Foe (Glitch Techs)

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Foe (Glitch Techs)



She could hear her footsteps crunch against the snow as she sped through the wintry landscape. With each inhale she could feel the blistering cold accompany the air she needed, but she had to continue…there was one page left.

Pausing for a moment, she scanned the darkness around her, spotting only trees and snow. She knew he was coming, but not from where. You never knew from where he came, and that’s how he got you. The darkness around her meant he could attack from any angle, but still she trudged on. The fear of the unknown would not deter her…there was one page left.

As she began to lose sensation in her fingers, she clutched the 7 other pages tightly. They were hell trying to find, scattered as if someone wanted to start a scavenger hunt. She felt as if she marched 5 miles just going and backtracking through the dark woods in search of them. No map, no compass, just her own memory and the limited vision she had to spot her own footsteps. And though the snow had ceased, the wind still howled, making the tracking of her footsteps all the harder. But she was so close…there was one page left.

Then she heard it, through the raging gale she heard it, the flapping of paper. She made it. With renewed determination and vigor she marched forward, hell-bent on obtaining the last piece, the final crux that would put an end to this madness. But the closer she ventured, the more she could feel his presence. He had found her, and was moving in. After a few more steps she could see it, stuck to a branch which had frozen to its tree. It was right there, but so was he. She charged on, through the wind, through the darkness. She was mere fingertips away from obtaining her goal. But then the darkness closed in on her. She found herself unable to move, barely able to breath. Not frozen by the elements, but fear. And as that fear towered over her, she could only make out the image of a lanky gentleman in a suit approaching her…and then darkness.

“THAT’S IT!?!?”

Miko took off her VR headset and tossed it aside, clearly unimpressed with what she experienced. “Just a fade to black!? Where’s the action? Where’s the battle? Where’s the stomach-churning gore to signify the monster has won? WHERE’S THE MONSTER!?”

“That WAS the monster.” Zahra told her as she took the headset. “I told you it was a little old school…and low budget.”

“Wait, you mean that skinny guy in the suit?” Miko inquired. “He doesn’t even have a face!”

Walking over to a nearby computer, she quickly typed in an image search of the monster from the game she just played, displaying it for Zahra.

“It’s supposed to be a mystery.” Zahra explained. “What makes it scary is that you don’t know what he looks like.”

Miko didn’t accept that explanation, and instead she typed in a command on the system. A moment later, the same image is seen edited with crudely drawn angry eyes and a frown displaying fangs. “Now THAT’S at least trying to be scary.”

“Alright, alright, I get that this isn’t your type.” Zahra relented. “So what Horror Games do you like?”

“Eh, Corrupted Sins, Quiet Valley, Vito’s Hotel…” Miko listed. “…but my favorite of all time would have to be Home Sweet Sinister 3.”

“Hmm, remake or original?” Zahra asked.

“BOTH, obviously.” Miko answered. “Though the graphics on the remake do enhance the terror.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of a portal appearing. Turning to the entrance of the Assembly Room, the two spotted their fellow Tech Mitch strolling out first.

“And speaking of enhancing…” Zahra quipped.

The zinger didn’t pass Mitch unnoticed. “I’ll have you know that my skills, my swagger and this hair are au naturel.”

Before they could question that last part, Mitch was joined by both Hector and Phil.

“Nice job out there, guys.” Phil said, complimenting his Techs. “We’ve been doing fantastic considering the time.”

“What, it gets chaotic around Halloween?” Miko asked.

“Always.” He promptly answered. “The weather’s getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and every two-bit company pours out its games to beat the Christmas rush. Not to mention everyone gets into the spirit and starts playing every monster game they can get their hands on. And when they Glitch—!”

“We’ll be there with the fix!” Hector enthusiastically finished for his Boss, who was just mildly impressed.

“Needs a little work.” Phil commented before departing.

Mitch didn’t try to stifle his groan. “Could you be any lamer?”

“I thought it was kinda cool.” Zahra stated, slightly blushing.

“OHH, OHH!!!” Miko startled everyone as she reached in her pocket and revealed a flyer. “So, with all of our missions finally completed, I would like to take this time to invite all three of you to…”

In a dramatic display, she slapped the flyer on the table between all of them, displaying it for them to see. “MEGA MIKO MANIA!!!”

After a short moment of silence, Hector spoke up. “I like it. Rolls off the tongue.”

“Why did you make a flyer for it if you’re only inviting use three?” Mitch questioned.

