Ears to You, Luz Noceda

BY : GrayNeko
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It was another day at the Owl House. Luz had been going to add the modifier ‘ordinary’ but that was a word that didn’t seem to fit anything on the Boiling Isles. For instance, they were experiencing another of the Isles’ strange meteorological phenomena, a grow storm. Snow-like flakes were drifting down out of the sky but instead of being comprised of frozen water, these magical flakes had a chance of causing whatever they landed on to grow to massive proportions. While initially sounding very interesting the usual deadly twist was revealed when she witnessed a flake landing on a sapling and only one branch grew to enormous proportions, uprooting the poor tree. Eda told her that sometimes, instead of growing, things just exploded but that didn’t stop the desperate or the crazy from trying catching the flakes in specially treated jars. 

Eda had once again cast a protective barrier over the Owl House, but this one had to be doubly reinforced to keep the house safe from any tree that might suddenly grow exponentially before collapsing under its own weight, taking out anything unfortunate enough to be in its path. Of course, such a feat left her exhausted and she was now laid out across the couch, bleary eyed and barely able to focus.  

Luz was quietly studying her schoolwork from Hexside in the armchair while keeping an eye on Eda, lest her mentor need the elixir that kept her curse at bay. After the last incident she and King were far more mindful of Eda’s needs, though King seemed to have decided that the best way he could help was to disappear, he was probably asleep under a pile of stuffed animals. In fact, with Hooty gleefully mesmerized by the destruction happening outside the house was unusually peaceful and quiet. 

As if the thought triggered mayhem, Eda let out a groan as she shifted about on the couch. Luz was by her side in an instant, concern tenting her eyebrows and pursing her lips. 

“Eda, are you ok? Do you need anything?” 

Eda lifted her hand from her face, cracking one eye open a fraction as she grimaced, “No, I’m fine kid. It’s not my curse, at least I don’t think. Just using all that magic is more than just exhausting and I’ve got this awful headache now. Nothing to do but wait it out.” 

Luz perked up immediately, “If it’s a headache I can help with that. My mom would get them sometimes after pulling double shifts as a nurse. She taught me how to help her.” 

Eda eyed Luz skeptically but the human was always finding ways to surprise her so she shrugged from her position on the couch. “All right, lay it on me kid.” 

“Ok, first sit up so I can sit behind you,” Luz directed as she settled down beside Eda. Her mother usually sat at the kitchen table while Luz stood behind her so this position wasn’t quite the same but she was able to reach through the mane of argent hair and place two fingers on each of Eda’s temples.  

Eda’s eyes shifted side to side before Luz began to massage in slow circular motions. Eda wasn’t sure if it was actually working or her sheer exhaustion but it was suddenly very hard to keep from going completely boneless. A tremor shot through her as she tried to remain straight backed, she hated being seen as weak, especially after being known as a fearless, covenless, criminal witch for so long. 

“Ooh, that does feel nice,” Eda finally conceded as Luz shifted her position so she was kneeling on the couch, it gave her a better position to work from. As if in response Eda slumped back against Luz while she sighed with pleasure and tilted her head back. 

While it was admittedly very different from when she’d do this for her mother there was something about Eda’s behavior and proximity that brought a slight blush to Luz’s cheeks. She’d never been afraid to admit that Eda was attractive either, but that was usually in a more flattering way rather than flirtatious, especially considering their roles as mentor and student. However, looking down at Eda as she smirked blissfully, her eyes closed with contentment and her long, pointed ears quivering in short bursts, Luz felt a stirring of emotions that had her biting her lip. Eda’s twitching ears proved strangely enticing and Luz found her thumbs extending towards them as she continued to massage Eda’s temples. 

Eda’s eyes flickered open languidly at the subtle shift in Luz’s hands before shooting wide open as Luz’s thumbs ran the length of her ears. Everything happened real fast after that. 

Luz started at the sudden reaction from Eda and began pulling her hands back. At the same time Eda’s hands snapped up, intending to cover her ears defensively but in her flustered overreaction managed to pin Luz’s hands to either side of her head. Luz’s hands were now filled with Eda’s ears and as she began to panic her fingers reflexively closed around the woman’s ears. 

“Don’t! Stop!” Eda hoarsely whispered, her body stiffening as her pale face became suffused with crimson. 

“I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry!” Luz yelled as she struggled to pull her hands free but was unable to break loose of Eda’s grasp which had shifted to her wrists in the tussle. 

“No, don’t stop,” Eda moaned as she looked up at Luz wantonly with half-lidded eyes. 

That look and the breathy way Eda seemed to be begging her made Luz freeze. There was no mistaking Eda’s responses but Luz gingerly stroked Eda’s ears to confirm her theory. A wordless moan escaped Eda as her grip weakened and she began to affectionately caress Luz’s arms. Luz nearly pulled her hands away in shock, this discovery was almost too much to comprehend, and yet she was ravenously curious to see how far this could go. 

“Hey, Eda, are you ok? Do you need anything? Like your elixir?” Luz asked cautiously, just to make sure whatever was happening wasn’t actually hurting Eda, or damaging her brain somehow. 

“Need?” Eda panted almost drunkenly. Her hands clumsily drifted up Luz’s arms towards Luz’s shoulders as she smiled lopsidedly. “Need more of you.” 

