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James read the letter for about the tenth time, unwilling to comprehend the bold red letters at the top of the paper “...eviction.” He finally said aloud as he sat the letter down on the counter, then letting out a huff while running his hands though his thick brown hair. “They can’t...I can’t..I just..” a deep sigh escaped his lips as his arms fell to either side of him “I don’t have time for this, I gotta get to the school.”


The bells rung loudly though the halls as James sat down in his deck chair “right on time...” He said with a small grunt as he tried to mentally prepare himself for the day while shifting in his chair to find the perfect spot. It didn’t take long for the door of the classroom to fly open as kids filed in and went to their desks. James gave a weak smile as he stood up from his desk and moved to the front of the classroom. “Good morning class, today we are gunna finish chapters 7-8 of our story” then he quickly slipped into auto pilot as he lead the class though more of The Outsiders. Having reread chapters of this book class after class, year after year, he could probably have read this book with his eyes closed.


Emerald colored eyes looked out and scanned the sea of kids, looking for anyone off task and not reading. His thoughts started to wonder back to his notice from earlier and what he was gunna do. His parents would surely take him in but a teacher really shouldn’t still live with his parents. He could try to rent a hotel room daily while he tries to find a new place but who knows how long that could take and it might start to get expensive. Maybe his friend would take him in? Then again he had kinda been weird and distant lately so maybe not.


It took nothing short of all the bells in the school to start screaming though the halls to pull James from his trance. “Alright class, remember to read two more chapters tonight for the test tomorrow.” James said as he headed to his desk while watching the kids file out the door before slumping into his chair and starting to grade papers.


After a couple moments, James looked up from his work to see a young student with long blonde hair down to her knees and a dark purple top. “...Something I can help you with, Pacifica?”


The thirteenth year old girl just smirked back at her older teacher. “I think there is, Mr.Temple. as I’m sure you know..I’m failing this class” while she spoke, she moved to the door and checked it was closed before locking it. “And Ms. Bridgette said she would be benching any cheerleaders who were failing..”


James couldn’t help but be somewhat captivated for a moment as the girl flicked her long blonde hair back at the end of her sentence before giving a slight shake of his head. “Well I..uh..yeah I don’t..normally give out extra credit but if you ace the test tomorrow I’m sure I could think of something to help.”


Her grin slowly morphed into a much more sensual look. “you see, Mr. Temple...I’d like to raise me grade...but I’m still not going to do any school work for this” she moved around his deck to her teacher and tugged at his chair to pull it back from the desk. Despite being extremely uncomfortable, he could smell the lavender perfume she wore as she walked up to him which help soothe his nerves a bit. “Which isn’t to say I don’t plan on..working for it” her index finger lightly outlining his shoulder blade before turning the chair so they faced one another.


People always like to say they are better then something or they’d never do such a thing, and in retrospect they aren’t lying, they just assumed they’d never be faced with it. James thought himself to be a good teacher, despite the occasional glance at the cheerleaders who are forced to wear their uniforms on game days. It wasn’t like it was him who choice for the skirt to be so short or the neck cut that deep and after all he was only human. He never had any deeper thoughts past a look and couldn’t have dreamed of doing such things to his students...but now...face to face with it, his judgement faltered.


His eyes were quick to scan up and down her frame as he was turned. Her plain dark purple top hugged her body nicely with a bit of frill on the bottom and around deep neckline, which gave a nice view to her still developing chest. She also wore a pair of all black leggings that James could swear showed the outline of her panties. “D-do pray tell how you plan on that?..” it took all the strength he could muster to keep what little cool he had, even if he knew he could feel some heat radiating from his cheeks.


Pacifica softly giggled “The same way I always do, of course” she said very matter of factly as she slid down onto her knees in front of her teacher.


“..I’m not sure wh-“ he was cut short as both her hands came up and started to undo his pants, forcing him to jump back in his chair a bit to get away. “Whoa whoa Pacifica, what are you doing!?”


She rolled her eyes as she got they always hesitated at first for appearance but sometimes she wished she could skip past it and just get it over with. “Oh come on, I know iv seen you eyeing me up in class before.” She hadn’t really seen him but she knew she was hot so it was a good (and correct) assumption.