“Duh, presentation!” Miko replied. “So, my parents will be taking my little sister out Trick or Treating, and then camping down at my grandparents so she can have her sugar rush burn out there. That means the whole house is to myself! I figured we start with a few horror game marathons, speedruns while scarfing down candy, I even got Mama Miyamoto’s Rigatoni Bucket Special so—!”

“Hard. Pass.” Mitch interrupted. “While I’d love to school all of you in a session, I do have better things to do.”

“Translation, he needs to make candy runs for his siblings and check up on them.” Zahra chimed in.

“Well, I’m in.” Hector interjected. “Papi always closes up shop early so I’m free all night.”

“I’m in, too!” Zahra added quickly, before toning down her enthusiasm. “I mean, I’m…also free, tonight. So…nothing better to do…”

Miko turned to Mitch with a smirk. “It’s already a trio. Come on, I know you’re not gonna want to spend all night with your brothers and sister, make it a 4-Player Party!”

Mitch rolled his eyes at that very statement, but before he could give his answer, the alarm blared loudly through the Headquarters. All 4 rushed over to the nearest console to see what the alert was. “Looks like we got one more Glitch out there.” Zahra said. “Around the Business District…”

“Then let’s get down to business.” Mitch stated, arming his gauntlet before he rushed off to the vehicle area.


“Alright, lamest horror game you’ve ever played?”

Miko posed that question as she sat in the backseat of Mitch’s Transport Van along with Hector. Mitch let out a low grunt as he continued driving as Zahra could only smirk in pleasure over his discomfort as she glanced over. “Honestly…I’d have to say Heroes’ Honor 6 Zombie Mode.” Hector replied.

“Huh…never played that one.” Miko noted.

“Oh it is horrible!” He lamented. “There’s no sense of fear or dread. You’re basically there to mow down Zombies by the row. They even allow you to drop nukes on them from a helicopter! How is that supposed to be scary!?”

Miko nodded in agreement. “OK, your turn, Zahra.”

“Hmmm, I’d say the remake of Phantom Photographer. Just couldn’t get into it.”

“Alright, Mi—!”

“All of them!” Mitch announced, interrupting Miko. “Every. Single. One of them.”

“Really, dude?” Hector replied.

“None of them are scary, the weapons are stupid, and the enemies are lame.” He continued. “They’re basically shooters with uglier enemies and less ammo.”

“Master of all Chiefs, how can you think that!?” Miko debated. “Those games take strategy, patience, a cool head—!”

“All of which you already have…when you have my skills.” Mitch quipped with a smirk. “Boosh.”

The van continued to roll along until it reached an abandoned Hospital, where it came to a stop. The sun was beginning to set over the forest horizon, which illuminated some areas of the building, but shrouded others in shadow. Mitch noticed the scenery and hesitated slightly before exiting the van. The wind felt a little chillier as the 4 approached the building. The sound of leaves rustling filled the air, and the team quickly noticed that the building was vacant. In fact it looked to have been for some time.

“So…is this a hospital or something?” Mitch inquired.

“Mental Facility.” Zahra promptly answered. “Used to house kids here that went through addiction. Some of the ways they broke their addiction are still whispered to this day. Cruel, horrible tactics that are outlawed in over a dozen countries. And it’s said if you go inside and listen real close…you can still hear the screaming.”

Mitch, Miko and Hector all turned to their partner, jaws dropped over the answer she provided. “Nah, pulling your leg.” She continued with a smirk. “It’s just the old Hospital. They built the new one across the street.”

She pointed behind the 3 as they turned to see a functioning and busy hospital along the other side of the road. Some nurses who spied them even waved to them, smiling from ear to ear.

Mitch simply groaned in disapproval as Zahra got a fist bump from both Hector and Miko. The amply-coiffed Tech led his team through the front entrance, which barely had its sliding doors hanging on the tracks. The atmosphere changed almost immediately as they entered, becoming darker and more confined. Slowly they headed down the main hallway, which was illuminated by a single row of fluorescent lights; every other one blinking wildly or going out for seconds at a time before lighting up again. The 4 Techs stayed close together, Gauntlets at the ready as they traversed the hall slowly. Eventually they reached the end of the Hall, and an Elevator that was clearly out of order. Using their flashlights on their Gauntlets, they examine the shaft for any sign of the glitch, but find only a dilapidated Elevator car and dangling wires.

“Eyes at the ready, the bugger has to be around here somewhere.” Mitch told them.

