Timmy Turner's 13th Birthday

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The Fairy Odd Parents and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Timmy Turner’s 13th Birthday

Disclaimer: The Fairy Odd Parents and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

It was supposed to be a quiet birthday for Timmy Turner. His parents, as neglectful as ever, went out of town on an unannounced vacation. Not entirely unmindful of the needs of their son, they called their favorite babysitter to spend the end weekend with her “Dear Little Timothy” and sped off. They must have remembered his birthday at the last moment. They stopped off at a drug store on the way out of town and picked up a card… it was a “Congratulations On The Birth Of Your New Son” card, which is almost the same thing as a birthday card. Mailed it along with a brand-new rake Timmy’s father found at the Lawn & Garden Center up the street. Since he expected Timmy to take care of the lawn, he felt it an appropriate gift.

The Turner’s aren’t purposefully cruel, they are just very, very neglectful. And inviting Vicky to be the only one sharing Timmy’s birthday was icing on the cake. Except there was no cake. No icing, either.

Fortunately, he had Fairy Odd Parents. In spite of her reluctance, Wanda had left most of the party plans in Cosmo’s less than capable hands. She had been recalled to Fairy World to report to the Fairy Council on their progress with Timmy. It was a routine meeting. Technically they had at least a year before Timmy aged out of having access to fairies, though most children his age would have lost them by now. Remy Buxaplenty, Timmy’s rival, had lost his recently. Poor sad, billionaires’ kid.

Wanda checked back in on Cosmo early. Seeing no balloons, no confetti, no Ferris wheel, no elephants, no party clown, no group of semi-hypnotized friends, not even a simple Dunk the Crocker in a Tank of Starving Piranha game, she turned on her husband and began to tear him a new one.

“You idiot, what have you been doing all this time?” She then eyed the crooked chef’s hat on his head and softened slightly. “Aww, sweetie. At least you tried to bake him a cake! Let me see it.”

He made a sweeping gesture towards Timmy’s nightstand.

Wanda blanched in horror. “Oh no, oh no-no-no-no-no! Not that, you moron. Not that!”

Next to their fishbowl sat a perfectly lopsided, tiny pink iced muffin. Wanda slapped Cosmo on the back of the head. “Don’t you remember what happened the last time Timmy got one of those Da’ Rulez free wishes? Are you trying to get us ass-deep in monkeys again?”

Cosmo looked dejected. “But dear, this one is different, the wish only lasts for 48 hours. Just for the weekend.”

Wanda looked doubtful, considering Cosmo’s record so far. They began to argue when the room filled with light. Wanda instantly recognized the imminent appearance of a member of the Fairy Council, probably on an inspection trip. She tried to drop the muffin under the bed, instead it lay upside down by his night stand. If anyone recognized what Cosmo had created, that would finish them forever as Godparents!

In a moment, she turned to face the Fairy Council and found that she and Cosmo had been swept up into Jorgen Von Strangle’s muscular hands. They were paralyzed, unable to even twitch their wands within his massive clenched fists.

“Got chu’, at last! No more lies, Fairies!”

The fact was, Jorgen and the council had the fairies dead to rights. They had been lying to protect their godson for almost 2 years. Wanda looked up desperately as Jorgen released them and took their wands. “At least let us say goodbye,” she moaned.

The head of the Council shook his head. “Neither the boy nor you two will even remember each other in a moment. It’s better that way…”

There was a shriek and Cosmo bowled into the Council and Jorgen head first, a demented green bowling ball. Only the shock of his action rocked Jorgen off his heels momentarily, upsetting the night stand, breaking the fish bowl and sending a flood of unclean water over the feet of the Head of the Council. Wanda made a grab for her wand and placed a protective field of invisibility over the muffin just before Jorgen regained control.

Downstairs Timmy and Vicky were going at it. Screaming and cursing at the top of their lungs. The hatred the two felt for each other was so thick, it was nearly a visible thing. Timmy, as usual, was losing the battle. Nearly in tears. Hate and sadness were hot in his heart.

Vicky screamed, louder and sharper. She always won these battles. The hate in her heart was icy cold. In her mind? She couldn’t care less. She really had no feelings for the boy, even after all these years. He was just someone to torture, just someone to dominate and give herself a brief moment of pleasure. In truth, her victories were all feeling hollow.

What started the argument? Neither could say, it was just the latest outbreak in a long, long battle. Finally, she grabbed him by the front of his shirt. There was a time she could have picked him up this way and shaken him like a doll. He was growing up… instead she threw him to the floor.

“Get to bed, twerp! Now! No supper. And if you apologize nicely, maybe Ill feed you tomorrow. Maybe… MOVE!!!” she cackled.

Timmy knew it was no use arguing anymore. He also knew telling his parents or child services would do no good. It never had before. But he had a plan. “Cosmo & Wanda!”

The truth was that using his fairies to get revenge had become pretty joyless of late. Vicky had been magically cursed so many times she was beginning to build up a resistance. It still worked against her, but not always in the way he expected. Oh, he could still turn her into a chicken or a weasel (more fitting), but eventually the spell would wear off and she’d forget the humiliation.

