Ben's mistake

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Disclaimer: this story will include Mature and x rated situations between siblings and their friends. underage sex. ben10 and all its properties are owned by Man of action . i make no money. original characters that might be added are my own.

i originally uploaded this here already but for some reason it disappeared so i'm going to re upload it.



Ben 10 belongs to its creators and cartoon network in no way do I intend on making this canon since other similar fanfics I exist this does take place in the summer vacation universe and yes they are still 10... Well, Gwen is technically 11 (I think.). And ben turns 11 during the series...

this takes place after Kevin levin asobord the watch and became that hybrid thing. 


Characters included will be but not limited to Gwen ben and max Tennyson Kevin ben in his multiple alien forms and many more.

For the first couple of chapters, I will only do straight characters however I will write in gay lesbian and or bisexual situations eventually.

A final note as you could tell my grammar and sentence structure isn't the best I could scan through this and fix any grammar issues but I don't see the point people make mistakes.

While writing if I see any ill fix them but not going to go out of my way to do so...

Edit: because of a certain comment, I feel the need to explain something... I do not have the best time with English it is my first language but I just never got the grasp of proper sentence structure and all that Jazz. So again if this bothers you I'm greatly sorry, I will do my best to fix any errors I make. Just remember I am still human I make mistakes if it makes any of you Grammar Nazi's feel better I do run this though an editor every time I upload a chapter so these mistakes are not all my own. Anyway sorry for this random cut in.

On with your reading...



Ben Gwen I'm going out into town to buy some food. Promise me you won't kill each other while I'm gone.

We promise they both say not to look up from their devices.

(Less than 10 minutes later Gwen gets up) 

I'm going to go to take a shower dweeb you have the RV to yourself for a while don't do anything I wouldn't.

Haha, like I need that warning he replies. Gwen smacks ben with her towel and walks into the bathroom, bitch Ben mutters under her breath. Ben listens for the shower to turn on moves towards Gwen's laptop, I'll show you who is the dweeb he mutters logging into her laptop. After a few clicks, Ben finds a secret file labeled Tim. Tim? That kid, that stalked Gwen for a month that randomly stopped right before summer,? Ben clicks on the file and notices multiple videos labeled only with dates curious ben clicks on the oldest one. Ben smiles as he watches the video of Tim and Gwen. the video was of Gwen giving Tim a blow job in exchange for leaving her alone. Searching through the rest of the videos the situations get more and more mature. Ben heard the shower turns off grabs a flash drive he kept in his bag and copies the file closing her laptop, just as Gwen leaves the bathroom. Ben smiles at her and asks what happened to Tim? Gwen's face goes completely red... which Tim? She nervously asks moving towards her laptop. Ben smiles evilly Tim Smith flashing the flash drive at her. Why you dweeb give me that Ben. You wouldn't think I wouldn't just have it on my flash drive now, would you? Knowing she was defeated Gwen sits on the couch and asks what he wants. Well, you did something for Tim in exchange for him leaving you alone which progressed as you both enjoyed it so I want my fair dues. Ben, you're my cousin I'm not stopping in her sentence Gwen looks at the look on his face knowing he won't take no for an answer. Fine... you win you're the worst cousin ever you know that?

I'm also a hero who saved multiple lives during the summer from aliens I think this more than enough for all that work.

Ben unzips his pants and reveals his already hard dick. Wow, you're bigger than Tim... I figured as much I am a Tennyson after all. 

Gwen gets down on her knees...


Ben laid on his back as Gwen moved he heads over his hard-on. She licked her lips in appall but then in the meantime delight. She gradually brought down her head and brought the pole into her mouth. She licked around the best, at that point sucked in two inches. She drove her head all over on his Harding Dick, taking in increasingly more with every admission. 


Ben completely mindful at how great she was still was found napping Her tongue rubbed about him as her delicate lips wrapped firmly around his masculinity. "Gwen, no doubt about it," He groaned Gwen pulled off and rubbed him with her hand. That was astonishing fun Gwen laughs. Gwen, I'm going to cum right? Gwen grins and embeds the as of now Cuming dick once again into her mouth taking the entire load at once. Ben groans in enjoyment. You realize ben I've for a long while been itching to do this. Why do you think I'm always so mean to you? Because you're a bitch? Ben answers zipping his jeans up. No, she replied hit by his words it's because that I've generally really liked you since were kids. I found it and discovered since we were just cousins there wasn't, in fact, anything amiss with this. Hitler didn't do in fact anything incorrectly, and he's regarded as a shrewd man would he say he isn't? Take a gander at you Mr. smarty pants you do have a cerebrum in there. The two return to their individual gadgets. A couple of hours pass by ben passes out on the love seat while Gwen watches a film on her workstation I'm back Max yelled opening the RV door I hope both of you have a friendly time while I was gone, Gwen investigates at the half-sleeping ben and answers yes grandpa heaps of fun. The 3 has one of grandpa max's strange dinners. Ben yawns his much obliged for supper and returns to ben Gwen assists grandpa with the dishes...Grandpa, do you think I should call Tim? Why would you need to do that Gwen? 


I didn't realize I felt awful for how we left things. You do what you believe is correct Gwen simply doesn't give me any Grandchildren till you're at least 20. Gwen grins and gets dressed for bed. Once morning comes, Gwen awakens seeing ben and grandpa max gone. They must of went investigating Dallas without me. Gwen takes out her phone and dials Tims number. 


Tim? You're in Dallas, right? How quick would you be able to meet me at the rust bucket? I'll see you in 20 at that point. Another cliffhanger.

What's going to happen with this Tim guy? Will ben get more from his cousin? Will I get the mental help I need?

to find out next time on the next episode of dragon ball z I mean ben's mistake...

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