Hazbin Hotel Episode/Webcomic Script

BY : wariodude128
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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of or make money off this fan written episode. Hazbin Hotel and all related characters are property of Vivienne Medrano. I actually do like polka music. Comments a character makes on it in the fic are meant as a joke.

We open up with Charlie, princess of Hell, walking towards the hotel with a sad look on her face. She stops and looks up at the sign which has the name HAZBIN HOTEL on it. She closes her eyes, looks down and sighs. Charlie then opens her eyes, looks forward and opens the door. She walks inside and has a surprised look on her face. In the lobby, we see that Vaggie is giving a key to a familiar male demon who has a familiar female demon with him. Vaggie has a bored look on her face as she says:

“Room is upstairs. Please keep the noise down when you bang. No one wants to hear it. Enjoy your stay.”

The male demon has a smile on his face as he says:


He then looks to the female demon and says:

“C'mon Millie, let's see go see our room.”

The female demon, who we know is named Millie, smiles and nods. They both run up the nearby stairs and are gone from sight. Charlie runs up to Vaggie and with a huge smile and says:

“Vaggie, that's amazing! I don't know how you did that!”

Angel Dust appears next to her and smiles as he says:

“Actually, I convinced them to come here.”

Charlie looks to Angel Dust and asks:

“Really? How?”

Angel Dust rolls his eyes and raises his hands as he says:


We cut to a bar as the male demon and Millie both have drinks in their hands with annoyed looks on their faces. Angel Dust is next to them and the male demon says:

“Give me one good reason we should live at a hotel run by the princess of Hell.”

Angel Dust puts a hand up next to the male demon's ear and says in a low voice:

“If you stay with us, your shitty boss won't be able to fuck with you as easily.”

The male demon has a surprised look on his face at this. We cut back to now as Angel Dust says:

“And if he does come around, Alastor can give him what for.”

Charlie looks around and asks:

“Speaking of, where is he?”

Husk, who is behind the bar and has been drinking from a bottle, pulls the top of it out of his mouth and says:

“He talked about bringin' over an old acquaintance. Then he laughed and ran off.”

Vaggie crosses her arms and looks off to the side as she says:

“I still don't trust that bastard. Whatever he's up to can't be good.”

Angel Dust puts an elbow on the front desk and closes his eyes as he says:

“Well, the man does make some good jambalaya. Never heard of it before, but if it's usually like that then I'm a big fan.”

Charlie Smiles and says:

“In the meantime.”

She raises her head up towards the ceiling and closes her eyes as she sings:

[Oh Nif-tyyyyy!]

We cut to Husk, who now has a different bottle of something in one hand. Little hands appear at the bottom of his hat and the front is pushed upwards, revealing that Nifty is underneath. Husk looks up at Nifty with a raised eyebrow as Nifty asks:

“Yes, Boss?”

Charlie opens her eyes and looks over at Nifty as she says:

“We have new residents. Go up to room...”

She looks over at Vaggie, who says:


Charlie looks back at Nifty and says:

“Yes, room four, and introduce yourself.”

Nifty hops off of Husk's head onto the bar, with his hat landing back in its place, and she says:

“I'm on it!”

Nifty hops onto the floor and stops when Charlie says:

“Oh, be sure to knock first and don't open the door until they tell you to go in. You don't want to make a bad first impression and they might be in the middle of something.”

Nifty nods and says:

“Leave it to me! Gotta go!”

Nifty zips off and everyone watches as she goes. Angel Dust looks at Husk's hat and asks:

“Why was she...?”

Husk closes his eyes, shrugs his shoulders and says:

“Fuck if I know. I've gotten used to it.”

Off-screen, we hear a voice say:

“Honey, I'm home!”

We move over and see Alastor, otherwise known as the Radio Demon, having opened the door. As he walks in, applause and cheering can be heard. Charlie sees him and smiles as she says:

“Hey Alastor. I heard you were bringing someone over here.”

Alastor nods and says:

“I was and I have.”

He looks to the door, which is still open, as he says:

“Come in, come in, don't be shy, that's a good fellow.”

What we see come through the door is what looks like a human sized red mechanical suit with a blue line around its waist and two red large square Gatling guns stacked on top of each other on each arm. On top is a clear cylinder with a human head in the middle of it and a blue tube going from the cylinder to the main body on each side. The head of this creature is a man with black greased hair, blue eyes and a little black mustache. He has a nervous look on his face as he waves one of his arms and says:

“Hallo. Meine name ist Adolf Shicklgruber.”

