Before School Ends

BY : Cat_Eyes
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It was the last week of school before final exams were to begin, after which the students in Caline Bustier’s class would graduate, and go their separate ways to university. It was a bittersweet feeling, though it was overridden by stress and anxiety about their exam results and the uncertainty of the future.

To blow off some steam, Marinette was having a sleepover at Alya’s place, reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company while they watched a movie. Other students in their class had their own ways of dealing with stress. Chloé spent her father’s money, Ivan, Rose, and Juleka played in their band, Kim ran marathons, and Nathaniel drew.

Marinette sighed. She wasn’t ready for school to end; she’d never confessed to Adrien, her relationship with Luka had gone nowhere, and she wasn’t sure about how to further her career in the fashion industry once she was in university.

Assuming I even get in, she mused dourly.

Alya, Nino, and Adrien had already received their university acceptance letters. Alya was pursuing a future in journalism, undoubtedly aided by her past in running her Ladyblog. Nino was going into sound editing and videography, while Adrien planned on entering the sciences.

Marinette couldn’t help but feel left behind. She muffled a sigh behind a spare cushion.

‘What’s up, Girl?’ Alya asked as she raised a glass of orange juice.

They were sitting together on the couch in her family’s living room, while the rest of the Césaire clan visited a family member.

‘Nothing. Just wondering about uni.’

Alya smiled and reached out to pat her sympathetically on the back, but as she transferred her glass to the other hand, her grip slipped, spilling the juice down her front and over her lap.

‘God damn it, that’s cold,’ she muttered peevishly.

Marinette was just about to fetch a towel when Alya stood up and shucked her pyjamas, making it clear she had chosen to forgo underwear. She used the dry parts of her clothes to wipe her skin, then resumed her seat on the couch to continue watching the movie, her soiled pyjamas left in a heap on the floor.

Stunned, Marinette gaped at her. She swallowed, then attempted to say something, but the words stuck in her throat. All she could do was stare at Alya, her bare breasts and skin caught in the light from the tv screen, looking soft and ethereal.

Suddenly feeling desperate and unsure, Marinette raised her own glass of juice and drained it in three large gulps.

Alya raised an eyebrow at her. ‘You ok there? Let me get you a refill; I need one too.’

Picking up the two glasses, and her damp pyjamas, Alya deposited her clothes in the laundry, before sauntering into the kitchen. Marinette watched her progress from the corner of her eye, noting Alya’s flawless skin, breasts, and rounded hips. She licked her lips and turned her head away, wondering when she had become so attractive, but refusing to think about how Alya’s skin would feel.

Like a magnet, Marinette’s gaze was pulled back to Alya’s figure. She was in front of the fridge, stooped over as she looked for the orange juice, with her hips swaying as she hummed tunelessly. The glimpses of her pussy were like a coquettish flirtation or a naughty tease; licking her lips, Marinette turned away once more. However, when she turned back around after hearing footsteps, Alya was much closer than she’d anticipated.

She yelped. ‘Don't sneak up on me like that.’

Alya tilted her head. ‘Is there a problem?’

‘Well, now that you mention it, you are walking around completely naked. Have you no shame?’ she asked, trying and failing to keep her eyes from roaming Alya’s body.

Alya laughed. ‘What does it matter? We’re the only ones here, and I haven’t got anything you don't. But to answer your question, no, I don't have any shame. I’m too fabulous.’

With a wicked grin, Alya strutted to the balcony door, threw it open, and danced a little jig out in the cool night air. Marinette watched as her breasts bounced, her nipples hardening in the chill.

‘Stop being gross,’ Marinette called from the couch. ‘You know the neighbours can see you, right?’

In retaliation, Alya pressed her rear against the glass. ‘Let them look. It’d be a crime not to.’

‘I don't want to look at your arse.’ Marinette felt her resolve waver, despite her words.

‘How about this then?’

Alya spun around, squeezed her breasts together, then pushed them against the glass balcony door, her nipples and flesh flattening against the pane. Marinette swallowed hard. Alya dragged her tongue across her teeth with a leer and a lascivious wink, before laughing uproariously.