Luz only had time to raise an eyebrow questioningly before Eda surprised her again by pulling her down. It was an awkward position but Luz barely noticed as all her focus was on the collision of their mouths. Her stunned gasp provided the perfect opportunity for Eda’s tongue to invade her mouth. It was Luz’s first kiss and though she had no comparison something told her Eda was quite possibly the most experienced kisser she had ever met because even though it was sloppy and raw and upside down it was driving Luz absolutely wild. Eda’s tongue was impossibly dexterous as it coiled around her own, struggling like it was fighting for ownership of Luz’s mouth. Luz could barely breathe under the assault of tongue, teeth, and lips, and through it all one small corner of her mind marveled at how Eda managed to keep that one long fang of hers from doing any damage or feeling out of place amidst everything. 

Luz was so overwhelmed that it felt like the world was tilting wildly and then she realized that Eda had actually shifted her so she wasn’t bent over so awkwardly. Now she was knelt so their faces were properly parallel, one of Eda’s hands gently but firmly cupped the back of her head, keeping her in place so Eda could continue her ravaging embrace. Eda’s other hands had started at her chin, caressing it, but slowly it began to slide down Luz’s body, pawing and groping as it went. 

Luz gasped and moaned as Eda fondled her breasts through her hoodie and bra until her nipples ached against the fabric. Just as it became unbearable Eda’s hand slipped further down, making Luz spasm and twitch as Eda’s nails playfully raked against her exposed abdomen. Luz’s eyes were tightly screwed shut as she desperately tried to match Eda for intensity but as Eda’s hand reached her high-waisted jeans and slid beneath them her eyes sprang open. She tried to pull back with all her might, this crazy make out session had been one thing but she wasn’t ready for whatever Eda had in mind, or didn’t, as the older woman seemed driven by a more primal instinct at the moment. Eda was too strong however, and her hand now haltingly, teasingly, torturously moved lower, running over the tights Luz wore beneath her jeans. 

Luz’s whole body jumped as Eda’s middle and ring finger reached her mound, her outer fingers spread out to trace the line where thigh met pelvis. Luz’s braced her elbows against the couch in another attempt to pull away but that just made Eda kiss her more deeply until she was pretty sure Eda’s tongue was batting her tonsils. Even worse was how the combination of sensations made Luz feel absolutely glorious. Somewhere in her mind she knew this was all wrong but to be lavished with such wanton lust and erotic skill made her feel special and desired, feelings she was unaccustomed to and now hungered for. 

As her resistance grew weaker Eda became a little more tender, her hand on Luz’s neck running through her short hair while her other hand gently massaged her slit through her tights. Luz shuddered and panted as she grew wetter and wetter, her lower half felt like it was melting and she could only imagine how it would feel if there were no barriers between her and Eda’s nimble fingers. Her limbs began to tremble as Eda paid special attention to her clit, thumbing the top of her mound in an ever-increasing rhythm. Eda’s other fingers were studiously working at her pussy, squeezing her labia with her outer fingers while her ring and middle tested the limit of her tights’ elasticity, all without bringing her wicked nails into play. 

Luz had only just begun exploring her body before finding herself on the Boiling Isles and her attempts at masturbation had been hesitant, so she was completely unprepared for everything Eda was putting her through. Her limit was finally reached when Eda deftly squeezed her clit between thumb and index while finally breaking their kiss only to pull Luz’s head back and nip at her neck. The sensation of teeth against her skin while jolts of pleasure ran from her clit to her brain robbed Luz’s limbs of any remaining strength and she collapsed forward as soft, keening whimpers escaped her. 

She lay sprawled atop Eda, lost in a haze of euphoric afterglow when a thought pierced the fog in her mind like a lighthouse beacon, Eda had stopped moving. In a frenzied panic she tried to push herself up but only succeeded in tipping herself off the couch entirely. The pain of her landing banished whatever glimmer of bliss had remained as she turned her focus to Eda. 

Eda was still alive and there were no feathers indicating an imminent owlbeast transformation. In fact, she seemed to be basking in her own afterglow as she slowly blinked once, twice and then sighed as she fell fast asleep. 

Luz stared at her sleeping mentor for several minutes as her frazzled brain tried to puzzle out what had just happened to her. The ears clearly had something to do with it, they were even still twitching sporadically, and when Eda had made her orgasm, she had lost her grip on Eda’s ears. 

Eda had made her orgasm! The reality of it all suddenly sunk in and Luz bolted to her feet, backing away slowly as she tried not to panic anew. What would happen when Eda woke up? Were they lovers now? If that wasn’t the case then who had the right to feel more violated? Did Luz even consider what happened to her a violation? 

No answers came and there was no one she could turn to while the grow storm still raged outside. For the moment she could only clean herself up because her tights were positively drenched. Exhaustion hit her as she made her way upstairs but she mustered enough strength to shower and change into her sleepwear. She sat in her sleeping bag for a while afterwards, hoping sheer tiredness would claim her but her mind was still racing with possible worst-case scenarios. She felt asleep fitfully, plagued by erotically charged nightmares of strong, pale hands and deep red lips with a protruding golden fang. 





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