Gaz's cosplay fetish

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Gaz’s cosplay fetish

Dib grumbled to himself as he pulled on the heavy red jacket before looking in the mirror to once again fix the sheer white wig that was forcing down his hair scythe, since he hadn’t celebrated Halloween that year Gaz had been constantly hounding him to get dressed up at least once before the year was out

And since Gaz had been binging Devil May Cry 5 for the last week trying to fully perfect and one hundred percent the game Dib decided to go with a cosplay of the main character Dante “hopefully this will shut her up about it” he sighed smoothing down his hair scythe again as it sprang out from under his wig

Heading out of his room and towards Gaz’s Dib could already hear the blaring thrash metal and the sounds of sword swings and gunshots from inside making it obvious that Gaz was still playing the game, Dib not even bothering to knock knowing that she’d either not hear him over the game audio or just outright ignore it

Opening the door he found the Goth laid out on her front dressed in just a tight t-shirt that barely went lower than her tits, her fat bare ass jiggling as she leisurely kicked her feet in the air as she played, her focus solely on the TV to the point that she didn’t register that Dib was there until he picked up an empty soda can from near her trash bin and threw it at her “hey! I said hi like three times!” he shouted over the game audio as the can bounced off of Gaz’s ass drawing her attention

Groaning loudly as she paused the game Gaz turned to snap at him only for her jaw to fall slack and her eyes to widen at the sight of him “oh my actually fucking did it…” she gasped dropping her controller and climbing off of the bed as she took in his outfit, her eyes staying as wide as possible as she circled in taking in every detail of his clothing

“Yeah I did so can you stop bitching about it now? And can I take this off? The jacket is really heavy, like seriously how much leather does this thing need?” Dib complained as Gaz inspected his cosplay, tugging at it in parts to make sure that it wasn’t made shoddily “are you even listening to me?”

“Can I suck your dick?”

His eyebrows shooting up at her words Dib looked down at Gaz to find her looking up at him, her wide ember eyes looking almost...hopeful for him to say yes which confused the shit out of him as normally she would just demand that he drop his pants and rape her throat until she lost her voice “did you...just ask me for that?” he questioned to which she nodded her head whilst grasping at the front of his jacket “ok what the fuck is going on? How sleep deprived are you? I swear I saw you sleeping yesterday” he then questioned taking hold of her face to inspect her eyes for any bags under them

As he grasped at her face the Goth slut let out an uncharacteristic whimper and moan, the sound confusing Dib further as well as making his cock twitch and harden “this is seriously happening isn’t it? Dear god I found your anti-bitch button” he gasped as Gaz continued to stare up at him, her hands now grasping at his belt “ me your tits”

Almost instantaneously Gaz moved around and took hold of the bottom of her top, lifting it to expose her tits to him, jiggling them for him whilst looking up at him seemingly for approval, her eyes constantly flicking between his face and groin to which he sighed and decided ‘fuck it’, there was a good chance that Gaz would kill him afterwards when she came to her senses but for now he might as well enjoy it

A few moments later the pause music coming from her TV was joined by the sounds of enthusiastic sucking and moaning as Gaz bobbed her head along Dib’s cock, but not in the violent ‘I’m gonna suck your dick straight off of your body’ kind of way she normally did it, this time there was genuine love and affection in the act, showing just how much she adored his cock as she massaged him with her tongue every time she bobbed her head forward

“Oh my god…” Dib panted as he watched Gaz work, the Goth slut looking up at him with literal hearts in her pupils as she kissed his groin over and over, gyrating her head to massage his cock head inside of her cheeks before pulling away to lather his cock and balls with heated kisses and licks

“I love this much…” she breathed against his length, her words lustful but yet sweet and affectionate as she nuzzled her face against his cock, one hand cradling and fondling his large heavy balls moaning as she could practically feel the cum churning inside

As precum began to leak out from the tip of his cock Gaz quickly returned her mouth to his cock head, eagerly lapping up his precum before starting to suck hard and sloppy on him, drooling heavily as she bobbed her head working him towards his release, a release she soon earned as his cock erupted moments later flooding her slutty mouth with cum

Letting his cum fill her mouth Gaz then slowly pulled away, the hearts in her eyes glowing brighter as she played with his cum with her tongue, opening her mouth to show him how much she adored his load before finally swallowing “so much cum...please...I need more…”

As the sound of Gaz actually saying ‘please’ Dib’s cock somehow got even harder, spurring him on to grab her and pin her up against the wall, making her gasp as her tits jiggled from the rough action before she moaned as he grabbed hold of her huge ass using it to lift her up before ramming deep into her tight dripping cunt balls deep, making the Goth slut shriek with delight as she clung to his jacket for support

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck fuck me! Use me!” Gaz screamed, throwing her head back as Dib thrust deep into her, her strong legs latching tight around his waist as she dug her heels into his lower back, her hips bucking back against his thrusts, helping his cock push repeatedly into her needy womb “oh shit you’re so deep! I fucking love it! You’re so good! I love your fucking cock!!!”

Completely unused to such praise from Gaz Dib slowed his pace making the Goth slut whined and moaned as she felt his cock head scraping around in her insides, her hands clutching as his jacket tighter as her entire body shook and shivered in bliss, her eyes fluttering open to show her still heart shaped pupils as she let her mouth fall open, panting with bliss with her tongue hanging out in an almost loving looking ahegao
“Don’t stop...more...please...I need your dick…” Gaz mewled as her toes curled tight “I’m sorry I’m such a bitch...I’ll be a good whore for you...just keep fucking me!” she promised him desperately tugging at his jacket whilst bucking her hips harder, desperate for him to start railing her dripping fuck hole again

Feeling both his cock and ego swell at the sound of her pleading Dib gave her what she needed, gripping her ass tighter he started thrusting in harder and deeper, making her ass bounce and clap against the wall as her head fell back against it, her eyes wide and manic in bliss as her tongue continued to loll out of her panting mouth, her toes curling tighter as with every thrust a miniature orgasm ran through her veins

Grunting as he thrust in deeper with every thrust Dib felt his balls tightening coaxing him to fuck Gaz even faster, her shortstack body bouncing hard on his cock as she completely lost herself to the mindbreaking pleasure, letting out one last shrill scream as Dib’s cock then exploded inside of her, flooding her to overflowing point with his hot thick cum, her legs clamping so tight around his waist it was like she was trying to break his spine whilst she hugged herself to his chest, moaning and mewling as she relished the feeling of his cum flooding her cunt and womb

Panting heavily as he held Gaz’s shuddering body up Dib couldn’t help but chuckle “wow, if I had known that getting dressed up fully would make you like this I would have done it a lot sooner” he commented before suddenly flinching as he felt Gaz dig her nails in so hard he could feel it through his heavy jacket, him then freezing completely as he noticed that the hearts in her eyes were gone and were replaced by a burning yet cold glare

“If you tell EVERYONE about how I just acted…” the Goth hissed as she then released her thighs and pushed him away to let herself fall to the floor, Gaz then grabbing his still hard cock and starting to stroke him whilst still glaring up at him making him confused as to whether she was truly pissed at him or not “it’s not my fucking fault you’re so hot in cosplay” she snarled leaning forward to start licking his cock again “if you EVER even think of wanting me like this again you had better but as much effort into your next cosplay” she then finished before taking him back into her mouth, humming and moaning as she began another sloppy almost loving blowjob

All whilst Dib was making mental notes of what other cosplays he could pull off

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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