She quieted down when she saw Marinette still on the couch, sitting rigidly straight, with wide, unblinking eyes and crimson cheeks.

‘Sorry, Mar, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I’ll go put some clothes on.’

Letting herself back in, Alya skipped through the loungeroom and into her bedroom. She returned a minute later in an orange satin nightgown which barely covered her breasts and backside.

‘You call those clothes?’ asked Marinette.

‘What can I say? there’s just too much sexy here for mere clothes to contain.’

Desperate to change the subject, and not think about Alya’s obvious decision to forego underwear again, Marinette glanced around.

‘How about a video game?’ she suggested, too quickly to be natural.

Alya shrugged. ‘Sure. But how about we make it interesting?’

Marinette narrowed her eyes. ‘Interesting how?’

‘We make a bet. Loser has to do everything the winner says for a whole day.’

Feeling confident, Marinette agreed. Her track record was perfect in Ultimate Mecha Strike.

Then Alya held up a finger. ‘But I get to pick the game. It’d be too easy a victory for you otherwise.’

Marinette deflated. ‘Fine, handicap accepted. What game do you propose then?’

‘Mario Kart.’

‘Seriously? Fine,’ she relented with poor grace.

Despite Marinette's trepidation, and Alya’s best effort, it was a decisive victory for Marinette.

Alya slumped in her seat, her breasts exposed between the thin straps of her nightgown, and the skirt riding up to her crotch. ‘All right, you win. You now have twenty-four hours to do with me as you will. What are your orders, Mistress Marinette?’

Feeling bold, Marinette pretended to think about her options. ‘For now, I think it’s bedtime. We still have school tomorrow. I’ll think of something else in the morning.’

Alya appeared disappointed. ‘Very well. I’ll go and make a bed for you.’

Marinette waved her hand dismissively. ‘No need. I’ll just share a bed with you.’

Alya smiled approvingly. ‘Yes, Ma’am.’

They crawled into bed, with Alya against the wall. Under the covers, Marinette slipped off her shorts and top, lying next to Alya in only her panties. It was cramped, and Marinette could feel all of Alya’s soft curves pressing against her side. Her skin was as soft and silky as she’d imagined, and incredibly warm. Marinette burrowed under the blankets and snuggled up against Alya, wrapping her arms around her middle, and pressing her face into Alya’s breast. Alya returned the embrace, stroking Marinette's hair and placing a chaste kiss on top of her head.

‘Leaving school is going to suck,’ Marinette mumbled into Alya’s flesh.

‘Then let’s make sure we go out with a bang.’

With that, Alya slid on top of Marinette, and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Marinette gasped, then leaned up to kiss her back, her hands reaching around to hold Alya tight. She shivered when Alya’s tongue slid into her mouth, their breasts pressed together, and their legs entwining under the covers.

‘I didn’t know you were such a good kisser,’ Marinette uttered drunkenly.

‘You would’ve known a lot sooner if you weren’t so hung up on boys.’

‘You were dating Nino,’ she pointed out.

‘And then I wasn’t. Girl, you’ve kept me waiting too long.’

‘Ok, I get it, I'm sorry. Go to sleep already.’

Alya huffed a final laugh, then slid back to her place by the wall. She drifted off to sleep with her arms still loosely wrapped around Marinette.

Marinette caressed Alya’s hair, face, and thigh until she was deep in slumber. Once she was sure Alya would remain asleep, she got up to rummage around in Alya’s closet. Just because they were now unofficially dating didn’t mean Alya was free of the bet.



Marinette woke up first. She showered, dressed in a floral skirt and her usual white top, then headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for them both. She knew when Alya woke from the sound of closing doors and running water in the bathroom. Marinette was plating up when the water shut off, and Alya was lured into the kitchen by the smell of fresh toast and omelettes.

‘Something smells good,’ she observed.

Marinette glanced at the scanty towel Alya had wrapped herself in. ‘I made breakfast, but first…’

Alya grinned impishly. ‘What?’

‘You have a bet to make good on.’

‘I suppose I do. What would you have me do, Mistress?’

