Milf Hunter

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AN: At the time of writing this, I have no idea if I will publish this or not. This is not a serious story. This is not a true romance story, despite whatever tags, and characters naturally will be more OOC than normal to make the general idea work. This is more a reflection on me as a teen, who preferred older woman, and what Ron would be like if he had similar tastes. Nor will this just be a pure porn fic, more Porn with Plot as I explore the possibilities of what would happen, if older women was interested in sexual relations with a teenage boy, who didn't have the best social standing, finances, or physical attractiveness (not calling Ron ugly in any way, but he ain't no Josh Mankey pretty boy, or well built like Brick Flagg for example.) This entire story is based off a desire for more Ron and older women stories (which aren't added on to an already large harem) as well as certain scenes, such as Bonnie finding out, that despite her physical traits, Ron is simply not attracted to her due to her being too young, and the hopefully comedic scene to follow.

Also, big shout out to Blue-Eye-White-Wing and his two stories Don't Tell and Team Building Exercises. They inspired me to write this story, and is responsible for its theme of Mature women, as those stories cover most of the teens in this fandom so well.

This story will be posted on Fanfiction, Adultfanfiction and Archive of our own, all under a similar name (darkness). Their is another KP story I wrote years ago on Adultfanfic called pool boy, which if I ever update, I will add to the other sites as well. That story has plenty more action and zero care for plot, and why I haven't updated it in so long, kind of wrote myself into a corner.

Last thing: List of girls are Betty, Anne, Vivian and Shego. I wanted to add another, but Felix's mum never made an appearance and I do not like OC's, even if she is technically real in the fandom, there is nothing to work on besides her skill in robotics. If you want another girl, let me know. Adrena Lynn is out... too bitchy, same for Camille Leon and the Rockwaller twins. Note I will only add one girl, the most requested, by a certain point (said point will be a chapter with a notification) and most likely have a minor influence unless I like it and make it work. That being said, I know what the internet is like when it comes to these stories, and as proven with my pool boy story I got no problem with writing Incest, so if you want Ron's mum to be viable, that will need a crap ton of votes as I honestly have no clue how I will even attempt that.

Summary: A weekend without Kim, Rufus, or Felix leaves Ron bored. His mother took away his games console, he has no pocket money to do anything, so he goes to see if Anne, home alone due to being on call at the hospital, needs any chores doing for some pocket money. A weird day later, Ron realises he can follow his dream of making love to his heart's desire, beautiful older women, and not bitchy, self-obsessed teenagers. Set before STD.

Milf Hunter:
Chapter One: Revelations




Ron was bored. Kim and most of the Possible clan, minus Anne, was away at some family thing. Ron could not remember if it was a Funeral or a Wedding. Anne having to stay at home due to being on-call as a neurosurgeon. Normally a weekend from Kim would not be so bad. But Rufus was under observation at the vets, and would not be returning before Tuesday at the earliest... next week. He was already missing his best friend/pet. Felix was also out of town, going to some Cybernetic convention with his mother. Speaking of mothers. Ron's mother thought it would be a good time for Ron to get out of the house and stop playing his video games all day and so hid his gaming console. And the TV remote.


In short, all of Ron's normal options were utterly spent, and the last resort options of solo movies or going to the mall's arcade was out due to having no pocket money. His home was spotless due to his mother preparing for another business trip abroad with his father, which surprised Ron as he got told in person instead of via a note, they would leave Saturday night. Point is, he had no chores to do to try and get some pocket money out of his parents. Ron then remembered Anne was home alone, in a big house, and the chaotic terrors known as the twins often made a mess, maybe he could go round and offer to do some chores in exchange for some pocket money to go to the cinema or something.


Either way, it was better than being bored at home.




Ron knocked on the Possible household front door. In the past he has just walked in but that's when Kim was home and he was semi-expected.


“Hi Ronald, what's up?” Anne greeted as she opened the door. She had a big hat on her head to keep the unusually hot spring time sun off her head. Wearing a simple sun dress, and gardening gloves, it was easy to see she was just working in the garden.

“Hey Mrs. Dr. P, was just wondering if you needed any help with chores.” Ron smiled back. “Doing some gardening?”


“Yes, and I guess you are out of pocket money?” Anne smiled back. Ron's tendency to be lazy made it easy for her to see why he offered his help. The sheepish grin as he rubbed the back of his head was answer enough.


“Yeah... Well, I'm all alone, Rufus is at vets for a few days, all my other friends are out of town, and my Mum has taken my games console off me to force me outside on “such a nice day”.” Ron explained.


“Well, I suppose I could use some help in the garden.” Anne responded. The Possibles were well off due to Anne's and James professions, as such, they had a rather large garden, and it would have taken her all weekend alone. “Come on in.” Anne opened the door further and moved out of the way.


“Awesome, what help do you need exactly.” Ron asked as he walked into the house, heading for the back garden. Anne closed the door and followed behind him.


“Just need some help with the weeds, and cleaning up whatever the twins have left lying around in my flower beds.” Anne grumbled a bit at the end. She loved her boys, but they are messy and destructive in their creativity. For the most parts her flowers were safe, the twins learned their lesson the last time her rose bush caught fire due to a rocket malfunction.


“Alright, just give me the tools and watch the Ron-Man go.” Ron responded eagerly. The reason Ron was so excited was due to the simple cotton sun dress Anne was wearing. While she was like a second mother to him, she was not actually his mother, and his love for mature women could not be held at bay by that fact. Although he did respect her greatly so he would not perv, the dress hugged Anne's curves much nicer than her normal doctor clothes. Simply being in the presence of such a beautiful woman was almost reward enough.