We cut to Charlie, Vaggie and Angel Dust with looks of shock on their faces. Angel Dust asks:

“Is that who I think it is?”

We cut back to the mechanical suit, who calls himself Adolf, as Alastor puts a hand on one of his shoulders and says:

“Everyone, Adolf here has been looking for somewhere quiet to stay for some time and I thought this place would be perfect.”

Vaggie gets an angry look on her face as she moves her hands and arms outwards as she says:

“Nope, no way, no fucking way!”

Husk has his eyes closed and is drinking out of yet another bottle. He opens his eyes and says:

“Well shit, of all the assholes I never imagined meeting, he was in my top five.”

Adolf looks at Alastor and smiles as he says:

“I had no idea zey all knew me.”

Angel Dust makes his top and lower hands in an invisible frame as he says:

“Hey Buddy, newsflash: You're the reason hardly anyone has been named Adolf since you died.”

Charlie walks forward, with a nervous smile on her face, as she says:

“Well uh, nice to meet you Adolf.”

She gets up next to him and looks up and down his right double Gatling arm as she asks:

“What part of your arm is your hand?”

The bottom Gatling gun on Adolf's right arm moves forward and to the side revealing a red latex covered hand. Charlie is taken aback by this. He puts his hand forward as he says:

“Ze pleasure ist all mine, Fraulein.”

Charlie grabs Adolf's hand and they shake as she says:

“Charlie will be fine.”

As Vaggie gets out from behind the front desk, still with an angry look on her face, Angel Dust smiles and says:

“Well, that does explain a few things.”

Charlie is actually smiling as a hand appears on her shoulder. She gets pulled back and makes a surprised face. We now see that the hand belongs to Vaggie as she holds Charlie by her arms and says:

“Charlie, you cannot be serious about letting him stay here!”

Charlie smiles and puts a hand on one of Vaggie's arms as she says:

“But Vaggie, he came to us.”

Alastor appears to the side of them and asks:

“Is there a problem?”

Vaggie and Charlie look at Alastor. We cut to Alastor's point of view as Vaggie lets go of Charlie and says:

“You bet your ass there's a problem.”

She stomps over to where Adolf is, who still has his hand visible, as she points a finger right at him and looks at Alastor as she says:

“This sack of shit is responsible for the death of millions, attempted genocide and what everything gets compared to when they want to call something evil on the internet!”

Adolf has a sad look on his face as he says:

“But Fraulein, I did zat so Deutsch people could be togezer again oonter von rule.”

Vaggie looks at Adolf and says:

“You stay out of this!”

Alastor walks over to Vaggie in between her and Adolf as he says:

“Perhaps I need to better explain my thought process to someone such as you.”

All of a sudden, some shadow demons appear and start to play the instrumental to the song Modern Major General from Pirates of Penzance. Alastor now appears next to Adolf and sings:

[I think that he is perfect as a Hazbin Hotel candidate. He's been dead for so long yet now most people would retaliate| against someone who thought that maybe he was just misunderstood| since his biggest priority was always for the greater good.]

Alastor moves to the other side of Adolf, who is looking at him and smiling, as Alastor sings:

[When he rose up his country had an atrocious economy. A treaty made it so the country would have no autonomy. So he started up weapon factories and made them all work for| around six years anticipating there would be a major war.]

He now gets in front of Adolf in between him and Vaggie as he sings:

[He attacked a country to take back some of his lost fatherland| so in a sense if you were him I'm sure that you would understand. The easiest and hardest person ever to domesticate. That's why I think he's perfect as a Hazbin Hotel Candidate.]

Vaggie puts her head down, closes her working eye and sighs. She then opens it, with an angry look on her face as she looks at Alastor and says:

“I say that he is the worst as a Hazbin Hotel candidate! Towards the Jewish people all he had was unrelenting hate! The fact you think he'd be good here proves only that you want to mock| what Charlie wants to do so I think you can go and suck a cock!”

She looks up and throws up her hands and says:

“You're sure that he won't be redeemed and that the peanut gallery| will never take her seriously again in totality! Instead of having him stay here I think I will be very blunt| and say that I would much rather have you kneel down and eat my cunt!”