Marinette reached behind her to pick up an anal plug that she left resting on a handkerchief. ‘You have to wear this all day, along with the outfit I picked out for you, and left on the bed. I'm sure you noticed there were no panties.’

Alay placed a hand over her mouth in feigned shock. ‘Oh my goodness, how naughty of you. What an unexpectedly dirty mind you have.’

She then dropped her towel, turned around, gripped the benchtop, and canted her hips toward Marinette.

Sucking in a deep breath, Marinette traced her fingertips down Alya’s spine, staring at the light catching on her damp skin. With her other hand, she pressed the anal plug against Alya’s folds and clit, rubbing firmly until her juices flowed.

‘You’re already wet,’ she murmured.

Humming in approval and agreement, Alya placed her knee on the counter and leaned forward a little more.

Marinette dragged the plug up, leaving a glistening trail from her pussy to her rear entrance. Alya moaned and shivered, her essence dripping down her thighs.

Once the plug was properly lubricated, Marinette teased her hole, swirling the plug around and dipping it in, before pulling it out again. She repeated the process several times, admiring her body’s reactions, until Alya was quivering under her hands.

‘Are you ready?’ she whispered.

‘God yes,’ Alya gasped.

Marinette held Alya’s buttock open, then inserted the plug. It went in with a slick noise, before nestling comfortably in place. Marinette flicked the flanged end, admiring the deep red colour of the plug against Alya’s skin.

She slapped Alya’s arse, watching how her flesh bounced. ‘Go get dressed, or we’ll be late.’

Alya straightened up with a smirk. ‘Yes Ma’am.’

Still naked, but with the anal plug firmly in place, Alya retrieved her towel and left for her bedroom, swaying her hips provocatively. Marinette rubbed at her crotch, wondering if she could request Alya eat her out later.

She regretted her choice of Alya’s wardrobe the instant she emerged. Alya’s usual blouse only had a few strategically placed buttons fastened, exposing a good deal of cleavage and the edges of her lace bra, which did nothing to conceal her hardened nipples. Her layered denim miniskirt left her legs bare, and only just covered her curvaceous backside.

They sat down to eat in a heavily laden silence, cleaned up, then it was time to head to school. Marinette felt her own juices trickle out to soak her panties, but there was something she had to check.

‘One more thing before we go.’

Alya had already stooped to pick up her schoolbag. ‘What is it?’

Marinette approached her from behind, then flicked up the hem of Alya’s skirt, exposing her naked arse.

‘Just had to make sure the plug was still in place,’ she explained, poking it firmly.

Alya stared at her from over her shoulder, wiggling her hips and squeezing her thighs together. Wetness still clung to her skin, and stretched in sticky ropes when she spread her legs. ‘It’s still there all right. I'm not the type of person to back out of a bet.’

Leaving her bent over and on display, Marinette slapped her buttocks, and picked up her backpack. ‘I know.’

As they walked, Marinette was almost disappointed that the wind wasn't strong enough to lift Alya’s skirt and reveal their naughty secret. So instead, she imagined how the light breeze felt as it caressed Alya’s naked pussy, and that with each step she took, the plug rubbed deliciously against the inner walls of her arse. All that sent shivers through Marinette’s body until she had to bite her own lips against her arousal.



At school, Alya gasped when she sat down; her weight against the seat had pushed the plug deeper inside.

‘Is everything okay?’ Marinette asked.

‘Yes,’ she replied with a distracted smile.

Then Caline entered to begin the morning’s lecture, halting further conversation.

The lesson quickly grew boring, so Marinette looked discreetly towards her friend. She noticed Alya had a hand over her mouth as if she was interested in the teacher's words, but her cheeks were ruddy with a blush. Looking down, Marinette saw that she was slowly grinding her hips against the seat.

‘Are you having fun?’ she asked in a low voice.

Alya didn't answer. Her movements changed the angle of the plug inside her, and she was desperately trying to feel more without being detected. Marinette reached out and started stroking her leg, feeling her warm skin. Alya seemed surprised by her boldness, but spread her legs as Marinette stroked her with her fingertips, sliding her hand up and under the skirt to tease her with tickling strokes. She smiled, feeling how her friend's inner thighs were soaked in her juices and started to smear them over her skin without touching her pussy until she writhed silently in her seat.

