Foster's Home & The Winking Eye

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story. Adults only! I do not condone sex with children.

Disclaimer: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

This is a story for adults only due to graphic sex. I do not condone sex with children.

Chapter 1. Where Mac ‘Rubs One Out’

“Pssst” came the whisper from inches ahead of him. “MacComeOverHereQuick!”

“Goo, keep your voice down” Mac begged. “Everything is echoing in here like crazy!”

They had been crawling through the abandoned heating ducts for what seemed like hours. They were dirty and soot covered from head to toe… and had been having the time of their lives exploring one of the last forbidden places in the huge house. Some of these pipes weren’t even on the floor plans in the Madame’s study.

Mac thought he was they might be somewhere between the third-floor elevator and fourth floor suite of bedrooms. He was getting a little nervous. They might be near Madame Foster’s room. Mr. Harriman had warned him a while ago about staying out of these particular pipes. And of course, he had told his friend Goo eventually… and so of course she said…

“WeJustHaveToGoExploringCauseThereMustBeAllKindsOfTreasureHiddenOrWhyElseWouldItBeOfflimits? Huh? Whyelse?”

Even Mac, who understood his friend Goo better than anyone else, took a few moments deciphering that one!

In the last couple of hours, they came across some treasure troves… Mostly toys and clothes and some rotten food that had probably been left by Imaginary Friends years ago who hid in the vents for one reason or another. Some of the items were so old that Mac & Goo had no idea what they were. What was a Great Gabloo? Looked like kind of an Imaginary Friend in toy form, but with batteries long corroded away.

Goo was wearing a pirate hat with a winking eye she had found. Mac had found (and lost) a French beret, in the most God-awful shade of green he had ever seen. He had wanted to bring it back to the mansion to see if any of the Friends recognized whoever it had belonged to. No such luck!

Oh, well.

The vents and passages were also a great way to spy on the occupants of the house. Goo had convinced poor fraidy-cat Eduardo that he was being haunted by the ghosts of the Animal Cruncher cookies he was eating in secret. Mac felt a little bad about that, but he had to admit it was pretty funny.

Mac had snuck out of the pipes and had replaced one of Coco’s eggs with Wilt’s basketball, while she was sleeping on her nest. That was pretty brave of him, Goo said admiringly (“AwesomeBravenessDude). The way Coco had gone crazy when Wilt tried to get his ball back was a riot!

The pair had split up by accident at some point and had now found each other again. Goo waved Mac over to peer through a rusted shut grill at the amazing sight below. When Mac began to respond she placed an extremely dirty hand over his mouth.

He was wide eyed at the sight he saw. “Frankie’s room.” He tried to back away, he didn’t want to spy on her! Ever. Why would Goo want…? Then he saw what she was really trying to get him to look at.

The two huddled together, shocked by the site below. Frankie was naked on her bed. Legs crossed. Lime green panties twirling on one ankle, humming to herself. She was reading a magazine of some kind.

Mac was already backing away in shock when Goo grabbed him by the ear and whispered, “LooooookAtWhatShesDoing!!!”

“She’ll hear you!” the boy complained.


Mac realized Goo was right, Frankie was shaking her head to some tune, it was so loud it almost drowned out a strange buzzing he had noticed but ignored, due to the shock of the sight of naked Frankie.

He had always fantasized about what a naked Frankie must look like. He had snuck a look at some of Terrance’s secret magazines, searching for red-headed girls… he found some, but they were never quite right. Too fat, too skinny, too floppy. He had a secret photograph of just Frankie’s face and he used to place it over Terrance’s red heads. Nothing felt right to him and he felt kind of dirty afterwards. But he still did it.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Goo noticed the kind of goofy look Mac got on his face. She didn’t like it.

Oh, she liked Frankie well enough, she was fun, though she yelled at Goo a lot and locked her out of the mansion, for no good reason at all (at least not in her mind!). “But boys were pretty clueless,” Goo thought.

In her head her thoughts were perfectly understandable. “Why can’t people keep up?”

Anyway, she considered Mac her own personal property and maybe boyfriend, even if he had no idea about it.

“Frankie’s way, way, way too old for him. I’m just the right amount of too old!”

“What is that?” he whispered.

She was lying on her back, knees bent and legs spread wide apart. She had kicked off the panties. With one hand she was driving something fat and pink deeply into her sparsely red-furred slit. She was moving it in and out, in and out so fast. So fast! He could see something white and wet leaking out of her at the same time. It began to spray in all directions.

Frankie dropped the magazine, closed her eyes and leaned back. If anything, she was pumping the pink object in faster and faster now.

Goo whispered again, “She’s fucking herself, Mac. How ‘bout that?” she slowed the usual machine gun pace of speech down. “Pretty disgusting, huh? How d’ya like your girlfriend now, huh?”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” he said with some pain in his voice. He realized the white stuff was cum. Cum! He knew all about that. Terrance, in one of his few brotherly responsibilities had taught him all about it. Taught him how to do it. A lot! Mac was a fast learner… He just didn’t realize that girls could cum too. She was leaking all over the place.