Just then, a spark appeared out the darkness at the end of another Hallway. Turning to his teammates, Mitch nodded in agreement with him as they went to investigate. Cautiously they approached, reaching the end of the Hall to see a room filled with beds, and a TV on the wall. Below the TV is what caught the attention of the Techs though, a Hanabi Game Console.

“Looks like we might’ve found the source.” Zahra noted.

“The Glitch might still be close by…” Hector added.

They entered the room, Miko turning on the lights and surprising everyone as the room lit up; albeit dimly.

“Looks like one of our older console, last generation.” Mitch noted as he examined it. “Actually, it’s still on…”

“Ooh, I remember those!” Hector reminisced. “They were built for long-term use. Crazy durable, too. You could drop a TV on it and there wouldn’t be a scratch.”

“Can confirm.” Miko chimed in.

“The TV’s off, though.” Zahra noted. “Might as well turn it on, maybe we can see what type of game it is so we’ll know what glitch we’re dealing with.”

Mitch agreed and tapped the power button on the TV. It hummed to life, but instead of showing a bright image, it revealed a black screen with the word Pause right in the middle.

“Huh, someone’s generic with their design.” Mitch quipped.

“Probably sprung for a fancy HUD or main menu screen.” Hector added.

Miko began to turn the gears in her head, however. “I’ve seen this before…”

“Really?” Mitch commented. “You can tell which game it is from a pause screen?”

Hector smirked. “I told you man, she’s unreal.”

“THAT’S IT!” Miko shouted. “Home Sweet Sinister 2! Sweet Samus, I haven’t played this game in so long! Wonder what level they’re on…”


Both Mitch and Zahra stop Miko as she reached for the controller. Cautiously Mitch pointed up to the ceiling, and all four turned their gaze to what was a purple spark darting back and forth above them.

“Is that what I think it is?” Hector said.

“It’s a Mapper Glitch.” Mitch confirmed. “Take that game off pause and—!”

“We’re trapped in a creepy Hospital with monsters.” Miko finished for him. “Well, creepier than this one.”

Mitch was taken aback. “How do you—!”

“Ran into one from Castlemania.” Hector revealed. “Real big pain.”

“Only cuz he didn’t finish it until the glitch popped up.” Miko added.

“Really? Castlemania!?” Mitch reacted with a laugh. “You are a bloody Noob.”

“Hey, I’ll bet my best controller that I’ve finished more games than you!” Hector argued.

“Maybe we can have this argument OUTSIDE the room with the Glitch!?” Zahra offered.

Mitch nodded. “You’re right. Alright, we—!”

The self-appointed charismatic leader cut himself off as all four of them felt a breeze waft through the room. They turned to the controller, which was precariously hanging from a shelf in the TV cabinet. The breeze was powerful enough to rock it slightly, but after a few moments, it came to a stop. With the air inside the room still once more, Hector took that moment to breathe a sigh of relief. That would prove to be a mistake as the controller dipped forward and fell from its perch, inconveniently landing on the pause button.

The TV illuminated the room, drawing the attention of everyone, including the glitch. Like a laser it darted to the console, causing it to immediately tremble and shake as a figure slowly began to climb out of the TV screen. The 4 Techs slowly stepped back, shocked over the gigantic glitch entering the room which had now taken form. Fully emerged from the TV, it towered over the 4, its head easily touching the ceiling. It wore a trench coat, one that came down almost to the floor, barely covering its boots. One of its arms appeared to be made of metal, and had some built-in weaponry installed. It was clear to see…

“They were on the final boss.” Miko determined.

“You just had to breathe on it, didn’t you?” Mitch growled as Hector.

“Hey, my breath is NOT that strong!” Hector argued.

Their bickering would be drowned out by the roar of the menace in front of them, as he shook the room with the sound of his growl. Immediately the four bolted out of the room and down the hall, retracing their steps even as the scenery around them began to change. Making a left at the broken down elevator, they all sprinted towards the entrance of the hospital, only to reach it too late as it slowly shifted into a waiting room.

“And it’s mapped away our exit.” Mitch said. “Alright, we do this the Tech way!”

Instinctively all 4 Techs armed their gauntlets, ready to blast the monster to bits as they saw it round the corner. But as it charged towards them, they got no response from their weapons.

“And the Gauntlets are useless.” Hector lamented.

“It’s mapped too much.” Zahra noticed. “We’re gonna have to find the weapons from his game to defeat him.”

