Kim Possible, The Human Urinal

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The day Kim turned 18, she received this letter.  It didn't come by mail but she found it laying on her desk in her room.  She noticed a window was open that that she though was closed.  Opening the letter, she read:


Kimmie, You and the Buffoon are about to graduate from high school. You're eighteen. Officially adults. So there's something you need to know. I don't kill kids. I don't generally kill anybody, but I especially don't kill kids. So I've been careful when fighting you. It's been enough to make the difference. You're a hell of a fighter, and with me holding back, you win some, I win some. You're not a kid anymore. I won't be holding back. When you're near a ledge, I won't let it stop me from going all out, just so you don't fall. When I see an opening, I won't pull a punch, just to be sure it doesn't kill you. When there's a death trap, I'll be making sure you don't have the mole rat, your laser lipstick, or any other gadgets. Maybe you think you're good enough to handle me anyway. You're not. Trust me on this. So look, Kimmie. You need to stop. You've had a great run, and it's been great fun, and I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. But you're in over your head. You have a great life, and a great future. Don't fuck it up. Don't fuck with me. 






Kim rolled her eyes as she crumpled the letter into a ball and threw it into a trashcan.  Shego was playing her mind games again.  Whatever!

So the call came from Wade a few days later that Shego was stealing something from the Space Center.  Kim had to go alone since Ron was back in Japan mastering his MMP.  "Yeah, and that slut Yori is probably trying to steal him from me right now!  Well, I'm good and pissed off, so I'll take my frustrations out on Shego.  That green bitch is about to get the beating of her life!"

Kim entered the Space Center's Experiential Equipment Wing.  It was dark in the room and before her eyes had a chance to get accustomed to the darkness, something hit her from the side, both her ribcage and her head at the same time.  Everything immediately went black.

Kim woke up with a splitting headache.  She was extremely uncomfortable as she opened her eyes and realized she was naked and restrained but not in a conventional method.  She was in a squatting position, metal bands around her thighs just above the knees and pulled out 180 degrees apart.  She was standing on her toes, her feet, calves and thighs already starting to cramp horribly.  Her arms were cuffed behind her back, a chain connected to a metal collar around her neck pulled her arms up high in a reverse prayer position and her collar was chained to the back wall.  She looked around as well as she could - she couldn't believe it, she was chained in a bathroom, a modified urinal to be exact.

"So, you decided to join us in the world of the living, huh, Princess?  I thought that I was in for a fight, you never even knew I was there.  In the past when you won?  That was then, this is now.  You will never win again."

Recognizing the voice, Kim looked up and saw Shego, dressed in her jumpsuit, standing over her.  "What the hell, Shego?" Kim yelled.

Shego shook her head and spoke in a condescending tone, "Aw, poor widdle Kimmie wants to know what's happening?  First of all, I sent you a letter.  I was almost begging you to stop your vigilante bullshit.  Now that you're 18, you have every villain ready to make a Kim-skin rug out of you.  In my own way, I'm showing you mercy.  I'm going to show you what life will be for an adult Kim Possible because if you keep fucking with us, you're not going to make it to 19.  Now that I've captured you, I'm going to make you beg for mercy and promise to never 'Save The World' again.  For the next 12 hours you're going to be a human urinal.  Every henchman you've defeated or embarrassed has paid me a handsome sum to allow them to piss on you.  Everything that is happening in this room is being live streamed for the world to watch."

"NO!  Hell NO!  That's disgusting!  I won't let them do that!"  Kim yelled as she fought her restraints in frustration.

Shego grinned as she squatted and was on Kim's level.  Shego reach one hand out and ignited her index finger, scratching Kim across her right cheek.  Kim felt the sting of her flesh being seared and cauterized.  Kim screamed in pain while in disbelief that Shego would be so cruel.

"It looks like little Kimmie-Cunt has a new scar on her face.  Believe me, you'll have a lot more burns and scars all over your body before your little ordeal is over.  It get worse, while they're pissing, you will catch the urine streams in your mouth and swallow every drop that you catch.  Refusal will cause more severe... punishments," Shego said as she ignited her right hand inches from Kim's face.  The plasma was so hot Kim closed her eyes and could smell her hair being singed.

