddling up to her with her head down.  Slowly, she moved her arms around her children; pulling them closer to her person in a gentle manner.  “It’s so wonderful to have you both in this bath again with me.”  She further expresses with both girls nodding to her.

Gently and tenderly, Iduna rubbed her hands among the backs of her girls, nearly touching the lower parts of their bodies.  In turn, Anna and Elsa at the same time move up closer towards their mother; getting close towards her breasts.  Their small nipples grow hard from the attention as Anna opened her eyes and looked at her mother’s face happily.  She blinks towards Iduna as the older woman shifts her attention back and forth again among their warm, bright faces.

“Shall we have some fun girls?”  Iduna asks and without a second thought, both girls nod to her; blushing greatly and staring up at her differently.  As if something inside of the girls shift, they stare at their mother in want; pressing their hands gently against her frame; pushing on her breasts and gaining a moan from her.  Iduna shut her eyes in delight of this then opened her eyes towards the center of herself; looking upon both of the girls.

She turned towards Anna first which the smaller child leaned up towards her mother eagerly.  The two kiss gently as Anna shut her eyes from the soft feel of her mother’s lips.  Anna let out a happy moan; accepting more of her mother’s lips against her own.  Elsa shifts towards her sibling happily; watching closely at how the two continue to share their kiss.

Slowly, the two pull away from one another.  Iduna smiles sweetly towards her daughter, while Else stared back at her mother in eager need.  Gently, she grinded her small body on top of her mother’s leg; feeling herself getting wetter despite the water among her crotch.  “Patience little one.  You’ll get your turn soon enough.”  Iduna explains firm, but wanting which made Anna nod and smile in response.

Iduna turned her attention towards Elsa who was already leaning up towards her mother.  She extended her arms up to her mother’s hand then gently looped her small arms around her mother’s head.  Elsa and Iduna kiss together a little deeper compared to how she did with Anna as the young girl stopped everything she was doing.  Anna simply watches what was happening with great want in her person; taking in the sight of her sister and mother kissing one another.

Slowly, Elsa and Iduna pull away from one another with Iduna showing the same sweet smile towards her daughter.  Elsa however showcased more want in her being much like Anna did before.  The two look back at one another until Elsa turned her attention towards her sister across from her.  Together, Elsa and Anna nod together then look back at their mother’s pink, erect nipples.

“Go on girls…do what you want…”  Iduna instructed wantingly as the small girls lean close towards their mother’s breasts at the same time.

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