“Well, where are they?” Hector asked. “Mitch, you remember how to get to them?”

For a second Mitch hesitated, not wanting to answer before deflecting. “Why don’t you ask your BFF Miko? Since she’s supposedly a much better gamer!”

“Oh, so it’s my fault you can’t get good!?” Miko shot back.

Mitch’s jaw dropped. “You did NOT just say that to me.”

“What’s the matter, bro? Salty!?”

“You’re nothing but a Noob who—!”


The warning shout from Zahra grabbed the group’s attention as they turned to see the monster slowly lifting his arm as it transformed into a large cannon. A low light began to emit from the barrel, one that brightened with each second, until the monster unleashed a devastating blast. Thinking quickly, both Miko and Zahra dived at Mitch and Hector respectively, shoving them out of the blast zone. A flash of energy screamed down the hall as Zahra and Hector found themselves crashing into an open elevator car, while Miko and Mitch tumbled into a nearby Broom Closet, with the door shutting behind them, leaving nothing but darkness.

“Ohh, that was a rush.”

Miko slowly sat up as she tried to get her bearings. “Wait, this isn’t that stupid Horse Wagon dream, is it?”

The impact of a mop bopping her on the head gave her the answer. “Whew, at least I’m not in that dream. I’m…just in a broom closet…with a murderous monster chasing me with high tech weaponry. Better check in with the team.”

Bringing her gauntlet up, she saw that the majority of options were disabled for it, but luckily the GPS still functioned. And it showed that Mitch was still nearby. Thinking quickly, she switched to comm mode to signal him.

“Mitch, are you there?”

There was no answer through her comm, but she did feel pleasant vibration underneath her. “Must be sitting on one of those robotic vacuums or something. Mitch, come in!”

Again, more silence and more vibration. It began to get rhythmic as a lustful smile creeped onto Miko’s face. “OK, I’m beginning to understand what Nica meant by the Washing Machine. I still can’t…find…”

It finally then hit Miko, as she took a closer look at her Gauntlet and realized that her icon was right on top of Mitch’s. She slowly panned her head down to see that indeed Mitch’s legs and torso were underneath her. Putting two and two together, she quickly jumped to her feet as Mitch breathed a thankful gasp of relief.

“I am SO sorry, Mitch!” Miko apologized profusely.

Still gasping for air, Mitch tried to steady himself. “I think I saw a white light for a second. Where are we?”

“Broom closet.” Miko answered. “I don’t think F.O.E. saw us come in here.”


“Fiendish Organism for Extermination.” Miko clarified. “The second F is silent.”

“Because of course it is.” Mitch lamented.

Miko couldn’t help but ponder over her fellow Tech’s response. “You know, someone who beat the game would’ve known—!”

“We need to get out of here.” Mitch interrupted. “I’m getting very limited options on my gauntlet so the Mapper hasn’t completely taken over, but we have to work fast!”

“Nothing on the Gauntlets.” Zahra deduced as she worked on her Gauntlet. “At least we’re lucky to have fallen here.”

Indeed they were, as they found themselves in the medical supply closet, surrounded by medical kits fit to treat most injuries. Which was something Hector was grateful for as a sharp pain in his side prevented him from standing.


“You OK?”

She quickly rushed over to him as he slowly lifted his shirt, showing a burn mark on his side from the plasma blast. He also inadvertently showed off a well-toned 6 pack that Zahra almost immediately took notice of, to the point where she bit her lip in anticipation. “Wow…you’ve…been working out!”

“Yeah, been hitting some extra training sessions with Miko.” Hector revealed. Zahra grabbed a tube of ointment off a nearby shelf and applied it to Hector’s wound. As she rubbed it in however, her arousal began to emerge.

“I can tell…” She said, nervous laughter unable to be contained. She was gentle as she massaged the ointment in, but soon her hands began to drift, leading to Hector’s stomach; which he noticed.

“Uh, I think I got hurt more on my side…” Hector told her. “…not that I’m complaining…”

“Neither am I.” Zahra replied, barely containing herself. “I…I just…”

She found herself at a loss of words, unable to stop herself as her gaze drifted up towards a confused expression on Hector’s face. Even then, she couldn’t help but be attracted to how adorable he looked in the moment, and it was in that moment where she let go of her inhibitions and pressed her lips to Hector’s passionately. She held the kiss, enjoying every moment that passed while Hector still recoiled in shock, as evident by his face as she eventually pulled away.

“I need to suck your dick!”

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