Vaggie looks back at Alastor and puts her hands straight behind her as she says:

“I can't believe you would so casually try and ruin us, and so to take my mind off of this later after all this fuss| to get comfortable I will have Charlie help me masturbate| for I say he is the worst as a Hazbin Hotel candidate!”

Vaggie suddenly has a shocked look on her face and covers her mouth with both of her hands. Charlie appears to her right and Vaggie looks at her. She puts a hand on her shoulder and smiles as she sings:

[Now Vaggie, I don't think we can tell Alastor's exact intent, but if we are successful then it would set a big precedent. At the moment we do need something to make our society| notice what it is we strive for and gain some notoriety.]

Vaggie lets go of her mouth and hangs her arms limp as Charlie sings:

[If good can be found in one of the worst people in history, then it will show that even though I'm part of the consistory| not everyone is completely evil and wants to stay that way| and it would help us out in the long term at the end of the day.]

Charlie has now moved over next to Adolf, who is looking at her and smiling, and she sings:

[It could be fun learning about all of the things that make him tick| and if after some time it turns out that he really is a dick| I'll personally execute him during the next purge mandate. In the meantime accept him as a Hazbin Hotel candidate.]

The music finishes and the shadows disappear. As they do, Adolf says:

“Danke, Charlie, for gifing me a chance.”

Angel Dust closes his eyes and smiles as he says:

“Well, I'm convinced in letting him stay.”

Vaggie rolls her eye and walks towards the front desk as she says:

“Fine, I'll check him in. I won't like it, though.”

Adolf walks up to the desk and Vaggie puts a key on the desk in front of him as she says:

“Here, room nine.”

Adolf frowns and asks:

“You mean zere's nein room for me?”

Vaggie looks up and shakes her head. She looks at Adolf and says:

“No, the room is the number nine.”

Adolf looks at the key and says:

“I can't stay here if I haf nein room.”

Vaggie puts her hands on the table and squints her eye with an annoyed look on her face as she asks:

“You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?”

Adolf shakes his head and says:

“Nein, ze vay you say nine sounds too much like ze Deutsch vord for no.”

Vaggie rolls her eye, takes the key from the desk and places another key in front of him as she says:

“In that case, here's the key for room five.”

Adolf smiles and says:

“Zat vill do nicely.”

Charlie appears next to Vaggie and has a look of concern on her face as she says:

“If you really want me to help you relieve some stress, you can count on me.”

Adolf has a surprised look on his face as he says:

“Vait, you mean to say you two are togezer?”

Vaggie grabs hold of Charlie and holds her close. Charlie looks forward with her face at an angle with a surprised look on her face. Vaggie has an angry look on her face as she asks:

“Got a problem with that?”

Adolf smiles and says:

“Nein. I'd heard off such sing before, but had nefer seen it firsthand.”

Vaggie lets go of Charlie and says:

“Well, good.”

Alastor walks forward and is next to Adolf as he asks:

“Did I ever tell you about how my grandfather convinced Death Itself to become sheriff of a town?”

We cut to Husk, who now has a different bottle in his hand, as he asks:

“How did anyone convince that jackoff to do such a thing?”

Alastor looks to Husk and says:

“Funny story, actually. The way he told it, it all started when a train derailed and-”

A rumbling sound can be heard and the ground starts to shake. As it does, Alastor asks:

“Does anyone feel the Earth move under their feet, or is it just me?”

We cut to the floor as part of it gives way and a drill comes through. The drill appears to be connected to a vehicle with treads and it stops moving after the treads get on the floor of the hotel. Everyone except for Alastor, who is still smiling, and Husk, who is still seemingly nonchalant, sees this with a look of shock. What looks like a door opens up and out pops the head and hat of Sir Pentious. He laughs and says:


Angel Dust smiles and says:

“If you wanna see me come, you only gotta ask nicely.”

Sir Pentious looks around and says:

“I wanted to penetrate this house after my last glorious defeat and it has been a resounding success.”

Angel Dust says:

“With a member that big, you can penetrate me any day.”

Sir Pentious has an angry look on his face as he looks at Angel Dust and says:

“Stop that! Your dirty wisecracks annoy me to no end!”

A bottle of something hits the hat of Sir Pentious. He and his hat look like they're in pain as he puts his hands above his hat and says:

“Ow! Babe, don't hit me one more time!”

We cut to Husk, who does not have a bottle of something in either hand, as he says:

“Hey Asswipe, you interrupted storytime.”