Ron walked into the back garden, while Anne was getting Ron a spare set of gardening gloves from the shed tucked away in one corner.


“So, where do you want me to start?” Ron asked as Anne handed him the gloves.


“Just grab a bucket and trowel and dig up any weeds you see.” Were the simple instructions Anne gave Ron. It was not the first time he helped tidy her garden over the years. Grabbing the required tools, Ron began to work, humming along to the music the radio was playing.




“Ron, water break!” Anne called an hour or so later. Ron was not wearing a hat and was wearing his normal clothes, so she was worried about him getting too de-hydrated in the sun.


“Cheers Mrs. Dr. P!” Ron called back ,wiping the sweat off his brow. The reason he was in his normal clothes, was because of all the missions with Kim. From hot humid jungles to the frozen Arctic, Ron's body became surprisingly adapt at handling any change in weather. He joined Anne at the garden table, shaded by a large umbrella.


“So Ron, what's new in your life? Any girl caught your eye?” Anne asked teasingly. She knew he was of age for it, and she couldn't exactly tease her daughter in the same way. Plus Ron was so much funnier in his antics.


“Wha-What?!” Ron stumbled out, blushing red. Anne laughed softly, getting the reaction she hoped for.


“Come on now Ron, it's nothing to be ashamed of, you are of the age to be dating.” Anne continued to prod for information. A part of her always hoped for him and Kim to get together, but it seems Kim found her type, which unfortunately was not Ron. She just hopes those pretty boys don't end up breaking her daughters heart.


“Err.. well. Not really.” Ron mumbled out, but Anne heard him clear enough.


“Oh, nobody has caught your eye?” Anne continued to dig for information. Ron refused to answer. “Ron.” Anne was serious now. “You are interested in girls right? Not that there is anything wrong with otherwise.” Anne quickly added, thinking Ron might be gay, and hence his hesitance.


“No, its not like that.” Ron quickly said, blushing. “I'm most definitely interested in women.” Ron said forcefully.

“Oh really? So who has caught your eye then?” Anne kept pushing.

“Well, nobody really, it's complicated.” Ron eventually admitted after a few moments of silence. Ron's tone was making Anne worried.


“Ron, you know you can open up to me about anything right?” Anne said, leaning forward to take Ron's hand in hers. Ron sighed and hung his head.


“I'm just not interested in teenagers.” Ron finally admitted, surprising Anne. She was more expecting a confession about his feelings for her daughter, not this.


“What does that mean exactly?” Anne questioned.


“I just prefer women more mature...” Ron spoke quietly at first. “Teenagers are just so caught up in... everything. Trying to confirm to certain standards, not comfortable in who they are. Even Kim, goes out of her way to please as many people as possible to help her image. Not that is a bad thing or anything.” Ron quickly added. Silence dominated for a few moments. “Like I said it's complicated.” Ron felt Anne squeeze his hand, lifting his head up he saw her smile.


“That's nothing to worry about Ron.” Anne said warmly. “Everybody has a type. I'm sure you will find happiness soon.” With a final squeeze Anne let Ron's hand go.


“I'm not so sure about that.” Ron mumbled, but Anne caught it anyway.


“Why not?” Anne questioned. Ron just indicated to himself.


“I know I'm not handsome or pretty like some men, or well built... I'm just average... what do I have to offer?” Ron asked sadly.

“Ron, look at me.” Anne commanded, causing Ron to meet her eyes once more. “You are more than just that. For the longest time I hoped my daughter ended up with a boy like you. Loyal, honest and her friend. That goes so much farther than you think.” Anne consoled Ron.


“Maybe. But it is still going to be a long time till I find that happiness” Ron moped.

“Good things come to those who wait.” Anne comforted Ron. “But may I ask, why mature women?”


“Erm... Well... Like I said earlier, they are just more at peace with who they are. A lot more than teenagers... and well...” Ron just shrugged. “I find them more attractive. The idea of a women... never mind you don't want to hear that part.” Ron blushed.


“Come on. Idea of a women doing what? I said I won't judge.” Anne said softly.


“The idea of a woman who knows what she wants.” Ron whispered. “Telling me... Teaching me... You know things like that.”


“You mean like a sub and dom?” Ron looked confused for a moment, before figuring it out.


“No, it's hard to explain.”


“Is this because of online porn?” Anne questioned, she was aware of the growing amount of free porn online, and already took steps to block that from her home internet, the twins aren't quite old enough yet, but she wouldn't put it past those troublemakers to use the videos in some sort of prank.


“No... Erm... I don't really masturbate... Having a hacker friend makes you terrified of what people may found out about you.” Ron admitted. “Not that I don't trust Wade, but I imagine many people would love to make Kim look bad due to me, who may have those skills.” Anne frowned, it was not the healthiest option for a growing young boy, but she could not bring herself to encourage it either.


“Well... I'm positive somebody will notice what a great guy you are eventually, and you will end up with your dream girl.” Anne encouraged. “But for now, the garden needs finishing.” Their drinks were long finished during that conversation. Anne forgot she gave permission to a specific agency to set up surveillance on her property to help protect her family, from any rebuttal for her daughters world saving business, as such somebody else listened in to the entire conversation.