 “Well I-..I..wasn’t..I mean okay maybe I..I was but not that way it was just..” he could feel his face grow a deep crimson red as he tried to explain away any prolonged looking in the past to no avail.


She moved in close again and put a hand on either of James knees as she knew she’d have to try her best and act sweet..at least to convince him. “Shhh I understand..I’m not mad, Mr Temple.” She said with a soft smile, her sweet voice calming him as her hands gently moved up his legs. “I feel bad..forced to sit there and only able to look from a distance..” Her hands carefully made it to the slight bulge now forming in the crouch of the pants.


Deep blue pools looked back up at James and locked contact, almost ensnaring him as he couldn’t look anywhere else. Part of his mind screamed at him to push her away again and just leave the room, but another increasingly louder voice told him if she’s the one doing it then it’s okay. “..I just..We-”


Cut off once more, she tried to not let him get in a word edge wise as she started to softly push and massage the growing bulge. “Left to only wonder what’s...Under...Neath.” Her emphasized words dripping with lust and in a few deft movement her hands unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.


James could feel a soft warm hand rap around his length as she pulled it free from his boxers front flap. There wasn’t much going back as he watched her get his now fully erect length out and it wasn’t much longer before any fight he had, left him at about the same time he felt his tip part her soft lips and slip into her warm maw. “A-ahh..nnh..”


Her tongue started to rub up against the underside of the now intruding head, quickly eliciting a moan from James. She did her best to keep her eyes locked with his as she slowly let more and more of the length start to slide its way in while her lips sunk further down. Pacifica noticed his hands clenching at the arm rests as she pushed his length deeper making her grin a bit.


It had been awhile since James had been given head and it didn’t help that it was with, albeit a new realization, the hottest thirteen year old in the town. “F..fu..fuck that’s good..” A soft grunt as just watching the young girl let his swollen member push deeper into her mouth was almost enough to push him to his edge.


Finally Pacifica felt her nose press into her teacher as well as her lips. She sat there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of the large rod feeling her mouth completely and gently prodding at the back of her throat. It wasn’t much longer before she started to slowly drag her self back off his cock then right before the tip could be exposed, pushing her lips all the way back down with a wet slurp.


A grunt of pleasure once again escaped James as he watched on at the blonde head bobbing up and down. “P..please..fuck...don’t stop..”


She was hardly able to giggle as the mouthful she had muffled it a bit. It was good to hear how fast Mr. Temple was getting into it and  decided to start moving a bit faster as she could start to taste salty pre oozing into her mouth.


Heavy breathing and wet slurps started to feel the otherwise empty classroom as James could already feel his limit nearing. “Aha..ah..P..Pacifica..i..nnh..” her warm soft mouth kept sliding back and forth over his length, his legs squirming a bit from the overwhelming pleasure.


Men not being able to form a sentence was normal for her while she gave head so she had became good at understanding them. She kept her movements going faster and faster tell she was starting to gag with each quick trust, her tongue guiding his length and rubbing against it with each stroke.


It didn’t take to much of this before James started to fidget and squirm in his seat. “Ah god..oh god!..fuck yess!” Finally hitting his edge, Jame’s cocks thick veins started throbbing with each jet of warm thick seed pumped out.


Had they not been locked in eye contact James may have missed it but right before he finished, Pacifica pulled her head away and let his cock slip out as one hand quickly jerked his moist length and the other ripping a tissue from somewhere and pushing his tip into it.


James lay somewhat limp in his chair as he panted heavily, basking in the afterglow of his climax and watching the young girl crumple up the now messy tissue and tossing it in the trash next to his desk. “D..did you?..”


She smirked a bit as she nodded “You haven’t earned that..” her voice very..devious.


He didn’t know how to respond to that as he just sat in his chair, dumbfounded and struggling to catch his breath.


“I’m sure glad I’m gonna ace the test tomorrow.” She grinned as she stood up to be eye level again. “Right?”


James couldn’t bring himself to say anything so after a moment he just nodded.


“Good boy.” she laughed a bit as she turned away and headed to the door, her movement intensionally slow as her ass swayed side to side with each step. “See you tomorrow, Mr. Temple!” And with that she unlocked and threw the door open and left.


After a second the door slowly shut its self with a clunk, leaving James to sit alone in the classroom with his now limp dick still out. “What..the fuck..did I just do..”



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