“That’s the problem with magic… It always wears off and nothing ever really changes.” That was true. His parents still neglected him (“On my birthday, no less!”), Vicky still hated him. And the real truth was, he was tired of fighting with her. Tired of hating her.

It was a habit neither one enjoyed or could break.

He began to think of ways he could use magic to torment her. Seems like he had done them all before. He reached his room, put his hand on the doorknob when time stopped.

Everything in the world froze. He thoughts stopped between one moment and the next. He didn’t even notice… magic went out of his world. All his adventures. All his magical toys and contraptions. And the love he had for Cosmo and Wanda. Gone.

Cosmo & Wanda returned to Fairy World, vaguely wondering where the last few years had gone. It didn’t bother them much. They had a new assignment to occupy themselves with.

Timmy entered his room, quickly seeing that something had happened to his fish, dead in a puddle on the floor. Now he really felt like crying. “Bet she killed them!” he thought, though he knew she hadn’t been upstairs tonight. He’d loved those fish! Well… he liked them. They were just dumb fish, after all.

He used some tissues to gather up the fishy remains and tried to mop up the water, when he noticed something gray under the bed. He tried to reach it, but it kept rolling out of sight. He had almost reached it when his door slammed open. “I told you to get to bed, twerp! Don’t make me tell you again! And clean up that mess!” and she slammed out.

The ball had popped open in his hand. The hungry boy found a tiny lopsided muffin. “Must have forgotten about it!” he thought. “Ugh, stale” It tasted terrible, but at least it was something to eat. He took a single small bite, began to chew, then spit most of it out. (Cosmo was really a terrible baker).

He sat on the edge of his bed, his stomach rumbling. He looked out the window. Rain had turned to snow and the temperature was dropping. The magic that kept his home warm and comfortable had snapped like a broken rubber band, though he didn’t know it.

He lay back. “Why does she hate me? Why can’t she… just be nice to me? Just be nice… to me. Is that so hard?” He began to doze… and wished that he didn’t have to hate her anymore. Somehow, he wanted to be her friend… and more. His last conscious though was “And she’s … so… pretty…”

Vicky was downstairs in the Turner living room, cursing the fools who hired her, bored to death with her life. Tormenting the boy wasn’t the fun it used to be when a bolt of pain struck her in the heart, mind and soul. Her entire life was suddenly laid out in front of her, stripped bare for her to see. It was empty. Cold.

She thought she hated everyone. Her parents, her sister, Timmy and every other child she had ever met. And now she knew, knew with certainty… the only person she hated was herself.

Without even being aware of it, she found herself outside his door. She had no idea what she was doing there.

Timmy heard the knock, woke surprised. Vicky never knocked; she usually kicked the door open. His parents didn’t knock, it was there house and felt no permission was needed. “Who?”

“Its me. Can I come in?” Then, a whisper “Please.”

Timmy went to the door, expecting a trick or possibly a beating. It had happened before in this world without fairies to protect him.

“What do you want?”

She came in, sat down on his bed. Silent.

He had never seen her like this. She had been crying. That wasn’t possible! “What do you want Vicky? Checking to see that I go to bed like you ordered? Soon as you get out, I will.”

She looked at him then turned to the window. It was rattling in the cold wind. Mr. Turner hadn’t upgraded the insulation. Shingles were blowing off the roof. Street lights were flickering in the ice and snow now falling. The Turner’s didn’t have a backup generator. Vicky put her arms around herself and shivered.

Timmy looked at her. Puzzled.

“Let’s go downstairs. Warmer.”

“Ok.” As he stood up, she draped his blanket across both their shoulders. He paused for a moment. Not understanding anything that seemed to be happening. But happy for the moment.

She put her arm around him. She didn’t know why. But it felt good. Her brain was operating on automatic. She didn’t think about what she was doing, she was afraid to. If she thought about it, she wouldn’t know what to do next. What to say… What could she say? “I’m tired of being a hateful monster? Of being a cruel bitch for no reason? I’m tired of being me???” No, it was better not to talk.

They went downstairs, and sat together on the couch, snuggling up in the blankets. It occurred to both of them that in all the years together, they had never sat like this before. Together. Warm. Nice.”

The lights flickered and went out. Timmy started to get up to look for a flashlight or a candle. She suddenly stopped him, “No. No. It’s OK.”

“Yes” he whispered. “It is OK.”

They sat in the darkness, the 19-year-old babysitter and the 13 year old boy and their ages, their families and their hatred for each other did not matter a bit. They just needed to hold each other.

Sometime later, in the darkness, she leaned over and found his lips… or maybe he found hers. Lips that were warm and willing. She found his tongue, he found hers. Warm and wet and tasty. It wasn’t the kiss of a babysitter or a child. They breathed each other’s breath and found it sweet and spicy. “Am I dreaming?” one of them asked. “Yes,” the other whispered. The kisses became more passionate. There was longing.

They laughed as their clothes became tangled, a hinderance they finally became freed from. Her breasts were all pink shadows, rubbing against his bare chest. His hand found one and then the other. All soft firmness as he squeezed gently, then found the nipples which hardened between fingers. Kissed one then the other. She closed her eyes and sighed. It felt so good.