Ron was walking home. Anne gave him twenty dollars for his help, but after the conversation he did not feel like a movie, he felt like moping in his room. He might end up with his dream girl eventually, but how long would that take? With Kim dating and even Felix dating Zita, he just feels so lonely. The floor below him opened up.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Ron screamed, as he was flying through some sort of underground slide/tube. After a long twisting fall. Ron reached the end, a fan creating an uplift to stop his momentum safely, before cutting off and leaving him stood in a room with a dozen more tubes like the one he just stumbled out of. “What's going on?”


“Ronald Stoppable?” A person asked. It was a generic looking man, brown hair and eyes, average build, but wearing the GJ jumpsuit.


“Yes?” Ron asked, confused, but more relaxed upon seeing the GJ logo.


“The Director would like a word with you, follow me.” With that the unidentified man turned and walked away. Ron hurried to follow.


“Do you know why?” Ron asked, only to be met with silence. Sensing the lack of conversation opportunities, Ron looked around. They were in a bright hallway, with windows and doors dotted every so often. The plain white walls had no decoration. Through the windows he saw various rooms, such as a Cafeteria and what looked like a Command Centre with many screens and the most people in. Ron thought he saw a glimpse of Shego on one screen before he walked past.


The silence, only broken by their footsteps, was an uncomfortable one. Eventually they reached the end of the hallway, which had a golden plaque above it saying Director. The door opened without prompt, admitting the duo into a spartan, but expensively furnished office. Behind an old oak desk, sat the one eyed Director of GJ, Elizabeth Director, or Betty. (Seriously had to look up her name and still did not believe it. Doctor Elizabeth Director? Really?)


“Thank you Agent, you are dismissed.” Betty spoke. The Agent nodded, before turning around and leaving, the doors closing behind him with a hiss. “Please Ron, follow me.” With that, Betty got up, and walked up to what looked like a blank wall, but soon showed a hidden door which Betty walked through, Ron hurrying to follow before the door closed.

“May I ask why I am here? Did I do something wrong?” Ron questioned. The lights came on in the dark room, showing what looked like a luxurious apartment.


“No, nothing like that... I'm here to offer you a deal, but before I explain.” Betty took out a USB stick, and walking up to her TV, inserted it. “Please take a seat.” Betty indicated the crème coloured couch facing the TV. Ron followed to obey. The director was not a woman he wanted to cross.


“Now before I hit play, I just want you to remain calm, and know I had permission for this camera.” Betty said, confusing Ron, before playing the video she wanted to show. Ron was shocked to see and hear the private conversation he had with Anne earlier.


“Er... what?” Ron asked, mortified.


“Do not panic... like I said I'm to offer you a deal.” Betty was still stood next to the TV, she was watching Ron with an unreadable expression on her face.


“What... deal?” Ron gulped.


“Well... To put it simply. My job is 24/7 so no time for relationships, most definitely not with my employees, so I'm left in a situation where I need somebody to scratch my 'Itch'. A situation you seem to be in.” Betty, being a seasoned Spy master, was calm on the outside, even if she was nervous on the inside. She just hoped Ron was not put off by her missing eye.


“Itch?” Ron asked confused. Betty sighed in exasperation.


“Sex.” Betty said blankly. “Do I not fit what you described you was looking for?” Betty asked, hoping the answer to be yes. Ron would not be her first choice, but his loyalty, and availability, made him her only real choice. Not that he was bad to look at. And she knew he was athletic enough due to keeping up with Kim on all her missions.


“Well... Yes.” Ron blushed, and he could not keep his manners dominant, as he clearly checked out Betty. The tight jumpsuit uniform of GJ clung to her womanly curves nicely. Her large bust, narrow waist, shapely hips and thick thighs supporting a large and meaty ass he only dared to glance at once or twice before. But that all seems lesser compared to the significant smile she sported as she heard him. She walked over to him, sitting close to him on the couch.


“Look. I must be clear... this is not a relationship. It's just sex... It's all my job allows.” Betty said clearly.

“So... what's the deal exactly?” Ron asked, nervous and excited as any teenage boy would be in this situation.


“Why, what you asked for. A Mature woman to teach you how to please her, how to have sex. “ Betty explained. “The only condition is you cannot tell anybody.”


“I mean I have a few questions, like how will we meet if its suppose to be secret. But yes... I agree... what do I have to do?” Ron asked eagerly. Betty chuckled.


“Well, first is homework.” That confused and halted Ron.




“There are books written by women, helping men learn how to please women. I do not have time to teach you every little thing.”

“Oh, that makes sense I guess.” Ron said. “Where are we anyway?” Ron asked the question on his mind, as it seems no sexy time fun was happening today.


“My private quarters, like I said, I work 24/7, this is a place only I can access. It has zero access to the outside world, besides the lights which change depending on how urgently I'm needed.” Betty admitted. “But I got to ask, how come your not checking out the 'goods' like most men would do?” Betty questioned.


“Goods?” Ron asked confused. Betty just indicated to her body making Ron blush. “Well... err... Manners?” Ron offered. “Mother raised a gentleman.”


“I see. Well, whenever we are here, feel free to look and touch anything you want.” Betty offered. Ron gulped audibly.


“Even now?” Ron hesitantly asked. Betty rolled her eye.


“Yes, but follow me first.” Betty instructed. She stood up, and walked away. Ron's eyes immediately going to her swinging rear. He quickly rushed to follow, and feeling brave, walked beside her, one hand resting on the top of her big ass. Betty just smiled at him, offering no resistance. Ron just laid his hand on top, stunned at what he was doing, and feeling the muscles flex as she walked. Betty took Ron down a hallway, and into another door that contained a bedroom. A large, dark red satin covered bed dominated the room, with bookshelves on two sides of the bed. Betty walked over to her night stand, 3 books already stacked there.