Sir Pentious smiles and says:

“Well, you should know that I'm the biggest story around!”

From inside the vehicle, a voice asks:

“So what's the plan now, Boss?”

Sir Pentious opens his mouth, then stops to seemingly consider what he's about to say. He then says:

“I er, didn't think about what we'd do after we got in here.”

Alastor walks over to Adolf and says:

“Adolf, be a good boy and deal with our intruder if you would be so kind.”

Adolf nods at Alastor and the Gatling gun that had opened up on his right arm moves back to its original position. Adolf get an angry look on his face as all four Gatling guns start to rotate. As they do, Adolf yells:


Out of Adolf's Gatling guns come large white bullets. We cut to Sir Pentious, who sees bullets hitting his vehicle and causing more and more damage to it. He slithers out and says:

“Everyone, our plans have been foiled! Let's regroup and try again another day!”

Sir Pentious very quickly moves out of the still open door. Out from the vehicle we see many egg bois hop out and run out of the door waving their little hands around with fear on their faces. As what appears to be the last one hops out and falls flat on his face, the drilling vehicle explodes. As the egg boi gets up, Angel Dust looks at it and says:

“Hey eggman, next time you see your boss, tell him that if he wants to take over Hell, he should try selling something demons want.”

The egg boi looks up at Angel Dust and says:

“Thank you for the advice. I'll get right on it.”

The egg boi runs out the door while flailing its arms. Vaggie has a surprised look on her face and says:

“That was... kind of awesome.”

The Gatlings on each of Adolf's arms stop whirring and he takes in a deep breath before letting it out. Alastor starts to clap and says:

“Good show, Adolf, good show. I couldn't have done a better job myself.”

Adolf looks at Alastor and smiles as he says:

“It vas ze least I could do.”

Charlie is next to Adolf as she says:

“I didn't know they actually functioned.”

Adolf looks to Charlie and says:

“I'm not all yust looks, Charlie.”

All of a sudden, Nifty appears and sees the hole in the floor with pieces of the drill vehicle. She says:

“Hey everyone! I didn't know we were renovating!”

She sees Adolf and says:

“Hey, you look familiar! I've seen you before, but I'm not sure where!”

Nifty then hops on top of Adolf's clear cylinder and says:

“Well, I got things to do, so I'll be off!”

As quick as she appeared, Nifty zips off just as fast. Alastor says:

“You know, Adolf didn't always look like this.”

Husk is licking one of his arms. He looks up from it and says:

“You don't say.”

Adolf nods and says:

“Ya, I looked fery different from how you see me today.”

Angel Dust asks:

“So what made you decide to reinvent yourself?”

Adolf looks to Angel Dust and says:

“I didn't. In ze early nineteen-nineties, my body started to spontaneously transform into vat you see now. Ven new arrifals appeared, zey told me it vas because my likeness vas in somesing called a fideogame. Volfen-somesing I sink zey called it. Due to zat fideogame, I'f had zese vorking Gatlings to defend myself vit efer since.”

Vaggie folds her arms and looks away from Adolf as she says:

“That explains a lot.”

Charlie walks up to the hole in the floor and bends down as she has a look of concern as she says:

“I don't know how we're going to fix this.”

Alastor laughs and says:

“Leave it to me, my dear. Metallurgy happens to be one of my skills and there's tons of metal strewn about the place thanks to our uninvited guest.”

Charlie looks to Alastor and asks:

“Can Razzle and Dazzle help?”

Alastor nods and says:

“Of course. A helping hand or two is always welcome.”

Husk now asks:

“Hey neuer typ, was ist dein getrank der wahl?”

Adolf looks to Husk with a surprised look on his face as he says:

“Du kannst Deutch sprechen?”

Husk looks away from Adolf and says:

“Andere sprachen fliessend zu sprechen, ist ein hobby von mir.”

Adolf walks over to the bar and smiles as he says:

“Ich bin wieder zu hause.”

Charlie smiles and says:

“He'll settle in just fine.”

Angel Dust rolls his eyes and says:

“Y'know, I've been wondering what happened to the boss of those demons I brought in.”

We cut to Blitzo in a house looking from side to side as if to ask where everyone is.


We now cut to the opening animation of the 666 channel news show. We now see Katie Killjoy on the left side of the screen and Tom Trench on the right side. Their names are displayed under them as well. Katie smiles and says:

“Good afternoon, I'm Katie Killjoy.”