“OMG, it’s a penis” Mac whispered, too loud but thank God Frankie couldn’t hear over the music.

“No dummy, it’s a dilder” she returned. It made Mac a little sick to look at it. It was a huge pink rubbery thing, with two balls below the shaft. “It’s as big as her arm!” Goo was exaggerating, but not by much. And Frankie was driving it into her slit. Not a slit anymore, a gaping hole. The ‘dilder’ was making buzzing noises, louder/softer louder/softer as she drove deep inside of herself and pulled it out.

She was now using one hand on the dilder, the other was squeezing her breast, playing with the large pink nipple. Mac was afraid to blink. He didn’t dare miss anything. He was sickened and disgusted and totally fascinated and even more deeply in love with Frankie then he had been before.

He wanted to be there. He wanted to use the dilder on her. Drive it into that gaping slit. No. He wanted to be the dilder itself so he could plunge head first into Frankie and be lost inside her.

Goo was repulsed and had thought that Mac would be too. “Boys! Sick!” she growled. Mac didn’t notice.

The blinking eye on the pirate hat she was still wearing was wide open now.

She saw his he‘rection; it was so obvious even in the dim light of the vent. She knew all about those, it meant a boy is excited. A boy is in love! She had been watching Mac for months now. Expecting him to get an he‘rection when she was around. “WellHesTooYoung! HeWillSomeday!” she had thought. But clearly, he wasn’t too young. It made her unhappy.

“Look!” she whispered again. “ShesSuckingHerOwnTitty! LikeABaby. BabySucksATitty!” Goo tried to make fun of what the teen was doing.

“OhGodOhGodOhGod” Mac moaned, sounding more like Goo now than ever. Without a thought as to what he was doing or who he was with, he dropped his pants and began to masturbate (or “rub one out” as Terrance had taught him to say).

Goo’s eyes went wide! She had the biggest eyes on a person that Mac had ever seen and they seemed to grow three times their normal size. She knew what a penis was supposed to look like, she had just never seen a real live one before. Certainly not Macs, her ‘maybe boyfriend’?

Frankie had stopped sucking her breast, her other hand was between her legs as she continued to hammer herself with the horse sized fake cock. Mac had no idea what he was watching, but he knew he was seeing something he wanted to know more about. He heard her moan, something about “Click or “Kitt” or “Clit”? He didn’t know what that meant, but he knew he wouldn’t dare ask Terrance.

Goo had crouched down to get a better look at Mac’s penis. “How can he yank it so hard?” she wondered. “Doesn’t it hurt him?” She knew all about friction and thought he might set himself on fire!

Frankie suddenly screamed. Her toes clenched as an orgasm ripped through her naked body.

Mac suddenly screamed. As an orgasm caused him to shudder and shake.

Goo suddenly screamed. As Macs orgasm shot a stream of Mac’s cum the few inches separating her face from his dick. She caught his load, smack, right across her face and her lips.

Mac’s face went white with terror as Frankie glanced around her room. She began to laugh. Clearly, she heard something, but the old house was always making noises.

Mac then realized what he had been doing… what he had actually done. If he could have died of embarrassment, he would have. He wished he had died rather than face Goo.

Goo had a strange look on her face. Oh, she knew what had happened. Mac fumbled trying to find his handkerchief, but it had been lost someplace in the vents hours ago. In a panic, he moved to wipe the cum off her face with a dirty sleeve. Goo pushed his arm away slowly and began to wipe the cum off her face with her fingers. She studied it, as if it was something alive, a strange bug she just needed to examine more closely.

The winking pirate eye seemed to be studying it too.

One wet finger on the tip of her tongue. Tasting. Part cum, part dirty finger, she seemed to consider it. She brought the rest of her still wet fingers up to her nose. Sniffed it. Thought about it for another moment. She rubbed it between her fingers… then sucked them all clean. She found more on her cheek, pushed it towards her mouth.

Mac wasn’t sure she was supposed to do that, but he had no words in him.

The last thing Mac saw as they began slowly, carefully backed out of the vent, was Frankie holding her dildar. The giant dick was still buzzing and he could see it was slick with her cum. She was drawing wet circles on her nipple with it. Then she popped the head, the shaft all the way to the plastic balls into her mouth.

“I must be crazy” he thought. Then, “No way that’s possible! She couldn’t fit that huge thing in her mouth, it must go all the way down her throat!” (Well, he was half right).

He knew his friend Goo would never forgive him for what he had just done

He didn’t understand everything that had happened, but it had to be bad… didn’t it?

Was it bad that he still wanted to pull his dick out again? Rub another one out? Then two more?

The eye on Goo’s pirate hat had no answers for him

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