Betty grabbed a bag from the drawer of the night stand, before dropping the books in. She placed the books back on the night stand, looking back at Ron, she bit her lip. Her eyes trailed down, and Ron was clearly hard from feeling her ass, if the bulge in his baggy pants was any indication. And Ron was packing an impressive tool as well from what she could see.


“But first... you said you do not use the internet for porn at home? What about mags?” Betty asked.


“Never used them.” Ron responded.


“Well them I didn't plan on this, but you do need to know what a woman looks like naked... consider this the first lesson.” Betty beamed. She pushed Ron onto the bed, and undid the neck strap before grabbing her zipper and slowly opening her jumpsuit, showing more of her tanned skin and cleavage to Ron. With how the jumpsuit was designed her breasts did not fully reveal themselves despite zipping all the way down to just above her womanhood. Ron's dick was clearly now straining against his pants. Betty smiled teasingly before she turned around. She took the jumpsuit off her shoulders, and with her back turned Ron could not see her breasts break free as she tugged the jumpsuit down to her waist.


Leaning forward. Betty slowly pulled the jumpsuit past her waist and down her large ass. The tight material was clinging to her flesh that seemed to expand once free from their tight prison. Due to the tight, all in one nature of the jumpsuit, Betty was not wearing underwear so Ron watched eagerly as her ass finally appeared fully. Betty continued to show her flexibility as she continued to bend with her ass pointing at Ron, as she slid the jumpsuit down her thick thighs finally revealing her shaved pussy to Ron's eyes. A small tight asshole, barely visible even at such close range, followed by a tight slit with slightly puffy lips met Ron's eyes for the first time in his life. As the jumpsuit reached her ankles, she stood back up, before kicking the jumpsuit away and turning back around, showing her large breasts topped with dark brown nipples to Ron's eyes for the first time as well.


“Do you need some help getting out of those pants? I don't recall that ever being a problem for you before.” Betty teased. Ron quickly grabbed the hem line of his shirts, and pulled them over his head and tossing them away. As he stood up to more easily take his pants off. Betty stopped him with her hand and dropped to her knees. “Let me.” She instructed, wanting to see what Ron was hiding up close. Undoing his cargo pants buttons, she quickly tugged Ron's pants and boxers off in one go, and was slapped in the face by his cock, now free of its prison. “So big.” Betty whispered to herself as she wrapped her hand around the shaft, or tried to. She could not quite fully grasp it all.


“Is... is that good?” Ron asked gasping, as Betty's touch felt divine, and with the view he just got, his hormones and desires were going crazy.

“Hmm... Very good.” Betty moaned, before licking the pre-cum from the tip of Ron's circumcised penis. Betty moaned at the taste, it could be because it's been so long, but for some reason Ron's dick and pre-cum tasted very delicious. Wrapping her chocolate coloured lips around his head, she sucked as her hand slowly moved up his shaft, getting an idea of the size as her tongue circled the tip of his penis, enticing more of that sweet pre-cum out. She estimated it was roughly 12 inches long, including the head in her suckling mouth. The thought of Ron learning how to properly please a woman with such a tool, and using it on her caused her to shudder in desire at the thought as she reached down to touch her now wet pussy lips.

“You okay?” Ron breathed out heavily, noticing Betty's shudder. Betty released his cock from her mouth with a wet pop, before licking the trail of pre-cum that appeared after.


“Oh yes.” Betty said huskily. “Just thinking on how great this would feel when you finally fuck me.” Her admission clearly made Ron excited as another glob of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his dick. Wasting no more time Betty sucked his head back into her warm, wet and talented mouth.


“Oh... Good.” Ron breathed out, barely thinking straight as the greatest pleasure he ever felt originated from his penis. He could now understand why the jocks bragged about the blowjobs they had, it was truly a divine gift! “Oh god!” Ron moaned, barely standing as Betty sucked more of his cock into her mouth.


Now Betty was an old-school spy who grew up in a patriarchal system, as such, while she never did one, due to how good she was at other skills, she was trained for seduction missions in the past. One of those skills involved deep throating, a skill she was putting to use as she sucked more of Ron's cock into her mouth and down her tight throat. Being competitive by nature, she wanted to see if she could take Ron's entire thick and long cock down her throat. She slipped two fingers into her tight pussy as she felt the hot throbbing cock slip further and further in. It was not supposed to feel so good for her, but it did, and she did not care to question it.


“Oh god...” Ron breathed as his hands rested on her head. “That feels... so unbelievable.” Betty smiled as much as she could, as her nose nestled into Ron's untamed pubic hair, something she will deal with later, and kissed the base of his shaft. She looked up and met Ron's eyes, before she slowly pulled back out. Ron could not look away as more of his saliva covered cock appeared out of her mouth. With another wet pop. Betty released his cock from her mouth.


“You might want to sit down again.” Betty advised, and Ron more collapsed onto the bed then sit down, as she smiled and moved back in. Unlike before she did not suck his head into her mouth, but kissed the underside of his cock, working her way up from the base to his tip. The only sounds in the room were Ron's heaving breathing, her furiously fingering her wet pussy, and the kisses she was planting all up his cock. As she reached the tip, she felt Ron once more place his hands on her head, as she opened her mouth wide to suck Ron's dick head back into her mouth, moaning at the taste of the built up pre-cum on his tip. After a few swirls of her tongue, she pushed forward once more, quicker this time, taking Ron's cock once more down her throat.


