Narcissistic Tendencies

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Alvin and Brittany were in the treehouse, trying out a new sex position on Brittany's bed: they were kneeling, with Brittany straddling Alvin's thighs and both of them grinding their hips as he thrust his rock-hard cock in and out of her sodden, spasming pussy. They held each other in a close embrace, sometimes kissing deeply, sometimes leaning back a little to look at each other's flushed cheeks and lust-filled eyes. Occasionally, when they could catch enough breath, each would take great sniffs of the other's hair or neck.

'Alvin!' Brittany gasped, as her erect nipples brushed against his pecs and his throbbing cock slid against the swollen, flaming prepuce around her vaginal opening. She closed her eyes and threw back her head in ecstasy, grinding the hot ring of flesh against his tight and tingling balls.

'Brittany!' Alvin responded, his cock twitching inside her, and he gently cupped her head in his hand to tip it back towards him. She looked at him for a moment through glazed, half-lidded eyes, then gasped and moaned and let her forehead fall onto his shoulder, gripping his upper arms more tightly as their bodies writhed together and her pussy grew hotter and wetter and gripped his cock with increasing urgency.

Alvin pushed back her hair and stooped to sniff and kiss her neck; she made a sound of approval, caressing his arms and kissing his neck and shoulder, then raised her mouth to his ear where she whispered, 'I love you, darling.'

'I love you too,' Alvin panted, raising his head to speak, and that was when he caught sight of their reflection in the mirror on Brittany's dressing table. This came as a pleasant surprise and, for the short time that remained before they both reached orgasm, Alvin kept his eyes glued to the mirror. He thought he looked pretty good, and Brittany's back view as she writhed like a snake was just stunning. This confirmed what he had known all along: he was lucky enough and hot enough to be loved and wanted by the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world.

He saw, as well as felt, Brittany snuffling at his neck and nibbling on his ear; he saw his arms encircling her waist, pulling her into him as she ground herself against his pelvis; he caught the odd tantalising glimpse of a jiggling side boob; he saw his own look of ecstasy growing more intense when, very soon, Brittany's moans became urgent squeals and hot love honey washed over his tightening balls. The intoxicating smell of her weeping pussy wafted up between them as she came, and Alvin could feel her vaginal walls burning and flooding and contracting violently as she screamed and ground herself against him. He stared over her shoulder at the writhing contours of her back, and he was particularly fascinated by the ripples running through the flesh of her buttocks in time with the spasming of her abdomen against his as she spontaneously ovulated.

All of this, Alvin saw and felt and heard and smelled in the few mesmerising seconds before he came with her. He then kept his eyes open and fixed on the mirror for as long as he could, crying out shrilly as ream after ream of cum shot from the tip of his cock and onto the cap covering Brittany's cervix. He saw his balls spasm beneath her trembling buttocks, while she clung tightly to his shoulders and enjoyed the last few, gentle seconds of her orgasm with a shuddering, 'Oooooooh.'

Their bodies went limp and they leaned into each other, supporting each other, breathing heavily as his cock slid out of her and they both began to cool down. This happened fairly quickly for Alvin, and he found himself looking in the mirror again as Brittany leaned into his chest while her breathing returned to normal. He saw that her butt was now resting on her calves and a different part of her was rippling: her shoulder blades, which moved in time with her deep, heavy breaths and suddenly became the sexiest part of her. As the breaths got shallower, the movement got less, until finally it stopped and Brittany raised her head to look at him. Alvin forced his attention away from the mirror in order to meet her eyes, and smiled when he saw the familiar look of sated lust in them.

'Darling.' She kissed him briefly, then stroked his shoulders and neck as she said, 'I loved that.'

'Me too, babe,' said Alvin.

'It was so nice kissing you and holding you and feeling your arms around me while you were inside me.'

'It was absolutely perfect, honey.'