Between classes, Marinette would corner her in some dark, out of the way place, tug her clothes aside, and grope her bare breasts hungrily as she kissed her. Alya’s nipples hardened under her touch, and her breathing turned ragged. Both moaned as they opened their mouths and intertwined their tongues. Without breaking the kiss, Marinette opened every button of her friend's blouse and pulled it down her shoulders. Then she unbuttoned her skirt to let it fell around Alya’s feet.

Alya's chest heaved as Marinette stepped back to admire her. She was completely naked, in a corner of the school with a plug in her arse with her juices dripping down her thighs.

‘This is getting dangerous,’ Alya said, but she didn't move to get dressed.

Marinette replied by easing her hand between her friend's legs and started rubbing her off. Alya moaned weakly as she threw her head back.

‘You are so wet. You’re enjoying our little game,’ Marinette teased softly as she nibbled and sucked on an earlobe.

Alya opened her mouth to answer, but groaned instead when Marinette pushed a finger inside her. She spread her legs further while Marinette slowly fingered her.

‘You're also so warm. Oh, the teacher’s coming. We’ll continue this later.’

Then, Marinette walked away, wiping her hand on her skirt, and leaving Alya flushed and frustrated behind her.

‘You cow,’ Alya seethed, though her uneven panting and nakedness ruined the effect.



As lunch break began, Marinette took pity on Alya.

‘Look,’ she said, ‘I know I've been a tease.’

Alya scowled at her as she rubbed her legs together. ‘That’s an understatement. I need to come. Now.’

Marinette’s answering smile was equal parts wicked and sympathetic. ‘I know, and I have an idea.’

Instantly suspicious, Alya narrowed her eyes. ‘What?’

‘Well, you know when you and Nino were a thing?’


‘And that when you were dating, you would talk about your exploits in graphic detail.’

‘What of it?’

‘Well, whenever you did that, it always got me really hot and bothered. So, what I’d like you to do is…’

Marinette whispered her plan in her ear. Alya’s eyes widened and she was about to protest, but her friend interrupted her.

‘Remember, you’re still paying for losing our bet; you have to do what I tell you for a whole day.’

‘God damn it,’ muttered Alya.

She pulled her phone from her back pocket, sent a message to Nino, then showed Marinette the screen as proof.

‘Excellent. Let’s go.’

Marinette led Alya to the empty locker room after all the other students had filed out for lunch. There, she hid in a locker, peering through a crack in the door while Alya sat on the end of the bench to wait for Nino. He arrived a minute later, looking confused yet hopeful.

‘You wanted to see me?’ he asked.

Rather than explain, Alya wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply. Nino remained still for a second, then he melted into Alya’s embrace, returning her heated kisses with enthusiasm.

Marinette watched from her hiding place as Alya dragged her hands down Nino’s chest, before unbuckling his belt. His hips jerked, and a noticeable bulge formed quickly.

Alya knelt between his feet as she pulled his jeans down. When his semi sprang free, she took it in her hand and pumped his shaft while she kissed the tip. Weak in the knees already, Nino slumped to the bench, sitting with his legs spread wide, while he patted Alya’s hair.

‘I've missed your cock,’ she confessed as she wrapped her lips around him.

Nino shuddered. ‘My cock has missed you.’

She hummed as his semi grew into a full erection under her ministrations. ‘You’re so hard.’

He moaned an acknowledgement, then Alya sank low, taking in his whole length.

‘Jesus bloody Christ,’ he stuttered.

From her vantage point in the locker, Marinette could see Alya’s tongue press against the underside of Nino’s cock, and clearly hear the sucking and slurping as her head bobbed. She briefly wondered how Alya could fit his whole length in her mouth, before focussing on the tableau in front of her. The locker-room filled with sucking and slurping sounds. Marinette watched her friend in amazement as she greedily sucked Nino’s cock.