Tom says:

“And I'm Tom Trench.”

The camera does a closeup on Tom's face with a picture of Sir Pentious wearing a baseball cap backwards whole holding a skateboard with one hand, doing a piece sign with his other hand and a yellow shirt that says MUSIC BAND in red. While this picture is next to Tom, he says:

“It has now been an entire week since attempted usurper and all around fucking loser Sir Pentious stopped trying to take over parts of Hell up for grabs and started selling what he calls all purpose oil. He claims its uses include cooking, lubricating machinery and dousing anyone you don't like with it before setting them on fire.”

We cut back to Katie and Tom back on the screen as Katie says:

“It was all thanks to a suggestion by one of his underlings, which was suggested by the spider creature pornstar himself Angel Dust.”

Tom raises an eyebrow and says:

“You got it, Kate.”

We now have a closeup of Katie's face as a picture of Adolf with an angry look on his face appears next to her. As it does, she says:

“In other news, the mass murderer and overall piece of shit Adolf Shicklgruber has been staying at the Hazbin Hotel formerly known as the Happy Hotel for around the same amount of time.”

We cut back to Katie and Tom in the same screen as Tom says:

“To see how things are going with one of the worst sinners to have ever lived, we have Cherri Bomb coming to us live from right outside the place.”

Tom puts a hand to his ear and looks to the side as he asks:

“What's it looking like down there, Cherri?”

The camera now cuts to Cherri Bomb in front of the door to the Hazbin Hotel. From behind the door we can hear a muffled instrumental rendition of the song Mei Muata Und Mei Vota. She's holding a microphone and smiling as she says:

“Thanks, Tom. As you can hear, some of the worst noises ever to be made with musical instruments, otherwise known as polka, is coming from inside the building.”

She looks at the door and grabs it while saying:

“To better understand the absolute depravity Adolf is forcing the poor souls in here to do, I'm going in for a closer look.”

Cherri opens the door and the muffled music is now regular polka. As Cherri steps inside, the camera follows her. What we see now is shadow demons on the side with polka instruments playing music. In the lobby of the hotel are four couples dancing: One consisting of two goat creatures, the second being of a familiar looking male demon with a female demon called Millie, a third being Angel Dust with Vaggie and the last couple is Husk with Nifty. They are all dancing traditional German polka dance. Off to the side, we can see Adolf in front of a canvas holding a painting pallet in his left hand and a paintbrush in his right hand. In front of the canvas is Charlie sitting still with a smile on her face as Adolf appears to be looking up at her and down at the canvas while painting with his brush. Cherri closes her eye and laughs. She then opens her eye and says:

“Well, of all the fucked up shit I was expecting, this wasn't part of it.”

Alastor appears and says:

“Well hello there and welcome to the Hazbin Hotel. To what do we owe the pleasure of having a camera crew entering this fine establishment?”

Cherri looks at him and says:

“All of Hell was curious to know if things are going well with Charlie's newest pet project.”

Alastor walks over to Adolf, with Cherri and the camera following him, as he twirls his microphone and says:

“Well, as you can plainly see, Adolf has been teaching us how to dance in the traditional German style. He also deigned to have music playing while creating a portrait of Miss Magne. He said it helps him concentrate while working.”

Cherri asks:

“Think we can check on how he's doing?”

Alastor puts the bottom of his microphone next to Adolf, who appears to be finishing up what he's painting, and says:

“Adolf, show the nice folks at home what you're working on.”

Adolf looks to the camera and smiles as he says:

“Ah, hallo. You got me yust as I vas finishing zis painting off Fraulein Charlie.”

Adolf picks up the newly finished painting and points it towards the camera. We see that it is a lifelike portrait of Charlie smiling. He asks:

“It ist goot, ya?”

All of a sudden the painting spontaneously catches fire. Adolf sees this and is visibly shocked. As the flames subside, the painting has transformed Charlie into her demonic form. When Adolf sees this, he exclaims:

“Ach! Sheisse! Not again!”

Cherri raises one half of her eyebrow and asks:

“You mean this happened before?”

Adolf looks at Cherri with a sad look on his face as he says:

“Efery time I paint a picture of ze Fraulein, it alvays bursts into flames and transforms into zis.”

Adolf points towards various pictures of Charlie with a demonic face as he says:

“It ist meine biggest roadblock.”

