Kim Suspended Over A Septic Tank

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Shego grabbed the sleeping Kim’s hair and yanked it hard, forcing the young redhead to stand up.  “Owwww!” Kim screamed as she grabbed the arm pulling her hair and tried to keep up with her abductor's rapid gait.

“Shut up, Kimmie.  I am your master, you’re my bitch.  Talk anymore and I will increase your punishments.  With one motion, Shego threw Kim into a wall and when Kim bounced off, Shego planted the flat of her foot into Kim’s solar plexus.  Kim hit the floor on her face, helpless.  She knew Shego was strong, but this was unreal.  Shego was tossing Kim around like a cat does with a toy.  In seconds Shego had Kim’s arms behind her back and was tying her wrists together.  Next Kim felt rope around her upper arms being tightened.  Oh, Jesus, Shego was tying the rope to force her elbows together.  Kim was at a disadvantage: Shego was much stronger and Kim didn’t have any leverage to fight back.  In mere second her arms from the elbows down were on column of agony.  Her shoulders were flexible but she was reaching her limit.  Kim started to yell, “Shego sto…” before a large ball gag was shoved behind her teeth and secured tightly behind her head.

"Whiny do-gooders are to be seen and tortured, not heard,” Shego stated as she grabbed Kim by her hair with one hand and hauled her up to her knees.  Kim grunted as she stared defiantly into Shego’s eyes.  Shego grinned as she stated, Oh, that’s how we’re starting the day?”  With her free hand, she slapped Kim with an open hand across her right cheek, then backhanded her across the left cheek.  Kim’s head was spinning, she was only able to stay vertical because Shego was holding her up with a fistful of hair.  She had never been slapped that hard before, tasting blood oozing inside her mouth.

Placing her unused hand on Kim’s throat and clamping hard, Shego used Kim’s hair and throat to force her to stand.  Releasing Kim’s throat, Shego walked out of the room with Kim in tow being pulled by her hair.  Shego led Kim into a large room with a horrible stench, Kim forced herself not to vomit since she would choke on it due to wearing the gag.

“The stench is really vile, isn’t it, Princess?” Shego asked as she forced Kim to look at the source.  They were standing on a ledge around a large aquarium.  However, it wasn’t water in it but raw sewage.  Kim saw actual turds floating on the top and other unidentifiable objects.  Kim’s eyes widened in fear as she looked at Shego, screaming pitifully into her gag.

“Oh, relax, Kimmie, I’m not going to drown you in that pit of swill.”  Kim felt a small amount of relief before Shego cruelly snatched it away.  “No, I have an even more devious plan,” Shego explained as she forced Kim to walk beside her.  Shego stopped and pulled a remote-control fob from her ankle pouch and pushed a button.  Kim heard a whirling sound and watched a hook descend from the ceiling.  In seconds Shego forced Kim to the hook, secured it to her wrists, pushed a button and made the cable pull up.  Kim bent forward as her wrists were pull upwards, the pressure on her shoulders was incredible.  The cable kept ascending and soon Kim’s feet were inches off the floor.  She was desperately trying to get some sort of footing as she felt both of her shoulders pop out of their joints.  The pain was incredible and Shego let her hang like that for an eternity.

After watching Kim suffer and scream her voice raw through the gag, Shego removed the gag, the raised Kim further in the air as the cable made a lateral movement and soon Kim was suspended directly over the center of the sewage pit. Kim had no choice but to beg Shego due to the extreme pain.

“Dear God, Shego.  Stop!  Please Stop!  You want me to quit – I QUIT!”  Craning her neck so she could look Shego in the eye, Kim swallowed her pride and actually begged, “I don’t want to die.  Not now, not like this,” as she sobbed, realizing that she may never see her family or Ron again.

“No can do, Pumpkin.  I promised I wouldn’t kill you this time, but I never promised what you mental or physical condition will be,” Shego answered with a calm, relaxed voice.  “You see, I auctioned off your torments on the Dark Web last night and an ‘ardent follower’ of yours came up with this scenario.  You’re naked, in a strappado bondage position over a pit of sewage.  You’re going to be dipped and submerged in it over the next several hours.  Of course, this is being streamed and I see we have over a million hits already.  You have no idea how much money you’ve made for me over the past couple of days.”

“No!  Dear god, NO!  Shego, you turned me into a human urinal all day yesterday.  Haven’t I been humilated enough?  How can you do this to anyone?  You used to be a hero!” Kim wailed.

Taking a deep breath and immediately regretting it due to the fumes coming from the sewage pit, Shego answered, “Kimmie, I’m a mercenary.  I do the job to the end or nobody hires me.  I’ve been hired to take you out of the Hero Game.  Be thankful they didn’t specify they wanted you dead because that’s what I would do.”  Shego saw the look of surprise cross Kim’s face.  “Please, Pumpkin, you know I’ve done wet work for villains and multiple governments, including Global Justice.  Yes, I killed people for your beloved Betty Director, why do you think they keep letting me escape?  I like and respect you and that’s why I’m giving you a chance by not killing you this time.  But, if the person who hired me calls and tells me to let you drown in that pit of shit and piss, I’ll lower you into it and wait until I don’t see any more bubbles coming up.  Then I’ll tell Global Justice where to find your corpse to teach them the lesson of recruiting teenagers to do their job.  Nothing personal Pumpkin but you’re nothing more than a paycheck to me.”  Shego then grabbed a control, pushed a button and Kim started to descend into the vile liquid.

“Nooooo!  Please Shego, stop!” Kim wailed.

Shego laughed as she shook her head, a genuine smile of content on her face.  “Don’t worry, Pumpkin, I won’t let you drown, I have big plans for you this week.  By the way, try to keep you mouth closed while you under, you don’t want to swallow any of that swill.”

Kim screams got shriller as she descended into the vile liquid, only stopping when she closed her mouth as she continued to sink.  Shego watched as Kim’s head went under the sewage.  After a short while, she started to retrieve Kim.  “Maybe I should get her some shots, I don’t want Cupcake dying from Hepatitis or Tetnus,” Shego thought.

Kim was coughing and gagging when she cleared the surface enough that she could open her mouth.  “Shego, please stop!  I think both of my shoulders have been dislocated.

Shego smirked as she condescendingly replied, “Not my problem, bitch.  Now this person has paid me handsomely to dip you in and out of this septic tank for several hours and I’m going to give him his money’s worth.”  Shego pushed the button that caused Kim to be submerged again.

“I’m going to break Kim’s body so bad she won’t ever be able to interfere with the villain community again,” Shego thought.  “Yeah, I’m being rougher on her than I really need to be, but this is the only way to stop her, short of killing her.”  Shego didn’t want to kill Kim but would if she needed to.  Kim’s sidekick, however, she would gut alive and strangle him with is own intestines, free of charge.

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