Heat bloomed low in her belly. Lifting her shirt, Marinette fondled her own breasts, pinching her nipples and pressing her palms flat against the soft mounds, but the heat in her groin wouldn’t be ignored for long. Lifting her skirt, Marinette tugged her panties off, before dipping her fingers between her moist folds. She rubbed her clit until wetness coated her fingers and thighs and her legs were trembling.

Beyond the locker door, Nino had his head thrown back as he braced his weight on his hands behind him. Alya ran her tongue up and down his shaft, licking precum eagerly as she massaged his balls. Taking him in her mouth once more, she applied suction as she moved up his length, her cheeks hollowing out. Nino was moaning low in his throat, his fists clenching around the edge of the seat as his hips jerked spasmodically.

Alya came up for air, saliva and precum dribbling from her lip and down her chin.

‘Feel good?’ she panted.

Nino could only grunt an affirmative.

She lowered her head again, licking and kissing his tip with obscene relish.

Inside the locker, Marinette breathed heavily as she tried to keep from crying out. Her shirt was still pulled up over her tits, her nipples hard, as she slid her fingers deep inside herself. Moisture gushed out, dribbling over her hand and down her legs. She put her other hand over her mouth and sucked her fingers, licking the digits as she imagined they were part of someone else. Her hips jerked when she hit a sensitive spot inside her pussy, but rather than ease up to extend the gratification, she pressed harder and rubbed faster, eager to finish.

On the bench, Nino released a strangled cry before curling in on himself. ‘I'm gonna come.’

Alya ignored him, her head still bobbing energetically, and pushing down until she took him down her throat. Nino moaned loudly as she came back up, her tongue wrapped around his shaft, his hips twitching uncontrollably.

‘Al, seriously, I'm gonna come.’

She let him go with a slurp. ‘Then come.’

Alya stripped out of her shirt, pressed her breasts together and pushed them around his cock. Then she slid them up and down while flicking her tongue over his tip. Nino clenched his jaw and fell back as his hips jumped forward, looking for release. He came with a muffled shout, his essence shooting out to fill Alya’s mouth, and run down her chest.

Alya sat back with a satisfied smirk, then sighed, revealing she had swallowed his load. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand. ‘You came a lot.’

Nino was staring at her with wide eyes. ‘Uh, yeah. Thanks.’

‘No problem.’

She smiled fondly at his softening cock, then eased his jeans up to his knees. Nino stood and pulled his clothes up the rest of the way, ignoring the wetness still clinging to his skin.

‘I should, um, go eat lunch,’ he stammered, before staggering from the room.

Alya sat on the bench with a sigh, just as Marinette left her hiding place. She had been close to her own end, but Nino came before she was there, thus ending her titillation. So, Marinette pulled her shirt back over her breasts, yanked her skirt into place but didn’t bother putting her panties back on.

‘Good job, Alya,’ she congratulated her.

Alya harrumphed. ‘I thought this was supposed to be some reward for putting up with your teasing.’

‘It is,’ Marinette assured her. ‘I got pretty hot under the collar watching you guys, so now I feel ready to give you your reward for being such an obedient servant.’

‘This better be good,’ grumbled Alya.

‘It will be. Now lay back and let me take care of you.’

Once Alya lay on the bench, Marinette parted her legs and knelt on the floor between her knees.

‘Holy cow you’re wet,’ she observed.

‘Gee whiz, I wonder why?’ Alya retorted acerbically.

Chuckling, Marinette kissed her between her folds, then sucked hard on her clit.

Alya gasped, her legs snapping shut automatically on Marinette’s head.

‘Crap on a stick, give a girl some warning.’

Marinette’s laughter was muffled, but she prised Alya’s legs apart to kiss her thighs tenderly.

‘Sorry. I'm going to go down on you, and you’re going to get off. Is that better?’

‘Maybe you should’ve led with that.’


Without warning, Marinette dove back in to lick a hard line up Alya’s sex, noting with satisfaction that the anal plug was still in place. She buried her face between Alya’s legs, lapping and sucking on her flesh, teasing the clit with her lips, and thrusting her tongue into Alya’s entrance. Alya squirmed and panted wanton wails, her juices flowing freer than ever.

