Zuko's Pruience

BY : Jim_Jenkins
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Disclaimer: I do not own "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series, nor the characters from it. They are property of Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. I do not make any profit from this story either.

Author's Note: HELLO EVERYONE! The series is one of my favorites. The story takes place in an AU, where Zuko and Jet are attending high school, both are 17 years old. This is my first story based on the series I’ve written here (more specifically Jetko). Reviews and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated. Will certainly write more if you want. Thanks for reading! 


The air was cool on his body. It made him sleepy. But Zuko blinked the tiredness away, stretching his arms to the sides and pulling himself out of bed. The red blanket was somehow lost in the middle of the night. He yawned, looking at the discarded clothes on the floor. Zuko kicked the pants up and caught them with one hand, tossing them into the clothes bin across the room. Obviously, he made the shot and smiled that he didn’t have to go pick them up properly.


His bedroom had its own bath. Zuko turned the lights on, slipping his arm into the shower to turn it on. Yes, that's it! Hot and steamy. Already the glass door was starting to fog up. Right as he was about to step in, however, Zuko heard a loud screaming from next door, causing him to jump and nearly fall.


Irritated, Zuko went back into his room for his Iphone. He shut the notification off; honestly, he had forgotten that he set the ringtone to the boss battle theme of his favorite RP game. It was his friend Jet texting that he was coming over to discuss the newest update to "Blade Princes," an MMO they had recently gotten into. Zuko instantly sent him a message back, telling Jet he was jumping in the shower, but the door was unlocked.


Tossing the phone back on the bed, Zuko turned and got back in the shower. He set the music player in his bathroom using a voice command, listening to the soundtrack of an anime that released last year.


As Zuko stood in the shower, washing himself up and lathering up his short length black hair he closed his amber-colored eyes. If Jet were coming over, that'd be a great relief. Though they were strictly friends, Jet never showed interest to anybody in their social circles, neither at Uncle’s tea shop nor in school. He wasn't unattractive, but his confident and often aloof personality was off-putting to others. Jet was basically an enigma, with tanned smooth skin and unreadable emotion within his almost black eyes. He was overly fond of designer hoodies and often took Zuko’s from him. Personally, Zuko thought he had a great figure under all that. Jet wasn't ugly at all but would be plain if not for his bad health from staying up all night and constantly training at the dojo.


Eyes closed, Zuko leaned against the wall, holding his showerhead to his shoulder, setting it to massage. The temperature wasn't as hot as before, but the water pressure was nice. Leaning there, Zuko pictured Jet in his head. He'd only seen her without those designer clothes (he claimed to love being able to whip his swords around) when he had changed from one hoodie to the other in front of him a few weeks back. His undershirt had stuck to the hoodie when he pulled it up. Underneath, he'd been wearing a sheer black tee, his defined pecs showing against the material. He was easily a real catch. Plus, he wasn't lacking when it came to his ass either. True, Jet was on the slim side, but it looked good on him; Zuko thought at least.


Moving the showerhead to his other shoulder, Zuko reached down to lightly rub his cock. It wouldn't hurt to rub one out before Jet came over. It wasn't weird to find your friend totally fuckable, right? Besides, the memory alone had him fully erect anyway, the shaft laying heavily on his stomach. Zuko held it in his right hand, squeezing it lightly. He couldn't get his hand to close around his shaft, but it felt cool anyway. As he stroked it slowly, Zuko pictured Jet using those skilled hands of his to get him off. Slowly, Zuko picked up the speed, letting out a soft moan. "Fuck, Jet..." he said quietly.




Zuko jumped, slipping and hitting his head on the wall as the showerhead loudly clattered against the wall. Groaning in pain he opened his eyes, seeing Jet himself sitting on the toilet with his legs crossed under her. "wH-What the HELL are you doing in here!?" Zuko shouted, only now realizing that the music had stopped.


"Well, I was going to get your attention, but you seemed... busy. Didn’t wanna be a dick and interrupt, ya know?" His confident voice dripped with sarcasm and teasing, causing Zuko’s face to burn.


"So you just thought you'd watch, is that it?" Zuko shot back at him. The shower was still running, and Zuko frowned as he shut it off; it was getting cold anyways. Zuko glared at Jet through the shower door as Zuko did his best to hide his dick from Jet, opening the door and yanking the green towel around his waist.


"Well, you were just getting to the good part. Don't stop because of me, I seemed to be an honored guest anyway." As he chided his friend again, Zuko felt his face redden even more in embarrassment.


While not sure why he did it. Honestly, in hindsight Zuko shouldn't have. But he decided to get back at Jet by stepping forward, so he was stuck between the back of the toilet and Zuko. Jet’s head was at his sternum, but as the towel fell away Zuko’s dick sprang up to eye-level with him. 

"If you want to watch that bad, why not have a closer look!" Zuko said with a bit of spite as Jet's face reddened and his dark eyes widened. His normally half-lidded eyes were almond shaped as his mouth hung open, seeing that dick up close as Zuko grabbed it and started to jerk off right in Jet’s face.


Zuko had been so close in the shower that it didn't take more than a few moments before he came, hot strands shooting across Jet’s face, his shaggy brown hair and splatting loudly on the wall behind him. Seven thick shots across his head as Jet looked up at Zuko, still frozen in place. As the adrenaline left the pale teen’s veins, Zuko felt a chill realizing what he'd just done. Zuko went to move back but was stopped by something.


A strange warmth around the head of Zuko’s cock, and on the shaft too. Looking down, Jet's mouth was stretched around the end, his wondrous lips barely able to open wide enough as his hands stroked at the shaft. Zuko could feel his tongue licking at the slit and head, swirling around as he looked up at him.


Startled by his sudden activity, Zuko pulled away, his cock leaving Jet’s lips with a soft plop. Jet sat on the porcelain seat, looking at his friend with his head tilted to the side. Jet looked strange, with one eye shut from all the cum on his face. Jet’s golden-brown skin was almost coated white with his spunk, making it stand out even more in his brunette hair.


"Hey, you're not a one-and-done guy, are you? Well, like, facials aren't enough to get a guy off. Nobody likes a guy who conks out after he busts a load, ya know. It's not supposed to end until we both get off." Jet said, licking his lips as he stared at Zuko with one eye hungrily. Zuko gulped audibly as he stood up. Despite being about nearly the same height as Jet, at that moment this cum-soaked boy seemed to loom over him as Jet pushed Zuko out into the bedroom with a lasciviously deviant look.

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