Happy birthday Ruby

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Happy birthday Ruby

(Revival AU)

“Whoo! It’s my birthday!” Ruby slurred drunkenly as Penny carried her back to their house bridal style, the silver eyed girl having enjoyed the night of her life with Yang having insisted on her spending her twenty second birthday getting absolutely shitfaced with her friends giving Ruby the glorious show of seeing what her fellow members of Team RWBY as well as Team JNPR and SNNN are like inebriated

“And it was a glorious birthday indeed” the Android replied as they arrived at their front door, leaning in to focus her eyes on the iris recognition lock they had on their door, an upgrade that Ruby had insisted on mainly for the chance to tinker with such technology as well as the fact that she had a bad habit of losing her house key whenever she used her Semblance

Upon unlocking the door Penny carried Ruby upstairs before setting her on her feet outside of the bathroom “take a quick shower before bed, I’ll be joining you shortly, I just need to message our friends that we have arrived home safely” Penny told her as she turned to head back downstairs whilst Ruby nodded and started to shed off her clothing before she even went into the bathroom to get cleaned up

Heading back downstairs Penny sent the aforementioned messages to the others that they had gotten home safe before her contact lists landed on Weiss’s number, the Android girl smiling softly as she then sent the Schnee a very different message

Setting her scroll down on a side table Penny then took a moment to alter the door lock system before heading up to join Ruby in the bathroom, stripping down as she went to enter the bathroom naked smiling as she heard Ruby’s semi-drunken singing coming from the shower

Admiring her lover's naked silhouette through the steam clouds that came from the shower cubicle Penny then slipped in to join her, taking the silver eyed girl by surprise as she cupped her breasts from behind “want me to wash your back?” the Android breathed licking the shell of Ruby’s ear as she squeezed her breasts firmly, her ‘enhancement’ sliding out of its compartment on her groin to slide between Ruby’s legs and press up against her pussy

“Oh you can wash more than my back” Ruby moaned clamping her strong thighs together around Penny’s cock, biting her lip as the action made it press harder to her cunt as well making her shudder as Penny playfully bit her earlobe

Reaching down Ruby started to stroke and massage her lover’s cock before bending forward tp present herself for Penny, wiggling her ass in invitation which the Android eagerly took, gripping her full round ass firmly as she pulled her back to her, slowly sinking her fat prosthetic cock into her girlfriend’s dripping pussy

As Penny’s cock sank balls deep inside of her Ruby let out a cry of bliss, her cry preventing them from hearing their front door being opened as the couple quickly lost themselves in the semi drunken passion, soon falling into a near primal rut as Ruby slammed back against Penny’s thrusts letting out shameless pants and moans of bliss as her ass clapped against the Android’s groin

“Oh Dust Penny that’s good! I’m so glad I made improvements to your dick!” Ruby moaned as she slammed back harder, having upgraded Penny’s ‘extension’ to make it a little longer and thicker as well as giving it a small vibrate function which the Android quickly began to abuse making Ruby’s legs shake as waves of pleasure coursed through the silver eyed girl “fuck you’re better than any toy!!!”

Running her hands up Ruby’s back Penny took hold of her shoulders for a firmer grip to ram into her harder, angling herself just right to have her lover crying out in orgasm in mere seconds as her vibrating cock pounded all of her sweet spots perfectly having her eyes rolling back and her tongue hanging out as she panted with bliss

Tittering at how her lover's body shook with ecstasy Penny slowed down to kiss up her back “want to take this to the bedroom?” the Android then breathed reaching forward to turn off the water, Ruby just nodding in response before gasping as Penny then effortlessly picked her up under her thighs, Ruby reaching back to grip onto her arms for balance as the redhead proceeded to carry her out of the shower and bathroom to head towards their bedroom

Upon being carried into the bedroom Ruby gasped as she found that it wasn’t empty as sitting naked and waiting for them on the bed was Weiss, the Schnee’s eyes just as wide as Ruby’s as she caught sight of what was protruding from between Penny’s legs “ok, I was not expecting that when I agreed to this”