She only took it a but further than half way this time, leaving the bottom of Ron's shaft for her hand, now slick with her saliva, as she brought her free hand to jerk him off. With it being Ron's first time, she expected his first load to be fast approaching, and wanted it out of the way before the next part. Moving her hand steadily, she started to bob her head back and forth, causing Ron's cock to slip in and out her tight throat.


“Oh god. Oh GOD!” Ron moaned as he felt the dual sucking and hand motion on his cock. He could not think due to the pleasure overload. Without thinking his hands were helping Betty move back and forth, before with a surge of pleasure, Ron inadvertently pushed forward and pulled Betty closer, shoving his entire cock down her throat as he climaxed.


Betty did not fight Ron's forwardness, then she felt his cock throb even harder, and even expand inside of her slightly before she felt the first wave of his cum pour straight into her stomach, her now free hand was massaging his balls as a second and third wave of cum came. Feeling Ron's grip weaken, she started to pull back as his cock was still ejaculating, covering her abused throat in his hot and creamy cum. Betty's eyes went wide as Ron continued his explosive ejaculation down her throat, each shot of cum feeling as large as the last one. Betty pulled back far enough so just his head was in her mouth, but another torrent of cum blasted the back of her throat. It was so much it went everywhere. Up and out her nose, and even around her lip lock around his cock. Betty climaxed just then as she continued to to suck down Ron's cum, the majority of her senses literally drowning in Ron's cum.


Ron was nearing the end of his explosive climax, and wanting the pleasure to continue, forced Betty back down his cock, she offered no resistance despite her growing lack of air. Ron forced Betty up and down his cock a few more times in time with his last few spurts, before with a groan Ron let go and collapsed. Betty pulled back to feel the last little spurt fill her mouth. Sucking Ron's cock to collect all his cum, she pulled back till it was free. She swirled the semen in her mouth for a moment, unbelieving how nice it tasted, before gulping it down.


Ron looked back down to Betty as he finished, his euphoric high passing. He could not believe that just happened. His slowly softening cock hardened again with a vengeance when he saw Betty. From her nose, around her mouth, and over her tits was his cum she did not managed to suck down. She was marked with his essence.


“Hmm... that felt good.” Betty moaned out, before feeling the cum on the rest of her body. Liking the taste, she used both of her hands to clean herself as much as she could and bring the cum to her mouth, even with her hand that she was just pleasuring herself with, which just seemed to make the taste better. Betty shuddered in desire, imagining sucking his cock after he creampied her, but had to push that thought away, that was not for today. But Ron was now all but guaranteed to pass his 'homework' she assigned. She was not giving up this delicious cock if she could help it.


Ron watched mesmerised as Betty cleaned up his cum and eat it. Unaware of her thoughts, he vowed then and there to learn everything those books she would give him had to offer to be back in this situation again.


“That felt amazing.” Ron finally breathed out as Betty finished cleaning herself.


“Oh? We are not finished yet. That was purely to get your first, fast climax out of the way.” Betty explained as she stood up. Her voice was huskier and deeper after sucking Ron's cock and to Ron it sounded so much sexier. His cock was definitely at full attention again.

“More?” Ron asked simply and dumbly, unbelieving.


“Hmmm...” Betty moaned out, as she stroked her now gushing wet pussy, before spreading her lips to show Ron her pink insides. “Why yes. Lie down.” Betty instructed. Ron did as he was told, his eyes never leaving the heavenly vision of Betty's tanned body. Betty walked over to the bed, before standing on top of it, and kneeling either side of Ron's face, letting him look straight up to her pussy, and her shining inner thighs. Ron started to rise up before Betty put a hand on his chest stopping him.


“Wha?” Ron mumbled out confused, but ultimately uncaring as a drop of Betty's sexual juices landed on his lips. Licking it up just made Ron hungrier to taste her.


“This is called 69. A position where both partners can orally please each other.” Betty instructed and she stared down Ron's cock again, licking her lips. “Now what I want you to do is simple. Lick me here, and here.” Betty first pointed to her clit, and her entrance. Betty moved her legs forward, hooking Ron's arms over her legs before she reached back and spread her ass. “And here.” Betty said, pointing to her tight, puckered hole.


“What? Is that... not dirty?” Ron questioned himself, it did not look dirty right now.


“Don't worry it's clean, you can stick a slick finger in first to see. Enjoy your meal. I know I will.” Betty instructed, before lowering her hips down to Ron's head, and most importantly mouth. Ron's hand moved to grab her large ass after she let go, keeping her steady, before meeting her pussy half way down with his mouth. Betty moaned, her pussy sensitive from her previous climax as Ron's hot breath, followed by his wet tongue brushed against her wet pussy. Leaning forward, her heavy breasts and erect nipples trailing over his lower abdomen, before grasping the base of his cock once more.


Ron felt Betty hold and start sucking his cock once more, but unlike before, he had something else to focus on other than the heavenly feeling, even if it only helped a little. Eager to explore what Betty offered. Ron took his forefinger and slid it knuckle deep inside her pussy. Her tight inner walls flexed around his finger, making Ron whimper in desire at the thought of that around his cock. Pulling it out, now covered in her juices, her brought it up to her anus, and tried pushing it in. She was so tight back there that at first he failed, before deciding to ignore being gentle and pushing in harder. Her anus slowly yielded as his finger sunk into her tight asshole.