Cherri says:

“Hah, sucks to be you!”

As Adolf looks down with sadness, the camera moves over to see Alastor as he appears to be thinking. He then says:

“I think I might have an idea of how to solve his little problem”

Cherri asks:

“Whatcha thinkin?”

Alastor laughs and says:

“It's a surprise, my dear. If it works, you'll be the first to know.”

Cherri looks to the camera and says:

“Well, there you have it. The shitlord responsible for the death of millions is doing the three things that are simply unforgivable: Teaching people how to dance, listening to polka and attempting to make a goody goody portrait. It's anyone's guess how this will all turn out. Back to you in the studio, Tom.”

We cut back to the desk that Katie and Tom are at and we see that Katie's neck is bent down to under the desk in the direction of Tom. Tom himself has his gas mask face pointing upwards as he seems to be enjoying himself. He looks at the camera and brings his head forward in shock. He pulls Katie's head up from wherever it was and her neck audibly cracks as her head gets back into position. Katie herself has a surprised look on her face as Tom puts his arms on the desk and says:

“Thanks, Cherri. Redemption seems nigh impossible for that asshat, but we'll keep you posted.”

Katie shakes her head and smiles at the camera as she says:

“Up next, we have an exclusive interview with inventor of biological warfare and illiterate warlord Genghis Khan concerning international diplomacy.”


We cut back to the hotel with Cherri Bomb and the camera crew still in there. Adolf brings his arms down and places the brush and pallet on the floor as he says:

“I can't vork anymore.”

Alastor looks to the shadow demons and uses one finger to make a slicing motion across his neck. The demons stop playing and everyone stops dancing. Cherri looks to the camera demons and says:

“Alright, losers, let's head back to my turf and defend it until we're needed again.”

Cherri runs out of the hotel with the camera crew following her. The last one slams the door of the hotel behind them. Vaggie rolls her eye and says:


Adolf brings his head up and looks at the ceiling as he sighs as he says:

“You know, I nefer really had anysing against Yews. Zey vere despised and not fery trusted anyvay, so it vas easy enough to place all off Deutchland's problems on zem.”

Angel Dust folds both pairs of his arms as he says:

“I find that extremely hard to believe.”

Adolf looks to Angel Dust and says:

“It's true. I had a choice to make between zem or Mohammedans as to vich to haf take ze blame.”

Husk asks:

“Moha-what now?”

Adolf looks to Husk and says:

“Vell, zese days zey are better known as Muslims. I vent vit Yews not only because off ze vorld's anti-semitic undercurrent at ze time, but because zey vere a fait as vell as a race off people.”

Adolf now bends his head down and puts his hands on the front of the clear cylinder as he says:

“Oont efen vorse, I found out after shooting myself zat ze eugenics seory I based my aryan project on had little to no basis in scientific fact. My program vas based on cultural and fisual discrimination vich had no basis in reality. Ven I learned ze trut, I felt like such an arschgeige for vat I had done. I vas a bananenbeiger who nefer had all ze facts until it vas too late.”

Nifty hops onto Adolf's right shoulder and smiles as she says:

“Well, the good news is that after you died, there was a huge anti-anti-semite movement across the world.”

Adolf pulls his hands away from his face and looks over at Nifty as he asks:

“Ist zat true?”

Charlie gets up and smiles as she says:

“Ya, I mean, yes.”

The goat creatures, the male demon and Millie all smile and nod as Charlie says:

“The world's Jewish population grew exponentially since the end of the war you started. Even though anti-semitism does still exist, it's a very tiny fraction of the people alive on Earth.”

Adolf looks at Charlie and smiles as he says:

“Zat ist fery goot to hear. It vas eating avay at me efer since I died, so I am reliefed to know zat.”

Nifty hops off Adolf's shoulder as Alastor bends down and says:

“By the way Adolf, about what you should try on your next attempt.”

He puts his hand up to Adolf's ear and starts to whisper. After he's done, Adolf frowns and looks at Alastor as he asks:

“Are you certain it vill vork?”

Alastor stands up and says:

“I have no idea, but it's the only thing I can think of.”

Adolf shrugs his shoulders and says:

“Vell, I'f got nosing to lose, so I vill try it.”

He looks at Charlie and asks:

“Charlie, could you possibly change into your demonic form for me?”

Charlie has a shocked look on her face as Vaggie asks:

“Why do you want her to do that?”