Kim's resolve was being broken quickly.  "Shego, please, not this," Kim begged as she fought her restraints.

"Ah, yes, this is just the beginning.  I'm streaming you starting this session off by begging.  It's going to get worse.  Much worse.  You going to swallow piss for the next 12 hours.  Your parents, your tech geek, your classmates in school, your pet lapdog buffoon will watch this happen to you," Shego stated as she ignited a finger and slowly scratched Kim's other cheek, eliciting a ear piercing scream from Kim as the odor of burnt flesh filtered through the room.  "Now, Princess, you know that I mean business and every time you look in a mirror, you'll see the scars on your face to remind you of this day."

Shego moved out of the way and yelled, "Okay boys, start the train!"

Kim whimpered as a huge man stood in front of her, unzipped his fly and took his penis out.  "Open your fucking mouth!" he growled as his stream of piss hit her straight in the face.

"Do as he says, Princess.  If you don't play our game, I'll just go grab your mom and she can take your place in the piss booth." Shego commented with a sadistic grin on her face.

"Dear God, she's serious!  I can't let her hurt my family," Kim though as she slowly opened her mouth.  Rank urine sprayed in her mouth causing her to retch, gag then vomit.  She continued to gag after the stream stopped.  She suddenly felt her hair being grabbed and her head jerked up, forcing her to look at an incredibly angry Shego.

"You don't fucking retch!  You don't fucking gag!  You don't fucking puke!  You open your damned mouth and let them piss in it and you swallow every Goddamned drop!  Do you understand, you loathsome cunt?" Shego yelled as she shook Kim's head by her hair and ignited her other hand inches from Kim's face.

"Yes!  I understand!  Pleasedon'tburnmeagain!"  Kim blubbered out, crying uncontrollably.

"Good.  Because this is just the beginning of your Week Of Hell.  Today it's piss, tomorrow, every one of these men will fuck your throat in this same urinal and you'll swallow their piss and cum.  The world will watch their hero be defiled in the most deviant and disgusting ways.  This is your new home for the next week and I'm going to make this experience as miserable as possible for you.  I'll let you survive, this time, but I'm not promising you what condition you'll be in if you don't follow my every order to the letter.  Do. You. Understand?"  Shego asked in a hoarse whisper.

"Yes," was all Kim could say.

"Next" Shego yelled at the door.  She turned her head to face Kim and said, "Head up, mouth open, bitch."

Kim complied and almost immediately felt a warm stream of urine hit her face and then into her mouth.  She heard Shego constantly yelling, “Swallow more piss, bitch!  Keep your eyes open and look at the man pissing on you!  Look into his eyes!” and Kim complied the best she could.  It was vile having to swallow piss from men that leered at her and sprayed their urine on her face, in her hair and in her mouth.  Her eyes burned and stung from the salty solution being sprayed in them, but she didn’t dare close the out of fear of Shego’s reaction and subsequent punishment.  It was worse having to look at their faces and the joy in their eyes that they were involved with her humiliation.  After the fifth henchman emptied his bladder into her mouth, Kim's hair, head and body were soaked in piss.  The smelly urine was dripping off her body and puddled around her feet.

She felt her hair being grabbed by Shego's gloved hand and her head forced to look at the one of the four cameras in the room.  "Good job, Cupcake.  I want you to look into the camera and tell your admiring public how much you love being a filthy piss whore or so help me God, I'll shove my flaming fist up your tight asshole."

Using as much composure as she could gather, Kim looked in the camera and said, "My name is Kim Possible and I'm a filthy piss whore."

“What else, Pumpkin?” Shego sneered.

“I love letting strange men piss on me,” Kim voice cracked as she shifted her eyes from the camera to Shego’s face to see if Shego was pleased with her announcement.  Against her will, tears started pouring from Kim’s eyes.  Kim was wordlessly pleading with Shego to stop this torment.  Kim should have known better.  Shego facial expression went from an angry scowl to a sadistic grin.  She knew she had won; Princess was already broken.  Still, she had promised Kim a solid week of torture and torment and dammit, Shego was going to keep her promise.

Kim felt her hair being released as she heard Shego yell, "Next!"

The End (?)


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