Pressing her tongue over Alya’s clit, Marinette hummed, pleased to see Alya’s spine curving and her hips undulating. Her body rolls, coupled with her moans and sighs, were nothing short of debauched. Marinette began touching herself again, her pussy slick and wanting.

‘God, you're hot,’ she breathed.

Alya whimpered in response, her whole body shuddering.

Marinette resumed eating her out, sucking, licking, and slurping while Alya keened above her. Meanwhile, slid her fingers deep inside herself, ready to finally finish. She massaged her clit, rubbing desperately, until her body rocked in time while her mouth worked Alya.

Wetness leaked down her chin and hand, leaving two separate puddles on the floor and bench. Slick noises combined into a vulgar chorus with their voices, arousing further feelings of need and want.

Alya came first. Her body went rigid, her spine stiffening as her legs curled in on themselves, her toes bunching as she squealed her release. Marinette sucked her hard through her orgasm, her lips and tongue making filthy noises against the additional wetness of Alya’s finish.

Alya cried out again. ‘I can’t. Please.’

Still frantically rubbing herself, Marinette felt her own release approach. She opened her mouth against Alya's pussy, her tongue hanging out, and shuddered through her own orgasm with a loud, breathy moan. Her inner walls clamped on her fingers, so she withdrew them slowly with a torrent of her own essence. As she pulled her head back, she saw Alya’s moisture pooling in her open hole, before flowing down her arse.

‘So, did I make it up to you?’ she asked with a wicked grin as she rested her elbows on Alya’s knees.

Alya was still laying, panting and prone, on the bench. She could only nod as she breathed heavily through an open mouth, and lust hazed eyes barely seemed to recognise her surroundings. Her breasts rose and fell with her laboured breathing.

Marinette remained on the floor, using Alya’s legs as a cushion until she felt ready to stand. Struggling to pull her panties back on over sweat-damp skin, she finally felt ready to eat real food.

‘You wanna get something to eat?’ she asked.

‘After eating me like that you’re still hungry?’ Alya laughed in disbelief. ‘We better go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit first, unless you've gotten so naughty you want to smell like sex out in public.’

‘Good idea,’ Marinette agreed as she helped her up.

Alya nodded, lowered her skirt, and obediently followed her to a café, their own juices drying on their skin in a flaky residue.



Their adventures continued in their afternoon classes. Stealthily, Marinette pulled out her phone and activated the vibrating anal plug. Alya flinched as the plug hummed to life, barely smothering a surprised yelp. Caline turned at the slight noise, but shrugged it off before resuming her lesson.

Marinette increased the intensity, relishing Alya’s ruddy cheeks and unsubtle wriggling in her seat, the plug buzzing and writhing inside her. Slightly envious of Alya’s secret pleasure, Marinette lifted her legs to sit in a tailor’s position on their shared bench. She inched her hand under her own skirt to discreetly rub her still-sensitive clit. She sighed as she massaged herself, feeling her moisture quickly soak through her panties.

‘What’re you doing?’ breathed Alya.

Marinette smiled and swivelled carefully around so Alya could look up her skirt. ‘It’s not fair if you’re the only one who gets to have a good time with someone else twice in one day.’

Alya stared at the damp fabric for a moment, her jaw slack as she licked her lips. ‘When did you turn into such a pervert?’

‘What can I say? I learned from the best.’

‘The student surpasses the master. I’m impressed.’

For the rest of the afternoon, Marinette alternated between gratifying herself, and delicately fingering Alya. Alya bit her lip and grabbed her breast in an effort not to cry out, but her writhing hips indicated how close she was. No one else seemed to notice their debauched activities, engrossed as they were in their pre-exam preparations. Marinette felt a thrill at being so lewd while surrounded by her whole class. All it would take was for someone to turn around, and they’d be caught, but it never happened. Still, the risk made her shudder as a blush spread across her face.



Finally, the last bell rang. When Alya stood up, Marinette was pleased to see a pool of liquid in her vacated seat. She dragged her fingertip though the puddle noting its sticky warmth, a spark of something hot and needy lighting up in her groin once more.

While Alya spoke with Caline, the rest of the class departed. Marinette remained in her seat, unsure if she could rise without looking like she wet herself.