Betty was excited, more so when she felt Ron's finger enter her sensitive asshole. Ever since her seduction training, her anus had been sensitive, and now she could not wait to put it to use in the future. As she took Ron's cock down her throat once more, she moaned around it at the thought of such a cock pounding her ass hard.


Ron temporarily stopped licking the delicious pussy atop his mouth as he watched in disbelief as the extremely tight hole took in more of his finger, flexing around it. As he reached as deep as he could, he pulled out. It was slow going, the tight ass not wanting the finger to escape, but to Ron's amazement, it was as Betty said. Nothing foul coated his finger. Bringing his finger to his face he couldn't help the curious sniff. Outside of the musky smell of the dripping pussy above his face, he could smell nothing. With the last of his hesitation gone, Ron firmly grasped the two meaty ass cheeks in his hand as he brought that delicious pussy down to his mouth.


Trailing his tongue up and down her slit, slurping up her juices before he buried his tongue inside her vagina, his nose pressed against her puckered star. Once again he could not smell anything bad, and with the constant deep throating of Betty, decided to press his face and tongue, as far into this heavenly place as possible. Betty soon after pulled free from his cock in her mouth.


“Oh that's good.” Betty moaned out, rocking her hips against Ron's face and making him clutch tighter on her ass. Sitting up, Ron's face could not been seen by her past her thick thighs and big ass, just the bottom of his now wet chin. She reached down, taking Ron's hands, causing her big ass to cover his face more, before bring them up to her tits. “Hmmm that's it. Tongue fuck me good while playing with my nipples.” Betty instructed as she rocked her hips a few times more against his face. Then she noticed the the pre-cum building on Ron's cock again, and licking her lips, leaned forward once more to suck it up.


Ron could barely process everything what was happening. He could barely breathe, and the few short breaths he could was heavy with the smell of Betty so much that he could always taste her. He was barely conscious of his hands rolling her nipples between his fingers as he kneaded her breasts, and made a mental note to give them some proper attention later. Pulling his tongue out of her vaginal passage he trailed his tongue and mouth down to lick her clit. His nose was now covered by her pussy, making his head spin with her smell. Struggling to breathe even more from this position. Ron gave her clit a suck before moving back up. Breathing through his nose once free of her pussy, he got enough air to his brain to notice Betty constantly moaning around his cock. He was happy to be pleasing her, and eager to do more.


His eyes locking on the partially covered anus, he forced his face to spread apart his cheeks as his tongue licked up past her pussy, before feeling the puckered skin on his tongue. Once more he could detect nothing to deter his current actions, as he pushed his tongue hard into her tight ass. It was not easy, but the moaning around his cock increased and so did his efforts.


Betty's body rocked against Ron's face as another climax came after Ron stuck his tongue as deep into her ass as it could. Taking all her cock down her throat as she moaned out her orgasm louder than before. Ron's licking and curling tongue drawing out her orgasm for longer. She could not help rocking her hips slightly, rubbing her ass all over his wet face as his tongue finally pulled out, but circled her anus instead. She pulled back up off his cock just in time to feel him plant a kiss on her asshole.


“Hmmm that feels so good.” Betty encouraged Ron, as she licked the tip of his cock like a lollipop. “Do you like the taste of my ass big boy?” Betty asked, pushing her hips harder against his face for just a moment. “Don't forget about my pussy now.” Betty said before she grabbed one of his hand playing with her nipples. “Smack that fat ass.” Betty instructed as she placed his hand on her ass. Ron's first attempt was a bit timid. “Harder!” She ordered before Ron followed with a harsh slap that echoed in the room. “Oh that's it again!” Betty groaned out. “Good. Now mix up everything you learned and please me.” Betty said before she once more took his cock into her hungry mouth, she could not get enough of it. She originally was going to make him solely pleasure her after she gave him a blowjob, but this was so much better!


Ron was groping Betty's fat ass after every slap, loving the feel of it, and moved his tongue down once more, he stuck his tongue back inside her pussy. After his first orgasm, he could now identify that a second one was building for him, and he was desperate to please her as his tongue rapidly went in and out of her tight passage. Taking his other hand from her breast, he brought it up, across her tight stomach, to fondle her clit.


Betty was nearing her next orgasm as well. Ron's hand rubbing her clit as he tongue fucked her pussy felt amazing. Add on the surprising amount of pleasure she was receiving from sucking his cock, she was feeling her big explosive finale approach, different from her normal orgasms. Eager to bring Ron to climax as she did, she took her hands and started to fondle and massage his balls. Before with a final harsh smack on her ass she screamed around the cock buried in her throat as she climaxed. She was barely concious of Ron's moans into her pussy as his cock expanded to cum down her throat once more, but the delicious taste brought her back far enough to remember to suck and keep her head bobbing.


Ron's tongue was gripped tight inside Betty, and he could barely think to continue rubbing her clit and moving his tongue as much as possible as his second orgasm overloaded his mind in pleasure. Finally pulling his tongue free, he worked on slurping and licking the torrent of juices her pussy was releasing. He could honestly say he was falling in love with the strange taste.


However, all things must come to an end, Betty pulled her head back to feel the last of Ron's cum fill her mouth, none of the previous shots exploding out of her like last time and she felt Ron's licking start slowing down. His tongue was not used to such activity. With great reluctance, Betty freed the softening cock from her mouth, and moved off from atop Ron.


