Don't read porn in public

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Don’t read porn in public

Ryan sighed as he lazily flipped through his magazine that he was reading at the counter of the bookstore, the place having been dead for a good couple of hours now with the only customer being Aelita

Wait, where was Aelita? The pink haired woman had come in roughly half an hour earlier and had then disappeared towards the back of the store towards the...erotica section

Closing his magazine Ryan sighed again before heading towards the erotica section, wondering just how big of a pile of porn Aelita had created as he turned the corner expecting to find her with her nose buried in an erotica novel

Well he was half right when he found her, her nose was indeed buried in an erotica novel

And her hand was buried firmly between her legs with her skirt hiked up all the way showing that like always she had gone commando

“You really can’t be left alone can you?” he smirked teasingly drawing Aelita’s attention from the book but not stopping the hand between her legs “you actually going to buy that? We’re not a library you know”

“I dunno, I’m already halfway through it, I might need some convincing to actually buy it” the pink haired girl purred spreading her legs wider making it more than obvious of her intentions, Ryan eyeing her dripping slit for a few seconds before letting out a sigh, telling her to wait there whilst he locked the store up, it was obvious that it was going to be another dead day so he doubted that anyone would try to come in anytime soon

Upon locking the front door and flipping the sign to closed Ryan headed back to Aelita, finding the pink haired girl completely stripped and ready for him bent over at the waist shamelessly baring her tight holes to him

“Sometimes I love this job” he joked as he proceeded to drop his pants to free his growing erection

“Yeah, because of all the pussy it gets you” Aelita teased sarcastically, sticking her tongue out as she looked back over her shoulder before gasping as she felt him push deep into her tight wet slit, gripping the bookshelves in front of her for balance as she let her head hang low “fuuuuck, I take that back...this job gets you this pussy!”

Groaning as she clenched like a vice around him Ryan took a firm grip of her waist before starting to thrust into her, each thrust pushing her up onto her toes and making her gasp and moan shamelessly as she pushed back against him, the pink haired slut rolling her hips as she rocked back against him to make his cock grind against every inch of her insides

“Mmmm fuck yes, so deep” Aelita purred biting her lip as Ryan’s cock pressed against her sweet spot, her toes curling against the floor as she pushed back against him harder, her eyes crossing momentarily as his grip on her waist tightened to an almost bruising pressure

As Aelita tightened up around him Ryan’s knees nearly buckled as it felt like she was throttling the life out of him through his dick, his legs starting to shake as he then moved one hand from her waist to the bookshelves in front of them to balance himself, the action making Aelita giggle and wiggle her hips again making her ass rub against his groin

“What’s wrong? Too tight?” the pink haired girl purred loving the look of sheer pleasure on Ryan’s face as her virgin tight fuck hole rippled along his length, her grasp on the shelf in front of her tightening with one hand whilst she moved the other lower to feel the outline of his cock on her groin “fuck you’re so deep!”

Aelita’s cry of pleasure echoed loudly through the store as Ryan picked up his pace, railing her faster as her scream reached the office of the store were Rebecca was sat sleeping at her desk, the woman suddenly snapping awake at the noise nearly bolting out of her seat “I’m up! I’m up!” she exclaimed before calming down realising that she had just fallen asleep from boredom

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes Rebecca then began to stand up to check on the noise when she noticed the security monitor, a sly smile gracing her features as she saw Ryan fucking Aelita down the erotic aisle “oooh, what do we have here?” she purred watching as Aelita was turned onto her side so that she was balancing on one foot with her other leg hanging over Ryan’s shoulder “you better get a sale out of this because this counts as your break” she grinned as she then proceeded to relax in her chair and slide her pants down so that she could touch herself to the ‘show’

Clutching the bookshelf with one hand whilst cupping the back of Ryan’s head with the other Aelita panted louder as she tried her best to buck back against his thrusts whilst balancing on one foot “gonna cum...gonna cum…” she breathed as her pussy got even tighter around Ryan’s cock making it even harder for him to thrust all the way into her, her cunt getting wetter by the second as her eyes then began to roll back and her tongue hung out of her mouth

With a few more thrusts Ryan hit his limit as well, his back arching as he buried as much cock as he could in Aelita’s vice tight pussy making the pink haired girl keen shrilly as her climax hit her the moment she felt his hot cum flooding her, her toes curling and uncurling repeatedly as her body shook and thrummed with ecstasy

Panting heavily Ryan then slowly pulled out of Aelita’s cum packed pussy, stepping back to rest against the shelves behind him he then grinned slightly as Aelita slowly lowered her leg whilst rubbing her cum filled cunt “so, was that enough to make a sale?”

Biting her lip at the sight of his still hard cock Aelita bit her lip as she then made her way to the front of the store, her legs shaking with every step as she then proceeded to bend over the counter “almost, give me another hot load and I’ll think about grabbing the sequels as well” she purred wiggling her hips again making Ryan’s cock visibly throb as he made his way over to her, her purr quickly becoming more shameless cries of pleasure as he took hold of her ass and thrust back into her making her eyes cross and her jaw fall slack

Back in the office Rebecca was shaking in her seat as she brought herself to another orgasm, her seat glistening with her arousal as her breathing came out in sharp heavy pants, with the performance Ryan was putting on she was sure that Aelita was going to end up buying out the entire erotica section

And that she was going to give him a raise

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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