“What? Weiss? Why is she here?!” Ruby exclaimed before yelping as Penny dropped her onto the bed next to her naked teammate 

“Your sister divulged a lot of information about your past with your team, including your infatuation with Weiss” Penny explained making Ruby squeak and blush bright red

“It was a stupid crush! I don’t have feelings for her anymore! Not that you’re not pretty or anything!” Ruby retorted before quickly trying to excuse her words as to not offend the Schnee

“There is no need to explain yourself Ruby, this is simply a gift for your birthday” the Android replied to which Ruby looked incredulously at Weiss

“You might be a total dolt but I can’t say that you’re not attractive and it is your birthday so how could I say no when Penny approached me?” the white haired girl smiled “and it didn’t take much to convince Neptune to let me do this, although I did have to talk him down from me taking pictures to me just telling him about it afterwards, Yang and Sun threatening to kick his ass helped though” 

Blinking a couple of times as Weiss’s explanation sunk in Ruby then bit her lip as she let her eyes run along her friends petite but tight body, Weiss opening her mouth to ask what she was thinking after a few seconds passed only for Ruby to suddenly dart forward to fiercely kiss her catching the Schnee off guard

Feeling her cock twitch as she watched Weiss melt into Ruby’s kiss, Penny then approached them placing a hand on their heads “may I?” she asked with a coy smile as she inched her cock closer to their faces as Weiss and Ruby broke their kiss, both of them looking at Penny’s ‘extension’ before casting a glance at each other, both of them smiling as they exchanged a silent agreement before they both latched their lips at either side of Penny’s cock

Moaning at the feeling of the double blowjob Penny pressed down harder on Ruby and Weiss’s heads encouraging them to continue kissing each her cock as their hands explored each others bodies, Weiss being new to having sex with someone of her own gender so she took the chance to enjoy the feeling of another woman

That was until Ruby showed off her much greater experience with the female body as her skilled fingers quickly found Weiss’s sweet spots on her breasts making her gasp and pull away, the action allowing Ruby to take over the blowjob as she moved in front of Penny to take her cock deep down her throat moaning as she tasted herself on it

Watching as Ruby started to bob her head along her lover’s cock Weiss slipped behind the silver eyed girl, wrapping her arms behind her to embrace her, one hand cupping and massaging one of her full breasts whilst the other slid down between her legs to slowly massage her clit and slit making Ruby moan around Penny’s pulsating shaft

Panting and moaning louder Penny didn’t last much longer as she was soon cumming deep down Ruby’s throat, her legs shaking like crazy as Ruby happily swallowed her seed, forever thankful for making the Android’s cum strawberry flavoured as her moans only increased as Weiss worked her pussy faster, the white haired girl going purely off of what she had seen in the adult movies Yang kept emailing her knowing to focus mainly on Ruby’s clit

Despite her lack of experience Ruby wasn’t complaining one bit as she pulled away from Penny’s cock and turned her head to kiss Weiss, sharing the taste of strawberry synthetic cum on her tongue as their tongues melded whilst Ruby moved to pin Weiss on her back

With Weiss under her Ruby lifted one of her legs to press her groin against hers, both girls moaning as Ruby then started rocking her hips hard in tribadism, their moans quickly filling the room as Weiss’s hips started to rock back against Ruby’s setting both girls in a steady pace giving Penny a good show as the Android sat back to eagerly watch

“Oh fuck...oh Dust Weiss!” Ruby cried as the act quickly had her cumming again, her pussy gushing against Weiss’s as the Schnee followed her in orgasm, both girls collapsing back on the bed panting heavily with their cunts still pressed firmly together

“Best birthday ever…” Ruby then moaned before giggling as Penny leaned in to kiss her, the Android having no intention of letting her girlfriend’s birthday night end any time soon

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