Adolf says:

“It might result in ze opposite effect.”

Angel Dust says:

“It's worth a shot I guess.”

Charlie says:

“Well, alright, but only this once.”

Charlie lowers her head and closes her eyes as she sighs. Then she opens her eyes and she has transformed herself into her demonic form. Adolf has a shocked on his face as he says:

“Heiliger strohsack!”

Alastor looks to the shadow demons, who are nearby, as he says:

“Boys, it's time to play The Betty. A-one, a-two, a-one two three four.”

The shadow demons start to happily play the song Alastor has named “The Betty” AKA Betty Boop by Charlie Puth. As they do, the dancing couples look at each other and start to dance to it. Meanwhile, Adolf has picked up the pallet and paintbrush. Charlie sits back down and puts on a huge smile which makes her look even more demonic than before. Adolf looks like the beat of the song is starting to get into him as he dabs the brush onto the pallet and starts to work. Alastor, for his part, starts to tap dance along to the song as well. Adolf looks like he's doing some finishing touches on the canvas and then throws the pallet and paintbrush onto the ground, seemingly exhausted. Alastor looks to the shadow demons and cuts across his neck with his finger. The shadow demons finish the loop and end the song. All of the couples stop dancing and applaud the shadow demon band. All of them bow at the applause. They all now look at Adolf and Nifty asks:

“Did that do it?”

As they all gather around Adolf, he says:

“Ve should learn soon von vay or ze ozer.”

All of them plus Alastor look closely at the painting. We see that the painting of demonic form Charlie seems to not be changing at all. We cut to everyone looking at the painting as Adolf looks down with disappointment on his face. Then Husk points at the painting and says:

“Hey, something's happening.”

Everyone looks back at the painting again. We see a tiny flame appear in the middle of the painting, which slowly spreads across the canvas. As it dissipates, what's left is Charlie in her regular form. Everyone now cheers at this and Adolf smiles while saying:

“Ah, meine meisterstuck.”

All of a sudden, there's a knock on the door. Everyone looks in the direction of it as Vaggie says:

“I'll get it.”

She walks up to the door and opens it. What's there is an angel creature. We cut to Vaggie looking at the angel with a frightened expression. She then closes the door and says:

“Charlie! An angel is outside!”

Charlie, who has been in her demonic form all this time, reverts back to normal. Everyone has a shocked look on their faces as she asks:


Alastor says:

“Well, I must say, that was quite unexpected.”

Angel Dust asks:

“Why's one of them things here?”

Charlie gets up and walks towards the door with a determined look on her face as she says:

“Well, I'm going to find out.”

She opens the door and the angel is still there. Charlie looks straight at it and says:

“Mapsama ol bagle g geh kures.”

The angel says:

“Ol zir kures lap a metal el.”

Charlie asks:

“De kill tia?”

The angel shakes its head and says:

“Ag, de arp tia salman.”

We move over to Adolf, who now has a white halo above his head and black wings on his back. Everyone near him has surprised looks on their faces as Nifty says:

“I never thought I'd see the day.”

Adolf walks over to the door where the angel is and Charlie looks at him as she frowns and says:

“Well, I guess this is goodbye.”

Adolf smiles and says:

“Do not vorry, Charlie, I am sure ve vill meet again.”

Charlie asks:

“Want to take your painting with you?”

Adolf says:

“Nein, you should keep it as proof off meine rebirt.”

Charlie smiles and nods. Adolf looks to the angel and says:

“I am ready.”

He walks up to where the angel is. The angel grabs a hold of him and they start to levitate up towards the sky. As they do, everyone gathers outside and looks up at the angel and Adolf. Adolf looks down and waves as he says:

“Auf wiedersehen, Fraulein Charlie.”

They keep going up and up until they disappear from sight. Everyone is still looking up at the sky in wonder when Vaggie looks to Alastor with a suspicious look on her face and asks:

“Did you really think he would get redeemed, or were you sure Charlie would get to kill him?”

Alastor looks to Vaggie and says:

“That's for me to know and you to never find out.”

Husk says:

“Well, I'm goin' back inside. After all this excitement, I need a fuckin' drink.”

He walks back towards the door as everyone else follows him.


Credits roll


After the credits, we see a wall in the hotel now has a sign that reads WALL OF REDEMPTION at the top and the portrait of normal Charlie under the sign. The painting winks with its right eye and then goes back to normal as if nothing happened.

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