She reached down between their bodies. His cock, now warm and stiff in her gentle grasp. He was frightened now, this was hist first time. Gently, she shushed him. “Let me make you feel good, Timmy. Let me make you happy.” Her lips kissed the tip of his dick. A lick. Then another. She had done this before, but never felt pleasure from it. Guy’s expected it at certain point. But this time was different. His cock felt so natural in her mouth, sliding over her lips. Resting on her tongue. The little taste of precum was a joy to her, a reward. She savored it. And wanted more as he continued to play with her tits.

Their excitement in each other’s bodies rose.

His cock was throbbing. He knew what was going to happen and it frightened him. He wanted to pull out, to spare her. He had heard that girls hated guys who came unexpectedly. She held him tighter, increasing the pressure, urging him on. In the darkness. Urges.

Their bodies glistened with sweat, slick skin sliding against slick skin. Her head was bobbing up and down now, a hand gently tickling his balls.

Timmy was past the moment of control, he grabbed her head in a loving embrace, burying himself now. She continued to use her tongue, his sparse public hair tickling her nose. She had never been so happy in her life when he erupted, spraying his warm cum in her mouth, down her throat and into her belly. He continued to hold her. Then planting kisses across her face.

She laughed and then left the warmth of the couch and blankets. Her legs looked so long in the darkness, the shadow of her pubes so inviting. How could he have ever hated her?

She retuned with a bottle of wine and some candles. He didn’t drink, but he was doing other things he had never done before, so it seemed all right. She took a mouth full of wine and fed it to him. He laughed, burped and returned the favor. He marveled at her naked body in the flickering candle light. She did the same. The boy was beautiful. “When did that happen?” she marveled.

She lay back and spread some wine between her breasts, painting her nipples, down to her belly and beyond. His eager tongue lapped it up, hesitating only when he reachedf her thick copper colored bush. She poured some more, tugged on his hair. An invitation he accepted.

The smell of her pussy was intoxicating even without the wine. And it was a taste from heaven. She guided him. Taught him. He was an eager student. She had never been eaten out before. She discovered her own joy in his lips and tongue and his buck teeth gave added jolts of pleasure. He found her clit, her back arched in sudden passion and he buried his face in her pussy. She went wild for the next five minutes. She was a bucking bronco, but he held on for the full count. Her pleasure was his reward.

Panting, they stood and kissed again. They needed more room and without a backwards glance went hand in hand to his parents’ bedroom.

He wasn’t afraid of her anymore.

She didn’t hate him anymore.

The lights suddenly came back on.

“Good!” she thought. “I want to see him when he fucks me!”

“Good!” he thought, “She is so beautiful!”

They stumbled into his parents’ room, their double bed. She lay on her back and spread her legs, spread her pussy, giving him a target he couldn’t miss. He was 6 inches, maybe more. His cock was smooth and straight as an arrow. He climbed between her legs and began kissing her thigh. She pulled him to her and began rubbing his cock in the dampness of her folds. She brought her legs together behind his back.

She had seen bigger. She had had thicker. She had never had one she wanted more than this 13-year-old boy’s.

He found the rhythm. She joined in him counterpoint. Sometimes smoothly, sometimes rougher. Sliding and pounding into each other until they reached that moment together and they screamed their mutual ecstasy.

At some point the lights had gone off again and stayed off. They never noticed.

Vicky woke first, Timmy’s tousled hair tickling the tips of her nipples. “What have I done?” she wondered… and prayed that he would want to do it again. Soon. Now.

He awoke moments later and smiled that buck tooth grin of his. Something in her unwound, a tightness that had been part of her for as long as she could remember. They were dirty and sticky and smelly and utterly happy that way.

Meanwhile, In Timmy’s bedroom, Jorgen had reappeared to do some last-minute cleanup. He fixed Timmy’s fishbowl, replaced the fish. Dried the carpet and found the remains of a partially chewed muffin. He became instantly suspicious. “Had those blasted fairies…?” But no, the muffin had never contained more than the slightest sliver of magic. Not powerful enough to have had any major consequences beyond a moment or two. Certainly not enough to have had a significant effect on the puny humans.” He breathed a sigh of relief.

He poofed invisibly into the Turner parents’ bedroom. Vicky and Timmy were asleep naked in each other arms, exhausted. Timmy's head lay on her breast, she was stroking his hair in her sleep. Jorgen was moved. Then he waved his hand under his nose. “Humans sure are stinky! Now what was the big deal about Timmy and his babysitter? They look perfectly happy to me. Cosmo & Wanda and their imaginations! BAH!”

“Well, Turner was really a good kid,” he thought. He looked into their dreams for a moment. They were only going to have this weekend together for the near future. They both wanted more. He shrugged. Nothing the Council needed to know about. He shifted their timelines turning the remaining hours into days and finding more available weekends for whatever disgusting hijinks they could get up to together...

Then he poofed access to a magical sauna for two that only they could see. They really needed baths, after all.

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