Ron was barely concious as he slowed down, but he saw Betty move as she lifted one of her legs to roll onto the bed and off him. He already missed the feeling of her on top of him, smothering his face.


“Hmm.” Betty moaned as the last of her pleasure high passed her. “What did you think?” She asked.


“Heavenly.” Ron breathed out, his breath slowly coming back. “That was... awesome... better than awesome even!” With more energy to spare than Ron, Betty sat up, and smiled at him.


“Good, so make sure to study hard, and we can do that and more again.” With great reluctance, but iron clad disciple, Betty got up and off the bed with a groan. Ron forced himself to sit up, his eyes locked onto her jiggling ass as her back was to him.


“I most definitely will.” Ron assured her. But a question came to his mind. “But I got to ask, how we going to meet up?”


“I've been thinking of offering you some GJ training for awhile now. You are the only member of Team Possible we can help without the restricted training for GJ members only.” Betty said as she grabbed a bath robe and covered her body, making Ron frowned. Rolling her eyes she undid the front leaving herself exposed.


“I suppose I could use it, so how will it work?” Ron half asked, his attention on admiring her body and committing the sight to memory


“Once a week, you will come in for physical training, nothing to tiring as I want you to have some energy left.” Betty's tone implied everything else. “But also some theory, which mostly will be an excuse for you to be in my office, and from there this apartment for the real training and fun.” Betty explained.


“Awesome. My parents are also gone a lot as well.” Ron offered, he wanted it more than once a week.


“Maybe, but my job is 24 7 like I said so...” Betty shrugged her shoulders, making her tits bounce and capturing Ron's attention. “Now we need a shower.” Seeing Ron's hopeful expression she quickly added. “I suppose you can join me.” Betty smirked, before turning and walking away. Ron eagerly followed Betty.


Following her into another room, Ron saw it was a bathroom, with a large bathtub, and large shower dominating one half, with a toilet, mirrors and cabinets closer to the door. Betty took off her bath robe, revealing her naked rear to Ron's hungry gaze once more as she hung up her bath robe. She did not even look at Ron as she entered the shower and pressed a button, starting multiple streams of water that hit her from every angle but the open glass door. Before turning to look back at Ron and his once again erect penis.


Ron was stunned, Betty was stunningly beautiful, but the added wetness from the shower caused her body to glisten heavenly. When she looked back at him, he gulped, she looked hungry, before she looked down and frowned.


“What's wrong?” Ron asked confused.


“Next lesson, shaving and maintenance.” Betty spoke clearly. “I'll help you this one time, but I expect you to make sure it stays smooth.”


“Huh?” Ron was confused, he did not have a beard or even starting shaving yet. Betty shook her head as she step out the shower towards one of her cabinets.


“Just get in the shower.” Betty commanded. Ron did as he was told, the water was a bit hotter than his usual, but nothing scolding. He watched as Betty got a disposable razor. “Now, watch carefully.” Betty commanded as she re-entered the shower, before kneeling before Ron. His dick was pointed straight at her, begging to be touched, but first she had a job to do. With one hand moving Ron's flesh out of the way, she brought the razor up and started to remove Ron's pubes.


“Is... Is this necessary.” Ron asked nervous, very aware of the sharp blade near his manhood. That being said he could barely feel anything as the dexterous and skilled hands of Betty made short work of his teenage nest. He just saw clumps of dark blonde curls flowing away with the water.


“Yes, keeping it smooth helps stop friction burns.” Betty spoke. “And after this, it is up to you to maintain it, failure to do so puts a stop to our fun time. I'd rather not be doing this, but this.” Betty explained, before moving his cock and giving it a quick suck, before moving to the other side to continue shaving Ron.


“Oh... I think I need to buy a razor but okay.” Ron spoke simply. His mind split in two, one part wanting to simply watch Betty in her naked gloriousness, the other part watching what she was doing to learn. Betty was soon onto his balls, pulling them as she softly dragged the razor across them, and underneath over Ron's gouch. Betty pulled back to look over her work. With Ron freshly shaved, his monster cock looked even bigger. The redness of the freshly shaved skin, the heat of the water and his desire made it look angry and full of wanting. She could not stop herself from suckling on the tip of his cock once more, moaning at the taste in her mouth.


She smiled as she felt Ron's hands on her head, he knew what he wanted as he slowly pushed her head against him, pushing his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She did not stop or encourage him. She dropped her hands down to her bottom holes, rubbing her anus as she plunged three fingers into her dripping wet pussy. She was curious how much Ron would do on his own and she just wanted to enjoy the ride. The feel of her lips against his smooth base as she took all of Ron's cock into her throat felt a lot better than before, without the hair tickling her nose and lips.


Ron look down, holding Betty close to his crotch as he delighted in the feel of her steady and constant sucking of his cock deep in her throat. He could clearly hear the sounds of her pleasuring herself over the shower as he saw one of her two hands clearly rubbing her anus. He could not see, but could clearly hear the other hand making the wet sound of Betty speedily pleasuring herself. Ron slowly pulled her head back, freeing his cock from her tight, wet throat. Betty did not seem to be moving on her own, and he slowly moved her head back and forth, making her lips slide back and forth over the centre of his cock, before pulling his hips back.


He could feel Betty taking deep breaths through her nose as just the tip of his cock stayed in her mouth, her tongue teasing his hole. Ron could not help but moan out due to how good it felt.


