The Febrile Dragon Shower

BY : Jim_Jenkins
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Disclaimer: "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and its characters property of Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko. I make no profit from this story.

A/N: This is my second story based off Avatar: The Last Airbender and my first Jet x Aang story published here. Takes place in an AU where they are in High School. Jet is 17 years old and Aang’s fifteen. I appreciate reviews and constructive criticism; they motivate me to keep on writing. Thanks for reading!


It had been a chill-biting fall afternoon as Jet showered quickly, making sure to leave plenty of hot water for his Bo staff classmate, Aang. While he didn’t let it show, Jet was always a bit bummed that they didn't shower together often anymore, but it's understandable as one of them is always a little too cool and dry in the narrow shower. As Jet’s standing at the sink brushing his teeth it occurred to him that there is no reason that he should miss the sight of Aang soaping himself just because he was out of the shower already.

It's cute how Aang would use his water bending to get the lather up and the look of concentration on his innocent face as he fluidly cleanses each inch of his slender frame. Plus, there is really nothing better than the sight of water flowing down his arrow-tattooed, lean back, down the crack of his ass and on down those beautiful long legs. Jet moved quietly to the end of the tub and shift the white shower curtain so that he could watch him. Leaning against the wall Jet continued to brush his teeth and admire the smooth movements of the young monk’s hands across his chest and belly. Aang is beautiful. As he soaps his armpits the lean muscles of his waist and chest flex rhythmically and the triceps bulge on his raised arm. Aang scrubbed his neck and face and behind the ears quickly and ducked his short cut dark hair under the steaming water. Shaking the water from his head Aang looked up and finally noticed Jet watching him.

"Hey Jet.... What’re you doing?" he asked playfully without assuming anything.

"Hygienic control--- you missed a spot." Jet replied with a meaningful glance and subtle humor.

Aang’s grinning boyishly now, holding Jet’s gaze. He leans against the wall of the shower and reaches for the soap again. Jet tossed his toothbrush into the sink. Aang spread his legs and braced his toes against the opposite wall of the tub. The muscles in the lean athletic boy’s legs tense impressively as Aang assumed the most appropriate position. He sighed deeply, settling back against the cool blue tiles, silver eyes closed, rubbing the soap between his hands and creating a thick lather. Jet’s breath quickened as he watched Aang prepare to jerk off. Watching him masturbate got the older boy so wet so fast, it always amazed Jet how quickly and strongly his body responds to the sight of Aang’s arousal. Gently biting his lip, Aang begin to pull and squeeze on his soft cock.

Immediately Jet could see that Aang was beginning to swell. With one hand he reached lower and cupped his balls, gently massaging them and grunting softly as his erection grew. Now Aang’s cock is upright and swelling quickly. He opened his eyes and look down at himself, clearly becoming even more aroused at the size of his erection. Jet’s gaze darted from Aang’s cock, now throbbing as he squeezed and stroked himself (the soapy melon-scented lather only gaining utility with his increased efforts) to Aang’s lovable face—arrow-tattooed forehead furrowed in concentration, his tongue thrust out between his lips a bit ... he’s unbelievably sexy. Jet shifted from one foot to the other, pressing his thighs together and enjoying the growing heat and slickness as his cock continues to swell at the sight of his friend. Aang opened his eyes and met the suave teen’s gaze again. Jet’s smiling uncontrollably. I love watching you he thought aloud.

The look on Aang’s face is dramatic, almost surprised. He’s deep in the throes and hardly has time to flirt with his friend. Jet desperately want to join him, to feel his thick hot soapy cock in his hands. Jet thinks of getting in there, turning Aang toward the water and pressing himself against Aang’s lean back. He'd love to reach around and stroke him, so Jet could feel Aang’s cock in his hands the way he did. But the witty boy’s way ahead of him now. The muscles in his neck and chest are bulging now, Aang’s head is thrown back and he pumps furiously. His cock is huge and shiny pink, almost cherry red.

Jet knows Aang is about to burst. Watching him has made the lone warrior so wet that his inner thighs are now slick. Looking at Aang’s hard, thick cock Jet could practically feel the younger boy inside him. The muscles in his pelvis spasm amazingly as Jet thinks of Aang slamming into him, the energetic kid’s thighs and balls slapping against Jet’s ass as he slides his long, thick cock into Jet’s slick aching ass. Jet’s biting his lip and trembling as he watched Aang put the final strong strokes to his cock and opened his eyes to watch the heavy streams of cum burst from his bulging tip. Aang moans loudly. The tension leaves his chest and neck. The younger drops his head and closed his eyes again, gently cleaning himself with the remaining lather. Aang turned toward Jet and stepped under the water again, breathing deeply and grinning at him. Jet can't help but reach out and run his fingers down Aang’s wet chest and abs, gently poking his finger into Aang’s belly button.

"What did you think of that?" Aang asked.

"I wish I’d one of those," Jet replied.

"I'm sure there’s one around here somewhere for you," Aang said. "Go chill out and I'll find it for you."




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