Her smile broadened and she wrapped her arms around his neck for a hug; he returned the hug wholeheartedly, and found that his view of the mirror was now completely unbroken. He looked again, wondering what other secrets it may hold, but this time he didn't notice anything new; Brittany's back view when she wasn't riding the waves of ecstasy was, though beautiful to him, nothing he hadn't seen before.

Suddenly, Brittany pulled out of the hug and peered over her own shoulder, saying, 'What are you looking at?' She then caught sight of herself in the mirror, flushed and dishevelled with her hair all over the place, turned quickly away and said, with a mix of humour and disbelief, 'Alvin, were you looking in the mirror just then?'

'Yeah, I was,' said Alvin, perfectly happy to admit it.

'Of all the times!' said Brittany, laughing and giving him a light slap on the arm.

'I wasn't just looking at myself,' said Alvin. 'I was looking at you as well.'

Brittany frowned slightly. 'Well, you don't need a mirror to do that.'

'I've been looking at both of us.'

'What do you mean, you've been looking?'

'I watched us having sex,' said Alvin, without a hint of shame or embarrassment. 'Just for the last minute or so. I wish I'd started sooner – it was really hot!'

'Narcissist,' said Brittany, smiling weakly. She had begun to feel a little uncomfortable but was trying not to show it.

'It was mostly you,' Alvin said smilingly, confident that this was what she wanted to hear.

'Oh, jeez.' Brittany blushed – an angry red rather than her usual pretty, pink flush – then wrenched herself from Alvin's grasp. Finding his arms suddenly, unbearably empty, he watched aghast as she scrambled into a sweater – not his – and pulled it down self-consciously over her butt.

'Why would you do that?' he asked, incredulous.

'Why not?' Brittany sat down at her dressing table and started brushing her hair aggressively, without looking in the mirror. 'We're done, aren't we?'

'If... you want us to be,' said Alvin, furrowing his brow. 'Brittany, have I upset you?'

'Not exactly,' said Brittany. 'I mean... it's fine, you didn't know.'

'It bothers you what I said about the mirror,' said Alvin, and when Brittany instinctively raised her eyes to the offending article, she saw his stricken face reflected in it. Then, feeling bad for making him look like that, she put her hairbrush down and turned to him with a rather stiff smile.

'I guess it's no big deal,' she said. 'It's not like you've never seen me when I'm not looking my best.'

'I never have,' said Alvin.

At this, her smile softened and she said, 'You're very sweet.'

'I mean it,' said Alvin. 'You always look beautiful.'

'I can't always look beautiful!' said Brittany, her tone changing suddenly as his words touched a nerve and she gave vent to her raw feelings. 'Not from behind, with my hair all messy and my butt jiggling around and my thighs all squished underneath me!'

Alvin almost told her that this description was pretty accurate, and it was also the sexiest thing he had ever seen, but a moment's thought told him that she wasn't in the right frame of mind to hear it. Instead he got off the bed, knelt on the floor beside her, wrapped his arms around her waist and said, 'I'm sorry, Brittany. I wouldn't have done it if I thought it'd make you uncomfortable.'

'Oh... I know you wouldn't, darling,' said Brittany, and she stooped to kiss him. 'I guess maybe I overreacted. I'm sorry.'

'Don't be,' said Alvin. 'It was so good, and then I ruined your afterglow!'

'Well, I ruined yours back,' said Brittany, and this struck her as funny, so she laughed. Alvin tried to smile with her, but clearly he was not amused, so Brittany decided to end the conversation by saying, 'I'm going to the bathroom. I'll smear on some fresh spermicide, okay?'

Alvin nodded and returned her smile, so Brittany went to the bathroom reassured, thinking that was an end to the matter. However, when she came back to bed and snuggled in beside Alvin, he held a furrowed brow against the top of her head and said, 'But...'

'But what?' said Brittany.

'I don't get it,' said Alvin. 'You know you're beautiful. Why wouldn't you want me to look?'

Brittany sighed. 'Forget it, Alvin, it doesn't matter.'