“Such a good girl.” Ron groaned out, stroking Betty's wet hair. “But such a slut.” Ron grunted, forcing his cock back down Betty's throat. He could feel her throat convulse around his cock as she moaned. Pushing Betty's head against the wall, Ron stopped moving her head, in fear he would have smacked her head against the wall, but instead started to move his hips, forcing his cock in and our of her mouth and throat.


Betty climaxed when Ron called her a slut. Far from the best dirty talk but it worked. However once she felt her head against the wall she worried for a moment, before Ron stopped moving her head, but his hips. Betty slipped two fingers into her ass as Ron started to face fuck her roughly. Betty could not breath outside of small, panicked breaths whenever Ron pulled out, which gave her a brief moment to suck in air before Ron's cock once more lodged itself into her throat. Betty's eye is rolling into the back of her head as she shamelessly gave over to pleasure. Her mouth was nothing but Ron's fuck hole and she had to pleasure her lower holes. She really was a slut, but Ron's private whore. The though made her climax once more, screaming around Ron's cock.


“Fuck that feels good.” Ron moaned out, feeling Betty's throat convulse faster and faster as her oxygen supply got lower and lower. Ron was getting so close, before he felt Betty stop him, her hands were now on his waist pushing him back and freeing the cock from her throat. “Are you okay?” Ron asked worried, looking down at Betty's face.


Betty was busy breathing in deep, but her eye was focused on Ron's saliva covered cock, her mouth wide open ready to receive it again.


“It's all good Ron.” Betty breathed out heavily. “But remember, I need to breath.” Betty let go of Ron's hips, her hands going down to play with her own holes again. She opened her mouth wide, her tongue sticking out as she rested her head against the wall, looking up at Ron. Ron reached down, cupping her face.


“You are so beautiful.” Ron spoke honestly, making Betty's heart stutter. Ron slowly pushed his cock head into her mouth, lips sealed around it and immediately started sucking and licking. “How did I get so lucky?” Ron asked himself rhetorically as he pushed his cock back into its new favourite home, Betty's throat. Once Ron was once more buried as far he he could go, he just stayed there, enjoying the tight, wet feeling convulsing around his cock, as he heard the shower and the sound of Betty rapidly fingering her holes. Ron started to pull back, fighting Betty's suction. “God you feel so...” Ron slammed his cock back into her throat. “Gooood.” Ron moaned out, once more pulling his cock out.


Ron had little control over himself, giving over to his animal instincts as he relished the pleasure. His hips moved sporadically, sometimes pulling his cock all the way out, but not always. However he always buried his cock as deep as it could go, feeling his balls slap against Betty's cock filled throat. The random movement made it difficult for Betty to control her breathing, but she could feel another orgasm approaching as such she just enjoyed it for now. She slipped a third finger into her ass to bring her climax closer.


Ron pulled his cock out, giving Betty a chance to breathe, he took a step back, enjoying the sight of Betty on her knee's water hitting her body all over and dripping down her womanly curves as she finger fucked herself. Her mouth was open, her tongue out as she waited for his cock to return.


“Do you want this?” Ron asked, rubbing his tip along her lips


“Yes!” Betty breathed out huskily. Her throat felt so empty without Ron inside of her. “Please... don't stop.” Betty begged. Ron felt a surge of pleasure at Betty's request, before shoving his cock down her throat once more.


“Well...Good girls... get... want they... want.” Ron grunted out, as he rather roughly fucked Betty's mouth. Although it was clear she was enjoying it. Ron was getting close himself. Speeding up, Ron's cock plundered Betty's throat over and over and his orgasm approached, before with a loud grunt of a moan, Ron climaxed.


Betty felt Ron's cock expand in her throat, before his hot, delicious cum filled her stomach again. Ron did not stop moving with his climax, his hips moving his ejaculating cock in and out of her mouth. Betty could not breath, she just had to swallow the endless torrent of cum being forced down her throat. Once more a blast left his cock as just his head was in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and going everywhere, outside of her nose and around her lips, but Ron continued to fuck her face as more cum left his cock. Betty was drowning in Ron's arousal as her climax triggered, she could not suck down his cum any more as she screamed out her own body rocking climax.


Ron felt Betty scream around his cock, the sound muffled by the sheer amount of cum in her mouth and throat. Ron pulled out, so only his head was left in her mouth as he stroked the rest of his cock, coaxing out all of the cum into her mouth.


Betty returned to earth to feel the cock still in her mouth with cum dribbling past her lips and splattering on her chest, only to be washed away by the shower. 'such a waste' Betty thought as she resumed sucking, swallowing the last of his cum.


“That felt... amazing.” Ron breathed out. His cock was slowly softening, and soon slipped free of Betty's plump lips.


“Indeed... I don't think I ever climaxed so hard.” Betty admitted. She could not wait till she felt his cock in one of her other holes, which she reluctantly pulled her fingers from as she stood up. Ron grabbed her wrists as she stood up, bringer her fingers to his mouth. He sucked on the fingers she used to pleasure herself with. “Careful now.” Betty warned. “We do not have time for another round.”


“Really?” Ron moaned, making Betty laugh.


“We will have plenty of time for that, now.” Betty turned around. “Mind washing my back?” Betty asked, one hand grabbing her shower gel out for Ron to take.


“My pleasure.” Ron said eagerly.


“No... not this time.” Betty teased, wiggling her fat ass. “Just cleaning.” Ron pouted but did as he was told. Any excuse to touch the beautiful woman really.




AN: Doubt many will see this before heading to the next chapter, but any suggestions for a different title are welcome, not a fan of Milf Hunter personally, but best I could come up with.

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