Eventually, Caline also left, leaving her and Alya alone in the classroom. Alya turned to her with a fire in her eyes.

‘Right,’ she growled, before storming back to their desk.

Without waiting for an invitation, Alya shoved Marinette back until she lay on the bench, gripped her thighs, and spread them as far as the furniture would allow. She slid her hands under Marinette's skirt, and ripped her panties to shreds before dropping the sodden scraps on the floor. Holding Marinette's legs open, Alya knelt on the floor and buried her face in Marinette’s pussy.

Marinette yelped as she sucked hard and insistently on her clit and tongued her nub. Alya ate her out with a wanton ferocity she could only dream of, her tongue probing as far inside as it could reach, while groans and wet sucking sounds filling the air.

Marinette began to writhe, her back arching and legs kicking out reflexively before curling in on Alya’s head. Alya grumbled something unintelligible while holding one of Marinette’s legs open. She used her other hand to get herself off, her whole body twitching as she went down on Marinette.

She continued for what felt like an eternity, sucking intensely before pulling back to lap at the flowing juices, bringing Marinette so close to coming, then easing back until she cooled down, before riling her up again.

‘Alya, please,’ she moaned, her breasts heaving and her nipples rubbing against the fabric as she fought for breath.

‘Not yet,’ came the muffled response.

Alya thrust her tongue in Marinette's entrance to lick her inner walls, then sucked hard on her clit. Marinette came with a wail, her hands clenching on the chair so hard her knuckles turned white. Alya continued to lap up her essence, until she spasmed and moaned loudly into Marinette's folds.

After Marinette stopped shuddering, Alya got up, lifted her own skirt over her hips and furiously rubbed herself off. With the anal plug still active, it only took her a few seconds to come, her juices squirting over her friend's exposed body.

Finally, she slumped forward, her cheek pillowed on Marinette's plump sex.

‘Revenge does taste sweet,’ she huffed after a few minutes.

Marinette shivered at her breath on her sensitive skin. ‘Don’t say it like that. It’s embarrassing. Plus, why did you take so long making me come? I was about to go crazy.’

‘You deserved it. You’ve been toying with me all day, you minx.’

Chuckling, Marinette patted Alya’s hair. ‘Sorry, but you did lose our bet. Plus, I thought I made it up to you during lunch.’

‘Well, you know I've always been a sore loser, and I needed to get you back for teasing me properly. Come on, we need to get going before Monsieur Haprèle chases us out.’

Marinette painstakingly sat up and straightened her clothing, noticing how her moisture had mingled with the puddle Alya had left on the bench earlier.

Alya sorted out her own clothes, but opted to leave the plug in for the time being. It was still humming softly in her arse.

Alya then helped Marinette to her feet, and they made their way to the door.

‘I love how you look with my cum on you,’ Alya said lasciviously.

‘Naughty girl,’ Marinette replied. Her panties were unusable, but she didn't care. Her pussy was too sensitive to be covered by fabric at that moment.

They opened the classroom door, only to see Adrien and Nino standing just outside, their faces flushed and their flies open, each with his cock in his hand as they hastily shoved it back in their pants.

The four of them stared at each other in awkward silence for a long moment.

‘Were you jerking off as you watched us?’ Alya eventually asked.

‘No,’ lied Nino quickly.

‘Yes,’ Adrien admitted with a guilty air.

Marinette stared at the obvious bulges in their crotches. ‘You know, if you’d come in instead of standing out here like creeps, you could’ve joined in.’

‘No they couldn’t,’ argued Alya. ‘You're all mine, and I refuse to share. Now let’s go. I have a strap on at home I've been dying to try.’

‘Don't be so possessive. Sharing is caring,’ Marinette chastised her gently, while staring at the bulges in the boys’ pants.

She felt a little shiver from her bare pussy under her skirt, and a trickle dripping down her inner thigh as she imagined what their cocks looked like.

‘Not this time.’ Alya dragged her toward the school entrance.

As they walked away, Marinette lifted the back of her friend's skirt, giving the two guys a fantastic view of her bare arse and the butt plug. She grinned when she heard them gasp behind her.

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