'I think it does,' said Alvin. 'I think you're doubting how sexy and beautiful you really are. I wish you could see it for yourself – then I know you'd agree with me that it's hot.'

Brittany laughed dryly. 'I doubt that.'

'I don't,' said Alvin. 'Not for a second. Honestly, babe, if you knew how amazing you look when we're making love, you'd want to see it. It'd make you feel so good about yourself.'

'Really?' said Brittany, for the first time starting to suspect that he wasn't just trying to make her feel better, and she propped herself up on her elbow to look at him. 'I looked that good?'

Alvin smiled, relieved at this change in her, and said, 'You looked that good, honey. Better!'

Brittany looked pensively at him for a few seconds, then twisted herself round to look at the mirror. 'I think I might have trouble concentrating if I actually watched it live.'

'You could try it,' Alvin said eagerly.

'Maybe,' said Brittany, seeing her own brow pucker in thought for a moment, then she turned and snuggled into his arms once again. 'I mean... I really should make an informed judgement, right?'

The next time they went to the treehouse together, Alvin had more or less forgotten about his idea that Brittany would like to watch herself having sex, or at least he supposed that she had forgotten it and so thought that he had better do the same. They ate a picnic lunch out on the balcony, then while their food settled, they talked over serious matters and laughed over trivial ones.

After a while, Brittany said, with a seductive smile, 'Let's go to bed now, darling.'

Before they went to bed, they went to the bathroom one at a time; Brittany insisted on going first, and when Alvin came back from taking his turn, he saw her standing by her bed with her back to him, hunched over something. Puzzled, he asked, 'You okay, Britt?'

'I'm fine, Alvin,' said Brittany, rather awkwardly. 'I, um... brought something. But I can put it away if you're not okay with it.'

'Wow,' said Alvin, with a little laugh, somewhat amused and thoroughly intrigued. 'Well, show me!'

Brittany turned round and, looking rather embarrassed, revealed that she was cradling a VHS camcorder in her arms.

Alvin's eyes nearly popped out of his head, and he asked shrilly, 'Are you serious?'

'You're right, it's gross,' Brittany said hurriedly, and she stooped to slide the camera under the bed.

'Oh, Brittany, don't,' said Alvin, still boggling at the camera. 'Please don't.'

'You mean... you want to?' said Brittany.

'Hell yeah!' said Alvin.

Brittany laughed at this, starting to relax a little, and said, 'You really are a narcissist, aren't you?'

'Well, so are you,' said Alvin. 'You've just gotten some crazy idea that you don't look good while we're having sex, but we'll soon put a stop to that!'

He strode across the room towards her, grinning broadly and with arms outstretched, as Brittany started arranging the camera on her dressing table. She giggled as Alvin wrapped his arms around her waist and started to nuzzle her neck.

'Alvin, come on, I know you want me to set it up right,' said Brittany, still giggling.

'You're right, I do,' said Alvin, taking a step back, and he waited until she was satisfied that she had found the right angle for the lens.

'Okay, I think that's done it,' Brittany said at last.

'Great!' said Alvin. 'Let's do this thing!'

Brittany aimed her finger at the red Record label, swallowed a couple of times, and then managed to push the button. When she turned towards the bed, Alvin was sitting with his hands held invitingly out to to her and his crotch already bulging, clearly very turned on by the situation. Brittany was somewhat disconcerted when, quite clearly, he smiled for the camera; but when she stepped forward to take his hands, and he pulled her gently towards him, he was looking at her with the smile he usually gave her on such occasions: the one that said he loved her and he wanted her. Brittany smiled back as she climbed onto the bed, and they leaned into the pillows.

They kissed and removed each other's clothing, fumbling rather more than was their habit. Brittany was trying to forget about the camera, and at one point she almost thought she had succeeded; they were both completely naked, sitting up on the bed and kissing deeply, with Alvin occasionally pulling back a little to tell her that he loved her. Then he encouraged her gently onto her back, beginning to plant kisses on her neck, and she turned her head to allow him better access.

That was when she noticed the red light.

Brittany lay there, staring at that little light, barely registering Alvin's attempts to pleasure her but very aware of his cock pressing fully erect against her thigh, and of his breaths falling hot and heavy on her neck. She was wondering how she was going to find the heart to stop him when suddenly he got up onto his knees and said, panting, 'You're not with me, are, you Britt?'

She took her eyes away from the camera to look up at him. 'No. I'm sorry.'

'You don't need to apologise.' Alvin bent to kiss her forehead, though not so long and tenderly as was his wont, then climbed over her and went to stop the recording. 'You're just too aware of the camera, aren't you?'

'Guess I am,' said Brittany, shuffling into a sitting position. 'But so are you.'

'What do you mean?' said Alvin. 'I don't have a problem with it.'

'But that's just it,' said Brittany. 'You kept posing and posturing and smiling down the lens.'

'I did not!'

'You did, and we've got the footage if you want me to prove it.'

Alvin shook his head and started rewinding the tape. 'I think this should be expunged as soon as possible.'

'I really am sorry, Alvin,' said Brittany. He was breathing heavily, and even though the false start seemed to have killed the mood for him emotionally, nobody had told his penis that: it was still fully erect, seeping pre-cum and moving independently as though looking around for attention.

'It's okay, babe, really,' said Alvin. 'It was a good idea – it just didn't work, that's all.'

'Darling, come back over here,' said Brittany, holding a hand out to him. 'Let me take care of that for you.'

'You don't have to do that.'

'That's a silly thing to say. I'm not going to just leave you like that, am I?'

At this, Alvin turned and smiled at her – much to her relief, for he was clearly irritated, despite his kind words. He took the two steps to the bed, climbed over Brittany and then flopped onto his back. She propped herself up on her left elbow and wrapped her right hand around his cock; it gave a violent start, and Alvin let out a sigh of relief. He raised his right arm, inviting her to snuggle into it, which she did; he then put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her closer, sighing and moaning and occasionally kissing the top of her head as she masturbated him.

After a minute or so, Alvin came in several sizeable spurts; the first of these landed on his abs, then the next went to his chest, then his neck, his chin, and the last few receded back down this path until finally, one last dribble seeped over Brittany's hand and wrist. She smiled at his moans of pleasure, then raised herself and kissed him deeply, covering her own chin, chest and abdomen with matching pools of spunk.

'Wow, Brittany, that was fantastic,' said Alvin, with a deep sigh of satisfaction. 'Thank you. Now, what about you? I'm sure we can get you there now that stupid camera's off.'

'Oh, darling, I feel bad about that,' said Brittany, with a look of lamentation.

'Don't.' Alvin shifted onto his side and began kissing and caressing her neck, and he was glad to hear the familiar sigh that meant she was in the first stages of arousal. 'Just relax and forget about it.'

'You obviously really liked the idea.'

'I was just being narcissistic. You were right.'

'You were right too,' said Brittany. 'I'm narcissistic myself. Tell me how beautiful I am, Alvin.'

'You're more beautiful than anything,' Alvin whispered in her ear, and between whispers, he planted feather-like kisses on her face and neck. 'You're the sexiest woman in the world. You're the sexiest, most beautiful woman who ever lived.'

'Even when I'm all messed up from having sex?'

'Especially when you're all messed – um – adorably dishevelled from having sex!'

'Y'know,' said Brittany, reaching up and idly trailing her fingertips along his upper arm and shoulder, 'when the girls and I were filming a music video once, I messed up big time in the dance routine and fell flat on my face. It was completely humiliating.'

'I'm sure it was just sweet,' said Alvin, moving his kiss down to her chest.

'It was horrible,' said Brittany, 'but when we re-filmed, I absolutely nailed it. It was the best I'd ever done that move in my entire life.'

Alvin stopped what he was doing, took a deep breath and then raised himself to look at her. 'Babe, what are you saying?'

'I'm saying,' said Brittany, smiling up at his hopeful expression, 'I'm ready for take two.'

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